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The McKinney Family Association & Library was founded September, 1981 as a non-profit, educational association and library, dedicated to researching, preserving and collecting historical and family history and data, not necessarily all of lineal or legal families, but all those interested in the McKinney surname and variants to assist and instruct in genealogical research and to publish private and public records and educational articles. Bylaws and Constitution adopted October 1982 and granted non profit, incorporation 3 May 1983 by the State of Oklahoma. Trustees are Barbara Pannage Stanfield, E. Neil Stanfield and Richard A. Kipf.




Barbara Pannaqe Stanfield, Coordinator

Patricia McKinney Kirkwood, Editor

Willa Sorenson, Associate Editor

Peter Campbell McKinney, Registrar – Treasurer

Barbara Pannage Stanfield, Librarian

Wilma Cook, Indexing



The Editor is not responsible for the errors of submitted materials, and all such material is placed in the Association Library. Books received for review are placed in the library and are available for loan to members.


Indexed in the Genealogical Periodical Annual Index, Laird C. Towle, Editor, Bowie, MD





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The L. D. S. Library Patricia Kirkwood


Many correspondents of late have indicated unfamiliarity with what is available at their local Temple Libraries (Church of Jesus Christ, Latter Day Saints). Let me describe the many materials available at the West Los Angeles branch library, located in West Los Angeles.


The Los Angeles Genealogical Library (Temple) contains a multiplicity of records, microfilm reading room, maps, microfiche records, card catalogs, books, indexes, copy machines and most importantly, a staff that is well acquainted with the holdings and is happy to help the novice or experienced researcher.


Census records: complete 1900 back through the 1790 census records available, 1910 census now complete or on order (80 rolls); complete 1880 and 1900 Soundex indexes; part of the 1910 Soundex/Miracode indexes available.


International Genealogical Index (IGI): contains 88 million names from around the world, especially valuable for the British Isles, with over 40 million names. Look up the name under the locality where the birth or marriage occurred. Names listed alphabetically (about 7800 microfiche).


Three/four generation family group sheets submitted from 1961 through 1974, 986 rolls of familes of family group sheets.


Accelerated Indexing System (AIS) Census Indexes, microfiche, also printed indexes of most census books, covering most states through 1850.


Family Registry: Contains about 160,000 registrations, indexes, names that researchers are doing genealogical work on. Maybe someone has already solved the research problem you are now working with. Register the lines on which you are now working, indexes are updated quarterly.


Library of Congress Family History Card Catalog – updated weekly on subscription basis gives latest information on family histories that have been published and added to the Library of Congress.


French-Canadian Research: 174 rolls of microfilm on the Loiselle Marriage Indexes, Quebec and other areas of Canada.


Index to North Carolina Marriage Bonds: period of 1741-1868, contains indexes to 170,000 marriage bonds (microfiche).






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Old Parochial Registers (OPR) Index: covers the northern counties of Scotland and indexes all the pre 1855 births and marriages that occurred in those counties. Other counties are in the process of being compiled. Indexed by both surname and given name (microfiche)


Hamburg Passenger Lists, Indexes: 1850 through 1934 with the exception of late 1914 through 1919. 484 rolls of indexes and lists, usually provides the name of the village from which each person came in Germany.


New York Passenger Lists and Indexes; index to New York arrivals 1830-1846 complete; 1897-1902 complete; 450 rolls of the 1902-1932 Soundex indexes (a little over one-half the availability); several hundred rolls of actual lists as well.


Other Passenger Indexes; Boston, 1848-1891; Baltimore, 1833-1866; Baltimore, 1830-1897; Atlantic and Gulf coast ports, 1830-1874; Philadelphia, 1800-1906.


California Deaths Index, Marriage Index, state-wide; deaths 1940-1983 in ten year sections; marriage indexes cover 1960-1981 in ten year sections, entire state (microfiche).


New York City: Births and deaths, index, 1880's to 1966 for births; deaths, 1888-1965.


Chicago, Illinois: Death index, birth index, marriage index, births from 1871-1915; marriages 1871-1916; deaths 1871-1933.


England and Wales; birth indexes 1837-1906; marriage 1837-1903; deaths 1837-1903, covers both England and Wales, and are indexed by quarters of the year; microfilm, S-1 – S-1113.


Index to Birth, Marriage, Death, Ireland: Protestant marriages, 1845-1863; then all marriages, 1864-1958; births 1864-1958: and deaths, 1864-1958 for Ireland and Northern Ireland.


Early Illinois: Name index, 248 rolls of film covering names found in early census records and many other types of records.


Vosburg Collection, Church Records, New York State: 90 rolls of various church records.


Census Records, England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Canada: Over 500 rolls of various census records, more being added.


Ireland Census Substitutes: Griffith's Land Valuations and Tithe Allotments for Ireland, mostly complete.


Vermont Vital Records: Collection of 287 rolls of vital records.


Rhode Island Vital Records: Indexed collection, 48 rolls.







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Connecticut Vital Records: 81 rolls, Barbour Collection.


Kentucky Families: 94 Rolls, Barber Collection of films.


New Hampshire Town Records: 70 rolls, incomplete


Alabama Records: 245 volumes, Alabama records of all types


West Virginia: 50 volumes, early West Virginia records.


Military Records and Indexes: 800 rolls, Revolutionary War Pension Records and Bounty Land Warrants.

Index, War of 1812 pension files, 102 rolls, complete

Index, compiled service records, Confederate soldiers, 535 rolls

General Index, pension records, 1861-1934, 544 rolls, index film

Index to records of the Indian Wars, 1862-1926

Index, Mexican War, 1887-1926 (Should be listed as Spanish American War)

Index to Pension files, Old War, 1815-1926

General Index, Revolutionary War service records, 58 rolls


LDS Church Census: Census taken in 1914, 1920, 1920, 1925, 1930, 1935. (Alphabetically arranged)


New York Miscellaneous Records: DAR records, church records, cemetery records, miscellaneous town records, 62 rolls.


Polish Church Records: 700 rolls, various church records.


Surname Index, Land Records of Ireland: 1708-1904, microfilm.


Welsh Genealogies: 300 AD to 1400 AD for Wales.


Gazetteer Card File: 45,000 catalog cards on hard to find sites (usually in the map reference area of the library).


Sutro Library Catalog: Microfiche, annual supplements, covers genealogical holdings of the Sutro Library in San Francisco. Important, because materials and directories are available on inter-library loans through the public library systems.



Most of the branch libraries conduct free genealogical instruction classes and other classes for specific areas of research from time to time. Most of the additions to the library are donated by patrons, and $5.00 will obtain a roll of the 1910 Soundex code microfilm (as an example). New films of the 1860 and 1870 Federal Census records are being added by donation, since the old copies are badly faded and worn. I am sure that the branch library in your area will have similar holdings, and welcomes patron participation in the donation program.


One very important point to remember when using the three-four generation family group sheets, and the IGI is -- The Information is only as accurate as the person who entered the sheet or work -- Unfortunately, the library or the genealogical society does not have the time or the staff to source or proof the family group sheets or other information submitted to the Church or to the Society collections. Please do not







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assume that because a family group sheet has been microfilmed, that it is an accurate record. I have seen some totally inaccurate and downright misleading information both microfilmed and entered in the IGI, material that I have sourced and proofed, and know to be incorrect. Unfortunately, novice researchers will assume the work to be factual, and find themselves later in their research, stalemated because of the inaccuracy. Only extensive 'back-tracking' accomplishes the correct information.


Some of the information is recorded in both systems from vital records in each state, taken from printed materials. These can be used with certainty. Be sure that you ascertain the source of the material when using the microfilm and the IGI index.



Ohio Research Notes . . .


