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The McKinney Family Association & Library was founded September 1981 as a non-profit, educational association and library, dedicated to researching, preserving and collecting historical and family data. To assist and instruct in genealogical research and to publish private and public records and educational articles. Bylaws and Constitution adopted October 1981.


Granted Non-Profit Incorporation, May 3, 1983, by the State of Oklahoma, trustees are: Barbara Pannage Stanfield, E. Neil Stanfield and Richard A. Kipf.



Officers:                     Barbara Pannaqe Stanfield, Coordinator

                                    Patricia McKinney Kirkwood, Editor

                                    Willa Sorenson, Associate Editor

                                    Rosalie Jackson, Registrar – Treasurer

                                    Alice McKinney Fisher, Pedigree & Ancestry Project

                                    Wilma Cook, Indexing

                                    Mary McKinney, Librarian, Periodical Chairman



The Editor is not responsible for the errors of submitted materials, and all such material will be filed in the Association archives and Library Collection. Library materials and donations for research are tax-deductible.




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From The Editor's Notes


We have received some interesting manuscripts and articles by various members for printing in this issue of the quarterly, and will use them as space permits, but we thank you all. Have patience and we shall use everything submitted. We are still awaiting our latest research report from Hunterdon Research Services in Ringoes, New Jersey, and are busily engaged in correspondence with another searcher who is starting work in Virginia and the Carolinas. Bit by bit, we begin to solve some of the puzzles facing us, adding new family information and discarding others. As genealogists, we know that the 'game' is never ending, and that it is an imperfect science at best. Nonetheless, we all strive for the best possible result in research, knowing that thorough and documented work does take a great deal of time, but the only work worth 'the doing'.


You will note a new appearance of the Maze with this issue. We no longer have access to a mimeograph process; therefore, for the time being, our publication will be photocopied. We still have some previous back issues of the publication; however, some must be photocopied, including the first issue of 1984.


Another new addition to our staff, Mrs. Mary E. McKinney, AZ, has volunteered to become Librarian for the Society. Mary will be in charge of mailing and maintaining our library collection. When desiring to borrow items from the library, please contact her. She will also be in charge of periodicals as well as periodical exchanges. If you have quarterlies from other societies and wish to donate them to our library, or to suggest an exchange periodical, please contact Mary.



North Carolina


Surry Co., NC Marriages, 1779-1868


McKiney, Achiles, Nancy J. Key, 19 Aug 1865. L. G. Waugh, bondsman m 25 Aug 1865, by John Jones at the house of Lewis Key


McKinney, David & Rachel Garrott, 27 Dec 1830, Garrott Copeland, bondsman


McKinney, Jesse & Phebe Gillespie, 16 Apr 1850, Joseph Gordon, bondsman


McKinney, Fountain B. & Martha Moore, 5 Jun 1834. Wm P. Tucker, bondsman


McKinny, Granville & Emezet J. Ferris, 13 Feb 1856, Plesant Haymore bondsman, m 14 Feb 1856, W. E. Davis, JP


McKinny, John & Sarah Roard (k), 18 May 1814, Thomas Jessop, bondsman


McKiny, E. H. & S. S. Scott, m 29 Aug 1865, B. F. Scott, bondsman


McKiny, James & Lucinda Kees, 24 Jan 1833, Edward M. Dobson, bondsman






Rowan Co., NC Marriages, 1753-1868


McKeny, George & Margaret Robley, 4 Jan 1825, Robert Lyster, bondsman, W. Harris, witness



Mecklenburg Co., NC Marriages, 1783-1868


McKenney, William & Mila Hemm, 18 Sep 1845, Deleny Stuart, bondsman


McKenney, William & Mrs. Mary Pierce, 3 Dec 1851, George W. McKiny, bondsman, Saml. A. Davis JP, B. Oates, CCC witness, mar 4 Dec 1851


McKiney, Samuel J. & Manda Craig, 21 Jan 1857, Samuel Kerr, bondsman, Jas. B. Robinson, JP, witness


McKiney, T. A. & Mary B. Hood, 9 Jan 1851, J. Thomas Downs, bondsman J. W. Morrow, JP, witness


McKinny, John W. & Sarah J. Erwin, 17 Oct 1865, Wm. Lee Manson, bondsman Wm. Maxwell, CCC, witness, mar 19 Oct 1865, W. M. Mills, JP


