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At right is the introduction to the very first "McKinney Maze" The date was March 1982. Click on links above for full text of isssues, transcribed by Marcelle McKinney Lewis.

The McKinney Maze 

March 1982

Vol. 1, #1

McKinney Family Association, Founded September 1981

A Non-Profit, Educational Association, dedicated to researching, preserving and collecting historical and family data, to assist and instruct in genealogical research, and to publish private and public records and educational articles.  By-Laws and Constitution adopted October 1981.


Barbara Pannage-Stanfield, Coordinator
Annabel McKinney Rowe, Treasurer
Patricia McKinney Kirkwood, Secretary-Editor

Research Committee:

Willa Sorenson
Melba Johnson
Rosalie Jackson
Dorothy Theurer
McKinneys from everywhere!


 WE ARE UNDERWAY!  Our research project has been initiated, our first newsletter has been published, and this is the first issue of an expanded family association publication.  Although the mechanics of issuing the Newsletter is primarily the responsibility of the Secretary, (at this point in our undertaking), many, many friends, relatives and correspondents, both current and past have helped directly and indirectly.  Barbara Stanfield, who has solicited new members and ran the successful McKinney Exchange for several years, and who contributes copy-ready queries from our members, information that has been supplied in voluminous letters by Willa Sorenson, Melba Johnson, Annabel Rowe, Martin Greely and others.  All material has been diligently resourced (the best ends possible), updated, or credited to the correspondent.


It is our intent to give you information that can be readily checked or found, however, some of the sources have been most elusive.  Where no proof of source exists, the item will be so noted.  Anyone who has spent research time with the McKinney line finds many ‘legends’ or information that cannot be traced to the original source.  After spending more than a month, mostly during the evening hours, checking and rechecking material, I would like to remind everyone who plans to submit material, to note their sources, i.e., book, volume, page.  May I also remind those of you who have questions, or who submit requests for further information, to please include an SASE, as mail has been heavy, and the postage costs are steadily mounting.  The more we save on postage, the more we will have for research!  We have two photocopies of Mr. Rutherford’s book (McKinney chapter), and we are able to offer them on a loan basis (both are on loan at the present time.  We ask only that you refund the postal costs for first class mailing.  Request the loan copies from the Secretary-Editor.

 Remember, the actual "Maze" is no longer available in paper form. Issues are being posted to the website because of their value in family research. There will be no mailing or postage.

This issue of McKinney Maze will contain early emigration information, NJ and NY sources, plus corrections and additions to the Rutherford Book.  All members are encouraged, urged, in fact, to submit their own findings on any of these lines.  In following issues, we plan to follow the general path of migration, PA to VA and NC, SC, GA, AL (savings KY for a single issue due to the massive amounts of material available), MO, AR, TX, OH, IN, IA, IL.  You have all been most generous in the sharing of information.  Only through sharing will we all benefit.


Beginnings . . . . . . .

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