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The McKinney Family Association & Library was founded September 1981 as a non-profit, educational association and library, dedicated to researching, preserving and collecting historical and family data. To assist and instruct in genealogical research and to publish private and public records and educational articles. Bylaws and Constitution adopted October 1981.


Granted Non-Profit Incorporation, May 3, 1983, by the State of Oklahoma, trustees are: Barbara Pannage Stanfield, E. Neil Stanfield and Richard A. Kipf.




Barbara Pannaqe Stanfield, Coordinator

Patricia McKinney Kirkwood, Editor

Willa Sorenson, Associate Editor

Rosalie Jackson, Registrar – Treasurer

Alice McKinney Fisher, Pedigree & Ancestry Project

Mary McKinney, Librarian, Periodical Chairman

Wilma Cook, Indexing




The Editor is not responsible for the errors of submitted materials, and all such material will be filed in the Association archives and Library Collection. Library materials and donations for research are tax-deductible.








Some KY resources that are often over looked, should be taken special note.


Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort, KY

Publishes The Register, Kentucky Ancestors, quarterlies concerning genealogy, and also a newsletter of current events, local historical societies and current publications. They hold tax lists, county records, newspapers, manuscripts and vital statistics on microfilm.


The Kentucky Genealogist, Editor: M. P. Miller, Washington, DC.

Primary records and genealogies.


University of Kentucky, Kentucky Geological Survey, Lexington, KY

Offers a volume, A Guide to Kentucky Place Names, Thomas P. Field, 1961. Alphabetical, numerical index of the 7.5 minute topographic maps of KY, including streams, populated areas, rural neighborhoods, cemeteries, churches, schools and historical sites. Outline maps of each county are divided into topographical sections.


The University Press of Kentucky, Lexington, KY. Write for pricelist.


U. S. Reports, U. S. Supreme Court Cases adjudged in the Supreme Court, 1790 to date, over 300 volumes of digests. Held in the Kansas City Public Library call number, Ju 6.8 US Docs. Ref. Cong. Ser. 10469. Specific year should be indicated with the call number. The Regional Archives Branch in Kansas City also holds appellate case files on microfilm.




The Old McKinney Home


Logan's Fort in Lincoln Co., KY was located near what is now called McKinney. The fort had four cabins with a stockade and was built about 200 yards from the center of the village on the present McKinney-Middleburg highway. The McKinney family composed of Archibald, John and probably Daniel came from Rockbridge Co., VA, about 1772. Archibald married Jean McClure about 1788 and settled in Bourbon Co., and took up 1100 acres of land, later losing it by a prior claim. He then returned to Lincoln Co. to the fort which by that time had been destroyed by Indians and changed the name to McKinney fort (1789). This lasted until 1874 when the southern railroad was built through the valley and the name was changed to McKinney Station. Archibald McKinney's home is still in existence, and it was said that when the house was completed, he climbed to the top of the house to show his agility, even though he had only one leg. It has not been as well preserved as some of the other old homes in the area. (Contributed by Mary Hubbard).


The fort was on McKinney's branch of Hanging Fork Creek, about two miles from Green River and nine miles southwest of Stanford. It is said to be the first permanent trading post in KY which furnished supplies to the militia.




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The McKinney families who settled here represented a larger family group than in other stations. Many of them served with troops guarding the frontier and some of these are buried in the old cemetery overlooking the present town. The old spring has been covered over with a large concrete cover with an electric pump. The family name occurs in NY records at least as early as 1680. Archibald was born in 1750 and died Jan 15, 1823. They were married in Lincoln Co in 1788 (Jane McClure). Their children as listed in the Simeon Valentine Peyton Bible were: George b Aug 20, 1791; James b Jul 16, 1794; Annie, Jan 14, 1796; Salley; Burton b Jul 16, 1799 d Aug 10, 1874; Jefferson b Jan 1, 1803; Archibald b Feb 25, 1807; Nathan b Jan 23, 1808; Madison b Oct 24, 1809; Jane. Burton's home still stands in McKinney.


Will of Daniel McKinney, 1808, Book D, p367: In the name of God Amen, I Daniel McKinney Senior, do make and declare this to my last will and Testament. In the first place I will and devise to my wife for her life the use of the house where I now reside, and also her choice of one of my house creatures, and what cows will be necessary in her opinion, and all my sheep and hogs and one bed and its furniture, and such other of the household furniture as she may think necessary, all during her life. I will and devise to my son Evenezer (? Ebenezer) forever the land and premises whereon I reside except the house to my wife for life: - I also devise to my said son forever, my Negroe, Jack, and my big Bible: - he my son Ebenezer to manage the plantation and maintain my wife in the same manner as at present with respect to my self and her. And having heretofore given to my other children what I was able to do, except my three daughters, Peggy, Beckey and Betsy and to those three I devise all the residue of my estate forever. After paying all just demands against me, and the legatees herein before given in equal shares between them, but I devise to my daughters Polly and Sally or their heirs respectively after the death of my wife and property willed to her, except the house which together with the appertainances belonging to the plantation I will as aforesaid to Ebenezer. In witness whereof I hereunto set my name and affixed my seal this 21st day of Dec 1807.


                                    (Signed) Daniel McKinney


Witnessed by James Davison, Tho. Welsh, J. L. Welsh, Jesse Walker. Probated Jun 19, 1809, Co of Lincoln, State of KY.



Will of Ebenezer McKinney, Book G., p 3 1813: In the name of God Amen. I Ebenezer McKinney do make and declare this to be my last will and testament. In the first place I will and devise to my wife my land and all my personal estate while she remains my widow except what shall be particular named and described here after for other purposes my children for their dower is to have common education out of my estate, funeral expenses, Doctors and all other just debts to be paid out of my personal Estate. 1. It is fairly to be understood that my negro – girl named Jude I leave in the hands of Collin McKinney whom I appoint Executor of my estate and he is hereby authorized to sell or hire her for to make up the balance of the money which will be coming to David Jones for my land which will be left after paying the money which James Rutherford owes to me, and if said negro should be sold what money is left after paying for the land as is above described to be equally divided among my children if my wife should marry again. All the estate that is there in her hands then to be divided between her and my children.






In witness whereof I have hereunto set my name and affixed my seal this twenty seventh of Jul Eighteen hundred and thirteen.

                                                (Signed) Ebenezer McKinney


Witnesses: Saml Findley, David Williams Jr., Arch McKinney, George Moore. Probated Sep 13, 1813, Lincoln Co., KY.


Further generations of this family may be found in Genealogical History of our Ancestors, Kenneth and Anna Clay Rutherford of Lexington, MO.



Some Additional Kentucky Marriages


Date                            Names                                                                                                                       County


?                                  James B. McKinney, b 1829, and Sarah Ann Calame, b 1832               

8-31-1826                   George and Amanda Parker, L. Elderkin, JP                                                       Floyd

16 Sep 1834                John Jr. of Versailles and Susan Shannon of Lexington

1 Jan 1845                  George H. and Hannah Paxton                                                                 Lincoln

13 May 1784              Stephen, Cathron Griggs                                                                            Lincoln

14 Mar 1788               Archibald, Jane McClure                                                                             Lincoln

5 Feb 1818                 John D. W., and Betsey (Elisabeth) Mollis                                                            Lincoln

13 Sep 1812                Peggy, and George Adams                                                                                    Lincoln

8 Dec 1812                 Edith, Moses Brown                                                                                                Caldwell

2 Mar 1816                 Catherine, dau of Capt Gerard McKinney and David Montgomery of TN   Fayette

Mar 29, 1816              Robert P. Kenny, Eliza Boggs                                                                    Fayette

15 Oct 1838                James G., Mayor of Lexington, and Mrs. Eliza P Payne of Fayette Co           Fayette

11 Dec 1845               Elizabeth P. and George A. Armstrong                                                   Boyle

22 Oct 1846                William W. and Sarah Ferguson                                                                Clarke

8 May 1849                Mary Hannah and David O. Harris                                                                      Woodford

21 Feb 1865               Miss Carrie McKenney and William Buckhart of Louisville

Nd                              Elizabeth Jane Matthews and Wildey McKinney                                                Estill

18 Jun 1792                Daniel and Mary Hodnet                                                                            Bourbon

3 Aug 1785                Elizabeth, dau of Charles and John Lawrence                                        Lincoln

                                    (Sister, Judith, married a Lawrence, also)

21 Aug 1821              Sally and William Allison                                                                            Knoxville

3 Feb 1851                 Alexander M. and Rozamond Burton                                                                  Lincoln

11 Jan 1803                Thomas and Sally Lawrence                                                                                  Lincoln

20 Jun 1795                Enoch and Mary Felan                                                                                Lincoln

24 Apr 1806               Rebecca and John Gritton                                                                           Lincoln

22 Jul 1795                 George and Anne Ruby                                                                              Lincoln

26 Sep 1797                Ebenezer and Susannah Rutherford, John Rutherford, bondsman                Lincoln

20 Aug 1791              Hannah and Joseph Skidmore                                                                               Lincoln

1793                            Abraham and Mrs. Elenor Prather                                                                       Lincoln

18 Sep 1800                Alley and Samuel Cole                                                                                Lincoln

2 Apr 1795                 Daniel and Margaret McClure, John McClure, bond                                         Lincoln

20 Mar 1800               Daniel F. and Margaret Arbuckle                                                              Lincoln

1822                            Burton and Lucinda Hocker                                                                                   Lincoln

17 Apr 1800               Hannah and George Brown                                                                                   Lincoln

23 Mar 1833               James and Martha A. Carter                                                                                  Lincoln

7 Jun 1809                  Charles and Mary A. Russell                                                                                  Lincoln

10 Feb 1792               Collin and Amy Moore                                                                               Lincoln

2 Jul 1809                   Micajah and Lackey Overstreet

4 Feb 1805                 John and Nancy Buchanan                                                                         Lincoln

16 May 1807              Sally and Merenth Wilkerson

8 Apr 1805                 Collin and Betsey Leek                                                                               Lincoln

19 Dec 1803               Jesse and Peggy Salter

26 Mar 1806               Alexander and Susan Turner                                                                                 Lincoln

22 Dec 1807               Rachel and Joseph Durr

10 Jul 1798                 James and Levisa Whitley                                                                          Lincoln

5 Sep 1810                  Mary and Thomas Overstreet

24 Apr 1813               James and Nancy Davis

16 Sep 1815                John and Nancy Prior

24 Feb 1851               William and Susan Fisher                                                                           Lincoln

31 Dec 1818               Charles and Elizabeth Crews                                                                                 Lincoln

Nd                              William Clement, and Harriet Wray

9 Aug 1819                Judy and William Green

6 Apr 1820                 Hardin and Elenor Cole

10 Jul 1811                 Melinda and Daniel Holcomb                                                                                Caldwell

15 Mar 1821               Clabourne and Hannah Allen

8 Dec 1812                 Edith and Moses Brown

23 Aug 1821              Nancy and James Thompson

5 Apr 1828                 Nancy and James Haines

19 May 1810              Matilda and Phillip Henson

20 Aug 1829              Lucinda and Isaac Coovert                                                                         Caldwell

12 Aug 1819              Polly and Jesse Henson, Surety, Wilson McKinney                                           Caldwell

13 Sep 1813                Peggy and George Adams                                                                         Caldwell

1813                            Warner and Lavinia Campbell                                                                  Caldwell

31 Jul 1833                 Letitia, dau of John and Separate Case                                                     Anderson

29 Oct 1878                Elizabeth and C. R. Capps, Surety, Henry McKinney

24 Jun 1894                Ella, and Henry Oliver

22 Nov 1828              John and Mercy Stoner

20 May 1823              Martin, and Sarah Fowler                                                                           Caldwell

1816                            Margaret and Isaac Buress                                                                         Fleming

1821                            Elenor, and Uriah Callerman                                                                                 Fleming

21 Sep 1811                Moses and Harriet Burkhalter

21 Oct 1801                Kitchen and Averilla Burkhalter

10 Feb 1795               Polly and George Moore                                                                            Lincoln

Jan 13 1797                Rane and Sabra Vardeman                                                                                    Lincoln

27 Dec 1810               James and Polly Goodnight                                                                                   Lincoln

22 Nov 1830              Thomas J. and Jane Givens                                                                         Lincoln

2 Sep 1833                  Daniel and Eliza A. Brown                                                                          Lincoln

Apr 25, 1833              Madison and Mariah J. Burton                                                                   Lincoln

7 Jan 1833                  Nathaniel and Mary B. Masterson                                                                        Lincoln


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24 Feb 1841               William and Susan Fisher                                                                           Lincoln

18 Mar 1857               Archibald B. and Amanda J. Givens                                                                      Lincoln

17 Sep 1857                George S. and Nancy B. Fair                                                                                  Lincoln

22 Nov 1859              W. B. and Catherine Carpenter                                                                 Lincoln

7 Feb 1861                 W. F. and Bettie Givens                                                                               Lincoln

8 Sep 1863                  Nathan H. and Bettie Cobb                                                                                    Lincoln

21 Nov 1865              James B. and Kate Givens                                                                           Lincoln

7 May 1868                John and Sarah S. Trobridge                                                                                  Lincoln

11 May 1871              Burton and Mrs. Marie L. Dawson                                                                        Lincoln

5 Oct 1871                  Archibald B. Sr. and Amelia Huston                                                                     Lincoln

23 Feb 1876               John and Nancy Jane Adams                                                                                 Lincoln

6 Jan 1885                  P. M. and Jennie R. Daniel                                                                          Lincoln

19 Feb 1886               James T. A. and K. McCormick                                                                 Lincoln

25 Oct 1892                W. F. and Bess Reid                                                                                     Lincoln

23 May 1894              William C. and Lillie L. Taylor                                                                   Lincoln

14 Jun 1894                William A. and Laura B. Montgomery                                                     Lincoln

15 Oct 1863                Edward McKinney and Matilda F. Jett (Bible rec.)         

25 Nov 1834              Alexander M. and C. M. Lockwood                                                                      Fayette

9 Sep 1822                  Andrew A. and Martha Tomlinson                                                                       Fayette

15 Aug 1812              Gerald and Elizabeth Boycew                                                                                Fayette

22 Aug 1831              George W. and Susannah Coyle                                                               Fayette

5 Jan 1812                  James G. and Frances Berryman                                                               Fayette

1 Nov 1813                John and Agnes Reece                                                                                Fayette

30 Oct 1800                Celia and James Holloway                                                                         Mercer

24 Apr 1806               Rebecca and John Gritton                                                                           Mercer

6 Jun 1809                  Charles and Mary A. Russell                                                                                  Mercer

4 Feb 1818                 John West and Elizabeth A. Curd                                                             Mercer

16 Sep 1815                John and Nancy (?) Row

31 Dec 1818               Charles, and Elizabeth Crews                                                                                Mercer

5 Apr 1828                 James Haines and Nancy McKinney                                                                    Mercer

Feb 1806                    Polly and Joseph Ellison                                                                              Muhlenburg

May 1800                   John and Naomey Rigdel                                                                           Muhlenburg

11 Oct 1821                John S. and Elizabeth Wilson                                                                                 Muhlenburg

31 Jul 1832                 Elizabeth and Henry Stobaugh                                                                 Muhlenburg

27 Sep 1821                Polly and Thomas Willson                                                                          Muhlenburg

1 Dec 1853                 Thomas and Dizzy A. Johnson                                                                  Muhlenburg

8 Dec 1853                 Thomas and Guinney Ellen Dukes                                                                        Muhlenburg

21 Jul 1881                 Philip and Nancy Wood                                                                              Muhlenburg

1 Dec 1882                 john and Lucy Johnson                                                                               Muhlenburg

16 Jun 1900                E. G. and Mary Lovey                                                                                             Muhlenburg 

17 Dec 1833               Harrison and Martha Jackson                                                                                Muhlenburg

31 Jan 1832                James and Agnes McClure                                                                         Russell

22 Aug 1833              Felix and Jane Grider                                                                                               Russell

24 Aug 1851              Silas and Elizabeth Stephens                                                                                  Russell

16 Dec 1851               Polly E. and Francis Harris                                                                         Russell

18 Dec 1853               Balus S. and Sarah Warriner at Aaron Wilsons                                       Russell

17 Oct 1811                William and Nancy Quiley                                                                         Union

Aug 1822                   Daniel and Nancy Waggoner                                                                                Union






Mar 2, 1823                Sally, and John Brown                                                                                 Union

25 Dec 1825               Rachel and Uriah Blue                                                                                 Union

30 Dec 1835               Elizabeth and Thomas J. Robb                                                                   Union

30 Jan 1837                Mary and Nelson Turner                                                                            Union

2 Dec 1838                 George and Tabitha Delany                                                                                   Union

3 Jan 1838                  John A. and Elizabeth Williams                                                                 Union

4 Jan 1838                  William and Amanda Alsop

29 Mar 1831               Baylas and Jane Kelley, Surety, Elias Kelly by Isaac Powell at home

                                    of Charles Kelly. Groom resides in Pulaski Co.                                     Wayne

20 Jan 1848                Ephraim P. and Nancy Richardson. Samuel R. surety                          Wayne

12 Oct 1821                James and Elizabeth Payne. Surety, John W. Payne                                         Wayne

                                    Elizabeth dau of Philemon Payne

9 Dec 1841                 John and Rachel Payne Jr., Surety, Thomas McKinney                         Wayne

                                    Charles Higginbothom, JP. John V. McKinney, wit. Consent

                                    Given by Wm. F. McKinney

15 Apr 1845               Joseph, and Martha T. Hudson (Henderson ?). Surety Wm. P. Muse,

                                    permission by T. M. Hudson                                                                                 Wayne

10 Aug 1837              Thomas Henderson and Eliza S. J. Jackson, by J. S. Frisbie                               Wayne

27 Mar 1845               Thomas H. and Jane F. Moore, Surety Aaron Moore                                        Wayne

8 Sep 1801                  Wm. F. and Polly Boone, surety, Daniel Boone,                                                 Wayne

                                    bond dated 8 Sep 1801, minister return missing

26 Nov 1845              Talitha and John P. Matley, Thomas H. McKinney, surety                               Wayne

19 Jun 1845                Anna and James Roberts, surety, Isaac Bond                                                      Wayne

12 Aug 1845              Eliza and John J. Walker, surety, Isaac Bond                                                       Wayne

6 Nov 1832                Eliza Ann and James H. West. Surety, Rane McKinney                                   Wayne

18 Mar 1826               Levica and Thomas Baker, Surety, Chasteen McKinney mar by

                                    Thomas Hansord. Note: I do certifity that I and Willin Lisons

                                    Shal isu in faver of a marig of Thomas and my dauter Lusey givin

                                    Under my hand and seale this 16 of Mar 1826, Rane McKinney                      Wayne

4 Sep 1834                  Mary A. and Martin D. Hardin, Surety, John Beaty                                           Wayne

10 Sep 1840                Martha Ann, Martin D. Hardin, bond missing

                                    (Martha is his 2nd wife, sister of the first)                                                  Wayne

                                    Martin D. Hardin mar 3rdly, Emily Worsham in 1848

21 Jul 1842                 Rachel and Thomas D. Higginbotham, Martin D. bond                                    Wayne

8 Nov 1832                Elizabeth and James H. Hurt                                                                                 Wayne




Change of Address:

Gaylia McKinney, TN

Lois Garver, TX

Helen Marple, NV





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Miscellaneous Bits & Pieces – Kentucky Notes



Settlers to Natchez, from KY, 20 Apr 1790: Hugh McGaney (McKinney) from PA; Duncan McKensy, oath to Spanish Crown, 26 Mar 1789; James McKensy, Joseph Boon, oath, at New Madrid, MO. Oath at New Madrid, 25th Oct, 1790, Jas. MaKinny.


Estill County Court Record, Book A, p. 82, Jul 29, 1807: David McKinney and wife Margaret, of Fayette Co., KY, sell to Abner Wiseman at Clark Co. (of the land grant, patent by David McKinney). David C. McKinney married Lavinia Wright and had 10 children.


David or Daniel McKinney was born 1755, Augusta co., VA, married 1785, Margaret Wallace, dau of James and Elizabeth Campbell Wallace. His first wife was said to be Mary Stuart. There were ten children:

James, b 14 Aug 1786 m. 1st, Esther ?, 2nd Eunice Orchard

Esther, b 28 Jan 1788, m. 10 Sep 1818, Alexander McPheeters

Elizabeth, b 30 Apr 1790, m. 1 Jan 1816, Harvey Finley

Margaret, b 1792, d 1823 unmarried

John, b 14 Sep 1794, mar 30 May 1821, Martha Van Cleaves

Robert, b 14 Jul 1796, mar 24 Jan 1822, Rachel Marts

Alexander, b Mar 1798, mar 27 Jan 1825, Rebecca Hutchison

Mary, b 20 Mar 1801, m. Nov 1822, George McCoy

Thomas, b 18 Dec 1803, m. 2 Aug 1827, Jane McGrewson

David C. m. Lavinia Wright

Possibly, William W. b 17 Dec 1809

Cynthia Ann b 1811


Scott Co., Martha and John McKinney witnessed the will of Spencer Green, 29 Jun 1798, Will Book A


Lincoln Co. Deed Book, p 151, Charles McKinney to wife, for raising children, written 25 Feb 1796, probated 19 Jul 1796, witnessed by John McKinney. Stephen McKinney inventory, recorded January Court, 1793.


McKinney Cemetery, near McKinney High School, McKinney, KY:

Burton McKinney, b 16 Jul 1799, d 10 Aug 1874.

Anna Elizabeth, 6 Feb 1834

Lucinda, wife of Burton, 3 Oct 1804, d 27 Apr 1863

Leander, 6-15-1823, 8-19-1872


Logan Co., miscellaneous records, Alexander McKinney bought land 19 Jun 1817.


Fayette Co., Index to Burnt Books, 1.5.6, Alexander McKinney will


Some census helps:

1820, 1830 Butler Co. McKinneys are sons of John and Mary McKinney of VA (Randolph Co)


1830 Bourbon Co. John and William McKinney are sons of John and Mary Trimble McKinney. John Dec'd., Mary shown as Polly McKinney.


1830 Pendleton Co., ancestors of member, Helen Fest


1830 Harrison Co., George W., Clarissa, son Pollard were in Mercer Co. in 1810, then removed to Edgar, IL.


1800 Fayette Co., David McKinney to Washington Co., IN.


James McKinney, b 14 Oct 1772, wife, Nancy, b 21 Nov 1783, (probably Martin), of Daviess Co., information taken from legal suit. James and Nancy vs Thomas Anderson, son in law and widower. Bride's parents purchased farm on which






Amanda McKinney and husband Thomas Anderson resided. Land was to be returned to parents when Amanda died, Anderson refused. Bible record of this family was given as follows:


John; Maryann b 13 Feb 1818 m. Daniel L. Freels; Amanda Melvina b 22 Jan 1821 mar Thomas Anderson; James Henry b 2 Mar 1823; Nancy E. b 9 Dec 1826 m. a Mr. Dean; Elizabeth America b 26 Nov 1829, m. John Wells; Polly, mar John Gabbart.


Amanda Melvina died ca 1836. Ransom, b 1799 Apr 22; Susan Jane born 13 May 1815 mar Pleasant P. Freels, Davis Co., 17 May 1836.


Elizabeth McKinne mentioned in the 16 Mar 1770 will of father, Joseph McDowell. Will mentions wife Margaret, sons, Hugh, Charles, John (minor), Joseph (minor), daughters Elizabeth McKinney, Hanna Chrisman. Elizabeth, wife of John McKinney, was b 1735 Fredericksburg, VA, moved to KY in 1798, and lived in Ashe, Yancy Counties, NC. She is buried in the Chrisman family cemetery.


Gallatin Co: John Wallace b 7 Mar 1822, Richmond, VA, wife, Elizabeth Jane McKinney. Daughter, Lou McKinney m. Josiah Hite, she b 1842 in Hart Co., KY.


Miscellaneous birth card: Permellia Ann McKinney b 8 Sep 1859, Estill Co., KY. Father Daniel, mother, Marcy D. Daniels.


Christian Co: Abraham McKinney was administrator for Martha Garth, 1816


Kentucky Historical Society, letters in family of George and Margaret Hutchison McKinney, parents of Charles McKinney, b ca 1735, d 1798. Charles had son Rane or John Rane.


John Adair McKinney 1820-1890, lived Elkton, KY. Had sister, Mary Ann b 1825, who married Elisha Burdine Smith


William McKinney b 20 May 1775, d aft 1850 in Russell Co., KY, first wife, Polly Burke who died before 1850, twelve children in family.


March 1824, power of attorney from Mary McKinney to collect from Zacharaih Holliday of Adair Co., KY, in my name as executrix of Robertson McKinney estate.


W. T. Tevis mar Lucy W. McKinney of Lexington, KY, Apr 1867. She was the dau of William and Sallie E. Ferguson McKinney, natives of Virginia and Clark Co., KY.


Washington Co., VA, 1793, Sep 10, Archibald McKinney and Susanna Bryant were married.


Virginia McKinney, dau of James McKinney of Lexington, KY, d 26 ____ 1877, age 61.


Biddy Ann Sparks, dau of Wm. And Elizabeth Cochran Sparks b ca 1832, mar in 1852, Adair Co., KY, Franklin McKinney b ca 1817. Issue: Louisa Jane b Dec 10 1853; Polly Ann b Oct 10 1856; William M. b ca 1859.


Emma Ellen Roach, dau of Martin Warner Roach and Nancy Frances England, b 1885, m. J. C. McKinney.





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Kentucky Land Grants, Deeds


3-21-1785       Alexander McKenney, Sr., 500 Acres, Fayette Co., on north fork of the Elkhorn

5-29-1784       David McKinney, 1000 acres, Fayette Co., on Licking Creek, left to Robert Campbell and heirs

1783                Archibald McKenney, 1400 acres, Fayette Co., on Stoner Fork

3-26-1785       David McKenney, 200 acres in Fayette Co

1781                James McKinney, 400 acres, Lincoln Co. on Dicks River at Hanging Fork

1783                Alexander and John McKinney, 1100 acres, Fayette Co., on Lick Creek

3-21-1785       David and John McKinney, 1130 acres, No. fork and the Elkhorn and Eagle Creek

1-18-1783       John McKinney, 400 acres, Fayette, no watercourse

10-7-1795       John McKinney, Book A 26.2, 3000 acres on Eagle Creek

12-20-1802     Book G, 122, 400 acres on Rolling Creek

2-3-1780         John McKinney, Book A, 58, 600 acres, Hanging Creek

6-28-1783       John McKinney, VA, 100 acres

7-4-1780         John McKinney, Book 1, 80, 600 acres, Rock Castle Creek

2-4-1783         Book II, 160, 1500 acres, Fayette, Elkhorn Creek



Callaway County, land transfers:


#186, Feb 16 1828     James Gulliom, Gallatin Co., to Harrison McKinney, Butler

#188, Aug 17 1829    James Talbert to Harrison McKinney, Butler Co.

#229, Aug 16 1830    Wilson McKinney and wife Eliza, to Benj. Shreve

#250, Feb 22, 1830    John T. Grubbs to Wilson McKinney

#300, Jan 4, 1832       Edward Woodward and wife Mary, to John McKinney

#310, May 7, 1832     William Early and wife Priscilla,, to John McKinney

#346, Jan 4, 1833       Wilson McKinney to Joshua Finley

#362, Mar 11, 1833   Wilson McKinney and wife Eliza, to Asahe Duncan

#431, Apr 6 1834       Thomas James to Ewing McKinney of Stewart Co.


Note: The following information was submitted by Mrs. Marian G. Hammers in KY and names some of those mentioned in the above deeds.


James McKinney will in 1831, Butler Co., KY names two sons, William and Archibald, and it is believed that there is a connection between Tinsley and James William. James and wife Sarah Randolph (?) had issue:

Harriet b bef Jan 5 1802, m. Benjamin Lee

Harrison, b Jan 1807 in Butler Co., wife, Nancy Matson

Mary b 1809, Owen Co.

David b 1811, Owen Co., wife, Elizabeth McReynolds

John b ca 1817 m. Martha Johnson, had son James (m. Mary Ann London)


Elenor F. c 1820 m. John Harrell

Laura C. S. m. John A. Mayfield

Lavicia Ward b 15 May 1821 m. Oliver Bourland






From the records of Harley J. McKinney, on file at the LDS Archives, we find that there are discrepancies in the above material. The LDS Archive sheet shows the following: William McKinney b ca 1766, VA, m. 1st, Sarah Randolph of NJ and who died in 1806 in Jefferson Co., KY. William married secondly, Elizabeth Morton of Albemarle Co., VA. They were married in Butler Co., KY. Issue:

Dr. J. R. b 1786 VA, d aft 1880, wife, Martha Johnson, mar 1842, Warren Co., KY d Belleview, Iron Co., MO

David b aft 1806




James W.

Lavenia W.

William M.




Note: This William was said to be the son of James and Mary Beattie McKinney.


The History of Southeastern Missouri, Indiana State Library, pp 1108-9 and published by Goodspeed and Company of Chicago in 1880, gives the following: Dr. J. R. McKinney, son of William and Sarah Randolph McKinney was born in VA in 1786 and the mother Sarah was a native of NJ who came with her parents to KY and settled in Jefferson Co. where she married Mr. McKinney in 1806. Their marriage license was issued by the first clerk ever elected in Jefferson. The grandfather, James, was born and reared in VA where he married Mary Beattie, known as Aunt Polly. Of the eleven children born of their union, none are now living. They were named as follows: William, Archibald, John, Michael, George, James, Catherine, Rachel, Margaret, Elizabeth, Mary. The grandfather moved to KY, settled in Henry Co and there remained until 1825 when he removed to Butler Co. He died in 1830 and his widow in 1839. Their children were Dr. J. R., David, Harriet, Harrison and Mary. The mother of these children died, and their father then married Miss Elizabeth Morton of Albemarle Co. Five children were born to this union: James W., Lavenia W., William M. and Laura. Frances died young. Dr. J. R. lived with his grandparents until his 12th year when his father remarried. Joined the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, taught school and practiced medicine. He practiced at Sugar Grove, Butler Co. In March 1842 he married Martha T. Johnson and they removed to Warren Co. He served in the Confederate cause as a surgeon, moving to Iron Co. in 1866 and settled in Belleview, MO.


1. Archibald McKinney married 1792, Harrison Co., Magdaleen Koon.

2. George McKinney and wife, located in Green Co., MO.


Issue of a Mr. McKinney and wife, a McDowell: Samuel, 1773; Sarah; Susan; Elizabeth; Mary; Martha; Rebecca; Margaret; William; Nancy 1791;. Nancy married William Madison in 1814 lived in GA, AL, AR and removed to Oregon in 1852.


John McKinney, d 1800, Muddy Creek, Madison Co., wife, Elizabeth. Issue: Wildey Evermont 1784, m Jane Mathews; Susannah m 1800, John Cain; Lucy mar Job Tilley; Lydia m. 1828 George Weddle; Sarah m 1824 Joshua Noland; James mar Jun 3, 1792, Eleanor Black; Franklin.





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Kentucky Cemetery Records


McKinney Cemetery, Fort Campbell Area, Trigg Co:

Dr. Guy McKinney (no stones, no dates)


McKinney Cemetery, Trigg Co., Transcribed in 1956 by E. P. Neel

McKinney, Charlotte W., wife of Saml. McKinney 15 Oct 1801 - 10 Oct 1873

McKinney, Samuel, 2 Feb 1797 9 Nov, 1857

McKinney, Daniel, 10 Dec 1834 – 27 Aug 1859

McKinney, Nancy E., wife of Joel McKinney, 29 Jul 1841 – 28 Sep 1867

(Buried adjacent to Maggie and Henry Bacon and Mariah Young)

McKinney, Mary C. dau of Joel and N. E. McKinney, 12 Feb 1867 – 21 Jul 1867


McKinney Cemetery, Highway 139, TN Line:

Robert M. McKinney, 19 Mar 1877 – 24 Sep 1912, W.O.W.

Lizzie Weeks McKinney wife of Jas. W. McKinney, 5 Mar 1854 – 11 Jul 1877

Matthew J. McKinney, son of Guy and Rhoda McKinney, 2 May 1854 – 14 Sep 1854

Priscilla P. McKinney, dau of Guy & Rhoda McKinney

Daniel E. McKinney, son of Guy & Rhoda McKinney b 13 Sep 1860

Ella G. McKinney dau of G. W. & Rhoda McKinney, 16 Jan 1864 – 25 Jul 1867

Ewin Alva McKinney, 12 Jan 1872 – 28 May 1955

Maude A. McKinney 6 Dec 1893 –

Rhoda Shelton McKinney, wife of Dr. G. W. McKinney, 2 Apr 1821 – 2 Oct 1897

Guy W. McKinney, 12 Mar 1816 – 29 Mar 1883

James E. McKinney son of Edwin & Elizabeth, 17 Mar 1825 – 9 May 1852

Robert I. McKinney, son of Edwin and Elizabeth, 11 Feb 1830 – 5 Jan 1862

Mary Alice Lee Wilson, dau of James & Louisa E. McKinney Wilson

Louisa E. McKinney Wilson, dau of E. & E. McKinney, wife of James Wilson 1836 – 1910

Nancy McKinney, dau of Edwin and Elizabeth McKinney, 28 Mar 1818 – 5 Sep 1888

Ewin McKinney, 27 Jun 1793, Nov 1862; Elizabeth 29 Oct 1794 – 17 Oct 1855

            Joined the old Regular Baptist Church, October 1819

Alva Curtis McKinney, 30 Sep 1840 – 7 Feb 1879

Samuel McKinney, 22 Aug 1809 – 16 Dec 1893

Elizabeth McKinney, 9 May 1810 – 23 Dec 1892


The remainder of the burials in this cemetery are primarily the families of Cherry, Wilson, Shelton, Walker, Francis and Miller.


McKinney Church Cemetery Inscriptions, Junction of KY 635 and Old Stilesville Road, Pulaski Co., KY:

No McKinney burials here (?) but Morrell, Surber, Halsey, Rice, Lewis, Cook, Clark, Baskin, Hargis, Wilson, Smith, Green and Irvin families.


Estill County, Spry Cemetery:

Josiah McKinney, son of Thomas and Heathy, 8-26-1880, 11-10-1880


Blythe Cemetery, Estill Co:

Polly Harris McKinney, wife of T. S. McKinney, 4-29-1828 - 6-25-1877






Salem Baptist Church Cemetery, Estill Co:

Callie Frances McKinney, wife of Dillard McKinney, dau of J. E. & Polly Burgher 3-17-1851, 6-16-1899


Jackson Chapel Cemetery, Estell Co:

Little Sallie Ann McKinney, 9-27-1888

Sallie B. McKinney, 1904 – 1968

Heathey A. McKinney, wife of T. S., 1861 – 1920

Thomas S. McKinney, 1861 – 1917

Nancy McKinney wife of Marion, 1885 – 1913

Marion McKinney, 1882 – 1962

Joel McKinney, 1880 – 1959

Annie McKinney, 1887 -

James F. McKinney, 1846 – 1906

Sally Ann Todd, wife of James F., 1844 – 1888

Belle McKinney, wife of B. L. 1875 – 1934
B. L. McKinney, 1878 – 1904

Mary McKinney, wife of D. L. 1842 – 1907

Sam D. McKinney, 1919 –

Lou V. McKinney, 1919 – 1972

Morgan McKinney, 1863 – 1922

Lelia McKinney, 1888 – 1897

Ethel McKinney, dau of Morgan and Bettie McKinney 1891 – 1893

Shelton McKinney, 1885 – 1941

Maude McKinney, 1885 –

Maude, dau of Morgan and Betty McKinney, 1891 – 1893

Edith McKinney, wife of Joel, 1821 – 1897

Joel McKinney, 1821 – 1858

Joel W. McKinney, 1849 – 1881

Mary E. McKinney 1864

Joel McKinney, son of W. J. and N. 1822

William, son of W. J. and N. 1875 – 187_

Thomas McKinney, 1819 – 1889

Lucy McKinney, 1854 – 1890

Willie J. McKinney 1827 – 1877

Wildy McKinney, 3-3-1784 - 1-7-1852

Inscription: His wives Jane Mathews and Polly Shearer. His Children, David R., Joel, Shelton, William, Lucy, Matthew, Marion, Jane, Elizabeth, Maltra, Richard


Kuttawa Cemetery, Lyon Co., KY:

Edgar B. McKinney, 1885 – 19__

Essie M. McKinney, 1887 - 1949


Pulaski County, Kentucky:

Iva Linda McKinney, 29 Jun 1841 – 20 May 1951

Pearlie Mae McKinney, 2 May 1891 – Dec 1974, wife of Hiram McKinney

Sarah McKinney, 14 Aug 1848 – 26 Jun 1901, wife of J. R. McKinney




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West Somerset Cemetery, Pulaski Co., KY:

Elwood McKinney, 25 Jan 1872 – 17 Jul 1943

Eugenia McKinney, 1886 –

George McKinney, 1882 – 1944

James E. McKinney, 1908 – 1945

J. R. McKinney, 17 Jun 1850 – 16 May 1925

Margaret McKinney, 5 Mar 1856 – 18 Feb 1929

Ruby A. McKinney, 22 Jan 1912 – 30 Mar 1920

Venetta McKinney, 27 Sep 1872 – 13 Jan 1922

Wendell McKinney, 19 Sep 1919 – 13 Dec 1928


Waynesburg Cemetery, Pulaski County:

Delia McKinney, 1875 – 1943, wife of Mitchel B. McKinney

Mitchell B. McKinney, 1872 – 1928


Double Springs Cemetery:

Isaac James McKinney, 24 May 1897 – 21 Oct 1960

Jeffrey Lee McKinney, 10 Feb 1958 – 24 May 1958

Beryl McKinney 2 Apr 1911 – (blank), wife of Blaine

Blaine McKinney, 3 Mar 1891 – 14 Oct 1959

Timothy Andrew McKinney, 21 Mar 1950 -, son of bob & Irene


McQueary Cemetery, Pulaski Co:

Fannie McKinney, 7 Aug 1822, 1 Jan 1904, wife of Henry H.

Henry H. McKinney, 8 Nov 1820 – 1 May 1883

John W. McKinney, 14 Jan 1863 – 11 Apr 1891

Maggie McKinney, 1852 – 1912

Mary Bell McKinney, 7 Aug 1850 – 18 Mar 1929

Mary E. McKinney, 5 Oct 1849, 18 Jul 185_, dau of Wm. & L. A. McKinney


Pine Hill Cemetery, Pulaski Co:

John G. McKinney, 10 Jan 1888, age about 60 years


McKinney Cemetery, Wm. Matt, Pulaski Co:

Wm. Matt McKinney, 27 Dec 1862, 1 Sep 1898, son of David R. and Mary Ann

Nanie McKinney, 20 Jul 1868, 19 Apr 1900, wife of Wm. Matt, daughter of Reuben and Elizabeth Poynter


McKinney Grove Cemetery, 461 on McQueary Road, Pulaski Co:

Delila McKinney, Feb 1833, wife of Flemore B. and dau of John Gragg, married 12-17-1822

W. L. V. McKinney, Dec 1813

Other graves, unidentified


Daviess County, Kentucky Cemetery:

Elizabeth A. Smethers Mckinney, wife of James H. 3-25-1828, 2-17-1858

(Bretheren Church Cemetery, eastern Daviess Co)






Kentucky Obits, G. Glenn Clift, 1787 – 1854:

P75      Mrs. Margaret Butler McKinney consort of Major John McKinney Jr. of Versailles, died 18 Oct 1832, aged 43 years. 11-8

P78      Lexington – List of deaths, City of Lexington, Jun 1 to Aug 1, 1833. Most from Cholera, committee report, Messrs. McKinney, member.

P99      Major John McKinney Jr. clerk of the Woodford Co Circuit Court, died Mar 4, 1835 at Versailles. 3-11

P115    Capt. John McKinney, Versailles, died 24 Aug 1837, aged 82 yrs. 8-31

P116    Mrs. Francis McKinney wife of James G. McKinney, died 28 Oct 1837. 11-2 KY Gazette

P144    Miss Jane McKinney, Versailles, died 12 Dec 1845. 12-20

P145    Mrs. Hannah McKinney, wife of Captain John McKinney of Versailles, died Dec 16, 1845 aged 85. Came to KY before Lexington was laid out as a town. 12-20

P184    James G. McKinney, Lexington, died of cholera, 5 Jul 1849. 7-7



Descendants of Pierre Chastain, The Immigrant, Elby F. Bowman

(The Chestnut Tree, Vol. X No. 2)


Rane Chastain Sr.2, Pierre1 was b ca 1713 in Manakin, Goochland, VA and died sometime between 27 Jan 1786 and 6 Dec 1786, the dates of making and proving his will in Abbeville District, SC. Wife, married in 1732, Judith Gevedon, nee Martin, widow of Thomas Gevedon and daughter of John and Margaret Martin. Her name (maiden) may have been Shattein, dau of Francis whose estate was administered by she and her husband in 1703, or she may have been the widow of Pierre Chatanier who may have been a son of Francis Shattein. At any rate, their children were Isaac b 1733; Pierre; Marianne b 1738; Rane Jr; Judith. We are concerned only with Marianne Chastain married Charles McKinney.


Marianne was born 17 May 1738 in Manakin, VA, died before 1796 probably in Mercer Co., KY. She married Nov 1761 in Buckingham or Cumberland Co., VA as the second wife, Charles McKinney. Charles was probably born in Essex Co., VA and died in 1798 in Mercer Co., KY. In her father's will, Marianne was named as 'Makinne'. Charles McKinney by his first wife, name unknown, had issue: Thomas, Stephen, Charles, William and Josiah. His children by Marianne Chastain were:

Rane b ca 1763, Cumberland Co., VA

Peter, b ca 1765, Charlotte Co., VA, d aft 1848 in Adair Co., KY, wife Martha

Elizabeth, b ca 1769, Charlotte Co., VA

Abraham, b 14 Dec 1775, Charlotte Co., VA

Judith, b ca 1777, Charlotte Co., VA

James, b ca 1778, Charlotte Co., VA

Daniel Fuquay McKinney, b ca 1780, Charlotte Co., VA mar 1st, 19 Mar 1800, Margrit Arbuckle;

            2nd, 1 Oct 1811, Effa Combs




Rane McKinney b ca 1763 in Cumberland or Lunenburg Co. died bef 2 Oct 1846 in Wayne Co., KY. He mar 1st, 10 May 1787, Mercer Co., Tabitha Vardeman born in SC, and dau of John and Elizabeth Vardaman; 2ndly 13 Jan 1797 in Lincoln Co., Sabra Vardaman, sister to his first wife, Tabitha.


Issue by first marriage:


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a.         Charles Clinton McKinney b 18 Aug 1788, Mercer Co., KY

b.         John Vardaman McKinney b 1790, Mercer Co., KY

c.         Rane C. McKinney b ca 1794, Mercer Co., KY d 1869 m. Jane Jessey ?



Issue from second marriage:


d.         Elizabeth McKinney b ca 1798 Mercer Co., KY d bef 1849 in Wayne or Pulaski Co., KY, m. Jul 1818, Thomas Hutcherson

e.         William Franklin McKinney b 15 May 1800, Mercer Co.

f.          James Rane McKinney b 12 Mar 1802, Mercer co.

g.         Levica/Louisa McKinney b ca 1806, Mercer Co.

h.         Thomas H. McKinney b ca 1814, Lincoln Co. d aft 1860, mar 1st, 10 May 1837 Eliza Jackson, 2nd, 27 May 1845, Jane F. Moore, 3rd ca 1860, Marena (?).

i.          Mary Elizabeth McKinney b ca 1816 Lincoln Co., d bef 1840 in Wayne Co., mar 4 Sep 1834, Martin D. Hardin.

j.          Joseph McKinney b ca 1818 Lincoln Co., mar 15 Apr 1845, Martha T. Hudson

k.         Martha Ann McKinney b ca 1820, Lincoln Co., d bef Jan 1848, Wayne Co., m 10 Sep 1840, Martin D. Hardin

l.          Tabitha McKinney b ca 1822, Lincoln Co., m 26 Nov 1845, John P. Matley

m.       Ephraim p. McKinney b ca 1825, Wayne Co., d bef 12 Jan 1854, Wayne Co., m 20 Jan 1848 (date of bond) Nancy Richardson



a.         Charles Clinton McKinney b 18 Aug 1788 in Mercer Co. mar Mary Aiken Russell, b 1790 in Petersburg, VA, dau of Robert Russell Sr. They are both buried at Fayetteville, Lincoln Co., TN. Issue:

1.         Robert Russell b 1810 d 1876 m. Elizabeth Crutchfield

2.         John V. McKinney b 14 Oct 1812, d 1813, Lincoln Co., TN

3.         John b 25 Apr 1814, d 23 Aug 1819

4.         Mary Elizabeth b 7 Oct 1815, d 12 Aug 1817

5.         Charles b 12 Dec 1817, d 1818

6.         William David b 24 Jul 1819, d May 1856, m 1841, Sarah N. Weir

7.         Martha b 25 Apr 1821, d 28 Oct 1821, Lincoln Co., TN

8.         James F. b 1 Sep 1822, d 21 May 1880 in Purdy, TN md 6 Jan 1848, Julia A. A. Adams

9.         Jane b 26 Jan 1825, d 26 Jun 1826

10.       Lucinda Clementy b 13 Nov 1826, d 29 Jul 1855, mar 1842, Dr. William McNelly

11.       Charles Clinton b 7 Mar 1828, Lincoln Co. d 1910, Fayetteville, TN, mar 24 Jun 1856, Ellen Dennis

12.       Mary Ann Lanier b 15 Nov 1829, d May 1898, m. 1st, 1849, Archer A. Johnson, 2nd 31 Mar 1859, Dr. William McNelly

13.       Margaret Eliza, b 3 Jul 1834, d 30 Aug 1903, Fayetteville, m. Nathaniel O. Wallace

14.       Rane b and d 15 Apr 1838, Lincoln Co., TN


b.         John Vardaman McKinney b 1790 in Mercer Co., KY d 1849 in Fayetteville, Lincoln Co., TN, mar about 1813, Anne Norris, b ca 1786 TN, d 22 Jul 1852, Fayetteville, dau of Ezekiel Norris. Issue:

1.         Rane b Lincoln Co.

2.         Tabitha McKinney b Lincoln Co., mar a Mr. McEwen

3.         Mary d between 1849 and 1857, unmarried

4.         Elizabeth died unmarried

5.         Martha b 1830, d 29 Feb 1868, died unmarried

6.         John Vardaman b 1831 Lincoln Co., TN m 1857, Mary E. Thomison





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e.         William Franklin McKinney b 15 May 1800, Mercer Co., KY, d 17 May 1871 in Andrew Co., MO. He married 9 Sep 1821 in Wayne Co., Mary or Polly Boone b 31 Jan 1802 in Burke Co., NC, d 23 Feb 1886, Andrew Co., MO, dau of Daniel and Nancy Boone. Issue:

1.         John Vardaman b 12 Aug 1822 Wayne Co., d 24 Dec 1882 in Polk Co., MO, mar 1st, 9 Dec 1841 Rachael Payne, 2nd, 27 Jan 1870, Mrs. Martha C. Moore, 3rd, Mrs. Hannah Taylor.

2.         Mary Elizabeth b 20 Jun 1825, Wayne Co., d Apr 1849, Andrew Co., Unmarried

3.         Rane James b 20 Jun 1829, Wayne Co. d 1908 in Andrew Co., MO, wife, Mary ?

4.         Charles Boone b 29 Dec 1830, Wayne Co. d 1915, MO, mar ca 1855, Lucinda Culp, no more data

5.         William Franklin b 19 Sep 1833, Wayne Co., d aft 1915

6.         Martha Ann b 10 Apr 1836, Wayne Co., d Polk Co., MO, mar 10 Jan 1858, Geo. F. McKinney

7.         Stephen b 5 Jan 1839, d 31 Jul 1918 in Manson, IA, mar 27 Sep 1858, Mary M. Dowell



f.          James Rane McKinney b 12 Mar 1802 in Mercer Co., d 1863 in Polk Co., MO, mar 12 Oct 1821, Elizabeth Payne, b 19 Mar 1802 in Wayne Co., d 5 Sep 1879 in MO, dau of Philemon Payne and Rachel Wilson. Issue:

1.         Sabra Ann b 19 Aug 1823, Wayne, d prob in Dallas Co., MO, m 25 Nov 1849, William Johnson

2.         Rachel Wilson b 27 May 1825 in Wayne Co., m 19 Jul 1842, Thomas D. Higgenbotham. She died in Polk Co., MO

3.         Elizabeth Chateen McKinney b 25 Aug 1827, Wayne Co., d 29 Jul 1828, Wayne

4.         George Franklin b 7 May 1829, Wayne Co., d Polk Co., MO, m 1858, Martha Ann McKinney

5.         Reuben C. McKinney b 13 Jul 1831, Wayne Co., d 10 Nov 1854, m. 1853, Margaret Brown

6.         Joseph b 16 Sep 1833, Wayne, died in Arizona, unmarried

7.         Thomas H. b 3 Apr 1836, Wayne Co., d 1841, Wayne

8.         Martha Jane b 30 Dec 1838, Wayne, d MO in 1863, m. Wm. Norton

9.         Asa Martin, b 9 Dec 1840, Wayne Co., d 22 Jun 1911, Polk Co., mar 1861 Susan Catherine Barnes

10.       Tabith Agnes, b 30 Jul 1844, Wayne, d 16 Jan 1938, Los Angeles, CA., mar 26 Nov 1862, Proctor Barnes



g.         Levica/Louisa McKinney b ca 1806 in Mercer Co., mar 16 Mar 1826, Wayne Co., Thomas Baker b ca 1805 in Pulaski Co., KY. Issue:

1.         Mary Ann Baker b 21 Jan 1828 m. William Webb

2.         Catherine Baker b 1829 mar 1847, David Burton

3.         Elizabeth Baker b ca 1831

4.         Ebenezer T. Baker b ca 1833

5.         Abram W. Baker b 1835, m 1855, Permelia Jane Birton

6.         Sabra Ann Baker b ca 1838, mar 14 Aug 1856, Cyrenius F. Burton

7.         Ellen C. Baker b ca 1841, m. 19 Oct 1864, Benjamin Burton

8.         Isabella A. Baker b ca 1844, m. 1864, LeRoy Whitis

9.         Sarah F. Baker b ca 1847, m. 22 Feb 1865 Thomas K. Trimble

10.       Martha Baker b ca 1849, no further data

11.       Levica Baker b ca 1851






12.       Martin H. Baker b 10 Jan 1853, Pulaski Co., KY

13.       Abel Baker b ca 1855

14.       Cyrus C. T. Baker b ca 1857, m. 3 Oct 1880, Rebecca J. Piles



Elizabeth McKinney, the dau of Marianne Chastain and Charles McKinney, married john Lawrence 1 Aug 1785 in Lincoln Co., KY. Issue (known at this time) was Mary Anne Lawrence, who married Thomas Prather, son of Thomas Prather and Mary Phillips. Their children were Ann, Harriet, Maria C., James, Mary and Elizabeth. Ann mar. John Wiggs; Maria C. mar Isaac Prather; Mary mar Obadiah Martin; and Elizabeth mar Joseph Glass Prather.


Abraham McKinney, son of Marianne and Charles, d bef 11 Nov 1824 in Macon Co., now Randolph Co., MO, and is buried near Moberly, MO. He mar 7 Jul 1796, Eleanor Prather (1780-1860) who is buried in Travis Co., TX, the dau of Thomas and Mary Phillips Prather. Issue:

1.         Margaret b 30 Aug 1797

2.         Thomas Freeman b 1799, d 1799

3.         Thomas Freeman, b 1800, d 1800

4.         Thomas Freeman b 1 Nov 1801 Christian Co., KY, d 2 Oct 1873 in Travis Co., TX, mar 1st, 1831, Nachogdoches, TX, Mrs. Nancy Wilson (divorced); 2ndly in 1843, Quintana, TX, Anna Gibbs b 1818 in Boston, MA, d 1896 in Travis, dau of Major Alexander Hamilton Gibbs. No Issue. Thomas F. McKinney is described as 'Father of the Texas Navy who financed the Texas Revolution against Mexico and from whose steamer the Laura was fired the first shot of that revolution, Sep 2, 1835 – shot fired from the merchant schooner San Felipe commanded by Thomas F. McKinney, TX merchant and banker, his body lies in an ill marked and almost obscure grave in Oakwood Cemetery, both of the above mentioned ships were owned by McKinney and Samuel Williams, merchants of Velasco and Quintana.'


Note:   The firm of McKinney and Williams and Company was established in 1834 and was the largest commission merchant firm in early TX, and instrumental in the organization of the first legal bank in TX in 1847. In Gammels Laws of Texas, there are entries pertaining to Thomas: (Dec. 1981 Maze)

1839, claims against the government of TX, rejected

1837, T. F. McKinney and wife Nancy of Houston asking permission to donate their property, having no children, however, they have reared a number of adopted children

1840, Thomas F. and Nancy divorced


5.         Mary/Polly, b 9 May 1804 Christian Co., KY, d 1864 TX, mar 1823, James McKinney

6.         Artemesia McKinney b 1806 Christian Co., d 1806, Christian Co.

7.         Sally b 4 Dec 1807 KY, m. 1830, Francis K. Collins

8.         Euphenia b 26 Mar 1811

9.         Charles Chastain b 1817

10.       James Prather b 25 Aug 1819 Macon Co., MO

11.       Abraham Samuel b 1822, Macon Co., MO



The Chastain Families of Manakin Town in Virginia, Cameron Allen

The American Genealogist (July 1963, Jan., Jul 1964)




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Mrs. Dorothy Ann McKinney Deck, Springfield, MO

Court Records, Mercer & Wayne Counties, Kentucky and Lincoln Co., TN

Bible records and family records, Dorothy Deck

Will of John Vardeman McKinney

Baker References: Mrs. W. L. Hawkins, Jacksonville, NC

Court records, Mercer and Franklin Counties, KY

Records, Ephraim Stout Lillard

Court records, Lincoln and Christian Counties, KY

Records of Macon (Randolph) County, MO

Will of Charles McKinney

Cemetery records; 1860 census Travis Co., TX



Questions, Questions, Questions



James McKinney married Elizabeth McDowell, dau of Joseph and Margaret O'Neil McDowell. James had bro Henry who d bef 1774 in Rowan Co., NC. Court papers found in Burke Co., NC give the following information: James and Elizabeth McDowell McKinney were named as guardians of the orphan children of Henry McKinney: Henry, Sarah, Eleanor and Charles. Charles McKinney mar Rachel Inman and bought land on Big Ivy in Buncombe Co., NC in 1816 and their land remained throughout their lives – they are buried in McKinney Cemetery which was destroyed by strip mining in 1840 through 1950. Charles and Rachel Inman McKinney had ten children, some of whom removed to Georgia.


Note:  This is a correction in response to some information printed in the last issue of Maze. Ena McKinney Littrell is a desc from Charles' son of Joseph McKinney who married Lydia Bell. Mrs. Littrell descends from Charles and Rachel Inman McKinney through three lines.






Seeking Charles McKinney, b unk date, AR, entered TX ca 1834-1835, a single man, age not given. Joined Texan Army as an artillerist, in winter campaign during capture of San Antonio, married Phoebe Musick from AR (had mar 1st, Stiffler). Charles guardian of Stiffler child, Seguin, d ca 1840-1845. One known son, James C. McKinney from mar with Phoebe. Any help appreciated, will exch info. Virgil C. Walker, TX





Seeking proof of parentage, still, of James McKinney (wife, Mary Byrum Ballard). Lived Surry and Stokes Co's NC 1772-1825. Mary lived Bedford Co., VA at time of marriage ca 1772 (South River MM, Bedford), when James supposedly living in or near Sunbury, Gates Co., NC. Seeking place and time of marriage in monthly mtg. or records of James McKinney in Bedford County records. Connection with Chowan Co., NC Quaker Ballard families? How/when did James and Mary meet? Patricia Kirkwood, CA.







Seeking info, Silas Talbott, b June 11, 1806, d 2-7-1877, married Mar 20, 1826, VA, Sarah Margaret McKinney, dau of George J. McKinney (d ca 1848) and Margaret Harris. Issue: Abraham M. 1830; Margaret 1835; Daniel P. 1832; Jane 1834; Joseph 1835; Indiana; Sarah A.; Elizabeth Elln 1854; Bessheba M. 1846; John M.; Wicena; Sylvanus. Abraham mar Margaret Cleavenger; Joseph m. Mary Douglas; Indiana m. Lemuel Marks; Elizabeth Elln m. Thomas Hawkins; Beesheva m. Levi Smith; John M. m. Augusta Hamrick; Sylvanus m. Edith Bartlett. Will exch info. Mrs. I. Talbott Bailey, OK




New Members


Richard McKinney, AR

Searching Wm. J. McKinney b 1831 TN, in 1880 Christian Co., IL census, pts b GA, wife, Winniefred Mackey.


Leslee Fehlman, TX

Seeking Moses Peterson b 14 Apr 1794, Burke Co., NC, s/o Tobias Peterson and Peggy Masters, mar. Mary McKinney b 8 Dec 1799, d/o Wm. Albert McKinney and wife, Polly.


Ruth E. Farmer, CA

Seeking Andrew Frazier McKinney b OK, ch: Andrew J., wife, Mary Anan Moody, 1st mar. Sam McKinney, then nephew, Andrew.


Olive M. Batcher, MD

Josiah McKinnie/Isabel ?, PA




Reviews, Reviews:


We have just received a new work, The Descendants of Collin and Daniel McKinney, from author, Lois Garver of Austin, TX, printed in 1984. This work is, beyond a doubt, one of the finest examples of family genealogy that I have had the privilege to see in recent years. Containing complete accounts of the known desc of Collin McKinney and of Daniel McKinney, it is amply illustrated, thoroughly annotated and sourced, indexed, and containing a complete bibliography it is an invaluable addition to McKinney families. Soft cover, 317 pp+xi, photographs, Maps, index, bibliography, it is available from our McKinney Library or Mrs. Garver, TX. Mrs. Garver has generously provided the McKinney Association with two copies, as well as public libraries in TX, the Genealogical Society of Utah Library in Salt Lake, the Library of Congress, and Clayton Library in Houston. We are honored to be included in such company. Again, this is one of the best examples of family genealogy that you will find in any library. If you are a desc of Collin and/or Daniel McKinney, I would highly recommend obtaining a copy of this work. Printed privately, there are a limited number of copies.





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Lineage of Martha P. Clendenin, TN


1.         Martha Edna Phillips, b 1935, Chester Co., TN, m. R. E. Clendenin, Jr. 1958

2.         George Brantly Phillips, 1882-1952, Chester Co., TN

3.         Lana Gertrude Thomas, b 1896, Chester Co., TN

4.         JaHu Phillips, b 1840, McNairy Co., TN, d 1906, Chester Co., TN, CSA

5.         Sarah Eliza McKinney, b 1847, McNairy Co., TN, d 1900 Chester Co., TN

6.         George Lee Thomas, 1873-1953, TN

7.         Margaret Ora Hearn, 1873-1966, TN

8.         Brantly Phillips, b 1805 Chatham Co., NC, d 1884, Chester Co., TN

9.         Margaret Dowd, b 1812 Chatham Co., NC, d 1871, McNairy Co., TN

10.       Jesse McKinney, b ca 1817 NC, d 1862, physician

11.       Martha Johnson, b 1815, d 1850, McNairy Co., TN

12.       Dave Franklin Thomas, b 1832, AL d 1901, Chester Co., TN, CSA

13.       Mary Lee Madison, 1843-1915, TN

14.       William Thomas Hearn, 1848-1926, TN

15.       Margrett Juanita O'Neal, 1852-1932, TN

16.       Matthew Phillips, b 1774, Chatham Co., NC d 1845, McNairy Co., TN

17.       Lydia Creek, b 1780, NC, d 1853, McNairy Co., TN

18.       John Dowd, b 1779, Moore Co., NC d 1853, Moore Co., NC

19.       Aphia ? NC

22.       Dr. ? Johnson, d bef 1850

23.       Lydia ? b 1794, d aft 1850

24.       ? Thomas, b SC

26.       Bailey Madison, b 1794 NC, d 1885, Chester Co., TN

27.       Phoeba ?, 1803-1877, d TN

28.       William Nelson Hearn, 1826-1887, TN, CSA

29.       Harriett Elizabeth Hudson, 1829-1907, TN

30.       Christopher O'Neal, 1818-1891, TN

31.       Margrett Deaton, b 1817 NC, d 1877 McNairy Co., TN

32.       Willis Phillips, 1750-1804, d Chatham Co., NC

33.       Phebe Eliza (Sanders ?), 1750-1815, d Chatham Co., NC

34.       Randolph Cheek, 1749-1816, d Chatham Co., NC

36.       Connor Dowd, b 1715 Ireland, d 1790 England, lived Moore Co., NC

37.       Mary Overton (Shields) b 1730, d Moore Co., NC

56.       Rev. Isham Hearne, 1789, 1875, NC, d TN

57.       Amey Gilliam Harris, 1793-1869, b NC, d McNairy Co., TN

60.       Nathan O'Neal, lvd. Currituck Co., NC

68.       Robert Cheek, 1729-1790, d Orange Co., NC, USDAC lineage

112.     Rev. Stephen Hearne, 1748-1786, NC

113.     Prudence Steed (2nd wife)

120.     Christopher O'Neal, Jr., NC

136.     Richard Cheek, 1700-1749, VA

137.     Jane Randolph

224.     Thomas Hearne, NC

225.     Nancy Wilson

240.     Christopher O'Neal, Sr.

480.     Charles O'Neal






960.     Michael O'Neal

1920.   Daniel O'Neal

3840.   Conn O'Neal

7680.   Art O'Neal, son of Matthew


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Lineage of Robert E. Clendenin, Jr.


1.         Dr. Robert Eli Clendenin, Jr., b 1936 Weakley Co., TN, m. M. E. Phillips

2.         Dr. R. E. Clendenin, b 1904 Henry Co., TN d 1957, Obion Co., TN

3.         Evelyn Allen, b 1902, Christian Co., KY, d 1980 Obion Co., TN

4.         William Wright Clendenin, 1872-1938, Henry Co., TN

5.         Kate Johnson, 1875-1949, Henry Co., TN

6.         John William Allen, b 1868, Halifax Co., VA d 1941, Weakley Co., TN

7.         Elizabeth Brame, b 1880 Christian Co., KY, d 1926 Montgomery Co., TN

8.         John Frank Clendenin, 1842-1885, Henry Co., TN, CSA

9.         Thyrza Jane Wright, 1849-1881, Henry Co., TN

10.       David G. Johnson, 1850-1885, Henry Co., TN

11.       Mary Delilah Hicks, 1857-1929, Henry Co., TN

12.       Kemer C. Allen, b 1838 Mecklenburg Co., VA d 1932, Christian Co., KY, CSA

13.       Alice Ann Dickerson, 1844-1883, VA

14.       William Thomas Brame, 1849-1897, Christian Co., KY

15.       Mary Alice Seargeant

16.       Anderson Clendenin, b 1806 Orange Co., NC d 1867, Henry Co., TN

17.       Temperance Hines, b 1810 NC d 1876 Henry Co., TN

18.       William Wright, b 1816 NC, d 1886, Henry Co., TN

19.       Susan A. Barnes, b 1821 NC, d 1899 Henry Co., TN

20.       G. W. Johnston

21.       Martha J. Foster, b 1827

22.       John Hicks, 1823-1898 TN

23.       Nancy Coffee, 1823-1897, TN

24.       Jonathan Allen, b 1810 VA, d 1870 Halifax Co., VA

25.       Elizabeth Wells, 1815-1892, VA

26.       William Dickerson, 1824-1904, VA, wife, Martha

28.       John Delanor Brame, b 1816 VA, d 1855, Christian Co., KY

29.       Elizabeth A. Anderson, b 1817 VA, d 1887 KY

32.       John Clendenin, 1765-1837, d Henry Co., TN

33.       Elizabeth (Betsy) Anderson, b 1775, NC

34.       Frederick Bryant Hines, b 1773, Surrey Co., VA

35.       Lavoisa Dortch, b 1773 VA, d NC

38.       Asa Allen Barnes Sr., b 1786 NC d 1858, Henry Co., TN

39.       Margrett ? b 1795 NC, d 1878 Henry Co., TN

42.       David T. Foster, 1785-1834, d Henry Co., TN

43.       Frances W. Gray, b 1875

48.       Kemer C. Allen, m. Elizabeth Seamore, 1809, Halifax Co., VA

56.       John Brame, b 1786 Mecklenburg Co., VA d 1849 Christian Co., KY

57.       Lily Hester, 1788-1866, d Christian Co., KY

58.       Robert Anderson, 1792-1854, d Christian Co., KY

59.       Martha Lowery

66.       James Anderson, d 1800 Orange Co., NC, wife, Jennet

68.       Hartwell Hines, b 1749 VA, d 1825 NC






69.       Elizabeth Edmunds (widow)

70.       Lewis Dortch, Sr., b Mecklenburg Co., VA d 1818 Nash Co., NC

71.       DeWilda ?

112.     John Brame, 1746-1793 VA

113.     Mary Norment (Norman)

114.     Capt. Francis Hester, d 1821 VA

136.     Joshua Hines, d 1782, Sussex Co., VA

140.     Janney Dortch, d 1790 Nash Co., NC

224.     Richens Brame, II 1722-1789, VA

225.     Susannah Chiles, 1724-1806, VA

232.     Garland Anderson

233.     Marcia Burbridge

234.     Robert Tompkins 1730-1795, VA

235.     Anne Dickenson

238.     Robert Tompkins (same)

239.     Anne Dickenson

272.     William Hines, 1700-1760, VA

448.     Richens Brim I, 1690-1740 VA

449.     Hannah Cheadle, b 1694, Mecklenburg Co., VA

450.     John Chiles

464.     Robert Anderson, 1663-1716

465.     Mary Overton

468.     Christopher Tompkins, 1705-1778, VA

469.     Joyce Reads

476.     Christopher Tompkins 1705-1778, VA

477.     Joyce Reads

896.     John Brim, b England, arr, VA 1657, d Middlesex Co., VA 1709

897.     Mary Dabney, d 1745

898.     John Cheadle m. 1688

899.     Millicent Hughes

928.     Robert Anderson 1640-1712, d VA

929.     Cecilia Massie

930.     William Overton, b 1628 England

931.     Elizabeth Waters

1860.   Gen. Robert Overton, England


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Lineage of Gaylia McKinney


1.         Gaylia McKinney

2.         Galon McKinney

3.         Pauline Hardy

4.         Henry Alexander McKinney

5.         Augusta Lytle Mayes

6.         Tully Sewell Hardy

7.         Emma Hyatt

8.         Galen Alexander McKinney

9.         Martha Jane Wright

10.       William Samuel Mayes

11.       Cordelia Elizabeth McCraken






12.       W. B. Hardy

13.       Elizabeth ?

14.       James Hyatt

15.       Susie ?

18.       Jacob R. Wright

19.       Mary Davis

20.       Peter Mayes

21.       Ann Harwell

22.       John McCracken

23.       Rebecca Collins

32.       Jacob Wright

33.       Nancy McMillen (McMullin)

34.       John Davis

62.       William McMillen

63.       Martha ?


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Lineage of William Arbour and Barbara Mayor Maybury, PA


1.         Children of William Arbour and Barbara Mayor Maybury

2.         William Arbour Maybury, b 1913, Pittsburgh, Alleg., PA
3.         Barbara Mayor, b 1922, Todmorden, Yorkshire, England

4.         William Thomas Maybury, 1890-1952, b-d Pittsburgh

5.         Mary Drusilla Arbour, 1891-1965, m. Marietta, Wash., OH, d Pittsburgh

6.         George Frederick Mayor, 1898-1975, b Blackburn Lancs. Eng., d Leigh, Eng.

7.         Annie Stansfield, b 1897, Todmorden, Yorks, Eng.

8.         William Orme Maybury, 1865-1959, b Wednesbury, Staffs, Eng., d Pittsburgh

9.         Ella Rebecca Evans, 1867-1958, b Greensburg, West. PA, d Pittsburgh

10.       William Henry Arbour, 1863-1946, b Williamstown, Wood, WV, d Chatham, PA

11.       Mary Barbara Bachman, 1864-1947, b Marietta, d Chatham, Chester, PA

12.       Richard Frederick Mayor, ca 1873-1932

13.       Rosa Emma Chadwick, ca 1874-1924, d Portsmout, Yorks. Eng.

14.       Reuben Stansfield, 1868-1902, b Todmorden

15.       Emma Elizabeth Smith, 1869-1923, b Todmorden

16.       Thomas Maybury, 1834-1920, b Stourbridge, Worcs. Eng., d Washington, PA

17.       Emily Whittaker, 1837-1891, Sedgley Staffs. Eng., d Pittsburg

18.       Edward Lewis Evans 1823-1900, b Harrisburg, PA, d Worthington, PA
19.       Annie Elizabeth Lyon 1826-1868, b Mt. Holly, PA, d Greensburg, PA

20.       Joseph B. Arbour, 1837 – b Steuben Co., NY

21.       Mary Elizabeth McKinney 1838-1902, d Athens, Washington, OH

22.       Georg Bachmann, 1819-1891, b Strassbessenbach, Bavaria, d Marietta, OH

23.       Margaretha Altvater, 1823-1899, b Seebach, Rheinpfalz, Bavaria, d Marietta

24.       Richard Mayor, b-d England

25.       Elizabeth Worthington, b-d England

26.       George Chadwick, 1851-1893, b Burnley, Lance. England, d Eng.

27.       Anne Elizabeth Tyler, b-d England

28.       Jeremiah Stansfield, 1840-1913, b Todmorden, d Todmorden Eng.

29.       Mary Halstead, 1840-1911, b Haworth, Yorks. Eng.; d Todmorden

30.       Robert Smith, 1840-1901 b Todmorden, d Eng.

31.       Elizabeth Pook, 1833-1903, b Bristol, England, d Eng.

32.       Thomas Maybury I, 1812-1886, b-d England






33.       Rosannah Hughes, 1815-1894, b Old Swinford, Worcs., Eng., d Eng.

34.       Charles Edward Whittaker, 1801-1888, b Bridgenorth Shrops. Eng., d Eng.

35.       Margaret Brown, b Scotland

36.       Jacob Evans

37.       Regina

38.       Robert Lyon, 1794-1835, b Co. Derry, Ireland, d Mt. Holly, PA

39.       Nancy Davidson

40.       Luther C. Arbour, ca 1809, b NY state

41.       Deborah, ? b PA

42.       James McKinney, 1807-1889, buried Harrisville, Ritchie, WVA

43.       Susannah Bukey, 1814-1844, b Williamstown, buried Harrisville


84.       William McKinney, 1760-1848, b Lycoming Co., PA d Cairo, Ritchie, WVA

85.       Frances Piatt, 1770-1847, b Six Mile Run, Somerset NJ, d Cairo, WVA

86.       Hezekiah T. Bukey, 1770-1827, b NJ, bur Williamstown

87.       Drusilla Tomlinson, 1777-1854, bur Williamstown

168.     William McKinney, 1723-1777, d Bedminster, NJ

169.     Anna Ten Eyck, 1730-1765, b Readington, Somerset, NJ

170.     John Piatt, 1739-1810/1820, b NJ, d Lycoming Co., PA

171.     Jane Williamson, 1743-1800, b NJ, d Lycoming Co.

172.     John Bukey, ca 1736-1779, b Switzerland

173.     Jemima Dunn, b Sussex Co., NJ

338.     Jacob TenEyck, 1693-1753, bap Kingston Ulster NY, d No. Branch, Somerset, NJ

339.     Jacomyntie VanNest, 1699-1792, bap Somerset Co., NJ, d No. Branch

340.     John Piatt, 1712-1713, b prob. NJ, d St. Thomas Island, West Indies

342.     William Williamson, ca 1706 ca 1780, d Millstone River, Middlesex, NJ

343.     Jan VanNest, 1702-1780, bap Somerset Co.

346.     Hezekiah Dunn, 1716-1769, b Piscataway, Middlesex, NJ, d Sussex, NJ

347.     Mercy Martin, b 1718, Piscataway, NJ

676.     Mathys TenEyck, 1658-1741, b New Amsterdam, bur Hurley, Ulster Co., NY

677.     Jenneken Roosa, ca 1656, 1726, b Harmynen, Gelderland, Holland, d NY

678.     Peter VanNest, 1653-1728, b Wallabout, Brooklyn, NY, d Somerset, NJ

679.     Trintje Jans, 1713-1724

680.     Jacob Piatt, 1678, b NJ

681.     Mary Hull

686.     George Van Nest, 1676-1747, bap Wallabout, d Raritan River, NJ

687.     Mary Van Hengel, ca 1744

692.     Joseph Dunn, 1689-1748, d Essex Co., NJ

693.     Hannah

694.     Jonathan Martin 1688-1768, b Piscataway, NJ

695.     Martha Runyon, 1693 d bef 1722

1352.   Conraet Ten Eyck, ca 1686

1353.   Maria Boele, ca 1682, d Albany, NY

1354.   Aldert Heymanse Roosa, d 1679

1355.   Wyntie Ariens D'Jong, d aft 1679

1356.   1372.   Pieter VanNest, ca 1625-169_, b Holland, bur Brooklyn, NY

1357.   1373.   Judith deRapalje, 1635-1726, d Somerville, NJ


Note: This ahnentafel is so extensive, omissions have been made for the sake of brevity. The complete lineage is available for those interested, including further generations of Piatt, Wycoff and Drake. One correction should be noted: William McKinney #168 is buried in Broadway, NJ not Bedminster.




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Ancestor Matching, Alice McKinney Fisher


I urge each of you to fill out the new ten generation chart. After receiving seventeen of these from our members, I checked my files to summarize the information I had, and the forms which had been submitted. Matching of related lines would be much simpler if the records were uniform. This is the summary of my records and the sources of information I to work from:


The New Ten Generation Charts from: Marian Abel, Wilma Albrecht, Mildred Brummel, Marjorie Jane Davis, Alice Fisher, Vernon Holst, Dorothy P. Johnson, Patricia Kirkwood, Gaylia McKinney, Howard W. McKinney, Mary Estey McKinney, Pauline McKinney, Stephanie Oldland, Nancy Sayford, Thelma R. Small, Marian R. Stroud.


Lineage charts from: Mary Katherine Hubbard, Howard W. McKinney, Peter Campbell McKinney, Willa Sorenson, Eleanor Marshall White, Naomi White.


The old Ten Generation charts from: Gene C. Armistead, Beverly Domenget, Ila Eckstadt, Eleine Facklam (two names only), Bob Faulkner (1 name only), Jane Goldhammer, Ann Graff, Monica Gray, Patricia Hailey (1 name only), James Haning, Ruby Hawkins, Daune Hopper, Rosalie Jackson, Norma Cecil Jones, Helen Marple, Barbara Maybury, Lelah J. Medley, Bruce McKinney, David Earl McKinney, Michael McKinney, Ralph Curtis McKinney, Veda McKinney, John Orfans, Conda Lee Roach, Miriam Schaefer, Nancy Sayford, Willa Sorenson, Cheryl Taylor, Barbara Lee Thompson, Ruby Tucker, Norene Walton, Naomi White, Dorothy Wilson, Marjorie Yost.


Pedigree charts from: Verna Carroll, Mary Croninger, Bobbi Comstock, Lucile DeHart, Norma Estes, Loney Hoover, Frances T. Manning, Martha Mattoon, Gloria Miller, David McKinney, Joan G. McKinney, William E. McKinney, Virginia Story.


Information from membership applications from: Iretta Talbott Bailey, Jane Breakey, Martha Clendenin, Terry Harper, Peggy Lacey Howard, Ray O. Martin, Marian Morrow, Billy G. McKinney, Betty McKinney, Fran Rogers, Gayle Slagell, William Wildoxson.


Various sources from: Ralph M. Black III, Dolores May Brenenstall, Elizabeth Chmiel, Mildred Huffaker, Mary J. Miltner, Annabel Rowe, Pauline Sheriff, Shaler Gordon Smith, Marti Teague, Shirley Thompson, John W. McKinney, Mrs. Carol McKinney, Richard B. Perkins, Gerald Petty, Rebecca Huss, Jay Ballard, Paul E. Gardner, Leslee C. Fehlman.


With such varied sources of information, it is possible to see how easy it is to err in matches of lines, even in spelling of names, etc. Matches we have made to this point: James McKinney/Mary Byrum Ballard descendants: Patricia Kirkwood, Helen Ruth Marple, Howard W. McKinney, Ruth Hays.


Daniel McKinney/Permelia Douthitt: Dolores Mae Brenenstall, Ila Eckstadt, Mary Katherine Hubbard.


John McKinney/Rosanna land: Beverly McKinney Domenget, Norma Cecil Jones, Mary J. Miltner.


William McKinney/Frances Piatt: Barbara Maybury, William Echols McKinney, Eleanor Marshall White.


Solomon Park McKinney: Verna Carroll, Mary Estey McKinney.


Abraham McKinney ca 1800/Anna Brownlee: Barbara L. Thompson, Martha Mattoon.


Joseph McKenzie: Carol McKinney, Peter Campbell McKinney, Marilyn Owen.


Shadrach McKinney/Hannah McCarter: Howard W. McKinney, Vesta Jane Carr, Conda Lee Roach, Mary Estey McKinney




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Galen McKinney/Cynthia Clark: Marian Morrow

Galen Alexander McKinney/Martha Jane Wright: Gaylia McKinney

Galen McKinney (son of Jonathan 1860): Willa Sorenson


Please let us know of other matching pedigrees or if you need a new ten gr. Chart.




News and Notes


Some late mail brought us a few changes just in time. Under Questions, Questions:

Seeking William C. McKinney, wf, Harriet A. Wray. William C. McKinney b 1796 prob VA, Harriet b TN, wife. Harriet ch of William Wray. Issue: William W. b 1827; Mary E. b 1833; Mildred b 1834, all TN; James M. 1836, MS; Geo. W. 1838 MS; Daniel 1840 MS; John B. 1845 MS; Sarah 1848 MS; Nepolian 1848 MS.


Information from S. Tishomingo Co., MS 1850 Census – seeking info regarding Daniel b 1840 as birth year, birthplace and name corresponds to Daniel who married Minerva ?, our ancestor. Daniel and Minerva had ch Susan, Bill, (daughter), George, Robert W, John and Nancy. Albert D. McKinney, CA


Change of address: Patti & Neil R. Hurst, FL


Thank you, Lois Garver, not only for your generous donation of books, but for the monetary donation, as well.



New Member


Judy Chilton, TN; desc from John McKinney Bennett & Callie Ruth Stribling; Mary McKinney, dau of John McKinney b 1800, TN, d Lavaca Co., TX





Watch out for another gimmick from Halbert's Inc. of Bath, OH. They are now advertising (besides their Sharon Taylor Family Heritage Book), porcelain plates described as 'your unbreakable link with the past', bearing 'your' family coat of arms, individually researched. Also described as a 'limited edition plate', it is most attractive, but beware – any semblance to an authorized arms is purely co-incidental.



New Additions and Some Old Ones to the McKinney Library


Augustan Society: National Genealogist, Surnames, 1980

Augustan Society: Colonial Genealogist, 1980-1981

Beck: The roads of Home, Forgotten Villages of New Jersey

Centenary History of the Swedish Baptist Church

Dally: Vital Records of Woodbridge, New Jersey

Chambers: Early Germans of New Jersey

Crumrine: Virginia Court Records in Southern PA

Everton: Genealogical Helper, assorted editions

Dunaway: The Scotch Irish of Colonial PA






Garver: the Descendants of Collin & Daniel McKinney

Greenlaw: The Genealogical Advertiser

Grimble: Scottish Clans and Their Tartans

Hayden: Virginia Genealogies

Hathaway: The No. Carolina Historical & Genealogical Register, Vol 1-3

Howe & Barber: Historical Collections of the State of NJ

Harper: Charles McKinney and Related Families

Illinois Soc.: Proceedings of the Illinois Historical Soc., Year Book

JanLen: National Genealogist (surnames)

NJ Society: New Jersey Genesis, Quarterly Publication, 29 issues 1960-1967

Nelson: Archives of the State of New Jersey, Marriage Records

New Jersey Society: Gloucester Co. In the Civil War

O'Callaghan: Lists of Inhabitants of Colonial New York

Powell: North Carolina Gazetteer

Petty: Some Descendants of Mordecai McKinney (photocopy)

Pencola: Limestone Co. Alabama, 1860 Census

Rubicam: Pennsylvania Genealogies

Rutherford: Genealogical History of Our Ancestors (photocopy)

Stillwell: Historical & Genealogical Miscellany, Data Relating to the Settlement, Etc.

Sayford: The Family McKinney

Society: Federation of Genealogical Societies Bulletins

Society: Heritage of Surry Co., North Carolina

Stebbings: Blatchley Physicians & Pioneers

Smith: The Isle of Wight McKinneys (mss)

Society: Cemeteries of Washington Co., Arkansas, Vol. IV

Sherwood: American Colonists in English Records

Somerset Soc.: Somerset co., New Jersey Quarterly (purchase)

Sellman: Durand Family Genealogy

Tree Climber: Salina KS quarterly

Vermont: Branches & Twigs quarterly (exc)

Virginia: Virginia Vital Records, GPC, 1982

Worrell: Over the Mountain Men (Southwest Virginia)

Wheeler: Morris County NJ Cemeteries



Loans are made to members through the U.S. mails – using the library rate fee, and 'jiffy' bags. Books are loaned without charge, with the exception of reimbursement of postage and mailer, and are available for two-week loan periods. There are also books from member's personal libraries available for loan. Please contact the librarian. All volumes received for review are placed in the Association Library and are available for loan to members. Donations are tax-deductible.


Indexed in the Genealogical Periodical Annual Index, Laird C. Towle, Editor, Bowie, Maryland.



Johnson & Sorensen Publications


1850 Virginia Smiths, 121pp, indexed


1850 Louisiana Census, all Smiths, some County mrgs 43pp, indexed


1850 Texas Census, all Smiths, plus County mrgs, most before 1850, 55pp, indexed


1850 Georgia Census, Smiths, unindexed, 75pp


1850 Arkansas Census, Smiths, plus mrgs from all counties with exceptions being bef 1850 Carrol, Fulton, Greene, Izard, Perry and Randolph. Also includes some cemetery records and wills.


Tennessee Smiths: mrgs., wills, land records, deeds, East Tennessee covered heavily. Missing mrgs from some counties bef 1850 (see 'Handy Book', Everton, for burned record counties). Some counties start records aft Civil War, those are included. 278pp does not include 1850 census.


Virginia Smiths: includes mrgs from all counties with mrgs intact, exceptions being some counties that became WVA. Court records from many counties, land deeds, wills, inventories, church records. Some info from other states included. Indexed, more than 700pp.


All volumes are soft cover.

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