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The McKinney Family Association & Library was founded September, 1981 as a non-profit, educational association and library, dedicated to researching, preserving and collecting historical and family history and data, not necessarily all of lineal or legal families, but all those interested in the McKinney surname and variants and to assist and instruct in genealogical research and to publish private and public records and educational articles. Bylaws and Constitution adopted October 1981 and granted non profit, incorporation 3 May 1983 by the State of Oklahoma. Trustees are Barbara Pannage Stanfield, E. Neil Stanfield and Richard A. Kipf.




Barbara Pannaqe Stanfield, Coordinator

Patricia McKinney Kirkwood, Editor - Librarian

Willa Sorenson, Associate Editor

Peter Campbell McKinney, Registrar – Treasurer

Barbara Stanfield, Betty Graff, Pedigree & Ancestry Project

Wilma Cook, Indexing



The Editor is not responsible for the errors of submitted materials, and all such material is placed in the Association Library. Books received for review are placed in the library and are available for loan.


Indexed in Genealogical Periodical Annual Index, L. C. Towle, Editor, Bowie, MD







Lecture Notes


Karen and Peter McKinney



Karen recently spent a very interesting evening at a meeting of our local genealogy club. As I was organizing and typing her notes for future reference, I realized that members of the association might also benefit from the lecture Karen attended. (We neither support nor endorse the speaker's comments but provide them for general information, only.)


Mr. Ronald A. Bremer of Salt Lake City, Utah, was the speaker and kept the group spellbound for two and a half hours. Some of the statements may be slightly controversial, yet they provide more insight into the wonderful world of genealogical research. He opened the meeting with some fascinating information. From present day, those of us with English and Scandinavian ancestors can trace our lineage back an average of 300 years; for those with German ancestors the average is 500 years; for Swiss, 700 years; for Spanish, 1000 years; and for those with Korean ancestors, the average is an astounding 2500 years. (My question to all Maze members is, who has beaten the average? I'd also like to hear from the McKinney with Korean ancestors.)


For everyone who lived and died during the past 250 years, there is, on the average, 25 records on that person. All we have to do as genealogists is to find those records. To prove his point, he answered questions from the group. His responses follow:


(a) Kentucky and Tennessee have some of the best records


(b) Arkansas and South Carolina have some of the worst records


(c) New York has good records


(d) Almost all ship's records are located in the Maritime Museum at Mystic, CT


(e) The Confederate Research Center at Hillsboro College, Hillsboro, TX is a good source


(f) The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has one of the largest collections of Southern records


(g) The Virginia State Historical Society located at Battle Abby, Richmond, also contains good Southern records (this note taken in haste, but believed to be correct)


(h) For Ohio, check both the library in Worthington and the Ohio Genealogical Society Library in Mansfield


(i) The draft records for WW I can be found in any National Records Center


(j) Not many military records were really burned in the fire at the St. Louis Military Records Center (the speaker's opinion)


(k) Plat Dutch and Black Dutch, mean rural Germans


(l) lis pendens means, suit pending


(m) Check local/state Soil and Water Conservation District Offices for cemetery and county maps that are beautifully done


(n) For a list of all community residents at the time a post office was established, check with the Social and Economic Division of the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Since 1790, a geographic site location report for each post office had to be completed.








(o) Check the WPA County Inventory. These are keys to the records in the county courthouses of America. You should be able to get the WPA inventory through inter-library loan


(p) Check the Daughters of the American Revolution Library in Washington, D.C. With the proper form, you can request copies of ancestor/member's applications. Editor's note: No form is necessary to obtain an application copy. Simply send a check for $4.00 to the Treasurer-General, 1776 D St., Washington, D.C. with a letter requesting the most recent application paper for the wanted ancestor after determining the listing from the DAR Patriot Index, Volumes I, II, or 1982 Supplement.



Now, for what Mr. Bremer called the worser list:


(a) Family tradition


(b) Printed family histories or genealogical books


(c) DAR Lineage books or Colonial Dames lineage books (it is better to check their libraries)


(d) Federal Census records. It would appear that our ancestors may have fibbed due to either religious reasons or dislike of the new government bureaucracy


(e) Tombstones


(f) Death certificates


(g) Obituaries


(h) Standard reference works


(i) Family group sheets


(j) Adamic lineages; i.e., those that almost go back to Adam and Eve (Note, I guess I am really in trouble if his worser list is really true)




Now, for his bester list:


(a) Judicial court records. In the South, they are called minute books, in the Northeast they are called court of common pleas. In Europe they are called manor court records


(b) Property records; i.e., deeds, mortgages, tax lists, plat maps. For old records, it is an assumption that when a married couple bought land, two of the four witnesses were from the woman's family, maiden name. The 'x' beside a person's name does not mean that the person was illiterate, but father it is the symbol of St. Andrew's and means that the person was a devout Christian.


(c) Probate records are better than wills.


(d) Vital records; i.e., birth, marriage, and death records. (This would seem to conflict with item 'f' in the above paragraph.)


(e) Church records. The Catholic, Lutheran, Quaker, Anglican/Episcopal and Congregational records are good. For others, check the denominational year books at the Church's archival headquarters. For example, Presbyterian records are kept at Philadelphia.


(f) Prior to the Civil War, check Masonic records at the State Grand Lodge Library. After the war, the number of fraternal organizations grew rapidly, thus, Masonic records may not help too much.



(g) Check ethnic alliance societies. These groups were started around 1680 to 1690 to aid immigrants and most of our forefathers were sponsored by one of these groups, some of which were the Hibernian for Ireland, St. David for Welsh, St. Andrews for Britain, Sons of Herman and the American Turners for Germany. Editor's note: The St. Andrews Society is Scottish not British – there may be a St. George's Society for England.


(h) Life insurance companies. Many of our ancestors paid a penny a week to these early companies. Write to the state insurance commission, usually in the state capital and ask what companies were selling insurance during the time period you are interested in, and what company has the records at the present time. The current company does not have to help you, but most will since they do not receive many requests.


(i) Military records. For records from the National Archives, request that spine of liber be copied so that if you ever get the chance to visit the Archives, you can check the book yourself. Check Poore's Index of Military Records, 1774-1881. Check with the Army History Research Center, Carlisle Barracks, Pennsylvania. For state records, check with the Adjutant General's office, usually in the state capital.


(j) Newspapers. Look for Clarence Brigham's Index of Newspapers To 1820. After that date, check Winifred Gregory's Union List for Newspapers, 1821 to 1936.



Always do a preliminary survey first, in order to save time and money. Document later. Check these sources first:


(a) Home sources; i.e., attics, family members


(b) Salt Lake City, Utah, LDS Genealogical Library has about ten per cent of what you need. Go there or visit a branch library where you can get a form to apply for what is in the main library.


(c) Surname registries. There are now about forty five of these organizations and some are computerized.


(d) Ask the Library of Congress to Xerox index cards of a surname. They have surname references for the following nationalities; Belgian, British, Danish, Dutch, French, French-Canadian, German, Austrian, Hispanic and Basque, Irish, Italian, Jewish, Oriental, Portuguese and Brazilian, Romanian, Slavic, South African, Swiss and others.


(e) Check the NUCMC (National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections), 24 volumes that contain a list of manuscripts and where they are located. Mr. Bremer claims to have found one line of his family through the use of this source.


(f) At a law library, check only volumes 21 through 25 of the First Decennial Digest, an index to higher appellate courts from 1658-1911. Twenty per cent of American lines are referenced. Then go check the actual court case.


(g) Compendium of Historical Sources, Ronald A. Bremer, cost $100.00. This monumental genealogical reference work contains the greatest collection of American sources and information. (he very briefly and discretely mentioned his book, which served as the basis for his lecture).





(a) Two laws of genealogical research are (1) never go to a state for information unless you know the county and, (2) if you don't know when and where a person died, don't work on him, start with the children.


(b) Always start with the most current ancestor and work backwards.








(c) While doing research at the county level, copy down all listings of the surname you are interested in


(d) Do not write to various records officials


(e) If you can't go there yourself, hire a student through the local high school by writing to the Head Librarian at the high school. Ask if the librarian knows of a student who would be interested in earning money doing part-time research. Then ask your researcher to check local records, etc.



We have tried to accurately note what Mr. Bremer had to say. If any of you try to use one of these sources and find it good or bad, please let the association know so we can keep everyone informed. Karen and I hope this article will help someone find that 'lost' ancestor.




Treasurer's letter . . . . . Peter Campbell McKinney


Dear McKinney Family: as your new treasurer, I have been pouring over Rosalie Jackson's well kept files, notes and index cards. As a relatively new member of the MFA and as someone who loves numbers and computers, I thought you might like to know about yourselves. There are 115 of you active members scattered all over the world: from Hawaii to Alaska to Canada to Northern Ireland to 35 of our states. While nine of you are the sole representatives of your states, 15 live in TX, 12 in CA, 8 in IL, 6 in OH and one member has a Seattle Fleet Post Office address. It is a tie for the city with the most members – San Antonio, TX and Arlington, TX, both with two members each. Would it surprise you to know that there are 20 members with the last name of McKinney? There are 17 special members who have been with MFA since it started in 1981.


Now for the changes I've made. Our records and mailing list have been computerized so Pat Kirkwood will not have to type each label for each issue. Also, your subscription expiration date is now on each address label. Thus, the '86/3qtr' above your name means that your last issue will be Fall 1986 issue, unless you hopefully decide to renew. If there are mistakes, please blame me and please let me know what mistakes I have made.


Closing comment. Toward the end of this year, I would like for the Maze to publish a complete list of all members and their addresses in order to stimulate more interest and letter writing – both among ourselves and to Pat. I think all of us would benefit if we had the opportunity to learn how you were able to find that lost ancestor or the research techniques that you feel are the best. Should we publish a list of all members and their addresses? Let me know.



Remember: If the only thing you can brag about are your ancestors, then, like the potato, the best part's under ground.








From The Editor's Desk . . .


Along with the changes in renewal notices, our computer programming is now underway, and it is hoped that each member will receive a computer print-out of family information and family groups from ancestor charts, our unidentified McKinney groups, and other miscellaneous information. We hope to mail the print-out with our Summer issue. Please submit your ancestor charts, ten generation forms and ahnentafels to Barbara Stanfield. The more information we receive, the more the association will be able to help with those elusive members. Which reminds me, we received a total of 3 ballots in the election of new officers. I do hope that it is not a reflection of voter interest in political elections.



