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The McKinney Family Association & Library was founded September, 1981 as a non-profit, educational association and library, dedicated to researching, preserving and collecting historical and family history and data, not necessarily all of lineal or legal families, but all those interested in the McKinney surname and variants and to assist and instruct in genealogical research and to publish private and public records and educational articles. Bylaws and Constitution adopted October 1981 and granted non profit, incorporation 3 May 1983 by the State of Oklahoma. Trustees are Barbara Pannage Stanfield, E. Neil Stanfield and Richard A. Kipf.




Barbara Pannaqe Stanfield, Coordinator

Patricia McKinney Kirkwood, Editor

Willa Sorenson, Associate Editor

Peter Campbell McKinney, Registrar – Treasurer

Karen McKinney, Librarian

Wilma Cook, Indexing



The Editor is not responsible for the errors of submitted materials, and all such material is placed in the Association Library. Books received for review are placed in the library and are available for loan to members.


Indexed in Genealogical Periodical Annual Index, L. C. Towle, Editor, Bowie, MD






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What's In A Name, Or By Any Other Name, A Rose?



Over the past twenty or so years, I have collected variants and peculiarities of the McKinney surname . . and I think its time to share them with one and all. For instance, did you know that the placement of two small horizontal lines under the c in McKinney indicates country of origin? Not really, but some researchers and family members are convinced that this is so. There are others who proclaim loudly and continuously that it's always been spelled that way, therefore it's right . . among other things, these same members are convinced that Mc indicates Irish roots and that Mac must always be Scottish (what about the Macnamaras ?).


Confusion reigns . . but some in-depth study of readily available tomes regarding nomenclature, etymology of surnames, etc. serves to clear the air a bit. Confusion still accompanies the origin of this particular surname, but there is no doubt that it has Gaelic roots. Let me explain and give some examples of the evolution of the surname McKinney:



The Surnames of Scotland, New York Public Library, Black

Mackenna, Mackinna, Mackinney, Mackinnie – Galwegian surnames, or MacCionaodha, son of Cionaodh. Recorded in various records as M'Kenze, M'Kinnay, Mackynnay, M'Kinnie, M'Kynnie', M'Kennay, M'Kinyie, Mackenna, McKennah, McKenney, McKenney, Kinney.


Mackenzie – pronounced in early Irish, Cainny ???, examples given as Makcanze, M'Cenzie, McKanyee, Mackeanche, Makkanchy, McKenyee, Makeinny, McKenyie, etc.



The Genealogical & Biographical History of New Jersey, Francis B. Lee

p317: Kinney, as a Scotch surname, is derived from Caennard, a local or place name, signifying 'the high head', whence the form Kinnaird, found in Stirling, Forfar, Aberdeen and Perth – the surname is then given from various sources as Keany, Kenne, Kenney, Kenny, Keny, Kilkenny, Kinnaird, Kinnear, Kinner, Kinney, Kynard, Kyner, Kynnaird, Kynneir, McKinney, McKynnie. The Arthur then states that the Kinne surname found in New Jersey in the 1680's is one and the same. For those of us who have researched in this area, we know that Kinney in some instances, is a German family who settled in the same area as the McKinneys or Kinneys (one branch of the family having dropped the Mc).



The Scots Irish, Hanna

Kennedy of Kennethson or MacKenzie: Surnames derived from lands are Kinnaird (see above) and Kinnear 'the high place'. Galwegian origins for Kenney (Kennedy) Ayrshire, Kirkcudbright; Kinnaird, Perth; MacInenney, Galloway; Macinnes, Argyl; Mackennon, Galloway; Mackinna, Galloway; Mackinnon, Mackennon, Perth. Names peculiar to the Galloway area alone are Mackennon, Mackinna, Mackinnon, Kennon/Cannon (same surname without the use of Mac) and McKinney.








There seems to be little doubt that the surname as it is used in this country with some of the variant spellings, is rooted in Galloway. It was the Galwegians who settled in Ulster, particularly Antrim and Tyrone as well as Londonderry or Derry. It is also quite clear that the name is of Gaelic origin, and that Galloway was a stronghold of Gaelic culture in Scotland for centuries. In our own personal research, we have found members of the Mordecai McKinney family listed as Makingi, Mackenney, M'Kinne, Macenney, Mocinne, Makany and other various and assorted spellings. The researcher must remember that the early pioneers were in most instances, illiterate. In the case of Mordecai/Mordecah ca 1686 – 1760, his first land purchase in New Jersey (at least the first one of which we have record), was for a 'lott' in Raritan purchased from Thomas Purcell, in which he was described as Mordecah Mackenney, yeoman and signed with his mark. He was described as Mordechai Makingi on the occasion of his eldest son's baptism in 1714 at the Dutch Reformed Church in Raritan. Again, a 1679 entry in oaths of allegiance to the Crown for Daniel Mackinen describes him as a member of the Makany family of NJ (Early Settlers of Woodbridge & Piscataway, Ora Monette). In 1627, the McKinnings of Lishnasharock were associated with the Orr family in Ards and Castlereagh; in 1617, James McKene signed a letter of denization in Donoghdie, Ulster.


The prefix Mac (Highlands patronymic) marked descent by expressing 'son' which fluctuated longer than the sons endings of the Lowlands of Scotland, however, properly written, the 'k' is unnecessary. Mackinney or McKinney should property be written, Macinney. In the year 1465, Ireland decreed the Anglicized surnames, and the earliest 'Macs' were 'Lean', 'Leod, 'Intosh, 'Neill, Mackenzie, 'Dowell, 'Nachton. In other words, the surnames came to mean Mackinnon, son of Finguin; Mackenzie, son of Kenneth; McClure, the leper's son, etc.


In conclusion, it is apparent that in order to prove the origin of the name, or disprove it, one must be able to trace the emigrant ancestor to his homeland, specifically parish or barony. No matter how definite family traditions, the surname may have been completely transformed upon emigration. I highly recommend Hanna's work for those interested in early Celtic surnames, and in particular, his lists of persons in the Ragman's Rolls, early emigrants, and lists of early Presbyterian Churches in the Colonies.


While we are on the subject, I have received many family coats of arms from McKinney researchers and from various companies, detailing the arms and crests attributed to this surname. The Lord Lyon of Scotland, whose charge is the keeping and recording of family arms (1974) has written that 'no one with the surname McKinney has ever been granted arms', so those that have cherished various forms of these 'family coats of arms' may enjoy them, but should know that they are not accurate, nor are they correct. In Scotland's Heraldry, C. R. MacKinnon of Dunakin, page 41, one will find the definitive explanation:


'Perhaps the hardest thing to grasp is the elementary fact that there is no such thing as a family crest. The crest belongs to the coat of arms, it is a part of the achievement, and the achievement in turn


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belongs to one person only. An eldest son as heir apparent enjoys the courtesy use of his father's arms including the crest, on the basis that one day they will be his. However, he uses the arms not as 'my arms' but 'my father's arms'. The owner's wife and daughters also enjoy the courtesy use of his arms during their lifetime, usually displayed in a lozenge rather than a shield. His younger sons have only a basic right to a different form of his arms and must matriculate them with some new mark to make them different. The number of crests is limited. No two persons may bear the same arms, but many have the same crest.


This is the origin of the expression 'family arms' and 'family crest', and so long as they are used in this sense – i.e., arms used by all the family as the basis for their own coats, and a crest used as the basis of their own crests – they are correct. But, there is no such thing as a family crest in the sense that because some person in the family has or had arms and a crest, everybody thereafter can make use of the crest as though it were a communal piece of family property.'


In a recent communication, we have received information that the McKenzie/Scotland and the McKinney/Ireland family of William Fee McKinney's family, has now been proven (Joan McQuade, South Australia). James McKenzie left Scotland in 1716 for Ireland, with Helen Campbell, his fianc?e, and they were married in Carnmoney Presbyterian meeting house. James signed his name as McKenzie when they were married and also at the baptism of his children. By 1730, he was signing his name Mckinnie until 1791 when his daughter used McKinney at her marriage. It makes this researcher wonder if Mordecai McKinney came from Ulster rather than Scotland.





From The Editor's Notes



We have received several communications from members regarding the ten generation descent charts. These are intended for 'direct descent' and are for use in our computer pedigree project. We hope that all members will submit them to the association so that we will be able to see at a glance which members are researching the same lines. I will include a sample chart in this issue, so that you will all be able to see how we prefer them to be filled out for that purpose.


With this issue, we will include the rest of our Southern States research, and begin Ohio records. We are also including another ahnentafel with this issue, and hope that more members will contribute to this information for members.








Ten Generation Chart of the McKinney Family            


(See File)


File written by Adobe Photoshop¨ 4.0





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Library News . . . Karen McKinney



I wish to thank Mrs. Barbara Maybury for her donation of materials to the McKinney library. We have added the following new books that may be borrowed by our members:


Wood County, Ohio Genealogical Guide, Compiled by C. W. Flavell

Donated by Barbara Maybury


Washington County Northwest Territory, Court of Common Please Index,

1795 – 1803, W. L. Phillips, Donated by Barbara Maybury


Compendium of Historical Sources, Bremer


Virginians & West Virginians 1607 – 1870, Wardell

This new volume from Heritage Books extracts genealogical information from the six volume set of Virginia history published by the American Historical Society, Inc. however, there are few McKinneys listed, and those that are, are generally shown as born in the mid 1800's.


Please do not forget to reimburse the association for postage and mailer when you request books for loan.





The Josiah McKinnie Family                                  Continued from Vol V #1



4d Isabella McKinnie (James, Josiah) was born in Jul 1799


4e Richard Bard McKinnie (James, Josiah) was born 5 Aug 1800 in Peters Twp, baptized 10 Aug 1800 in Mercersburg, and died in Goshen, Clermont Co., OH about 1830. He was married to Lydia Pleigle (Sleigh, Sleigle) on 9 Dec 1824 by Rev. David Elliott in Mercersburg. Children.


4f John McKinnie (James, Josiah) was born 13 Oct 1801, baptized 17 Jan 1802 in Mercersburg, and died 24 Jan or Jun 1810.


4g Infant son (James, Josiah) born, died 1 Apr 1802


4h Margaret McKinnie (James, Josiah) was born 2 Apr 1804, and died 28 Sep 1884. On 7 Apr 1825, she married James Turner, son of Joseph and Margaret (Potter) Turner. He was born 2 Feb 1802 in Washington Co., PA, died 26 Jan 1878.


4h1 Joseph Gardner Turner (Margaret, James, Josiah) b 17 Aug 1827 Washington Co., PA, d 3 Mar 1803, married Alice McGrew. Children.


4h2 James McKinnie Turner (Margaret, James, Josiah) b 23 Dec 1829, married 1st, M. C. Lintner 4 Apr 1856 who was b 1 Sep 1836, d 31 Oct 1880, mother of his children. On Sept 27 1881 he mar Nannie J. Thompson, who d 9 Apr 1900.


4h3 William Turner (Margaret, James, Josiah) b 28 Apr 1836, d 21 Apr 1902. Married 3 Mar 1864, Emma Hill. Children.


4h4 Richard Bard Turner (Margaret, James, Josiah) b 3 Dec 1843, married Margaret Buckingham. Moved to Miamiville, OH. Children.


4h5 Elizabeth Bard Turner (Margaret, James, Josiah) b 12 Jan 1826, married Samuel McCrea, 11 Apr 1844, who d 16 Apr 1864, father of her children. She mar secondly, Dr. George Irwin 27 Oct 1874.








4h6 Mary Turner (Margaret, James, Josiah) was b 23 Sep 1828, d 20 Nov 1881. Married Dr. R. G. Laughlin 27 Sep 1850. Children.


4h7 Margaret Porter Turner (Margaret, James, Josiah) b 9 Mar 1831. Married Harmon Eveland, 28 Dec 1852. Children.


4h8 Catherine Turner (Margaret, James, Josiah) married John E. Wakefield.


4h9 Eleanor Turner (Margaret, James, Josiah) b 28 Feb 1840, d 19 Jan 1891. Married William T. Ramsay, 28 Feb 1860, removed to near Lawrence, KS. Children.


4h10 Lydia Jane Turner 9Margaret, James, Josiah) b 2 Feb 1842, married Theodore B. Vaughn, removed to Newcastle, IN.


4h11 Violet Louise Turner (Margaret, James, Josiah) b 16 Feb 1845, married Joseph P. Lintner, Blairsville, PA. Children.


4h12 Child b 10 Sep 1832, d 3 Oct 1832


4h13 Nathaniel Porter Turner 9Margaret, James, Josiah) b 28 Jan 1838, mar Sarah Lowe of Providence, RI. Children.


4i Josiah McKinnie (James, Josiah) b 24 Aug 1806, baptized 14 Oct 1806, Mercersburg, PA


4j Walter McKinnie (James, Josiah) b 2 Oct 1808, d 4 May 1853 of cholera near Quincy, IL


4k Archibald Thomas McKinnie (James, Josiah) b 28 Dec 1811



5 Mary McKinnie (Josiah) d 15 Sep 1786 in Franklin Co., PA. She was married to John McCullough, son of James and Martha McCullough, 8 Nov 1774 by Rev. John King. John McCullough was born in Newcastle Co., DE, in 1749 and died 4 Jan 1823 in Franklin Co., PA, buried in Old McClellan Farm Graveyard. On 4 Mar 1788, John was married to Elizabeth Cunningham, daughter of John and Susan (King) Cunningham, by Rev. John King, Susan's brother and Elizabeth's uncle, in Mercersburg. Elizabeth died 1 Dec 1828. John and Elizabeth McCullough had 3 children: Susannah (John Parkhill); John; Mary (married James McKinnie 24 Apr 1817).


5a Josiah McCullough (Mary, Josiah) was bap 5 Nov 1755 by Rev. John King in Mercersburg, PA. He married Margaret McFadden of Greencastle 1 Jan 1801, removed to OH in 1812 or 1813.


5b James McCullough (Mary, Josiah) was baptized 13 Feb 1783 by Rev John King in Mercersburg. He married Margaret White of Antrim Twp. Removed to OH 1812 or 1813.


Editor's Note: Note the date of 1755 for Josiah – should probably be 1775?


5c Martha McCullough (Mary, Josiah) was bap 13 Apr 1777 by Rev John king in Mercersburg, d 4 Sep 1820 within 10 minutes of her step sister, Mary (McCullough) McKinnie, wife of James McKinnie.


6. Elizabeth Mckinnie (Josiah) was born about 1746 died 23 Jul 1826 at the age of 80 years, buried in Spring Grove (Etters) Cemetery near Mercersburg. Elizabeth married Captain Samuel Patton, who was born about 1741, and died 9 Jun 1821, age 80 years.


6a Matthew Patton (Elizabeth, Josiah) married, no children.



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6b Josiah Patton (Elizabeth, Josiah)


6c Elizabeth (Betsy) Patton (Elizabeth, Josiah) was born 1770, d 1838. She married John Gilmore, who was b 1760 in Ireland, d 1823. They were buried at Rocky Spring Graveyard, Franklin Co., PA. Children.


6d Isabella Patton (Elizabeth, Josiah) married Joseph Marshall. Children.


6e Rebecca Patton (Elizabeth, Josiah)


6f Catherine Patton (Elizabeth, Josiah) married Charles Cummins.


6g Martha Patton (Elizabeth, Josiah)


7 Martha McKinnie (Josiah) was married 5 May 1785 to William Menard (Menor/Meanor) by Rev John King. William d ca 10 Oct 1795.


7a Samuel Menard (Martha, Josiah)


7b William Menard (Martha, Josiah)


7c Susan Mary Menard (Martha, Josiah) b 1786, d 1869. She married William McJunkin, b 1770, d 1845. Children.


7d Josiah Menard (Martha, Josiah) b 17 Dec 1787, d 1859. He married Rachel McCalister, b 1801, d 1880.


7e Martha Menard (Martha, Josiah) b 1792, d 1840. She married Elias Davidson b 1780, d 1840.


7f Elizabeth Menard (Martha, Josiah)


7g John Menard (Martha, Josiah)


8 Margaret McKinnie (Josiah), married a Mr. McCoy


9 Isabel McKinnie (Josiah) died aft 1856 at the age of 103. She was married to Alexander McDowell, son of William and Mary (Maxwell) McDowell, 24 Feb 1785 by Rev John King. Alexander died 4 Jan 1816 at the age of 53 in Venango Co., PA.


9a Jonas (Josiah) McDowell (Isabel, Josiah) was b 17 Jun 1787, and baptized Jun 1787 by Rev John King, Mercersburg, PA


9b Margaret McDowell (Isabel, Josiah) was baptized 14 Sep 1788 by Rev John King.


9c Thomas Skell McDowell (Isabel, Josiah) was b Apr 1803 in Franklin, Venango Co., PA, d there 1876, age 73.


10 Catherine McKinnie (Josiah) married John McDowell, 19 Aug 1787 by Rev John King in Mercersburg, PA.


11 Ann McKinnie (Josiah) married Benjamin Chestnut 23 Feb 1789 by Dr. John King of Mercersburg. Benjamin d aft 1833 in Washington Co., PA


11a ____ Chestnut (Ann, Josiah) bap 11 Feb 1790, Mercersburg


11b ____ Chestnut (Ann, Josiah), bap 25 Feb 1791, Mercersburg


11c Esther Chestnut (Ann, Josiah), bap 28 Aug 1791, Mercersburg


12 Moses McKinnie (Josiah) d unmarried bef 1782.



*Upper West Conococheague Presbyterian Church, Mercersburg, PA. The Rev John King was minister 1769 – 1812; Rev David Elliott 1812 – 1818.








Lee County, Virginia - Shadrack McKinney (Howard W. McKinney)



Recently I had an opportunity to do some research at the Courthouse in Lee Co., VA and found some records which will be of interest: A deed in which Shadrack and Jane his wife sold land in 1839; a deed in which Jane S. McKinney, identified as the widow of Shadrack sold land in 1847; a deed in which Shadrack J. McKinney and Rachel his wife, sold land in 1861, it being his part of the estate of his father. There is other information regarding Shadrack and Shadrack J. McKinney which will also be helpful, including records indicating Shadrack was in Lee Co. as early as 1808. There is a strong probability the Shadrack J. was the son of Shadrack and Jane S., and the child who was under five years of age in the 1840 census. There is also a deed to Jane S. McKinney from David H. Campbell, in which he gives land to Jane 'in trust never the less for the benefit of her infant daughter and natural child, Jane Maurton Campbell'. In a separate deed, Campbell makes provision for his six children, only one of whom is legitimate, and also indicates that he had made separate provision for his child by Jane S. McKinney. Since the deed of land is to replace a bond given in Sep 1846, it is likely the child was born about that time. Following is some of the further information regarding Shadrack McKinney and the courthouse records:


No will was found or suit approving distribution of his property (Shadrack's), as the court records are neither indexed nor stored in a manner to make research quickly. Records are stored in the basement on shelves, tables, and mixed with other records.


If one assumes that Jane S. McKinney is the same woman as listed with the Cress family in the 1850 Census in Claiborne Co., TN; the fact that she recently lived nearby the same family in Lee Co., then how do researchers account for Samuel. His birthday was probably 1844. He is clearly too young to be a son of Shadrack who died in 1841. Was he too, born out of wedlock?


Lee Co., Deed Book 8 p212, 4 Dec 1839 – Indenture between Shadrick McKinney and Jane his wife, and David Olinger, parcel of land sold for $210 to David Olinger lying in the county of Lee on the north side of Powells River, seventy one and 14 poles, a part of the tract of land patented to John Brackinridge and Robert Griston, 1791.


Lee Co., 15 Feb 1847, Jane S. McKinney to David Olinger, Deed Book 10, p28 – indenture between Jane S. McKinney of Lee and David Olinger of Lee, consideration of $80, a parcel of 30 acres more or less part of the Brackenridge and Preston tract on the Powell River, being part of the estate of Shadrack McKinney, deceased, and the dowry of said Jane S. McKinney, widow of said deceased.


Lee Co., VA Deed Book 15, p141, Feb 19, 1861 – indenture between Shadriac J. McKinney and Rachel his wife, and John C. Olinger, Sr. on the other part, parcel of land situated on the north side of the Powell River, part of a tract of land of 110 acres patented to John Breckinridge and Robert Preston 25 Mar 1791, being part of the estate of his father, for $150.





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Lee Co., Deed Book 11, p257, Oct 15, 1850 – David H. Campbell to Jane S. McKinney, both of them late of Lee Co., witness that in consideration of $500, David H. Campbell doth grant unto Jane S. McKinney, 500 acres of land off the north east end of his two thousand acre tract of land, including what is called the Matlock place, being the same on which Jane S. McKinney lately resided, adjacent to the lands of James Cress, James Thomas, and others, in trust for her infant daughter and natural child, Jane Maurton Campbell until she arrive at age of 18 yrs, or shall marry at any time after the age of puberty. Trustee appointed, Mar 18, 1851, John C. Beeman of Louisville, KY.


Lee Co., Deed Book 11, p257, Nov 4, 1850 – David H. Campbell to John C. Beeman. Names Campbell's legitimate child, Mrs. Margaret Ann C. Graham, consort of William Graham, expresses love for his other six children, but names only Jane S. McKinney as having one of his children.


Surry Co., NC, Deed Book M, p46 – Shadrack McKinney, dated Apr 1, 1807, deposits all estate real and personal in the trust of friend, Joseph Jessup leaving him to follow his own direction in using and disposing of them to the best advantage for the benefit of his children. Witnessed by Jesse McKinney and John Roberts, Sr.


Lee Co., VA, Deed Book 2, p141 – Oct 25, 1808 – Notice appointing Joseph Jessup of Stokes Co., NC, lawful attorney for him, to manage Shadrack's estate in NC. Witnessed by Edward Campbell, William H. Connor, John McKinney.


Lee Co., Deed Book 5, p214, Dec 9, 1824 – indenture between Abiram (Byram) McKinney of Madison Co., IL and Robert Preston of the County of Washington, VA on the other part, sale of land in Lee Co. on the north fork of Clinch River, part of the Breckenridge and Preston tract of 1791.




Minutes of Westfield Friends Meeting 1786 – 1823 (Westfield, NC)


22 day of the 12 month 1787, representative for preparative meeting, James Mackinney.


23 day, 8 month, 1788, James McKinney to attend Quarterly meeting.


18th of 6 month 1791, James McKinney on committee to visit Friends in Reedland.


21 day of 1st month 1792, James McKinney to attend Quarterly meeting


22 day of 12 month 1792, person appointed to read a paper of disownment had not done so. James McKinney appointed to remind him of his responsibility.


23 day 8 month 1794, James McKinney to committee to treat with Friend who has married contrary to discipline.


23 day 4 month 1796, 'The preparative meeting complains of James McKinney for accomplishing his marriage contrary to discipline, for which this meeting testifies against and disowns the said James McKinney from being a member of our Society until he repents and condemns the same to the satisfaction of _________ __________ that he may is defined on his behalf. Curtis Jackson is appointed to inform him of the proceeding of this Meeting against him and that he may have a copy of the Minute by applying to the Clerk, and he to report his care to the next Meeting.








21 day 5 month 1796 'The Friend appointed to inform James McKinney of the proceeding of this Meeting against him reports that it is complied with'


Note: I did not find an entry that indicates that James McKinney ever made an acknowledgement; however, it is worth noting that the compilers of Hinshaw's Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy did not show James McKinney as being disowned. Perhaps I missed an entry – it does raise another question, however. Do the entries for James which began again in 1809 refer to the father or to the son?


11th day 11 month 1809 James McKinney on committee re transfer of Richard Beeson and Jonathan Beeson


9th day 11 month 1811, James McKinney to attend Quarterly Meeting


10th day 8 month 1816, James McKinney to attend Quarterly Meeting


11th day 1 month, 1817, James McKinney on committee to visit Friends in the Hollows, also on committee concerned with school.


8th month 1817, James McKinney to Quarterly Meeting


14th day 6th month 1817, James McKinney on committee to visit Friends on the North side of Big Creek


13th day 9th month 1817, James McKinney appointed Overseer


14th day, 3rd month 1818, James McKinney to visit The Hollows


9th day 5th month 1818, James McKinney to Quarterly Meeting


13th day 3rd month 1819, James McKinney on committee to oversee a weeding


8th day 4th month 1820, William Marshall is appointed overseer in the room of James McKinney


13th day 5th month 1820, James McKinney on committee to review an application for membership, also to attend next Quarterly Meeting.


12 day, 8th month 1820, James McKinney on committee to meet with Friend complained of for dancing.


9th day 9th month 1820, James McKinney and Wm. Jackson are appointed overseers of the poor in the room of Joseph Jessup, dec and Abigail Pinson (Joseph Jessup was the husband of Bette McKinney)


11th day 11th month, James McKinney to Quarterly Meeting


10th day 2nd month 1821, James McKinney to Quarterly Meeting


12th day 8th month 1822, James McKinney on committee to prepare a certificate of removal for Bowater Bales to Springfield, IN, also to attend Quarterly Meeting


14th day 9th month 1822, James McKinney to prepare a certificate for John and Jacob Jessup to White Water, IN


Shortly after 1800, members of this Meeting began to move to OH and IN, for instance, seven families were granted certificates of removal in Dec 1809, by 1820 the membership had been greatly reduced, and it was laid down by 1830. The frequency of the appearance of the name of James McKinney after 1817 may well reflect the smaller number of persons available to assume various responsibilities. James McKinney Sr. died in 1825 at Tom's Creek.



Editor's Note: Previous research has indicated that Shadrack McKinney, born circa 1778 at Tom's Creek, was dismissed from Westfield Meeting, Jul 21, 1804. He married Hannah McCarter, 9 Apr 1805. His will was probated 20 May 1841 in Lee Co., VA.







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Questions regarding the marriage of Shadrack and Hannah McCarter, 9 Apr 1805, are raised by the fact that Jane S. McKinney is described as the widow of Shadrack in 1841. Did Hannah McKinney die in NC when Shadrack was dismissed from Westfield Monthly Meeting? Three children have been assigned to Shadrack and Hannah: Aaron, who married 9 Nov 1827, Polly Bingham in Haystack District, NC; James, Jane S.; and possibly, Sarah. It would seem from the above information that Jane S. was more likely the child of Shadrack and Jane S. McKinney. In previous issues of Maze, it was noted that David and Obediah McKinney owned land in 1815 on the Powell River. Jane Cress married a McKinney, she the daughter of George Cress b 1787 in Rockbridge Co., VA, and died Sep 17, 1853 and wife, Nancy Reed. They married in 1803 in NC and died in Wiley Co., KY. Abiram McKinney owned land at Turkey Cove in Lee Co. at the same time.


David McKinney married Minerva Young in 1834 near Powell Mountain and Wallen Ridge. Minerva was the daughter of James and Jean (Wilson) Young. Son, James Monroe Young (brother of Minerva) married Louisa McKinney, Sep 2 1841. Daniel McKinney married Martha Olinger (see deeds), daughter of David C. Olinger and Nancy Travis. Martha was born in 1851.


James McKinney, son of Shadrack McKinney, married Lydia Norman and had issue:

Alfred b 1835

Henderson b 1836

Eli b 1840

Edwin b 1840 (?)

William Preston b 1845

Sally b 1849


Westfield Meeting minutes show that:


Byrom McKinney (Abriam) was dismissed 4th month, 18th day, 1795


John McKinney was dismissed 3rd month, 19th day, 1803


Shadrack McKinney was dismissed 7th month, 21st day, 1804


William McKinney to Fairfield MM (Green Co., OH) 10th month, 14th day, 1809


Obadiah McKinney, 11th month, 11th day, 1809


Jesse McKinney, 9th month, 18th day, 1817.


Obediah was also transferred to Fairfield Monthly Meeting in Greene Co., OH.


Obadiah and William were received on certificate in Fairfield MM Jul 28, 1810, and both dismissed 12th month, 29th day, 1810, for disunity. However, Obediah thereafter belonged to Hopewell Monthly Meeting and remained a member of monthly meeting until his death in 1852.


It would be possible that Shadrack married 1st, Hannah McCarter, and had issue, James and Aaron. Married 2nd, Jane Cress and had Jane S. and probably other children. If there is a possibility of locating Shadrack's will or probate information, it may well solve this research problem. Shadrack's will is not listed in Index to Virginia Wills & Administrations 1632 – 1800, Clayton Torrence since he died in 1841, therefore, research must be done in Lee County in order to locate estate papers.




McKinney Cemetery, Surry Co., NC (recorded by Virginia Phillips and Juanita Carpenter), Highway 89 to Round Peak Road. Many people buried with just field stones and no inscriptions:


William P. McKinney, Co. E 45 VA Inf. CSA, Oct 27, 1846 – Mar 28, 1926


Sarah E., wife of W. P. McKinney, Feb 10, 1855 – March 28, 1926


Calvin C. Norman, Sep 23, 1843 – Feb 14, 1907


The following fieldstones were ascribed by Mr. Boyd McKinney to the following:








Erin McKinney died about 1870 (Aaron)


Lydia Norman McKinney, wife of Erin McKinney (Aaron) died in the 1870's


Betty Martin Norman


Allie Martin


John Hall died about 1900


Callie Hall, sister of John Hall, died about 1900


Mary Jane Norman, 1851 – 1927, the last person buried in this cemetery


McKinney children (4), infants


One further notation: Early Settlers of Lee County, Virginia, p1266, lists the Wythe County Chancery Book, pp511-545, Arbuckle vs Davis, 25 May 1821 – part of the history of the land in question, 'Alexander Wiley devised his portion to James Wiley and William Wiley; James sold his part to Abraham McKinney and Stephen James; McKinney sold to Beal Davis . . . ' One wonders if this is Abiram, not Abraham or conversely, if Abiram has been misread in other records, and should be Abraham?





Miscellaneous Research Notes



Records of Newark, NJ:


Town meeting 29 Nov 1680, item . . John Johnson, Thomas Lyon, Matthew Williams, and John Mekeny are admitted planters; provided they pay the Purchase for what land they have as other Planters have done. An assessment for fences lists John Meckeny as 2 rods, and it is noted that Blachly's gate and fence are listed nearby.


East Jersey Patents, etc., Liber No. 1, p15:


Oct 10, 1670, David Makany owned land bounded by Samuel Dennis and Abraham Tappan at Rariton Meadows. Other names mentioned as owning land in the same vicinity were John Pike of Woodbridge; Richard Worth, Nathan Webster, Samuel Dennis, John Watkins, Daniel Greasie, John Smith, (a Scotchman), Thomas Augur, and John Whiteheare.


Emigrants from Derry Port, 1847 – 1849, Dessie Baker, Editor, Closson Press:


Peggy McKinney, from Carndonagh, 'Marchioness of Clydesdale', 8 Mar 1847, to St. John, New Brunswick


Peggy McKenney of Buncrana, Donegal, 17 Mar 1847, Sir Charles Napier, to St. John, New Brunswick


John McKenna of Carndonagh, Donegal, John Clarke, 13 Apr 1847 'Montepellier', to Philadelphia


Margaret McCanny of Strabana, and Francis, age 9, from Donegal 'Montepellier', to Philadelphia John McKinny of Aghadowey, and Mary, wife, from Derry to Philadelphia, 'Venice', 25 May 1847




In Memoriam


We regret that a long-time member, Mrs. Naomi R. White of Marco Island, FL, passed away in the summer of 1985. We have just learned of Naomi's passing, and extend our sympathy to her family. She will be missed.



We also extend our heart-felt sympathy to Mary McKinney, our former Librarian, in the loss of her husband, William C. McKinney, who passed away Mar 16, 1986 in Tucson, AZ.



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Alabama Research Notes



First, let me recommend the extension series of Alabama Records compiled by Pauline Jones Gandrud (252 volumes) . . those researching Alabama families would be well-advised to consult this collection. The records are not all-inclusive, but contain extensive and complete records of many families, including Revolutionary War records, census records, burial records, marriages, orphan's court proceedings and other materials. Consult your local library to see if these records are in their holdings – or request them on inter-library loan wherever possible.




Cherokee Co., AL, Cemetery Records


Friendship Baptist Cemetery


India Annar McKinney, wife of J. W. McKinney 5-27-2-10-1900


Roy Lee McKinney, Son, May 30, 1899 – Jun 24, 1900


Shady Grove Baptist Cemetery


Tallie (?) McKinnney, Oct 7, 1903 – Nov 19, 1942


Mary E. McKinney, Jan 19, 1868 – Dec 2, 1942


R. L. McKinney, Aug 30, 1864 – Nov 2, 1946


Inf. Dau of B. B. and Annie McKinney, Dec 26, 1932


Inf. Son, of B. B. and Annie McKinney, b/d Jun 1, 1921


Etowah Co., AL Cemetery Records, Tillison Cemetery, Gadsden


Roy L. McKinney, Sep 11, 1904 – Jan 14, 1906


Tuscaloosa Co., AL, Greenwood Cemetery


Alfred McKinney, 20 Apr 1794 – 4 Nov 1821


Henry Bible Records, Mississippi and Alabama


Wilson Henry, married Eliza Ann McKinney, Jan 10, 1856


Thomas Rolin b 7 Aug 1857

Liley Gray, b 7 Jan 1859

Madison, b 1 Oct 1861

Wilson Henry, b 7 Sep 1834

Eliza Ann

Wife, Eliza Ann was born 22 Dec 1833


T. I. married Dec, 1836, a son of R. H. and Merilda McKinney

T. I. died Mar 16, 1862


W. A. McKinney, b Nov 29, 1839, son of R. H. and Marilda

W. A. McKinney d 12 Dec 1862


W. Mason Henry, son of Wilson and Eliza McKinney Henry was born Oct 1861, d in Shelby Co, MS



Tuscaloosa Co., AL, 1907 Census of Confederate Soldiers:


Wach McKinney of fosters, AL b Dec 20, 1844, Tuscaloosa, Entered service as a private, Oct 15, 1863 at Demopolis, AL in Hatche's Battalion and continued until May, 1864. Re-enlisted as a private, Jul 1864 in Roddy's Cavalry until 1865.


Tombstone record, Sacapeto, Coosa, AL


Harris McKinney, husband of Jane, Mar 4, 1784 – May 12, 1864, born VA







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Jane McKinney, wife of Harris, 1797 – 1851


Patrick McKinney, Dec 15, 1813 – Feb 6, 1890


Minerva Moore McKinney, wife of Patrick, Jul 18, 1818 – Oct 24, 1845


Talladega Co., AL


Mathew McKinney, 1796 – 1833


Wife, Martha, b 1806 SC (2nd wife a McDaniel). Issue of Mathew and Martha:

Kichen, b 1824, mar Eli Calfe

Susan, b 1826, mar Wm. G. Hill

James, b 1829, GA

William, b 1830, GA



Talladega Co., AL


Julia V. McKinney, b 1877, dau of Reece Howell McKinney (b 1835) in Lincoln Co., TN, died 1918 in AL. Her mother was Nancy Eugenia White. Reece's father was Charles McKinney, born 1801 NC, married in 1833 TN, died after 1850 in AL. First wife was Elizabeth Howell. Charles was son of Charles McKinney, born in 1763 in Brunswick Co., GA


Limestone Co., AL


James McKinney, b Oct 29, 1838, sold to Peter Bickey, fourteen acres at Chestnut Ridge, May 10, 18_ _ (?)


John McKinney and Jonathan Woods entered 1000 acres in Scott Co. in 1821


Jefferson Co., AL


Harris McKinney mar Malinda Peter, May 14, 1835


Charlotte McKinney, mar George Pierce, Aug 4, 1836


Patrick McKinney, b 1813, d Coosa Co., mar Minerva Moore, 1834


Rebecca McKinney, mar Thomas S. Drennon, Nov 29, 1827


Greene Co., AL (Lost Links, Frances & Moore, 1945)


Marriages of the children of John William Baker and his five wives:


Ellen Baker, lived near Athens, AL, mar John McKinnie


William Baker, mar 1814, Jane Winn nr Huntsville


Jennie Baker mar Joe Neal, lived in TN


Caty Baker, mar Levi Lawler, Oct 13, 1813, Madison Co., AL


Elizabeth Baker, mar Jacob Lawler, Jul 24, 1816, Livingston, AL


Mary Baker, mar John Tatum, lived Tuscaloosa, AL


John Wm. Baker, Jr., mar Martha Estes, Feb 7, 1826


Robert A. Baker mar Minerva Lambkin and Mrs. Potts


Fort Sullivan DAR Listings:


Edward McKinney, MF, pvt., Darke's Company, VA


Roger McKinney, RRHG, 2176, 1751, pvt., Caldwell's Company, SC, b PA


Samuel McKinney, pvt., SC, R.R.


Timothy McKinney, b 1756, private, SC, b PA


Tully McKinney, pvt., Darke's Company, VA



History of the Cherokee Indians, p461, Springston: OK-6 Rebecca Wilson.

------Wilharm, Samuel McKinney and Andrew McKinney


(Note, this material did not include explanatory notes when sent to editor)


2 – Dennie Bushyhead McKinney. Delia Crawford and Belle Johnson


3 – Andrew Jackson McKinney. Mary Wells


4 – Johnson Perry McKinney. Hortense Baptiste


1-1-6-1 Alexander F. McKinney. Nannie Redding, Minnie Wheeler.



Limestone Co., AL, Orphans' Court Book, 1835 – 1843:


Tabitha S. McKinney appointed guardian of Charles F. McKinney, infant of Benjamin McKenney, deceased.


John F. McKinney and Augustin W. McKinney, her sureties. She is also appointed guardian of Susan L. McKinney, infant of Benjamin McKinney with the same sureties. On the application of the executor of Augustin H. McKinney, deceased., John P. Harrison, William Harrison, and George Ford, appointed to divide the personal estate (1840) of Sarah J. McKinney, relict of Augustine McKinney.



Tuscaloosa Co., AL, Minors Reports:


Volume 2, #17, Jul 1829. Action of detinue brought in the Circuit Court in 1822 by John McKinney in his lifetime against Sarah McKinney, as administratrix of Alfred McKinney, deceased to recover two slaves. During pendency of suite, the plaintiff died and cause was revived by his Executors; also the defendant having intermarried, her husband was made a party defendant. At the March Term, 1827, issue was tried by jury. Plaintiffs offered deposition of one Thomas Smith, a material witness for them; but the court, considering the said witness was a son in law of John McKinney, rejected his testimony. Testator lived and died a resident citizen of VA and that at the time of his death, the property in dispute was in Tuscaloosa, AL.


Perry Co., AL, June Term, 1843, Book 12, p305, doe ex dem Davis vs McKinney.


Writ of error to Circuit Court of Perry. Action of ejectment for recovery of possession of 'a certain lot or parcel of ground lying in town of Marion in County of Perry'. An order was made pending cause in Circuit Court appointing Samuel A. Townes, guardian ad litem for William H. McKinney. Latter was admitted a co-defendant with Wilson McKinney under following circumstances: affidavit was made that the former was the landlord of the latter and his son, an infant under 21, and went into possession with his father in 1836 and so continued until fall of 1840. In 1836, Wilson McKinney being a man of property and unembarrassed, made a contract with Henry C. Lea, then the owner of the lot. At the time, Wilson McKinney said to Lea that he was purchasing the lot for his son, William H., then a minor 15 or 16 years of age, for purpose of placing him on an equality with his other children, to whom he had made advances. Wilson McKinney, shortly after the contract with Lea, went into possession of the premises and has retained it ever since – his son, the next of his time, residing with him. Wilson McKinney later became insolvent. He was a partner in a mercantile firm in 1838.



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Some Georgia Research Notes



Some Georgia Counties, Volume I, Lucas: pp82-83.


L. W. and & of Moses McKinney of Warren County . . to dau Elvira Hall, 8 negroes (named) . . to son Kinchen, tract where he now lives in Warren Co. on Rockey Comfort adj Thomas Lockett, John W. Kinsy and others, 600 A & negroes (named) . . to son Henry McKinney, tract where I now live in waters of Brier Creek, adj David E. Hodo, Benjamin Adams, Prudence Persons & others, 750 A & negroes (named) . . to granddaughter Harriet Martha Hall, a girl Julian . . to grandson Samuel Moses Hall, $300 when he attains the age of 21 . . son Kinchen McKinney , Joel Hall & William Harris, Exrs . . 13 Jan 1838 . . Moses McKinney (LS), Wit: James Hall, Thomas Ivey, Robert D. Cody . . Proven 2 Jul 1838, recorded 7 Jul 1838.


Cherokee Co., GA Marriage:


Elizabeth McKinney, John Simpson, Aug 11, 1842


Bibb Co., GA Marriages:


Caleb Smith, Malinda McKinney, Sep 20, 1830


Henry Stewart, Sophia McKinney, May 12, 1832


Richmond Co., GA Marriages:


Sarah G. McKinne, Marcelius A. Stovall, Jul 28, 1842








Harris Co., GA Marriages:


Mary Ann McKinney, Abram M. Slaton, Feb 26, 1856


Rebecca McKinney, W. W. Smith, 1856


Warren Co., GA:


Harris McKinney, Jincey Ivey, may 17, 1810


Moses McKinney, Harriet Burkholder, Sep 21, 1811


Miscellaneous Marriages:


Anna McKinnie, Thomas Gardner, 12-30-1804, Richmond


Sally McKinney, James Barnes, 7-21-1806, Lincoln


Mary Coleman McKinney, Thomas Lewis, 6-28-1806, Jefferson


Sally Mckinnie, 8/28/1802 and Lester Powell


Nancy McKinney, 10/1/1807 of Chatham and John McCord


Thomas McKe (?), C. Bartemps, 6/23/1808, Jackson


Chronicles of Wilkes Co., GA:


George McKinney mentioned by Dr. Em. Chopin in 1840 as having helped him, also George's sons.


Baldwin Co., GA, land grant:


16 Jun 1788, Charles McKinney bought land from Daniel and Rachel Bankston. Also, a Charles McKinney family located in Charlotte Co., VA, which inter-married with the families of Moon, Varner, Wheeler and Williams.


Christian Index, 1828 – 1855 Marriages:


Milley A. McKinney, James M. Harlon, 1/16/1849, Jackson Co.




George McKinney Nov 2, 1788 – Jan 16, 1861, Chattanooga


James M. McKinney, 9 years, 1/20/1857, Warren Co.


John McKinney, age 78 b VA, died Aug 25, 1837, Lincoln Co.


Floyd Co., GA Marriages:


Hansel B. McKinney, Amanda Young, Feb 7, 1867


John McKinney, Martha Millen, May 25, 1854


John McKinney, Sarah Caroline Hyett, Jun 15, 1865


Robert McKinney, Harriett Swilling, Apr 15, 1858


Bibb Co., GA Early Marriages:


Asa McKinney, Frances jourdan, Jan 1, 1850


Joseph McKenna, Malinda Baker, Oct 19, 1831


Benjamin McKinney, Cynthia Baker, Sep 13, 1832


Caleb McKinney, Betsy Smith, Aug 23, 1829


Caleb McKinney, Mahulda Raley, Jun 10, 1858


John McKinney, Aminta Hamlin, Jul 7, 1833


John McKinney, Lenna Crane, Dec 31, 1833


Stephen S. McKinney, Malinda Brummett, Dec 8, 1829


Floyd Co., GA:


Mary McKinney, William Benton, Jan 13, 1882


Marriages & Deaths, 1763 – 1820:


Barna McKinne, Savannah merchant and Miss Ann Galphin, dau of Thomas, esq. of SC, mar Sep 4, 1810 at the home of John Milledge, esq. SR 9/13/1810, Rev. J. R. Thompson


Mrs. Elizabeth McKinne, d Sep 15, 1809


Felix McKinne of Augusta, 39 yrs of house of McKinne & Co., Augusta, d Savannah. 12/30/1813 at the house of Thomas Gardner


Garret McKinne, eldest son of John McKinne of Augusta, d Jan 1, 1792


Col. John McKinne of Augusta and Miss Mary Powell, dau of Dr. John Powell, Louisville, mar Apr 3, 1811 by Rev. Jesse Mercer


Joseph McKinne and Miss Ann Gardner, dau of James Gardner esq of Augusta, mar Augusta, Apr 13, 1813 by Judge Walker


Margaret McKinne, 9 mos, d Oct 11, 1815 at Sand Hills, dau of Barna


Mrs. McKinney, wife of Capt. David McKinney of Augusta, d Oct 9, 1809, left infant child only six days old


Capt. David McKinney and Miss Constance Sophia Bigar, both of Augusta, mar Mar 24, 1813 by Rev. Thompson


William Wigfall McKinney, 1 mo., 9 days, son of Capt. D. McKinney, d Nov 12, 1809







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Jackson Co., Marriages, 1806 – 1860:


Robert D. Johnston, Milly McKinney nd


Eliza McKinney, Asa Hearn, nd


Samuel McKinney, Beddy Rowden, nd


Lincoln Co., Wills & Estates:


Travis M'Kenny, Book A, 1796 – 1805; Travis married Patsy Leverett, nd


Jackson Co. Will Book A, 1802 – 1860


Charles McKinney (2)


St. Paul's Church, Augusta, GA – Memorial Windows and Tombstones:


Inscription of Mrs. Sarah H. Gardner, wife of James of Augusta, who died in 1801 at age 29. James and Sarah H. Gardner had two children, a son who has descendants in Augusta, and a dau. She married first, Joseph McKinne and had a son Felix McKinne who d young.


Mrs. Elizabeth McKinne who died Sep 15, 1809 at age 61. She was a Miss Pope of NC. The name of her husband was John McKinne. Before the Civil War nearly every family in Summerville could trace relationship by birth or marriage back to these McKinne ancestors. This family has no male representatives of the name now living (1926).


Memorial Windows: In memory of Sarah Foulk McKinney, who departed this life, Oct 10, 1809 age 26.


In memory of William Wigfall McKinney, son of David and Sarah McKinney, died Nov 10, 1809, age one month.


In memory of Carolina McKinney, dau of David and Sarah McKinney.


Revolutionary Certificates of service, Jun 19, 1784 to Thomas McKenney, signed by J. Houston.


Early Records of Wilkes County:


Folio 111, McConnay (McCenay), John, dec'd. Ruth McConnay, widow, of said dec'd. appointed Admx, Oct 11, 1782. Folio 112, inventory, name is spelled 'Mackenay'.


Minutes of Inferior Court, 1790, Wilkes Co.:


August Term 1791, William Greaves attached the following grants in the hands of Henry Mounger, one in name of Levin Watson for 287 acres in Washington Co.; one in name of George Walton for 462 acres in Franklin Co.; also 400 acres in Franklin Co. and one in name of Dennis Lindsey for 565 acres; one in the name of Henry McKinney for 287 ½ acres, Washington Co.


Wilkes Co., Wills:


P 31, Nov 1, 1824, Elia McKinney, dec'd. Nancy McKinney appointed admix. Commissioners appointed to divide the estate of Benjamin Gresham, dec'd. among the legatees as follows: Eli McKinney in right of his wife; Wm. Gresham, Dennis Paschall in right of his wife, Jane; John, Jonathan, James, Mary, Benjamin and Elizabeth Gresham and Eliz. Gresham, widow of said dec'd.


Wilkes Co., miscellaneous records:


Travis McKinney wit sale of land to Margaret Calhoun, Sep 23, 1786 on Clark's Fork of the Long Creek adj to Samuel Gilmore and Travis.


Littleberry McKinney binds himself to Howell Jarrett for ten years, Feb 15, 1790. N. H. Churchill, Richard Worsham, J. P. Test.


Daniel Bankston and wife Rachel of Washington Co., to Charles McKinney of Wilkes Co., 200 acres on Long Creek, originally granted in 1787 to said Daniel, Jun 16, 1788. Wit. David Kerr, Ezekiel Campbell, Joseph Moon.


Land Lottery, 1819, remnant of the 38th Battalion commanded by Abner Wellborn, Capt. Anderson Bates, District – George McKenney, 2 draws.


Actions against treasonous members who aided and abetted British troops and enemies of the U. S., evidences in behalf of the state, John McKinney, 1779.


Charles McKinney bought from Zachariah Jurkins, 200 acres on the waters of Hardin's Creek, agreeable to a grant Nov 11, 1788 to said Jurkins. Wit. Samuel Harper, David Jones.







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Miscellaneous Records of Wilkes Co., Continued:


1790 Tax Digest remnants, Travis McKinney, 1 poll, 1 slave, 400 acres


Charles McKinney bought 450 acres on the waters of Long Creek, from original grant to Frederick Sims, Jan 29, 1791.


George Cahoon to Elinor Williams, Clarks Fork of Long Creek, adjacent to lands of Francis McKinney, John McDowell, Oct 16, 1790.


William Triplett of Wilkes to Edward Bradley of Greene Co., 680 acres on waters of Lloyds and Grays creeks adj to lands of John and Francis McKinney


Orphan's court records – Zachariah McKenney, 1849, appointed trustee


Robert L. McKinney, dec'd. Berry A. Arnett, admr. Warrant of app't Sep 13, 1839. State of NC, Rutherford Co. – greeting to the sheriff thereof to take the bodies of John Cunningham and Elias Alexander late of said county, come before the court the second Monday in Oct next to answer John McKinney of a plea of trespass – 2nd Monday, Jul 1784


Jasper Co., Deeds:


Indenture Nov 1, 1820 between John McKinney and James Larkin on the one part, city of Augusta, and John Jasper (Hill) of Jasper Co. on the other, signed John McKinnie and James Larkin, witness. B. M. McKinnie and J. D. Greene, certifying that Mary McKinnie, wife of John, this day appeared and privately examined did acknowledge that the deed written and that she gave it freely to John Hill all her estate interest and inheritance, all her right of dower and claim of third to all singular primions (?), within John's land in Richmond Co. was auctioned off in Jasper co., 1 Oct 1822 to Mr. John Wilson.


Estate of John, dec'd., James McKinnie, Sr., appointed guardian in 1822, of Robert, who married Mary Ann, dau of John. Daughter Harriet married Henry Clay.


Indenture, 1807:


Between Buckner Harris and Wilson McKinney, and Walton Harris and Wm. Wood, trustees of Jane Long, consideration of $1,000 for all that house and lot whereon the said Buckner Harris and Wilson McKinney now keep store together, note dated 23 Dec 1806.


Index to Georgia Poor School and Academy Records, 1826 – 1860 (R. J. Taylor Foundation).


William McKenney, Upson County


Jeremiah McKenney, Wilkes County


Madison McKinney, Wilkes County


Matilda McKinney, Jones County


Seals (?) McKinney, Henry County


Caleb, Bibb County


Family Trees, Marie DeLay, Column 58:


Charles McKinney, Sr., Jackson Co. Made May 3, 1834 (will), wife, Elizabeth. Daus: Rachel Webb and children; Betty Hearn, Milda Johnson and Sarah Hampton. Sons: Samuel and Wilson McKinney, son Charles and his daus Polly Ann and Milda McKinney.


Sarah Hardin, the 9th child of Henry Hardin and Judith Lynch was born in 1763. She was twice married, first to James Loyles in Pittsylvania, VA and secondly to John Burkhalter. By her first husband, three children were born – James, Lucy and one other. James Loyless died about 1787 in Wilkes County, GA. She married 2ndly, John Burkhalter, May 29, 1792 at the home of her brother, Mark Hardin, in Warrenton, GA. By this marriage there were six children:


Harriet, b Aug 19, 1793, married Moses McKinney, Sep 21, 1811


Redan, b Dec 15, 1795


Samuel, b Apr 27, 1797, mar Thomas Pate, Jun 27, 1815


Martin Hardin, b Dec 27, 1799


Averella, b Oct 21, 1801 mar Kinchen McKinney, Dec 21, 1815


David Newsom, b Sep 17, 1803 mar Ann Eliza Short, 1826






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Catherine McKinney, b 1802, d 1867, married George I. Brown, she the grand-daughter of John McKinney and Hannah Evans of SC.


Wilkes Co. Deed Book, Sep 15, 1787:


Indenture between Travis McKinney and wife, Ann and Thomas Dole. William McKinney and his parents to Wilkes Co., GA prior to 1787. William later went to Baldwin Co. 1803 – 1806 on the 1809 tax record is shown with 200 ½ acres. He married, ca 1788 in Qilkes Co. to Jane, said to be Gresham. Shown estate inventory, 1813. Jane, administrator. John McKinney, appraisers, Robert Hill, Wm. Carter, Joseph Huddleston. In 1815, Jane sells his land in Lincoln Co. for money for teaching the children – the undersigned were happy with the estate management – George and William Gresham, Travis McKinney. In 1820, Jane removed to Monroe Co. to the homes of sons William and Travis, and died in 1834.


More Miscellaneous Marriages:


John McKinnie, Mary Powell, Apr 14, 1811, Jefferson Co.


James McKennie, Frances Jane McKennie, Dec 30, 1824, Jasper Co.


Samuel McKinney, Biddy Rowden, Mar 19, 1811, Jackson Co.


William McKinney, Adeline Richard, Dec 8, 1836, Henry Co.


John McKinney, Julia Hunt, Jan 6, 1825, Baldwin Co.


Mordecai McKinney, Jemima Murphy, Jan 22, 1850, Fayette Co.


G. H. McKinney, Elizabeth Givens, Nov 15, 1857, Cass Co.


Seaborn McKinney, Margaret Suggs, Nov 18, 1854, Cass Co.


Abraham McKinney, Ann Everett, Apr 4, 1830, Crawford Co.


Rabun Co., GA – Historical Sketches:


William McKinney was one of the first settlers in the Valley district between 1820 and 1830. He came from Buncombe Co., NC, and his wife was Margaret Anderson. William McKinney served as corporal in the Civil War, 1861; he was a justice of the Inferior Court in 1815. Four sons and three daughters were born to William and Margaret: George McKinney, married Miss McClure and removed to Walker Co; Charles LaFayette McKinney, married Caroline Corn and lived in Towns County; Dock McKinney served with his father in the Civil War and died in 1862, buried in Dillard; Marshall married the dau of John L. Kelly of Towns County, and removed to TX; Margaret, youngest child, married L. M. Beavert, no children in this marriage, they inherited the home place; Betsy Ann married Albert Dillard, and had nine children; Rachel, married Barnard Dillard, brother of Albert Dillard, and had ten children. Georgia McKinney, dau of LaFayette McKinney, married Hiram Dillard, the son of William F. Dillard, who was killed in the Civil War – from this union, there were twelve children.


Johnson McKinney, one of Nathan Smith's original settlers in 1804, lived near Wofford Settlement, in Cherokee Nation.


Fields Methodist Church Cemetery, Canton, GA – contains burials of McKinney, Leakes and Dodds.


Hix McKinney, Hancock, Georgia, 20 Sep 1802, on the list of defaulters. Land taxes overdue.


Richmond Co. slave importers, Apr, 1820:


David McKinney 1818 – 1


Harris McKinney, March 1818 – 4


Kinchen McKinney, Feb 1819 – 3


Colonel Hargrove's Militia, War of 1812:


Thomas McKinney, Oakdale


Samuel McKinney, 1834-4-29






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Some Mississippi and Louisiana Records



Biographical & Historical Memoirs of Mississippi


William C. H. McKinney, merchant of Sharkey Co., was born in Monroe Co. in 1842 to John Madison and Mary A. (Bowen) McKinney, the former of whom was born in TN, and the latter in SC. In 1830 John McKinney settled in Monroe Co. where he married and lived until 1859, when he removed to Pontotoc Co., until death in 1888 age 68. Eight children were born, all of whom reached adulthood:


William C. H McKinney


John C. H.






Verona married J. W. Wisinger of Bolivar Co.


Lucinda remained unmarried and lived with sister Verona.


Francilla was killed in the Battle of Seven Pines, VA


John B. McKinney of Tishomingo Co. was born in MS, Oct 16, 1838, eldest son of ten children of Walton H. and Sarah W. (Clayton) McKinney. His grandfather was a John McKinney, wife Ellen Baker McKinney of Madison Co., AL. The children of Walton H. and Sarah W. McKinney were:


John R.


William G.

James P.


Robert B.

Joseph T.

Teresa A.


Walter D.


John B. served in the Civil War, and then married Linda McKnight. Nine children were born:


Ellie (Hendricks)

John Ed.

William W.

Carrie L.


James B.


Joseph T.


William C. H. McKinney (above) was married to Mary Halbert, dau of J. J. Halbert of Terry.


Canadia Parish, LA:


5 Feb 1827, George G. McKinney of Adams Co., MS, mar Mrs. Elizabeth Hyman, Abner Ogden and George Dayton, wit.





Note: When researching the Colonial Southern States, including MS and LA, one should consult the Spanish Archives. Many civil records for Americans were not in American records, but in the Spanish records including marriages, Baptisms, court cases and land transactions. The National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Volume 73, No. 4, Dec 1985, contains an excellent article by Elizabeth Shown Mills detailing locating Anglo and Latin Ancestry in the Colonial Southern States can be located in the Spanish Archives. I highly recommend obtaining a copy of this article. It may help solve many of your research problems. This same issue also contains an excellent article on New England Vital Records.




Research Week


Bill R. Linder, former director of central reference at the National Archives is organizing his fifth annual research week to be held in Washington, D. C., Oct 19 – 25. Research will be conducted at the National Archives, Library of Congress and National Daughters of the American Revolution Library. There will be an orientation session, personal help with research, a night at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and other events. For details, contact Mr. Linder at 6129 Leesburg Pike No. 820, Falls Church, VA 22041.








Ohio and Its Records



Genealogists must learn to cope with more than ten land survey systems or modifications in the State of OH. It served as the proving ground for the new rectangular public land survey system introduced in the Northwest Territory, but several modifications were used before the final system of numbering townships, ranges and sections was standardized, now referred to as the U. S. System of Rectangular Survey. The eastern system of metes and bounds was discontinued in the Virginia Military District, and unusual five mile square township surveys were used in the U. S. Military District and in the Connecticut Western Reserve.


The Seven Ranges – this area lies in southeastern OH approximately south and east of Carroll Co., and began in 1785. This was the first use of the public domain rectangular survey by the Federal government and was later modified before becoming the standard survey system. The area was divided into townships approximately six miles square as in the standardized U. S. (R) rectangular survey used in northwestern OH and westward. The seven ranges (columns of townships approximately six miles wide) are numbered from east to west, with Range One West being bounded on the east by Elliott's line (the eastern boundary of OH north of the OH River) and Range Seven West being bounded on its west side by the western extremity of Carroll Co. Fractional townships within Range One exist only in Jefferson Co. Townships are numbered from south to north with T1N in each range beginning at the Ohio River and being a fractional township. A particularly confusing aspect of this system is that the Ohio River, forming a meandering, rather than a straight line, serves as its base line. Another deviation in the system used in the Seven Ranges is that the sections are numbered from south to north beginning on the east side of the township and moving from east to west. For example, starting in the southeast corner of complete townships, the first column to the west numbered south to north from seven to twelve with section 36 finally being located in the northwest corner of the township.


Southeastern Ohio – this area lies west of the Seven Ranges, south of the U. S. Military District and east of the Scioto River with its northwest corner lying within the city of Columbus. It includes the first purchase (1787) and the second purchase (1702) of the Ohio Company, the Donation Tract (1792), The Refugee Tract (1798) and the Congress Lands. This area of public domain land survey is divided into six mile square townships. The ranges were surveyed off Elliott's line as in the Seven Ranges and extend from R8W to R23W. Also, townships are numbered from south to north beginning at the Ohio River, resulting in townships within the east to west rows being numbered differently. Sections within each township are numbered in standard U. S. System of Rectangular Survey form.


U. S. Military District – This area lies in central Ohio west of the Seven Ranges, north of the previously described area, south of the Greenville Treaty Line of 1795, and east of the Scioto River. The lands were surveyed into five mile square townships off its own meridian and base line with ranges being numbered from R1W in the southeast corner westward to R20W and from T1N in the southeast corner, northward to T1ON. The smaller townships used are variously divided into 640 acre sections numbered from section one in the northeast corner and continuing in sections in a switch-back fashion to section 25 in the southwest corner, in some cases, into 20 mile square quarters of about







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4000 acres each and thence into smaller lots.


Congress Lands, 1799 – 1804 – actual survey of this area lying north of the Seven Ranges and U. S. Military District in northeast central Ohio began in 1799. Lands in this area are divided into six mile square townships, and the sections are numbered in standard fashion. Ranges were surveyed off Elliott's Line and extend from R1W to R21W. Townships are numbered from the Ohio River, the numbering being a continuation of the public domain to the South after jumping over the U. S. Military District.


(Map – 18 Land Grants)

File written by Adobe Photoshop¨ 4.0






Connecticut Western Reserve – this area lies in northeaster OH, its southern boundary being approximate 41¡N, its northern boundary being Lake Erie, and its southwest corner being the southwest corner of Huron County. It includes the Fire Lands set aside in 1792 for the relief of certain 'sufferers' whose Connecticut towns were ravaged by the British in the Revolution. Lands were surveyed into five mile square townships with Elliot's Line as the meridian and the areas southern boundary as base line. Beginning at the southeast corner, ranges are numbered from R1W to R24W and townships from T1N to T14N. Sections were within the townships are numbered in switch-back fashion starting with section one in the northeast corner to section 25 in the southwest corner. Some townships are not divided into sections, but directly into smaller tracts.


Virginia Military District – this area, lying between the Little Miami River and the Scioto River and with part of its western boundary being formed by the Ludlow Line, was originally allocated to VA for rewarding its Revolutionary War military men through bounty land grants. All lands within the District were surveyed by metes and bounds, a continuation of the land system used in VA. Lands remaining un-granted in 1852 were ceded by VA to the United States and by the United States to Ohio in 1871.


Lands Between the Miami Rivers – this area, located between the Miami River and on the west, and the Little Miami River and the Ludlow Line on the east, includes the Symmes Purchase of 1794 and Congress Land further north surveyed 1802 – 1805. This area was surveyed into 36 section townships, however, in contrast with the standard public land survey system, range lines run east and west and express distance north of the base line while township lines run north and south expressing distance east of the Miami River. With the Ohio River serving as the base line, the ranges are numbered as follows: going north from the river, fractional Range One, Franctional Range Two, R1N and northward to R15N. With the Miami River serving in lieu of north-south meridian, townships are numbered east from the Miami River from T1E to T5E. Because ranges rather than townships express distance south to north and townships express distance west to east, individual six mile square townships are described such as R3N T2E. Sections within the townships are numbered uniquely as in the Seven Ranges, i.e., in columns from south to north starting with section one in the southeast corner and ending with section 36 in the northwest corner.


Congress Lands, 1798 – 1800 – this area in southwestern Ohio lies west of the Miami River and south of the Greenville Treaty Line. These lands were surveyed under the standard U. S. System of Rectangular Survey based on the 1st Principal Meridian (the western boundary of Ohio) and its base line both intersecting at the mouth of the Miami River. Townships are numbered west to east from the meridian and south to north from the base line. Sections in the thirty six section townships are numbered in the standard format.


Congress Lands of Northwest Ohio – this area is bounded on the south by the Greenville Treaty Line and the Virginia Military District, on the east by the Connecticut Western Reserve and Congress Lands (1799 – 1804), on the north by the Fulton Line, and on the west by the Ohio state line. The standard system of rectangular survey was used. Ranges are numbered west to east from the 1st principal Meridian, and townships are numbered both north and south of the base line (the northern boundary of Van Wert, Wyandot, and Crawford Co.).








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The Michigan Survey – this area is a strip of land about five to eight miles wide lying immediately south of the Michigan state line and north of the Fulton line and running west of Lake Erie. It was surveyed off of the Michigan Principal Meridian and its base line, using the standard U. S. System of Rectangular Survey.


Ferguson, Joseph T., Ohio Land Grants, A Short History of Ohio Lands, Auditor of State's Office, Columbus, OH.






Some Ohio Research Sources



There are many genealogical societies in OH, most of which belong to the Ohio Genealogical Society, and their publications are available at most major libraries across the US. Textbooks and reference works such as The Source, Know Your Ancestors (Ethel Williams), Search and Research (Noel Stevenson), The Handy Book (Everton Publishers), Building an American Pedigree (Norman Wright), Genealogy for Americans (Kay Kirkham), and many others, detail Ohio sources both for family and civil records. Available books are too numerous to detail on individual counties, however, almost all of the counties in OH have published records of cemeteries, tax records, vital records, marriages and county histories that are readily available in most major libraries, or through the inter-library loan programs.


Generally, marriage records are found in each county office of the Clerk of the Probate Court and in offices of the City Board of Health. The Clerk of the Probate Court also contains wills and real estate matters. Each County Recorder has charge of land records within the county. Birth and death records pre-1909 are in the custody of the Clerks of the Probate Court in respective counties. Records after 1909 to the present are in charge of the Department of Health, Columbus, OH 43215.



Ohio Genealogical Society, Rt 1, Box 332B, Ashland, OH 44805 – publishes OH Records and Pioneer Families


Northwest Genealogical Quarterly, Old Northwest Genealogical Society, Columbus, OH


Western Reserve Historical Society Library, 10825 East Boulevard, Cleveland, OH 44106


Division of Vital Statistics, State Department of Health, G-20, State Department Bldg., 65 South Front Street, Columbus, OH 43215


Ohio Historical Society, 1-71 and 17th Ave, Columbus, OH 43211


Mennonite Historical Library, Bluffton College, Bluffton, OH 45817


Miami Valley Genealogical Society, Box 1364, Dayton, OH 45104


Ohio Genealogical Society, 419 West Third St., PO Box 2625, Mansfield, OH 44906


Firelands Historical Society, Bedford-8 Rosedale Blvd, Norwalk, OH 44857


Toledo Public Library – Local History and Genealogical Dept, 325 Michigan St., Toledo, OH 43624



Again, the local genealogical societies, for the most part, are members of the parent organization, the Ohio Genealogical Society, and are too numerous to list in this publication.







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Ohio Research Notes Federal Land Series


Volumes 1, 2, 3 – Clifford Neal Smith



Land Sale, Western territory, held at New York, 21 Sep 1787 through Oct 13, 1787 – William McKennan



(the following are all located in the Virginia Military District of Ross, Clinton and Highland Counties)


Jesse Spencer, Reg. CH 1 (Chillicothe), Ross Co., transmits patents to Daniel McKinney, CH 1, 20 4 29 + 17 Jun 1809. Regular sale, Chillicothe, Township 20, range 4, section 29.



Daniel Symmes, Reg., Cincinnati, 6 Nov 1809, Joseph McKinney Cincinnati MR 9 3 8 +



James Findlay, Reg. Cincinnati, 9 Oct 1805 A/3/191, Thomas McKinney, Cin., MR 12/1/32



Jesse Spencer, 7 Jul 1808, duplicate receipt, Adam Smith's will devises land to son, Isaac Smith, Chillicothe 1 MS 211/10/2 + (Isaac Smith believed to be the father of Sarah L. Smith, wife to Obediah McKinney)



Isaac Smith (see above) care of James Chipley at Woodstock, Shenandoah Co., VA, Ch 1 MX 21/10/2 + (MS – Mathew's Survey)



(Volume II), 23 Jan 1800 for whom registered, based on army land warrant – Lt. John McKinney #1438, 4 Feb 1795, 200 acres, Mil 7/1/3 (Military), Muskingum, Zanesville.



By whom registered, 11 Feb 1800, Baum & Shenk, Mil 8/1/1, Pvt. John McKinney, #10113, 2 Apr 1791, 100 acres



29 Jul 1799, Mil., 12/5/1, Peter McKinney #9778, 5 Nov 1789, 100 acres, private, Coshocton Co.



Andrew McKenny, private, #967, issued to ? McKenney, ca 1833





Ohio Court Records, Highland Co., McBride:



George Crone of Madison Twp., date May 3, 1859, will names wife Matilda (Abernathy); children: James, Henry, Mary Elizabeth (Lucas), heirs of Ann Rebecca (McKinney) as they respectively come of age. Executor, son. Witnesses, F. P. Duggleby, Tm. Gray. Proven Jun 1, 1878. (Ann Rebecca Crone was the first wife of Jesse McKinney, son of Obediah McKinney of Highland Co. He married secondly, Margaret A. Dodds.)


Mar 11, 1864: D. F. Goldsberry appointed guardian of Mary Jane, age 15 years on Apr 20, 1863, John age 13 years about Jul 13, 1864 and Sarah C. Cowman, age 11 years on or about Sep 1, 1864, minor children and legal representatives of Alexander Cowman, deceased. Sureties, Joseph Fultz, Daniel McKinney. (Mahala Cowman was the first wife of Henry Valentine McKinney, relationship to Daniel McKinney, unknown). Robert Thurman, Feb 25, 1841, wife, Doshea (Theodocia). Children, George W., Linch, John G., Felix. Son in law, James Pring. Grand-children, Robert McKiny, James McKiney, Matilda McKinney, Olive McKinney, Jesse McKinney (children of William McKinney and Polly Thurman, daughter of Robert). Alex. Hughey, Executor. Witness, William Cowman. Appraiser, Ansolem Ballard.


Robert McKinney, father of John H. McKinney, aged 8 yrs. Is permitted to appear on behalf of said infant (John mentioned in the will of Wm. Limes of Fayette Co., at the time of his death). Other names involved, William H. McKinney, Hurressa McKinney nee Limes, and Robert McKinney, all legatees of William Limes, Oct 25, 1864.


Samuel Cowan, dated Jun 16, 1854, will names wife, Mary. Executrix, wife. Witnesses, John D. Watts, Wm. Fairly. Proven Jul 29, 1854. Widow elected to take under the will. Sureties, Valentine Cowman, John D. Watts. Jesse McKinney, appraiser. (Jesse's son, Henry Valentine McKinney, married Mahala Cowman ca 1880.)



Obediah McKinney sold forty acres to Daniel McKinney of Madison Twp.



Daniel McKinney sold half interest in 100 acres in Madison Twp. To Robert McKinney, subsequently mortgaged in 1844



19 Dec – Obadiah and Sarah McKinney sold 10 acres to D. Lackey



July, Mary A. McKinney of Ohio bought land in Boston, MA


Feb 26, 1848

Obadiah and Sally sold fourteen acres to son, Jesse McKinney



Obadiah and Sally sold son Jesse, forty acres



State of OH vs Alexander McKinney, aka William McKinney, Order Book 1805 – 1811, p 98, Oct 26, Record 1, page 105



Jesse G. McKinney of Hillsboro, granted tavern license, 23 Jun



William McKinney, divorced Mary (Pinson) McKinney, married in 1810 in Highland Co. divorced 15 Dec. Wife had one child who died in infancy. She then ran away to IN with a Mr. James Hyatt and had several children.


Children of William Tell McKinney and Polly Thurman, involved in settlement of the Robert Thurman estate: Robert, James Matilda, Olivia, Jesse.



2 Apr, Mr. Pope, attorney, sold to Evans from Wm. McKinney, 80 acres in Highland Co.



William McKinney sold 80 acres of land to Byram Ballard in Highland Co., Apr.



Elizabeth Ann McCoy McKinney vs Thomas Thurman, sued for dower for heir, Dr. Smith McKinney



Will of William Boyce, Dec. Gerard McKinney and Elizabeth Boyce McKinney went to OH, VA, NC, traveled about. Appointed guardians for Boyce children – Daniel, Emily, Pegg, Carolina in 1796. Witnessed, Charles Donelly, John McKenney.



4 Dec, Obadiah McKinney purchased 193 acres of land from Samuel Hage, Highland Co.


Robert McKinney of Fayette Co. was attorney for Elijah Bock and John Worley. (Worley's dau. Mary, married a McKinney and witnessed the marriage of Henry Valentine McKinney (son of Jesse), and Ida Mae Mercer, 2 Jan 1900).



Apr 2, William and Margaret (Polly) Thurman, bought land from Robert Thurman.



18 Dec, John McKinney bought 77 acres from Wm. Egleston of Louisiana, in Highland Co.



24 Jun, Obediah and Sarah (Smith) McKinney sold 27 acres to James Cunningham.



Mar 4, Elijah Bocock and Barbary hw and John Worley and Margaret hw of Fulton Co., IL appoint Robert McKinney of Fayette Co., OH their attorney to sell their interest, as heirs of John McKinney, late of Highland Co., deceased, in 77 acres decedent purchased 18 Dec 1823.





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6 Jan, Anna, Catharine, Elizabeth, Daniel and Mary McKinney, James McKinney and Fanny hw, Joshua Wilson and Mary hw, late McKinney, Robert McKinney and Thorissa hw, Elijah Bocock and Barbara hw, John Worley and Margaret hw, by their attorney, Robert McKinney, sold to David Painter in Madison Twp., purchased by John McKinney 18 Dec 1823.



13 Sep, Alfred McKinney, appraiser for will of Frances Worley




Ohio Marriages, Extracted from The Old Northwest Genealogical Society, Marjory Smith:



Aug 27, Elizabeth Dodd, John Corp



H. McKenny, Sarah Lewis, Wm. Florence, JP, Pickaway Co



Nov 28, Mary McKinney, Alexander Beck, John G. McCan, JP, Ross Co



Feb 2, Polly McKinney, Isaac Radcliffe, Pickaway Co



May 24, Sarah McKinney, John Mathews, Thos. Scott, JP, Ross Co



Sep 14, Simeon McKinney, Abigail Patterson, Franklin Co



Josiah McKinney was Justice of the Peace in Franklin Co




Clermont Co., Ohio, Marriages, 1800 – 1850


3-394 Archbold McKinney, Mary Dumford, Oct 10, 1844, Henry Irwin, JP


2-223 Eleanor McKinney, Jesse Ramsey, Sep 20, 1827, L. G. Gaines, VDM


2-476 Elizabeth McKinney, Jeremiah Martin, Apr 17, 1833, L. G. Gaines


1-170 Esther McKinney, Stephen Thacker, Oct 9, 1828, L. G. Gaines


2-476 Jane McKinney, Charles Orr, Jun 8, 1831, L. G. Gaines


2-522 John McKinney, Maria Massey, Nov 10, 1833, Elijah Larkin, JP


2-159 Jeremiah McKinney, Sinthy Wiley, Sep 9, 1823, Moses Larkin, JP


2-305 John F. McKinney, Catherine Barcley, Dec 17, 1829, Otho Pearre, JP


2-305 Josiah McKinney, Eleanor Thom, Aug 20, 1806, Wm. Hunter, JP


5-047 Julia Ann McKinney, 19, to Andrew G. Bowen, 23 Nov 1848


1-131 Katharine McKinney, John Ramsey, Dec 9, 1819, Phillip Gatch, MG


2-400 Nancy McKinney, Wm. Sargent, Jul 10, 1831, John Everhart, MG


2-095 Sarah McKinney, Joseph Prather, Sep 16, 1824, Peter Hastings, DMEC


3-290 Elery Ann Mckinnie, Wm. Johnston, Jan we 1842, Frederick Long


5-040 Elizabeth B. McKinnie, John T. McBurney, Oct 30, 1848, L. G. Gaines


3-276 James McKinnie, Widower, to Jane Leeper, widow, Feb 3, 1842, L. G. Gaines


5-117 Margaret McKinnie, 22, to Charles C. Leeper, 30, Nov 22, 1849, Patterson Reece, JP


4-079 Susannah McKinnie, Colin Spence, Apr 1, 1847, L. G. Gaines


4-073 Sarah McKinney, John Stuart, Jan 9, 1847, Jaret Lemar, JP


4-073 James McKinney, Justice of the Peace, 1812, Clermont Co




Pickaway Co. Marriages


1811 Dec 12, John McKenney, Lear Martin


1814 Nov 3, H. McKenny, Sarah Lewis


1814 Sep 1, John McKenny, Betsey Southward



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Green Co. Marriages


1810 Feb 21, Elizabeth McKenney, George Blaylock


1804 Jul 9, Easter McKiney, Jacob Robertson


1809 Jan 12, William McKinney, Anne Blaylock


1806 May 15, Charitay McKenny, John Kelly




Miami Co. Marriages


1810 Jan 7, John McKinney, Jane Scott


1808 Feb 10, Polly McKinney, William Offil



(To be Continued)








Questions, Questions, Questions





Need info on pts, sibs of Elizabeth McKinney b ca 1785, Sc, mar Daniel Boon, d aft 1850 Census, resided with husband aft mid 1820's, Tuscaloosa Co., AL. Daughter, Elizabeth McKinney Boon mar 15 Feb 1828, Edward Johns, Tuscaloosa Co. Any assistance appreciated.

Gene C. Armistead, 747 Mycorte Dr., Escondido, CA 92026





Need descendants of 'poor Albert's' b ca 1812, NC, grandson, found in 1910 Chehalis, Lewis Co., Washington Census – Martin A. McKinna, age 31, mar 3 yrs, logger, wife, Mahl G., age 20. Possibly Wa, OR or CA (the family name was spelled McKinna as per Albert's great-grandson in Sacramento, but records and newspapers of the period spelled it McKinney, as well.)

Leslee Fehlman, 3606 Piute Trail, Austin, TX 78739






Seeking info on 4grfthr Thomas McKinney, b ca 1782 VA perhaps Brunswick Co., mar 1804, Roane Co., TN, to Jean Sharp, security of William McKinney. Removed to Madison Co., AL aft 1830, d aft 1860, Madison Co.

Mrs. June T. Shapiro, 1411 Governors Dr., S. E. Huntsville, AL 35801





Desc of Donald Macinnish, Jr., b 15 Sep 1742, mar Sarah Weather, d 1835, Monroe Co., MS. Seeking parents, Daniel Macinnish and wf, Mary of VA.

David B. McKinney, 817 Curtis Dr., Nashville, TN 37207




Working on family of Simeon McKinney b ca 1855, VA, mar 1880 Warren Co., IA (son of Wm. H.) (grandson, Luke b 1782, Hampshire Co., WV); also lived Liberty Center, IA, Pasadena, CA, issue, Henry R. Edward McKinney, Romane McKinney. Henry Edward b ca 1874, d Wray, CO, 1962. Henry's wife, Miss ? Bledsoe – issue, Wm. Henry, Carl, Dwight, Kenneth.

Mrs. Daniel C. McKinney, PO Box 99, Burlington, CO 80807





Seeking info regarding siblings of Nannie Elizabeth McKinney, b 20 May 1880, Fort Davis, TX (Jef., Davis Co.). Mar William Dempsey Slease, 25 Apr 1889, Lake Valley, NM; also lived Gridley, CA, d Yuma, AZ, ca 1966. Son, William Pope Slease. Also seeking parents of Nannie, thought to be Milam McKinney and Sarah E. Sanders.

Pat Pierce, PO Box 755, Atascadero, CA 93423


Milam McKinney, b 2 Jan 1842, d 11 Dec 1902, prob Marshall, TX. Married 19 Mar 1862, Sarah E. Landers. Who were the parents of Milam – proof?

Pat Pierce, PO Box 755, Atascadero, CA 93423





Seeking pts of Reuben H. McKinney 1808 – 1881, res KY, MO; wife, Martha 'Patsey' Jackson prob ca 1833, Christian Co., KY. 1880 census quotes Reuben's parents b SC – possibly John and Mary ? per settlement of John's estate, Christian Co., KY 1841. If so, Reuben's siblings Emeline, John R., M. W., James, Polly, Nancy, Martha, Thomas, Wm. W., Benjamin F. Where did Reuben marry? Where living prior 1833? Died 20 Jun 1881 near Bolivar, Polk Co., MO.







Issue, Mary J., Marcella, Elizabeth, Eliza, Laura, Josephine, James H.

Dorothy P. Gross, 10615 237th Pl., S. W., Edmonds, Wa 98020





Seeking parents, siblings of Augustus McKinney b 23 Sep 1792, SC, wife, Mary Annie Gillespie, b 1794, NC, mar Sep 1823, Lancaster Co., SC, rem'd Madison and Carroll Co., TN. Son, Andrew Gillespie McKinney, 1832 – 1886, d TX

Peggy L. Broadway, 800 Commerce, Euless, TX 76040





Seeking info, William Penn McKinney b ca 1825, prob GA, d Aug 1895, Corsicana, TX. Married Jane Davis 1848 – 1849 in GA, prob. Floyd County. Jane b Aug 12, 1831, Va, d Jul 24, 1915 in TX. Issue, Ellen V., 1850; Sarah J., 1852; Mary Elizabeth, 1854; Savana, 1856; Wm. S. 'Sam', 1858; Theodocia Elmira, 1860; R. J., 1862; Lula Anegeline, 1865; Martha Elmentine; Laura; Charles Lee, 1871. Would like to contact descendants.

Lee Ann Turner, General Delivery, Chenega Bay, AK 99562





Seeking info, Patrick McKinney, b Mar 17, 1806, mar Margaret Cox, Sep 30, 1824. Issue, Martha 1825 – 1890 (James W. Raper); William 1827 – 1868 (Emily Stice); Dudley 1829 – 1860 (Elizabeth Satterfield); Patrick 1831 – 1864, d Civil War; James 1833 – 1858 (Crissa Griffith); Enos Pinckney 1835 – 1895 (Catherine Johnson); Emit Wilburn 1841 – 1926 (Mary Susan Parham); George 1842 – 1863, d unmarried, Civil War.

C. E. McKinney, 409 Woodward St., Amory, MS 38821







'Stumped' will be a regular feature, for that seemingly insoluble genealogical research problem. Please submit your problem to the Editor, and mark it especially for this column.



I have been seeking proof for more than ten years, concerning the parents and siblings of James McKinney (wife, Mary Ballard). It is said that he was the son of John McKinney 1714 – 1772 and Susannah Campbell McKinney, however, not one shred of primary of secondary evidence has ever been offered as proof that James was the son of John. John was baptized 3 Jun 1714 at the Dutch reformed church in Raritan, NJ. It is said that his first wife was Ann ?, and his second wife, Susannah Campbell, and that he was living in Lycoming Co., PA in 1746 when he married Susannah. There is a marriage in Feb 1746 (PA Archives) for a John McKinney; however, the bride's name is missing. Previous researchers have said that he died in Gates County (Sunbury Twp.), NC in 1772; however, no land records or probate proceedings have been located to date. New Jersey records have so far not been helpful in proving the birth of James McKinney, ca 1750. The first record that can be proven is that James McKinney was one of the founders of Westfield Monthly Meeting (Quaker) in Surry Co., 1785. He is listed in the Salisbury District of Surry Co. in the 1790 Federal Census, and owned property in Stokes Co. in 1787 adjacent to some previously owned property.







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Where did James McKinney marry Mary Byram Ballard? William Ballard was living in Bedford Co., VA at the time of the marriage, but did travel to the Quaker meeting in Guilford Co., NC, more than once. Did they marry in VA or NC?

Patricia Kirkwood, 2750 West 232 Street, Torrance, CA 90505

Seeking information regarding Charles McKinney of Burke Co., NC. He was orphaned ca 1774. Wife was Rachel? Charles had issue James, Sarah, Charles, Eleanor and Henry. James married Elizabeth McDowell, daughter of Joseph McDowell, and Joseph was appointed guardian of Charles' children. It is said that Charles' father was Henry McKinney? Any information would be appreciated. Was Henry was Buncombe Co.?

Catherine McLean, 2275 West 25th St., #230, Palos Verdes Shores, San Pedro, CA 90732



I am stumped – there is conflicting information regarding the death and parents for William C. Mckinney who married Harriet Wray. Two dates are given for his birth – 1775 and 1796. Which is correct? Also, two places of birth have been given, KY and VA??

Albert McKinney, PO Box 13, Pioneer, CA 95666



Dear Editor – The Spring, 1986, Volume V #1 p 3 seems to tie in to this family mystery:

My William Wallace Waddle, b 1822 Grainger Co., TN, married Levica McKinney, daughter of Rane and Sabra Vardeman McKinney and Granddaughter of Charles and Marianne McKinney. The 1860 Federal Census for William Waddle in Wayne Co., KY indicates that Thomas King b 1857 in KY was living with this household – who is Thomas? Is he related to the family? Evidently, the Waddell – King families have some relationship to my particular family line if this one little clue connects to the Thomas King who died 1812 – 1915. Perhaps someone will find a connection in their line? Please let me know.

Gail Hawkins, 11615 Sagevale Lane, Houston, TX 77089



Mr. Eric Lawler notes that there are conflicting statements in the McKinney publication between Dessie V. McKinney's question (last issue) and his query. We are both asking about the same person, Henry McKinney. Dessie's line and mine are from brothers, William N. McKinney and James H. McKinney. In other words, the children named in Dessie's question were Henry's brothers and sister, and not his children. Also, Henry arrived in TX in 1838, which was not the date of his death. Editor's note: This probably should have been printed under 'errata'; however, the original query was printed correctly from a 1960 issue of an Arkansas publication, as it appeared at that time. Perhaps recent information has corrected this material, but the Editor had no way of knowing that at the time of publication.



Mr. William B. Watson is working again on the McKinney family, but still has not solved the mystery of Celia McKinney's parents. Celia McKinney married Elisha Hurst approximately 1813 in Russell Co., VA. In the 1850 Census of Clark Co., IL, Celia Hurst is listed, age 57 and a widow, (p 395). Also on page 395, family No. 468, there is listed a William McKinney, age 35, born ? Arena 27 b IN; Polly 11 b IN; Sarah 10 b IN; Nancy 6 b IN; George 4 b IN; Lucinda 1 b IL – are these names familiar with any McKinney family researchers?








Since the two families are adjacent, I would like to think that William would be some relationship to Celia McKinney – anyone working on this family? Who was William McKinney b ca 1815 in this census record?

William B. Watson, 201 Maple Avenue, LaPorte, IN 46350



I am still seeking information regarding William McKinney, who was said to be in Cumberland Co., PA at least near Carlisle, and whose children were born there (perhaps some may have been born in Ireland?). He had one daughter born in Mifflin Co. about 1790. His wife, Mary Alexander, may have died early. John Cowan, my great-grandfather, married Sarah McKinney. Also, the first known location for them was near Greenville, Mercer Co., PA in 1802 (assessment). Could William have been a brother of Joseph McKinney of Cumberland Co. and Franklin Co.? (or possibly MacKenzie?). Census records show John's children were born in PA. I have a copy of The Cowan Family, compiled by Elizabeth and Frances Harding Huson, published in 1978; however, it does not prove the identity of William McKinney. There is a William McKinney buried in Round Hills Cemetery near Elizabeth, PA – a DAR researcher listed him as a Revolutionary soldier from Lancaster Co., PA. I traced a warrant for William McKinney – 300 acres, Apr 2, 1806 – no patent. James McKinney of Centre Co. furnished the information for his warrant.


William McKinney was listed in Tyrone Twp., Cumberland from 1778 – 1782; in Mifflin Co., Armagh Twp. From 1788 – 1790. Surely could use help.

Mildred E. Patterson, 2848 Summit Circle, Bakersfield, CA 93306



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News and Notes


We have received a very informative and interesting letter from Marion A. McKinney of Greenville, SC (see illustrations). She is seeking information regarding Arthur McKinney (a son of Daniel Boone's sister). Daniel Boone, born in 1734 and died in 1820 could correspond with a John McKinney who settled in upper Pickens Co., SC in 1820. He was born 20 Sep 1788 and died 14 Sep 1872. Daniel was one of eleven children. A twenty year old article from a Pickens Newspaper, states that John McKinney was the son of Daniel Boone's sister, and that his mother was named Mary. John built the historical landmark, McKinney's Chapel, and two years ago the chapel was refurbished to preserve it. McKinney Mountain was also named for him. Some years ago, the Pickens Co. Courthouse burned and destroyed some records. If anyone is a descendant or has any history of the above John McKinney, Marion would like to have copies and information. You may contact her at Route #3, Duncan Road, Greenville, SC 29611



We are sorry to hear that Mrs. Isabel Crozier is having difficulty with her eyesight and has had to cancel her subscription. The Editor has had an on going correspondence with this delightful lady, and she will be missed (see illustration). Mrs. Crozier's book is a delight. It is in our library and is available for loan 'William Fee McKinney of Sentry Hill'.



Has anyone a copy of the book that Mr. Avery McKinney wrote some time ago, (Mexia, TX), regarding the family of McKinney/Chastain? Also, another family history regarding McKinneys was written by Vernon McKinney of Rowland Heights, CA, but we have been unable to locate a copy. The Association would be most grateful to have copies of either/both of these works. Please contact the Editor.







(Newspaper Article)



A Personal Interest


One thing about being part of an electric cooperative, there's a premium placed on service. While policies and programs are aimed at maintaining a high rate of efficiency in a fast changing field, folks at Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative stress always that consumer needs and problems be dealt with quickly in a friendly, personal, and courteous manner.

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This Land

Of Ours . . .



File written by Adobe Photoshop¨ 4.0







CRADLE OF HISTORY! Nestling in a quiet cove of the Big Eastatoe section of Pickens County is McKinney's Chapel, a little church with a history older than the county. John McKinney, grandfather of the late Pickens County Supervisor Tom McKinney, settled here in 1820 and built an early log structure used as school and church. McKinney, from Virginia, was the son of Daniel Boone's sister. The family was prominent in the area and the McKinney settlement was marked on early maps of the old Pendleton District which once comprised this area of the upstate. This little frame building, which succeeded the log structure, was constructed in 1890 – 1891. It's still used for worship services.








File written by Adobe Photoshop¨ 4.0

File written by Adobe Photoshop¨ 4.0




File written by Adobe Photoshop¨ 4.0







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149 Years – Family Keeps Vows Alive (Holston Pathfinder) HPF 12 – 37


About 175 descendants of the Carter family gathered in Jul 1985 for a 149th wedding anniversary! The first gathering of the descendants of Allen J. and Sarah (McKinney) Carter is the celebration of the late couple's wedding anniversary and a family reunion. Allen and Sarah were married Jul 25, 1836, and they lived in a log house still standing on the Carter property. There are no extant pictures of Allen and Sarah said Ruth Carter, one of the organizers of the gathering, but the information about them was found in an old family bible and in Scott County records, which included their marriage license and a copy of Allen's estate.


Allen is the grandson of Joseph Carter, a private in the American Revolution, who with his brother, Thomas Carter, built Carter's Fort in 1794 in the Rye Cove area of Scott County Virginia. Daniel Boone, on his way from North Carolina to Kentucky visited the McKinneys. Sarah's grandparents also lived on the site. After Allen and Sarah were married, the stairs which Daniel used to enter the upstairs of the house, was removed to Allen and Sarah's home, probably replacing a ladder. Sarah was the granddaughter of John McKinney of North Carolina, who was one of the first to cultivate tobacco in Scott County. They had ten children, but only four lines have survived. Write to Briston, VA 24203 for more information.


Since a good portion of your intelligence and character began forming years ago with the birth of your grandparents, shouldn't you pick your relatives more carefully?



Several months past, the Editor had two requests had two requests to visit and research in the McKinney Family Association Library. Perhaps new members have misunderstood the title 'library' . . . while at the Editor's home, it was housed in an upstairs bedroom along with typing materials, bookshelves, sewing supplies, and various and assorted other projects . . . since moved to Georgia, it now occupies a family dining room. We regret that 'on site' research is not possible, but all members are welcome to borrow books through the mail at any time, upon request, they are to sign our library loan procedures slip, and will receive the books at their own homes, where, I am sure, research can be conducted in much more comfort. Another request was for an on site inspection to see whether or not the gentleman would consider our library as befitting for a donation of his materials. When learning that our library was a lending library, nothing further was heard. Wouldn't it be wonderful, if we had a headquarters/office/library on a permanent basis? Until then, please request materials from the librarian in Warner Robins, Georgia. Or, as our new Treasurer stated, 'that due to long range planning, in depth studies and analyses, extra efforts on behalf of the three primary officers; exhaustive research; and a study of our member's needs, the library is now in a dining room vis a vis, bedroom.



Travel Tip: You may be wise to carry your genealogy membership card in various associations when traveling to some courthouses to do research. Some courthouses are now requiring proof of membership in a genealogical society before they will allow you to do research in their records.


Will members please let us know, if they would like to have membership cards printed/issued to members of the McKinney Family Association? For those of you who do not maintain memberships in other genealogical groups, they may prove to be helpful if you are planning a research trip over the summer.



Barbara Stanfield has done a Herculean job in organizing the Ohio genealogical material, and we have received some excellent material from George McKinney of Port Ludlow, Washington, which will be included in our next issue.




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Need help in Federal Archives research? Will search in Kansas City, MO. Member, Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society, experienced genealogist. Write for details, SASE, please.

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McKinney Family Association Publications list . . .

Private Marriage & Baptismal Register, Rev. John T. Steffy (All. Co., PA) 32pp, index, soft cover, ppd $7.50


Durand Family Genealogy, Maude E. Sellman, 250pp, index, hard cover, illustrations, ppd $10.00


Marietta GA Confederate Burials, 4pp, photocopy, M. Sellman $1.50


Fredericksburg, VA Civil War Burials, 1979, 83pp, index, maps soft cover, ppd $15.00



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