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The McKinney Family Association & Library was founded September 1981 as a non-profit, educational association and library, dedicated to researching, preserving and collecting historical and family history and data, not necessarily all of lineal or legal families, but all those interested in the McKinney surname and variants and to assist and instruct in genealogical research and to publish private and public records and educational articles.  Bylaws and Constitution adopted October 1981 and granted non profit, incorporation 3 May 1983 by the State of Oklahoma.  Trustees are Barbara Pannage Stanfield, E. Neil Stanfield and Richard A. Kipf.



Barbara Pannage Stanfield, Coordinator

Patricia McKinney Kirkwood, Editor – Librarian

Willa Sorenson, Associate Editor

Peter Campbell McKinney, Registrar – Treasurer

Wilma Cook, Indexing


The Editor is not responsible for the errors of submitted materials, and all such material is placed in the Association Library.  Books received for review are placed in the library and are available for loan to members.


Indexed in Genealogical Periodical Annual Index, Laird C. Towle, Editor, Bowie, MD.






From The Editor’s Notes


We have had some interesting correspondence from our members this period, including one member who suggests that we publish our annual index as a separate publication so that we can include more material in each issue.  It is a good suggestion; however, cost would make it difficult to include five issues per year, rather than four.  We will take the suggestion under advisement, any comments from members?


Congratulations to member, Gene Armistead for finishing the course in genealogy offered by the National Genealogy Society.  It is an excellent course for researchers, both novice and experienced.


We have had several requests for assistance with genealogical problems, and endeavor to help all those who ask; however, please send an SASE with your request.  Some offer complex and time-consuming problems, and we try to answer each one.  Those who do not send an SASE generally end up at the bottom of the list.


We received a very nice letter from member Mr. Marion A. McKinney in Greenville, SC, along with a picture of McKinney’s Chapel in Pickens Co.  The accompanying article from the Greenville News was printed Christmas, 1986 and described the services held there for the Christmas season.  The chapel seats only 100 for inter-denominational services, and has become a Christmas tradition.  The nearby cemetery contains McKinney, Boone and associated families.  The congregation continues to work on restoration of the chapel, and support is welcomed.


This quarterly will begin our series on Illinois, Indiana and Iowa McKinney families, including some research helps.  Those who would like to have their family lineages published for this area, please send to Editor before our next publication date, August 30, 1876.



Land and Census Records in Illinois



Many of the Federal land records kept by the ten land districts located in Illinois are kept in the Illinois State Archives.  From these districts, land was sold for the first time to individuals.  All subsequent sales of these lands by the private owners are recorded only in the county wherein the land lies.  Land records are a valuable source for genealogists; however, one must have a working knowledge of the legal descriptions used for land identification and the method that was utilized to survey sections, townships and ranges.  There are no name indexes for the Federal Tract Books which record the persons who bought land from the government.  The land was entered according to its legal description.  It is not possible for the Archives employees to tell a person by mail where an individual located his farm, unless the land description is furnished.  The county and township must be known in order to institute a search.






As a general rule, land entries on the Federal level contain few helps for the genealogist.  There seldom appears the name of the wife, unless she was a widow.  In the early 1800's, no respectable married woman wanted her name on a land patent or to give the impression that she ‘ran’ her husband, of course, she did give ‘counsel’ a fact that she rarely admitted in public.  The wife's dower interest in the property was protected by law, and she saw no need to claim a joint ownership of land.  If her husband decided to sell the land, then her name and signature were included on the deed to protect the purchaser.  The Federal entries also do not tell where the land purchaser lived prior to his arrival in Illinois unless he was still living out of state when he made the purchase.  Most of these pioneers were in Illinois when they purchased the tract, in fact, many were squatters and had raised at least one crop on the land before purchase.  Generally, the out of state buyers were speculators who never moved to the land.


What is usable from the Federal records is the date of the land sale, helping to place the approximate time the family arrived in Illinois.  In addition, the tract can be pinpointed exactly from the legal description, the same today as it was originally.  The serious searcher can follow up the Federal record with a search in the county deed records, probate court records, and others held in the county.  The price was generally $1.25 per acre and in the first few years was paid by specie.  Nevertheless, bounty land was also given to veterans from the War of 1812; a large military tract was established west of the Illinois River and was surveyed in 160 acre tracts which were ready for location by 1817.  All grants were from Federal authorities.  Some confuse the two types of land by calling them all grants.  A grant in almost every case indicates Federal military service during an actual period of declared war.  The State Archives maintains a card file and index to this land, and cards will be checked by mail request.  Often the veteran was well-established in another state, and sold his claim to another person; others lost the land for failure to pay taxes to the local government.  Since Illinois did not become a state until 1818, there are no records of servicemen's lands for earlier wars.


Illinois census records are fairly complete, although the period from 1790 to 1850 is considered the difficult period for research since it was a migration period, and families were constantly on the move.  Also, records during this time were poorly kept.  The State Archives does have a card index for families mentioned in records up to and including the year 1850, showing the name of each person mentioned; the name of county of residence, and digest of the biographical information found in each document.  Most of the cards refer to public offices held by individuals.  State censuses were taken for apportionment of representation under the Constitution of 1818.  The State Archives has copies of the Territorial and State census records from 1818 to and including 1865.  They have been indexed through 1845 and partially through 1855.  The original schedules for agriculture, manufacturing, social statistics and mortality for the years 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880 are also available.  Among war records, the service information in the Indian War, War of 1812, Black Hawk War, Mexican War and Civil War are also available.


Counties following, show the 1818 Census availability for the state:












St. Clair




Territorial Census of 1810






Counties following, list the earliest state census available:


Adams, 1840

Alexander, 1820

Boone, 1955

Brown, 1840

Bureau, 1855

Calhoun, 1840

Cass, 1855

Champaign, 1840

Christian, 1855

Clark, 1820

Clay, 1840

Clinton, 1840,

Coles, 1840

Cook, 1840

Crawford, 1820

DeKalb, 1855

Edgar, 1840

Fayette, 1835

Franklin, 1820

Fulton, 1835

Hamilton, 1840

Henry, 1855    (One volume of Henry County is missing)

Jefferson, 1820

Knox, 1840

LaSalle, 1840

Lawrence, 1840

Livingston, 1840

Morgan, 1835

Randolph, 1820

St. Clair, 1820

Tazewell, 1845

Wayne, 1820

Whiteside, 1840


Reference:  Indiana Boundaries Territory, State and County, Pence Armstrong.  It covers early territorial records of Knox Co., which encompassed much of IL and IN.  In 1809 all that part of Knox lying west of the Wabash River, and a direct line drawn north from Post Vincennes, was transferred to the new territory.



IL regional archives depositories are at several locations, description and location noted below:


Northern IL University at DeKalb, Lake Co.


Birth certificates 1916-1977

Death certificates 1916-1977

Marriage licenses, 1916-1977



IL State University, Normal, DeWitt Co.


Inquest records, 1957-1968

Death certificates, 1957-1968



Western IL University, Macomb, Pike Co.


Application for marriage license 1948-1976

Swamp land records, 1852-1854, on microfilm



Eastern IL University, Charleston, Douglas Co.


Jail register 1926-1965, 4 volumes



Sangamon State University, Springfield, Morgan Co.


Assessor’s books 1845, 1849, 1855, 3 volumes



Southern IL University, Carbondale, Gallatin Co.


Marriage licenses 1813-1896

Perry Co., county commissioner’s court records 1835-1862

List of taxable lands and lots 1827-1840

Records of marks and brands 1859-1894

Indentures 1832-1881

Probate records 1828-1852

Probate records 1856-1858

Insanity proceedings 1852-1939

Feeble-minded proceedings 1917-1938

District school records 1861-1930

Delinquency and dependency proceedings 1907-1937

Swamp land records 1852-1876

Naturalization records, 1860-1929




Miscellaneous Illinois Research



Rock Island naturalizations – 9 Jan 1840, Moses McKinney, Stephenson PO, court records, 24 Jul 1845, in chancery.

John McKinney vs Abner C. Harding, estate contest, 1845.



Vermillion Co., 1863-1865 marriages

Malinda D. McKinney, Andrew J. James, Feb 5, 1863 (Iliana, p 60, Vol. 13 – 2)

William McKinney, Catherine Evans, Apr 29, 1864

Thomas McKinney, Evaline Deal, Feb 20, 1845, Hiram Johnson, JP



Union Co.

Nancy McKinney, John Spence, 3 Dec 1839

John McKinney, Miss Marquette Knight, 30 Oct 1839, Addison Reese of Williamson Co., IL



Sangamon Co., Cemetery records, recorded from gravestones at Brush Creek (Divernon) Cemetery:

Sarah Ethel McKinney, Feb 8, 1889 – May 2, 1968

Alexander McKinney, Jul 28, 1841 – Dec 10, 1898






Mary McKinney, Mar 19, 1845 – Jul 25, 1887

Mary L. McKinney, Jan 27, 1850 – May 5, 1920

Nora O. McKinney, dau of A. and M., 3 mos 22 days, Mar 9, 1881

Infant son, 1 day, Oct 29, 1881 (no other data)

Infant daughter, age 7 days, Nov 5, 1881 (no other data)

Claude J. McKinney, Husband, 1883 – 1933

Nanie J. McKinney, Wife, May 6, 1884 – Jul 15, 1971



Claudine McKinney, Daughter, 1920 – 1927

Etta McKinney, 1877 – 1952

Lewis B. McKinney, son of Alexander and Mary, 5 mos 20 days, Sep 22, 1887

Boyd McKinney, 1870 – 1943

Myrtle D. McKinney, 1873 – 1936



Woodford Co.

Mary Louisa McKinney, Joshua Staples, Dec 23, 1860



Peoria Co.

1838 delinquent taxes, John McKinney

1860 Farmers and Landowners, A. C. McKinney, Sec. 35, Richwoods

John E. McKinney

William McKinney



Pekin, 1861, Thomas McKinney, Teamster, Business Directory

Baptism, St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church

Charles McKinney, b Nov 30, 1861, son of William and Frances Quinn McKinney



Woodford Co., Spring Bay Cemetery

Mary A. McKinney, wife of Isaac McKinney, dau of W. K. McKinney and C. Burt, d Sep 1852, age 24-5-26

Thomas McKinney, served in 1812 militia under Capt. Hargrove



Peoria Marriages

No. 1927, Alfred McKinney, Louisa Proctor, 14 Sep 1851

No. 1989, Hannah McKinney, Geo. Whitman, Nov 21, 18??, Joel Sweet, Elder

No. 776, 17 Oct 1844, Nancy McKinney, Thomas Turbott, Isaac Keller, MG



Madison Co.

James McKinney, Nancy Lockhart, 29 Jan 1813

Hampton McKinney, Polly B. Clark, 21 Jun 1817



Bond Co.