New books in our Library Collection for Loan to Members . . .



            The Scotch Irish, Volumes I, II, Genealogical Publishing Company



            Chronicles of the Scotch Irish in Virginia, Volumes I-III



            Five Generations of Henry McKinney's Descendants in Texas Co., MO



            Alexander McKinney, A Partial Listing of Descendants of.


Innes, Sir Thomas of Learney

            Tartans of the Clans & Families of Scotland



            The Origin and Signification of Scottish Surnames



            Hunterdon County (NJ) Records, 1701-1838



            Long Island Genealogical Source Material, A Bibliography



            Newspaper Indexes: A Location and Subject for Researchers








Miscellaneous Bits and Pieces


Jillson Land Entries, Fayette County . .


Alex. McKenney, 500 acres, Book 2, p 160, 2-4-1783, N Fk, Elkhorn sv'd

David McKenney, 1000 acres, Book 2, p 182, 2-12-1783, Clay Lick, w'drn

David McKenney , 200 acres, Book 2, p 196, 2-14-1783, N Fk, Elkhorn

David McKenney, 1000 acres, Book 2, p 342, 8-8-1783, Licking Water, w'dr

David McKenney, 1000 acres, Book 2, p 73, 12-8-1783, Br. KY R.

David McKenney, 1000 acres, Book 2, p 73, 12-8-1783, Licking. s'vd

David McKenney, 1000 acres, Book 3, p 247, 3-27-1784, Efk, Licking, s'vd

David McKenney, 750 acres, Book 3, p 97, 1-24-1785, None

John McKenney, 1500 acres, Book 2, p 160, 2-4-1783, Nfk Elkhorn, w'drn

John McKenney, 500 acres Book 3, p 197, 2-17-1783, None

Jno. McKenney, 15000 acres, Book 3, p 243, 3-26-1784, Sfk, Licking

Jno. McKenney, -500 acres, Book 3, p 365, 6-14-1784, None

Jno. McKenney, 5000 acres, Book 3, p 98, 1-24-1785, None








John, Alex. McKenney, 1090 acres, Book 2, p 163, 2-4-1783, Lees Crk., sr'vd

John, Alex. McKenney, 547 acres, Book 2, p 179, 2-10-1783, Sfk, Eagle Creek

John, David McKenney, 1211 acres, Book 2, p 196, 2-14-1783, Nfk Elkhorn, sr'vd

Robert McKenney, 537 acres, Book 4, p 97, 1-24-1785, None


            sr'vd – surveyed

            wdrn – withdrawn




General and Field Officers of Kentucky Militia, 1802-1816, Division 5, Brigade 3,

John McKinney, 1 Aide






Nancy J. McKinney, Levi Floyd, 13 Oct 1861, Rockcastle, Lincoln, Pulaski Co.

James A. McKinney, Sophronia B. Vaught, 12 Sep 1878

Sarah McKinney, William Miller, 18 Apr 1833, Carter Co., TN

John McKinney, Naomy Riddell, by Benj. Talbot, Jan 1802, Muhlenberg Co.

William McKenny, Nancy Quigley, 17 Oct 1811, Union Co.

Daniel McKinney, Nancy Waggener, Aug 1822, Union Co.

Sally McKinney, John Brown, 2 Mar 1823

Rachael McKinney, Uriah Blue, 25 Dec 1825, Union Co.

Mary McKinney, Nelson Turner, 30 Jan 1837, Union Co.

Elizabeth McKinney, Thomas I. Robb, 30 Dec 1835, Union Co.

George McKinney, Tabitha Delany, 2 Dec 1838, Union Co.

John McKinney, Elizabeth Williams, 3 Jan 1838, Union Co.

Francis McKinney, Ann Willis, 27 Apr 1803, Madison Co.

Wildey McKinney, Polly Shearer, 8 Aug 1825, Madison Co.

Lucinda McKinney, Bluford Hamilton, 29 Jan 1833, Madison Co.

Miriam W. Lipscomb, Dudley McKinney, Jul 12, 1842, Madison

Jane McKinney, John Higby, 1 Aug 1837, Madison Co.

Polly McKinney, Joseph Ellison, Feb 1806, Muhlenburg Co.




Tennessee Records



Abstracts of Wills, Lincoln Co., TN, 1810-1895, p 61:

James McKinney, Wife Sarah McKinney. Eldest Son Galen, 2nd Son Ira, 3rd Son James, and 4th Son L. H. McKinney. Executor: Robert S. Woodard. Signed Jul 22, 1848. Witness: William M. McKinney and G. W. Sawyers. Proven Sep Term 1853.


The last Will and Testament of James McKinney of Lincoln County Tennessee. I, James McKinney considering the uncertainty of this Mortal Life and being of Sound mind and memory do make and Publish this my Last Will and Testament in manner and form following, That is to Say, I give and bequeath unto my wife Sarah, my negro woman Libby (slave) all my valuable property and my household and other property for and during the period of her natural life to be used for her support. After her death Should any valuables remain I will them to be distributed as follows: First to my eldest Son Galen McKinney, One Third to my beloved second Son Ira McKinney One Third to my Third son James McKinney One third to my fourth son L. H. McKinney. I have divided liberally in my lifetime I therefore will him to be content with what he has received, I here








By appoint Robert S. Woodard Sole Executor of this my last will and Testament hereby revoking all former will by me made. In witness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and seal this 22nd day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty eight.


                                    (Signed) James McKinney




Survey Book A, Shelby County, Robert McKinney and G. McKinney chain carriers


Alexander F. McKinney, member of Salem Presbyterian Church, Shelby Co. 1844


Dr. A. F. McKinney was received in membership at Salem Church, Apr 13, 1851


Apr 2, 1852, Germantown, Mrs. G. McKinney received in membership, Shelby Co., Salem Presbyterian Church


John V. McKinney, M. D., a citizen of Fayetteville, Lincoln Co. previous to Jan 1, 1813. Other pioneer citizens mentioned were Bright, Kenedy, Garner, Dickson, Buchanan, McConnell, Kinnard, Farham, Norris, Timmons, Willet, Higgins, McCamey, Tedford, Tate, Smith, Pickens, Mitchell and others. Dr. Charles McKinney settled before 1813, removing to Fayetteville from Kentucky. Dr. Charles was in the 60 day campaign against the Creek Indians in the winter of 1813. Ansearchin News


Wm. McKinney, married Dandridge Todd, 4 Oct 1814, Jefferson Co., TN


Archibald McKinney, first settlers of Claiborne Co. in Powell's Valley along the Clinch River


Warren Co. 1815, Manly Files, David McKinney of Lee Co., VA bought land in 1803 in Carter Co., John McKinney of Lee Co., VA. Also bought land in 1803.


Lincoln Co., Charles McKinney b 1801; Ira McKinney (brother of Galen), signed his deed as a witness. It was also stated that Galen was related to this Charles. This group also associated with the Howell family in Limestone Co., AL. (Collins Howell ?)


George Davis Roarks married Nancy Ann McKinney b Nov 1850, dau of James W., ca 1827, SC, and his wife, Harriet Ellen Armstrong McKinney.


Roane Co., Vol. I, p 10, Circuit Court: March 1811, John McKinney, served on grand jury, 1808, Rauling McKinney, p 83; Rueben McKinney mar Jenny Lyle, Sep 6, 1811; p 111, Henry Braziale m. Synthia Ann McKinney; p 111, Harvey, Matilda, married Jesse McKinney, no date.


Giles Co., 1824 Deed: William Woods to Rolin McKinney, 115 acres. Part 2, p 401, Giles Co. records, John McKinney to court, acknowledges himself indebted to the state of TN for the sum of $200, to be levied on his goods and cattle, land also gives evidence against Wm. Wood and others, overseers of the Previt Gap road from Pulaski to Maury Co. line Nov 21, 1825. Wm. Thornton was guardian for James W. McKinney, to be removed, 1825, and Nancy McKinney appointed guardian.


Smith Co., William McKinney paid $125 for 100 acres in 1812.


Jefferson Co. tax list, 1822-1830, George McKinney.


Will, George Wilcockson, Apr 14, 1799, probated 1801 names wife Elizabeth, daughters Mary McKinney, Sarah Campbell, Rebecca McKinney, and Catherine.


Dabney Henderson Wilcox, married in 1858, Margaret McLean Collins, b 1839 Randolph Co., MO – she was the daughter of Francis Kirtley Collins and Sally McKinney of TN.


James McKinney 1790-1873, Missouri, married in Campbell Co., TN, Sarah Gouge, removed to Cole Co., MO, then to Texas Co. Son, David b 1814 in Campbell Co., married Nancy Wade in 1862, had nineteen children.


Warren Co., David McKinney sold land to Manly Files, nd.








Tennessee tax listings:

Archibald McKinney, 1831, Hawkins Co.

John A. McKinney, 1830, Hawkins, Co.

Samuel McKinney, 1841, Carter Co.

Thomas McKinney, 1823, Roane Co.

John A. McKinney, 1828, Hawkins Co.


Seth McKinney, 1817, Grainger Co.

Archibald McKinney, 1820, Hawkins co.,

John McKinney and Stephen Rentfry, 1838, Grainger Co.

John A. McKinney, 1815-1820, Hawkins Co.


John McKinney, Presley McKinney, 1833, Jefferson Co.

Samuel McKinney, 1834, Carter Co.

Vincent McKinney, 1832, Jefferson Co.


Land Deeds, Giles Co:

Grantor, J. A. McKinney, to Presley Cox, 100 acres

George McKinney to May Richardson, 1819

Rolland McKinney to Milton Garrett, 1833

A. P. McKinney to C. K. Jones, 1839


Marshall Co., Marriages:

Christopher McKinney, Mary Luna, Jun 28, 1849

Lewis D. McKinney, Sarah Luna, Sep 21, 1834

Benjamin C. McKinney, Sarah Luna, Jul 30, 1853


Lincoln Co. Wills:

Charles McKinney witness to will of Jordan Reese, 1830

Ira McKinney witness to Wm. Collins will, 1842

James McKinney will of 1853, age 73, names wife Delilah age 69 of VA, children John 22 of AL; John d 1865; Elender 55 of NC; America C. 20, of Columbus (?).