1850 Federal Census, Highland County


2017, McKinney, Obediah, 64, b NC, residing, Paint Township

Sarah, 56, b NC

Anderson, 28, b OH

Alfred, 25, b OH


2021, Thomas Roberts household:

Julia McKinney, 21, b OH

Amon McKinney, 18, b OH

Lewis McKinney, 16, b OH

Elizabeth, 14, b OH


2023, McKinney, Jesse, 31, b OH

Ann, 26, b VA

Mary A., 6

Abijah, 5

Sarah, 3

Elizabeth A., 1/12, b OH


1618, Madison Township, Mary A. McKinney, 65, 200 acres, b VA

Eliza, 16, b OH

Jane Redley, 50, b Ireland


470, Liberty Township, Franklin McKinney, 36, farmer, VA

Mary C., 37, VA

James S., 14, VA

Nancy J., 13 VA

E. J., 10, female, VA

John A., 8, VA

William H., 6, VA

Robert S., 2, OH

1850 Federal Census, Knox County, Middlebury Township:


McKinney, William, 39, Va

Louisa, 31, OH

George E., 5, OH

Eliza, 3, OH

Melville, 1, OH






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Knox Co. Continued:


McKinney, William, age 28, shoemaker, b CT

Sarah, 23, CT

Olive, 5, CT

Charles, 2, OH



Monroe Township


McKinney, Aaron, laborer, 44, b VA

Sarah, 44, VA

Rachel C., 17

Mary C., 15

Adelina, 13

James H., 10

Eliza A., 7

John W., 5

Jane McKinney, 68, birthplace illegible





Miscellaneous Notes / Pieces, Ohio:


Trumbull Co., petition for road, 20 Dec 1815, signature, A. McKinney


Thomas McKinney, 1847-1931, Elizabeth, 1852-1932: burials, include son, Edmond 1878-1894 and Charlie, 1879-1938


Burials, Greenfield, Madison Township, Highland Co., OH: John McKinney, d 23 Apr 1827, age 65 (1762), Wife, Mary (Wilson), d 29 Mar 1849, age 81 (1768). These McKinneys were Quakers, and are buried near Obediah McKinney and Sarah Smith McKinney.


Hartman Cemetery, Paint Township, Highland Co.: Louisa McKenia, wife of James, 4-29-79, age 78-1-252.


Marriages, Highland County (a list taken from a county history volume, with no dates):


Barbara McKinney, Elijah Bocock


Mary McKinney, Joshua Wilson


Mary A. McKinney, Wm. Glascock


Ann E. McKinney, Allen Pearce


Catherine McKinney, George Dunbar


Cynthia McKinney, Allen Anders


Eliza J. McKinney, James Reece


Elizabeth J. McKinney, Raney Vest


Julia McKinney, Benjamin Barrett


Margaret McKinney, John Worley


Nancy E. McKinney, Samuel Campbell


Rissie McKinney, George Hulse


Sarah L. McKinney, Joseph Wright


Anderson McKinney, Rachel Montgomery


Anderson McKinney, Malinda Clark


Daniel McKinney, Elizabeth Ann Grove


Dr. Smith McKinney, Rachel McCoy


Jesse McKinney, Ann Crone


Jesse McKinney, Margaret Dodds


Thomas McKinney, Elizabeth Swift


William McKinney, Polly Thomas


William McKinney, Rebecca Brown


Jesse McKinney, Ada Timmons


Mary White - ? McKinney


Rosa McKinney, Thomas Ferguson



Shelby County:


James McKinney, Catherine Longworth, 26 Nov 1835


D. R. McKinney, Mary Levally, 27 Sep 1827



Green County:


1st Settlers of Green Co., Mary McKinney, John Freeman, married in 1802. John came to Ohio from New Jersey in 1795 with his father.



Adams County:


Scott Township, burial, Elizabeth McCormick, wife of James McKinney, 1815-1871



Miami, Piqua:


Captain William McKinney of the militia, was instrumental in saving the Dilbone children in 1813, from Indian raids at Simmon's blockhouse. Susanna Simmons married Moses Winans of Shelby Co., and was born in 1811. Taken from Heroes and Heroines of the Fort Dilbone Massacre, published, 1896.



Charles E. Wright, b 1878 in Bridges, Highland Co., OH, d 30 Dec 1949 at Highland Co., son of Joseph H. Wright (1854-1875) and Sarah Louisa McKinney,






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Ohio Continued:


A fifth cousin: b 23 Mar 1857 in Van Wert, OH, died in Highland Co. Sarah was the daughter of Alfred McKinney and Phoebe Davis, granddaughter of Obed. McKinney of Highland Co. and Sarah Louise Smith.


Alfred and Phoebe also had son Charles Allen, b 4 Jun 1854 in Bridges, who married in Greene Co., 1878, Elizabeth Lavina Johnson, daughter of Allen Johnson and Sarah Leverton. Charles Allen had dau Bertha Idella McKinney, b 9 Mar 1879 in Centerfield, Highland Co., who married Harry Barrett in 1900.





North Carolina Notes . . .


Guilford County Courthouse Marriage Notices:


W. R. McKinney, Victoria A. Rudd, 9 Nov 1898


Francis M. McKeney, son of Wesley, and Massey McKeney, nd


Gerard McKenney, Polly Love, 26 Jan 1822, Jno. McKinney and Jno. Hanner, witnesses


William A. McKenney, Mary I. McKenzie, 12 May 1855


F. M. McKinney, Martha Chisall, 27 Apr 1865


Thomas McKinney, Emaline Peters, 13 Aug 1862


George J. McKinny, Eliza Lancaster, 12 Jun 1839


John McKinny, Eliza McQuestion, 23 Jan 1833, by Isam Gullet


Sarah McKinzy, John McKinsey, 28 Apr 1820, Wm. Lackey, Wm. T. Shields


Harriet E. McKinny, Wm. E. W. Lee, 22 Jan 1850


Nancy W. McKinney, Benjamin Lee, 27 Oct 1852, by Isaac Lee


Nicholas Killingworth McKinney and ?, 11 Sep 1812


Martha McKinny, Henry Anthony, 24 Feb 1857


Jane McKinney, Robert E. Beeson, 9 Dec 1856


Sarah McKinney, Ashley Dwiggens, 30 Jun 1841


Nancy McKinney, Henry Harrison, 16 Dec 1817



Caswell County, Marriages:


Thomas W. McKiney, Judith Chandler, 2 Jan 1814


Brooks McKinney, Eliza Beth Sarten, 4 Feb 1843


D. W. McKinney, Elizabeth F. Rudd, 31 Oct 1860


Drury McKinney, Susannah Richardson, 19 Sep 1820


George C. McKinney, Emma C. Sartin, 22 Jan 1866


Henry McKenney, Manerva Sanders, 13 Oct 1829


Isaac McKinney, Bettie Carter, 25 Dec 1867 (son of Isaac and Amy McKinney)


James A. McKinney, Martha F. Stadler, 11 Jan 1854


Nathaniel McKinney, Rachel Hensley, 4 Jul 1833


Robert McKinney, Martha G. Alverson, 15 Jun, 1852, Wm. T. McKinney, Bond


William McKinney, Jane Pierson, 20 Feb 1820, Peter McKinney


William T. McKinney, Isabeth V. Reid, 15 Dec 1858


Mary McKinney, Wm. L. Alverson, 20 Jan 1863


Elizabeth McKinney, Azariah Denney, 26 Sep 1823, Thomas Pinson, Thomas Graves, Bond


Martha A. McKinney, Wm. H. Massey, 9 Jan 1844


Saray McKinney, Wm. W. Moore, 28 Oct 1826, Peter Mckinne, Leannah Haralson, witnesses


Elizabeth McKenney, Robert Payne, 14 Sep 1807, James Vaughn, Sr., A. Murphy


Millie D. McKinny, Franklin B. Page, 4 Aug 1859


Susan McKinny, J. C. Powell, 6 Nov 1866




When a society or a civilization perishes, one condition can always be found - - they forgot where they came from. Carl Sandburg






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LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01



LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01






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Pennsylvania Families, Great Bend



History of Susquehanna County, Stocker



John McKinney purchased the Honorius Preston farm and ran the mills, he also started a carding and cloth dressing works. His son, Comet McKinney, now owns the property (1891), but the grist mill no longer is in operation, and the saw mill does little work. Henry McKinney, another son, is a resident of Great Bend. The mills were located on Salt Lick Creek and were sold to McKinney by John Strong.