Marriage Book I, Wm. McKinney, Peggy Diamond, 3 Dec 1822




1840 list, Battle of Tippacanoe, 1811, David McKinney, James McKinney of Champaign



Peoria Co., Book I

Messer McKinney, witness to marriage of Richard Apperson and Mary Campbell, 4 Nov 1836

Messer McKinney, Ann C. Campbell, 4 Jul 1846, witness, Richard Apperson



Vermillion Co.

Sarah McKinney, Elijah Adams, 13 Jul 1853

Melinda D. McKinney, Andrew Jones, 5 Feb 1863 (See p41)



Peoria Co.

No. 1056, Apr 8, 1847, John McKinney, Eliza Stratton

Thomas Cottingham, MP

David McKinney, Bathsheba Fuller, 11 Aug 1846



Calhoun Co.

Osborn McKinney, born in Beaufort, NC, Aug 26, 1828, third son of John and Sarah (Bates)   McKinney, removed to Knox Co., KY in 1842, then to Calhoun d 1860.  Married secondly, Sarah Huff, at Calhoun, 11 Jan 1859



Logan Co.

Daniel F. McKinney, ca 1780-1790, d 1840’s.  Wife, Hethy, issue Abraham, b 1822, William, b 1825 KY, Abraham had wives, Rebecca and Sarah; William mar Pamelia Birks and had issue Rhonda b 1847, son b 1850, Abraham b 1851.






Sangamon Co.

Early settlers –

Eleanor, Elizabeth Lewis, Andrew, Gunnell McKinney.  Gunnell had issue Sarah, Nancy, Mary, Thomas R.



Burials (Cemetery not given)

Thomas McKinney d 1858

W. L. McKinney d 1894

Lewis M. McKinney d 1841 age 43

Nancy, his wife 9Lewis) d 1843 age 72

Gunnell M. McKinney d 1875 age 78

Elizabeth McKinney, his wife, d 1869 age 31

Samuel, son, d 1860 age 25



Morgan Co.

Early settlers –

John A. McKinney, Justice of the Peace, 1831

J. M. McKinney, Recorder, 1835




1860 Farmers and Landowners, A. C. McKinney, Richwoods



Washington Co.

Land entry, 1834-4-29, Oakdale, Samuel McKinney



Peoria Co.

1838, John McKinney, delinquent taxes to Ben Crombie again in 1840

6 Feb 1845, Wm. McKinney, disclaimer for son George

1857 Poll Book D. McKinney, Cairo, IL



Green Co. Marriages

Ann McKinney, Wm. Dennis, 3 Jun 1822

James McKinney, Mary Ann Crain, 8 Jun 1828

Melinda McKinney, John Gurterman (Gunterman), 28 Apr 1828

Olive McKinney, Jacob Cope, 9 Jun 1831

Joseph McKinney, Nancy Thornton, 11 Sep 1832



Madison Co. Marriages

George McKinney, Betsey Sanders, 2 Oct 1848

Polly McKinney, Wm. Gillham, 13 Mar 1823



Madison Co., 1818 Census

708F, Hampton McKinney, 1 wh m, 1 wh other

407F, Abiram McKinney, 1 wh m., 6 white other

138FS, John McKinney, 1 white m, 8 white other, 1 servant



Woodford Taxpayers

A. S. McKinney and Co., 1840



Williamson Co. (Near the line separating it from Jackson Co.)


McKinney Hill Cemetery, NW ¼ Sec. 7, Carterville Township:


McKinney, Cleth, b 1907 d 1963

McKinney, Roscoe A., b 12 Oct 1893, d 26 Jul 1971

McKinney, Silas H., 1861-1937

McKinney, Martha E., 1870-1958

McKinney, Mary Ethel, 1905-1906

McKinney, Delbert, son of O. T. and N. J., d 21 Apr 1899, age 2 yrs 9 mos 1 day

McKinney, Sam, son of O. T. and N. J., d 15 Oct 1917, age 36 yrs, 10 mos 5 days

McKinney, Owen T., b 17 Dec 18?5, d 12 Jan 1927

McKinney, Jane Y., b 21 Apr 1860, d 17 Sep 1945

McKinney, Alice b 1878, d 1964

McKinney, Roy A., b 188?, d 1945

McKinney, Maude, b 1889, d 1912

McKinney, Noble, b 1891, d 1942

McKinney, Lee E., b 14 May 1890, d 9 Aug 1962

McKinney, Josie M. Thomas, 1890-1921

McKinney, Silas, b 3 Sep 1897 –

McKinney, Edith, b 26 Mar 1906 –

McKinney, Carl Silas, son of Marion and Betty, b 23 Feb 1946, d 21 Feb 1948


Adjacent surnames:  Winget, Collie, Sargent, Griffith, McCormack.






Sangamon Co., IL - 1881 History




Thomas, William P. McKinney listed.


T. L. McKinney, b 1808 Fleming Co., KY son of Lewis and Nancy Saunders McKinney, to IL in 1826, mar 1840, Sarah A. M. Jones.  Issue:  Mary E. (Helveter), Wm L., Henry H., Columbus A., Julia F. (Farmer).


William McKinney, b 1810 KY to Sangamon 1826, d 1841.  Mar 1839, Sarah J. Threlkeld, b 1848 KY, d 1848 (?) had issue Mary (Montameu), Thomas L. S., Lucy J. (Judd), Sarah E. (Corbin), William A., Virgil W., Vaney E. (Taylor), Harriet (Hazlette), Charles E.





Lewis McKinnie was b Oct 11, 1767 in VA, prob Culpeper Co.  His father was born on board ship in the Atlantic while his parents were on way from Scotland to America.  Nancy Saunders b Oct 12, 1771 in Loudon Co., VA mar Lewis in Fayette Co., KY.  Nine living children born there, some married in KY and preceded father to Sangamon Co.  He came to visit in 1820 and moved his own family there Nov 15, 1826, near Springfield.  Issue, Elizabeth1, b 30 Jun 1793 in Fayette, mar John Lanterman, to Sangamon, 1819.  Andrew2, b Feb 2, 1795, Fayette, married there, Martha Tomlinson.  To IL with Capt. Jonathan Saunders in 1824, settling four miles NW of Springfield.  Issue, one child b KY, eight in Sangamon, two d young; Elizabeth A. b KY mar Wm. B. Jones, Rebecca mar John Morgan, Andrew was unm, Thomas mar Nancy Little and d 1873 in Leroy.  Charles A. mar Elizabeth Land, lived Farmer City.  Martha, d age 18 years; Sarah M. mar Wm. Morgan and Andrew died in Jun, 1855.  Gunnell3 b Mar 26, 1797 in Fayette, mar 1824, Elizabeth Little.  Known issue, five children.



Further material submitted by Barbara Dehle identifies the families from and 1876 work as follows:


William A. McKinnie, wife, Emma, d Nov 22, 1876


George W. Baker, b Jun 10, 1849 mar Mollie McKinney, reside near Berry Station


Mrs. Mary Humphries, nee McKinnie had two ch, Minnie, John L. Uriah Callerman, b 1798 Fleming Co., KY, mar Eleanor McKinnie, daughter of Lewis McKinnie.


James Cass, b Aug 12, 1797 in Clark Co., KY, mar 1817, Ann Hood.  Eight ch, removed to Sangamon Co. 1829, mar secondly, Amanda McKinney.


Sarah J. Threlkeld McKinney was the dau of Mary Churchill and Wm. Threlkeld, mar William P. McKinnie.


Mary A. Alexander and John L. Drennan of Caldwell Co., KY had son, Thomas H., who mar Mary McKinnie, lived Ball Township.


Mary McKinnie mar John D. Humphries, b Oct 2, 1809, Bath Co., KY, mar Nov 8, 1832 in Sangamon.


Sarah A. M. Jones, b Oct 16, 1819 VA, mar in Sangamon, Thos. McKinnie.


John Lanterman b Oct 18, 1784, prob MD, mar Nov 28, 1811, Fleming Co., KY to Elizabeth McKinnie, who was b 30 Jun, 1793.  Five ch b Fleming Co., to Sangamon in 1819, where another eight ch were born.


Dau of Thomas Lillard, liv Wisconsin, is Burrill McKinney’s wife, (no dates)


Jonathan W. Taylor b Aug 10, 1842, mar Margaret Stevenson.  Jonathan mar secondly, Nancy E. McKinnie, 1874.






Elizabeth Thomlinson, whose maiden name was McKinnie, was b Orange Co., VA on the Shenandoah River.  A dau Martha, mar Andrew McKinnie.



Sangamon Co. Marriages

Daniel McKinsey, Matilda Gray, 3 Nov 1826

Gabriel McKenzie, Elizabeth Gray, 9 Nov 1827

John McKinzie, Judy Gray, 25 Dec 1827

Samuel McKinzie, Drady Bennett, 6 Jun 1833

Amanda McKinney, James Cast, 19 Aug 1838

Judith McKinney, George Wade, 7 Nov 1831

Nancy McKinney, Hiram Duncan, 8 Dec 1831

Temperance McKinney, Elijah Duncan, 12 Mar 1835

Charles McKenney, Sally Laughlin, 26 Feb 1835

John McKenney, Mary Stout, 23 Apr 1835

Thomas L. McKenney, Sarah Ann M. Jones, 27 Aug 1840

Joseph McKenzie, Louisa Jane Walker, 5 Dec 1840

Sally McKinney, William Jackson, 9 Aug 1838

Mary McKinnie, John D. Humphries, 8 Nov 1832

Mary Humphreys, John Branson, Jr., 8 Nov 1840


Sangamon Co.

Charles E. McKinney, stockholder of the Sangamon Co. Agricultural Board, 1871

Israel McKinney, private, 48th Infantry, IL volunteers

Jarrett McKinney, corp., Capt. Mofferr’s Co., 1832, Black Hawk War

Joseph McKinney, Justice of the Peace, Auburn Township

Nancy E. McKinney, wife of Ebenezer Powell, b PA (nd)

Thomas McKinney, pvt., Capt. Japhet A. Ball’s Co., Black Hawk War, 1832

Thomas L. S., pvt., Co. G., 10th Cav. Civil War


Springfield, IL

1850 City census, gives No. 169-178, a Francis family, printers, with employees living on premises, include Edward McKinney, age 18, b IL, printer.






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Courthouse Catastrophes in Indiana



A lack of early records may be found in many IN counties due to natural catastrophes.  Some of these are listed below:




Organized 1830, fire in 1856 destroyed the Recorder’s office.  Nine volumes of deeds replace some of those lost.




Organized 1836, fire in 1873.  Clerk’s office survived, records in other offices have gaps.




Organized 1825, fire in 1851.  Only the recorder’s office survived.




Organized 1817, fire in 1879.  Will books prior to 1854 seem to be the most serious loss.




Organized 1803, fire in 1826.  A few record series begin as early as 1824, some of these survive only on microfilm due to a flood in 1937.




Organized 1837, Fire, 1913.  Probate records prior to 1850 appear to be the worst loss.




Organized 1830, fire, 1839.  No record books appear to have survived, however, an inventory made in 1937 is listed in the Clerk’s office; 225 files pertaining to the civil cases dated from 1816; 98 files of papers pertaining to criminal cases from 1816.




Organized 1838, fire in 1864 destroyed all records except those in the Recorder’s office.




Organized 1823, fire in 1849 and 1874.  Marriages prior to 1830 are missing.  Probate order books prior to 1830 are lost, but complete probate record books exist from 1823.




Organized 1790, fire in 1814.  Records of the Recorder’s office are lacking prior to that date.  Several early deeds were re-recorded.  Marriages from 1807, wills from 1808, some records from 1790’s.




Organized 1823, fire 1880.  Recorder’s office not damaged, clerk’s office, marriages, wills, etc., destroyed.




Organized 1834, fire, 1843.  Deeds have survived as well as Minute Book of the county commissioners, dating from 1834.




Organized 1822, fire 1876.  Most destroyed.  Partial probate and marriage records.




Organized 1836, fire 1843, 1859.  Deeds intact.  No clerk’s office records seen prior to 1859.




Organized 1821, fire 1833.  All destroyed.  Some deed records were restored as far as possible.




Organized 1818, fire 1833.  Deeds and marriages survived.




Organized 1817, fire 1850.  Deeds and marriages survived.  ‘Record of Destroyed Deeds’.  There are records of sale bills dating from 1837, showing records of deceased persons by the executor showing articles, amount of sale, to whom sold, etc.




Organized 1844, fire 1857.  Recorder’s office intact.  Some losses in probate records.




Organized 1811, has had no fire, marriages exist from 1811, wills from 1812 and Commissioner’s records from 1811, yet no other records are known to exist prior to 1818.




Organized 1834, tornado damage in 1974, record loss minimal.



There have been many more court house fires than listed here, but the damage to records, if any, was slight.  The greatest menace to public records is not fire or flood, but people.  Probably more IN records are hauled off to the dump in a year, than have burned since 1814!





Indiana Census Records


No state census for the State of IN has ever been taken; however, the Federal Census records are available.  The 1820 Census has been published by the Indiana Historical Society.  Indiana State Library has a Genealogical Division, and an index containing the heads of families from the 1820, 1830 and 1850 census records.


Birth and death records started in 1882 but were not required by law until 1907.  These are usually found in the County Board of Health in Indianapolis.  Some are indexed and are available at the State Library.  Marriage records are available from the clerk of the circuit or superior court in the county where issued.  Divorce records are available from the county clerk in the county were granted.  Wills and probate proceedings are in the custody of the Clerk of the Circuit Court.


Deeds are recorded in each county.  Indiana was one of the Public Domain States, and was surveyed using the quadrangle method of survey.  Military records are available from the Adjutant General’s Office, Archives Division, Indiana State Library.  The Genealogical Division has indexes to pensions from 1812, 1813, 1818, 1835 and the 1840 census enumeration of pensioners.




Miscellaneous Indiana Research



Simon Feeler


B 1834 Washington Co., IN, d 1920, mar Jane McKinney, 1877 in Washington Co.



Owen Co., 1830 Census


Shadrick McKinney:

2 Males under 5

1 male 5-10

1 male 30-40

1 female under 5

1 female 5-10

1 female 30-40



Washington Co.


Samuel McKinney, b 6 May 1863, d 5 Jun 1938, son of Isaac and Marty Baker McKinney


Martha McKinney, b 22 Jun 1857, d Aug 10 1938 Campbellsburg, widow of David McKinney



William H. McKinney


B 8 Dec 1843, KY, d 1 Apr 1913, Vernon, husband of Matilda and son of George W. McKinney of KY and Louisa Grider McKinney of VA



Estel F. McKinney


Dau of George McKinney and Alice Doan, bur at Livonia, 1915



Lance McKinney


B 21 Nov 1856, d 17 Jul 1918, son of Samuel McKinney and Ida Strange



Phoebe Jane McKinney


B 6 Apr 1846, d 5 Jul 1918, wife of George W., and dau of Robin Lee and Lucinda Owens.  (Another note gives her death date as 5 Jul 1920)



Matilda McKinney


B 18 Jan 1862, d 8 Sep 1924 Madison, dau of Francis Linder and Martha Dewey.  Informant, John McKinney of Omaha, NB



Harry McKinney


1917-1928, son of Jason and Helen Heit McKinney



Mary E. McKinney


Of Livonia, b KY, d Oct 31, 1903 age 82



D. C. McKinney, b 24 May 1887, KY, d Livonia, age 81



Washington Co. Marriages, Book A150


Jane Orchard, John McKinney, 27 Aug 1825


Lucinda Lee, John McKinney, 110357, 17 Aug 1871


Polly Sluder, John McKinney, 10 Feb 187?


John McKinney, Oralty Sweaney, 13 Apr 1889, M-25-13






Washington Co. Census notes


John Vernon McKinney, son of M. Kinchen McKinney of GA, p293, 1840 Federal census 1811 militia, Washington Co., James McKinney



Orange Co., NSDAR Supplement to Lineage Index:


Alexander McKinney Sr., and David McKinney.  Alexander b 1753, Augusta Co., VA, served as private in Capt. Ambrose Madison’s Company in VA regiment of guards at Albemarle Barracks, commanded by Col. Francis Taylor.  His name appears on a payroll for Apr and May 1799, two month’s service.  Also listed as a sergeant of VA Cavalry.  Buried, Trimble Cemetery, Stone Township.  Wife, Mary McClure.  Children listed as Alexander, Polly, Elizabeth.



Washington Co., Early Land Grants


Alexander McKinney, 16 acres, Section 10, 30 Jun 1815


David McKinney, 140 acres, Section 3, 15 Jul 1830



Fountain Co. – Troy Township


A. L. McKinney, teacher at Covington School, 1881.


P. T. McKinney, clerk of sessions from Nov 6, 1841 until he died, Sep 8, 1874, Richland Township


Frank McKinney, elected deacon of Coal Creek Church, Apr 1875


Charles R. McKinney, elder Coal Creek Church, Mar 1879



Washington Co. Cemetery records


Samuel McKinney, b 1863, d 5 Jun 1938, son of Isaac and Mary Baker, buried at Livonia



Clark Co.


Griffin McKinney, mar Mary William, 10 Mar 1852


Thomas McKinney, mar Mary P. Houston, 23 Mar 1843



Wayne Co.


Milford MM Hicksite Quakers – 1846


William McKinney, mar Mary Cyrus, removed to Fall Creek MM


William McKinney appointed to commission, 20 May 1829


William McKinney appointed elder, 1833


Cyrus McKinney, b 7 Sep 1844, son of William and Mary McKinney



Fountain Co.


Frank McKinney, soldier in Mexican War under Capt. R. M. Evans


J. W. McKinney ran for State representative (nd)


Wm. Howard McKinney, farmer, of Newton, was son of Job and Nancy Ann McKinney Howard, b 7 Jan 1821, Miami Co., OH.  Gr and father, James L. McKinney a native of New Jersey.


James McKinney buried in 1838 at Osborn’s Chapel.


John McKinney operated a tannery in Troy Tsp., 1827.



Indiana Marriage Records, no county given


Archibald A. McKinney, Margaret A. B. Wainright, 2 Dec 1875, Book K, p33


George W. McKinney, Julia Brogen, 7 Aug 1880, Book K, p626


Thomas H. McKinney, Ellen M. McLean, 3 May 1866, Book I, p100



Clark Co. Marriages


John Moore, Anna McKinney, 1863


Mrs. Belle McKinney, James B. Creamson, 1873


Eliza J. McKinney, Allen B. Gwin, 1877


Lilley McKinney, Wm. C. O’Brien, 1878


Margaret McKinney, Nahan R. McDonald, 1864


Mary A. McKinney, Francis Burt, 1872


Towena F. McKinney, Henry Poole, 1866


Sallie T. McKinney, Wm. T. Armstrong, 1874



Brown Township, Martin Co.


Resident, Griffin, McKinney



Brown Co.


Daniel McKinney, mar Jane Henderson, Sep 20, 1840






Livonia, Washington Co. Burials


Rebecca R. McKinney, wife of David C. McKinney, d Jun 18, 1893, age 69-3-4


David C. McKinney, d 24 May 1887, 80-6-22


Laviah, wife of David C. McKinney, d 24, Jar, 1872, 64-4-13


Jane McKinney, d Oct 11, 1841, age 36-8-6


Virgil McKinney, 1887-1969                Elsie A. McKinney 1885-1932


Delbert L. McKinney, Sgt., Supply Company, 49th Infantry, WWI  (no dates)



Warren Co.


Deed between David McKinney and Ellen Holbrook with John and Frances McKinney, John and Frances convey unto George H. Hart, 28 Dec 1859.



Pike Co.


Deed, Silas Green McKinney, and Elizabeth, 6 Dec 1859



Cerro Gordo


William Alexander McKinney, mar Caroline Child, 1846



Washington Co.


Alexander McKinney, b 1773, son of Collin McKinney (b 1754), mar Elizabeth Taylor, nd



Spencer Co.


Archabold McKinney, Polly Givens, 22 Oct 1823



Hamilton Co.


William McKinney, Mary Snow, 11 Apr 1839 at Noblesville



Green Co., Boone Twp.


William McKinney, Serena C. Breeden, 18 Apr 1867



Jackson Co.


Collin McKinney, Susannah Strutton, 24 Jul 1856


Margaret, b 1857 (George Whitehorn)

Susan, b 1859

Larah, b 1861


Collin McKinney mar 2nd, Susannah Pierce, 14, Jul, 1863


Emma, b 1864

Alice, b 1865

John, b 1868

Lury, b 1869



Brown Co.


Dean McKinney, b 24 Jun 1915, son of Frank McKinney and Nelly Eddy, d Dec 13, 1975.  Wife Lucy Gabbard.


Guy Emil McKinney, mar Ruth Fleetwood

Alfred McKinney, mar 10 May 1838, Almedia Wabley

America, b 25 Feb 1836, mar Samuel Ayers

Anise, mar 15 Feb 1902, Roy Carmichael

Elizabeth Jane, b 14 Jan 1851, mar Jonathan Marsh

Collin, b 4 Jan 1824, m Elizabeth young

James, b 28 Oct 1863, mar Sarah Wilkerson

Mary, b 28 Apr 1870, mar George W. Cook


Note:  This material was taken from family group sheets on file at the Los Angeles L.D.S. Library.  If one notes the various dates given, it obviously contains many errors.  This should be used as clues, only.



Marshall Co.


Abstracts from a diary of Badley writer (prob. Arthur Badley), beginning Sep 1845 in Plymouth, IN, mentions visiting in Bloomfield at Mr. McKinney’s and Elizabeth Byrom’s; preached the funeral sermon for Mr. Wm. McKinney of Rochester, he having died, Friday, Jun 17, 1847.