Hardeman Co. Marriages:

A. D. McKinney, Cynthia A. McDaniel, Oct 3, 1867

John McKinney, Sarah F. Fairs, Dec 6, 1864

M. J. McKinney, Eliza Moore, Sep 17, 1863

Martha M. McKinney, George F. Crawford, August 13, 1868

Mattie McKinney, James Bills, Oct 28, 1873

M. E. McKinney, (female) to N. F. Ingram, Oct 3, 1865

Nancy E. McKinney, J. S. Ferguson, Nov 5, 1867

Sarah McKinney, B. F. Fulgham, Dec 18, 1872

Virginia McKinney, Daniel Sain, Dec 6, 1864

W. B. McKinney (male) to R. N. Grfantham, Nov 30, 1883 (?)

William McKinney, Mary Sain, May 18, 1873

William R. McKinney, Winnie W. Polk, May 17, 1867


Giles Co.

Robert R. McKinney, Elizabeth M. Carson, Nov 23, 1870

W. F. McKinney, Margaret A. Hughes, May 12, 1869


William C. McKinney, Harriet Wray, 1826, Davidson Co., TN

Daniel McKinney, Jane Henderson, Sep 20, 1840

John McKinney, Sarilda Weddel, 10 Sep 1850

Indiana McKinney, John Mullis, Mar 6, 1846

Jeriah McKinney, Richard Mullis, May 22, 1844


Margaret McKinney b 10 Aug 1791, dau of John and Margaret Fulkerson McKinney married Hugh Bell in Pontotoc, MS 1814, also lived in TN in 1818


Dr. Samuel McKinney, b 1807 County Antrim, Ireland, removed to US in 1812 with parents and four brothers who preceded him, lived in Philadelphia, PA and Rogersville, TN. He had children Robert James (Margaret Finley); Samuel (Nancy Todd); Margaret (Rafter); Elizabeth (Wilson); Mary Ann (Murphy).


Green Co. Orphan's Records:

Feb 1842, Barney McKenney, aged 7, 20 Feb 1843, bound to Henry Dyke, Sr.

Jul 1809, Joseph Porter abuses family, Ruth Porter age 9 on Jul 26, 1809 and Jenny Porter age 5, on May 1, 1809, bound to Robert McKenney

Oct 30, 1823: Robert McKenney, sec. for Henry Freshour, guardian of Dennis Dunn, a minor orphan

6 Nov 1848: Robert J. McKenney, sec. for Robert M. Barton and Charles P. Nenney guardians of Wm. W. Barton


Bradley Co.

28 Jul 1873, J. T. Smith mar Susanna McKinney








Grainger Co. Grantor Index Lists:

John McKinney and Stephen C. Renfro, date of grant, 19 Jun 1838, Grant 21790, Entry 875

Seth McKinney, 9 Jun 1835, Grant 29375, entry 2046


Hamilton Co.

Martha McKinney, Wm. S. Smith, Sep 8, 1848

John A. McKinnie (index McKinze), Susan F. Motes, Mar 21, 1857


Sullivan Co.

W. S. McKinney, Helen Godsay, Jun 30, 1867


Hardeman Co. Marriages:

Arthur McKinney, Harriet D. Lea, Mar 23, 1833

John McKinney, Susan F. Crawford, Feb 11, 1830

Julia McKinney, Michael McKinney, Nov 13, 1832

Susannah McKinney, Wm. McKinney, Mar 15, 1826

William P. McKinney, Sarah F. Crawford, Dec 1, 1832

Dacilla McKinney, Henry Carraway, Mar 14, 1843

Elizabeth Z. McKinney, Thomas Bowden, Mar 6, 1843

Elizabeth I. McKinney, James M. Mask, Dec 29, 1851

E. C. McKinney, Thomas W. Hudson, May 7, 1846

M. E. McKinney, McDaniel Webb, Dec 3, 1849

Susan N. McKinney, Eli Harris, Jul 22, 1848

Susan McKinney, Joseph Sellars, mar 3, 1840

Deliphia A. E. McKinney, John McKee, Dec 16, 1848

Charlotte Neely (McKinney) and Edmund Reaves, Feb 17, 1838

B. R. McKinney, Zasina Williams, Mar 24, 1839 (Beverly R. pub. Nash Whig)

Samuel M. McKinney, June Martin, Feb 28, 1848

W. McKinney, Elizabeth Fostun, Feb 23, 1848

Wm. P. McKinnie, Lucy Moore, Oct 5, 1846

W. P. McKinney, a minister, 1848

A. McKinney, minister in 1843




1804 Taxables, Grainger Co.

Seth and Jesse McKinney


Jefferson County Will Book, 1826-1840, WPA Records

Vincent McKinney, 238, 273, 387


1802 Tax List, Jackson Co.

Henrey McKenney, WP 1-640, 4BP, Capt. Jabez Fitzgerald's Company


Hawkins Co. 1789-1850 Wills

John A. McKinney


Warren Co. Tax List, 1812

John McKinney


Smith Co. Marriages 1823-1833

Neil McKinney, Elizabeth Anderson, 1831


Washington Co. Will:

Thomas King names daughter Mary, wife of James McKinney, will written May 8, 1812, probated Nov 1813. Other daughter Elenor, mar David Calhoon; Betsy m. John Fulkerson; Sarah mar John McCoy; Margaret mar Charles Waddell.


Christopher C. McKinney b 10 Dec 1825, Lincoln Co., son of James, who d 1862 and Temperance Rowe, both b VA and SC, James to TN in 1808. Christopher mar 1849, Mary Lunca, had seven children.


Claim, Rev. Pension: Francis McKaimey, Bedford Co., aka McKemie, McCamey, McKinney, from Guilford Co., NC, born in Orange Co., NC. Had brother James Killed by Tories in Guilford. Francis' wife, Lavinia Thompson married 2ndly Joseph Erwin. Sons, John and Robert.


Sarah Woodville Clayton, mar Walton Harris McKinney (parents John McKinney & Ellen Baker), Madison Co., AL ca 1850 d Iuka, MS


Petitioners for Reduction of Constitutional Limits of Jackson Co., TN 1806, Hy McKinney


Cemeteries and Graveyards: Terry Family graveyard, 14 miles outh of Huntington Courthouse on the old state road, nine miles southeast of Whitthorne, between Huntington and Jackson, established in 1851 by Col. John B. Terry. Has 23 graves of Terrys, Cloptons and McKinneys, names not given.








John McKinney, b 1854 Ohio Co., KY, mar Margaret Read, 1881


Beverly R. McKennie, publisher of the Nashville Whig mar in Hardeman Co to Miss Zarina H. Williams, dau of Robert F. Williams, Esq., 10 Mar 1839


Charles McKinney, Esq., married in Lincoln Co., Thursday, 8th, inst. By the Rev. Mr. Cowan, to Miss E. Howell, only dau. Of Renee Howell. (From the Nashville Daily Advertiser, Friday, 6 Nov, 1832)


Rev. John b. McKinney married in Shelby Co. to Miss Mary H. Johnson, 13 Dec 1830. (Note in margin: Henry E. McKinney's line)


Miss Tabith V. McKinney mar Wm. McEven/McEwen, Friday, 16 Sep 1831


Henry D. McKinney, Mrs. Lara Erwin, 26 Jan 1864, Nashville, TN (Bible Record)


Sally McKinney, Wm. Allison, 20 Aug 1821, Knox Co., TN (Bible Record)


John McKinney, Julia Davis, 15 Jul 1834, by James Kinser, Hawkins Co.


Nancy McKinney, William Wright, 1 Mar 1811, James McKinney, B. M., Sumner Co.


Sumner Co., TN

Harriett McKinney, William Laurence, 4 Jan 1823

John McKennie, Fannie Wilson, 5 Jan 1816, John Payne Bondsman

James McKinsey, Betty Josey, 24 Feb 1816, James Cryer, B. M.

Archibald McKenny, Sally Moody, 29 Nov 1809, Colsten Lovel, B. M.

William McKinnie, Cynthia W. Wilson, 14 Dec 1813, James T. Wilson, B.M.


Muhlenberg Co., KY Will Book I, 1801-1814:

Sarah McKinney, William Miller, 18 Apr 1833, Carter Co., TN

Matthew McKinney, Mary Amanda Clark, dau of Ora Elizabeth, Grainger Co., TN

Mary McKinney, Archibald Murphy, Grainger Co., TN, no date

John McKinney, Naomy Riddell, by Benj. Talbot, Jan 1802

John S. McKenny, Eliz. C. Wilson, 11 Oct 1821, Muhlenberg Co.

Harrison McKenny, Martha Jackson, 17 Dec 1833, Muhlenberg Co.

Daniel H. McKinney, Miss Hannah West, dau of Thomas West, Esq., 12 Nov 1834, Grainger Co., TN



Death Records

Callie Frances McKinney, wife of Dillard, dau of J. E. and Polly V., b 7 Mar 1851, d 16 Jun 1899, buried at Salem Baptist Church Spout Spring Road, Estill Co., KY


James H. McKinney, b 2 Mar 1823, d 7 Jun 1910, and his second wife, Susan Kemp McKinney, b 29 Oct 1826, d 29 Aug 1916, buried in Elmwood Cem., Owensboro, Davies Co., KY


Daniel McKinney, d 68 yrs., widower, 27 Apr 1875, b VA, d Union Co., KY


Tresa Parks McKinney, b 31 Jul 1900, d 22 Dec 1933, New Salem Cemetery, Saline Co., IL


The Quarterly, (Texas), Mrs. Harry Joseph Morris, Mar 1964, lists TN heroes of the Alamo as McDowell, William and McKinney, Robert


East Tennessee Surveys, 1807-1813, Bledsoe Co., lists James Bragdon S 571, 6-24-1812, ten acres at Grassy Cove, witnessed by Samuel McKinnie


Hancock Co., KY, 1850 Census listing of TN births:

251, T. McKinney, age 12 months, Graves Co.

423, Nancy A. McKinney, age 60, Hopkins Co.

145, E. McKenny, Union Co.