The Presbyterian Yard adjoins the Church at Hallstead, is not much used as a burial place. It is located within the village limits and contains the bodies of many of the early settlers, among them: Solomon Jones, Elijah Skinner, Hugh I. Benn, Joseph Hendrickson, Wright Chamberlain, William Buck, Freeman Snow, Thomas T. Gale, Ebenezer Brown, Henry Langley, James W. McIlwee, and John McKinney 1791-1856, George W. Stephens, Jeremiah Baker, Nancy Baker, Asa Bennett, Anna Bennett, Peter Decker, Rev. Samuel Chamberlain, John Scotten, John Gillespie, Jannet Hume (his wife), John Gillespie, Jahiel Dayton, Abraham Du Bois, his wife, Minna Du Bois, Elizabeth Scudder, Franklin Lusk, and Henry K. Niven.



John McKinney had been a successful merchant on the other side of the Susquehanna River for many years (1830), he built a store east of where the Susquehanna Valley House stands in 1848 and continued in business there until his death in 1856. His son Henry then took charge of the store, and after other stores had been built up west of the railroad tract, he moved his goods west of the tract and closed them out at auction in 1866. The Susquehanna Valley House is near the Erie Railroad tract and was built by William Dayton about 1851. John McKinney was a leading member of the Methodist congregation at Great Bend. W. B. McKinney was a member of this church after 1862.



Hallstead McKinney's mills were located at the Hallstead post office, when John McKinney lived here in 1821, the only house on main street, south of Minna Du Bois hotel. McKinney afterwards built what became a part of the Mansion House. This store was separate near the bridge.



Abraham Du Bois, a descendant of Jacque of NJ, made a fortune in the jeweler's trade in Philadelphia and became an extensive land owner in the northeastern part of the state. He sent his brother Minna to Great Bend. Minna had son, Abraham who in 1815 built the sawmill. In company with John McKinney, he built upon a picturesque and slightly hillock the present Presbyterian Church, and was always one of its most earnest and devout supporters. His grandson, Abraham, son of Joseph, married Abbie, the daughter of Henry McKinney, Esq. of Great Bend.


The death of John McKinney was reported in the Independent Republican, November, 1856. John McKinney died in the 66th year of his age after a long illness. A long time member of the Presbyterian Church.


The church was built at the personal expense of John McKinney and Abram Debois and they were allowed the privilege of selling slips to renumerate them for their expenditures. In the 1830 Federal Census, John McKinney was listed as having the following family:


1 male, 0-5

1 male, 5-10

1 male, 10-15

1 male, 15-20

1 male, 30-40

2 females, 0-5

1 female, 5-10

1 female, 15-20

2 females, 20-30

1 female, 30-40





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From other Federal Census records of 1850 – 1900, we find the following families:



John McKinney, Great Bend, wife Betsey age 48 and children, Comet age 23, and Sophia, age 19. John was 58 years old, a merchant, born in PA. His wife Betsey was born in NY and listed as 'insane'.


Henry McKinney, age 38, merchant, born NY, Jane L. age 22, born NY, and dau, unnamed, three months.


Catharine, age 57, b NY, William age 29, b NY, Eliza age 26, b NY (living with the Stephen Ackerman family)


John D. McKinney, age 28, miller, b PA, Rebecca, age 26, b PA, Melvin, age 3, and Lucy Jane, age 9 months.



Henry McKinney, 42, merchant, b NY, Jane L. 34, Benjamin 8 years, Cora, 4 years, Walter, 2 years, Margaret Lerman, domestic, age 18, b Ireland and William Yeir, age 22, store clerk.


Comet McKinney, 36, Mary, 31, James D., 8, Kate L., 5, Carno (?) 5/12, Betsey, 69, Sarah Wilker, domestic, 17.


John D. McKinney, 37, Rebecca, 39, Melvin, 14, Lucy J., 10, Ellen, 8, John O., 6, Charles I, 4, Betsey A., 1.



Comet McKinney, 46, Mary E., 41, Cate, 15, Florence, 10, Theodocia, 8, and Betsey, 70.



Comet McKinney, 55, Mary E., 51, Clarence R., 19, Theo S., 17.



Clarence R. McKinney, b Apr 1861, Lillie V., b Dec 1859, Comet, b Oct 1824.




Allegheny County McKinneys . . . History of Allegheny County, 1891



William McKinney:


About the year 1822 this pioneer emigrated to America from Co. Derry, Ireland and for a time resided in Pittsburgh, whence he removed to Braddock and purchased 200 acres originally the Frazier property. He married in Ireland and was the father of five children:








His land was divided between his two sons Robert and John at his death. Robert was born in 1812 and married Mary Dick, who died leaving him one child, W. J. McKinney. He afterward married Catherine Lannon and had five children:








William died July 14, 1887.



William McKinney Jr.:


Eldest son of John McKinney was born Nov 23, 1842 and lived with his father on the homestead. Married J. C. West, Mar 4, 1867, and had seven children three living:




Martha Elizabeth



John McKinney:


Eldest son of William McKinney was born Aug 1, 1802 in Co. Donegal Ireland, and came to America in 1810. John married Rebecca McGlinn of Albany, NY and had 3 sons and 4 daughters, only three daughters now living:


Mrs. William Curry of Lawrence Co

Mrs. L. C. Brinton of Beaver Co.

Mrs. Matlack of Braddock, PA.


John McKinney died Sep 25, 1887. His wife died Sep 23, 1872.



Robert McKinney:


Farmer, residing in Elizabeth, is a grandson of Matthew and Elizabeth Lard McKinney. His parents were James and Mary Jane Blee McKinney, and he was born May 7, 1825 in Forward Township.






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Robert married Nancy Marshall of OH and she died Dec 20, 1880 leaving four children:


Robert Marshall

James Wallace

Mary Jane (Mrs. Joseph Lytle)

Margaret Elizabeth (Mrs. James Gambol)


They belonged to the Presbyterian Church of Round Hill.



John McKinney:


A farmer in Elizabeth was a descendant of Matthew McKinney and his wife, Elizabeth Lard, who came to PA and settled on land now owned by Robert and John McKinney. They had six children:









James married Mary Wallace Blee of Co. Donegal, Ireland and raised a family of 8 children:


Elizabeth, b 1817, d 1873

Nancy, b 1820

Margaret, b Dec 21, 1820

Matthew, b 1822, d 1822

Anna, b 1823

Robert, b 1825

John, b 1826

Mary, b 1829, d 1856


Nancy married Peter Reasoner of New Concord, OH.


Anna married Solomon Speers and lives in Elizabeth. (?)


Anna lives in Reynoldsville, Jefferson Co. (?)


(One of the above listings for Anna possibly should be Margaret)


Mary married Lewis Snee and had one child, who lives with John McKinney at the old homestead.


Mathew McKinney, Sr. died Oct 22, 1809, and Elizabeth, his wife, died in 1778.


James McKinney, son of Matthew, died in 1863.


Mary McKinney, wife of James Wallace, died in 1873.




Venango County McKinneys . . History of Venago County, Pennsylvania, 1890



John McKinney:


A soldier in the Revolution, and emigrated from the north of Ireland, settling first in Chester Co., where he reared a family with his wife, Mary Llewellyn. From a DAR application paper dated 1966, he states that he was a volunteer in the Continental Army as a private, on the payroll of Capt. Andrew Lang, 1st Battalion of the rifle regiment, commanded by Daniel Broadhead. He enlisted 10 Apr 1776 and was quartered in camp near King's Bridge in the militia. The application paper names his children as:



Samuel (married Rachel McKinney)

Mary (Thomas Fulton)



Some of the archival material in LDS record states that he was the son of James Collin McKinney and Sarah Boone and adds additional children:






(Note: This material extracted from research done by member, Daphne Brownell)


The children of John McKinney and Mary Llewellyn that can be proven are:


1. Margaret McKinney, b 1785, d 31 Sep 1859, age 74-4-17, married John Fulton who d 2 May 1855, age 84. Their dates of death and ages are located on their headstones at Lick Run Presbyterian Church Cem., Jacksonville, Centre Co., PA.


