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  Winter   1988


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'Blarney Stones' Recipe


‘Old John’ McKinney


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Book Review


Serendipity Strikes Again


Missouri :  A County by County Account of McKinneys, Adair to Clinton Counties

By Dorothy Gross (To be continued in next issue)


McKinney Family Library Holdings

  The McKinney Family Association & Library was founded September 1981 as a non-profit, educational association and library, dedicated to researching, preserving and collecting historical and family history and data, not necessarily all of lineal or legal families, but all those interested in the McKinney surname and variants and to assist and instruct in genealogical research and to publish private and public records and educational articles.  Bylaws and Constitution adopted October 1982 and granted non profit, incorporation 3 May 1983 by the State of Oklahoma .  Trustees are Barbara Pannage Stanfield, E. Neil Stanfield and Richard A. Kipf.


Barbara Pannage Stanfield, Coordinator

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The Editors are not responsible for the errors in submitted materials, all such material is placed in the Association library and files.  Books received for review are placed in the lending library for members only.


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From The Editors’ desk


We are pulling a switch with this issue to what we had previously announced.  In the last issue, we said that we would treat Iowa McKinneys in this issue.  However, we received material from only two of our readers (I know you were busy around the Christmas season also), and we simply did not have time to do the research we knew we needed to do in order to present a good overview of Iowa McKinneys.  So, we are putting our Iowa material back in the files, and beginning with Dorothy Gross’s marvelous study of Missouri McKinneys.  Dorothy sent this to us a few weeks ago, and we are very impressed with her work.  We are very grateful to her, and I’m sure many of you will want to express your gratitude also.  All we are adding to her material is page numbers.  How wonderful!


Ed is getting his doctoral studies into what we hope is the last semester.  He finally passed the required Princeton exam in German, has his comps scheduled, and uses the word processor almost every minute he is at home.  I am also trying to finish my thesis for a second master’s degree I hope to complete this summer, so we have had difficulty finding time right now to devote to the Maze.  Hopefully, after this summer, our schedule will be more flexible!  So, you can see why we appreciate Dorothy’s efforts so very, much right now!


This is the final issue for 1988, although we are again late getting it to you.  You will note one change – we have continued the page numbers from the last issue.  Wilma Cross, who does our indexing, kindly pointed out that she needs consecutive numbering to do her index, and we managed to make her task difficult with our numbering from page one again in the last issue instead of continuing the numbers from the first issue of 1988.  We’re sorry, Wilma!  We do really appreciate her work in doing the index each year.  For 1989, we promise to number consecutively!


Blarney Stones


In response to our request for ‘family recipes’ in the last issue, George G. McKinney, 31 Sparrow Lane, Port Ludlow, WA 98365, sent us this recipe.  It was made by his great-grandmother, Laura (Rudd) McKinney , who was born 31 May 1861 in Knox Co., MO, and died 21 Jan 1943 at Roscoe , CA .  George said that during his 25 years in the U. S. Navy, he considered it a Merry Christmas if a relative included some of these in a Care package for him.


2 cups sugar

4 eggs

1 cup lukewarm water

2 cups flour

3 teaspoons baking powder


Cream sugar and egg yolks; add water slowly and flour and baking powder.  Add beaten egg whites.  Bake in buttered long bread pan for 27 minutes at 350 degrees.  When cold, cut in squares.


Spread with mixture of butter and powdered sugar (1 box), and a little milk.  Roll in chopped peanuts.  (Use roasted, Salted – just shake or wipe off extra salt and skins.)




‘Old John’ McKinney


Last fall, Pat Kirkwood sent us a clipping about properties for sale around the Lake Tahoe area.  The article mentioned that ‘Old John’ McKinney had originally settled the area, and the main area which featured homes for sale was advertised as ‘Chambers Landing.’


As many of you know, Ed’s McKinneys moved to Missouri with the Chambers family and the two families had several marriages – in fact, Ed’s grandmother was a Chambers.  So, we had to check that item.


We started by calling the Chambers Landing number on the clipping.  A very pleasant representative told me about the area, and said that a history of the area had been written which told about John McKinney in detail.  She also sent us a beautiful portfolio of material describing the homes in Chambers Landing.  They are priced from $500,000 to $900,000 and sound fabulous.  She also gave me the name of a nearby business which sold the history.  I decided not to invest the almost sixty dollars which the history cost, but to try to get it through an inter-library loan.  I called Ed, who was in Columbia at the University of Missouri , and two days later, he arrived with the book.  The University owned a copy.


The book is an excellent history, and extremely interesting to read.  The title is The Saga of Lake Tahoe, by Edward B. Scott.  It was published by Sierra-Tahoe Publishing Co., Lake Tahoe , Nevada , and printed by The Filmer Bros. Press, San Francisco , CA in 1957.  We were disappointed to find that the book does not mention McKinney ’s ancestry, but his life was certainly interesting.  Following is a brief summary of his activities in the Lake Tahoe area as described in the book.


John Washington McKinney, with John Wren, was said to have established a hay ranch near Lake Tahoe at Burton ’s Pass in 1861.  By 1862, he moved to the western side of the lake.  He was described as a ‘mountain man’ and was said to possess ‘uncanny ability’ in the forest.  McKinney established a resort on the lake where John Muir was a regular guest.  He continued to trap, but also kept adding more cottages to his resort and began stocking nearby Quail Lake with brook trout.


In the fall of 1887, John McKinney married Mrs. Minnie Bates at a ‘grand ball’ before some fifty guests, who were apparently not expecting the event.  By 1889, McKinney had built thirty cottages in his resort.


In 1892, McKinney , who was described as a trusting soul and not a very astute businessman, lost his resort to a creditor.  He died ‘shortly after the turn of the century’ at the Auburn County Hospital, California.


David Henry Chambers purchased the resort in 1920 and renamed it ‘Chambers Lodge.’


Can any of our members provide any ancestry or trace any descendants of this interesting man?




From Our Members, For our Members




Sampson A. McKinney, b. 6 Oct 1836 in Alabama ; married Nancy Crowell; d. 1 Oct 1900 Franklin Co., AL, buried Bonds Cemetery , Franklin County , AL .  Parents of 12 children, one was William H. (Harrison, Henry, Hill??) b. 1869, married Doskee Strickland b. 22 Jan 1870.  Does anyone have more information on this line?  If so, write Mrs. Chess McKinney, 1001 Holmes Ave. , Tuscumbia , AL 35674





Wylie McKinney and wife Nancy (?) are found in one reference, the 1850 TN census, Smith County .  He was age 70, born VA; she was age 58, born in NC.  Anyone having more information, contact new member Elaine Smith, 913 Darlene Lane , Arlington , TX   76010 .



McKinney , Clark


Mary ‘Polly’ McKinney , b. 1807, AL or SC, m. 22 Jun 1828, Morgan Co., AL, to Francis Clark.  Lived in Itawamba Co., MS and Lee Co., MS.  Children: 









Mary Jane


Anyone researching the McKinney and Clark families of Morgan, Lawrence , and Limestone Counties of Alabama contact new member Clarence Watkins, 110 Valley Way , Statesboro , GA 30458 .



McKinney, John


John (?) McKinney , born in Alabama or Tennessee , died 1862-1865 during Civil War, m. Mary (Blacking-Bracken-Blanton?) born c 1850 in Alabama .  Mary may have been part Choctaw Indian.  Children:


Martha Jane Eliza McKinney, b. 1851, m. Charles Creque, b. NY

Nancy Ann Lucretia McKinney, b. 1861, m. Madison Co., AL 28 Aug 1883

Others unknown


In 1870 Census for Madison County , AL , Mary was living in Creque household, but apparently died before the 1880 census.  If you know more about this line, contact new member, Virginia Kelley, 6306 Madison Pike, Huntsville, AL 35806.





Need information on parents/family of Harriett McKinney b. 1800 NC, d. 6 Feb 1847, Schuyler Co., IL, m. 12 Dec 1817 Guilford Co., NC, to Jesse Chipman (b. 13 May 1786, Deep River, Guilford Co., NC; d. 6 Oct 1837, Schuyler Co., IL).  Contact new member Larry Burnett, 2215R Market St. , # 481, San Francisco , CA 94114 .



McKinney , McCreary


Mathew McKinney, b. 16 Feb 1809 or 1810, Ohio, d. 1884, Ohio, m. 18 Apr 1839 to Nancy Agness McCreary, b. 11 Aug 1819, Guensey Co., Ohio, d. 26 Apr 1899, probably Ohio.  Children:



Charles F.

William Thomas



Cora (married a Bonham)

And six others, names unknown.


Anyone knowing identity of Mathew McKinney’s parents or of Nancy Agness McCreary’s parents, or the names of the other six children contact new member Leta McKinney Adler, 3231 Cheviot Vista Place; #302, Los Angeles, CA 90034.



McKinney , Fulkerson


Margaret McKinney, daughter of John and Margaret (Fulkerson) McKinney , b. 10 Aug 1791, possibly KY or Davidson Co., TN, m. 15 Nov 1800 (?) to Hugh Bell.  Married possibly in Dekalb or Davidson Counties , TN , lived in Pontotoc County , MS .  Ten children.  If you are researching this line, contact new member Ron Williams, Box 261, Leakey, TX 78873.




McKinney , Cohron


Nora (Elnora or Ellenora) McKinney was a slave born in Selma , Alabama around 1832.  Her mother, Polly Williams (or McKinney ) was born in Richmond , VA around 1808.  Both were in Oxford , MS by 1870.  Nora married Jordon Cohron.  Nora’s great-great granddaughter is looking for McKinney and Cohron relations of all races.  If you can add information about this line, write Maria R. Goodwin, PO Box 1244 , Forrestville , MD 20747-1244 .



Marshall , McKinney


Henrietta Marshall Barnes, born c 1847, died New York (Kings) NY, July 10, 1922.  Death certificate says born in England .  Father was Charles Marshall, born England ; mother Katherine McKinney, born Pennsylvania .  If you have any information about these people, write Mary K. Hungerford, 3519 N. Indian River Drive , Cocoa , FL 32926 .





Does anyone know Donald Howell McKinney?  He is believed to have lived at one in Corpus Christie, TX, and was probably born between 1935 and 1937, making him around fifty years old now.  He married Billie Jo Beezley, and they had a daughter, Anna Nolien McKinney, (she goes by the nickname of ‘Spunky’) born in Great Falls , Montana on Nov 13, 1957.  He was apparently in the service at that time.  Billie Jo was born in 1932 and died in 1980.  Their daughter, who is now 31 and has an eight-year-old son, would like to find her father.  If you have information about him, please contact ‘Spunky’ McKinney , 268443 FM 2978, Magnolia , TX 77355 .



Kinney, McKinney , Webb, Butler , Burgess


Seeking ancestors, descendants of Susan Kinney/ McKinney, (b. Norwich, CT?) m. ca 1816 – ‘Grandpa’ Butler, b. ca 1782, NY, d. 1874, Scranton, PA; resided after 1819, Bridgewater, Onieda Co., NY.  Known children:  Sybel Towne Butler, b. 3 Oct 1817, Norwich , CT , d. 25 Jul 1914, Sun Prairie, WI; m (1) ca 1839 John Beebe who d. ca 1844.  Sybel m (2) 3 Sep 1848 John A. Burgess, b 31 May 1823, CT, d. 19 Nov 1885, Sun Prairie, WI.  Children:  Eugene, b, 17 Oct, 1849; Otis, b. 12 Dec 1851; Hogarth, b. 26 Oct 1853; Sherman, b. 29 Nov 1855; Helen, b 22 Aug 1857; Augustus, b. 5 May 1860; Ruth, b. 21 Jun 1862; Claude, b. 25 Jan 1864, all born at Sun Prairie, WI, and Mrs. ______? Webb, b. 2 Jun 1823, Bridgewater , NY , d. 1915, Scranton , PA.   Mr. & Mrs. Webb had children:  Ellen, Sarah, Florence , Villette (Williams), Alice, and Susan.  Mr. Webb d. Sep.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Wish to correspond with others regarding the Kinney/McKinney, Webb, Butler , or Burgess lines.  Lianne Manley McNeil, Rt 2, Box 792, Aloha, OR 97007.




Book Review


Rutman, Darrett B., and Anita Rutman.   A Place in Time:  Middlesex County , Virginia , 1650-1750.  New York :  W. W. Norton and Company, 1984.


The Rutmans believe that, contrary to other writer’s opinions, Virginia did have community as the basis of life there.  It was not exactly on the same model as the New England sense of community, but it did exist.  The Virginia version was based on grouping, on ordered society, on geography/technology, on social topography, and on networks of relationships.  Their purpose in their research included also the satisfaction of a perceived need to study the Virginia concept of community, and to determine the steps by which it evolved into a society.  They cited Ferdinand Toennies’ concept of difference between the two:  a community existed when warm bonds of solidarity existed between the people living in a geographic locality, be they family or neighbors, and every one felt responsibility for the welfare of others in the community.  Society is characterized more by a group of people living within a locality, but they feel limited concern about the welfare of all – they have concern only for family members and close friends; status achieved by social rank or wealth – or both – creates artificial barriers, and individualistic concerns and actions take precedence over communal affiliations.


The Rutmans used the process of stripping names from time and place records of Middlesex County , Virginia , and reassembling the names into biographical sketches via computer.  Thus probate, court trials, church, military (and possibly other) records yield all there is to know about one person, but all the information may be found by entry of the name into the computer bank.  Some of the assembled biographies are short; they have some people for whom there is only one entry, and logic dictates that some, perhaps many, never had their names recorded anywhere during their life in Middlesex between 1650 and 1750.  In all, there are 12,215 names in the computer; about one-fourth of these entries were Black.  The Rutmans say they had no particular reason to select Middlesex county, other than that the records from early colonial times were unusually complete there.  Since the research was funded by government grants, the computer files should be available to scholars wishing to search further in that region of the country.


Several characteristics of Middlesex community life stand out that help distinguish the shape of life for ordinary—and some not so ordinary—people within the County.


One such characteristic was that the pervasive nature of change was largely unperceived by the residents.  For most, life was a routine that seldom varied, and the residents seldom expected it to.  Few cherished goals above those of their immediate family; a tobacco-farmer’s son expected to grow tobacco.


A characteristic immediately perceived by the reader is the extensive impact of distance upon the residents.  About 1700, 36% of all marriages took place between people who lived ½ mile or less apart; 95% lived no more than five miles apart.  A man whose daughter had an affair with a married neighbor—and became pregnant by him—arranged a marriage for her with a man who lived fourteen miles upcountry; he was comforted by the thought that she was far enough away that there would be no more occasion for such carryings-on.  The daughter apparently had the last laugh; when her husband died and her lover’s wife died, she and her lover were married.


As insinuated above, life expectancy was brief and uncertain in Middlsex County in the period under study.  Unusual terms such as ‘then-wife’ became common in conversation, since due to many deaths of spouses it was not unusual for a man (or woman) to be married four or five times.  Ensuing marriages upon




The untimely death of a spouse were arranged hastily—frequently within a matter of days—and always with an eye toward the economic gain possible in such circumstances.  Rich widows did not remain widows long.  Legal relationships, such as brothers, half-brothers, step-brothers, brothers by marriage, but no kin by blood (and similar relationships of females) compounded the entanglement faced when trying to sort out kinfolk.  Frequently step-brother and step-sister, being no blood relation, would fall in love and marry.


In Middlesex County , the wealthy and highly-placed were not always given positions of responsibility.  There seem to be traces of Turner’s frontier thesis at work here; men were more highly regarded for what they were, father than who they were.  This finding disagrees with Ed Morgan (American Slavery; American Freedom), and Steve Webb (1676), who both observed that the more status one enjoyed via wealth and resultant social standing, the greater community and County responsibilities he had.  Society in Middlesex was very complexly layered.


Bacon’s Rebellion is another area in which Middlesex County did not fit Webb’s observations.  There, the conflict did not arise by oppresses rising against oppressors, but from the action taken by the economically frustrated (as in Boyer and Nissenbaum’s study of Salem and the causes of the witchcraft trials there), and by chronic troublemakers, all of whom knew each other and who, to a degree, felt obliged to join in the revolt simply because their rowdy friends were involved.  When the rebellion ended, Governor Berkeley did not avenge himself upon Middlesex County leaders, as Webb insists in 1676 he always did, but pardoned Captain Boodle, who was elected County Constable next year.


The mortality rate in Middlesex did not drop after 1650, as Morgan found that it did over the colony as a whole in American Slavery; American Freedom.  Probably that is because Middlesex was lowland, with swamps to the Southwest, and as the population expanded into the interior, mortality rates dropped in general as more of the population began living on higher ground.  Too, the influx of African Blacks brought a new, more virulent strain of malaria, which weakened the population so that other more deadly diseases became harder to resist, especially by child-bearing women.


Slavery is seen by he Rutmans as an immense gamble, affordable only by the rich.  A poor planter might do well to borrow money to purchase a pair of slaves, if both lived and reproduced.  If one died, however, he was out his purchase price, plus burdened down with the other—the worst possible scenario would be to buy a man and woman, a child is born about the time the man dies; the planter therefore must support the child until it is fifteen or so, and the slave woman cannot contribute as much labor on the farm as the man could have.  If a small planter had good luck, he could do well.  Wealthy planters, on the other hand, could survive such a catastrophe simply by purchasing another slave for replacement.


Slavery is also perceived to be a large factor in spreading the gap between the rich and poor, creating to class and status consciousness.


The Rutmans perceive the society to be a cruel one, with servants and slaves occasionally beaten to death by their owners.  In all, however, the society is seen as being safer than today’s – in 1676,  2.9 crimes against the person were noted and 1.6 against property, as compared to 1967 (in a rural north-central state), 10.9 crimes average against both person and property occurred (per 1,000).


The rise of commercial urbanism resulted in a wider gap between people of the County, both in terms of social interaction, and in terms of status.


The Rutmans are compelled to manipulate data too much in the book, I think.  Several County developments are reconstructed that either did not happen in Middlesex, or in a different time period.  They are careful to footnote such reconstructions and label them as such, however.  There is not enough emphasis upon women, or Blacks; there is no mention of the Great Awakening at all.  The book’s good points far outweigh its bad ones, however.




Serendipity Strikes Again


A few weeks ago Blanche and I were researching some genealogical material in the Springfield Public Library.  There was a book lying on a table which attracted my attention; I realized with a start that the author is my supervisor at the Missouri Cultural Heritage Center where I work this spring semester.  His name is Dr. Howard Wight Marshall, and the title of the book is Folk Architecture in Little Dixie ( Columbia , Missouri :  University of Missouri Press ), 1981.  Browsing through Dr. Marshall’s discussion of Missouri vernacular architecture (architecture of the ordinary people), I was again startled to find on age 45 a house plan diagram, with the comment that it was of the ‘old McKinney place’ near St. Martins, Missouri (just west of Jefferson City).  My great-great-great-great grandfather, Henry McKinney, settled in that area in 1816, having moved there from Campbell County , TN (Dr. Marshall says VA; Campbell County is near VA).  I do not for certain know whether this is Henry McKinney’s house plan or not; it could very well be the house of one of his three sons.  At any rate, we found it fascinating, and we are including a photocopy of the page in question.  Dr. Marshall has given me his permission to do so.


‘D’ is the old McKinney place west of St. Martins in Cole County , at the southern edge of Little Dixie’s zone of transition; the Virginia emigrant built a 16 ft 8 in x 16 ft 9 in V-notched story-and-a-half-tall single-pen house and added several framed rooms and an attached summer kitchen on the rear.





Information Compiled by Dorothy Gross


County       Date Organized   Parent County            Map           Progeny County


Adair         29 Jan 1841          Macon                       D-2        Putnam 1845,                                                                                              Schuyler 1845

Allen2        16 Nov 1820         Platte Purchase                       Atchison 1845

Andrew      29 Jan 1841          Platte Purchase          B-2        Nodaway 1845

Ashley10     29 Jan 1841         Platte Purchase                       Texas 1845

Atchison2   14 Feb 1845         Holt                          A-1

Audrain      17 Dec 1836        Pike, Calloway, Ralls    E-3

Barry         5 Jan 1836          Howard                       C-6        Dade 1841,


                                                                                       Newton 1838

Barton       12 Dec 1855         Jasper                       B-5

Bates         29 Jan 1841        Cooper                       B-4        Vernon 1851

Benton         3 Jan 1833          Cooper                       C-4        Camden 1841, Hickory 1845

Bollinger    1 Mar 1851          Madison Stoddard        G-5        Cape Girardeau , Wayne

Boone        16 Nov 1820       Howard                       D-3        Callaway 1820

Buchanan   10 Feb 1839        Platte Purchase            B-2

Butler             27 Feb 1849       Wayne                        F-6

Caldwell       26 Dec 1836        Ray                            C-2

Callaway    25 Nov 1820        Howard, Boone,           E-3         Audrain 1836


Camden       29 Jan 1841         Pulaski, Morgan           D-4         Laclede 1849


Cape         1 Oct 1812           Missouri Territory         G-5        Bollinger 1851,                                                                                               Wayne 1818,

Girardeau                                                                          Madison 1818

Carroll       3 Jan 1833           Ray                           C-3         Livingston 1837

Carter       13 Mar 1859         Ripley, Reynolds,         F-6

                                         Shannon , Oregon

Cass3        14 Sep 1835         Jackson                      B-3

Cedar        14 Feb 1845         Dade, St. Clair            C-5

Chariton      16 Nov 1820         Howard                      D-2         Linn 1837,

                                                                                        Macon 1837,

                                                                                        Randolph 1829

Christian    20 Mar 1859     Taney, Greene, Webster   D-6

Clark         2 Jan 1836         Lewis                           E-1          Scotland 1841

Clay          2 Jan 1822         Ray                              B-3          Clinton 1833

Clinton         15 Jan 1833       Clay, Ray                       B-2          DeKalb 1845,                                                                                                 Gentry 1841

Cole          20 Nov 1820        Cooper                        D-4          Miller 1837,                                                                                                   Moniteau 1845

Cooper       17 Dec 1818        Howard                       D-3          Bates 1841,                                                                                                   Benton 1833,

                                                                                         Cole 1820,

                                                                                          Morgan 1833,

                                                                                          Pettis 1833,                                                                                                  Saline 1820

Crawford    23 Jan 1829         Gasconade                   E-4          Dent 1851,                                                                                                    Greene 1833,

                                                                                          Phelps 1857,                                                                                              Pulaski 1818

Dade         29 Jan 1841         Polk, Barry                   C-5         Cedar 1845,                                                                                                   Lafayette 1820,

                                                                                         Lillard 1820


Dallas5      29 Jan 1841          Polk                           D-5

Daviess     29 Dec 1836          Ray                           C-2          Harrison 1845

Decatur9    22 Feb 1843          Ozark

DeKalb      25 Feb 1845          Clinton                       B-2

Dent          10 Feb 1851         Shannon, Crawford       E-5

Douglas      29 Oct 1857           Ozark                         D-6

Dunklin      14 Feb 1845          Stoddard                    G-6

Franklin        11 Oct 1818          St. Lewis                    F-4         Gasconade 1820

Gasconade 25 Nov 1820          Franklin                      E-4         Crawford 1829,                                                                                                Osage 1841

Gentry       12 Feb 1841          Clinton                       B-1         Worth 1861

Greene      2 Jan 1833            Wayne, Crawford         C-5          Christian 1859,                                                                                             Polk 1837,

                                                                                          Taney 1837,                                                                                             Webster 1855

Grundy       29 Jan 1841          Livingston, Ray           C-2           Mercer 1845

Harrison       14 Feb 1845          Daviess, Ray               C-1

Henry6       13 Dec 1834          Lafayette                   C-4           St. Clair 1841

Hickory         14 Feb 1845           Benton, Polk              C-4

Highland    6 Jan 1837                                                            Texas 1845

Holt7         29 Jan 1845           Platte Purchase          B-2            Atchison 1845

Howard      23 Jan 1816          St. Lewis, St. Charles   D-3            Barry 1836,

                                                                                            Boone 1820,

                                                                                            Calloway 1820,                                                                                               Chariton 1820,

                                                                                            Cooper 1818,                                                                                                  Ray 1820

Howell       2 Mar 1857            Oregon                       E-6

Iron           16 Feb 1857          Madison , St. Francis,   F-5   

                                           Wayne , Washington ,


Jackson       15 Dec 1826           Lafayette                    B-3           Cass 1835

Jasper       29 Jan 1841           Barry                          B-5           Barton 1855

Jefferson     8 Dec 1818            St. Genevieve,             F-4            St. Francis 1821

                                           St. Lewis

Johnson     13 Dec 1834          Lafayette                    C-3

Kenderhook4 6 Jan 1837

Knox         14 Feb 1845          Scotland                      E-2

Laclede      27 Feb 1849         Pulaski, Wright, Camden   D-5        Polk 1837

Lafayette1  16 Nov 1820         Dade                          C-3            Henry 1834,

                                                                                            Johnson 1834

Lawrence    25 Feb 1845           Barry                          C-6           Wayne 1818

Lewis        2 Jan 1833             Marion                        E-2           Clark 1836,                                                                                                   Scotland 1841

Lillard1      16 Nov 1820          Dade                                          Lafayette 1825

Lincoln         14 Dec 1818          St. Charles                  F-3

Linn          7 Jan 1837            Chariton                     D-2          Putnam 1845,                                                                                                 Sullivan 1843




Livingston   6 Jan 1837           Carroll                         C-2          Grundy 1841,                                                                                                 Mercer 1845

McDonald   3 Mar 1849           Newton                       B-6

Macon           6 Jan 1837         Randolph , Chariton         D-2

Madison      14 Dec 1818          St. Genevieve,              F-5           Bollinger 1851,                                                                                                Iron 1857

                                                                                            Cape Girardeau


Maries       2 Mar 1855           Osage, Pulaski              E-4

Marion          14 Dec 1822         Ralls                           E-2            Adair 1841,                                                                                                    Lewis 1833,

                                                                                             Shelby 1835

Mercer       14 Feb 1845         Grundy, Livingston         C-1

Miller         6 Feb 1837          Cole, Pulaski                 D-4

Mississippi 14 Feb 1845         Scott                            H-6

Moniteau    14 Feb 1845        Cole, Morgan                 D-4

Monroe          6 Jan 1831          Ralls                            E-2

Montgomery    14 Dec 1818     St. Charles                    E-2           Callaway 1820,                                                                                              Warren 1833

Morgan      5 Jan 1833           Cooper                         D-4           Camden 1841,                                                                                              Moniteau 1845

New Madrid   1 Oct 1812         Missouri Territory        G-6             Pemiscot 1851,

                                                                                            Scott 1821,

                                                                                            Stoddard 1835

Newton       31 Dec 1838            Barry                         B-6           McDonald 1849

Niangua5    29 Jan 1841           Polk                                          Dallas 1841

Nodaway7   29 Jan 1841           Platte Purchase                          Holt 1845


Nodaway    14 Dec 1845           Andrew                             B-1


Oregon          14 Feb 1845           Ripley                               E-6    Carter 1859,                                                                                                 Howell 1857

Osage        29 Jan 1841           Gasconade                         E-4    Maries 1855

Ozark9       29 Jan 1841            Taney                               D-6    Douglas 1857

Pemiscot    15 Feb 1851           New Madrid                        G-6

Perry         16 Nov 1820           St. Genevieve                     G-5

Pettis        26 Jan 1833            Saline, Cooper                    D-3

Phelps       13 Nov 1857           Crawford                            E-5

Pike          14 Dec 1818           St. Charles                          F-3    Audrain 1836,                                                                                                 Ralls 1820

Platte        31 Dec 1838           Platte Purchase                  B-2   Andrew 1841,                                                                                                 Buchanan 1839,

                                                                                           Holt 1845

Polk          20 Mar 1837            Greene, Laclede                C-5     Dade 1841,                                                                                                   Dallas 1841,

                                                                                            Hickory 1845,                                                                                              Niangua 1845

Pulaski1     15 Dec 1818            Crawford                          E-5    Camden 1841,                                                                                              Laclede 1849,

                                                                                            Maries 1855,                                                                                                  Miller, 1837,

                                                                                            Wright 1841

Putnam      16 Nov 1845            Adair, Sullivan, Linn          D-1  




Ralls         16 Nov 1820             Pike                               E-2    Audrain 1836,                                                                                                 Marion 1822,

                                                                                           Monroe 1831,                                                                                                Randolph 1829

Randolph    22 Jan 1829              Chariton, Ralls                D-3     Macon 1837

Ray           16 Nov 1820             Howard                          C-3     Coldwell 1836,                                                                                              Carroll 1833,

                                                                                            Clay 1822,                                                                                                   Clinton 1833,

                                                                                            Daviess 1836,                                                                                              Grundy 1841,

                                                                                            Harrison 1845

Reins         6 Jan 1837

Reynolds    25 Feb 1845               Shannon                     F-5       Carter 1859,                                                                                                    Iron 1857

Ripley         5 Jan 1833                Wayne                       F-6        Carter 1859,                                                                                              Oregon 1845,

                                                                                             Shannon 1841

Rives6            13 Dec 1834              Lafayette                               Henry 1841

St Charles      1 Oct 1812         Missouri Territory               F-3        Howard 1816,                                                                                               Lincoln 1818,

                                                                                             Pike 1818,                                                                                                Montgomery 1818

St Clair       15 Feb 1841         Henry                              C-4       Cedar 1845

St Francis    19 Dec 1821        St Genevieve, Jefferson      F-5        Iron 1857

St Genevieve   1 Oct 1812      Missouri Territory               F-5      Jefferson 1818,                                                                                            Madison 1818,

                                                                                           Perry 1820,

                                                                                           St Francis 1821,

                                                                                           Washington 1813

St Louis        1 Oct 1812         Missouri Territory                 F-4      Franklin 1818,                                                                                                 Howard 1816,

                                                                                            Jefferson 1818

Saline        25 Nov 1820       Cooper                               D-3      Pettis 1833

Schuyler     14 Feb 1845       Adair                                  D-1

Scotland       29 Jan 1841       Clark, Lewis, Shelby              E-1      Knox 1845

Scott         28 Dec 1821       New Madrid                         G-6      Mississippi 1845

Shannon       29 Jan 1841       Ripley                                E-6      Carter 1859,                                                                                                  Dent 1851,

                                                                                            Reynolds 1845,                                                                                             Texas 1845

Shelby             2 Jan 1835         Marion                              E-2       Scotland 1841

Stoddard     2 Jan 1835         New Madrid                       G-6       Bollinger 1851,                                                                                               Dunklin 1845

Stone         10 Feb 1851        Taney                              C-6

Sullivan      17 Feb 1843        Linn                                 D-2       Putnam 1845

Taney         16 Jan 1837       Greene                             D-6      Christian 1859,                                                                                                Ozark 1841,

                                                                                           Stone 1851

Texas10      14 Feb 1845       Shannon , Wright,              E-5   


Van Buren3 14 Sep 1835       Jackson                                        Cass 1835

Vernon          17 Feb 1851        Bates                              B-5

Warren          5 Jan 1833         Montgomery                      F-3

Washington8   21 Aug 1813    St Genevieve                   F-4        Iron 1857,

                                                                                            St Francis 1821

Wayne         11 Dec 1818         Cape Girardeau ,              F-6         Bollinger 1851,                                                                                             Butler 1849,

                                          Lawrence                                     Greene 1833,                                                                                                  Iron 1857,

                                                                                            Ripley 1833

Webster     3 Mar 1855           Greene                          D-5         Christian 1859

Worth        8 Feb 1861           Gentry                           B-1

Wright       29 Jan 1841          Pulaski                          D-5         Laclede 1849,                                                                                             Texas 1845



1Lillard County was organized 16 Nov 1820 and renamed Lafayette County 16 Feb 1825.

2Allen County was organized 16 Nov 1820 and renamed Atchison County 14 Feb 1845.

3Van Buren County was organized 14 Sep 1835 and renamed Cass County 19 Feb 1849.

4Kinderhook County was organized 6 Jan 1837 and renamed Camden County 23 Feb 1843.

5Niangua County was organized 29 Jan 1841 and renamed Dallas County 16 Dec 1844.

6Rives County was organized 13 Dec 1834 and renamed Henry County 15 Feb 1841.

7Nodaway County was organized 29 Jan 1841 and renamed Holt County 15 Feb 1841.

8Washington County was organized 21 Aug 1813 and later disorganized to form other counties.

9Ozark County was organized 29 Jan 1841, renamed Decatur County 22 Feb 1843, and renamed Ozark County 24 Mar 1845.

10Ashley County was organized 29 Jan 1841 and renamed Texas County 14 Feb 1845.



Selected Bibliography:


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Missouri Counties


* = McKinney Information


* Adair                      * Douglas                   * Miller                      * Saline

* Andrew                   * Dunklin                    * Mississippi              * Schuyler

* Atchison                 * Franklin                    * Moniteau                * Scotland

* Audrain                   * Gasconade               * Monroe                   * Scott

* Barry                      * Gentry                     * Montgomery            * Shannon

* Barton                    * Greene                    * Morgan                   *Shelby

* Bates                     * Grundy                    * New Madrid              * Stoddard

* Benton                   * Harrison                   * Newton                   * Stone

* Bollinger                 * Henry                      * Nodaway                 * Sullivan

* Boone                     * Hickory                    * Oregon                   * Taney

* Buchanan                * Holt                         * Osage                    * Texas

* Butler                     * Howard                     * Ozark                    * Vernon

* Caldwell                  *Howell                      * Pemiscot                * Warren

* Callaway                 * Iron                         * Perry                     * Washington

  Camden                    * Jackson                    * Pettis                       Wayne

* Cape Girardeau         * Jasper                     * Phelps                    * Webster

* Carroll                     * Jefferson                  * Pike                                  Worth

* Carter                     * Johnson                  * Platte                      * Wright

* Cass                       * Knox                      * Polk

* Cedar                      * Laclede                  * Pulaski

  Chariton                   * Lafayette                  Putnam

  Christian                  * Lawrence                  * Ralls

* Clark                       * Lewis                      * Randolph

* Clay                        * Lilliard                    * Ray

* Clinton                    * Lincoln                    * Reynolds

* Cole                        * Linn                       * Ripley

* Cooper                    * Livingston               * St. Charles

* Crawford                 * McDonald                * St. Clair

* Dade                      * Macon                       St. Francois

* Dallas                     * Madison                   * St. Louis

* Daviess                   * Maries                     * St. Genevieve

  DeKalb                     * Marion                    

* Dent                       * Mercer


                Independent City :   * St. Louis   (See St. Louis Co.)






Missouri   --  Adair County




Robert Seldom b. here in Kirksville 7 Aug 1941, p. Robert Seldom & Lucille V. (Lang) (LDS IGI 4/88)




Catharine md here 3 Dec 1868 Return M. Currier (LDS IGI 4/88)

Mary Angus md here 10 Jun 1890 Sige George Casper, Savannah (LDS IGI 4/88)

Rebecca md here 22 Dec 1856 Joseph Culop (LDS IGI 4/88)

Susannah C. md here 30 Dec 1855 Elijah Swinford (LDS IGI 4/88)


1860 Census Information:


John, 47 b. KY, here 13 Jul, Clay Twp, Wilmotville p.o., with: 


Nancy , 51 b. KY

William H., 18, KY

Theresa C., 15, MO

Andrew R., 13, MO

(Natl. Arch M653 R605 p. 140)


Rachael, 28 b. OH, here 25 Jul, Polk Twp, Beatyville p.o., with:


Adaline, 4, MO

Martin A., MO

Amelia, 10 mos., MO

(M653 R605 p. 175)


Other Information:


Archibald, lived here 1 Apr 1859 when purch 40 ac pub land, Section 35 Township 64 Range 16.



Missouri Andrew County



Matthew, d. here 1882, b. Vinton , OH ; md Nancy Agnes McCreary.  (Note in MFA file)


1850 Census Information:


William Franklin, 50, b. KY, here 2 Sep, Nodaway Two with:


Mary, 49, NC

R. C., (m) 22, KY

Charles B., 19, KY

William F., Jr., 16, KY

Martha Ann, 14, KY

Stephen, 11, KY

(National Archives M653 R605, p. 227)


James R., 25, b. KY, here 23 Jun, Nodaway Twp, Savannah p.o., with

Mary, 22, b. KY

(M653 R605, p. 258)


Other Information:


James R., 34 yrs age, here 1863 on Tax Assessment Roll for Co.

(MO State Geneal. Assn. Journal, Vol 2)


William F., came here first 1849 with pars from Wayne Co., KY; b. there 19 Sep 1833; Oct 1857 moved to Bolivar, Polk Co., MO; 1866 to Clay Co.; Oct 1878 to Odessa, Lafayette Co.

(Kentuckians in MO, Sprague, 1984 & History of LaFayette Co., MO Hist. Co., St. Louis, 1881)




Missouri Atchison County


Other Information:


Mrs. F., Miss Flora, J. P., & L. W. McKinnie, had letters at the Rockport post office here as of 1 May, 1 Jul, 1 Apr & 1 Jun 1881, resp.

(Atchison Co Journal, Rockport, MO, 30 Aug 1879 – 31 Dec 1882, MO River Heritage Assn., St. Jos.)



Missouri Audrain County




George C., b. here  (note in MFA file)




Delia, md here 1 Sep 1873, William S. Dowell  (LDS IGI 4/88)

George W., md here 9 Oct 1884, Laura Rudd  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Henry, md here 27 Apr 1874, Mollie Jolly  (LDS IGI 4/88)

M. E. (f), md here 15 Jul 1883, John M. Canterbury  (LDS IGI 4/88)
Melissa, md here 11 Jan 1883, Thomas A. Gay  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Sarah E., md here 1862, Charles W. Mitchell son of Michael & Abigail (Woodruff) Mitchell.

She dau of Charles E. of Columbiana Co., OH, and grdau of Maj. Charles Edgar of Revolutionary fame, he being a native of Ireland .  After death of her mother she was adopted by Isaac Kipp, Judge of Court of Lewistown, PA.  Sarah here Mexico , MO 1884.

(History of Audrain Co., MO, Natl Hist Co., St. Louis, 1884)



George C., d. near here 1906, may be bur. Vanalia, Mt. Olivet Cem.  (Note in MFA file)


Census Information; 1840, 1850, 1860: 

No McKinneys per indexes.


Other Information:

Levisa B., living here 1884; md George McWilliams of Warren Co., MO, son of James F., b. 1846. 

(History of Audrain Co., MO, Natl Hist. Co., St. Louis, 1884)


R. S., living here 1 Jan 1914, p.o. Mexico , age 69, when Confederate soldier pension approved by State, Cert # 1375.

( Missouri Miscellany, Vol. 16)




Missouri Barry County




Ebert Allen, b. here 9 Oct 1914, p. Ira Allen & Anna Mae (Zinn) of Monett.  (LDS IGI 4/88)

George Sidway, b. here 9 Jun 1901, p. Ira Allen & Anna Mae (Zinn)  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Ira Allen, b. here 5 Feb 1873, p. James & Julia Ann (Blankenship) of Kings Prairie. 


(A second entry for Ira Allen gives father’s name as James Harrison and residence Monett.) (LDS IGI 4/88)


James Harrison, b. here 1831, p. Joseph T., Jr. (Note in MFA file)

Sarah Kay, b. here 1863, p. James Harrison & ?  (Note in MFA file)





Alexander md here 17 Sep 1838 Marthy Mayhan (MO Pioneers, Vol 3)

Celia md here 8 Oct 1871 Joseph Vance (LDS IGI 4/88)

Edward md here 15 Jan 1879 Alice Newton Harley (LDS IGI 4/88)

Elizabeth md here 19 Jan 1854 Thomas C. Suttles (LDS IGI 4/88)

Julia Ann md here 20 Jul 1879 Benjamin F. Cooly (LDS IGI 4/88)

Mary Ann McKenny md here 27 Sep 1858 William Wilkerson (LDS IGI 4/88)

Matilda md here 11 Oct 1875 Jesse E. Cooley (LDS IGI 4/88)

Sarah K. md here 9 Aug 1883 John F. Henderson (LDS IGI 4/88)

Thomas md here 1 Dec 1872 Janie Maxwell (LDS IGI 4/88)

Thomas H. md here 13 Jul 1879 Evaline Roberts (LDS IGI 4/88)

William M. md here 12 Sep 1879 Evaline Losson (LDS IGI 4/88)



Census Information:




Mary (Polly)


Here 1840 with husband Zephaniah Lacy, 6 sons & 2 dau.  Polly b. 2 Sep 1805 KY; md 10 Dec 1821, Christian Co., KY and moved to MO post 1833 with husband; moved to Cedar Co., MO by 1850.  (MO HistSocLib) (Line of Miriam Schaefer, 430 Bryan Ave. , Kirkwood , MO 63122 )





Age 56, b. TN, here 23 Aug, Mountain Twp, Flat Creek p.o., with: 


Sarah 48, TN

James 30, AL

John 27, AL

Mary 20, AL

Sealey (f) 18, AL

William 16, MO

Nancy 13, MO

Thomas 9, MO

Edward 7, MO

(National Archives M653 R606, p. 993)



Other Information:


Nancy A.


md (maybe in AR) 1864 N. L. Hailey from Bedford Co., TN; came here 1866.  (Barry Co Newspaper Abstracts, MFA file)




Pioneer settler here, b. TN 1804, p. James & Delila (Caldwell).  James b. Culpepper Co., VA, d. 90y in AL ; Delila lived to age 103; 9 ch.  William md in AL Sallie Legg who b. TN, d. 1865, 51y.  Immigrated here 1841 from Limestone Co., AL.  Ch:  Celia, widow of Joseph Vance; John unmarried; Elizabeth md Thomas Settles; Thomas; Nancy md Newton Haley; Edward all lived 1888.  (History of Newton, Lawrence, Barry & McDonald Counties, Goodspeed 1888; Barry Co. portion reprinted 1971)





Missouri   --  Barton County




George Einer

b. here 1 May 1899, p. Hall John & Carrie Ruth (Morrow) of Golden City . (LDS IGI 4/88)


Seth Dewey

b. here 18 Apr 1898, p. Hall John & Carrie Ruth (Morrow) of Golden City . (LDS IGI 4/88)






md here 3 Mar 1878 George M. Phelps (A-199) (MO Pioneers, Vol 27)


Charles Franklin

md here 1899, Versa Ina Brandenburg (Note in MFA File)



md here 2 Dec 1877 Lilley Tindell, both of Jasper Co., MO (A-193) (MO Pioneers, Vol 27)



Missouri   --  Bates County





Joseph E.

md here 7 Oct 1868 Lucy J. Clark, by S. G. Clark, M. G. (MO Pioneers, Vol 28, Woodruff)  (MB A-171)



Census Information:



John Vardaman McKenny


Age 27, b. KY, here 28 Oct, Dist 6, with:

Rachel 27, KY

Mary 8, KY

William 3, MO

Martha 1, MO

(National Archives M432 R392 p.243)



Missouri   --  Benton County




Mary Susan McKenny

md here Feb 1844 William Giles (filed 15 Feb 1844)  (Marriage Records, Benton Co., MO 1839-1861, Williams, 1967)



-          son, age 13, of C. P. McKinnay, d. here in Warsaw 29 Oct 1885. 

(History of Benton County, MO, 1971)



Other Information:


G. W.

Owner of liquor house here in Warsaw , burned Oct 1913. 

(History of Benton County, MO, 1971)




Missouri --  Bollinger County




Atlas (f)

md here 20 Aug 1885 James H. Howerton (LDS IGI 4/88)


C. J. (f)

md here 14 Feb 1878 S. G. Bilyen (LDS IGI 4/88)



md here 18 Jul 1878 John Miller (LDS IGI 4/88)



Census Information:




Age 36, b. MO here 18 Jun, Liberty Twp, with: 

Rebecca 26, MO

Margaret 12, MO

Francis M. (m) 6, MO

Sophia E. 3, MO

Jackson N. 1, MO

(National Archives M653, R608, p. 46/494)




Age 50, b. MO, here in Liberty Twp with:

James 18, MO

Sarah 14, MO

James 12, MO

(1870 Federal Census of Bollinger Co, trans Byerley)



Age 35, b. MO, here in Liberty Twp, with:

Kate 40, MO

Anna 18, MO

Sarah 13, MO

Ann 14, MO

Riley 7, MO

John 3, MO

Susan 1, MO

(op cit)



Age 37, b. MO, here Liberty Twp, with:

Francis 18, MO

Sarah 13, MO

Jackson 11, MO

Green 8, MO

(op cit)




Missouri Boone County




Rev. John

b. here 3 Apr 1798  (Note in MFA file)

William W.

b. here 1820, son of Rev. John  (Note in MFA file)






md here 15 May 1873 David Hickman Wilhite  (LDS IGI 4/88)



md here 6 Jul 1882 James G. Williams  (LDS IGI 4/88)



(of Thompson Co) md here 5 Aug 1845 Paulina Grisham (B-289),

(Marriage Records of Boone Co., MO, 1821-1870, Evans & Thompson 1933, and LDS IGI 4/88)


John C.

(of Boone Co) md Howard Co. 1 Feb 1853 Elizabeth N. Tutt of Howard Co.

(MO Pioneers Vol 16)

Note:  The Mo Researcher, Vol 2 #4 says that John C. md here Elizabeth Jackman, dau of Porter & Polly ( Arnold ) Jackman.



md here 31 Jan 1883 D. Malcolm D. Lewis  (LDS IGI 4/88)


Martha A.

md here 31 Oct 1867 Fielding W. Smith  (LDS IGI 4/88)


Mary E.

md here 1 Sep 1881 Samuel A. Chitwood  (LDS IGI 4/88)


Mary L. or Q.

md here 19 Nov 1863 Warren A. Smith  (LDS IGI 4/88)



md here 23 Nov 1826 Louisa Anderson (MB A-33); he b. 1796 KY, d. OR  (MO Miscellany, Vol 14)



(of Ray Co) md here 27 Mar 1832 Lavinia/Lanna Hughes (A-81) (MO Miscellany, Vol 14 and LDS IGI 4/88)





Anna E. McKinny

Oldest dau of Col. Harvy & Julia of this Co, d. here Feb 1866; b. 22 Feb 1852; father d. in Civ War.  (MO Miscellany Vol 4, 1977, Woodruff)



d. here 26 Jun 1880, 31y, bur. Walnut Grove Cem.  (Tombstone Records of Boone Co., MO, Evans & Thompson, 1934)


Elizabeth A.

Wife of John C. d. here 2 Sep 1909, bur. Walnut Grove Cem; b. 11 Sep 1824.  (Tombstone Records of Boone Co., MO, Evans & Thompson, 1934)


Capt. Harvey G.

(of Boone Co) d. 17 May 1863 of wound, Edwards Depot, MS, while in Co. H, 5th Mo (Confed) Inf.  (MO Pioneers Vol VIII)


James M.

d. here 10 Dec 1896, b. 24 May 1839, bur. Walnut Grove Cem. (Tombstone Records of Boone Co MO, Evans & Thompson, 1934)


John C.

d. here 28 May 1875, b. 28 Aug 1816, bur. Walnut Grove Cem.


Mary Jane

(md a Deatherage), d. here; will proved here after 1860; dau Narcissa Cornelison.  (Note in MFA file)


Sarah Jane

Wife of John C., d. here 2 Jun 1852, age 31 y, bur Walnut Grove Cem.  ( Tombstone Records of Boone Co, MO)


Census Information:



 Harbey G.

Age 23 b. MO, here 30 Aug, Dist. 8, with:


Jane A. H. 21, MO

Jane A. 2, MO

Elizabeth I. Owings 17, MO

Harvey, son of John who d. 1840 Warren Co, MO & Nancy ( Bryan ), and was a Capt. In Civil War; d. 1863 MS.

(National Archives M432 R392 p. 350, and Note in MFA file)




Missouri Boone County continued (2)


Census Information, 1850, continued:


John C.

Age 35, b. MO, here 1 Oct, Dist 8 with:


Sarah Jane 30, MO

James M. 11, MO

Mary J. 7, MO

Martha A. 4, MO

Henry C. 2, MO

John C. was brother of Harvey G. and d. here 1875.  (National Archives M432 R392, p. 410 & note in MFA file)



H. J. (m)

Age 33, b. MO, here 30 Jun, Parche Twp with:


Julia A. 31, MO

John A. 12, MO

Anna 12, MO

(National Archives M653 R608 p. 947)


J. Marion


Age 38, b. MO, here 30 Jun, Parche Twp, with:

Nancy 40, MO

Ann M. 13, MO

Scott 11, MO

Mary F. 9, MO

Henrietta 6, MO

Emma 4, MO

Unnamed female 1 yr old, MO

(National Archives M653 R608, p. 947)


James M.

Age 21, b. MO, here 15 Aug Columbia Twp, alone in household, $16,000 real property.

(National Archives M653 R608 p. 158/796)


John C.

Age 43, b. MO, here 25 Jun, Missouri Twp, Rockport p.o., with:


Elizabeth 25, MO (second wife)

Mary J. 17, MO

Martha 13, MO

Clay 11, MO

Adelia 9, MO

Alice 6, MO

Porter 4, MO

Wynn (m) 2, MO

Julia 6 mos, MO

Dau. Alice Boone b. 1853, md David Hackman Wilhite (note in MFA file).  John C. had in 1860 $44,000 real & $26,000 pers prop.  (National Archives M653 r608 p. 891)


Other Information:



Came here 1870, patron of Atlas here 1875, res. T49N R11W, p.o. Columbia ; b. Warren Co., MO.  (MO Pioneers, Vol 9)



Had plat 13 Twp 49 here 1822, south of Base, and on combined land & property taxpayers lists 1821, 1825.  (Note in MFA file, and MO Taxpayers 1819-1826, Stanley & Wilson)



Had original land patent here 1822, plat 5, on Cedar Creek which was boundary between Boone & Callaway Counties.  On combined land & property taxpayers lists 1821, 1825.  (Note in MFA file, and MO Taxpayers 1819-1826, Stanley & Wilson)




Missouri   --  Buchanan County





William Sanford (Bud)

b. here at Rushville 1856; p. Samuel & Louisa M. (Norris) of KY.  (Note in MFA file)





md here 22 Feb 1874 Thomas Pendergrast  (LDS IGI 4/88)



md here 8 Feb 1881 Phil Aeschelmann, St. Joseph , Church of Immac . Conception. 

(LDS IGI 4/88)



md here 1 May 1874 Thomas F. Brassfield  (LDS IGI 4/88)



md here 8 Oct 1848 Samuel Wilson


Margaret Ann

md here 5 Sep 1887 John Wiley Worrel.  She b. 6 Sep 1862, d. 14 Oct 1907.  (The Heritage of Buchanan County, MO, MO River Heritage Association, 1984)



md here 23 Apr 1885 Jennie Parsons  (LDS IGI 4/88)


William Sanford

md here Clara Norris, dau of Francis Norris & Mary (Laster) from KY.  William Sanford’s father (unnamed, but see birth item above) came to Midwest from Louisville , KY ; his mother also a Norris.  Res. Buchanan Co. & had 11 children:






Benjamin (Fred)


1 baby boy

Martha (Margaret)


Mildred (Marie)

Helen (Venita)

(The Heritage of Buchanan Co., MO, MRHA, 1984)






d. here 1846, intestate; est. admin 14 Jul 1846 (A-133).  Came to Lake Twp in 1841 from Bartholomew Co, IN.  (Abstracts of Wills & Admins from Books A & B, Hodges & Woodruff, 1969)


Census Information:



George W. Kinney

Here Nodaway Twp

1 white male 20-29

1 white female 15-19. 

(National Archives M704 R220, p. 149)


Hovington McKeney


2 white male 30-39

1 white female 20-29

(M704 R220 p. 161)


John Kinney


1 white male 15-19

1 white male 20-29

1 white male 50-59

1 white female 10-14

1 white female 15-19

2 white females 20-29

1 white female 40-49

2 male & 2 female slaves

(M704 R220 P. 149)





Age 47, b. KY, here 13 Nov, Lake Twp. With:

Hester 40, KY

Ruth 19, KY

William 13, IA

John 9, MO

Mary 2, MO

(National Archives M432 R393 p. 87)





Age 40, b. KY, here 22 Jul, Rushville p.o., Lake Twp , with:


William 23, IN

John R. 18, MO

Mary 12, MO

(M653 R609)



Age 26, b. KY, here 23 Jul, Rushville p.o., Lake Twp , with:


Sarah A. 18, MO

William 7, IN

(M653 R609)



Age 29, b. KY, here 26 Jun, Rushville p.o., Rush Twp, with:

Louisa 23, KY

Dicey A. 6, KY

William S. 3, MO

Martha E. 2, MO

Mary Norris 74 , PA

(M653, R609)



Age 26, Shoemaker, b. OH, here 28 Jun, Rushville, Rush Twp in hh Isaac & Louisa Wilson  (M653 R609)




Missouri   --  Buchanan County continued (2)


Other Information:



Retail dry goods merchant here, member of St. Joseph Board of Trade 1881.  (History of Buchanan County MO, Birdsall Williams & Co, St. Jos. 1881)



Here 1 Jan 1883, Rushville, receiving pension $8/ mo as dependent mother of serviceman, claim orig. allowed Jul 1865.



Security here 1 Jan 1846 with 4 others for William Moore.  (per Buchanan Co. Wills – note in MFA file)


J. D. McKenney

Engineer of passenger train #18 on Chicago, rock Island & Pac Rwy 2 Mar 1894 when train robbery attempted here.  (The Heritage of Buchanan Co., MO, MO River Heritage Association, 1984)



Settled here Lake Twp 1841; early settlers mostly from Bartholomew Co., IN.  (History of Buchanan Co., MO, 1881)



Mentioned here 22 Apr 1857 in John Morris Will (Note in MFA file)  See William Sanford & Samuel for other Norris connections.


Thomas McKinnie

Here 1 Jan 1883, St. Joseph , receiving pension $11.33-1/3 per mo. for gun shot wound right arm; orig. allowed Sep 1865.  (List of Pensioners on the Roll Jan 1, 1883, as called for by Senate Res. Of Dec 8, 1882, Vol V, Gen Pub co, 1970)



Missouri   --  Butler County




Christian James

b. here 20 Jun 1910, p. Lindsey & Minnie (Kanzler).  (LDS IGI 4/88)


Robert Kenneth

b. here 26 Mar 1914, p. Otto Alonzo & Mary Ellen (Kerr) of Poplar Bluff .  (LDS IGI 4/88)






md here 31 Mar 1853 William C. Epps, J. P.  (Mo Pioneers Vol VIII, Woodruff)



md here 10 Feb 1885 Benjamin Shelton  (LDS IGI 4/88)



md here 28 Jul 1859 James H. Akes (MO Pioneers Vol VIII)


George A.

md here 19 Jan 1882 Jane Young  (LDS IGI 4/88)



md here 25 Mar 1858 Martha Henderson  (MO Pioneers Vol VIII)


Margarett L.

md here 13 Jul 1884 Dillard Hassell  (LDS IGI 4/88)



md here 15 Jul 1875 Charles B. Barefield (B-225) (MO Miscellany, Vol 14)



md here 6 Jun 1878 Nancy Cooper (B-400) (MO Miscellany, Vol. 14)



md here 28 Jul 1884 Minnie Baldridge  (LDS IGI 4/88)



Other Information:



Minister of the Gospel, performed marriages here during period 1866-1880 (Marriage Book B) (MO Miscellany, Vol 14)




Missouri  --  Caldwell County




William H. McKenney

Will written here 3 Jan 1877, aged 59 years, recorded here 7 Mar 1878, wife Ella, Extrx (A-162).  (Early Will Records of North Central Counties of MO, Ellsberry)





Missouri   --  Callaway County




Miss Bledsoe

md here 19 Oct 1859 Nathaniel C. Rouns (C-54) (MO Miscellany)



md here 10 Feb 1830 Mary A. Craig.  His p. Major James & Levisa (Whitney).  (MO Marriages Before 1840, S. Ormesher, 1982)


David H.

md here 13 Dec 1842 Mary Tharp/Thorp (B-84).  (MO Pioneers, Vol. 22, Woodruff)


Ester L.

md here 1800’s Nathaniel Craig.  Her p. Major James & Levisa (Whitney).  (A History of the Pioneer Families of MO, Bryan & Rosel, 1984)



md here 12 Jan 1855 Martha Callaway (MD C-3)  (MO Miscellany)


James R.

md here 25 Nov 1885 A. E. Stucker  (LDS IGI 4/88)



md here 21 Sep 1837 Anna E. Hill  (MO Marriages Before 1840)


Lucy Jane

md here 15 Oct 1862 John A. Moore  (LDS IGI 4/88)



md here 10 Oct 1850 David Harris (B-217)  (MO Pioneers, Vol 22)


Rhoda Ann

md here near Auxvasse 26 May 1857 Matthew Hamilton, his p. James H. & Sarah (Lewis)  (MB C-36).  1870 census Calloway Co., Rhoda Ann b. TN 1839-40, Matthew b. KY 1836-37, Children:  Eliza J., Lucy A., John M. (Jack), George, Guy, James.  ( Hamilton material, MFA file)


Nannie M.

md here 13 Dec 1888 S. P. Madden  (LDS IGI 4/88)





James Prather

Major – d. here at Grand Prairie 1844 or 1851, p. Abraham (b. 1775 PA) & Eleanor (Prather ?); b. VA; md 10 Jul 1798 Levisa Whitney; grandson of Abraham who was son of Charles & Mary Anne (Chastain);  (See also:  Other Info)  (Note in MFA file)



Census Information:




James McKeney, here:

1 male 5-9

1 male 10-14

1 male 15-19

1 male 30-39

1 male 50-59

2 females 15-19

1 female 50-59

7 male slaves

8 female slaves

(National Archives M19 R73, p. 75)




Charles M., here:

1 male under 5

1 male 5-9

1 male 15-19

1 male 30-39

1 female under 5

1 female 10-14

1 female 30-39

1 male slave

1 female slave


James, here:

1 male 5-9

1 male 15-19

1 male 30-39

2 females under 5

1 female 5-9

1 female 10-14

1 female 20-29


James McKenney, here:

1 male 15-19

1 male 60-69

1 female 60-69

4 male slaves



1 male under 5

1 male 20-29

1 female under 5

1 female 20-29

2 female slaves





44 b KY, here with:

Mary Ann 37, KY

James L. 18, MO

Amelia B. 13, MO

Lewis H. 10, MO

Charles R. 6, MO

George C. 1, MO

(National Archives M432 R393 p. 218)




Missouri   --  Callaway County continued (2)



Census Information, 1850  --  continued:



Age 16, b. MO here 13 Oct, Dist. 12, in household James & Nancy McGary.

(National Archives M432 R393 p. 20)



Age 40, b. TN here with:

Frances A. 28, KY

Jesse F. 9, MO

John F. 3, MO



Age 38, b. TN here with:

Lucy 35, TN

James 16, TN

Rhoda Ann 11, MO

Lucy J. 9, MO

Mary A. 7, MO

John 14, TN

William 41, TN

(M432 R393, p. 211)



Age 73, b. KY here alone.  (M432 R393, p. 218)


Mary Ann

Age 25, b. KY, here 21 Aug, with Bazel & Anna Tharp & Family.  (M432 R393, p. 215)


Robert McKaney

Age 70, b. PA, here 18 Oct, with:

Susan 71, VA

James 32, KY

(M432 R393 p. 251)


W. H. McKamy

Age 40, b. KY, here 18 Oct with:

Angeline 35, KY

Susan M. 12, MO

Eveline 9, MO

Robert 5, MO

Lucy A. 4, MO

Elizabeth L. 1, MO

(M432 R393 p. 9/19)


William W.

Age 34, b. KY, here with:

Susan 32, KY

Mary H. 8, MO

James S. 8, MO

Richard S. 5, MO

Susan L. 3, MO

William P. 10 mos., MO

(M432 R393)




William W.

Age 44, b. KY, here 16 Jun, Millersburg p.o., Bourbon Twp with:

Susan 42, KY

James 16, MO

Richard 14, MO

Susan 12, MO

William 10, MO

Nancy 8, MO

Samuel 5, MO

(M653 R610, p. 1004)



Other Information:


Francis S.

Of this county, a Pvt in Co H, 1st Regt of MO mounted Vols, for Col. Alexander W. Doniphan’s Expedition, War with Mexico , 1846.  (MO Miscellany Vol 11)



On combined land & property list here of Taxpayers 1823-24-25.  (MO taxpayers 1819-1826, Stanley & Wilsons)



Major of VA, removed to KY, then in 1818 came to MO, 1820 settled here.  Was md KY to Levisa Whitney; children:


Esther L.


Sally A.




Major James was Judge here 1827-1832.  One of his 12 brothers, Abraham, settled in Randolph Co., MO.  Liberty , eldest son disp New Orleans .  Esther L. md Nathaniel Craig; Charles md Mary A. Craig; Sally A. md George McCredi; Samuel md Hortense McLane; William md & settled in KS; Freeman killed in Gen. Walker’s expedition against Cen. Amer.  (Pioneer Family of MO, Bryan & Rose, 1876, repr 1984)



Came here 1837, b. Smith Co., TN; res. Twp 46N R8N R8W, p.o. Fulton when patron of atlas 1876.  (MO Pioneers Vol 23)



Purchaser here 21 May 1822 at est. sale of James Coats, decd.  (MO Pioneers Vol 17)


William B.

Here 1 Jan 1883, Cedar City , receiving pension $6/mo for wound of right shoulder, orig. allowed Oct 1872.  (List of Pensioners on the Roll Jan 1, 1883, Vol. V, GenPubCo, 1970)





Missouri   --  Cape Girardeau County




Thomas Green

b. here 1824, p. Matthew & Elizabeth Averis  ( Lancaster )  (Note in MFA file)





Benjamin F.

md here 10 Aug 1876 Ellen Halley  (LDS IGI 4/88)



md here 6 Nov 1878 George Anthony  (LDS IGI 4/88)



md here 6 Aug 1882 William Beacham  (LDS IGI 4/88)



md here 25 Aug 1870 Mary Riggs  (LDS IGI 4/88)



md here 30 Aug 1829 Nancy Gozery  (MO Pioneers, Vol 12)


Sarah E.

md here 23 May 1875 Peter Shrum  (LDS IGI 4/88)


William J.

md here 11 Aug 1884 Melissa E. Mathis  (LDS IGI 4/88)



Census Information:




Mathew, here:

3 males under 5

2 males 5-9

1 male 15-19

1 male 30-39

3 females 10-14

1 female 15-19

1 female 20-29

(National Archives M19 R72, p. 463)




Jessie L. (or T) McKinny

Age 35, b. MO here 14 Aug with:

Eliza Ann 34, TN

William 13, MO

Louis 11, MO

Nancy 9, MO

Jackson 6, MO

Margaret 4, MO

Thomas Lancaster 17, MO

(M432 R394 p. 323)


Nathaniel McKenney

Here 17 Dec, 20, b. TN, with:

Catherine 17, TN

(M432 R394 p. 476)


Thomas G.

Age 25, b. MO, here 11 Aug with:

Elizabeth 23, MO

Mary age 1, MO

(M432 R394 p. 323)




Elizabeth McKenney

Age 29, b. TN, here 9 Jul, Cape Girardeau City , in hotel, $12,000 real prop, with:

Mary 15, LA

Cora 6 mos., LA

M653 R611, p. 214)



Age 45, b. MO, here 31 Jul, Randol Twp, Cape Girardeau p.o., with:

Eliza 42

Thomas L. 19

Jackson 15

Margaret 14

Benjamin F. 5

(No place of birth shown)  (M653 R611, p. 319)




Age 54, b. KY, here Cape Girardeau, Twp #178, with:

Jane 70, KY

(Census trans. By Cape Girardeau Genealogy Society, 1985)



Age 40, b. TN, here Randol Twp, with:

Richard 24, TN

Daniel 24, TN

Charles 21, TN

John 17, TN

(CGGS trans)



Age 54, b. TN, here Byrd Twp, with:

Thomas 20, TN

Martha 17, MO

(CGGS trans)



Age 25, b. MO, here Shawnee Twp #213, with

Sarah J. 35, MO

(CGGS trans)



Other Information


Matthew McKinny

On list of land & property taxpayers here 1821-22-23.  (MO Taxpayers 1819-1826, Stanley & Wilsons)




Missouri   --  Carroll County




Alice Victoria

b. here 1871, p. Thomas from Blackhawk Co., IA, 8th child, rtd, to Blackhawk Co., IA.  (MFA file sheet)



b. here 30 Sep 1898, p. William Walter & Anna (Cunningham)  (LDS IGI 4/88)


William Walter

b. here 18 Mar 1863, p. Jonathan & Elizabeth (Hensley)  (LDS IGI 4/88)






md here 15 May 1838 Elisha W. Thomas  (Carroll Co Marriage Records, Ellsberry, & LDS IGI 4/88)



md here 17 Jan 1883 M. H. Litt  (LDS IGI 4/88)



md here 7 Oct 1877 George R. Highsmith  (LDS IGI 4/88)



md here 23 Feb 1862 Amanda Britton  (LDS IGI 4/88)



md here 1 Mar 1876 Sallie R. Darr  (LDS IGI 4/88)


John R.

md here 30 Jul 1865 Sarah J. Brisentine  (LDS IGI 4/88)



md here 27 Mar 1845 Elizabeth Hensly/Hensley, dau of James Hensley.  (LDS IGI 4/88)


Martha Jane

md here 22 Nov 1846 Dorsay Miles, her p. George & Peggy.  (LDS IGI 4/88)


Martha L.

(of Saline Co., MO) md here 23 Dec 1874 Samuel V. Daniel of Carroll Co.  Her p. John F. & Virginia (Haney).  (History of Saline Co., 1881)


Mary C.

md here 25 Oct 1883 Lincoln Guillin  (LDS IGI 4/88)


Mary F.

md here 19 Feb 1874 W. S. Hollister   (LDS IGI 4/88)



md here 28 Oct 1863 Mary Hanovan  (LDS IGI 4/88)  (Note:  Another IGI entry records this marriage occurring in Lafayette Co., MO)






d. here 1860, will recd. 19 Sep; wf Peggy, Children:


Martha Jane Miles

Thomas B.

John R.


Mary Elizabeth

(Carroll Co., MO Wills & Admins)



Census Information:




George, here

1 male under 5

1 male 5-9

1 male 10-14

1 male 15-19

1 male 40-49

1 female under 5

1 female 5-9

1 female 10-14

1 female 40-49

No slaves

(M704 R221, p. 284)




George M.

Age 55, b. TN, here 4 Oct with:

Margaret 52, VA

Homer (Thomas ?) B. 21, AL

Margaret 10, AL

John R. 17, MO

James 16, MO

Mary S. 11, MO

Also in household:  Dossie & Martha J. Miles & 2 children

(National Archives M432 R395, p. 35)



Age 29, b. AL , here 5 Oct with :

Elizabeth 22, KY

Sarah M. 3, MO

James G. 1, MO





Missouri   --  Carroll County continued (2)



Census Information:





Age 67, b. TN, here 21 Jun, Grand River Twp, DeWitt p.o., with:

Margaret 64, VA

Thomas 32, AL

John 27, MO

James 25, MO

M653 R612, p. 604)


I. (m)

Age 38, b. AL , here 21 Jun, Grand River Twp, DeWitt p.o., with:

Eliseth 32, KY

Sarah 13, MO

George W. 11, MO

Thomas E. 8, MO

Mary F. 4, MO

Emma F. 2, MO

(M653 R612, p. 604)


Wilson McKinna

Age 52, b. TN, hotel kpr, here 12 Sep, Sugar Tree Bottom Twp, Miles Pt. p.o., with:

Levina 45, KY

(M653 R612, p. 705)



Other Information:



Christened here 31 Aug 1875, St. Marys, Carrollton , p. Michael & Mary.  (LDS IGI 4/88)



Of Carroll Co., one of commissioners Appointed by Legislature 5 Feb 1839 to fix site for new capital.  (History of Saline Co., 1881)



Came here 1834; residing DeWitt Twp, a farmer, 1876; patron of atlas that year.  (MO Pioneers Vol 12)



Christened here 28 Mar 1872, St. Marys, Carrollton , p. Michael & Mary (Hannavan)  (LDS IGI 4/88)


Margaretham (f)

Christened here 1 Mar 1870, St. Marys, Carrollton , p. Michael & Maria (Hannovan)  (LDS IGI 4/88)





Missouri   --  Carter County




Henry Bennett

b. here in Grandin , MO , p.  ?; md 7 Nov 1913 Olive Allene Wilcox.  Children:

Karl Silger

b. 26 Feb 1913, Centerview, Johnson Co., MO; md Neva Colwell 11 Aug 1835, ch:  Gerald Karl b. 18 Jul 1936.

Thomas Bennett, b. 25 Sep 1915 at Centerview , MO.

Catherine Louise, b. 14 Aug 1918 at Centerview

Cora Beth, b. 31 Jul 1920 at Centerview

Philip Evan b. 28 Aug 1923

James A., b. 17 May 1925, Independence, Jackson Co., MO.

Martha Jane, b. 28 Aug 1929, Independence .

Edith Leola, b. 14 Nov 1933

(MFA item – Descs & Conns of Jacob Miller)




John H.

md here 9 Feb 1869 Mary Chambers (A-21)  (MO Pioneers, Vol 28, Woodruff & LDS IGI 4/88)



md here 20 Feb 1868 Charles Joplin (A-16)


Mary Jane

md here 16 Mar 1869 Thomas D. Thompson (A-21)  (MO Pioneers Vol 28, Woodruff & LDS IGI 4/88)



md here 3 Nov 1873 Jane Payne (A-52)



Census Information:




J. H. (m)

Age 32, b. AL , here 15 Aug, Johnston Twp, with:

Martha 28, AL

Mary J. 10, AL

Thomas 5, MO

Martha C. 2, MO

Missouri C. (f) 3 mos., MO

(National Archives M653 R612 p. 963)



Age 54, b. TN, gunsmith, here 15 Aug, Johnston Twp, with:

Edy 54, TN

Mary A. 27, KY

Amy A. 12, AL

Edward 21, Main

(M653 R612, p. 964)



Age 30, b. KY, here 15 Aug, Johnston Twp, with:

Mary 33, AL

Thomas E. 7, AL

John L. 5, AL

William R. 1, Mo

Sarah Parker 59, AL

(M653 R612, p. 963)



Other Information:



A J. P., performed marriages here 1868-1870.  (MO Pioneers, Vol 28, Woodruff)




Missouri   --  Cass County




Alonzo, b. here 1875, f. Louis    (Note in MFA file)






Almeda, md here 7 Sep 1854, John A. Phillips  (Marr Bk B-252)

America , md here 25 Jan 1855, Dr. Guilford Hansbrough  (MFA file)

Annie, md here 17 Sep 1868, Robert J. Chambers (C-494), LDS IGI 4/88)

Ed, md here 20 Aug 1882, Mollie Henry (LDS IGI 4/88)

Henry, md here 2 Aug 1854, Harriet Smith (B-240)

John McKinny, md here 10 Nov 1849, Nancy Keeton (A-144)

(‘The Marr Recds of Cass (Van Buren) Co. , MO, Bks A&B 1836 – 1865,’ Woodruff, 1969, & LDS IGI 4/88)

Margaret F., md here 17 Sep 1868, J. M. McAllister (C-493)

Mary Patton, md here 11 Sep 1863, Amos Seybolt Bradley, Harrisonville (LDS IGI 4/88)

S. B. (m), md here 28 Mar 1872, R. B. Evans (LDS IGI 4/88)

Sarah, md here 9 Jul 1867 Samuel Fourtner (C-425 (‘MO Miscellany, Vol. 8’)

William, md here 30 Oct 1877, Nancy Drum (LDS IGI 4/88)



Census Information




Catherine, 11, b. MO, in hh Jos. Haynes & fam, 20 Aug. (Natl Archives M432 R395)


Isaac S., 23, farmer, b IA, here 12 Sep, with: 

Nancy A., 23, MO

Ludemia A. 10 mos, MO.

(M432 R395 p. 82)



Nathan H. McKinny 42, b. KY, here 9 Oct with: 

Mary b. 35, KY

America S., 16, KY

William, 14, KY

James M., 10, KY

Mary P., 6 MO; (illeg)

female, 3, MO

Ann E., 10 mos, MO

(M432 R395, p. 102)





Isaac S., 34, b IL, here 6 Jun, Camp Branch Twp, Ovid p.o., with

Nancy A., 30, MO

Loudimie A. (f), 10, MO

Margaret F., 8

Sarah B., 6

Mary I., 3

Benj. R., 7

Charles O., 6

Charles W., 8

All b. MO      (M653 R612, p 708)


Mary B., 45, b KY; here 29 Aug, Grand River Twp, Harrisonville p.o., with:

William, 24, KY

Jane M., 21, MO

Mary B., 16, MO

Clara C., 14, MO

Nathan H., 5, MO

William L., 24, KY

Mary Masterson, 16, MO

Jno Masterson, 12, VA

(M653 R612 p 871)



Other Information


H. N., gdn here (1854 – 1859) to heirs of T. P. Martinon (D-6) (MO State Geneal Assn Journal Vol 2)

John, perf. marrs here 1842.

Nathan H., on Tax List here 1848 (MO Pioneers . . . , Woodruff)

N. H., (Nathan H. ?) listed in index Van Buren (Cass) Co. Will Book C. (1850 – 1860) (MO Pioneers . . .  Vol 5)




Missouri Cedar County




B. L., md here 31 Dec 1871, Sarrah A. Collins  (LDS IGI 4/88)


Martha Ann, md here 30 Jul 1857, Elbert Rankin


Patrick McKenna (McKenney), md here 22 Apr 1845, Elizabeth Cox (MO Pioneers . .Vol 13)


Sarah L., md here 30 Jul 1876, J. B. Forbin (LDS IGI 4/88)


William H. M., md here 8 Apr 1869, Margaret Jane Walker (LDS IGI 4/88)





A. A. (male?), buried here 1941, b. 1862 (Cem Recds of Cedar Co, Vol 1, Ellsberry 1965)


Albert L., buried here, d. 3 Jul 1944, b 17 Jun 1920, Pvt., Field Artillery, WW II (Cem Recds of Cedar Co, Vol 1, Ellsberry)



Census Information




Mary (Polly), 45, here with husb Zephaniah Lacy, 58, b. KY and:

Hyram, 26, KY

George, 21, KY

Benj. F, 17, KY

Zeph, 11, MO

Mary, 11, MO

Sidney , 9, MO

Josephine, 7, MO

Leander, 5, MO

(This family was from Christian Co., KY; Mary P. John and Naomy (Rigdel); and res. Barry Co., MO, 1840)



Patrick McKinny, 36, b NC, Blksmth, here 20 Aug with:

Elizabeth , 26, MO

Martha A., 13, MO

John, 11, MO

James, 4, MO

Emily, 3, MO

June Hitchcock, 19, MO

(Natl Archives M432 R395 p 129)





John R., 15, b KY, here 23 Jun, Washington Twp, Stockton p.o., farmhand in hh Peter & Jane McKay  (M653 R613, p 22)



Other Information


Benjamin F., came here by ox-team with parents & 5 siblings from Smith Co., TN where b. 1838.  Few years later settled in Taney Co., MO where md 1861.  Occ:  carpenter & farmer (The Researcher, #113, Sep 1984, Ellsberry)


James, on list of Registered Voters here, Linn Twp, 1868 (Geneal. Data fr SW MO Newspapers 1860 – 1870, Stockton Tribune, M. H. Rising)


Patrick McKinna/McKinney, witness 9 May 1850 will of John Edsall, and his note held by Jane English mentioned in her will here 17 Mar 1846.  (MO Pioneers . . Vol 17, Woodruff)




Missouri Clark County



George Washington, d here 1906, b 1830, OH  (Note in MFA file)



Census Information



William Kinny, here 1850, b ca 1826, NY  (Note MFA file)



Byron, 16, b NY, here 17 Aug, Jackson Twp, Winchester p.o., in hh Nancy Westcott.  (Natl Archives M653 R614, p 759)


J. M. McKim, 24, physician, b KY, here 20 Aug, Jackson Twp, Winchester p.o., with:

Matilda, 17, b VA

(M653 R614 p 771)


Polly, 60, b KY, here 11 Jun, Union Twp, Wrightsville p.o., with:

Ann, 23, KY

Hezekiah, 18, KY

Mary, 15, KY

Jno, 10, KY

Jane, 8, MO

Henry, 5, MO

(M653 R614, p 678)




Missouri Clay County




Albert William, b here 5 Apr 1948, (? 1848), p. Albert William & Gloria June (Glunt).  (LDS IGI 4/88)




Henry, md here 29 Oct 1871, Jane Reynolds  (LDS IGI 4/88)


Mary McKiney, md here 16 Feb 1859, Patrick Donley  (MB B-1446)


Mary, md here 27 Feb 1861, Joseph W. Sigemunt  (MB B-1453 and B-1548; 2nd entry says md 27 Feb 1862)


N. B., md here 27 Sep 1827, John Gouge  (LDS IGI 4/88)


William F., md here 18 Dec 1867 to Sarah E. Rupe.  (LDS IGI 4/88), Clay Co MO Marr Rcds . ., Luke & Appell, 1961; Hist of Lafayette Co., 1881 says md 1868)


William M., md here 26 Aug 1879, George Ann Craven  (LDS IGI 4/88)






Annie, d here 1 Jul 1886, age 18, p. Charles & Lucinda; bur. Woodland Ch Graveyard 10 mi. e. of Liberty .  (Clay Co MO Cem Recds, Ellsberry)


Bettie, d. here 3 Sep 1887, age 25, p. Charles & Lucinda, bur. Woodland Ch Graveyard.  (Clay Co MO Cem Recds, Ellsberry)


Charles, d here 26 Aug 1915, age 84; b. 30 Dec 1831, KY; md Lucinda; bur. Woodland Ch Graveyard (Clay Co MO Cem Recds, Ellsberry)


Lucinda, d here 2 Jul 1887, age 54, bur. Woodland Ch Graveyard with husb., Charles  (Clay Co MO Cem Recds, Ellsberry)



Census Information




William, here with

1 m 5-9

2 m 10-14,

2 m 20-29

He 40-49

1 f under 5

1 f 40-49

(Natl Arch M704 R222 p. 13)




Mary, 22, b. Ireland, here 22 Jun, Liberty Town, servant in hotel  (Natl Archives M653 R614, p. 944)




Charles, 39, b. KY, here Fishing River Twp, Liberty p.o., with:

Lucinda, 36

Napoleon, 15

William, 12

Bettie, 9

Anna, 3

All b. MO


William F., 70, b. KY, retired, here Fishing River Twp, Liberty p.o. with Mary 69, b. KY.



Other Information


John, on list of land & property taxpayers here 1822-24-25; Gallatin Twp 1822.  (MO Taxpyrs, 1819-1826, Stanley & Wilson; MO Pioneers Vol. 9)


William F., settled here 1866 as druggist & teacher.  Born Wayne




Co., KY 19 Sep 1833; came with p. to Andrew Co., MO 1849; moved to Bolivar, Polk Co. Oct 1857; enlisted Jun 1861 in 19th Louisiana Inf; moved to Odessa, Lafayette Co., MO, Oct 1878  (Hist of Lafayette Co., 1881)



Missouri Clinton County




Mary, md here 29 Dec 1872, Patrick McDonough, Plattsburg, at St. Ann ’s 

(LDS IGI 4/88)




Edith, d here 23 Jun 1884, age 19, single; b. Buchanan Co., MO  (MO Pioneers, Vol 11)



Census Information




John, here age 30-39 with 1 f 15-20, no slaves

(Natl Archives M704 R222, p. 37)




Daniel, 31, b. Ireland , here 31 Jul in Plattsburg, Concord Twp.


John, 40, b. PA, here 7 Jul, Haynesville, Jackson Twp, with:

Emeline, 32, b IL

John Q. A., 12, IL

L. J. (f), 10

S. M. (f), 7

James, 6

I. (m), 4

W. W. (m), 5 mos,

Last 5 b. MO

(M653 R615)



Other Information


John, 20 acres timbered land purchased from him mentioned in Stephen N. Fowler will here 22 Feb 1868.  (MO Miscellany, Vol 17)




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