East TN Surveys, 1807-1813, Henry Madlock S310, 11-5-1808, 100 acres of waters of Piney Creek, a branch of the TN River and on the mountain including where William McKiney improved a mile from where said McKiney lives by Looney, Road, recorded 1810. John McKinney was also a witness for Forshee in this same area. Rowland McKinney S109, 3-1-1808, E180 9-3-1807, 30 acres on the waters of the Clinch River, the section near Wm. Scott and George McKinney (transferred to M. Donald, 1820. 1808, Alexander McKinney witnessed for Wm. D. Neilson.


Tennessee Lawyers in 1834:

Greenville, Robert J. McKinney

Rogersville, John A. McKinney








East TN Surveys, 1807-1811: Reuben McKinney, 1814, bought the land belonging to James Wakefield, lying between Emery and Clinch Rivers.


KY 1850 Census listing Tennesseans 713:

Patrick H. McKinney, 11

Elizabeth M. McKinney, 18

Polly A. McKinney, 15


Meigs Co., Common Schools, 1838:

Robert McKenney, four children in District 6


Fayetteville, Lincoln Co., TN. First Presbyterian Church Cemetery:

Dr. Charles McKinney, Aug 18, 1788 – Jan 5, 1864

Mrs. Mary A. McKinney, Oct 5, 1790 - ___ 25, 1863


1865 Baptist Convention, no location given

Elder B. McKinney


1850 KY Census, Tennesseans – 214

Frances McKinney, age 13

Sarah McKinney, age 10


Roane Co. 1805 tax List

Rowland McKinney

William McKennie

Thomas McKinnie


John McKinnie, will, dated 7 Jul 1821, proved Oct 1821. Wife Nancy Horn; Sons James, Annanias, Jesse (mar 1829, Matilda Harvey, removed to Bradley Co.); Elisha. Daus. Dicy, Rebecca, Nancy, Sarah


Grainger Co. Index, Land Deeds,

21790, John A. McKinney


Davidson Co., Graveyards:

McKinney Family Graveyard, near Amqui, District 11, no inscriptions given


Grainger Co. Deeds

29375, Seth McKinney, Jun 1855


1850 KY Census, Tennesseans (By Birth),


Crittenden Co. 479


Vincent McKinney, 52

William A. McKinney, 16

John M. McKinney, 15

Mary E. McKinney, 12

Mariah J. McKinney, 10

James H. McKinney, 9

Prudence V. McKinney, 7

Caroline F. McKinney, 5

Jasper N. McKinney, 2


Davies Co.


Nancy McKinney, 66

Pleasant Freels, 41


Sumner Co. Marriages, 1787-1838:

Archibald McKenny, Sally Moody, 11-29-1809, Colston Level, bondsman

Nancy McKinney, William Wright, 1 Mar 1811, James McKinney, bondsman


Roane Co. Pensions, Union Army Veterans:

A. McKinney, H, 3rd TN, Infantry

Henry H. McKinney, I, 1st TN Infantry


West TN Land Grants, Book I, 717

1809, John McKinnie, assignee


Sumner Co. Marriages:

William McKinney, Cynthia W. Wilson, 14 Dec 1813, James T. Wilson, bondsman

John McKenne, Fanny Wilson, 5 Jan 1816, John Payne, Bondsman


West TN Land Grants, Book 1

Samuel McKinee, survey for Richard Jameson


Old Greenville Cemetery, Mt. Bethel Church, Rocky Hill, TN:

To the memory of Margaret, wife of Robert J. McKinney and daughter of Rev. Charles Coffin, born 15 Aug 1775, died 3 Jun 1853


1836 Tax List, Overton Co., District 1:

Henry McKenney, 366 acres, 6 Slaves

James McKenney, 50 acres, 1 Slave


Shelby Co. Survey, Book A 3459

960 acres, adjacent to John A. McKenney 1836

John B. McKinney, 1836


1860 White Co. Residents:

William McKinney, age 78, b VA, Farmer

Frances B. McKinney, age 71, b NC

Thomas J. B. McKinney, age 31, b TN

Maky A. McKinney, age 21, b NC

Samuel H. McKinney, age 3


1840 Census, McMinn Co.

Burns McKinney, p 124

William McKenney, p 124

John McKenny, p 124


Jefferson Co. Marriages

Alexander McKaney, Susannah Thompson, 7 Sep 1805

Elias Smith and C. McKinney, 25 Mar 1811

William McKinney, Dandridge Todd, 4 Oct 1814


Washington Co. Will Book 1799

Will of Thomas King, 28 May 1812, wife, Eliz. Dau Margaret, wife of James McKinney








1840 Jefferson Co., Census

p 1, No. 24: Vincent McKinney, John McKinney, Sr.

p 9, Joseph McKinney

p 11, Lampkin McKinney

p 15, Joel T. McKinney

p 10, Vincent McKinney


1805 Davidson Co. tax list:

James and John McKinney

Sm'l McKinney


Index to the General Records of Claiborne Co., 1801 – 1825:

Grantee, Archibald McKinney, 1799, Book 11, p 11, $200


1850 Mortality Schedule, McNairy Co.

March McKinney age 35, b. NC, d. April, pelvis diseased


1840 Census, Davidson Co., p 273:

John McKenney, Patric Kenney, with Trimble families


War of 1812 pensioners:

No. 25, 912, Elizabeth McKinney of Hamblen Co., Morristown, widow


1813 Natchez Expedition, volunteers to help:

Andrew McKinney, Troop #9

Captain Cavanaugh

Collinck Kinney (?)


Dyer Co. Marriage, No. 1097:

Dr. McKinney, Minerva Kerley, 30 Oct 1862 Hannah McKinney, Charles McSheyn, nd


Bledsoe Co. Deeds, Vol. 1, 1797 – 1838:

Grantee, James McKinney, 50 acres on Doddy's Creek, 1817


1812 Giles Co. tax list:

James McKinney

Rolin McKinney

William McKinney


Lawrence Co. marriage:

M. G. McKinney, Lucinda Brashears, 23 Mar 1841

A. B. McKinney, R. J. Wood (male), 12 Mar 1859


Smith Co.

Neil McKinney, mar Elizabeth Anderson 1831


Sumner Co. petitioners, 1799 – division of county, Henry McKenney, 41


Purdy Cemetery near the Hurst Home, Purdy, TN:

Sarah H. McKinney wife of Dr. W. D. McKinney, 1817 – 1856 (McNairy Co.)

James F. McKinney, 1822 – 1880

Julia A. McKinney, 1833 – 1907


1805 Williamson Co. tax list:

John McKinny


Old Irish Cemetery, Tazewell, Claiborne Co.:

Asaph Snow 1842 – 1899

Teresa Louise McKinney Snow 1846 – 1882 (Associated families of Fugate, Fulkersons also buried there)


1850 KY Census, Tennesseans:                                          (Written in margin – Ben Clark)

No. 181, Susan McKinney age 62

Bird McKinney age 31, b Calloway Co.


Henry Co. marriage:

Jul 27, 1840, Jacob McKinney, Elvira Berry


Early Settlers of Craven Co., NC, taken from will and deed books, 1700, 1770 (Aliene Ragland):












1830 Census, Hawkins Co.:

P 37, Archibald McKinney

P 46, John A. McKinney


Land Grants, Grainger Co., 1824 – 1860:

No. 21790, John A. McKinney and Stephen Renfro

No. 29375, Seth McKinney, Jul 9, 1855


Early Rogersville, Hawkins Co., newspapers:

19 Aug 1831, 4 ½ miles east of Rogersville on main stage road, all household goods of A. McKinney, sale, Jul 17, 1831. Dr. A. McKinney requests all in debt to him make immediate payment as he is removing his family from TN


1834 Constitutional Convention

Robert J. McKinney of Green Co., b. 1 Feb 1804 in County of Derry, Ireland, emigrated to U.S., 1812, lawyer


John A. McKinney, residence in Hawkins Co.

b 25 Nov 1781, County Tyrone, Ireland, emigrated Sep 1799, to PA, removed to TN 1805, occupation, lawyer








Meigs Co. marriages:

James McKinnie, Sarah Snider, Dec 11, 1851, surety, A. C. Stanton


Smith Co. marriages:

Jenaline J. McKinney, Selson E. Smith, 26 Jan 1865

Emaline Smith, John R. McKinney, 2 Nov 1879


Blount Co. marriages:

29 Mar 1887, Mack McKinney, Mary Coffin

15 Nov 1887, Mary McKeny, Robert B. Johnson


Robert J. McKinney

Hawkins and Greene Co., served on Supreme Court, 1830 (state), lived near Greenville, studied law under John A. McKinney of Rogersville, a near relative.


Frederick Co., VA, 11 Dec 1756:

Inventory, Tully McKinney, deceased. Horses, corn, cows, pewter, tinware, featherbed, chest, irons, etc. by Gershom Keys, Jacob Hite, Joseph Hite, Oct, 1757.


Thomas McKinney

b ca 1782, VA, mar Jane ?, b TN. Thomas removed to Madison Co., AL with parents and the Clarke family of VA, settled on McKinney Mt.


Bunyan McKinney

b 1854 TN, d 1932, TN, son of Young and Mary Carlton McKinney.

Wife, Margaret C. Patton


Elnora C. b 1875 AR, mar George Winton

John E. b 23 Aug 1878, mar Ethel Turner


Kate Clementine


Sally McKinney, Wm. Allison, 20 Aug 1821, Knox Co.


Cemetery Records:

Margaret, wife of Robert J. McKinney and dau of Charles E. Coffin, b 15 Aug 1755, d 3 Jun 1853

Winnie S. Ridge, wife of Smith McKinney, d 3 Aug 1868, age 30


Naturalizations, Hawkins Co., Oct 1815:

Archibald McKinney, b Ireland, was removed to PA sometime in 1799, lived there until Aug 1814


Miscellaneous Marriages:

J. M. McKinney, Martha A. Baker, Mar 5, 1846, Montgomery Co.

James McKinney, Francis Holder, Aug 7, 1854, Franklin Co.

James M. McKinney, Martha Tucker, Feb 13, 1847, Montgomery Co.

Jesse McKinney, Sara F. Brady, Jan 2, 1844, Davidson

John A. McKinney, Rebecca Skaggs, Sep 24, 1827, Knox Co.

R. M. McKinney, R. A. Evans, Apr 25, 1869, Franklin Co.

Robert McKinney, Susan Holder, Oct 17, 1847, Franklin Co.