Revolutionary Soldiers in Indiana


Alexander McKinney, b 1753 in Augusta, VA, died Mar 18, 1822.  (See p49)



Dearborn Co.


James McKinney, b Apr 1822, son of Col. James McKinney, who died in 1838.  James mar Elizabeth Hayes, Mar 1853.



Jennings Co.


Isiah Green, mar Mary McKenney, 15 May 1836. 



Indiana lands granted by bounty from VA


Bland Ballard


Proctor Ballard


James Ballard


William Bland


John M’kinney, pvt.



Pike Co.


John McKinney, Louise McCray, May 15, 1840, Vol. 14, No 2, 1831



Grant Co.


David R. McKinney, Emily E. Hogin, Jun 20, 1848


Elias W. McKinney, Otillia Barley, Nov 26, 1848


Fielding S. McKinney, Sarah Oppy, Mar 23, 1841


Leander McKinney, Alcena Toba, Oct 28, 1845



Knox Co.


James McKinney, Abigail Miller, Jun 25, 1826






Washington Co.


Elizabeth McKinney, Henry Finley, 24 Jan 1816, by J. McKinney


Polly McKinney, Randolph Moon, 7 Dec 1819, by R. E. S.


Levina McKinney, Robert Howard, Jul 21, 1821


Robert Mckinney, Rachel Marts, 22 Jan 1822, by W. Martin


Shadrick McKinney, Susannah Hicks, 7 Feb 1822, by G. Kemp, MG


Malinda McKinney, William Collier, 2 Apr 1822, R. McCoy, MG


William McKinney, Betsey Harbison, nd



Dearborn Co.


James McKinney, Abigail Miller, 25 Jun 1826, T. Palmer, JP



Jefferson Co.


James McKinney, Lyda Landrum, 8 Nov 1827, S. Gudgel, JP


Rhoda McKinney, Robert McCasland, 10 Feb 1828, S. Gudgel, JP



Rush Co.


Will Book I, p 98, Harvey McKinney



Fountain Co. - Book I


John McKinney, Charlotte Nebeker, 29 Jan 1830


William McKinney, Mary Anderson, 3 May 1832


Matilda McKinney, John Anderson, 27 May 1832


Prestley T. McKinney, Sarah Jane McClure, 15 May 1834


Fanny McKinney, William Mercer, 23 Dec 1831



Jefferson Co.


Henry McKinney, Polly Landrum, 21 Apr 1821, J. Anderson, JP


John McKinney, Patsy Walton, 10 Jun 1825


Elizabeth McKinney, Byram Monroe, Nov 10, 1830, S. Monroe





Anna McKinney, William Lee, 18 Nov 1830, J. Gardner


Solomon McKinney, Rebekah Sloan, 6 Nov 1821, John McEwing, JP


Collin McKinney, Elizabeth young, 12 Jan 1824, Thomas Lowery, MG


Will, 1844-1869, p9-10, John McKinney


Joseph McKinney, Sheriff, May 12, 1821, guilty of assault and battery on Luke Bonesteel



Washington Co. Obituaries (New Albany)


James McKinney 1875


Frank McKinney 1871


Deliah Miller 1934

Deliah Miller who died in Palmyra, age 74-2-9, was born in 1860 and was widow of Henry Miller was the daughter of William and Elizabeth (Simpson) McKinney.



Washington Co. Will Abstracts


James McKinney, witness, will of James Redus, 1821


Archibald mcKinny, will 16 Aug 1822, probated 15 Apr 1823 names wife, Catey (Edwards); Sons, John, James, Collin, Griffith, stepson Mortimer Edwards; Daughters Mary, Peggy D. (Harima), Lavina (Howard), Ann, Betsey, Susanna, Caty, Ginney, Sally; Step-daughters Agnes Edwards, Mahala Edwards.  Wife to have an heir.  Executor Aquila Standiford, John Martin, Sr.   Witnesses, Elias Dean, Jesse Simpson, Josiah Simpson, Joseph Armstrong.


David C. McKinney, witness, will of Alexander Martin, 5 Dec 1845


Isaac Orchard, will Record A, 6 Jun 1842, probated 1853 names Wife, Margery.  Sons, James S., Andrew R., John, Samuel M., Daughters Ann (Kelso), Eunice (McKinney), Polly (McKinney), heirs of Jane McKinney, deceased, Sarah (McPheters).  Land in Bourbon Co., KY and IN.  Sons named as executors. 


Record F., p240, 26 Mar 1884, probated 1887 will of David McKinney names sons Preston, Asa W.; grandchildren Mary and Harmony, Lavinah B. McKinney (daughters of Asa McKinney). 


Rebecca R. McKinney, wife of David McKinney, probated 1893 names sister, Mary M. Lynd, sole heir.






Wayne Co., IN Friends Marriages:


James McKinney, Polly Little, 3-5-1819


James McKinney, Susanna Adamson, 9-12-1822


Nathaniel McKinney, Mary Milmon, 9-1-1821


William McKinney, Anna Walters, 11-3-1828


William McKinney, Mary Hodge, 8-28-1819


Laura McKinney, James Cuppy, 9-5-1825


Lylly McKinney, James Dixon, 4-5-1820


Mary McKinney, Thomas Jackson, 6-2-1825


Minty McKinney, Thomas Jackson, 6-2-1818


Polly McKinney, James McDade, 5-6-1819



Rush Co.


Robert McKinney, d 11-6-1842



Washington Co.


Simpson McKinney, Chloe Hammond, 10-5-1897


Robert F. McKinney, ? Burton, 9-28-1904



Undertaker’s Book: 


Henry McKinney was paralyzed between my house and Clayville, Mar 31, 1913, taken to my house and died Apr 1, 1913.  Henry was born in Livonia Dec 8, 1843.



Josephine McKinney in 1879 was delivered of a bastard child, she claimed the father to be William F. Naugle, court ruled so.



Indiana land Entries, Cincinnati District, 1801-1807, Vol. II, p111,


Mordecai McKinney (McKinsey?) took title to the SW ¼ section 28 in this district, Feb 1807.  (Listed as McKinsey on actual entry, but as McKinney in index)



Delaware Co.


Jefferson McKinney, Elizabeth Medlin, Feb 9, 1837



Marion Co.


Elizabeth McKinney, Benjamin Phillips, Jun 5, 1827



Marshall Co.


Thomas McKinney, Susan Shinabarger, May 30, 1841



Posey Co.


Colvin Cemetery, Elizabeth McKinney, wife of Edmund McKinney, d 1848, age 56.



Washingtonian Temperance Society


Member, at Goshen, 1843-44, Sarah McKinney



Wayne Co.


James McKinney, Nancy Sherry, 1840’s (?)





Peter McKinney, Martha Shigley, 30 Nov 1848


James McKinney, Mary Little, 5 Mar 1819



Jay Co. Marriages:


Eliza J. McKinney, Cornelius Thompson, Nov 18, 1860


Elizabeth McKinney, Amos Hall, Mar 24, 1860


George W. McKinney, Monerva Phillips, Nov 23, 1864


Marion McKinney, Barbaray A. Miller, Jan 13, 1860


Sarah Ann McKinney, Samuel Taylor, Mary 10, 1856


Jesse B. McKinney, Sarah J. Dunn, Nov 10, 1872


Anthony W. McKinney, Martha I. Gal, Nov 15, 1869


Ella m. McKinney, Thomas M. Brown, Jul 2, 1882, wit, Solomon McKinney


J. J. McKinney, Elizabeth Maitlen, witness to above marriage


Mary L. McKinney, John Niebarger, Mar 1, 1866



Fayette Co.


Mathew McKinney, Rhoda Parkhurst, 7 Dec 1820



Johnson Co.


Hezekiah L. McKinney, Mrs. Nancy Ann Landes, 21 Oct 1844



Rush Co. Wills


Verbal will, Harvey McKinney, 12 Dec 1834, probated 9 Feb 1835, wife, Angeline to have all.  Witness, Lewis Cooper, William McKinney.



Bartholomew Co.


Cynthia Ann McKinney, Logan T. Jones, 21 May 1839


Susannah McKinney, Elijah Hurst, 12 Mar 1840



Brown Co.


Hezekiah McKinney, Elizabeth Harmon, 25 Jun 1860



Orange Co.


Polly McKinney, George McCoy, 24 Nov 1822



Harrison Co.


Will of John Brinley, 22 Sep 1825, names Catherine McKinney, no relationship stated



Greene Co.


21 Sep 1824, James McKinney witness deed of Thos. E. and Sarah Craig of Washington, to John Pence of Washington.



Floyd Co.


George McKinney, Amanda Parker, 31 Aug 1826



Wayne Co.


Hugh McKinney estate, 9 Nov 1821, names administrator, James McKinney



Franklin Co.


Andrew McKinney, administrator of James McKinney, 4 Feb 1817


James McKinney, Eady Harrell, 4 Aug 1812


David J. Hannah, Mary McKinney, 26 Jan 1813



Johnson Co.


17 Jun 1830, Will of David W. McCaslin names as administrators, Hezekiah V. McKinney and wife, Jane.


Samuel McKinney wit will of Douglas B. Shelledy, 26 Aug 1833



Orange Co.


William Wilson McKinney, a minor of the age of 12, years, six months, 21 days, to be bound to Luis Byrum until the age of 21, to learn trade of husbandry.



Washington Co.


Eleanor McKinney, Burr Banks, 7 Nov 1826



Fayette Co.


Will of Nathaniel McKinney 19 Feb 1824, probated 2 Mar 1824, names wife Mary; six children to Catherine and Mary Helman (?); grandson Nathaniel McKinney, Jr.  Wife and son William, executors.



Brown Co. Marriages:


Archibald R. McKinney, Rebecca A. Shultz, 1-1-1869


Rev. Daniel McKinney, Jane Henderson, 9-20-1840


Elizabeth McKinney, George W. Brown, 4-4-1858


Emily McKinney, William Pruitt, 8-1-1867


George McKinney, Mary King, 8-30-1864


Indiana McKinney, John Mullis, 3-6-1846


James McKinney, Ann Moore, 4-27-1865


James C. McKinney, Lewezar J. Glasgow, 12-10-1868 (Louisa ?)


Jiriah McKinney, Richard Mullis, 3-22-1844


John McKinney, Sarilda Weddel, 9-10-1850


John McKinney, Viola Barker, 12-25-1873


Martha A. McKinney, Vandever Sutherland, 9-20-1877


Patterson McKinney, Alcy Jane Pike, 9-1-1872


Arah J. McKinney, Jacob Noblest, 11-6-1879



Newburg, Indiana


William McKinney b Bedford, NH in 1784, died in 1812.  Wife, Shirley Jane, 1786-1865



Montgomery Co.


Henry C. Benge, b 14 May 1812 in Wilkes Co., NC, married Nancy A. McKinney, b 19 Jun 1839 in Montgomery Co.  She d 19 Aug 1872, he died in 1878, both buried in South Cemetery, Bloomfield.  They also lived for a time in Marion Co., TN.



Rush Co.


Will of Harvey McKinney, Probate Court, Rushville, before Poston (?) Esq., Probate Judge of the County of Rush, aforesaid on the second Monday and ninth day of Feb in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty five, Comes Agla Cooper and produced in open Court of the same, the last will and Testament of Harvey McKinney late of Rush Co. deceased in these words to wit, ‘Be it known that on 12th day of Dec in the year one thousand eight hundred and thirty four Harvey McKinney of the County of Rush and State of IN being sick of the sickness of which he died on the ---- day of Nov AD 1834 made and declared his last will and testament verbally in these words of the like effect (towit I want my wife Angelina McKinney to have every cint of my property after my debts are paid if I should die these words or words of the like effect tho said Havey McKinney declared in the prescense of the witness whose names are signed and whose






seals are affixed hereunto with the intention that the same should stand for and be his last will and testament and he bid the undersigned to bear witness to the same’.  In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands and affixed our seals this 24th day of Dec AD 1834.  Signed, Lewis Cooper (his mark), William McKinney.


Teste:  Asa Cooper proved to the satisfaction of the Court that due notice of the proving of said Will at the present term of this Court had been given to the heirs of said deceased according to law.


                                                                                    (to be continued)








Before its formation as a territory in 1838, Iowa was part of Missouri from 1812-1821, and unorganized territory from 1824-1834, part of Michigan territory from 1834-1836, and Wisconsin territory, 1836-1838.


The Division of Vital Statistics, State Department of Health, State Office Building at Des Moines, has birth, death and marriage records.  Incomplete records of births exist from 1897.  Death records are from 1880 and marriages from 1880.  County records are the same and are available from the Clerk of the District Court, some as early as 1832.  All wills, probate and divorce records are available on the county level.


The Adjutant General’s Office has Civil war records, Spanish-American War records, and members of the National Guard from 1900 to date.


Census records are available for the years 1840-1880.  The entire State census is available for the year 1840 in printed form at the Census Department, Iowa Department of History and Archives, State House, Des Moines.  Also available is an index to members of the Grand Army of the Republic.  Special state records were taken in 1885, 1895, 1915 and 1925.  These are also on file as above.


Check the State Library for a list of newspapers that were published for the years of your search in the county where your ancestor resided.  Also check for a list of county historical societies in your county of interest as they are often helpful in locating cemeteries, newspapers, telephone directories, and other information.  Morticians have records that given the plot number of graves that are often unmarked with cemeteries that have no caretakers.




Miscellaneous Iowa Research



Lee Co. – Elmwood Cemetery, Fort Madison


John N. McKinney, 1869-1928


Josie P. McKinney, 1875-1961


W. McKinney, Jul 6, 1830 – Oct 19, 1906



Clarke Co. – Rhoades Cemetery, W of Hwy 69, between Indianola and Osceola:


Row 6, Elias McKinney 1849-1912


Sarah, Wife of Elias, 1849-1916


Reason N., son of Elias and Sarah, d 10 Apr 1890, 15-1-21



Iowa Pioneer Register


Dr. Smith McKinney, b 1827 OH, d 1877, IA, wife, Rachel McCoy, settled, Wapello Co.., 1851


Charles W. McKinney, b 1830, NJ, d 1893, mar Ingalbay Wilson, settled, Buchanan Co., 1854






James W. McKinney, b 1823, OH, d 1891, m Emma Beedle, settled in Butler Co., 1854


Sarah McKinney, wife of James Porter, b 1824, IN, settled in Jasper Co., 1854



Buchanan Co. Marriages


C. W. Mckinney, 24, Ingleby Wilson, 1 Jan 1854, Wm. Miller


Jacob P. Wilson, Acsah McKinney, 26 Nov 1857


Duncan McKenny, Charita Watson, 7 May 1862


Steward McKinney, Roselia Grider, 13 Sep 1860


William McKenny, Elizabeth Decker, 9 Jul 1865



Harrison Co. Marriages


Tom Mckinney, Carrie Cadwell, 11 Dec 1901


Earl McKinney, Carrie Cutter, 21 Mar 1900


Jasper McKinney, Eva Lawrence, 21 Nov 1893


Edward McKinney, Mary Man, 21 Nov 1896


Frank McKinney, Jennie ?, 1 Mar 1894


Mary McKinney, Monroe Stebbins, 18 Nov 1887


Seymore McKinney, Maggie ?, 14 Feb 1893



Green Co. Marriages


Millie McKinney, A. M. Miller, 25 Feb 1882


Emma Jane McKinney, John M. Newman, 7 Nov 1880



Wayne Co. Marriage


No. 103, 7 Apr 1857, Lorenzo J. McKinney and Martha Jones



Buchanan Co.


Martin McKinney, d 20 Jun 1903, age 41



Marion Co. Cemetery, Pleasant Ridge


Dessie McKinney, daughter of W. A., age 6 d 1888


James A. McKinney, 1883-1959


Matilda McKinney, 1849-1922


John D., son, 1882-1885



DeWitt Cemetery


Susan A. McKinney, wife of W. D., d 1885, age 32


Andrew C. McKinney, 1902-1970


Artie D. McKinney, 1905-1930


Gladys G. McKinney, 1818-1930


Edith McKinney, 1877-1944


Marshall D. McKinney, 1898-1919



Harrison Co.


Diary of Luella Lawrence, Magnolia Twp, 1847-1905 names friends and their marriages


Tom McKinney, Carrie Cadwell, 11 Dec 1901


Earl McKinney, Carrie Cutler, 21 Mar 1900


Jasper McKinney, Eva Lawrence, 12 Feb 1896


Dick McKinney, died 2 Aug 1893


Ed McKinney, Mary Mann, 21 Nov 1893


Jasper McKinney, b 14 Jan 1869


Mrs. Thomas McKinney, d 4 Jun 1897



Keokuk Co., Benton Township


F. A. McKinney, Sec 21, farmer, (near Martinsburg), was born in Brown Co., OH, Apr 21, 1816 removed to Johnson Co., IN, and in 1844 to Iowa.  Wife, Nancy Landers b Mar 1838 in Greene Co., KY (Note, should be birthday of 1818 and marriage date of 1838, Ed.).  Children were Franklin A., Oliver H. A., Winfield S., Fletcher H., L. M., Lizzie Iowa (James Baldozer), Ephraim who was killed in 1864 at Vicksburg.  Franklin A. Mckinney, Jr., mar Josephine Merryfield, dau of Joseph Merryfield.






Early Settlers of McGregor, Iowa


R. C. McKinney, who operated a chair factory and furniture store in 1856


Matthew McKinnie, operated a general store, 1851



Early Iowa Marriages, no counties unless noted


Reuben McKinney, Sarah A. Stewart, 28 May 1851, Davis Co.


Martha S. McKinney, Jackson Graham, 2 Aug 1853


Alfred G. McKinney, Eliza Jane Graham, 6 Oct 1853


Andrew J. McKinney, Margaret A. Carr, 16 Feb 1854





An Iowa Family



Jesse A. McKinney b 24 Oct 1818 in Ross Co., OH (now Highland), was the son of Obediah and Sarah (Smith) McKinney of Ross Co. and Surry Co., NC (Obediah, James, John, Mordecai).  Jesse married first, Ann Rebecca Crone, 22 Dec 1842 in OH.  Ann was the dau of George Crone and Matilda Abernathy and died at the birth of daughter, Almeda McKinney.  Jessee married secondly, Margaret Dodds, 6 Jan 1851 in OH.  Margaret was born in VA in 1827 according to Federal Census records, but parents are unknown at this time.  In 1850, she was living with a McCollum family at the time of her marriage, as a servant.  Margaret’s parents were born in PA.  Jesse and Margaret moved their family to Iowa in 1856, traveling by boat to St. Louis, MO, and then up the Mississippi River by steamer to Iowa.  When transferring their household possessions to the steamer at St. Louis, almost everything was lost overboard except their personal cases holding clothing and the family Bible.  The Bible was in the possession of Mrs. Iona Gamble until her death in 1976, since unknown.  The children of Jesse and his two wives are:


Mary Ann, b 6 Nov 1843, Greenfield, OH, d 12 Aug 1885.  Buried in Austin Cemetery, Rogers, AR, she mar George Washington McCall.  One child known, Flossie, lived in Runnells, Iowa, unmarried.


Abijah, b 10 Nov 1845, OH, d pre 1897, buried in Cleghorn, IA.  Married Jane Prunty, 15 Mar 1872 and had issue, Ann, Roy, Frank.


Sarah Matilda, b 30 May 1847 OH, d Mesa, AZ 1970-73, married David Prunty, 30 Mar 1869.


Elizabeth Almeda, b 25 May 1850, d 29 May 1932, Runnells, IA.  Buried, Lowman Cemetery, unmarried.  Always called ‘Aunt Sissy’.


Henry Valentine, b 1851, Greenfield, OH, d Sep 5, 1914 in Des Moines, IA.  Married first, Mrs. Mahala (Clickner) Cowman, secondly, Ida Mae Mercer, 2 Jan 1899.  Had issue, Clara (Daugherty), Mae (Daugherty, Gray), Clyde, Alva, Esther, Harlis, Harlan.


Jesse A. Jr., b 9 Sep 1857, Runnells, IA, d 1927, unmarried.  Jesse operated the only bank in Runnells, inherited his father’s estate.


Abraham Lincoln, b 23 Jan 1861, Runnells, d ca 1895.  Married Alize Martin/Maupin.  Iss, Roscoe, Charley, Olive, Pearl.






Jesse McKinney was received by request into the Springfield Monthly Meeting in 1872, and dropped from membership in 1887 when he was converted to the Reformed Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


Jesse’s inscription in the family Bible, which he presented to David Prunty and his wife reads, ‘J. McKinny’s visit to D. M. Prunty’s, Oct 1, 1879 in his 61st year of age, finds all in health and prospering and in Peace with themselves and neighbors, so continue and it will be well with you.  Yars to the end, Jesse McKinney’


Jesse’s will was written in Runnells, 28 May 1897.  In it, he left money for a monument to be erected for his wife, Margaret A. and himself, and real and personal property to Abijah, Sarah Prunty, Almeda, Henry V., Jesse A., heirs of daughter Mary Ann McCall, heirs of son Abraham L. McKinney.  Sons Abijah and Henry V. were executors.


Burials:  Runnells, Iowa – Lowman Cemetery  (Polk County)


Wilbur Dale McKinney d 20 Apr 1922


Willis McKinney, b 26 Jul 1895, d age 3 months


Abe McKinney, 1861-1895


Addie McKinney, d 1891, age 2 months


Almeda McKinney, 1850-1932


Carol G. McKinney, 1884-1892


Edith McKinney, 1896-1918


Ernest McKinney, 1886-1934


Frances McKinney, 1863-1926


Henry Valentine McKinney, 1851-1914


Jesse McKinney, 1818-1897, Born Ohio


Jesse McKinney, 1857-1927


John Quincy McKinney, 1862-1923


Laura E. McKinney, 1871-1912


Lewis A. McKinney, 1860-1921


M. A. McKinney, 1823-1897  (Margaret Dodds)


M. F. McKinney, 1853-1896


Marion McKinney, 1866-1912


Obediah McKinney, 1864-1921


R. J. McKinney, 1833-1903


Ray McKinney, 1905-1907


Dr. Smith McKinney, 1848-1893


W. E. McKinney, 1848-1893



Woodland Cemetery, Polk County:


Henderson McKinney, 1835-1920


Howard McKinney, 1875-1924


James A. McKinney, 1859-1919



Glendale Cemetery


Leroy McKinney, 1885-1922



Mitchellville Cemetery


Margaret McKinney, 1844-1917



Indianola Cemetery, Salem Street


Walter M. McKinney, 1889-1973


Neva McKinney, 189?-1968




Henry Valentine McKinney was assessor in Camp Township, Polk Co., and at one time operated a grocery store in the old, original Maytag plant in Des Moines.  He also lived for a short time in Danville, MO.






Miscellaneous Records, Submitted by Howard W. McKinney



Marriages, Dallas Co., IA


James McKinney, Catherine Overmier, 28 May 1871


Sarah Jane McKinney, Christopher Peterman, 26 Nov 1879


Effie McKinnie, J. W. Capp, 4 Jul 1877



1856 Iowa State Census Records


Union Twp., Dallas Co.


Henderson McKinney, 21 b NC


Lydia, 18 b IN



Center Twp., Madison Co.


Samuel McKinney, 30 b NC



1870 Census, Dallas Co.


Martha McKinney, age 21, b NC in the home of Jon Connery



1880 Census, Dallas Co., Union Twp.


Wm. McKinney, 28 b OH


Marie, 27 b OH


Rebecca, 4 b OH


Johnnie, 2 b IA


Geo, 1/12 b IA



1880 Census, Dallas Co., Boone Twp.


Henry McKinney, 49 b IL


Smatha, 47 b MO


Wm. H, 17 b IL


Randolph, 10 b IL


Fredric, 5 b IA


Eva J. Hauks, 24 b IL



1880 Census, Madison Co., Lee Twp.


Wm. McKinney, 16 b IL  home of Wm. Stevenson



1880 Census, Madison Co., Winterset Centre


J. W. McKinney, 36 b IN


Catherine, 36 b IN


Wm. H., 15


James A., 12


John T., 10


Alfred R., 1




Original Land entry, Dallas Co., Adams Twp., Dec 12, 1854, Alexander F. McKinney, 120 acres, Tp, 78 N. Range 28 W.


Will, 1851, Fountain B. McKinney of Green Co., IA, will dated 14 Jul 1897, Prov. Jun 1898, to my wife Martha McKinney, all my estate for her lifetime and then to Thomas McKinney, Louiza Adams, the legal heirs of Mildred Miles, the legal heirs of Martha Tom and Eustis Newlin.  Wit., R. B. Mordere, Josh. Collins.





10,000 Records of Eastern, Western and Central New York (Three Vols.)  Fred Bowman:


Aurora McKenney, mar Aug 19, 1822, Hannah Graham, by Rev. Cuyler from the Poughkeepsie Journal.


Elizabeth McKenney, 80, relict of John, d May 1, 1831 in Albany.  Her dau, Jennet (Mrs.) Cook, and William Cook are mentioned.  Funeral at the home of the dec’d at the corner of Steuben and North Pearl Streets.


Matthew McKenney, between 60 and 70, died in Orange Co. jail, had been in the Ulster and Orange Co. jail about 30 years for a single debt, May 7, 1821.






Julia McKinney, mar William Power, Oct. 13, 1831, both of Albany, Rev. Lockhead officiated.


Philip McKenny, mar Jul 17, 1828, Freelove Crosby, both of Seneca Falls, at the Franklin House in Geneva, by Rev. Dr. Axtelt.


Mrs. E. Elty, Mrs. McKinney, and Mrs. Camp, the two latter being sisters, were all interred in one afternoon, date not given, in Auburn, NY, article dated Jan 13, 1813.


Edward McKinney, age 42, d May 24, 1849 in Binghamton.


Gabriel McKinney, mar Oct 3, 1850, Roanna Tyrrel, by Rev. C. Wheeler in Elmira.


James McKinney, mar Feb 22, 1831, Anne E. Haight, in Greece, NY.


William Sink, mar Dec 10, 1845, Sarah McKinney in Utica, by Rev. Bristol.


B. H. Throop, doctor of Providence, Luzerne Co., PA, mar Jan 19, 1842, Harriet F. McKinney of Ellington, CT, in Schuylkill Haven, by Rev. Drake, Oxford Times, Feb 9th.




Cemeteries of Surry Co., NC, Howard W. McKinney



Blackburn – Clayton


15, Annie Elizabeth McKinney, Dec 22, 1891 – Jun 2, 1892, d/o W. B. McKinney


16, Gideon E. McKinney, Oct 26, 1809 – Nov 10, 1891, 82-0-4


17, Jesse Katherine McKinney, Aug 13, 1927 – Oct 5, 1936


18. Joseph Willis McKinney, Oct 16, 1884 – Sep 22, 1887, 2-1-6, s/o W. and W. E. McKinney


19, Mary McKinney, Dec 20, 1846 – Jan 4, 1901, 54-0-15


20, Mary Fulton McKinney, May 31, 1875 – 1875, d/o W. and E. W.


21, Permelia McKinney, Dec 6, 1821 – Jul 15, 1915


22, Sarah I. McKinney, Sep 22, 1901 – Feb 2, 1921, 19-4-10, w/o W. C. McKinney, ‘Gone but not Forgotten’


23, Infant son, W. E. and Mollie McKinney


24, William Cleveland McKinney, Dec 15, 1879 – Jan 7, 1952

      Cora Jennings McKinney, Oct 3, 1886 – Jan 27, 1981, 94-3-17

      w/o William C. McKinney (Retired school teacher, born in Carroll Co., VA)



25, William E. McKinney, Sep 28, 1841 – Oct 22, 1862, Civil War veteran – Co. I, 21 NC troops, died in battle at Sharpsburg MD, ‘Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord’


26, Willis E. McKinney, Jul 20, 1863 – Feb 13, 1923


27, Winston McKinney, Father, Jan 15, 1849 – Apr 19, 1923, 74-3-4

      Bettie McKinney, Mother, Jan 27, 1848 – May 29, 1932




Cemetery Survey, Vol. I


Ulysses Grant McKinney, Feb 23, 1872 – Jul 15, 1901


A. McKinney, Dec 13, 1833 – Aug 5, 1918


Nancy Jane McKinney, Jul 26, 1826 – Aug 5, 1918, wife, A. McKinney


Connie B. McKinney, Apr 2, 1906 – Jun 2, 1906, dau, J. B. and Ada


Haycil W. McKinney, Apr 15, 1907 – Oct 16, 1927, son, J. B. and Ada


Gertrude Mae McKinney, May 19, 1855 – Jul 15, 1927


Moses McKinney, died Aug 27, 1896, age 50 yrs






Volunteer Primative Baptist Church Cemetery


W. Quince McKinney, Mar 1, 1876 – Jun 26, 1960


Rossella F. McKinney, Apr 1, 1875 – Mar 9, 1934




Margaret E. McKinney, Bakersville, NC


Margaret Etta McKinney, 81, of Roan Mountain Road, died Friday, 20 Mar 1987 in an Asheville Hospital.  She was a native of Virginia, and was a member of Fort Mountain Baptist Church.  Her husband, Frank McKinney died in 1971.


Surviving are a daughter, Tillie McKinney of Bakersville, seven sons, Bobby Mckinney of Bakersville, Charles, John and Burke McKinney of Westminster, MD, James C. McKinney of Burnsville, Weiss McKinney of Johnson City, TN, and Douglas McKinney of Jonesboro, TN.  Two sisters, Viola Milbourn of Las Vegas, Nev. and Edith Bainbridge of Washington, D. C., two brothers, James McKinney of Grundy, VA and Clarence McKinney of Bristol, VA, 22 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.


Services were at 2pm at Henline-Hughes Funeral Home.  The Revs. Ronnie Gouge, John Hicks and Park Whitson will officiate.  Burial will be in Mckinney Cemetery.




Virginia Land Grants – Shaler Smith


Previously unpublished grants, Lord Fairfax proprietorship between Rappehannock and Potomac Rivers (Northumberland, Richmond and Stafford Counties), abstracted from Northern Neck Land Grants, 1694-1792, Gertrude E. Gray, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1987.



Makenny, William, Book 2-284, William Makeeny of Westmoreland Co., 100 acres adjacent James Hardwick, 31 Dec 1697.



John McKenny, Book E-254, John McKenny of Prince William Co., 94 acres in said county on branches of Pohick adj. Col. Fitzhugh, Falkner’s corner, surveyed by Mr. Thomas Davis, 21 May 1741 (Survey plot in deed book)




John McKenny, Book E-358, William Barker of Prince William Co. 287 acres in said county on N. Main Br. Of Pohick, Surv. By Mr. Thomas Thomas the younger adj. Fithugh’s Ravensworth Tract, John Melton, John McKenny, 26 Oct 1741.  ibid





McKinney – Colby, Kansas


Regarding the photograph that ye Editor had from Colby, KS, member Ila Eckstadt writes that the photographer was her great-uncle, George Taggart McKinney, born 30 Mar 1860 at Decatur Co., IN.  In 1863, his parents, the Rev. Daniel Stuart McKinney and Jane (Henderson) McKinney moved to Shelby Co., IL.  In 1885, they removed to Thomas Co., KS.  By 1900 George and his family had moved to Walla Walla, Washington, where he continued as a photographer.






In 1885, George, his nine brothers and their families, his parents, uncle and aunt, and their daughters were all located in Thomas Co., KS.  The only daughter, Missouri Frances McKinney Corley, had married and stayed in Shelby Co., IL.


Note- Isn’t it nice that someone found a photograph that brings so much family information to us?  Many thanks.




Questions, Questions





Shadrack McKinney mar Hannah McCarter, 29 Apr 1805; a land deed 1839, Lee Co., VA shows Shadrack’s wife as Jane.  When did Hannah die?  Who were her pts?

Howard W. McKinney, 607 So. Wesley, Oak Park, IL 60304





Shadrack Jackson McKinney, son of Shadrack and Jane Cress McKinney (see above)?  Shadrack J. mar Rachell ?, where were they in 1860?  Should be in Claiborne Co., TN, but not in census or in McKinneys listed from the Virginia State Library Archives.  Hubert McKinney’s widow, Clara (son of Amanda McKinney, a dau of Samuel P. McKinney) stated that Samuel P. had sister Sidney, who mar Henry Thomas.  They are buried in Grainger Co., TN.  Clara’s mother in law told her that Samuel’s father was not a McKinney, but that he assumed the name because his mother, Jane Cress, was not married to his biological father.  Any help?  All letters acknowledged.

Connie Roach, Rt 1, Cross Pike Rd., Clinton, TN 37716





Seeking info, Harriett McKinney, b ca 1800.  Married Jessie Chipman, 12 Dec 1817, d 17 Feb 1880, Brooklyn, Schuyler Co., IL.  Any help appreciated.

Sharon Kelly, 651 2nd Ave. W., Twin Falls, ID 83301








Need info, grandfather Wilson (Wilse) McKinney, b TN, mar Martha Jane Steele, dau of Isaac Steele and Hannah Henson, lived near Bass, Jackson Co., AL.  May have left state ca 1895.  Robert McKinney b ca 1805, prob Jackson Co., AL or Franklin Co., TN, mar Fannie Gonce, dau Isaac Gonce and Frances Wilson.  One ch, Isaac Russell McKinney, prob. others.

Robert L. McKinney, 10794 Morning Glory, Dallas, TX 75229, Publishers of ‘Bryan/Bryant Newsletter’






Seeking info, Turner McKinney, wife, Nancy Ott.  Turner b KY, mar 25 Jan 1833.  Known iss, Alexander, Louisa, Susan, Eliza Cathrine.  Believe Turner’s pts, Alexander McKinney, Sr., b 1785 TN, mar Lincoln Co., KY, 26 Mar 1808, Susan Turner.  Known iss, Turner, Nancy, Eliza John.

Dale Allen McKinney, 39001 Plumbrook Dr., Farmington Hills, MI 48018








Seeking info, Dr. James E. McKinney b 21 Sep 1868, d Sep 7, 1933, Spartanburg, SC.  Also Thomas Jubilee McKinney of Rutherford, NC, Miller McKinney of NC, William McKinney and wife, Nancy Miller.  John McKinney settled at the mouth of McKinney’s Creek 1775, d 1804.

Jon D. Ayres, 1210 Gordon Ave., Albany, GA 31701


Note:  Editor has replied to this query giving the relationship of these names to John McKinney of Rutherford Co., NC.






Descent from Joseph F. McKinney b VA 1770 and Elizabeth Copley, mar 1791, Fincastle Co., VA through son, Joseph McKinney and Martha Dillon; James H. McKinney and Julia A. ?; Wm. M. McKinney b MO 1860, wife, Matilda Lawson.  Any information appreciated.

Maxine Hamilton, Rt 2, Box 194, Amory, MS 38821




Still searching, identification of Garrett McKinne, who d Craven Co., NC, 1756/7.  Was he the Garrett of Cecil Co., MD, w/father Alexander who d Cecil Co. 1722, wife Mary?

Shaler Gordon Smith, Jr., 27718 King’s Kew, Bonita Springs, FL 33923




Seeking info, Robert McKinney d ca 1817 near Dover, TN, wife, Rebecca.  Two known ch, Elizabeth and Jonathan members of Saline Creek Baptist Church, 1810 through 1836.

Eric Lawler, 2707 Sibley Dr., Arlington, TX 76015




Seeking Thomas McKinney b ca 1799, PA, d Antioch, OH.  Wife, Sarah, iss John I., Margaret, James Madison, Charles Edward, David O. (Oliver?)

Carol Osborn, 1338 Ambrosden Lane, Channelview, TX 77530





Still seeking proof of James McKinney’s pts, sibs; wife, Mary Ballard.  Since Mary lived Bedford Co., VA, did family of James live in VA ca 1771/2 when James and Mary met?  Was James Quaker before marriage?  Any relationship to the James and Mary McKinney of Plumstead Monthly Meeting, Bucks Co., PA?  Have yet found proof of relationship to John McKinney, son of Mordecai McKinney, Sr. of NJ.  Mary’s pts lived Orange, Bedford, Hanover, Louisa counties, VA, also had visited Surry Co. and Guilford Co., NC.

Patricia Kirkwood, 2750 W. 232 St., Torrance, CA 90505





Seeking identity of Sarah Louise Smith, wife of Obediah McKinney Surry Co., NC to Ross Co., OH, ca 1811.  Obediah transferred to Greene Co., OH Quaker meeting, but not located on tax records in OH until 1820.  Where was he during that period?  Was Sarah dau of Isaac Smith of Ross Co.?

As Above






News and Reviews



The McKinney library is now housed again at the home of Editor at 2750 W. 232 Street, Torrance, CA 90505.  Books available for loan are listed in the Winter 1986 issue of our publication.  Some books were lost in the U. S. Mails during shipment and are listed below.  We welcome books for reviews and all materials donated to the library are placed in the collection and are available for loan to members.


Missing Volumes:


D’Autrechy, P., Some Records of Old Hunterdon County 1701-1838


Grammer, N. R., Marriage Records of Washington Co., TN 1787-1840


Towle, Laird C., Genealogical Periodical Annual Index:  1984


Wheeler, W. O., Inscriptions on the Tombstone and Monuments in the Graveyards, Whippany and Hanover, Morris Co., NJ


Worrell, A. L., Over the Mountain Men, Early Court Records in Southwest Virginia


Tuttle, Antiquarian Book Catalog, No. 6


Yates, 1776 Quarterly, Vol. 3 No. 1, Vol. 4 No. 1, Vol. 5, No. 2


Yates, Ridgerunners, Vol 4, 11, 14


We plan to replace some of the missing volumes as soon as the insurance is remitted by the Postal Service.  This loss points up the importance of insuring the books, when returning, at the replacement value of the material.




New Books in Our Library


Revolutionary War Public Service Claim Records for Elizabeth City County, Virginia, 1976, Published by the LRC Historical and Archeological Society as part of the American Revolution Bicentennial; Soft cover, 35pp, $3.00


Purchased from a private collection, this small booklet lists certificates and claims made against the government in Elizabeth City County.  Necessary information for researchers especially if they are trying to prove public service for the ancestor for hereditary society membership, there are no McKinney’s mentioned in this booklet, but several Armisteads, Ballards and Jennings names that are familiar to this reviewer.



39 Bear Tracks, Hunting for Bears Genealogical and Historical Society, PO Box 204, North Salt Lake, UT 84054, Membership $10.00 per year, Quarterly, Nicholas R. Murray, Editor.


This issue of 16pp includes articles concerning the Louisiana Genealogical Society, IL marriages, book reviews, computer information, and an informative article concerning the 1914 list of Mississippi Choctaws, a continuing feature.  Contains much information regarding marriages and locations for those researching American Indian records.  Queries are published, although their query policies are not stated.  Another interesting feature is listed burials from the Blakely Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery.  A nicely done quarterly, it is recommended to subscribers.  Contact the Editor for their query policy.



Yearbook of the Holland Society, 1890-91, 231pp, hard cover


Purchased at a garage sale nearby, this book is fragile and falling apart, but is of interest to those with early New York ancestors, especially the ten page addenda of Dutch nursery rhymes.  Contains speeches of prominent members and a few






Genealogical sections, it offers nothing to the researcher, but some very interesting history of New Amsterdam.



The Surnames of Scotland:  George Black, New York Public Library


This book has been added to the Editor’s personal library recently, and we would be happy to copy material from it for members.  The definitive authority on Scottish surnames, most of us are familiar with this volume.  Purchased at a recent Highland Games held in Costa Mesa, CA, the Editor has found a marvelous bookshop that deals with books from the British Isles.  If interested, write to Editor concerning location, prices, etc.



The G.R.O.U.P.  Genealogical Reference of Upcoming Publications of the Inland Empire (Washington)


A listing of people currently publishing a continuing series of genealogical publications, the surname booklets are listed below.  For those interested, contact editor for mailing addresses and further information.


Abshire Abstracts

Adamson Ancestry

Alexander Agenda

Baldwin By-Lines

Barnes Bulletin

Barrett Branches

Barton, Barons and Beggers (Proposed)

Becker Banner

Billingsley Yesterday and Today

Blakeley Bandwagon

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Bricker Branches

Brock/Prock Families

Bundy By-Lines

Burge Branches

Butcher Block

Cain Connections

Cammack Ancestry

Chamberlain Chain

Chandler Collections

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Cox Heritage

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Cummings and Goings

Dalton Data


Dye Data

Edwards (Proposed)

Everything Evans

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Hastings Herald

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In Search of Missing People

Quaker Lineages

Sisquiyou County (CA)






McKinney, Lincoln County, Kentucky - Search of Two Cemeteries, 1986


Dorothy Gross, Member . . .


McKinney is a small village now, on Hwy 198.  it was earlier known as McKinney’s station.  The pioneer settlement was established, it is said, by Archibald McKinney of Rockbridge County, VA, on the headwaters of Hanging Fork of Dick’s River about two miles from Green River and nine miles from Stanford, in 1792.  It was located on the Cumberland Settlement Trace.


On 5 Oct 1986 I drove to McKinney in search of any old cemeteries which might have McKinney headstones.  There is an old cemetery on the former McKinney farm at the edge of the village.  Mrs. Chaney is the present owner of 137 acres of the old McKinney farm.  She kindly allowed me to go on her property and search the cemetery which is on a small hill in a cow pasture overlooking the present farm houses, a tobacco barn, and the railroad line.


Small oak saplings, weeds, and a few large trees have overgrown the cemetery and cows roam freely through the broken and half-buried grave markers.  There appeared to be approximately 60 discernible graves, all in poor condition, many marked only with fieldstones at head and foot.  The cemetery is completely untended.


The large McKinney home, a two story structure with columns, built by Archibald or Burton McKinney (accounts differ) burned 17 Sep 1981 due to careless renters and only the porch stones remain.


The old headstones which I found readable in the cemetery were as follows:



Mary Jane, wife of W. M. Burton, b Sep 16, 1826, d Jun 8, 1865 (brf log)

(headstone broken from base, lying on ground)


James Burton, b Dec 2, 1814, d ? (broken) (child?) (brf log)


Lucinda McKinney, b Oct 3, 1804, d Apr 27, 1863, (toppled, log)

(Lucinda is wife of Burton McKinney - - - dg)






Burton McKinney, b Jul 16, 1799, d Aug 10, 1874

(Headstone still standing.  Son of Archibald and Jane (McClure) McKinney – dg.)


Ann Eliza McKinney, b Feb 6, 1834, d Apr 24, 1860


L. M.


A. E. M.

(Small stones on base, l.o.g.  Footstones for Lucinda and Ann Eliza?)


Infant daughter of Wm. And Mary J. Burton (l.o.g.; no dates)


Born Oct 1830, d  (toppled, l.o.g.; no name discernible)


M. J. P.  (small stone)



Large stone, base toppled, stone broken, lichen obscure lettering.


Thos P. Burton, b Dec 16, 1826, d age 4 yrs. (bfb log)


Catharine Burton, b Jan 4, 1820, d in her 23rd yr (broken, log)


In memory of Thomas A. Purdon.     (? Burton) (Was born 17th Nov 1835, d Jan 12, 1836)


(double stone)

Capt. A. Burton, b Mar 25, 1782, d Mar 25, 1868 ‘He lived and died an honest man’

Rosamond, wife of A. Burton, d Oct 1843, aged 50 years


Bettie, wife of J. W. Givens, b Nov 22, 1837, d 1876    (b, l.o.g.)


A. M.  (Possible footstone of Archibald McKinney ?? ---dg)


Monument still standing, sloping, face, lichen obscure lettering


C. A. Yokum, Co. K, 12 KY inf.


In Memory of Mary Huntsman (no dates)


In Memory of Josiah Huntsman


In Memory of Jane Huntsman  (Jane McKinney married Josiah Huntsman, ---dg)


G. H.   (l.o.g.)


The graves appear now to have been placed in no particular alignment.  The numbers above are only my order of recording.  Many graves are sunken among the trees without markers.  Newer graves (no McKinneys) dated in the 1950s, 1970s are also scattered among the trees and their small markers broken.  If Archibald McKinney is buried there on his old farm I did not find a definite marker, although it is possible that proper scrubbing might reveal his name on one of the lichen-covered stones.




About two miles farther south on Hwy 198 is a larger public cemetery in current use.  There I found:


Mariah J., wife of Madison McKinney, b Feb 6, 1812, d Nov 19, 1877


Madison McKinney, d Oct 13, 1897, aged 81 yrs, 11 m 17(?) d

(Son of Archibald and Jane (McClure) McKinney, ---dg)




McKinney, KY:














Arkansas Genealogical Notes and Abstracts



Franklin Co.


Albert McKinney, Martha A. Crawford, 20 Sep 1859


George McKinney, Tabitha Rosen, 27 Jun 1850


Noble McKinney, Emeline Crawford, 21 Oct 1860


Sarah C. McKinney, 16 and Jessie Davis, 19, 2 Sep 1856


Eliza B. McKinney, James Ham, 2 Jan 1855


Mary Ann McKinney, 16, Wm. L. St Clair, 19 Apr 1855


Melinda Ann, 20, Micajah Stone, 22 nd



Jefferson Co. Pioneers, 1834


Philip M. McKennie, George G. McKinney



Pulaski Co.


Augustus McKinney, 38, Elizabeth Lainer, 23, mar 28 Dec 1864 by J. S. Robertson, MJ, Hempstead Co.


Patsey McKinney, Wm. Collum, 12 Feb 1826, Collen McKinney, JP, Hempstead Co.



Logan Co.


Isaac Smith b 1822 OH, mar 1840, Annie McKinney








Isaac D.


Catherine Annie


He mar 2nd, Hester A. Cummins.



Pope Co.


Lemmons McKinney, Hiram Pitts, 20 Feb 1854


Mrs. Nancy McKinney, Henry Ruff of Searcy Co., 14 May 1856



Arkansas Co.


William C. McKinney, 23, and Sarah Jane Ishams, 16, 17 Oct 1860



Old Miller Co.


Grand jurors, 1830


David McKinney


Collin McKinney


Blatchely McKinney


Daniel McKinney



David McKinney appraised the Bradley estate, 1835



Sale at home of Collin McKinney, 1835. 



Thomas Wats, son of Wm. chose Ashley McKinney as guardian.  Thomas, age 14 in 1834.



McClean Co.


Thomas G. McKinney, Nancy M. Little, 27 Sep 1853


18 Oct 1853, William McKinney, Albina Jane Hunt


16 Feb 1865, Wm. H. McKinney, Mary Calder


Sep 1866, Charles A. McKinney, Mary Elizabeth Land


6 Oct 1870, James McKinney, Ollie J. Riggs


9 Jan 1870, Wm. H. McKinney, Tura Ball



Union Co.


Wm. J. McKinnie, 62, and Rebecca Webb, 42, 2 Feb 1870, James Freeman, JP



Saline Co.


Richard McKinney 47, Abcilla Conway, 30, at house of B. McDaniel, 19 Dec 1857 by Thomas Loster, JP, B-156


Sarah McKinney, Edward Brown, 14 Jul 1847, by Edward Akin, JP


Cynthia McKinney, 17, Matthew Brown, 22, 21 Jan 1855, by John L. Green, JP, b-95


Hot Springs Co.


Abby McKinney 26, James Gibbins, 24, 26 Mar 1840, by Wm. M. Ward, JP, A-16


James A. McKinney, 24, Molly M. Dowdy (McDowdy?), 17, 23 Oct 1859, by Philip S. Lively, JP, 1-214



Arkansas Co.


William C. McKinney, 23, Sarah Jane Isham, 16, 17 Oct 1860



Pope Co.


Lula L. McKinney, 20 of Russellville and Thomas M. Oats of Fort Smith, 24 Dec 1891


Rebecca J. McKinney, John K. Polk, 14 Sep 1873


Caroline McKinney, 20, Ephraim Winters, 24, 10 Jun 1876


Madison C. McKinney, Martha W. Harman, 4 Mar 1869


William A. McKinney, 33, of Perry Co. to Mary Cooper, 33, 30 Aug 1876



Independence Co.


Charles F. McKinney, 42, Estaline P. Lynch, 19, 17 Jun 1856


Clarke Sandford McKinney, 34, Mary Smith, 30, 29 Jun 1845






Clarke Sandford McKinney was in Captain Jesse Bean’s Arkansas Mounted Rangers, 1832, stationed at Fort Gibson, Indian Territory.


Clark S. McKinney, Sarah Hulsey, 12 May 1831


Robert F. McKinney, Mary E. McCauley, 23, Oct 5, 1865


William McKinney, 30, Cynthia McMannis, 16, 21 Apr 1841


John P. McKiney, Mary Beard, 30 May 1869



Arkansas Co.


Wm. C. McKenny, Sarah Ishamn, 17 Oct 1860


Sarah A. McKenny, 23, Charles F. Reedy, 29, 19 Dec 1860, by Wm. J. Scott, MG, ME Church South


Elizabeth McKinney, 18, Hardin Alan Baugh, 26, 12 Mar 1863, both of Arkansas Co., by Thomas Alford, JP



Arkansas Family Historian, Leel Cemetery, Union Co.  Copied by Suzanne Poe Caprio, dau of Opal McKinney Poe, grandmother of Pearl Cobb McKinney:


Lettie Ardell McKinney Fisk, 1879-1898       Son, Herman, 1898


Mattie E. McKinney, 1877-1927                    George E., 1877-1956


Inf dau of G. E. and M. E. (nd)


Pat McKinney, 1888-1964                              John Neal McKinney, 1897-1960


Biddle White McKinney, 1898-1972                         


James Harris McKinney, 1887-1970              Phelia Olive, 1882-1900


Sarah Harper McKinney, 1858-1906              John Henry McKinney, 1837-1897


George Emit McKinney, 1851-1897


Josephine Harper McKinney, 1855-1936       Ola McKinney Little, wife, J. F. Little, 1893-1926


William Henry McKinney, 1876-1928


Onie Mae McKinney, 1895-1967


Unmarked Grave, Kinch Mckinney



Polk Co. – Grannis Cemetery:


Moses McKinney, 31 Aug 1864, 27 Jan 1927



McKinney Cemetery, Old Potter:


Young McKinney, 14 Apr 1822, 22 Feb 1899, b Trigg Co., KY


Mary D. McKinney, 20 Mar 1826, 23 May 1897, b Chester Co., SC


Worthy McKinney, 26 Jan 1852, 10 Jun 1916


Bunyon McKinney, 15 Jan 1854, 5 Mar 1882


Young McKinney, 22 Jun 1861, 21 Nov 1931


W. D. McKinney, 28 Jan 1864, 27 Apr 1943


Abigail McKinney, Pipkin, 13 Jan 1856, 2 Oct 1940


Mary A. McKinney, Cole, 1 Dec 1868, 22 May 1927


Five unmarked graves believed to be this same family.



McGilead Cemetery (Rocky):


Margaretta Patten McKinney Maddox (Wife of Bunyhon McKinney), 15 Jul 1861, 26 Sep 1935


Ethel Ozella Turner McKinney, 31 Oct 1882, 4 Apr 1912


John McKinney, 1878-1952


Ethel McKinney nee Featherstone, 10 Dec 1898, 2 Mar 1938


Grace McKinney Johnson, 20 Nov 1901, 15 Nov 1940



White Oak Cemetery, west edge of Mena, AR:


Bess McKinney, 1886-1969



Witherspoon Cemetery, SE of Vandervoort:


Bessie McKinney, 15 Aug 1866, 19 Jan 1948


J. W. McKinney, 21 Mar 1873, 19 Nov 1947


William McKinney, 30 Nov 1865, 25 May 1903



Little Rock, Arkansas Gazette


Died in Phillips Co., Mrs. McKinney, wife of Robert McKinney, Nov 3, 1821



The News Caster

Custer, Custard, Kuster, Kester, Caster, Castor


Published by the Castor Family Association

Mr. Charles Scholer

2103 Plantation Drive

Richmond, TX 77469




Comprehensive Ancestor Tracking

Research, Southern States




c/o Mrs. Marta Metcalf, #154

1507 Hickory Valley Rd

Chattanooga, TN 37421





Will search in Federal Archives in Kansas City, MO, member of Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society, experienced genealogist, write for details.


SASE, please


Mr. Ronald Walker

608 East 61st Terrace

Kansas City, MO 64110




The KARD Files

Genealogical Publications and Research


John and Judy Dye

East 2018 Marietta

Spokane, WA 99207




Ohio McKinneys

Handbook, soft cover, research on all OH counties, contains approximately 125 pages of wills, cemetery records, land records, marriages, court minutes.


Order from:

Mrs. Barbara Stanfield

6201 Lansbrook Lane

Oklahoma City, OK 63132

$5.00 ppd




McKinney Association Publications

Private Marriage Register, Rev. John Steffy (Western PA), Soft-cover, 35pp  $7.50 ppd


Durand Family Genealogy, Maude M. Sellman, $10.00 ppd




Sellman Publishing

Marietta, GA, Confederate Burials, 4pp, photocopy, $2.00 ppd


Fredericksburg, VA

Civil War Burials, 1979, 83pp

Soft-cover, index, maps, $15.00 ppd


M. Sellman

1110 Millet Way

Sacramento, CA 95834






Remember, we are all omnibuses in which our ancestors ride; to not know our passengers is remiss.



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