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Founded, September 1981 as a non-profit, educational association and library, dedicated to researching, preserving and collecting historical and family data. To assist and instruct in genealogical research and to publish private and public records and educational articles. Bylaws and Constitution adopted October 1981.



Officers:                      Barbara Pannaqe Stanfield, Coordinator

                            Annabel McKinney Rowe, Treasurer

            Patricia McKinney Kirkwood, Secretary-Editor


Committees:                Wilma Cook – Indexing

                                    Melba Johnson – Nominating

                                    Willa Sorenson – Nominating

                                    Rosalie Jackson – Nominating

                                    Alice McKinney-Fisher – Pedigrees


From The Editor's Notes - -

            This fourth issue of our quarterly publication will continue listing Virginia research material and sources along with the usual book reviews, queries, and other materials. If a red check-mark (x) appears on the cover of your issue, your subscription/membership is renewable for the forthcoming year, 1983/1984.


            We have still not been granted non-profit standing, and are continuing to work toward this goal. Our work is continuing to be recognized with the interest shown by several major organizations . . the New York Public Library and the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. We have received an exchange publication – the KYOWA Genealogical Society of Huntington, WVA. Those of you who would like to use these quarterlies may borrow them on our loan program. We have added several new titles to our library this past two months:


            Land Records of American/Military Records of America/Census Records of America,

            (One Volume), E. Kay Kirkham


            The Scottish Clans and Their Tartans, Johnston & Bacon


            Handy Index to the Holdings of the Genealogical Society of Utah, Vol. I Eastern States: Everton


            We do not have reports from our professional researchers for this issue, due to the holiday season, however, our Spring 1983 issue will contain reports, as well as a cumulative index to our first year's issues.







            There are many fallacies regarding research in the State of Virginia. Many sources are overlooked and one hears the familiar courthouse burned paraphrased over and over. True, but often overused as an excuse for not doing one's homework. Following are both printed sources and resource centers for the genealogist who is seriously researching in Virginia (many of us expect it to fall into our laps as manna from heaven).


            Swem's – Virginia Historical Index

            Stewart – Index to Printed Virginia Genealogies

            Virginia – Virginia Books and Pamphlets Presently Available (State Library)

            Nugent – Cavaliers & Pioneers, Abstracts of Land Patents & Grants

            Genealogical Publishing Company – Genealogies of Virginia Families, 5 Volumes

            The Virginia Genealogist

            William & Mary Quarterly

            Virginia Magazine of History & Biography

            The Southwest Virginian

            Tyler's Quarterly


There are many others, of course, including Federal census publications and other biographical material. The researchers should familiarize himself with all publications and materials before attempting a trip or library utilization. A good source of information is Genealogical Books in Print, Nellie Schriener, Yantis, as well as pamphlets and advertisements from the various genealogical publishing houses. Some useful Virignia resource addresses are:


            Virginia State Library, 12th & Capitol Streets, Richmond, VA 23219

            Virginia Historical Society and Library, 428 North Blvd., Richmond, VA 23221

            State Dept of Health, James Madison Bldg., PO Box 1000, Richmond, VA 23208


There are four categories of records, which should be known to persons undertaking research in Virginia: local county and municipal records; Colonial and state level records; church records; personal records.


Local Records:


            Original records are kept in the custody of local officials. The Virginia State Archives has microfilm copies of major local records to 1865. Research in post-1865 records must be done in the county court houses and in the city halls of municipalities. Microfilm of local records in the State Archives is limited to recorded volumes. Loose records are kept in local custody and are not microfilmed. Such loose records as have been retired are not now available, and it is unlikely that they will be available in the near future. In Virginia, marriage bonds remain in the county where they originated. The State Archives has photocopies of surviving marriage bonds, but no originals.


            The way in which records are kept varies from county to county, although the basic forms are standard. Burned Out counties are numerous, but some information may be retrieved from other places. Parish records exist for all but two Virginia counties, and they do much to supplement what would otherwise be an intolerable situation. Generally, it is the counties in the peninsula around Richmond whose records have been lost. Very few of the records were destroyed by Federal forces. Outlying county records were sent to Richmond for safekeeping during the Civil War, and were destroyed in a great fire. The following items will give a general idea of the losses of records in various counties:



Lost a number of records in an 1892 fire – some known Baptist Church records.



Total destruction in 1885, there are no known church records available, some deeds were re-recorded in 1885.



Fire loss during the Civil War and again in 1869, a few scraps of church records are located in Huntington Library in San Marino, CA.



Destroyed in 1836 and again during the war, a few records surviving from both, but somewhat mutilated. A few Christian Church and Quaker records are available.


Charles City:

Lost when scattered in the woods during a rainstorm, following a raid on the courthouse by Federal troops. Some have been returned to the county by souvenir hunters. Post 1800 Episcopal records and some Quaker records survive.



No large loss of records, although some were destroyed in an 1836 fire and a few Episcopal records are available.


Elizabeth City:

Several destructions of records, however, the vestry book of Elizabeth City parish survives.



Practically no early records, many destroyed as early as 1821. Abingdon Parish records saved from 1678 and have been published.



Destroyed in 1865 in Richmond with the exception of original volumes, which had been transcribed and retired. Only transcribed copies were sent to Richmond for safekeeping.


James City:

Irretrievable losses. Surviving records furnish a typescript only one half inch thick, all else has been destroyed. Williamsburg and Bruton Parish records are the only survivors.


King William:

Destroyed in 1885 fire, however seventeen damaged will books were saved.


King & Queen:

All lost in a Reconstruction fire with the exception of a few early 19th century volumes. Some Quaker, Christian Church and Baptist records are available.



All destroyed except a few fee books and 1890 records.



Total destruction in 1866, however fee books for a few years were located in another county: 1789-1825, 1836-1837, 1846-1849, 1851-1852, a few Episcopal, Quaker and Baptist records.


New Kent:

Destroyed in 1787 by John Posey and again in 1865 by Federal forces. Blitchenden and St. Peter's Parishes survive.


Prince George:

Destroyed during the Civil War, some from Bristol Parish survive, and Baptist records to 1815 are available.


Prince William:

Some destruction, but more than most of the burned out areas. Episcopal and Baptist records from 1794 are available.



Few early records, some Baptist records after 1766, and St. Paul's Parish records.



Destroyed during the war and earlier, a few fragments exist and are indexed.


The kinds of local records are wills and deeds; marriage, bonds and licenses, and records of dissenters.



Colonial Virginia and State Level Records:


            Often these are records which were created at the county level, but which were sent forward in compliance with law, the principal records of use to genealogists are land office records, tax lists and lists of tithables, military records and census records. The State Archives has such records as have survived from Jamestown and Williamsburg and they chiefly represent only the top echelons of government and for the most part mention only dignitaries who can be easily found in other records. Records relating to Virginia found in the PRO (London), have been microfilmed and at present, there are more than fifty reels available. Copies of the microfilm are located in Williamsburg, the University of Virginia, and the Historical Society of Virginia.


            Tax lists for a few counties have survived, but for the most part, this series of records is fragmentary and incomplete. Personal tax records are more useful for genealogists than are land tax records. Males aged sixteen and upwards should appear on these lists, however, the first appearance on a list may not indicate the age of 16. These records can help identify a person or help to understand the division of an estate and reflect lifestyles, including specific taxable items such as horses, wheels, pictures, clocks, books, etc.


            Land records, the earliest of which is dated 1619, for the most part begin about 1623 and comprise more than forty two volumes of patent books between 1623 and 1774, each of which is indexed. From 1634 to 1715 most patents of land are based on the headright system. Most imported headrights were indentured servants, but one cannot always distinguish the family of the patentee from imported servants. Headright certificates were transferable, and a patent for headrights was not always claimed immediately. The Virginia land office was closed in 1774 and did not reopen until 1779. Grants of land for service in the French and Indian War were made after reopening and were for land in Western Virginia and Eastern West Virginia.


            Revolutionary military land warrants for Virginia Continental Line soldiers were issued for land in the Virignia Military District of Ohio. These records are now Federal Records.



Military Records:


            There are few available records for Bacon's Rebellion and the French and Indian War. Some surviving pay records for Lord Dunmore's War exist, including records of provisions taken in western North Carolina. Militia soldiers from that area (now Hawkins and Sullivan counties, Tennessee) were participants. These are known as the Pittsburg payroll and the Romney payroll. War of 1812 records contain little of use for genealogists, even the pay records leave much to be desired. A microfilm of the compiled service records of Virginia soldiers in the National Archives (Civil War) is available in the Virginia State Archives, as is the record of pension applications.