Russell McKinney, Elizabeth Holder, Sept. 12 1848, Franklin Co.

Stephen McKinney, Nancy Ann Winchester, Feb 26, 1838, Stewart Co.

John McKinney, Martha Langston, Jan 26, 1839, Davidson Co.

John McKinney, Julia Davis, 15 Jul 1834, Hawkins Co.

William McKennie, Cynthia W. Wilson, Dec 14, 1813, Sumner Co.

John McKinney, Mary Clemmons, 20 Sep 1802, bond, William McKinney, Roane Co.

Thomas McKinney, Joan Shap, 23 Jul 1804, bond, Wm. McKinney to David Moore, Roane Co.

Susannah McKinney, John Poulson, 25 Jan 1806, bond, Benjamin Flatt, Roane Co.

Alexander McKinney, Priscilla Tyles, 5 Sep 1808, bond, David Moore, Roane Co.


Dickson Co. Deed, 1810, Book A, p 365:

Wilson McKinney, Wm. Handlin, wit for deed of Sterling Brewer, sold land to Paul Abney, Humphrey Co. 1855, Book M.


St. James Lutheran Church record, Green Co., TN

Peter Ohinger and Anne McKenney, 27 Sep 1808.

Son b 4 Aug 1809 named Samuel, sponsor, Jacob and Catherine Ohinger

Dau, Margret b 26 Jan 1811, sponsor, Margeit Bibel

Son, Johannes bap 1 Aug 1812, sponsor, Johannes Renner

Sarah b 7 Mar 1814, sponsor Susana Nehs

Julius b 1816, sponsor, Catarina Ohinger

Hornung, b 1818, sponsor, Wm. Jackson

8 Apr 1825, dau Nense (Nancy ?), no sponsor listed








Tennesseans in Central TX:

Reuben D. Bishop of McLennan, b AL, Jan 17, 1832, son of David Bishop who died in AL, came to TX in 1850 where he died in 1885.

Wife, Mary Dement, dau of Reuben Dement was a native of TN.



Elizabeth (R. P. Stanch)



Margaret E., who married L. L. McKinney

Millie who mar Alexander McKinney

L. T.

Reuben D.


James Dooley

b ca 1745, d Jun 7, 1824, Maury Co., TN mar Margaret McKinney, nothing further known

One son, William b ca 1772, d TN.

William mar Jane F. Rutledge


Lavernia McKinney, married Oliver Perry Bourland, Hopkins Co., 1843


Sumner Co. Marriages:

Harriet McKinney, Wm. Laurence, Jan 4, 1823, Charles Watkins, JP

Sarah McKinney, John Nunnery, Carroll Co., License 12 Nov 1842, J. P. Woodward

John H. McKinney, Frances A. Edwards, 8 Dec 1842, S. Killough, J. P.


1840 Census, White Co., TN:

James McKinny, p 47

William McKinney p 45

Emanuel G. McKinny, p 45


1878 Yellow Fever epidemic, Memphis, TN, mortality

John McKinney age 50

Nativity unknown


Wife's name not entered


Tennessee Baptist Marriages from Newspapers:

Eleanor McKinney, d 26 Sep 1856, in AL, wife of John, b 30 Sep 1796

F. M. McKinney, Amanda M. Howard, 2 Feb 1856 in Edgefield, TN

Wilson McKinney, d 14 Sep 1854, Carroll Co., MO, age 76, of TN


Captain John McKinney

An early settler of Johnson Co., TX, was born in Monroe Co., MS in 1835, son of James and Amanda Standifer McKinney, natives of TN and VA.

His parents removed to MS ca 1818 before they were married, their families were early settlers of Monroe Co.

Captain McKinney's father fought in the War of 1812.

The parents reared a family of 6 children:


Charity H. (J. W. Carter)

John M.


Jesse V. who died in 1862 in Camp Douglas, Chicago, IL


Captain John died in 1883 at 77 years; his wife in 1861

Captain McKinney enlisted Apr 15, 1861 in the Confederate Army, serving in Company E, 14th MS Infantry commanded by Capt. E. M. Rogers and Col. W. E. Baldwin.

He removed to TX and married first in 1872 to Miss Annie Norris of Johnson Co. to whom three children were born, all dying in infancy.

Annie d 1885, and in 1890 Mr. McKinney married for the third time, Miss Susie McKinney, dau of D. V. and Manerva Liggett McKinney, both natives of TN.

Mrs. McKinney was a relative of Mr. Liggett of the firm of Liggett and Myers, tobacconists of St. Louis.


Nancy McKinney, Allen Josey, 22 Jan 1805, Sumner Co., James McKinney, surety


Henry McKinney, b TN 1809, died in TX, 1838




John and Jonathan (twins)


(Appearing in a 1966 publication, the questioner was Mrs. Dessie V. McKinney, TX, this was included since several members are looking for a Jonathan McKinney)


Roane Co., TN, Marriage Bonds, 1801 – 1826:

John McKinney, Mary Clemmons, 20 Sep 1802, Wm. McKinney, security

Thomas McKinney, Joan Sharp, 23 Jul 1804, Wm. McKinney, Surety

Alexander McKinney, Priscella Lyles, 5 Sep 1808, David Moore, Surety

Augustus McKinnie, security for James McNair and Rebeka Walker, Jul, 1811

William McKinney, surety for Benjamin Evans and Betsey K. Moore, 1810

Reuben McKinnie, Jenny Lyles, 6 Sep 1811, Robert Lyle, Surety

Priscilla McKinney, John Hankins, 9 Mar 1816, Jesse Terry Surety


Eli Harris was married to Susan Ann Williams McKinney, Jul 28, 1848.









Elia Harris, 1 Feb 1827

Susan Ann Harris b Nov 23, 1833


(These are taken from Bible Records, and the first two entries are obviously the parents, not children)


John William, b 21 Oct 1849

Sarah Elizabeth, b 19 Oct 1851

Isaac Franklin, b 15 Feb 1854

Thomas Turner, b 27 Sep 1856

Mary Ann, b Sep 4, 1859


Eli married secondly, Emily Martin, 1860 and had issue:


Martha, b 1862

Emily, b 1865

Lilly, b 1867

Theodocia, b 1871

Charly, b 1875


Susan Ann Harris McKinne, d 11 Jul 1860

Sarah Elizabeth, d 1853

Isaac Franklin, d 1858

Thomas Turner, d 1869

Eli Harris, d 2 Mar, 1891


Memphis Death Records:

Catherine McKinney wife of J. F., d 2 Jul 1866, Elmwood


Michael McKinney was a juror in Hardeman Co., 1826


P. H. McKinnie

b 1844 in Hardeman Co. was the son of Rev. Arthur and H. D. Lee McKinney both natives of NC.

Arthur b 1811 in Wayne Co

Mother b 1810 in Rockingham Co., NC

Married in Hardeman Co

P. H. McKinnie married Susan M. Scott


Christopher Columbus McKinney

Lt. Col., Co. B, 8th TN

b 10 Dec 1824

d 30 Oct 1902

Wife, Mary McKinney

Married 28 Jun, 1849 in TN


Robert McKinney and Evan McKinney of Stewart Co., served in the War of 1812 in Capt. Peter Kindle's Company


E. C. McKinney, road worker, Stewart Co., under Wesley Wafford


Clement McKinny of TN, had dau Mary, who married a Frenchman. Granddaughter Mary was wife of Lent Boulton. Lent's father, Charles Boulton, Jr. was born 1767 Orange Co., NC, mother was Elizabeth Farley


General Assembly of TN

Authorized Oct 25, 1879 an establishment of a town to be called Bledsoe borough in Sumner Co., located on the north side of the Cumberland River at Saunders Bluff. Henry McKinney was one of the commissioners who allotted 200 lots and a public square.


1817 – 1830 Census of White Co., TN gives four McKinney men, i.e., John William, James, Charles – all sons of John McKinney of Russell Co., VA.


Roane Co. Wills:

Oct 1821, will of John McKinney mentions wife Nancy; James, Annoneas, Jesse, Elisha, Rebecca, Dice, Nancy, Sarah. Book A. Bill of Sale, estate of John McKinney, 1833.


Bible of Dr. Ellis Seton McKinney:

Hiram McKinney had the following issue: James lived in Chestnut TN, d 1899, Dr. Ellis Seton, of James of Gordonville, b 1857, d 1928. Children of Dr. Ellis and wife, Erma Belle Kemp – Attie Madden (Beasley); Charley Brigges who lived in Boerne, TX; George Benton; Garvin Dyla 1895 – 1924; Leolin Cuthbert, lives in Dawson Springs, KY; Lilli Lucille, 1896 – 1900; Earl Carter 1898 – 1900; Ruby Fowler 1900; Lutrell Taylor, 1901 – 1955


Henry Upshur McKinney

CG 8th KY

b 1837 KY

d 1912 AL

Married Lula Richardson 1864 in Michigan

She b ca 1847, MI

d 1888, AL


John L. McKinney

TN Cavalry

No Date

Married Fannie Means


Seth Walker McKinney

Co. 12, TN Cavalry

b 22 Dec 1839

d 2 Mar 1919

Wife – Julia Ann McKinney, b (?) 6 Mar 1862


Smith Co.

1837, Jordan McKinney and Clem McKinney, petition signers




The vast majority of this material was extracted from twenty year's issues of the Ansearchin News of Tennessee Genealogy Society, explaining the lack of formal format or organization. It is hoped that this lack will not preclude it's usefulness. Editor








Surname Listings, New Association Members . . .





Alexander McKinney, b ca 1734, VA, wife, Esther Campbell b VA Mar 1750, Augusta Co., VA, removed to Fayette Co., KY. Alexander d 6 Sep 1794, Fayette. Issue:








Lester W. Clark, ID




William C. McKinney b May 1863, Gettysburg, Adams Co., PA, wife, Fannie R. Readdle (Radel), mar 27 Dec. 1883. Removed to Franklin Co., and Williamsport, PA, d 30 Nov 1908, Williamsport. Issue:

Wm. H

Charles Edward

George Alfred

Robert Wesley

Clira Alivebeth

Mary Alberto






Betty L. Johnson, NY




Daniel McKinney b 15 Sep 1742, Sussex Co., VA, wife, Sarah Weathers. Lived Franklin, Mecklenburg, Rutherford counties, NC, York Co., SC d 1835, Monroe Co., MS. Issue:












Mr. and Mrs. John A. Edwards, NC




Barbara McKinney b 1797, PA, husband, Elijah Bocock, mar 18 Jul 1822, Highland Co., OH, lived Fulton Co., Stark Co., Marshal, IL. Issue:

Hannah M.









Vincent McKinney b ca 1806, TN, wife, Nancy Newton, mar 28 Jan 1834, Jefferson Co., TN, removed SC, KY, d 1860 – 1870 (?) Crittenden Co., KY. Issue:


James Harrison



Joseph N.

Sarah E. A.


E. A.

Thomas J

Martha C.


Laura Esther Hudson, AR


Note: 1850 Census, Crittendon Co., gives Vincent age 52; William A. 16; John M. 15; Mary E. 12; Mariah J. 10; James H. 9; Pudence V. 7; Caroline F. 5; Jasper N. 2; place of birth was not copied in this transcription, the census should be re-read. 1977 CFI records at the LDS Temple Library has Jonathan Newton McKinney and wife, Lenora Cosby in Stewart Co., could possibly be connected. The 1830 census was checked, unable to find Vincent, however 1840 Jefferson Co. Census gives: Vincent p 1; John Sr. p 1; Roberson; Joseph; Lampkin; Joel T.; Vincent p 10. Would suggest rechecking each census record as well as the IGI file at LDS Library.




Augustus McKinney, b 23 Sep 1792, SC, wife, Mary Annie Gillespie b 1794, NC, mar Sep 1823, Lancaster Co., SC, also lived Madison Co., TN, 1850. Issue:

Andrew Gillespie b 1832 SC, d 1886, TX, possibly others.


Peggy L. Broadway, TX




Nevin Nathaniel McKinney b Halifax Co., VA, mar Mary Claybrook, 2ndly Eliza Anne Claybrook, sisters. Children b Halifax Co., VA




Floyd Synder

Laura A.

Willie L.


Terry L. Chapman, WA


Note: No dates were given, however Floyd Snyder is mentioned as great-grandfather, ca 1860's?






Questions, Questions, Questions . . .





Nevin Nathaniel McKinney, wives Mary and Eliza Anne Claybrook, lived Halifax Co., VA, issue (listed in Surname Listings), Halifax, when Nevin b – d – mar? Siblings?


Terry L. Chapman, WA





Seeking info, William McKinney, Orangeman, emigrated from Co. Down, Ireland bef 1802, settled Ross Twp., Allegheny Co., PA, had issue:


William (1802 Ross Twp) d 1875 Pine Twp., Alleg. Co





Sharon Hillis, AK




Seeking info, Willie Elmus McKinney b 27 Sep 1809, d 11 Nov 1892, Lewisburg, Logan Co., KY, mar Wm. DeCoursey, II, called 'Billy'. Some families used Coursey. Family tradition says Willie Sioux Indian in part – parents? Either buried in Indian Territory or Anderson Coursey Farm, Lewisburg. Issue:



Cealy J.




Presley Edward

Pinky Ellen

James R.

Wm. Harrison



Carol Brown – No address given




Seek desc of Logan McKinney b 1833, Rockcastle Co., KY, wife, Mary Ann Collier. Issue:








Son, John Franklin d Greene Co., MO.


Logan's father said to be King McKinney. Any info on this family appreciated. Wife of King, Betherum?


Wilbert F. McKinney, MO





Need birthplace of Henry C. McKinney, b 6 Apr 1809, TN, believe Henry had sister Elizabeth, brothers David (twins), John and Jonathan. Henry mar (1) 1830 – 1831, TN. Dau Paralee b 19 Dec 1831. Wife d at birth of 2nd child. Married (2) Ann Moses 1835 – 1836, TN. Son, Robert b 7 Dec 1836. Ann d; sis Martha Mathews and Elizabeth Moses took Robert, resided Smith Co., TN and AR. Henry McKinney and dau Paralee removed to TX. Where Robert and Paralee born?


Eric A. Lawler, TX






Seeking info reg Wilson McKinney b ca 1784 and wife, Jemima, b ca 1790 of Burke and later Yancy Counties, NC. Wilson d Yancy Co. between 1834 and 1840. Probable issue: Samuel ca 1812 (Anna Burleson); William (Nancy Baker ?) and prob d 1837; Elizabeth b 1824 (Greenberry W. Young), d 1892. Tradition says at least 5 other children. Could his father have been Thomas b 1760 – 1765 and in Burke Co., NC by the 1790 Census?


Craig C. Emerson, VA





Need help; parents of Samuel McKinney b 1800 NC, in Burke Co., ca 1820 married Margaret ?, b 1801. Issue: William b 1823 d 1862, wife, Mary Burleson; Moses, b 1827, wife Elizabeth Slagle; Mary b 1828; Thomas, 1835 – 1862; James b 1837, wife Catherine Hughes. Samuel's mother prob Jemima ? b VA, 1773.


As above









Seeking info on the origin of Charles McKinney 1764 – 1774, d 1856 – 1859, in Western NC and described in the book Charles McKinney and Related Families, Estelena McKinney Harper. My wife descends from two lines of Charles McKinney – one from Nancy Triplett and one from Elizabeth Lowery, mar 7 Mar 1813, Burke Co. I would like to correspond with anyone who can add to the work of Mrs. Harper regarding the life and origin of Charles McKinney.


Craig C. Emerson, VA




Seeking info on siblings and pts of George Edward McKinney b 1 Aug 1817. 1870 IA Census states b IN. George mar Elvira Vaugh Ostrander or Elvina Ostrander Vaugh, Sep 9, 1850. According to census, Elvina b MO.


Ida MacFarland, MN




Seeking info W. Logan McKinney b 16 Jun 1833, Rockcastle Co., KY, wife Mary Ann Collier. W. Logan d 11 Jan 1917, issue:








            No daughters


Wilbert Franklin McKinney, MO





Hidden Genealogies . . .


Often, pertinent information regarding ancestor searching is 'hidden' in books written on collateral family lines. All too often, these books are privately printed, do not contain an index, or are held in obscure library collections that are difficult to locate. The quarterly will publish some of these as they become available through various research sources.


Slocums of America, Published 1882, Syracuse, NY, Charles E. Slocum, p 269:

Sarah Jeffrey, dau of Melissa Slocum, married Dr. John Jeffrey. Sarah b 18 Aug 1836, married in 1860, Robert McKinney, farmer, son of James and Martha McKinney of Southfield, MI. One son, Scott b 28 Nov 1866.


Timothy and Thoda Ogden Edwards, Wm. H. Edwards, 1903, p 49:

Catherine Gray McKinney, born in Binghamton, NY 5 May 1834, married Addison Tuttle Drake, 22 Feb. 1855, (born Effingham Drake), died in Kalamazoo, MI. Five children were b to this marriage, names not listed.


Siggins & Other Families, published, 1891:

A short time previous to their coming to this valley (?), the Holland Land Co. had appropriated lands north and west of the Allegeny River, previously known as Allegeny Co. Eight counties including Warren (PA) were formed from this tract by act of legislature, i.e., Erie, Crawford and Venango counties. One of the commissioners appointed by the governor to lay out the town in Warren, was John McKinney, a young and vigorous adventurer fresh from the Emerald Isle. He married Susan Arthur in 1842 and settled on a farm near Youngsville. 1863 Conscript's reception, J. G. McKinney and Barnabas McKinney was one of the first Methodist Church members in the area.







Bible Record


Miscellaneous Bible Records, John Benjamin McKinney Bible

Walter Harris McKinney, son of John McKinney, born 30 Aug 1812

Married Oct 22, 1835, Sarah Woodville Clayton

Robert Baker McKinney b 20 Feb 1849

Harriet Josephine McKinney b Dec 1846, d 27 Sep 1848

Son, John Benjamin McKinney b 16 Oct 1838, Tishomingo Co., MS

Wife, Malinda J. Knight, daughter of William and Elvira

Children: Ellie D. b 1868, Uka (Iuka ?), MS, married John Hendricks

John Edward Hatcher, born 1870, married Annie Tatum, Monual, AR

William Walton McKinney, born 1872, married Lizzie Walmsley

Carrie Linda, 1874, married Albert J. Cohen

Sallie, 1875

James Baker, 1878



Mordecai McKinney, Jr. and Agnes Bodine had children:

John baptized 9 Oct 1753, died young

Marytje, bap 27 Dec 1755

Catrina, bap 12 Feb 1758 – married Joseph Hall

John, bap 2 Mar 1760 – married Elizabeth Wyckoff

Mordecai bap 15 Apr 1764

Angenietje, bap 18 May 1766

Willem, bap 11 Jul 1768

Antje, bap 12 Aug 1770


Readington Church Records Egle's Notes & Queries, p 429, Vol. I, First and Second Series



John McKinney, bap 2 Mar, 1760, will probated in NJ, 1820, buried in Readington Churchyard, married Elizabeth Wyckoff. Issue:

Rebecca, married John Stephens, Rebecca bap 1788

Peter Suddiford, bap 1789

Mary married Abraham Rockefeller

Nicholas Wyckoff, bap 1797

Aletta Sudiford

Ann, bap 1794, married Gilbert Van Middleworth




John married second, Elshe ? names grandson, Isaac, will probated 1820, NJ.

Note: This family had been attributed to John, eldest son of Mordecai, but there seems to be adequate evidence that he was the son of Mordecai Jr. There may have been two additional children, Sarah, bap 1777 and Isaac, bap 1786 – further study of this family group is being undertaken. It is, however, apparent that the John, son of John bap 1714 followed his parents to NC in 1757 and did not remain in NJ. (Genealogical History of Our Ancestors, Kenneth & Anna C. Rutherford)






Continuing the information from Egle's Notes and Queries:


Annual Vol. 1897: p 180, Hanna's Graveyard, Cumberland Co., PA, Tombstone Inscriptions:


McKinney, David; b 1745, d 19 Mar 1819


McKinney, Janet Smith, wife of David, b 10 Oct 1757, d 11 Apr 1848. (David was the son of Joseph McKenzie/McKinney. Joseph is said to be buried in Hanna's Graveyard.


Annual Vol. 1900: p 9, Cumberland Valley Genealogy Notes


Josiah McKinney of Peter's Township, d Feb 1783. No wife mentioned, probably died before.


John Walter







A daughter married Mr. McCoy

Elizabeth married Samuel Patton

A daughter married Mr. McCullough


Executors: Son Walter and son-in-law, Samuel Patton. (See later article)


Third Series, Vol. II: p 295


John McKinney of Paxtang, died Nov 1749, leaving wife Jean, dau of Roger Cunningham and children:





Executors: my brother Matthew McKinney and brother-in-law Thomas Harris, my brother Henry McKinney.




The Josiah McKinne Family - Olive Batcher


Following is a shortened version of the material I have collected on the Josiah McKinnie line through the first four generations. The material was taken from a number of sources including three Bibles, Mr. Power's book, baptismal and marriage records of the Upper West Conococheague Presbyterian Church in Mercersburg (have been published), Abstracts of Wills, Bard and McCullough genealogies, and records at the Kittochtinny Historical Society in Chambersburg. Most of this research has concerned the descendants of Josiah's son, Walter. I am a descendant of Ellen Mary McKinnie (3c2). Mr. Power's book is My Maternal Ancestors, published in 1967 and still available from his daughter, Mrs. Mary Cadwallader, 1520 Steele Boulevard, Baton Rouge, LA 70808 ($40.00)


Josiah McKinnie is reported to have arrived from Carmoney, North Ireland, the year is unknown, but it was certainly before 1740. He died 20 Oct 1782 on his farm at Church Hill, Peters Twp, Franklin Co., PA. His wife, Isabella, died there 20 Apr 1777.


1. John McKinnie (Josiah) was born about 1741, probably in PA, and died 7 Oct 1827 at the age of 86 in Delaware Co., OH. He was buried in the Old Liberty Church Cemetery, Liberty Twp, Delaware Co. He married Catherine McCoy, dau of Robert McCoy of Peters Twp, Franklin Co., PA. Catherine died in Oct, 1785 in Peters Twp. Their six children were born in Peters Twp, and he moved to Delaware Co., OH in 1814.


1a. Josiah McKinnie (John, Josiah) was born 28 May 1767 in Franklin Co., PA died 22 May 1849, and is buried at Old Liberty Church Cemetery beside his father. He married Margaret Cellar, the dau of Thomas Cellar. Margaret was born 2 Feb 1771 in Cumberland Co., PA, baptized 7 Apr 1771 by Rev. John King in Mercersburg, d 8 Jun 1853, age 82 years in OH, also buried in Liberty Church Cemetery in Delaware Co. He moved to Delaware Co. before 1810.


1a1. Margaret Cellar McKinnie was b 1796 in Franklin Co., PA, d 1872







In Delaware Co. She married John Flenniken Dunlap, who d 1857.

Issue born of this marriage.


1a2. John McKinnie (Josiah, John, Josiah) was b 25 Oct 1798 in Franklin Co. and d 22 Aug 1858 in Delaware Co., OH, married Eliza Talley, who was b 24 Mar 1800, d 23 Feb 1882. Issue born of this marriage.


1b. Mary (Polly) McKinnie (John, Josiah) was b 13 Jan 1769 in Franklin Co., PA, d 21 Dec 1849, buried on the family farm in Delaware Co., OH. The monument for Mary and her brothers, Robert and John, were later transferred to Oak Grove Cemetery in Delaware Co. Died unmarried.


1c. Robert McKinnie (John, Josiah) was born 16 Jan 1770, baptized 2 Apr 1771 by Rev. John King in Mercersburg, PA, d 20 Apr 1848 in Radnor Twp., Delaware Co., OH. Never married, buried on the family farm.


1d. John McKinnie (John, Josiah) was born 12 Jul 1773 in Franklin Co., PA and died 17 Jan 1861 in Radnor Twp., he never married, buried on the family farm (as above)


1e. Isabel McKinnie (John, Josiah) was baptized in May, 1779 by Rev. John King in Mercersburg, died in 1799 in her 18th year.


1f. Walter McKinnie (John, Josiah) was born 23 Apr 1783 in Franklin Co., baptized 12 May 1783 by Rev. John King in Mercersburg, PA, and died Mar 8, 1845 in Zanesville, Muskingum Co., OH. On 26 Oct 1816, he was married to Elizabeth Smeltzer in Zanesville by Christian Spangler, JP. She was born 29 Dec 1789 in Maryland, and died 8 Dec 1880 in Zanesville. They were buried in Putnam Cemetery.


1f1. March McKinnie (Walter, John, Josiah) died 2 Oct 1897 in Zanesville.


1f2. Robert McKinnie (Walter, John, Josiah) was born 2 Jan 1818 in Zanesville, and d 5 Nov 1871 in a riding accident in Delaware Co., OH. On 30 Nov 1843 Robert McKinnie and Margaret Alexander Dunlap were married in Delaware by Henry Van Deman, MG. Robert and his wife were buried in Oak Grove Cemetery in Delaware Co. Issue of this marriage.


1f3. Elizabeth McKinnie (Walter, John, Josiah) was born 10 Feb 1822 in Zanesville, and died there 2 Mar 1911. On 20 Jun 1844 she married William Munch in Zanesville. The couple lived in Putnam, OH. There were children born to this marriage.


1f4. Martha Ann McKinnie (Walter, John, Josiah) was born 14 Oct 1824 in Zanesville, and died 1 Aug 1898 of pneumonia in Liberty Twp., Delaware Co., OH. She was married to Julius C. Springer, 24 Oct 1848 by S. Brown, MG. Julius was born 6 Feb 1825 in Zanesville, the son of Jacob and Catherine Springer, and died 31 Jul 1876. They were buried at Hillsboro Cemetery, Highland Co., OH. Their two children never married.


1f5. Josiah McKinnie (Walter, John, Josiah) was born 6 May 1826.


1f6. Isabell McKinnie (Walter, John, Josiah) was born 9 Mar 1830 and died 23 Nov 1858 (?).


1f7. Catherine McKinnie (Walter, John, Josiah) was born 20 May 1833 and died 13 Jan 1853 (?).


1f8. Walter McKinnie (Walter, John, Josiah) was b 5 Apr 1836








2. Josiah McKinnie (Josiah) was killed by a team of horses enroute home from Baltimore, MD, 1 Jun 1774 (8)


3. Walter McKinnie (Josiah) was born about 1748 in Chester Co., PA and died on 20 Aug 1806 at his farm near Mercersburg, Franklin Co., at the age of 58. He married Jane Rusk, the daughter of Mary (Glendening) Rusk, in 1790. Jane was born near Derry, Ireland in 1770, and died in Franklin Co. about 1849. Jane's father had taken ill and died as they were preparing to immigrate to America. Jane was just six weeks old when they sailed (Jane's bachelor uncle, Alexander Glendening, died in Feb 1812 in Peters Twp., Franklin Co.).


3a. Josiah McKinnie (Waltter, Josiah) was born on 18 Aug 1791 in Church Hill, Franklin Co., bap on 2 Oct 1791 by Rev. John King in Mercersburg and died 20 Nov 1836. On 22 Sep 1814, he was married to Eliza Campbell by Rev. David Elliott in Mercersburg. Eliza died 25 Sep 1836.


3a1. Walter McKinnie (Josiah, Walter, Josiah) was born 13 Sep 1815 near Mercersburg, and died 8 May 1899 in Washington, IA. On 28 Jan 1841, he married Elizabeth Ann Miller, dau of Abraham Kendall Miller and Elizabeth Endicott. They had daughters.


3a2. Frances Caroline McKinnie (Josiah, Walter, Josiah) was b 22 Mar 1817 and d 14 Dec 1820.


3a3. Patrick Campbell McKinnie (Josiah, Walter, Josiah) was born 2 Jun 1819 and d 2 May 1879. On 16 Feb 1842, he married Nancy Ann Miller. She was b 29 May 1823 and d 22 Jul 1868. Issue of this marriage.


3a4. James Bales McKinnie (Josiah, Waltter, Josiah) was b 4 Jun 1821.


3a5. Isabella Jane McKinnie (Josiah, Walter, Josiah) was b 30 Apr 1823 and d 28 Feb 1909. On 10 Sep 1840 she married Memorial Miller.


3a6. Josiah Franklin McKinnie (Josiah, Walter, Josiah) was born 19 Aug 1826. He served in the army in the Mexican War.


3a7. Robert Stockton McKinnie (Josiah, Walter, Josiah) was b 1 Mar 1828.


3a8. Anna Mary McKinnie (Josiah, Walter, Josiah) was b 21 Dec 1830 and died 9 Jan 1864. On 31 Oct 1849 she married Samuel Conner.


3b. Robert McKinnie (Walter, Josiah) was b 31 May 1795 near Church Hill and d 6 Apr 1882 in Mercersburg. On 5 Feb 1824 he was married to Elizabeth Waddell by Rev. David Elliott in Mercersburg. She was b in 1800, the dau of Thomas and Catherine (Long) Waddell and died 10 Sep 1855. Robert and his wife are buried in Fairview Cemetery, Mercersburg.


3b1. Walter McKinnie (Robert, Walter, Josiah) d Jan 1826.


3b2. Catherine Long McKinnie (Robert, Walter, Josiah), married Michael H. Kieser.


3b3. Sarah Jane McKinnie (Robert, Walter, Josiah) was b 4 Dec 1828, d 6 Feb 1921, and was buried in Fairview Cemetery, Mercersburg.


3b4. William A. McKinnie (Robert, Walter, Josiah) was b 2 Feb 1831 and lived in Greencastle, PA. On 6 feb 1856 he married Mrs. Mary Jane Rhodes, the dau of Alexander and Mary bard McDowell. Mary Jane b 1835 in Peters Twp., d 6 Dec 1856 in childbirth at the age of 21 years, 6 months, 22 days, and is buried in Old Seceder Graveyard in Greencastle. Their son Erwin Alexander d about 10 months later and is also buried there. William mar Mrs. Salome Trout 2 Feb 1867, and had issue of this marriage.


(To be continued)








Ahnentafel - Mrs. Jack Henschen (Gloria)



1. Gloria Jane Fouts, b 6 Dec 1927, Chrisman, IL, mar 26 Jan 1952, Jack Conrad Henschen

2. Marion Lee Fouts, b 29 Apr 1898, Edgar Co., IL, mar 22 May 1926, Paris, IL

3. Alta Belle Barker, b 26 May 1904, Russellville, IL, d 22 Sep 1979, Danville

4. Andrew Jackson Fouts, b 12 Mar 1859, Vermillion Co., IN, d 26 Aug 1926, IL

5. Lucinda Jane Morris, b 9 May 1862, Johnson Co., IN, d 21 Aug 1954, IL

6. James Perry Barker, b 12 Jan 1869, Lawrence Co., IL, d 28 Jan 1936, Danville

7. Helen Adelia Williams, b 10 Jul 1865, Knox Co., IN, d 12 Nov 1926, IL

8. Harry Harrison Fouts, b 4 Apr 1814, Clark Co., IN Terr., d 17 Dec 1908, IL

9. Elizabeth D. Boswell, b 15 Jan 1822, Germantown, Stokes, NC, d 18 Oct 1909, IL

10. John Wesley Morris, b 26 Mar 1836, Monroe Co., IN, d 16 Apr 1893, IL or IN

11. Hannah Jane Procise, b 9 Jul 1839, Brown Co., IN, d 18 Oct 1919, IN

12. Francis Marion Barker, b 6 Jun 1844, IL or IN, d 31 Aug 1921, Russellville, IL

13. Cassandra Timms, b 29 Mar 1842, Lawr. Co., IL, d 11 Apr 1881, IL

14. William H. Williams, b 3 Sep 1838, Knox Co., IN, d 6 Dec 1913, Sumner, IL

15. Martha Belle Kidwell, b 1 Nov 1836, Knox Co., IN, d 16 Mar 1905, Sumner, IL

16. David Fouts, b 13 Apr 1780, Randolph Co., NC, d 23 Jun 1854, Washington Co., IN

17. Martha Parr, b 3/8 Oct 1783, prob. Rowan Co., NC, d 1822, Washington Co., IN

18. Garrett Boswell, b ca 1800, Albemarle Co., VA, d 8 May 1856, Audrain Co., MO

19. Martha Dowling, 179991876, Audrain Co., MO, b VA, mar 22 Nov 1819, Orange Co., VA

20. Presley Morris, ca 1787 VA or PA, d 12 Jan 1840, Johnson Co., IN, mar Pulaski, KY

21. Patience Burk, b 7 Oct 1798, Russell Co., VA, d 23 May 1853, Johnson Co., IN

22. Hiram G. Procise, b 26 Oct 1810 KY, d 13 Aug 1885, Edgar Co., IL, mar Mercer, KY

23. Mary Barnes/Burns, b ca 1811 KY, d 1898 Edgar Co., IL

26. William G. Timms, b 1813 Knox Co., IN, d 1855/60 Lawrence Co., IL

27. Elizabeth Saulsbury/Salisbury, b 1821, IL

28. Thomas Williams, b 19 Jan 1805 Knox Co., IN, d 31 Jan 1888, Knox

29. Louisa Smith, b 22 Oct 1814, Harrison Co., WV, d 4 Apr 1890, Knox Co., IN

30. Alfred C. Kidwell, b 25 Nov 1807, Madison Co., KY, d 6 Oct 1849, Knox Co., IN

31. Elizabeth Ramsey, b 25 Dec 1814, Knox Co., IN, d 31 Dec 1876, Knox Co., IN

32. Andrew Fouts, b 6 Apr 1751, Frederick Co., MD, d 1834 Randolph Co., NC

33. Rachel Merrill, b ca 175?, NJ?, d bef 1840, Randolph Co., NC

34. Arthur Parr, b 5 Jul 1758, Rowan/Guilford Co., NC, d ca 8 Apr 1833, Washington Co., IN

35. Mary Morgan, b 12 Feb 1766, d 1837, Washington Co., IN

36. William Boswell, b 1770-1773 VA, d bef Aug 1849, Lawrence Co., MO

37. Margaret Marshall, b ca 1773, MD, d ca 1860, Lawrence Co., MO

42. Henry Burk, b 8 Aug 1758, Augusta Co., VA, d May 1840, Decatur Co., IN

43. Mary McKinney, b 7 Jul 1768 VA, d 6 Jun 1844, Decatur Co., IN

52. James Timms, d 1836 Lawrence Co., IL

53. Mary (Polly) Reeves, d ca 1840 – 1850 Lawrence Co., IL

56. William B. Williams, 1775 – 1780 VA, d 1846 Knox Co., IN

57. Cypress Welton, ca 1778 prob Hampshire Co., WV, d 1823, Knox Co., IN

58. John Smith, 1792 Harrison Co., VA, d 5 Mar 1855, Knox Co., IN

59. Hannah Davisson, 17 Oct 1796 KY, d 1858, Knox Co., IN

62. William Hazleton Ramsey ca 1780, d 1839 Knox Co., IN

63. Susannah Hall

64. Michael Fouts, b ca 1724 Rohrback, Rhenish Palatinate, Germany, d 1803 Randolph Co., NC, m 1746, Germany Tsp., York Co., PA








65. Catherine Varner, b ca 1717, German/Switzerland/Holland, d bef 1800, Randolph, NC

66. William Merrill, b ca 1730, Hunt Co., NJ, d ca 1780, Randolph Co., NC

67. Mary Cornell, b ca 1724, NJ, d 15 Aug 1813, Randolph Co., NC

68. Arthur Parr, d bef 7 Feb 1764, Randolph Co., NC

69. Margaret Wright, d aft 1807

70. James Morgan

71. Molly Davis

72. Matthew Boswell, d ca 1810, Albemarle Co., VA

74. William F. Marshall, d 4 Jul 1825, Albermarle Co., VA

75. Elender

84. Thomas Burk, d c 1787, VA

85. Clara Fleming (?)

86. Collin McKinney ca 1735, Somerset Co., NJ, d 1811, Pulaski Co., KY

87. Sarah Boone/Margaret Finley, Widow, Rebeccah

106. Abner Reevers

107. Elizabeth

114. William Welton, d ca 1815, Knox Co., IN

115. Mary, d Jun 1822, Knox Co., IN

116. James Allen Smith, b 30 Jun 1773, Harrison Co., VA, d ca 1835, Harrison

117. Sarah Cutright

118. Josiah Davisson, 1767-1845, Harrison Co., VA

119. Lucretia Shinn

124. Aquilla Ramsey, ca 1768, d 1831 Knox Co., IN

125. Hannah Hazleton, 1785 –

128. Jacob P Fautz, d aft 1762

129. Anna Magdalena

130. Hans Adam Varner

131. Catharina

132. William Merrell, d 1740 Hopewell, NJ

133. Penelope Stout, d 11 Jul 1776, Hopewell, NJ

134. William Cornell, ca 1693, Hemstead, Long Island, NY, d 1749, Hopewell, NJ

136. John Parr, b England

138. Richard Wright, d 7 Feb 1785, Rowan Co., NC

139. Ann

168. William Burk, d 16 May 1754, Augusta Co., VA

172. Daniel McKinney, 1717 – 1808, Somerset Co., NJ

173. Margaret Coffee, d 10 Apr 1809, Somerset Co., NJ

228. John Welton, 1712 – 1767

229. Jane, b 1714, Wales

232. Aaron Smith, 1753 – 1826, Harrison Co., VA

233. Sarah Allen, 1753 – 1833, Harrison Co., VA

236. Andrew Davisson, ca 1722 – 1811, Pulaski Co., NJ

237. Elizabeth

238. Benjamin Shinn, 1731 – 1791

239. Ann Rees, d 1809 Harrison Co., VA

248. William Ramsey, b Caven Co., Ireland

249. Elizabeth

250. James Hazleton, d bef 1824, Knox Co., IN

251. Elizabeth

264. William Merrill, ca 1677, England, d 1724, Hopewell, NJ

265. Grace








266. James Stout, ca 1650, Gravesend, Long Island

267. Elizabeth

268. John Cornell, b ca 1693

269. Hannah Smith

336. John Burk

344. Mordecai McKinney, ca 1680/1759, Lebanon, Hunt., NJ

345. Marietje Sebering, ca 1685/ca 1759 Lebanon Tsp., Hunterdon Co., NJ

464. James Smith, b 1732, Trenton, NJ, d 1817 Hampshire Co., VA

465. Anne Parke, 1733 – 1754 ?

466. Joshua Allen

467. Elizabeth ? Barnes

472. Josiah Davison, 1692 – 1759, Ipswich, MA to Middlesex Co., NJ

473. Mary Skelton

476. Joseph Shinn, 1702 – 1759

477. Mary Budd, b ca 9 Sep 1704

528. Richard Merrill, 1642 – 1727, Staten Island, NY

529. Susannah Wells, 1649 – 1722, NY

532. Richard Stout, 23 Oct 1705, Perth Amboy, NJ

533. Penelope Kent

536. Thomas Cornell

537. Sarah Earle

690. Jan Roelofson Sebring, b ca 1631, Holland, d 1703 NJ

691. Adriana Polhemius, CA 1644 – 1685

930. Roger Parke, 1664 – 1755

931. Abigail Horton

932. William Allen, d 1798 Hunterdon Co., NJ

944. Daniel Davison, 1662 – 1703, MA to Stonington, CT

945. Sarah Dodge, 1667, Beverly, MA - ?

952. James Shinn, b 1697 Burlington, NJ

953. Abigail Lippincott, b 16 Dec 167?, d 1723 Northampton Tsp., Burlington, NJ

954. William Budd

955. Elizabeth Stockton

1072. Thomas Cornell, 1595 – 1655

1073. Rebecca Briggs, 1600 – 1673

1380. Roelof Lucasson Sebering

1382. Rev. Johannes Theodorus Polhemius, 1598 – 1676

1383. Catharina van der Werven

1862. Joseph Horton, 1625 –

1863. Jane Budd

1888. Daniel Davison, 1630 – 1693

1889. Margaret Low, b ca 1635

1890. John Dodge, 1631 – 1711

1891. Sarah Porter, 1646 – 1706

1904. John Shinn, ca 1632

1905. Jane

1906. Restore Lippincott, 1653 – 1741

1907. Hannah Shattuck

1908. William Budd

1909. Ann Claypool

1910. Richard Stockton








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