McKinny, Seth & Jane Merchant, 14 Jan 1800, Jesse McKinney, bondsman, Isaac Alexander, witness (handwritten note in margin – line of Mildred Gee)



Wake Co., NC Marriages, 1770-1868


McKinney, Berry & Patsey Hall, 10 Aug 1820, William ONeal, bondsman


McKenny, John & Martha Ealy, 2 May 1818, Josiah Dilliard, bondsman



Wilkes Co., NC Marriages, 1778-1868


McGinney (?), John & Flora Wittherspoon, 29 Aug 1790, John Witherspoon, bondsman


McKinnie, Thomas & Tabitha Wood, 12 Oct 1807, John Adams, bondsman


McKinzie (?), Kenneth & Betsey Witherspoon, 20 Mar 1794, Nebuzarah Coffey, bondsman


McKinsey (?), Alexander & Ann Coffey, 28 Oct 1793, Cleavland Coffey, bondsman


Note: You will notice that the Witherspoons married both McGinney and McKinzies and that the surname Coffey is associated with names generally thought to be McKinney.



Miscellaneous Bits and Pieces, North Carolina


Colonial Records of North Carolina:


William McKinney 1 Jun 1775, Juror


Thomas McKinney witnessed a will, 5 Jun 1722, Currituck Co., NC


John McKinney with wife, Rachel, had sons James, John, 17 Jun 1715, NC


Shadrack McKinney witnessed the will of Joseph Jessup, Stokes Co., NC, 4 Dec 1815


Quakers in Surry Co., 1782, list of property and assessments taken by George Deatherage, assessor in

Captain Gaine's District, available from NC Archives.

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South Carolina, Sumter District:


Jonathan McKinney bought land of James McPherson, 5 May 1901, the land bordered by John McPherson, James McKnight and William McKnight – 'the State of South Carolina to Thomas McFadden, John McPhadden, Isaac Whitworth, Samuel Witherspoon and William McIntosh, Esq. Jonathan McKinney died 26 Jun 1805, had wife, Mary who intermarried with Allen Singletary. Jonathan's issue: Edward, Eli, Sarah, recorded in 1818.






Greenville, South Carolina:


Administration of the estate of Alexander McKinney, final settlement, 29 May 1856. Heirs: John McKinney 'out of state'; Sally Hood's heirs in GA; Nancy Sutherland in SC; Polly and Morgan Hood, mssing; Eliza and Micajah Smith of Greenville; Amy and Roddy Hood 'out of state'; Dosha and John Sprigg in GA; heirs of Joseph McKinney, deceased; James McKinney, executor. Ten heirs of Milly Barton, deceased in TX; Nelly Hendrix, deceased; Nelly's heirs in AR; final settlement, 22 May 1856.

(Handwritten note in margin – Northern McKinney Line)


Revolutionary War Veterans, DAR marked graves:


Edmund McKinney, Elkin, NC

Henry McKinney, Paxton Presbyterian Churchyard, Paxton, PA

William McKenney, McKinney Cemetery, Auburn, Maine

William McKinney, Round Hill, Rt 48, Elizabeth, PA

William McKinney, 1750-1828, Alleg. Co., PA


John McKinnie b NC, removed to Green Co., AL in 1820 – to Hardeman Co., TN in 1825, DeSoto Co., MS in 1837. Known children, William Richard b 1814; Eliza Coleman b 1816 Shelby Co., TN; John Robbins.


Archibald McKinney, CSA b 1824, Pickens Co., SC, m. Carolyn Elizabeth Chandler, dau of Jesse, was in 1900 census in Poinsett Co., AR, buried in Bedwell Cemetery. (Marion Straud's line)


John McKinney b 1799 in SC and wife, Susanna (b 1805 SC), attended Liberty Baptist Church, were in Hoke's Bluff, AL in 1852 and Cherokee Co., AL in 1860 Federal Census. (Marion Straud's line)


Wilkes Co., (NC or GA, state given illegible): Travis McKinney and wife Ann, deed, 250 acres to Thomas M. Cole, original grant to Travis given Sep 15, 1785, witness Price Byard, Wm. McKinney and Wm. O'Neil.


William McKinne, dau Olivia McKinnie Burke.


John McKinney of NC, signer of land petition for boundaries between North and South Carolina, said to have been scalped by Indians, had a dau Hannah, who married Joseph Darnell, son of William. They went 'west' to Maury Co., TN.