2. Samuel McKinney, b 31 Oct 1786, d 20 Sep 1871, Salem City, Venango Co., PA. Married Rachel McKinney, dau of John McKinney and Elizabeth Dunn, (May 1799 – Mar 1895), Salem, Venango Co.


3. Susan, b 13 Apr 1790, d 6 Jul 1877, 87-2-23, buried in Advent Church Cemetery, Boggs, Centre Co., PA, unmarried. (She was living with the John Fulton family in the 1850 Census) Birth and death dates taken Mrs. Spengler's records, Bellefonte, Centre Co., PA)


The history of Venango Co. states that Samuel McKinney died in Cranberry Township in Chester Co. (born), Oct 31, 1786. His father was John, who emigrated from the north of Ireland and settled in Chester. Samuel enlisted for service in the War of 1812 and volunteered on board the American Squadron which Commodore Perry led to victory on Lake Erie, Sep 10, 1813. He was awarded a silver medal by the legislature of PA in 1819, which with the letter of Gov. William Findlay, is still preserved as a family heirloom. At that time, he was a resident of Nittanny Valley in Centre Co. where he farmed and operated a fully mill. In 1833 he removed to Cranberry Township and secured 200 acres of land near the village of Salem City. He died 20 Sep 1871. He married, in Centre Co., May 23, 1816 Rachel McKinney of Sunbury, PA. They were the parents of twelve children:





Margaret (Joseph Chambers)

Mary J. (Dr. Edwin Oppelt)







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Louisa (Benjamin McGee)


Samuel H.

Charles B.

Alvina Imelda (Andrew Gates)




1Samuel H. McKinney, county commissioner, was born Nov 2, 1835 in Cranberry, and taught school for several terms. He farmed and briefly produced oil. He was school director of Cranberry. He married Rebecca Ann, daughter of J. H. Borland in the Old Cumberland Presbyterian Church, of which he was an elder. They had four sons and eleven daughters. (Unnamed)


A sworn affidavit, recording the ancestors and some of the descendants of Rachel McKinney, wife of Samuel McKinney, Sr. states that she was born in Northumberland Co., PA, May, 1799. Her father John McKinney was a colonel in the state militia at the time of her birth, and her mother, Elizabeth Dunn, was the daughter of Wm. Dunn, a general in the War of the Revolution. She stated that although she and her husband Samuel were of Irish ancestry, they were not known to have been related. She names her children as:


Rebecca Elizabeth

John Quincy

Mary Jane

Isaac Newton

Margaret Ann

Maria Louisa

Frances McKeda

Samuel Hudson

Charles Bruce

Rachel Albina



Henry Clay


Rachel McKinney signed the affidavit, 22 Apr, 1893.



James Curtis McKinney:


Younger brother of J. L. McKinney engaged with the engineer corps of the PA R.R. in 1861 at the age of 17 to survey lines southward from Garland on the PA and Erie R.R. The survey ending in Franklin, Venango Co. in 1863, he left the corps and started a lumber yard in Oil City. Hs father was a lumberman at Pittsfield, Warren Co. In 1868, he married Agnes E. Moore. He drilled his first oil well at Foster in 1865, and in company with C. D. Angell, he drilled on Scrubgrass Island and at Pleansantville in 1868 with his brother, John L. McKinney. He settled at Parkers Landing in 1870 and resided in Millerstown, Soon after, he removed to Titusville, Crawford Co., buying and remodeling the Windsor mansion, which became one of the finest residences in the oil region. He assisted in managing the South Penn Oil Company to which the McKinney brothers disposed of their interests in OH and PA. James Curtis McKinney died in Titusville, Dec 6, 1924. He had been taking a very keen interest in the opening of the new highway which bears his name, and had been spending business hours in his offices at the Titusville Trust Company. He was the son of James and Lydia Drury (Turner) McKinney and was born at Pittsfield, Warren Co., Nov 25, 1844. His grandfather, John McKinney came from Belfast, Ireland to Philadelphia in 1791, and a few years later, located at Lancaster. John McKinney married Rebecca Arthur, a dau of General Arthur. He was educated at the Waterford Academy in Erie Co. Mr. McKinney owned the Titusville Trust Company, a director of the Commercial Bank, and a director and vice president of the Second National Bank. He raised horses at his home, Terrace Farms, some of the finest percheron coach horses in the country were raised at Terrace Farms. James Curtis had three children:


Charlotte (Elliott H. Holbrook)

Louis K.

Thomas J. of Tulsa, OK


He also had three brothers:


John L. McKinney of Titusville and NY

Henry R. of Bradford

George R. of Bradford


Note: In 1939, the McKinney mansion at Terrace Place, one of the last vestiges of the oil region's golden era, was razed. It had not been occupied since the death of Mrs. McKinney in 1932, although it was completely furnished. The house contained 17 rooms and 6 bathrooms.




Miscellaneous Bits and Pieces of Pennsylvania Information . .

Beulah Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Bullock's Pens (Pitts Township Church), of the Redstone Presbytery:


John McKinney, 1846-1871, buried with Samuel McKinney, Section 6

Mary McKinney, wife of Samuel, 1806-1890







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Rebecca McKinney, 1803-1887, buried near Samuel

Samuel McKinney, 1803-1876

Samuel McKinney, 1841-1874

William McKinney, 1801-1880

William McKinney, 1843-1868


Viola McKenny, married Samuel S. McKenny, 14 Dec 1874, Warren, PA


Goshen Baptist Church, 1790 Members (Washington and Greene Counties) – Robert McKenney, Esther McKinney


Sadie McKinney of Darlington, PA, married Henry C. Elge of East Pelstine (Palestine), OH, 4 Sep 1869, by Rev. J. Imbrie of Wampum, PA


Mrs. Elizabeth Welty, wife of Henry Welty, Jr., daughter of Alexander M'Kinney, died in Greensburg, PA, Dec 30, 1825


Marriages, 1st Presbyterian Church, Carlisle:

1793, Nov 28, Jean McKinney, John Wills

1795, Jun 17, Mordecai McKinney, Polly Chambers

1801, Nov 5, Nancy McKinney, Mathew Thompson

1791, Mar 22, Polley McKinney, James Read Hodge

1802, Nov 23, Samuel McKinney, Eleanor Irvine


Marriages, Paxton and Derry Churches:

1795, Jun 4, Nancy McKinney, Michael Elder


Wyoming Valley Contestants – lists of the men shut up in the Garrison at Wyoming Valley Aug 1784, William McKinney


Pine Creek Baptist Church – L. D. and Sarah McKinney, baptized 1853, children of John J. McKinney and Mary Canaan


First Reformed Church, Lancaster, PA, No. 243, Henry McKinney, married Catherine Winter, 2 Sep 1849, witness, Mrs. Romler


Jane Vandeventer, wife of Sylvanius McKinney, baptized 13 Sep 1818 at North and Southampton DRC, (also called Neshaminy Church), had twins baptized 13 Sep 1818, Cornelius and Maria.


Robert M'Kinney located in Tyrone Twp., Bedford Co. as an early pioneer ca 1783


1808 settlers, Brokenstraw Twp., Warren Co., John McKinney, a native of Ireland, who settled there in the summer of 1795. Michael McKinney settled in 1808 at Conewango Twp., was from Western PA.


Roderick McKinney, Allegheny court docket, Winter term, 1793, vs. George Adams


Beaver Co., Robert McKinney d Sep 1843, born near Sissan Co., Tyrone, came to the U.S. in 1816, moved to Union Meeting House, d at age 70, a brother of the Rev. James McKinney


Margaret McKinney, age 93, d 4 Jan 1861, a member of the Union Congregation, Beaver


Direct tax, state of PA, 1798, Moon Township, Alleg. Co., George McKenny


Revolutionary War soldiers buried in Lebanon Presbyterian Church graveyard, West Mifflin Township, Alleg., Co., all church members:

Hezekiah Douthitt, 1767-1847

James McKinney, 1743-1835

John McKinney, 1741-1833


McKinney families listed in Centre Co. records: Henry McKinnie arrived in PA 1720, settled along the Swatara River, Derry Twp., Dauphin Co., a settlement of Derry Church founded in 1722 of which John Elder became minister. The Harrises and Bellefonte and Dunlops first settled here.


William McKinnie and son were killed Apr 2, 1757 by Indians near the Chambers Fort.


David McKinney settled on 300 acres of land purchased from the Indians, clearly marked on the map of 1784, lies on land two miles below the junction of Bald Eagle Creek and the Susquehanna River at Lock Haven.


John McKinney located on the assessment list of Potter Twp., 1792, then Mifflin Co.






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Isaac McKinney, on assessment list of Potter Twp., Centre Co., 1793


John McKinney, assessment list, Pine Creek Twp., 1786, 150 acres. This is now Clinton Co., below Lock Haven


John McKinney, on tax list of Miles Twp., cut from Haines, 1797


Isaac McKinney, listed on assessment with 20 acres of cleared land, 1791, Marion Twp., had first store in Jacksonville. Children were:


David, b 1795

John, b 1797


David was a doctor of divinity, John was a minister of the gospel.


Samuel McKinney had a fulling mill in Walker Twp. After 1800 he served in the War of 1812.


David McKinney, b Jul 23, 1813, d May 11, 1887, married Hannah Gray who was b Aug 23, 1815, d May 8, 1880



Butler County Marriages:


Thompson McKinney, Rebecca Magee, 1800

Jane McKinney, Mr. McGee, she b 1798 at Sunbury, PA, nd



Records of St. Johns Lutheran Church, McCandless Twp., Alleg., Co., PA, infant Baptisms:


Edward Everett McKinney, b 22 Sep 1874, Pine Twp., son of Louis and Sarah

Hattie Mae McKinney, b 2 Jan 1881, pine Twp

Mary Agnes McKinney, b 44 Sep 1878, Franklin Twp

Olive Matilda McKinney, b 4 Aug 1876, Franklin Twp

Stella May McKinney, 12 Jun 1888, Franklin Twp., dau of Henderson and Sarah McKinney

L. D. McKinney, b 1853, Pine Creek, confirmed, 2 Mar 1879

Sarah Ann McKinney, b 7 Mar 1854, Pine Creek, dau of John J. McKinney and Mary Canaan, confirmed


Dauphin Co. Oaths of Allegiance 1777:


Henry McKinney

John McKinney

Matthew McKinney


Catholic Cemetery, Alleg. Co.:


Robert B. McKinney, 1852-1936

Florence V. McKinney, 1855-1948


Northumberland Co., records:


David McKinney located at Sunbury in the Spring of 1772. He was formerly a resident of NJ and VA, he established a distillery. Father of:












Lancaster land office, copies of submission (from Connecticut), release from David McKinney, part of the Sunbury Manor purchase.


Biographical History of York County, John Gibson, Editor:

Franklin G. McKinney, proprietor of the Franklin Hotel on York Street, Hanover, was born in Adams Co. in 1842, and is a son of John and Barbara (Wills) McKinney of Ireland and Germany, respectively, brought up on a farm he received a common school education, and at the age of 19 he began the trade of blacksmith which he followed eight years in Hanover, to which place he came in 1855. In 1876 he became a brakeman and afterward, conductor on the Baltimore and Hanover Railroad. In 1881, he bought and took charge of the Franklin Hotel, and married in 1861, Miss Lydia Low. They have three children, Annie, Martha and William, members of the Catholic Church.


Daniel M'Kenney (McKenney), age 30, born in Scotland, laborer, from PA, raised to fight in Canada 1746-1747, enlisted at Albany, New York in Captain John Deimer's Company


Hopewell, Lancaster Co.:


Joseph McKinney, a Cumberland Co. Revolutionary soldier, will was probated in 1785 names children as:

Thomas, the eldest


Samuel (d 1785, had wife, Elizabeth)


Mary (John Macon)



Andrew (died in Revolution, unmarried)

Agnes (William McCord)

William (wife, Elizabeth)


Unnamed grandchildren including three named





Andrew McCord

John Campbell (son in law)


Children of William and Elizabeth:











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Ahnentafels - Marjorie J. Davis, continued from p90, Fall, 1986



73        Mabel Todd, b 1738 New Haven, d 1783, North Haven, Ct

74        John Lewis, b 29 May 1731, Barnstable, MA, mar and d, CT

75        Rachel Dodge, b ca 1735, Montville, CT, d New Haven

76-77   Burnam

78        Timothy Tuttle, b East Haven, CT, mar 1748

79        Anna Washburn

80        Rufus Collins, b 1726 Dighton, MA, d 1790 Columbia (Lebanon), CT

81        Hannah Clark, b 1726, d 1811, Columbia, CT

82        Capt. Solomon Dewey, b 1750 Columbia, CT, d 1813, Leverett, MA

83        Christiana Cone, b 1755, d Amherst, MA (?)

84        Philip Potter, b 1749 Scituate, RI, d prob 1783, Sterling, CT

85        Phebe Briggs

88        Deacon Daniel Root, b 1746, d 1826, Franklin, NY

89        Mindwell Root (1st cousins), b 1748

90        Randall Shattuck, b 1748 East Hampton, Ct, d 1804, Middletown, CT

91        Comfort Tyler, d 1834 Smithville, NY

92        Reuben Sumner, b 1727, Hebron, CT, d 1807, Nebron

93        Elizabeth Mack, b 1734, d 1805, Hebron, CT

94        Thomas Tarbox, b 1726, d 1754, Hebron, CT

95        Deborah Skinner, b 1735, Colchester, Ct, d Hebron

116      William Barker, b 1760, Dracut, MA, mar 1783, Andover, MA, d Greene, Maine

117      Annia (Anna) Austin, b 1770, Andover, d 1801, Green, Lewiston, ME

128      John Davis, IV, b Easthampton, LI, NY, mar 1721, to New London, CT, 1718

129      Susan Biggs, b LI, d 1724, New London, CT

130      Samuel Strickland of New London, CT

131      Elizabeth Williams, b 1691, Roxbury, MA, d 1753, New London, CT

132      Benjamin Lillibridge, Newport, RI, mar 1743

133      Amy Sherman

134      Robert Moore of Richard, RI

136      Deacon William Lyon, Woodstock, CT, mar 1714

137      Martha Morris, 1674-1754

138      Ephraim Child of Woodstock, CT

140      James Corbin, 1655-1736, Woodstock, Ct

141      Hannah Eastman

142      Ichabod Davis, b 1 Apr 1676, Roxbury, MA, d 16 Mar 1754

143      Bethia Hopkins (Pepper ?), Roxbury

144      Joseph Mansfield, III, b 1708, New Haven, mar 1732, d 1762, NH

145      Phoebe Bassett, b 1713, New Haven, d New Haven

146      Gersom Todd, New Haven, 1695-1748

147      Hannah Mansfield, 1708-1772, New Haven

148      John Lewis, b 28 Apr 1700, Barnstable, MA, mar 1726, Harwich, d aft 1743, CT

149      Mercy (Mary) Hopkins, b 17 Apr 1703, Harwich, MA, d 1763, Scotland, CT

150      Israel Dodge, New London, CT

156      Noah Tuttle, 1694- mar 1720, East haven, CT

157      Rachel Hoadley, 1707-1749




This ahnentafel is extensive, and room does not permit printing the complete manuscript. However, Mrs. Davis has furnished the complete table to 1326-27, and also included some lines through numbers 163840. Included are many English lines and several extensive Mayflower passenger lines. The Editor will be happy to send the complete ahnentafel to those who are interested. The Mayflower lines include 'Mary and John' passenger, William Shattuck; John Howland, Elizabeth Tilley, Stephen Hopkins, Elder William Brewster and others.







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Ahnentafel, corrections to - Patricia Kirkwood, Fall, 1984



Ten years of research and diligent letter-writing, have resulted in finally identifying a Green family line that has been a complete puzzle. Therefore, please change my ahnentafel thusly:


Benjamin Greene 1729-1752 and Mehitable Tripp to:

Amos Green 1729- , wife Lydia ?


And continuing generations:


Henry Green 1672-1741 of Malden, Massachusetts, removed to Killingly, CT

Wife, Hannah Flagg 1675- of Gershom Flagg and Hannah Leffingwell


Henry Gree of Malden, Mass and wife, Esther Hasse (Hussey ?)


Thomas Green, 1606-1667 Leicester, England to Ipswich, MA

Elizabeth ?



There has been a continuing controversy regarding the identity of Henry Green, b 1747 and wife, Sarah Sherwood. Receipt of his original Revolutionary War pension papers has finally identified him as the son of Amos Green and wife, Lydia. Amos was born in Killingly, CT, as was Henry. His father (Amos) was Lt. Henry Green who removed to Killingly after selling his Massachusetts land to his brothers. Pension papers were witnessed by Amos Green off Thompson, Ct, a nephew of Henry's. After re-checking Church Records of Killingly, Larned, and Thomas Green of Malden by Samuel Green, against the witnesses and descriptions given in the pension papers, it became abundantly clear that Henry Green 1757-1848 was the son of Amos Green off Malden lineage, and not the son of Benjamin Greene and Mehitable Tripp of Rhode Island. A simple solution to a problem that seemed insoluble! Since Henry's Revolutionary papers had been in my research files for some time, it had not occurred to me to request his pension papers until recently proving the point, that if you can't define the problem, you can't find the solution! Something that a very wise and learned researcher reminded me of, often!




Questions, Questions, Questions . . . .





In 1790 Census, Edmund McKinney was located in Lancaster, SC, nearby a family of Knight/Night. Patsey McKinney mar James Knight, Christian Co., KY, 1824. Andrew McKennie was given a grant by Gov. Glen of SC, 9 Feb 1755 on Bear Branch, in 1783 a trans of adj land was recorded. In 1796 Edmund McKenny and Elizabeth sold land on Lick Creek adj to land granted to widow McKinney. Andrew died between 1783 and 1796. Was Edmund Andrew's son? Edmund's ch were Archibald, Furgerson, Middleton, Joseph and Patsey (Martha). Will exc data.

William E. Benson, 4024 Montwood Lane, Dallas, TX 75229






Seeking info, Henry McKinney/McKinnie, d 1776, Burke Co., NC. His pts, his wife – leaving 4 orphans, Sarah, Eleanor, Charles and Henry, to be raised by James and Elizabeth (McDowell) McKinney.

Grace McKinney Longmire, Rt 3, Box 44, Chandler, NC 28715






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Seeking info, anc of John McKinney. Was his mother Betsey White? Betsey dau of Henry White, both of Manchester/Vernon, CT. Need John's father, sibs. John McKinney b 1812, Manchester, CT, mar Margaret Sarah Sherman, prob lived Woodbury, CT. Issue: Henry Sherman McKinney, Amelia White McKinney.

Ruth/Richard Risley McKinney, 18 Captain Besse Rd., South Yarmouth, MA 02664





Seeking info on James Robert McKinney, b Mar 24, 1894, Mercer Co., KY. Mar Pearl Lee Dickey, Nov 4, 1914 in Louisville, KY. Also lived Woodford Co. and Frankfort. Issue: Sylvester, Wallace, James Bennett, Alexander, Dorothy B. James' father, Frank McKinney, mother was Annie Dedman 1872 – 1948. Any info appreciated.

Jewel M. Begley, 1886 Marlboro Dr., Lexington, KY 40505




Seeking info, Joseph McKinney b 1760, or 1770, d by 1846 in Fayette Co., IL., wife, Nanch ?. Also lived St. Clair Co., IL. Issue possibly Daniel, Elizabeth Anna, John, Jeremiah, Stephen, Moses, Edward, Sally, Joseph, Eli, James.

Roselyn Jane Wallis, 329 S. Douglas, Springfield, IL 62704






Seeking info, Eliza Ann McKenny, mar Simeon Washington Conger, prob. GA or AL, ca 1852. Eliza's father father prob William McKenny and mother, Adaline Richards.

Constance Money, 110 North Pine, Susanville, CA 96130


Note: Constance is the daughter of long time member Beulah Conger Frehner, who died October 25, 1985, and is seeking information to add to her mother's information.






Seeking information on the McKinneys who married into Hagan and Bryant families, especially in Coosa Co., AL, early 1800's, especially Harris McKinney, Jr. and Sr. and descendants. Writing a genealogy on the Hagan and Bryant families and would appreciate any assistance.

Tom Hagan, President, Hagan Historical Society, PO Box 12346, North Kansas City, MO 64116




Calvert McKinney of West Virginia

By Arlene Sparks, 101 E. Main, California, MO 65018


Calvert McKinney was born Mar 31, 1836, migrated from WVA to Mercer Co., MO in 1855. He married Elizabeth Sarah Butts on Dec 14, 1856 in Mercer Co., MO. Elizabeth was born in Ellensboro, IL, May 26, 1837. At age 4, parents moved to Bloomfield, Davis Co., IA and from there to Mercer Co., MO. Calvert and Elizabeth had issue:


Byron Henry McKinney, Apr 11, 1857

Jane McKinney Caldwell, 1859

Ida Easter McKinney, 1860, dy

Rosella Alice McKinney, dy


At this time, the Civil War broke out and Calvert was called to service in the Union Army in WVA at Hebron. They returned to Mercer Co., MO in 1865 and had issue:





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Emma McKinney Caldwell, 1866, removed to OK

Eber McKinney, 1868

Clara Ellen McKinney Tetarick, 1870

Caina McKinney Brown, 1871, mar Solomon Brown

Julia Elizabeth McKinney, Cartwright

Nettie McKinney Cornett, 1875, removed to IA, mar Charles Cornett

Warren C. McKinney, 1877


Calvert died in Mercer Co., MO, Jun 9, 1877 of a disease contracted in service during the war. He was 41 yrs, 3 mos at the time of his death. Warren was born posthumously. Elizabeth died Jul 11, 1913.


Byron Henry McKinney married Mary Salina Ragan, Jan 18, 1880 at Lineville, MO. Mary was b Dec 25, 1859. Issue:


Carl M. McKinney, b Nov 13, 1880, mar Anna Elsey

Hattie S. McKinney, b Jun 26, 1883, mar Tom Forsythe

Bessie J. McKinney, b Oct 5, 1884, mar Roy Chapman

Orville W. McKinney, b Jan 6, 1886, d Nov 12, 1909, Lewiston, ID

Everett E. McKinney, b Sep 22, 1887, mar Edna Melton

Carrie E. McKinney, b Nov 14, 1889, mar John Elsey

Eddie W. McKinney b 24 Oct 1891, unmarried

Son, b-d, Jun 3, 1894

Ray C. McKinney, b Jul 7, 1895, mar Fanny Moore Jones

Flora Alma McKinney, b Oct 2, 1897, mar Arthur Johnson

Oral C. McKinney, b 27 Aug 1899, mar Goldie Peters

Ivan W. McKinney, b Jan 14, 1905, mar Fay Smith


Old mother Morris, George McKinney's mother in law was buried in the old Sigly Cemetery near Blacksrun, Ritchie Co., WVA. Byron taught school at Crafton (Taylor Co).


Calvert Morris McKinney was the son of George W. McKinney 1802 – 1881 of Ritchie Co., VA and Amelia Morris 1808 – 1847. George W. was the son of Thomas McKinney 1772 – 1856 and Frances Leah Gallaher of Loudon Co., VA. Thomas McKinney was the son of George McKinney and Mary James.


Thomas McKinney married secondly, Catherine Hoff. Issue of his two marriages:


William J. McKinney b ca 1800, mar Ann Radcliff, Harrison, VA

George Washington McKinney b 24 Nov 1802, mar Amelia Morris, Ritchie Co., WVA

(2)       Thomas McKinney, mar ? Robinson

Joseph McKinney, mar ? Mowery

Luther McKinney, mar ? Robinson

Amanda McKinney b ca 1817, Mar Jonathan Jenkens

Emely McKinney, mar ? Owen

Elizabeth McKinney, mar ? Owen

Elizabeth McKinney, mar Abe Smith

Catherine McKinney, never married




Miscellaneous Bits and Pieces



OH Marriages:         Marriages recorded at the Ross Co. Courthouse


P17, Mary McKinney, Alexander Beck, 28 Nov 1804





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P180, Margaret McKinney, Solomon Ross, 9 Nov 1817

P301, James McKinney, Mary Blue, 15 Dec 1816

P245, James McKinney, Elizabeth Ream, 12 Apr 1831

31 May 1816, William McKinney, Polly Thurman

15 Dec 1816, William McKinney, divorce from Mary Pinson

Ch 3 yrs of age, married 2 ½ years

23 Dec 1830, William McKinney, Rebecca Brown, p357, Book B



Early Settlers in Trenton and Ewing, (NJ)


Elijah B. Green, b 1782, son of Benjamin, d 1828, age 46. Wife, Mary, dau of Wm. Anthony had issue, Anthony b ca 1805, who married Elizabeth McKinney


Wills, administrations and marriages of Fauquier Co., VA – John McKenney p32 (J. Estelle Stewart King), will, 24 Jan 1795, probated 22 Jun 1795. To son John, to have 200 acres of land, cattle, sheep, household goods. To son Francis, 1 shilling. Wife, Mary, 1 shilling. Daughters, Mary (Cain), Elizabeth McKenney, Alice McKenney, to have 1 shilling each. Granddaughter, Susannah McKenney (dau of John), to have 1 slave. Exr., son John. Witnesses, Nimrod Utterback, Ezekiel Davis, David Evan, Daniel Carter.


Mercer Co., KY records: Charles McKinney, will book 2 p61, names son Charles of Charlotte Co., VA. Sons, William, Josiah and Abraham. Dau Elizabeth Lawrence, Judith Lawrence. Son, Thomas, Rane, Peter and James, under age. Son, Daniel Fuquay, under age. Son, Abraham. Exec's., James Speed and sons, Rane and James McKinney, written 1795. Witnesses, John Hopkins, Mathers Speed, Wm. Walker and Henry Speed. Proved May Court, 1798.


Green Co., TN: Samuel McKenney, 27 Apr 1835, $200. To wife, Polly 1/3 ½ personal property, land willed to me by my father on waters of Caney Branch. Six children, Susan, Lane, Alexander, Nancy, Elizabeth and Barnabas to receive the rest. Executors, Alexander McKenney, James Woods. Will dated Apr 6, 1835. Witnesses, Samuel Jackson, X McKenney, Hiram Gable, Hugh Stuart.


Andrew MacKennie, indentured, sent to East NJ from Scotland, Nov 1684, by David Mudie


William McKinney/McKinny/McKenney: Pay account of the US with William McKinney, private, waggoner, from 15 Jun 1779 to 15 Jun 1781. Deposition of William (X) McKinney dated 8 Aug 1792, Orange Co., NC, 'that he did enlist into the Continental line of this State for the term of two years commencing in the month of Jun and in the Year 1779, and on the 25th Jun 1781, he obtained his discharge from Col. Nicholas Long . . . ' Wit: Wiliam (William ?) Courtney, JP


Affidavit of Nicholas Long, Sr. before Chas. Pasteur on 27 Jul 1792, that William McKinnie served some time with him as a waggoner he being then a Soldier on the Continental establishment whilst he acted as deputy Quarter Master General of the Southern Department. The subscriber Wm McKennie the within mentioned waggoner, says he started from Tarboro to Kingston and from thence to Cross Creek. I remember it was the Year of Gen. Ashs defeat at Briar Creek for there he joined the Aarmey and served till some time after the Battle of Guilford, but the date he remembered not . . signed, Wm. McKennie.


Deposition of Benjamin Johnston and Thomas Hays before Charles Eaton JP, 6 Aug 1792, Granville Co., NC, that in Jun 79 they were listed in the service and they saw William McKinne then in the service.


Note: Wife of Nicholas Long was Mary McKinney – relationship?




North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, Nov 86


Robert McKinnie, request addressed to Mr. Robert Lanier, dated 23 May 1781 to 'pay the bearer hereof Mr. David Kerr by bounty', wit, Wal. Braley. As above.


Randolph Co., GA records:


George W. McKinney, Lucinda Harris, Jan 7, 1851

Cable McKinney, Nancy Gay, Dec 1, 1849

Martha McKinney, Henry Dixon, Aug 16, 1854





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Mary McKinny, Moses Lindsay, Nov 26, 1854

Elizabeth J. McKinny, Jesse D. W. Wadsworth, Oct 12, 1854

Sarah Ann McKinney, Terry Davis, Mar 13, 1856




Library News and Reviews


First, we are announcing a new librarian, Barbara Pannage-Stanfield, and the library materials will be housed at her home, 6201 Lansbrook Lane, Oklahoma City, OK 73132. Please do not forget that when ordering books from our library, we expect reimbursement for mailing chares and for the mailer/carton. Our library must be self-supporting so that we will be able to add materials whenever possible. A copy for our Library Rules will be sent along with each shipment, just to remind members.


Secondly, this reviewer feels somewhat justified in a recent review of a new book on Haywood County North Carolina families. The publisher, Laird C. Towle, of Heritage Books in Maryland, has recalled all copies of the work at his expense, due to the numerous complaints and noted errors in materials.


Following the review of a new book in our library, you will find a listing of the volumes contained in our collection as of Sep 1986.



Annals of Staten Island, J. J. Clute, Heart of the Lakes Publishing Company, 1986 (Repr 1877), hard cover, $27.00, new index, 464pp, illustrations.


History of Staten Island, early settlers, biographical notes of the more prominent settlers including civil lists, extracts from old records, anecdotes, government, villages, noted localities, hospitals, churches, biographies of Nicholas Garrison, Abraham Jones, David Mersereau, Nathan Barrett, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Daniel D. Tompkins, Samuel Russell Smith, industries, and old families. Those families described as early residents of the Island were: Alston, Androvette, Barnes, Cannon, Blake, Bodine, Bogart, Braisted, Britton, Burbank, Burgher, Bush, Butler, Cannon, Christopher, Cole, Dob, Colon, Conner, Corsen, Cortelyou, Crips, Crocheron, Cruser, Cubberly, Decker, DeGroot, DeHart, Depuy, Disoway, Dubois, Dustan, Eddy, Egbert, Enyard, Fountain, Frost, Garrison, Guyon, hatfield, Haughawout, Hillyer, Holmes, Housman, Jacobson, Johnson, Jones, Journeay, Laforge, Lake, Larzelere, Latourette, Lisk, Lockman, Martling, Martino, Merrill, Mersereau, Metcalf, Morgan, Perine, Poillon, Post, Prall, Ryerss, Sequine, Sharrott, Simonson, Stillwell, Sprague, Taylor, Totten, VanBuskirk, Vanderbilt, VanName, VanPelt, Wandel, Winant, Woglom, Wood. An invaluable aid for early Staten Island research, highly recommended.



McKinney Family Association Library, Sep 1986



Newsletter, Jul 1984 – Oct 1985



Pioneer Families of Northwestern New Jersey


Barber, J. W.

Historical Collections of the State of New Jersey


Beck, Henry C.

The Roads of Home, Lanes and Legends of New Jersey


Boone Family

Boone's Sierra Echoes, Oct 1984, Jul 1985


Bremer, Ronald

Compendium of Historical Sources


Chalkley, Lyman

Chronicles of the Scotch Irish Settlement of Virginia, 3 Volumes


Chambers, T. F.

The Early Germans of New Jersey


Cochran, West

1860 Census, Ritchie County, West Virginia


Cook, Alice R.

Haywood County, North Carolina Families – To be returned to publisher


Crozier, Isabel

William Fee McKinney and His Family of Sentry Hill (Northern Ireland)


Crumrine, Boyd

Virginia Court Records in Southwestern Pennsylvania


Dally, Rev. Joseph W.

Vital Records of Woodbridge, New Jersey





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D'Autrechy, P.

Some Records of Old Hunterdon County, 1701 – 1838, New Jersey


Dobson, David

Directory of Scotts Banished to the American Plantations, 1650 – 1775


Dunaway, W. F.

The Scotch Irish of Colonial Pennsylvania


Flavell, Carol

Wood County Ohio Genealogical Guide


Garver, Louis

The Descendants of Collin and Daniel McKinney (2)


Gee, Mildred

Daniel McKinnish of North Carolina Descendants


Grammer, N.R., M. Mullins

Marriage Records of Washington Co., TN 1787 – 1840


Greenlaw, L.

The Genealogical Advertiser, 1900, 4 Vol.


Grimble, Ian

Scottish Clans and Tartans


Hanna, Charles

The Scotch Irish, 2 Vols.


Harper E.

Charles McKinney and Related Families


Hathaway, J. R.

The North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register, 3 Vol.


Hayden, Rev. H.

Virginia Genealogies – The Glassell Family


Hurst, E. L.

Hurst Genealogical Exchange, July, 1983



Greene County KY Review, Apr 1980



KYOWVA Quarterly and Surname Listing, 1982, 1983


Learney, T. I.

The Tartans of the Clans and Families of Scotland


Mackinnon, C. R.

The Clan Mackinnon, A Short History


McGhan, J.

Virginia Vital Records


McKinney, E.

Five Generations of Henry McKinney's Descendants in Texas Co., MO


McKinney, N. T., N. B.

Alexander McKinney of South Carolina – A Partial Listing of Descendants


Milner, A.

Newspaper Indexes, A Location and Subject Guide


Morrison, J.

Scots on the Dijk, Story of the Scots Church of Rotterdam (Holland)



National Genealogical Inquirer, Alabama Issue, Summer, 1978


Nelson, W.

Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey, Marriage Records, 1665 – 1800


New Jersey

New Jersey Genesis, 1960 – 1967


New Jersey

Somerset County Genealogical Quarterly, 1983 – 1986


N. W. Arkansas

Cemeteries of Washington County, Arkansas


O'Callaghan, F.

Lists of Inhabitants of Colonial New York


Olson, Adolf

A Centenary History of the Swedish Baptist Church


Parsons, M.

McKinney Kith and Kin, Newsletters, 1962


Pencola. G. T.

Limestone Co., AL, 1860 Federal Census


Petty, G. R.

Some Descendants of Mordecai McKinney


Phillips, W. L.

Washington Co., Northwest Territory, Court of Common Pleas, 1795 – 1803


Powell, E. W.

Ohio, The Cross Road of our National, A Quarterly, 1969


Powell, Wm. S.

The North Carolina Gazetteer, A Dictionary of Tar Heel Places


Rubincam, M.

Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families


Rutherford, K.

Genealogical History of Our Ancestors (Photocopy, McKinneys)


Sayford, Nancy M.

The Family McKinney



The Sebring Family in the Netherlands


Seversmith, H.

Long Island Genealogical Source Materials


Sherwood, G.

American Colonists in English Records


Sims, C. S.

The Origin and Signification of Scottish Surnames


Smith, H. G.

The History of the Old Scots Church of Freehold, East Jersey, 1685 – 1732


Smoky Valley

Tree Climber, Salina, KS, Newsletter


Stebbings, S.

Blatchley Physicians and Pioneers, Descendants of Thomas Blatchley, 1635 – 1929


Stewart, Frank

Gloucester County NJ in the Civil War


Stillwell, J. E.

Historical and Genealogical Miscellany of NY and NJ, 3 Vols.


Surry Co.

The Heritage of Surry County, North Carolina


Towle, Laird C.

Genealogical Periodical Annual Index, 1984


Wardell, P. G.

Timesaving Aid, Virginia – West Virginia Ancestors, Index of Surnames from Published Sources





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Wheeler, W. O, E. Halsey

Inscriptions on the Tombstones and Monuments in the Graveyards at Wippany and Hanover, Morris County, New Jersey


Wood, L. F.

Michaell Makquiny of Virginia and His Sons, John and Barnabas McKinne


Worrell, A. L.

Over the Mountain Men, Early Court Records on Southwest Virginia


Yantis, Nellie

Genealogical and Local History Books in Print, 1985


Yates, William

The Ridgerunner, a Southern Genealogical Quarterly, Vol. 1 – 15


Yates, Wm.

1776, Genealogical Quarterly, 1st issue through current




Genealogical News and Notes



Change of Address: Lois Garver, to 1010 Emerald Isle, Apt. 353, Dallas, TX 75218


Nancy M. Sayford, the author of the fine book on Daniel and Collin McKinney, is now working on a new book, The Latimer Legacy, as a matter of fact, they are almost sold out. She plans to revise some of the McKinney material this year. We look forward to it.


Kenneth Rutherford, our member and author of Genealogical History of Our Ancestors, as well as many others, has notified us of an error in the above volume . . check the listings for Archibald McKinney, and you will find that he is repeated, in two listings (this reader had not noticed it). Corrections will be forthcoming in our next issue.


A notice from the Western Pennsylvania Genealogy Society is of much interest – not especially pertaining to our McKinney family searches, but to all genealogists: 'As most of you know, all of the treasurers of the Allegheny County Courthouse are not available and many may never be seen again. Everyone from State officials to genealogists have tried to persuade the county to properly store the research material now on the sixth floor of the old Courthouse, and yet the only thing done is the further destruction of old and valuable records. As mentioned in last month's JOTS, Cappy Ascheim, a Pittsburgh historian, saw a large stack of court docket books sitting outside the courthouse. After two days and watching other people help themselves to books, and after being told by a guard that these books were to be thrown out, Cappy took two books as a protest for the county's carelessness. He was arrested and succeeded in publicizing this lack of preservation on television and in the newspapers. Once he had made his case public, he did return the books to a judge, and the Commonwealth did drop all charges without prejudice and will pay court costs. Now, all genealogists and historians need to continue this protest of the County's scandalous system of records mismanagement. Although many of our letters have not made any difference so far, we urge any of you who had problems to continue to write to the commissioners of Allegheny County to state your disapproval. Pressure from the Commonwealth and from the public, particularly out of state, may finally move them.'


Note: How about a few letters, members? Have you ever gotten any genealogical help from this County – they are impossible. Not only that, at the same time the commissioners were pleading no funds for preservation, they managed a 15% pay raise for themselves. Sound familiar?


A large 'thank you' to Dorothy P. Gross who has donated Historic Homes and Old Buildings of Lincoln County, Kentucky by Shirley Dunn. Thank you Dorothy, I will be interested in borrowing it from our library collection.


New Member, Dorothy P. Gross, lives near the Federal Records Center in Seattle, Washington, and would not mind doing a little research . . write to Editor if interested.





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From The Editor's Notes


We have received only one communication regarding membership cards for our members, so we are assuming that most of the membership is not particularly concerned. If one is needed, perhaps we can manage one on an 'as needed' basis.


We always need manuscripts for our publication, and would enjoy hearing about various trips that members have made to 'McKinney sites', or genealogical quests. Please let us know 'where, what, why, when and how' you found that elusive ancestor.


We would like material for our 'Stumped' column as well. The past two issues did not include this column, due to lack of material. The Editor could fill a quarterly with 'stumped' problems, but would like to hear from the members so that help could be given on some new problems, that is, new to the Editor.


Included in our article on the LDS Library should have been the notation that calls to the library are welcome. One example of information given over the telephone is the current rate for costs of obtaining birth, marriage and death certificates in all states. It is updated constantly and the latest cost will be given. Sure saves a bit of letter writing.


The new address for our Treasurer is: Mr. Peter C. McKinney, PO Box 11365, Macon, GA 31212-1365. Please address all inquiries for back issues and subscription requests to that address.


The Editor has been working on the New Jersey time-line and had hoped to complete it for this issue. Unfortunately, for every fact disproved, there are three remaining to be proven. Each answer brings at least two new questions. Hopefully, there will be the latest information available in our next issue.




Need help in Federal Archives Research? Will search in Kansas City, MO Federal Archives. Member, Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society, experienced Genealogist, write for details. SASE

Mr. Ronald Walker

608 East 61st Terrace

Kansas City, MO 64110



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