Church Records:


            Some Lutheran and German Reformed Church records are in fraktur and have not been translated. Anglican records pre-1776 consist of only seven or eight parishes, the balance of which can never be replaced. Some Bible records exist in collections in the Alderman Library at the University of Virginia, in the State Library and in the Historical Society.


                                                                                    By: P. Kirkwood

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Contributed by Barbara Martin Thompson


AUGUSTA CHURCH, Augusta Co., VA, record of Baptism 1740-1749 – John Craig, DD (West Augusta became PA in 1780), Fay Maxwell: 1975:


Andrew McKinney, baptized son, William, Dec 1, 1748.





            22 Mar 1793               Benjamin McKenny, Molley McKenny, Westoreland Co.

            29 Jul 1791                 George McKenney, Elizabeth MacGuire, Westoreland Co.

            19 Aug 1791               William McKenney, Frances McKenney, Westoreland Co.

            7 Dec 1791                  Gerald McKenney, Peggy Templeman, Westoreland Co.

            28 Dec 1796                Dianna McKenney, John Sanford, Westoreland Co.

                                                            Gerald McKenney guardian, gives consent

            12 Jan 1797                 William McKenney, Caty Sanford, Westoreland Co.

            24 Sep 1798                Vincent McKenney, Jane Wilda Edwards, Westoreland Co.

            24 Dec 1799                Gerald McKenney, Frances Sutton, Westoreland Co.

            22 Dec 1800                Hannah McKenney, James Figget, Westoreland Co.

            13 Mar 1802               Sally McKenney, William Robinson, Westoreland Co.

            1 Sep 1804                  Betsy McKenney, William Howsen, Westoreland Co.

            10 Jul 1805                 Barbary McKennney, John Jewett, Westoreland Co.

            16 Dec 1806                James McKenny, Sally Sutton, Westoreland Co.

            4 Aug 1804                 Caty McKenney, Samuel Templeman, Westoreland Co.

            10 Feb 1907                Gerald McKenney, Peggy Sisson, Westoreland Co.

            12 Aug 1813               Armstrong McKenny, Jane Stewart, Westoreland Co.

            15 Mar 1815               Allen McKennny, Alice (c?) McKenny, Westoreland Co.

            9 May 1816                 Caty McKenny, William G. Morris, Westoreland Co.

            26 Oct 1819                Susannah McKennney, William Anthony, Westoreland Co.

                                                            Judah McKenney & Letty, her parents, give consent

            29 Dec 1823                Gerald McKenney, Polly Christopher Lewis, Westoreland Co.

                                                            Dau. Of Edward D. Lewis

            7 Jan 1824                   Richard McKenney, Alice B. Potter, Westoreland Co.

                                                            Nancy, her mother, gives consent





            27 Dec 1792                James McKennee & Martha Wilkinson, Greensville Co.

            10 Sep 1828                Ann McKinny spinster & Henry Snyder, bachelor

            19 Aug 1784               William McKennie, Mrs. Sarah Garner, widow, Norfolk Co.

            24 Dec 1784                John McKenzie (?), Hester Jenning, Norfolk Co.

            29 Jun 1751                Edgar McKinney, Elizabeth Waller, Caroline Co.

            9 Sep 1788                  Mary McKinney, Francis Doty, Rockbridge Co., by Rev. William Graham





Vol. III, p. 68 – 70

John McKinney, will, plantationer, dated 24 Nov. 1760, names wife, Mary; sons Alexander, John. Daus. Mary, Margaret (Stuart), Ann, Sarah. Executors – wife, Mary, son John, neighbor John Phillips to make division of estate. Teste: Jno. Phillips, James Phillips, Charles Phillips. Proven Aug 1762. Executors qualify with Jno. Trimble.


            p. 175: 18 Apr 1786, John Davidson's estate appraised, 1773, Mar 13th. Paid John McKiney

            who married Ann, dau of deceased.





Vernon Holst

Note: Mr. Holst furnished a photocopy of In The Seventeen Hundreds – The McKinna Family, Ella B. Holst (no date of publishing given), to be used in the quarterly, however, space does not permit its inclusion in this issue, following is the genealogical material, extracted from the narrative.


A family named McKinna, from Scotland, I believe, settled on the James River in the vicinity of Richmond. Mr. McKinna married and had a daughter, Hannah, among other children & sons who apparently died young without issue. Hannah married Tiry or Tyra Jennings, their overseer. Hannah remarried after Tira Jenning's death. Archibald and James were the two sons born of this marriage. James remained unmarried. Archibald married Francis Trent, and they were the parents of twelve children. The first child was born in 1820.


Additional material included with this family record:


Bedford Co Land Purchase: Deed Book K11, p341; Indenture, 4 Nov. 1778, between Griffy Dickersons of Surry Co in NC, one part, and John McKinnie of Cumberland Co. in VA of the other, for 105 pounds, 365 acres in Co of Bedford, on both sides of Mollie's Creek beginning at Henry Bell's line on brnach . . to Wm. Read's line to Capt. John F. Patrick's line . . to creek to William . . line . . to said Henry Bell's line. Griffith Dickerson, his mark.


Wit. Test: Matthew Hutcherson, Robert Means, Henry Garrett, William McKinney. At court held for Bedford co., 27 Apr 1779, this indenture was proved by oath of henry Garrett, Wm. McKinney . . at court . . 17 apr 1801 . . further proved by oath of Matthew Hutcherson . . ordered to be recorded. J. Steptone.


Campbell Co. Deed Book 5, p. 188, John McKinney of Campbell Co. sold to Wm. Matthew 270 acrew for 300 pounds. Tract part of original granted to John Ormsby Clerk? (3,150 acres), between Mollies Creek and Meanses Branch, by John McKene (John McKine) and Sarah McKinney (her mark), 8 Dec 1800.


1834 Oct Court: Ordered that Lewis Franklin, John Pettrigrew and Nathan turner and Zacheus E. Cheatham allot to Hannah Jennnings, wife of Tyree Jennings dec'd., her third of a tract of land sold by her said husband to Geo. Steele and make report to court.


Bedford Court, 23 Feb 1768: indenture and livery of Seizin, acknowledged by John McKinney party thereto and Mary Wilkins his (she being privately examined), relinquished her right of Dower.


Deed Bk C-3, p 179, 22 Mar 1768, John McKinnie and Mary his wife of Co of Bedford, late of Co of Culpeper, 80 pounds, both sides of north fork of Goose Creek, said McKinney lately lived of John Burks.


Deed Bk B2, p 23; indenture 25 May 1760 between John Staples of Buckingham Co. atty. For John Dawson of one part and William McKinney of Bedford of the other part, 11 pounds to him in hand paid by said William McKinny for the use of said Dawson, estimated 200 ac on north side of Ivy Creek in Bedford, beginning at Col. Turpins where crosses said creek, then on line of Cotton Town Land . . Signed Jas. Cheetwood, John Staples, Isaac Woodward, William Woodword.


Deed Bk C-3, p 407, Wm. McKinnie and Mary his wife, parish of Russel Co. of Bedford to Francis Thorp same parish and county, 27 Feb 1770 93 pounds, 10 shillings, 200 acres (as above).


Deed Bk F-6 p 81; indenture, ___ day of ____ 1768 between Edmund Fair and Susannah his wife one part and Charles McKinney of the other . . both of Bedford Co . . 52 pounds, 150 ac in Bedford, waters of Fiddlers Creek, branch of Wolf Creek. Corner of Fair and Durret's line, south 40 degrees W 124 poles, N 70 degrees W97 poles to a Chestnut tree of mouth of branch, down Fiddler's Creek N 20 degrees W 104 poles, etc.


The above indentures seem to be the purchase of land by the same John McKinney that left the will to the fourteen children, which included daughter Hannah, wife of Tyree Jennings. This gives his approximate date of coming to Bedford Co. which was later incorporated into Campbell Co. While the preceding McKinneys could be of the same family, it is not known at this time if they are. John died 11 Jul 1807, and it is interesting to note that two witnesses to the inventory of his estate were Jessee and John Moorman . . who are later associated with the McKinney and Ballard families of Surry Co., NC and members of Westfield Monthly Meeting. John's will was dated 15 Oct 1805 and named:


            Wife Sally and children Charles, John, Henry, James, William, Jordan, Barbara, Fanny, Nancy, Daniel, Maryann (Hubbard), Sally (Gillian), Betsy (Blankenship), and Hannah (Jennings).


            John Jr. m. Hannah B. Hutcheson, 14 Oct 1793

            William m. Patsy Williamson, 17 Nov 1785

            James m. Kesiah Read, 18 Jun 1833, dau of Obediah Read

            Nancy m. Joseph Wilkerson, 10 Oct 1810

            Maryann m. John Hubbard, 29 Jun 1799

            Sally m. James Gillian 30 Jul 1800

            Hannah m. Tyra Jennings, 21 Apr 1792

            Daniel m. Rachel gilbert, 4 Jan 1788


Note:   Some of the preceding material was omitted – however, representative items were included in order to show relationships within this family group. Full citations are available to the reader upon request.



Change of Address:

            Mrs. Barbara Lam, MI

            Mrs. Miriam Schaefer, MO

            Ms. Bobbi Comstock, HI



Virginia Materials Extracted From The Work of Octavia Douglas, transcribed from the microfilm, Tennessee State Library by Willa Sorenson (Continued, Fall, 1982):


            James McKinney, Will: 16 Dec. 1840, to Betty young in consideration of services rendered in former days, a comfortable support and my negro girl. Remainder of property to my son Alfred McKinney and Thomas Baxter to be his guardian, with power to sell either of my two tracts of land known as (?) of Old Tract near High Shoals or Sharpe Trace near John McDaniels. Exe: Thomas Baxter, Thomas Vassod, jurat, Warton Amos, T. Amos.


            James McKinney, dau Susannah McEntire: Will of Aaron McEntire, 27 Jun 1827, wife, Ellender, Dau Susannah (McKinney) $200 worth of property which James and Susannah have already rec'd from me and must be counted as part of my estate. James signed petition as merchant for inspection of wheat in Alexandria, VA 1787.


            Joseph McKenney, will, May 6, 1791, Madison Co., VA: to my beloved brother, Henry, all lands in KY and NC. To sisters, Hannah and Elizabeth, to my four sisters $50 NC currency and to my honored mother I lend my negroes. To John Maxwell, my saddle and a good bridle and my hat.


            Francis McKennie witnessed will of William Lowery, Norfolk Co., VA 1686.


            John McKenney of Spotsylvania Co., died Aug 15, 1771.



Land Records:


            Charles Macceney, 124 acres, Cumberland Co., 1756, son of Alexander

            Alfred McKinney, court clerk, Scott Co., 1815

            Alexander McKenney, 296 acres, Henrico Co., 1688

            David, lived in District #7, 1816, Scott Co.

            John McKinney of Lee Co., Commissioner of the Court, 1814

            John Mackenny, Isle of Wright Co., 450 acres, 1694

            Francis Mackenny, 1694, Accomac Co., VA landowner

            Barnaby MacKinnie, 1702, Isle of Wright Co., landowner, son of Michael petitioned the assembly

In 1702 to ask permission to build a grist mill on black Creek in what was then Isle of Wright, afterwards Southampton. He later moved to Edgecombe Co., NC where he made his will in 1727. Dau Mourning m. John Pope.

            John X. Mackeney of Goochland Co. sold land to Sam Meredith 4 Jun 1735, located on Beaver Dam Swamp.

            Edward McKinney – will proved Berkely Co. 22 Feb 1796 named brothers, James, Coyle, Tulley, Coule, sister Mary


            John McKinney (1741 – 1825) m. Elizabeth Macdowell, dau of Joseph. Her sister Hannah m. George Chrisman of Rockingham Co., VA, Apr 1792. They are all buried in Nicholasville Cemetery, Jessamine Co., KY.

            Alexander McKenny was servant of William Murray, Augusta Co., VA 1754

            John McKenney, worked on road from Kings to Ch (?) O, Aug 1746 tithables

            John McKenny exempted from levy, Augusta Co., 19 Mar 1776

            John McKenney was vestryman in Monogalia area (Augusta records)

            John McKinney, 1785, received pension in consideration of wounds and injuries he received in public service, losing arm and disabled, unable to work, was allowed five pounds per annum, additional pension (Augusta records)

            John McKinney, administration of estate, 1792, to James, William and Eleanor McKenney

            John McKenny chosen as guardian by Thomas Cooper, 16, 1793

            John, son of James McKenny appointed constable, 1797

            John, 1749, South Branch area, vs James Rutledge for debt (John Kenny)

            James McKinney, Revolutionary War pay voucher 5th NC Regulars, signed by Anthony Bledsoe, recorded in VA payrolls

            Johnson McKinney, William McKinney, court action, Anthony Bledsoe signed, 1769

            James McKinney vs. John Thompson and wife, Susannah, 1769 court judgment

            John McKinney, Mar Court, 1796, lawsuit with John and Jane his wife, and others, no further details

            Isabella McKenny, widow of William, 1799, William Blair deposes, North Meeting House

            Alexander McKiney, John McKiney, overseers of the road from John Cample's 1753

            James McKenney bound to Paxton estate, 1754, Botetourt Co.


            Virginia State Line, no bounty lands, Docket 48, William M'Kinney, inf.; John M'Kinney, sol., artillery; John McKinney, sol., artillery; Robert McKinney, same; John M'Kinney, inf., Merdick M'Kinney, inf.; James M'Kine, sold., infantry.


Land grants, Virginia Commonwealth:

James McKenney, 1788, Harrison Co., 400 acres, Liber 3, p 84.

William McKenney, 1787, 367 acres, Harrison C., Liber 2, p 477

John McKinney, 1787, 41.7000 acres, Kanawha, Liber 1, p 127

John McKinney 1779, 103.594, Kanawa, Liber 1, p 529

*John was probably the John McKinney shown as McLindy in the test, who owned 400 acres at the mouth of McKinney's run, near Jane Lew (now Lewis Co.). Archibald McKinney owned 400 acres near the same area in 1776. (Monongalia Story, Earl Core).


            James McKinney vs Jno Thompson, Jos. Steel deposes, 1769 Augusta Co.

            John McKinney qualified as Deput Sheriff, 20 Aug. 1785, Augusta Co. 7 Dec 1790, Beverly Randolph certifies that John McKinney, about 33 yrs of age, late a private in the troop raised for an expedition against the Indians in 1774 and disabled by several wounds at the Battle of Point Pleasant in the service of VA, is continued pensioner at 15 lbs annum, commencing 1 Jan 1790. Note: See related item, according an increase in pension payment, above. Wounds shattered McKinney's thighbones.


Will: Andrew Duncan of Lincoln Co., VA, 25 Mar 1784, names sister Jean McKinney and dau, Jenny. Executor John McKinney of Augusta Co.


James McKinney of Orange Co., NC, land received from Francis Jones of Essex Co., VA, adm. Of estate of Margaret, widow of John McKenny of Essex Co., VA, Howell Jones being sole heir unto said John and Margaret McKennie, deceased Oct 18, 1745.


Morgan McKinney, Charles City Court, p 32, order to pay M. Mac for William Oliver 25 Feb 1658. Morgan owned land as early as 1727 in Prince George Co.




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William McKanney, County of Roane, Tennessee, sold a tract of land in Augusta Co. to Richard Dudley in the town of Mercerville, 11 Dec 1833. This citation was included with McKinney material to indicate the possibilities in name variance – which might account for the Roane co. TN McKinneys.



Washington County Virginia Research Notes:


1774 - John McKenney fought with Daniel Boone at Russell's Fort, Fincastle troops, was wounded several times


1782 - Mordac- (Murdock?) McKinney m Abigal Marrs, Montgomery Co records


1782 - Collin McKinney, taxpayer in Washington Co


1785 - Colin McKinney signer of petition regarding militia law


1785 - Washington Co petition of inhabitants of Clinch River, Mocason Creek, Powl's Valley, for the formation of Russell Co., signer James McKinney


1787 - Russell Co lower district, personal property tax, James McKinney, 1 tithable (over age 16)


1787 - Lambkin McKinney m. Sara Copely, Montgomery Co Records A19


1788 - James McKinney, taxpayer of Russell Co, formerly Washington Co (all marriage records prior to 1853 in Russell Co were destroyed)


1793 - John and William McKenney purchase lots sold in newly formed Harrisonburg, Rockingham Co.


1792 - Russell Co land tax, James McKinney, 235 acres


1793 - Personal property tax record – James McKinney-1, Johnson McKinney-1 land tax, James McKinney, 235 and 150 acres


1791 - Nov 5, 1791 – Joseph McKinney m. Eliza Copely, Montgomery Co A-40


Note: James McKinney continues to appear on the Russell Co tax lists until 1810, when he appears with James McKinney, Jr., William McKinney, John McKinney and Sidney McKinney (exempt because of age).



1802 - Virginia Judgment: Sep, A-R, commonwealth vs John Shelley, libel on James McKenney and his family, vis?, dau Mary Herdman, wife, Nancy, son, Thomas. James McKenney of parish of Bath, prosecutor.


1758 - Sarah Wilson m. James McKinney out of unity, Fairfax MM. James was of NC and Pendleton District SC. Their son Wilson m. Elizabeth Stevens in Bedford Co, Mar 27, 1780.


1816 - Russell Co will of James McKinney, probated in 1822, mentions wife Mary Elizabeth and children: James, John, William, Daniel, Charles, Louise and four others unnamed.


1825 - Scott Co will, book 2, p 30, will of John McKinney: wife, Sarah Harris McKinney, names dau Nanch (Smith), James Husband, Thomas Smith, Elizabeth (Dickerson), Winifred S., Sarah E. (Ramey) . . children of my dau Sarah Ramey deceased. Witnessed, Richard, John, Jonathan Hale.


1789 - Washington Co marriage, Susan McKinney, John Brush, Mar 8, 1789


1793 - Archibald McKinney, Susannah Bryant, Sep 10, 1793


1803 - James McKinney, Ann Crow, Jul 24, 1803 Washington Co


1806 - Collin McKinney, Rebecca Lane, April 10, 1806 Washington Co


1879 - Charles McKinney, Mary Beatie, Jun 18, 1879 Washington Co


1731 - Will of Thomas Blundall mentions dau Elizabeth mcKenne and son-in-law, William McKene


1729 - William McKenne and wife, Jane of Nominy, make joint will and leave lands to three sons, viz Gerrard, John, Daniel, also to son William, grandchild Kenne Williams; daus Deborah Marmaduke, Jane Williams, Mary Williams.


1738 - Daniel Crabb will mentions sister Lettice McKenney


1744 - Washington Parish, will of John Dodd leaves servant maid to Mary McKenney and husband John (dau of John Dodd)


1755 - William McKenne leaves estate to wife Elizabeth and then to unnamed children


1773 - Jeremiah Nash left stock to dau Mary Ann McKenny


1779 - Vincent McKenny will - lease of land to wife, Ann; son Rodham and wife, lease; balance of estate to unnamed sons and daughters


1784 - John McKenney, Sr., will, 12 May names sons Duke, Joseph; dau Barbara Moore; wife, Nelly.


1784 - Will of Gerrard McKenney names dau Lettice Porter; son Gerrard; daus Diana and Katy; dau Sarah; son Armstrong


1771 - Minutes of Botetourt Co Court, p 142: This day came the parties by their attorneys and thereupon came also a jury to wit . . Nathaniel Evans, Abraham Chrisman, John Hannah, John Collier, John Potts, Adam Bears, Arthur Woods, Edward McKenny, who returned a verdict in favor of the defendant.


1782 - John McKinney recommended to his Excellency the Governor as a proper person to serve as 1st Lieut. Of the Militia of Montgomery Co.


1793 - Montgomery Co., Jacob Johnson, Mordecai McKinsey (?) and Joseph Terry exempted from payment of county levies


1793 - Mordecai McKinsey, grantor to John Preston, grantee for 150 acres on New River called horse Shoe Bottom


1779 - Daniel McKinny being first sworn view the road from the Court House the nearest and best way to James Kincannnons, with George Clark and Andrew Kincannon, Washington Co.


1779 - Apr 22 ordered that the main road be cut according to the report of George Clark, Daniel McKinney and Andrew Kincannon.


1781 - Ordered that Cullen McKinneys mark for his stock which is a swallow fork in the right ear and a half penny in the under side of the left be recorded. (Washington Co Court)




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I – Will of Charles McKinney, dated 1795, Mercer Co, KY


In the name of God Amen, I Charles McKinney of Mercer Co, of sound mind and memory do make and ordain this, my last will and Testament hereby revoking all other Wills and Testaments here to fore by me made, that is to say I give and bequeath unto my son Charles McKinney of Charlotte Co, VA one negro girl named Bett and her increase. I give and bequeath unto my son William McKinney the sum of twenty pounds current money of KY. I give and bequeath unto my son Josiah McKinney two negroes Vize: Sall and Rachel and their increases I give and bequeath unto my son Abraham McKinney one tract of land in Lincoln Co, containing three hundred and ten acres adjoining Col. Whitleys (Whitney) land with two negroes Vize: Amey and Will and their increase. I give and bequeath unto my daughter Judith Lawrence one negro woman named Jenny and one negro girl named Mary and their increases (which negroes are already delivered) with all the other property she has already received from me. I give and bequeath unto my daughter






Elizabeth Lawrence one negro woman named Moll and one negro girl named Hannah and their increase which negroes have already been delivered with all the other property she has already received of me. I give and bequeath unto my son Rane McKinney one tract of land in Logan County containing three hundred and one odd acres adjoining the land of Stephan McKinney deceased. I give and bequeath unto my son Peter McKinney one tract of land in Logan Co, containing two hundred acres, it being the land I purchased of Adams. I give and bequeath unto my son James McKinney one tract of land containing about five hundred acres on Twin Creek and thereabouts on the North side of Kentucky River, it being my part of land located by William Stafford for Walter (Walton). It is my will that all my estate not here to fore given and which is on the plantation whereon I now live shall be kept together under the personal guidance and direction of my son Rane McKinney for which superintendence and management of my said son Rane shall receive one third part of the net profit that shall be made and raised on the said plantation until the first day of January after my son James arrives at the age of twenty one years and my sons James and Daniel Fuquay shall be maintained and educated in a proper manner until the son James comes of age and at the first day of the January after the said James comes of age I give and bequeath unto my said son James two negroes, Vize: Isaac and Nan and their increase, also a Roan colt I purchased of James Speed, one good saddle and Bridle with one good feather bed and furniture, also it is my will that my said son James shall receive at the same time one third part of the net profit of my said estate made on my said plantation deducting the money that may have been expended on his education. It is my will farther that the remainder of my said estate on my said plantation whereon I live shall still remain under the care and direction of my said son Rane and be kept together as if I were living until the first day of January after my son Daniel Fuquay is of age and my son Rane for his superintendence and management shall receive one half of the net profit made there in until after my son Daniel Fuquay comes of age. I give unto the said son Daniel Fuquay the following negroes, Vize: Fan, Micajah, luck and Beck, one horse worth twenty five pounds, one good saddle, one bridle with one good feather bed and furniture, also the land on the plantation whereon I now live containing about two hundred and six acres. In the meantime my said son Daniel Fuquay shall be well maintained and educated and at the said first day of January next after he comes of age he shall receive all the said net profit made on the said estate except what is allotted to his brothers Rane and James. Its my will that my son Peter McKinney be paid annually the sum of ten pounds current money by my Executors on the first day of every January after my death until my son Daniel Fuquay comes of age, which said annual sum of ten pounds shall be deducted out of the profits of my said Estate given to my son Rane and James and Daniel Fuquay. It is my will that after my son Daniel Fuquay comes of age that there shall be delivered to Rane McKinney two negroes Vize: Call and Franky and that he possess their increase which negroes I give to my said son Rane at the same time I desire that my negro man Peter be delivered to my son Charles McKinney to whom I give the said negro on the first day of January after my son Daniel Fuquay comes of age. All my property not herein mentioned shall be sold including my stud horse, brood mare, cattle, sheep and hogs, household furniture, farming utensils and two hundred pounds of the money so raised by such sale be paid to my son Peter McKinney. It is my will that all my estates not heretofore given shall be equally divided between my sons Thomas, Josiah, Rane, Abraham, James and Daniel Fuquay McKinney and my two daughters, Elizabeth Lawrence and Judith






Lawrence. And I do hereby constitute and appoint my sons Rane and James McKinney Executors to this my last Will and Testament given under my hand and seal this day of 1795.



Charles X McKinney


Witness:         John Hopkins

                        Matthias Speed

                        ? Walker

                        Henry Speed



Shadrack Jackson McKinney (From Conda Roach, TN)

            Born VA, 1839, wife, Vesta Jane Carr

Bible Record in possession of author gives children:

            Mary Bell McKinney - Aug 11, 1865

            Nancy McKinney - Jane Feb 25, 1867

            George McKinney - Dec 4, 1868

            Mandy L. McKinney - Dec 15, 1871

            Talitha Ann McKinney - Mar 14, 1873

            William Aaron McKinney - Oct 8, 1875 – Oct 21, 1949

            Isham McKinney - May 31, 1878

            Jackson McKinney - (faded)

            Mainard McKinney - (faded)


Shadrack is living in Claiborne Co TN in 1870, married to Vesta Jane Carr. He was also residing in Claiborne Co in Aug of 1862 when he was enrolled in the Union Army. He died in 1893 in Claiborne Co. National Archives records state that he was in service during the time he was married, but does not mention his first wife's name, on that she disappeared. Jane McKinney was found to be living in Claiborne Co. in 1850 and son Samuel and dau Amanda J. were living with the Cress/Kress family. Samuel had children: Selia S., James. Is it possible that Samuel is a brother of Shadrack?



Alexander McKinney had known brothers, Morgan Daniel, Charles and Thomas in early VA. Charles Macceney/McKinney bought land in Cumberland Co VA in 1752, left in 1761 and moved to Lunenburg and Charlotte Co VA where he lived from 1761-1784. He then moved to Lincoln or Mercer Co. KY where he resided until death in 1798. Charles' wife Maryann Chastain. Charles was born ca 1725 in Cumberland Co., VA and resided at McKinney Station, KY in 1793 when his son Stephen was deceased (from an Indian attach). Stephen's wife was Cathron Griggs. Charles' children were:


Charles McKinney, Jr.

William McKinney

Josiah McKinney

Rane James McKinney

Abraham McKinney

Elizabeth McKinney

Judith McKinney

Stephen McKinney

Peter McKinney

James McKinney (known as Major James McKinney who m. Levisa Whitley in 1798)

Thomas McKinney

Daniel Fuquay McKinney (See above will)



Rane McKinney m. 1st Tabitha Vardeman and 2nd, her sister Sabra Vardeman, residing mainly in Mercer, Lincoln and Wayne Counties, KY. Rane had children:


John Vardeman McKinney

Rane C. McKinney

William Franklin McKinney

James R. McKinney

Mary E. McKinney

Thomas McKinney

Joseph McKinney

Martha Ann McKinney

Tabitha McKinney

Louvisa McKinney

Ephraim P. McKinney

Charles McKinney

Son (unknown)






William Franklin3 Rane James2, Charles1, b 1800 in Wayne Co, KY, m. Mary Boone, Sep 9, 1821; removed to TN in 1845 and then to Andrew Co., MO, 1849-50. They had children:


            John Vardeman McKinney

            Mary Elizabeth McKinney

            Rane James McKinney

            Charles Boone McKinney

            William Franklin McKinney, Jr.

            Martha Ann McKiney

            Stephen McKinney

            And probably others.


            Note: See Missouri Pioneers, Bryan & Rose for further information.



Liam McKinney b probably Cork, Ireland ca 1710, son of Kathy and Sean McKinney, immigrated to the US in 1730, married Bernadette Bayles of VA. Seven children are known:


            William McKinney

            Mary McKinney

            John McKinney

            Patrick McKinney

            Isaac McKinney

            Collin McKinney


William McKinney m. Polly Burk of GA on 17 May, 1797. Had issue:


            Jane McKinney

            James Porter McKinney

            Polly McKinney

            Patience McKinney

            George Washington McKinney

            Teany McKinney

            Fleemon Burk McKinney

            Catherine McKinney

            William King McKinney

            John Watson McKinney

            Bayles W. McKinney

            Henry Holiday McKinney


Collin McKinney married Sally Burke Jun 14, 1770 and had children:


            John McKinney

            Josiah McKinney

            Pat McKinney

            Sally McKinney

            William McKinney

            Peter McKinney

            Henry McKinney

            Mary McKinney

            Ann McKinney

            Virginia McKinney

            Catherine McKinney

            Isaac McKinney (1782)


John Watson McKinney3, William2, Liam1, was born in Pulaski Co., KY in 1810 and married Rebecca Pittman, 2 Jun 1833. Known children:


            Silas Green McKinney

            Bayles Logan McKinney

            Serena Jane McKinney

            George Harrison McKinney

            Sarah Maranda McKinney

            John Bomer McKinney

            William Henry McKinney

            Daniel James McKinney

            Nancy Cathy McKinney

            Josiah Watson McKinney


Isaac McKinney3, Collin2, Lima1, was born in 1814, NC, m. Mary Elizabeth Baker in 1861. He moved from Knox Co., KY to Livonia Co., IN. Known children:


            John McKinney – b 1847, d 1900, m Lucinda Lee

            James McKinney – b 27 Mar 1850, d 1901, m. Sarah Hill

            Isaac McKinney – b 1855, m Felicia Crone

            Osborn McKinney – b 1849

            Henry David McKinney b 1857, m Harriet Sluder

            William W. McKinney – b 1860

            Daniel or Frances Marion McKinney - m. Mary Harvey b 1863 d 1934

            Mary E. McKinney – b 1867 d 1903, m Edward Brant


Isaac McKinney died in 1895 in Livonia, IN.


                                                                        From J. A. McKinney – VA

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James McKinney, b ca 1758, VA. Will dated Aug 1831, Will book A, p 70/71 Butler Co., KY, written Nov 28, 1830. James is buried in McKinney Cemetery, Cande Ridge Road near the Shiloh Church. Wife, Mary was living in 1830, and is buried in the same cemetery – marker still standing in Aug, 1977.




            Archibald McKinney – b ca 1785, VA, m 3 Aug 1813, Sarah Fugate, d Feb 1870

            William McKinney – b ca 1787, VA, m Elizabeth Martin, d 8 Jan 1866

            John McKinney – b ca 1795, KY, m 13 Mar 1817, Priscilla Fugate

            Michael McKinney – b 1798, KY, m Nancy Fugate, ca 1820

            George W. McKinney – b ca 1800, KY, m Rebecca Shelton, Ludina Davis

            James McKinney – ca 1806, KY m Lydia Hoten, d Jun 1878

            Mary McKinney – b 1811, KY, m James H. Bingham


Note: Have continuing generations of this family group for readers requesting information – send SASE.






Edward Garrett McKinney, b 7 Nov 1810, Rudy Springs, Campell Co., VA, son of Barbara McKinney and probably ? Dunwoody who were unmarried. Edward married Francis Perlina Martin 24 Nov 1830 in VA. Edward d 6 Jun 1861 in Breckenridge, Summit Co., CO, and Perlina Francis d 20 Aug 1899, Floris, Davis Co., IA.



            Martha Jane McKinney – b Jun 1834, Richmond, Henrico Co., VA, d 17 Feb 1907 m. Jackson Graham, 2 Aug 1853

            Alfred Green McKinney – b 20 Jun 1834, Richmond, Henrico Co., VA, d 30 Jan 1805 m. Eliza Jane Graham, 6 Oct 1853

            Mary Ann McKinney – b 18 Jun 1836, Gallipolis, Gallia, OH, d 14 Mar 1900 m Washington Fiedler

            Cynthia Francis McKinney – b 5 Feb 1840, Gallipolis, d 5 Dec 1905, m 3 Feb 1859, Daniel Egbert Kendrick

            Alvis McKinney – b 15 Aug 1842, OH, d 26 Jul 1845

            Jasper McKinney – b 26 Dec 1844, OH, d 26 Dec 1845

            Thomas McKinney – b 6 Oct 1846, Ottumwa, Wapello Co., IA, d 28 Jan 1913, m 6 Jul 1869, Louisa Ream

            Lucinda McKinney – b 22 Mar 1849, Ottumwa, IA, m 26 Mar 1868, William F. Davis, d 29 Jul 1925

Ewin McKinney – b 12 Aug 1852, IA, d 2 Sep 1852

            Sarah Elizabeth McKinney – b 1 Aug 1852, OH, d 22 Oct 1935, m Joseph Rousch, 19 Aug 1872

            Nancy Isabel McKinney – b 12 May 1855, Floris, Davis Co., IA, d 19 Nov 1871 m John Manuel Littleton

                        (above from bible record of Mrs. Mabel Arnold Brack, OR)



Rowlett/McKinney Bible Record

            Charles McKinney b 1755, d Feb 9, 1830, VA, m Susan Watkins. She b 1764, d 20 Dec 1816.




William McKinney – b Sep 6, 1781, d 16 Nov 1832, VA

Rhoda McKinney – b 19 May 1783

Elizabeth McKinney – b 28 Jun 1785

Joel McKinney – b 18 Aug 1787, d 26 May 1848

Charles McKinney – b 5 Jun 1789

Daniel McKinney – b 1 Dec 1792, d 4 Mar 1853

Thomas McKinney – b 12 Mar 1794

Samuel McKinney – b 2 Feb 1797, d 9 Nov 1857, m 13 Dec 1831, Charlotte W. Rowlett

Watkins McKinney – b 16 Aug 1799, d Aug 1830

John McKinney – b 1 Dec 1801, d 11 May 1854


Samuel McKinney and Charlotte W. Rowlett had children:


            Matthew Jouet McKinney – b 26 Dec 1822, d 4 Mar 1904, m Jane Bell Watson

            Charles McKinney – b 12 Aug 1825, d 5 Jul 1864, m Mary C. Cooke

            Susan McKinney – b 9 Sep 1827, d 1 Dec 1835

            Joel McKinney – b 25 Mar 1830, d 31 Aug 1897, m Susan Crump

            Elizabeth McKinney – b 12 Oct 1832, d 27 Aug 1840

            Daniel McKinney – b 10 Dec 1834, d 20 Aug 1859

            Caroline McKinney – b 29 Oct 1837, d 2 Oct 1842

            Sarah Ann McKinney – b 15 Apr 1843, d Sep 1919, m E. G. Ragon


                                    National Historical Magazine, pp 73, 74






Virginia Burials, Mrs. Glenda Dinsmore Ward


Cuffield, VA, McKinney – Carter Cemetery, located on Road 624. Rows begin on East side and all rows begin reading from the South side:


            Second Row:   James M. Young, 1820-1899

                                    Louisa McKinney Young, 1808-1885


            Row Four:       Sara McKinney Carter, 7-27-1816, 1-7-1882 adj to Allen Carter

                                    James McKinney, 7-23-1787, 5-7-1859

                                    Nancy McKinney 7-23-1787, 5-7-1859, data obtained at Court House, Parents were

                                                John and Sarah McKinney, b Surry Co., NC

                                    Rebecca Harris McKinney, 1860-1933

                                    W. Logan McKinney, 1866-1928


Other burials from collateral families - only McKinney and related transcriptions entered here:


            Nanie Bledsoe, 1898-1961

            D. B. Bledsoe, 1896-1959

            F. R. Bledsoe, 1871-1958


All buried in plots belonging to the McKinney family above. Also in row 5, McKinney lot, two slaves belonging to the McKinney family.


Note: James McKinney (above) and wife Nancy, recorded will in Gate City, VA, Book 4, p 7: names wife, Nancy, dau Louise young, son David, dau Sarah Carter and nephew Alexander Martin. Mentions land willed to him by his father, John McKinney, which was purchased from James Wallin.



Additional Unrelated Notes from Virginia Search:


Lee Co., Deeds, p 445, Jane McKinney, farmer, to John S. Bailey of Harland Co., (?) KY, 1849, 61 acres at Coxes' Creek.


Peggy McKinney of Lee Co., m 5 Apr 1851, Thomas Clarkson. She is buried in the Legg/Witt Cemetery in Keokee, VA.


Aaron Bartholomew McKinney, son of William Preston McKinney, grandson of Shadrack McKinney. Aaron b 12 Nov. 1880 in Surry Co., NC, d 25 Nov 1953, Forsyth, NC and buried in Primative Baptist Cemetery, Mt. Airy, NC. Shadrack was a pioneer settler of Lee Co., VA. Aaron m. Matilda Martin, Aug 1904. Had at least one son, Hampton, b 3 Jul 1923, NC.


John McKinney of Staunton, VA, had wife, Mary Campbell. Children were:


            Alexander McKinney, whose dau Mary, m James Boone Calloway

            Mary McKinney m Alexander McPheeters

            Martha McKinney m Hugh McPheeters (See Walker Genealogy, Maze, Sep 1982)



Virginia Military File Numbers


            Vincent McKenny, Private, Co 7, Col. Spotswood's Regiment

            Nevin McKinney, #W7431, wife, Sarah

            David McKinney, #R 6766, wife, Margaret

            Charles McKinney #S16477

            Dennis McKinney #S36110

            Charles McKinney, #S31852

            John McKinney, #W558, Wayne's War, wife, Hannah

            John McKinney, #R6768, 1774, wife, Polley

            John McKinney, #BLWT, 12385-100, no pap.



Margaret McKinney, b 1853, VA, d 1904 at Riverside, CA, she m Anthony Wayne Coleman – Siblings? Parents?






John McKinney, veteran of GA, b Amelia Co., VA and d Aug 25, 1837 in Lincoln Co., GA, m 1785, Katy? Had children: Nancy, b 1785, m John McCord


            Travis McKiney b 1787, m Patsy Leverett

            George McKinney b 1788, m Francis Maddia

            John McKinney, Jr. b 1791

            William McKinney b 1793


Probably several other children who were not recorded (Jessie Brown, OR)



Ritchie Co., WVA, Biographical Index:

            The McKinneys          Page 162         McKinney, Jane                      Page 168

            William McKinney      Page 162         McKinney, David                   Page 168

            Frances Piatt                Page 163         McKinney, Katherine              Page 169

            William, Jr.                  Page 164         McKinney, Sarah                    Page 169

            John Piatt                    Page 166         McKinney, James                   Page 169

            Jacob                           Page 167         McKinney, Jonathan               Page 337

            Hannah                        Page 167         McKinney, J. M.                     Page 607

            McKenney, James*     Page 167


                        *James McKenney listed in 1810 Census, Ohio Co., WVA

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George McKinney first of the name in Barbour Co. VA came from Ireland to VA and later to Overfield in what is now Barbour. He m. Mary James and their children were:


            Nancy McKinney m Jacob Talbot

            Sally McKinney m Samuel Talbott

            Margaret McKinney m Mr. Dennison

            Polly McKinney

            Joseph William McKinney m Mary Reed

            George McKinney m Margaret Harris (a daughter of Simeon Harris)


George McKinney had a family with the following names:


            Mary McKinney m Levi Phillips

            Hannah McKinney m Daniel Poling

            Sarah McKinney m Silas Talbott

            Nancy McKinney m George Phillips

            Elizabeth Phoebe McKinney m Joseph Poling

            Catherine McKinney m Hamilton G. Bartlett

            David James McKinney m Sarah St. Clair

            Rachel Bessheba McKinney m Thomas Pepper


James McKinney and Sarah St. Clair had children:


            Melissa Victoria McKinney

            Thaddeus G. McKinney

            Berthena McKinney

            Clinton T. McKinney  Cleophus J. McKinney

            Lair D. McKinney

            Florence McKinney

            William Delbert McKinney


William was b 1868 m Stella McDonald


Clinton T. b 1856, son of David James, m 1887, Lucinda A. Sturm.



Early Settlers of the Slab Fork, Barkers Ridge & Mullens Areas – WVA - Mary Keller Bowman, 1965


Joseph F. McKinney, Sr. of Mercer Co., b VA 1770, miller, and his wife, Elizabeth lived near Jeremiah Solesbury in Wyoming Co. in 1850. Joseph McKinney, Jr. b 1802, farmer and miller, married Martha Dillon and lived on Brushy Creek, Mercer Co. about 1848. They located in the Basin area of Wyoming co. Known children's names were:


            Samuel McKinney

            James McKinney – 1831, removed to MO

            Martha McKinney – 1834

            Joseph F McKinney, III – 1829

            William Anderson McKinney m Sophia Howerton


William Anderson McKinney and Sophia Howerton had issue:


            George McKinney

            Joseph McKinney

            William McKinney

            Thomas McKinney

            Sam McKinney

            Paris McKinney

            Jesse McKinney

            Morgan McKinney

            Martha McKinney

            Lucinda McKinney

            Harriet McKinney


Jesse Green McKinney m Emily Miller in 1850 and removed to KY. Rev. Ira McKinney b 1841, m Rebecca Meadows and had children:


            Joseph McKinney

            Henry McKinney

            James McKinney

            Victoria McKinney

            Margaret McKinney

            Annie McKinney

            Martha McKinney

            Mary McKinney

            Nancy McKinney


Lampkin McKinney b 1845 m Mary Ann McKinney, dau of Jourdon McKinney, Sr. and had children:


            Wayne McKinney

            James McKinney

            Lettie McKinney

            Harriet McKinney

            And Probably Others






Julia McKinney b 1825 m John Rinehart, b 1922. Children were:


            Glandon McKinney

            Hugh Green McKinney

            Emily McKinney

            Minerva McKinney b 1845

            Wilmuth McKinney

            Ellen McKinney

            Manda McKinney

            Rhoda McKinney

            Martha McKinney b 1847

            Julia McKinney b 1849


Jane McKinney m James Suttle.


Samuel McKinney, son of Joseph McKinney, Jr. and Martha Dillon McKinney, m Elizabeth Dillon. They had children:


            Mary J. McKinney b 1845

            John Wesley McKinney b 1848, Farmer and Justice of the Peace m Virginia Sizemore

            George Rinehart McKinney b 1850, Merchant m Victoria Blankenship

                        Robert N. McKinney

                        Laura Ann McKinney

                        Bee McKinney

                        Paradine McKinney

                        Walter P. McKinney

                        Jeanette McKinney

                        Elizabeth McKinney

                        Ellen McKinney

                        Bruce McKinney

                        George R. McKinney

            Rev. Samuel Mitchell McKinney m Sarah Cadle

                        Thomas McKinney

                        George McKinney

                        Luke McKinney

                        Alfred McKinney

                        Charles McKinney

                        Polly McKinney

                        Mary McKinney

                        Elizabeth McKinney

                        Martha McKinney

                        Lucy L. McKinney


Luke McKinney m Minta Basham


Hugh J McKinney m 1st, Via Cadle, 2nd Delilah Mills


Robert McKinney m Mary Graham


Joseph McKinney m Victoria McKinney


Nancy McKinney m William Blankenship


Martha McKinney m Crockett Akers


Polly Ann McKinney m Alfred, son of Jourdan McKinney, Sr.

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Walter P. McKinney, son of George Rinehart and Victoria, m Lucy L. McKinney dau of Rev. Samuel and Sarah McKinney. Their children were:


Elbert M. McKinney

Ethel E. McKinney

Kelly R. McKinney

Edna P. McKinney

Kesley P. McKinney

Lura E. McKinney

Fanny McKinney

Walter P. McKinney, Jr.

Verna M. McKinney

Lena L. McKinney


Joseph F. McKinney, III b 1828 m Florinda Howerton. Children were:


            John H. McKinney m Emily Rinehart in 1873

            J. Ruley McKinney m Virginia E. Lambert

            Reuben McKinney m Martha Ann Lilly

            Ellis McKinney m Adaline Kerren

            Juliet McKinney b 1850

                        And Probably Others


Jourdan McKinney, Sr. b 1817 m Nancy ?, in Mercer Co. They settled on Big Branch in Barkers Ridge. He was active in the promotion of Wyoming Co. and was one of the justices who organized the Wyoming Co government on Mar 22, 1850. He died suddenly while working on the second courthouse of Logan Co. and had children:


            Charles A. McKinney b 1837, Union Soldier

            George A. McKinney b 1840, Union Soldier

                        Charles and George both died of measles in a Confederate military prison.

            Alfred P. McKinney b 1843 m Polly Ann McKinney, dau of Sam McKinney

            Mary Ann McKinney b 1845 m Lampkin McKinney

            Elizabeth McKinney m Hiram Acord

            Abraham McKinney b 1847 m ? Johnson

            Jourdan McKinney b 1849 m Mary Ann Cooke dau of Wilson Cooke

                        He survived his wife for more than 32 years, lived with H. P. McKinney and died in 1936.


From Joseph F. and Jourdan McKinney descended the numerous families of McKinneys in Wyoming and adjoining counties. Their family reunion organized in 1931 and held annually in a park near the old McKinney homestead and mill, is one of the largest family reunions held in the state. The 1962 reunion was attended by 1500 persons from all over the US.



The Isle of Wight McKinneys, Continued.


William, Michael4, William3, Barnaby2, Michael1; b 1773 m Elizabeth Fulghum, d 13 Jan 1816. Issue:


            Barnabus McKinney

            William P. McKinney

            Railford McKinney

            John R. McKinney

            David Fulghum McKinney

            Arthur McKinney

            Mary McKinney

            Richard McKinney

            Zilphia McKinney


He married second, Barbara Herring, and some of the children removed to TN.



John, Michael4, William3, Barnaby2, Michael1, b 1721, m Elizabeth Pope, 1748. Issue:


            Barnaby McKinney

            Elizabeth McKinney

            Mike McKinney

            John McKinney

            David McKinney


David, William Jr.4, Michael3, Barnaby2, Michael1, b 1773, d 1 Oct 1800, m Mary Wooten, she latter married Charles Jenkins. Two children:


            William McKinney b 1795

            Mary McKinney


Alice McKinney dau of William McKinney, Jr. m Arthur Fulgham.


Zilpha McKinney, dau of William McKinney, Jr. m William Fellows.


Michael McKinney, son of William McKinney, Jr. had children:


            William McKinney     

David McKinney

            Julia McKinney

            John McKinney

            Elizabeth Reeves

                        And Probably Others






Richard, b ca 1779, d 1823, son of Richard and Sally Fellows, had issue:

            Ann m Elisha Hood/Pood

            William L.

            Charity (Simpson)

            Henry, d before 1825


John, son of Richard and Sally Fellows, b Wayne Co. NC, d 1841, m Olive ?, d 1840, removed to Green Co., AL ca 1820, the Hardeman Co., TN, to MS, ca 1837. Issue: William Coleman 1814; Elizabeth Coleman 1816; John L. T. 1824; Sarah Ann 1827; Barnabus 1831; Austin 1836.


Barnabus, son off Richard and Sally was b 1784, d Augusta Co., GA 27 Apr 1822, children unknown.


Ann, dau of Richard and Sarah b 1774, d 7 Jul 1837 m Joseph Everett.


Robert, d 1831, son of Richard and Sally m Zilphia Smith, dau of William living in NC in 1850. Issue: Andelia R. b 1897, Alice, Arkin, Mary.


William M., son of William and Betsey Fulgham, m a McKinney girl, dau of Barnabus and Lottie Pope, name unknown, and 2nd, Sarah Crawford, 3rd, Lucy Moore, a widow with no issue. Children: Lizzie, Susan, Mary, Willie, Martha, John, David.


Some of the remaining descendants follow – but no relationship is given in the manuscript. The original material is on microfilm at the TN State Library for those who would like to continue this line. They are:


John R. b 1 May 1809, m in TN, Susan Crawford. John died 7 Jul 18?? on a trip to NC. Issue: John, Railford, Henry, Elisha.


Elizabeth Whitfield, b 1 Oct 1816


Arthur, m Harriet Lee, moved to TN, children John Arthur, Albert, Patrick, Henry, Mary (McDaniel Webb), Fannie.

            Mary McKinney, m Alexander Hall, removed to MS.


            Zilphia, m Samuel Woods.


Mike Yankee Mike McKinney b 1801 lived MS. 1850, m Julia McKinney, dau of Michael and Lottie Pope.


            John Jr., m Polly Caraway, issue: Dudley, Dave, Sarah, Addison, Fields.


William b 1795, d 1830, m 1821, Charity Hart, dau of Robert and Hannah Holliday Hart of Green Co., NC. Charity b 1797 d 1878 and after death of William, she remarried Charles Edwards. Issue: Mary b 7 Sep 1823; David b 1826; Hannah Holliday Hart b 2 Feb 1823; William Lucassie b 18 mar 1830.


            William McKinney m. Sallie Pope. Issue: William, Michael, Apella, Sarah, Jennie.


            Solomon McKinney m Harriet Ingram, two daus, Bettie, Mike (?)


William Richard McKinney b 1814 d 1861, m 1844 Martha ?, lived MS. Issue: Barnabus b 1831 TN; Austin b 1834 TN; Mary Olive b 1845 MS; Thomas Oscar b 1840 MS; Sarah William b 1851 MS.


Elizabeth Betsey Coleman McKinney b 1818, d 1860 Bradley Co AR, m Stephen Mathews, eleven children.

            Sarah Ann McKinney b 1827, Hardeman Co TN, m ? Perry, lived MS

            Nancy Everett McKinney b 1804, d 1845, m William Smith

            Alice McKinney m ? Williamson

            Lizzie McKinney m Thomas Bowden

            Susan Ann McKinney m Eli Harris

            Sally McKinney m Thomas McGee

David Edward McKinney b 3 Mar 1857, Wayne Co NC, d 6 Jul 1913, Princeton Co., NC, m 18 Jan 1872, Sarah Elizabeth Brothers.






Issue of David Edward and Sarah Brothers: Frank Brothers b 20 Nov 1872; Lela Willer b 11 Jun 1876; David Freeland b 18 May 1878; Addie Whitehurst, b 15 Aug 1882; Marcolm b 4 Dec 1884.


William Haywood Whitfield m Julia Hooker. Issue: Jesse, William, Julia, d before 1909. The above information was from a manuscript by Jefferson David, who was living in Tucson, AZ in the 1960's. Some of the microfilm is too faint to photocopy or to transcribe. Anyone with further knowledge of this family line is encouraged to make corrections and/or additions.




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Interested in history of Charles McKinney who lived in Charlotte Co., VA during Revolution, rem to Mercer Co., KY. Frances T. Manning, IA Ed. Note: See the Virginia research items and Virginia families items in this issue.




Would like corres. Desc of William McKinney b Jun 1775, m 3 Apr 1801, Elsey Eveland (b Jan 1775), both b NJ, mov to Clermont Co., OH, buried Milford, OH. Dorothy Pray Wilson, MD




Searching Alexander McKinney, Jefferson Co., KY 1797, filed with estate of David Wise in Jefferson Co., MO, David was adm, widow was Mary Wise; 2nd Alexander McKinney was co-adm of David Wise' estate – also relationship with McMillen family. Mrs James Park, CA




Searching Andrew McKinney, wife, Catherine Teague, probably from Carolinas – in 1850 In census records, 3 children are named: Lawson, Sarah Jane, Martha. Sarah Jane m William Fry. Norene Fay Walton, CA




Searching desc of James H. McKenney b ca 1814 TN, SC, KY? Lydia Ann Watson b 1841, Lincoln Co., TN. Loraine Story, TX




Looking for Sarah A. McKinney b ca 1832, AL m 1852, Robert L. Fox, d 1870-80, perhaps Alexandria, LA. Lynelle Cowan Stevenson, LA




Samuel McKinney m Nancy Allen 1797, d 1832, Lycoming Co., PA, eldest son James res there, 6 children. Alice McKinney Fisher, CA



Desc from John McKinney, d 1751, Orange Co., VA, also res Orange Co., had dau Margaret who m Matthew ?, rem to Surry Co., NC ca 1770. Barbara Crumpton, OK










Joseph Archibald, son of Joseph R., grandson of Joseph and Virginia Carter McKinney who rem Bath Co., KY, 29 Jul 1819, Joseph probably d 1821. Second ch of Joseph was Joseph R., b 1822. Charles McKinney b 1775-1794, m 13 Sep 1813, Bath Co., Elizabeth Jackson. Polly m 13 Oct, 1812, Jacob Walters, are they related? Mildred Wonn, KY



Searching Buford/Bluford Henry McKinney prob b KY, rem Tippacanoe Co., IN, prob had ch Laura, James. Father may have been Joseph McKinney b VA, liv Harrisonville, IN. Jimmie G. Kimrey, KS




Searching Benson/Vinson McKenney b 1791 VA, wife, Obediance Brian, m 1809, Washington D.C., d there 19 Aug 1863. Ch: Edward M; Sarah E; Mary A; Elizabeth; Obedience; Jarrod; Christopher. Janet McKenney, MD




Desc of Charles McKinney, wife, Rachel Inman b 1776, son of Henry McKinney of Burke Co., NC who d 1774, liv Buncombe Co., NC. Pattie D. Hurst, FL




George McKinney came from Ireland, m Mary James. Ch: Nancy (Jacob Talbott); Sally (Samuel Talbott); Sarah (Silas Talbott); prob. Other ch. Talbott Irene Bailey, OK. Ed. Note: See Virginia Families article, this issue.




Searching Alfred McKinney b ca 1809 KY (?), wife, Mary Gupton, b ca 1817 NC, prob m Edward Co., IL, ch: David, Mary Ann, Minerva, Rachel, Henry, Jacob, Morgan, Tolbert. Believe Lampton McKinney in Bartholomew Co., IN, Alfred's father. Could Lampkin McKinney b ca 1752 VA be Grandfather? Listed with Alfred's household in 1850 census, Edward Co., IL. Mrs. Vivian Edwards, IL




Hiram McKinney b ca 1800 Campbell Co., KY, son of Joseph R. Hiram was liv in Warren Co., OH 1830, Fountain Co., IN 1850. According to Genealogical History of our Ancestors and LDS, IGI microfiche, Hiram mar Havens – Margaret, 14 Nov. 1822, Greene Co., IN, however, mar record at OH State Library gives Green Co., OH – proof? Naomi R. White, FL




Grf. Elisha W. McKinney from Caswell Co., NC m 1875, Mary VA Hines, liv Guilford Co., NC, served CW for father, Brooks. Went 'west' place unk, d 1898 or 99. Need date of death and where buried. Thelma R. Small, DC




Des to know pts, sibs of Susannah Bishop McKinney b 28 Apr 1818 KY, (Hopkins Co.?), m 7 May 1845, Hopkins Co. to Louis Willis Johnson, d 22 Jun 1892, Edwards Co., IL. Terry L. Harper, IL




According to NC cousin, Tinsley McKinney had 3 bros – Willis, John, George, and sister. Willis and John served in 3rd KY reg. during CW. Willis and John served as physicians, seeking info reg occupation. Tinsley b 1808 KY, d 1882, Morgantown, KY. 1st wife, Lettie Glass, 2nd, Eliza Jane Moore. L. G. Hoover, KY




Searching for info Jesse McKinney, physician, b 1817, nc, m 1st, ? Johnson, 2nd, Elizabeth Randolph. Also liv. AL, MS, TN, Ch, Martha b 1839 AL, Joseph b 1841 MS, Jesse b 1843 TN, Sarah Elizabeth b 1847 TN (Jahu Phillips), Samuel b 1851, John R. b 1854 (Emily Phillips), Edmund b 1852, George b 1859 (Nancy Horne). Parents of Jesse? Martha Phillips Clendenin, TN




Desc of James McKinney b 1821 AL, m Rhoda Ann Brookshire, d 1879 near Lufkin, TX – seeking info. David D. McKinney, CA



Seeking info, Joseph McKinney, son of James admitted to bar at Evansville, IN 1821. Joseph b 4 Jul 1819, Evansville, IN. Ray O. Martin, IN






Our next issue, to be mailed by March 30th, will include the remainder of VA research material, North and South Carolina, a cumulative index for 1981-82, and results of the balloting. Ballots are enclosed with this issue of Maze. Please return as soon as possible. The auditor's report will also be included in the Spring issue.


We have conducted an on-going correspondence with Mr. Dutschmann of Terra Bella, Ca, who has sent a remarkable collection of material regarding (see last issue), Andrew McKinney and wife, Sarah Maybee. He has enclosed a photocopy of a work, Shotguns on Sunday and other material to identify this family group. His letter reads in part:


to Whom It May Concern . . it is to the best of my knowledge that James Jim Obidia M. McKinney was born in 1861 probably near Lawrenceville, IL, to Andrew O. McKinney of Irish descent, b 1846, d 1901 in Porterville, Ca. His mother was Sarah Percel (?) Maybee from southeastern Canada or born in KY. They had one son, James, another probably Edwin and then moved to Leadville, CO. Two other sons are shown, Matthew and Jason or Jacob. Andrew was sometimes a vet and served in the Civil War. National Archives records show an Andrew McKinney as having served from NJ and born in Tyrone, Ireland. Mrs. McKinney died in 1927 in Visalia, CA. Last knowledge of the brothers was in Kernville and Victorville, CA during the 1930's. James McKinney died in 1903 in Bakersfield, CA. Andrew and James are buried in Porterville, CA. James apparently served as a Peace Officer in CA and was also 'on the other side of the law'. He was known as one of the last 'gunfighters' off his era. Any information regarding this family will be appreciated.


Some family records show that Andrew McKinney was the son of Abriam McKinney and that the family originated in Lee Co., VA, long before the 1846 birth of Andrew. Can any of our members help Mr. Dutschmann?



New Association Members:


Kirby T. McKinney, SC

Mrs. James Park, CA

Mrs. Richard B. Sayford, FL

Mrs. Ruby Tucker, TX

Ray O. Martin, IN

Terry L. Harper, IL

Mrs. Neil R. Hurst, FL

Vivian McKinney Edwards, IL

Jimmie G. Kimrey, KS

Thelma Small, DC

Mrs. Martha Phillips Clendenin, TN

L. G. Hoover, KY

Elizabeth McKinney Eliades, CA

Janet S. McKenney, MD






Federation of Genealogical Societies Newsletter


For your information, the National Archives has a new volunteer committee, who are collecting funds for NARS, in order to help preserve, protect and copy vital materials that are in a deteriorating state. Family groups and organizations are encouraged to help in this area. All genealogists are asked to contribute $1.00 each to this fund. Perhaps the McKinney Family Association would like to participate in the fund – if so, please remit $1.00 to the Editor, and when all contributions are collected, they will be sent to the NARS Gift Fund in the name of the McKinney Family Association. This will help to fill the gap in 'funding aids' in the Archives that are now unfunded due to budget cuts. I believe that this is a worthwhile contribution to the field of genealogy, and would hope that our members will want to take part in the 'gift fund'. See the FGS Newsletter of Oct/Nov 1982 for further information.


Along this line, a new Guide to Genealogical Research AT the National Archives has been published. It is available through GAS bookstores in major cities or through the US Government Printing Office, Washington, DC.


The Indiana Historical Society, 315 West Ohio St., Indianapolis, IN 46202 has an index, Indiana Naturalization Records Found in Various Order Books of 92 Local Courts Prior to 1907 , priced at $20.00, 172 pp, 1981. A new and worthwhile research tool.


The Ridgerunner will cease publication this month . . a great loss to genealogists who are working in North and South Carolina, KY, etc. His new publication, '1776' will help to ease this loss, however.



The Best Way to Find Your Family Tree,

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