Granville Co., NC: Charles McKinnie m Ruthy Low, 13 Jun 1859.


Evaline McKinney of Rutherford Co., NC, m Roland Burke. Evaline b ca 1770.


John L. T. McKinney m near Raleigh NC, ca 1812, Olive Ann Coleman.


Thomas McKinney witnessed will, 5 Jun 1722, Currituck Co.


Benjamin McKinnie was in Camden, SC in 1737


William McKinney who died 1787, Chester Co., SC, had wife, Barbara Culp. Issue: John b 1753; William b 1755; Henry b 1757; Margaret b 1759; Hannah b 1761; Mary b 1767 mar 28 Dec 1780, Ralph McFadden; James b 1768.


Chesterfield McKinney b NC, m Lucinda Meek pre-1834, removed to SC and then to MS, in 1847. Issue: Ann Amanda, William, James, Milton, Rufus, Edward, Felix.


Abstracts of SC Wills, 1760, 1784:


P291, James Daly will, St. Helen's Parish, 13 Jul 1775, Mathew McKinnie, witness.


P226, Alexander Kerr, Colleton Co., St. Barth, had cousin, Tom McKinney in Jul 1774.


P226, 219, Craven Co., Wm. Harrison will of 25 Jul 1769, witness, Mary McKinney, daughter, received plantation of Wm. Harrison located on the land next to John McKinney.


P129, Berkley Co., St. John's Parish, Wm. McKinney wit'd. will of Charles Kitchen, 14 May 1771.






South Carolinians in the Revolution: Laurens Co., p60, James McKinney, Lt., 5th Regiment, under General Moultrie.


Edgecombe Co., NC: James McKinney inventories the estate of James Showden, 19 May 1736, John McKinney, administrator.


James McKinney signed petition as merchant for inspection of wheat in Alexandria, VA, 1787.


Joseph, Benjamin, and Peter McKinney settled in Halifax Co., VA. Removed to Caswell Co., NC. Son Peter moved to Springfield, MO. Peter's son Arial Brooks lived near Danville, VA. Brooks had son Thomas who lived in Chatam Co., NC. Two sons of Brooks removed to TX in 1866 and one son removed to Coweta Co., TN. (line of Thelma Small)


Barney McKinney, Chowan Co., NC, 1722, owned 530 acres on the north side of the Narattuck River.


Benjamin McKinney was a resident of Camden Co., SC in 1737.


Pickens Co., SC Equity Records, #5524, Part 3: James McKinney, wife, Mary Boone McKinney who died 19 Mar, 1841. Had known children: Charles McKinney with wife, Nancy; Eliza Knox (Robert); Rosa (Martin/Morton); Sarah (Charley McKinney); John; George; Evaline (Moseley); Sarah. Ratliff Boone, father of Mary Boone McKinney sold land to John McKinney of Surry Co., NC – 200 acres located on Rutledge Creek and witnessed by Daniel Boone. (Dale McKinney's line)


Virginia Colonists, Old Volume 5: Daniel McKinney, Elizabeth Brooks, will 1697, North Cumberland Co., VA.


Colen McKenny, located on the north side of the James River, Henrico Co., VA, 1719.



Lyger Baptist Church Cemetery, Greenville Co., SC:


1/Lt. Daniel H. McKinney, Co. H, 22 SC Inf. CSA, no dates


D. S. McKinney, 1864-1889


Jane G. Griffen, wife of Alexander McKinney b 24 Nov 1824, d 2 Apr 1882


William McKinney, b 13 Sep 1828, d 21 Aug 1918


Ellen Angeline, wife of William McKinney b 2 Jul 1846, d 2 Nov 1914


(other families in this cemetery are surnamed Hammett, Nevens, Cox, Roe, Crain)


Will, Kershaw Co., SC, 1781 of William McKinney: names sons, John, William, James Henry; daus Hanna and Mary, says after wife's death two youngest children to be given her share. Witnessed by Wm. Willey, John McKinney, John Stuerd.


Westmoreland Co., VA: William McKenne will, 3 Nov 1729, probated Nov 1732. We, William and Jane McKenne, of Nominy being sick make this our will, lands to sons (3) Gerrard, John, Daniel, also son William and grandchild, Kenne Williams. To our three daus, