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The McKinney Family Association & Library was founded, September 1981 as a non-profit, educational Association and library, dedicated to researching, preserving and collecting historical and family data. To assist and instruct in genealogical research and to publish private and public records and educational articles. Bylaws and Constitution adopted October 1981.


Granted Non-profit incorporation, May 3, 1983, by the State of OK, trustees: Barbara Pannage Stanfield, E. Neil Stanfield, Richard A. Kipf.







Barbara Pannage Stanfield, Co-Ordinator

Patricia McKinney Kirkwood, Secretary-Editor

Alice McKinney Fisher, Pedigree Charts

Rosalie Jackson, Registrar – Membership

Treasurer to be Appointed






The Editor is not responsible for the errors of submitted materials, and all materials will be filed in the Association archives. Library materials and donations for research are tax-deductible.










Family Charts


Alice McKinney Fisher


In comparing and organizing the ten generation descent charts, we have placed our members into groups – as descending from the various children of Mordecai and Mary McKinney. Some additions to these:



Grace Baldwin, Harold Green, Patricia Kirkwood, Ruth Hay, Helen Marple



Marian Platt Abel, Martin Greely, L. T. McKinney, John McKinney, Annabel Rowe



John Cox Bohm, Ada Lewis, Mrs. Richard Sayford



Kenneth Rutherford



Descendants with matching lines of descent from Mordecai McKinney (Names in capital letters are the present generation).



Obediah4, James3, John2, Mordecai1

JAY BALLARD, 9th generation through Alfred, Charles, Freda (John Ballard)

PAT KIRKWOOD, 8th generation through Jesse, Henry Valentine, Henry Harlis

HELEN MARPLE, 9th generation through William Tell, Jesse, John Robert, William Henry, John Robert

HOWARD W. MCKINNEY, 9th generation through Shadrack, Aaron, Alfred, Aaron, Fred W.



Mordecai II3, John4, Archibald5, John Boon6, Edmond James7

MARION STROUD (above descent)

DOROTHY WILSON, 9th generation through Abraham3, William II4, William III5, Hannah6 (Marshall Jones)



Joseph Robert4, James Collin3, Daniel2, Mordecai1

ROSALIE JACKSON, 9th generation through Anthony Wayne5, Joseph Jefferson6, Jesse Bracken7, Harley Jefferson8

ANN GRAFF, 10th generation through Archibald4, Collin5, Ellen Jane6 (Elijah Bates)

DAVID MCKINNEY, 8th generation through James L.4, William Van Hook5, John Wilkerson6, Jesse7, Daniel II8


GERALD M. PETTY, 8th generation through Ebenezer4, Miles5, Harrison ÒCoonÕ6, Ada Byron7, (V. C. Petty)



ELIZABETH CHMIEL, 7th generation through Jacob3, Silas4, Henry Nelson5, William Ayer6



REBECCA HUSS, through Jacob3, no further generations given.




Lines from McKinneys other than Mordecai/Mary:


William b 1723: BARBARA MAYBURY, 7th generation through William b 17602, James3, Mary Elizabeth4 (Joseph Barbour)



New Member: Gene C. Armistead, Ten Generation Descent Chart


I           Gene Crews Armistead, m Darlene Dianne Elizabeth Kuschel

II         Emogene Clements, b 1924, Tuscaloosa, AL, m James Crews Armistead

III        James Lucius Washington Clements, m Thelma Electa Kuykendall

IV        Lucy Adeline Johns b Tuscaloosa Co., AL. m William Howard Clements

V         George Washington Johns b 1861 AL, m Martha Cline, Fayette Co., AL

VI        Squire Albert Johns b 1834, AL, m Lucy Johnson

VII      Elizabeth McKinney Boone, m Edward Johns (prob. Carolinas)

VIII     Elizabeth McKinney (?) m Daniel Boone (?)



New Member: Ruth Hays, descends from, Mordecai1, John2, James3, Obediah4, Julia Ann (Barret)



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Questions, Questions, Questions


Since this summer supplement issue was to contain new and/or changed queries from members, and to date, not one has been received, this column could be called, ÒQuestions that should have been asked and werenÕtÓ. We do have a few queries from our new members that will follow, along with some that should have been asked that have been a continuing puzzle to some members. We cannot help unless we are given the problems that you are working on.






Searching for ancestors of Willis McKinney, birth date, place? Also researching the accompanying surnames. Note: Mr. Blanton has furnished us with Bible records and other material relating to the ÔBroad RiverÕ McKinney family, which will be printed in the next regular issue, Fall, 1983.




Still searching for Proof, i.e., land records, wills, marriage entries, etc., for John (b 1714) McKinney and 2nd wife, Susannah Campbell. Supposedly lived Hepburnville, PA, died in Sunbury, Gates Co., NC ca 1772. I have not been able to find a single piece of evidence, primary or secondary, to support this information, and since this is the connecting link to James and Mary Ballard McKinney of Surry Co., NC, this entire lineage cannot be assumed correct. Help? Patricia Kirkwood, CA











Mother, Doris McKenney, father, William Curtis, son of William John. Any information appreciated. Margaret Frost, WA






Searching for great grf, Benjamin McKinney who m Sarah A. Letty, Apr 11, 1812, Cecil Co., MD. Their son, Thomas B. b 1819, m Elizabeth A. Mahoney. Son Alexander B. b 1877, m Elsie V. Bryant. Any information appreciated. Viola McKinney Sartin, MD





Searching Samuel McKinney b SC 1814, wife Rebecca, Issue: Rebecca, Alonzo, Melissa, Bruce, Francis, Sarah, Robert. Alonzo b 1834 m Sarah Adeline Keeling 1855, issue – Sally, Martha, Wm, Alexander, Rebecca Jane, Sarah Frances, Amanda, Mary Adeline. Lived Chatooga Co., GA, 1860 Census; Van Buren, Newton Co., AR in 1880 Census. This family will hold a family reunion in Berryville, AR, 1984. Any additions or information appreciated, will share information. Vivian F. Welsh, CA





Looking for Margaret McKinney, wife of Solomon Delong 1807, Jefferson Co., OH. Margaret, a dau of John McKinney (b 1790 OH), and Jane McMullen. Winnifred Holmes Cundall, IA





Earliest known McKinney ancestor, Alexander McKinney. Had dau Ameldia who mar a Barton, Theodocia who mar John Spriggs. Rebekah S. Wilson, GA (Note: Do you correspond with Northern T. McKinney of TravelerÕs Rest, SC? If not, you share the same line.)



Questions that should have been asked and werenÕt.


How are John McKinney (above query) who died in Gates Co., NC, ca 1772, John McKinney who died in 1804, Rutherford Co., NC, and John McKinney and wife Susannah, of Pickens Co., SC related? The McKinneys of Broad River (John of Rutherford Co.) were also from NJ, as was James McKinney who married Sally, the daughter of the SC John. It seems to me that these three families are inter related . . and descendants should be checking all three lineages for clues.


How is Mordecai McKinney related to William McKinney (b 1723) of Warren Co., NJ? Could Mordecai have been born in this country . . or Northern Ireland? His given name is most unusual to have been given in Scotland, but it appears in Northern Ireland often.


How could Joseph Robert McKinney be the son of James Collin McKinney – when James Collin was only 13 or 14 years of age? Are the dates incorrect, or are we dealing with another James or James Collin McKinney (there were several)?








Why have we not been able to locate Jacob McKinney, son of Mordecai? Did he marry, did he have issue? Believed to have had daughter, Jane . . did he use the English ÒJamesÓ in place of Jacob? If he were killed at the Battle of White Plains, as is thought, was it his son in NC in 1753? He was associated with the Rounsaval family in both NJ and in NC. Other children?


Did Mordecai have siblings or parents in NJ? Since McKinneys are found in Piscataway as early as 1679 (settled by pioneers from New Hampshire), could there be a relationship with the New Hampshire or Saco Valley McKinney/McKenney families?



Library Acquisitions . . Book Reviews


The McKinney Family Association Library is growing? All books are available for loan by our members for the price of insurance and postage. We would like them returned within three (3) weeks whenever possible. Please, please do not make changes in the book or manuscript. If you feel you have valid changes or corrections, add them on a separate sheet of paper (slip – sheet), and place inside the text. One of our borrowers made INK corrections that cannot be erased . . and it was a book from a personal library – NOT APPRECIATED, please! All donations are tax-deductible as we have been granted our non-profit standing. All texts are placed in the McKinney Family Association Library. New books received for loan:


Charles McKinney and Related Families, Estelena Harper. (The author has given us this work in exchange (last quarterly) for a duplicate copy. Many thanks)


Surry County Heritage, NC, Vol I. Gift from JoAnn Allenbaugh

Centenary History of the Swedish Baptist Church, Gift from Maud E. Sellman

Virginia Genealogies, Hayden. Gift from Maud E. Sellman.

Lawrence Family History, Lawrence, 1858. Gift from Maud E. Sellman

Genealogical helper, 1980 issues 94). Gift from Maud E. Sellman

American Colonists in English Records, Sherwood. (Purchase)

Lists of Inhabitants of Colonial New York, OÕCallaghan (Purchase)

The Scotch Irish of Colonial Pennsylvania, Dunaway. (Purchase)


The above were purchased at a used book sale at the Augustan Society Library.


Somerset County NJ Quarterly, 1983 (Subscription)

Tree Climber (Quarterly), Smoky Valley Genealogical Soc. & Library, Salina, KS (exchange)



Available for borrowing from the LibrarianÕs personal library (additions):


Ancestral Lines, Carl Boyer III

Illinois State Historical Society, 1926, 1927

Dulany-Furlong and Kindred Families, Furlong

Ancestry of Luther Nottingham



For Sale: Castle On The Prairie: Memories of the Old KY Home Ranch Lois Stringfield Harman (author-signed). Used library copy, 68 pp, hard-bound, photographs. Description of the Stringfield home in Finney Co., KS. $3.00








Blatchley Physicians & Pioneers: Descendants of Thomas Blatchley 1635-1929, Shirley Hathaway Stebbings. Edited by John A. S. Pitts. Gateway Press, Inc., 1983. (Baltimore, MD). xix+265pp, hard-cover, photographs, maps, charts, indexed.


The Table of Contents include the Dedication, Epigraph, Illustration, Chart of Elizabeth Blatchley Ancestral Chart, origins, migrations, notes, references, extended notes, bibliography, and Blatchly lineages by generation.


A fine, exceptionally well-presented genealogy plus much more. Contains more than 1500 surnames placed in the historical perspective of their moments in time. Origins, the first chapter, presents Thomas Blatchley, the progenitor plus some 25 Blatchley doctors through four generations – their migrating patterns across the nation, their founding of six towns, the blazon of Arms, and the significance of women on the frontier. The second chapter describes Thomas Blatchley 1615 – 1674, his marriage to Susanna (probably Ball) and other relevant history. Photographs and maps are excellent, as is the type format – the publisher (Gateway) produces fine-quality genealogical books. The extended notes are as interesting as the main body of the text. Readers will want to add this book to their personal libraries . . and all genealogical libraries should place this in their collections.




News and Notes


Kudos to members Helen Fest and Sallie Holt who furnished Smith materials to Willa Sorenson. Many Thanks. Sharing is what it is all about!


Note from Monica Grey that she will not be able to research for members as she has left Missouri and will be back in Bonners Ferry, ID.



New Members:


Gladys Dotson Alexander, TX

Gene C. Armistead, CA

Fred Jack Blanton, SC

Ruth Hay, OH

Dr. B. G. McKinney, TN

Harold D. McKinney, AR

Shaler Gordon Smith, FL

Rebekah S. Wilson, GA

Vivian Welsh, CA



Coming . .

Fall, 1983 Issue will begin with the Carolinas, both North and South, and those families who populated this area . . our material is extensive, and will probably run for several issues, incorporating those branches who settled in AL, GA, MS and TN. We shall present KY in an issue in the future.

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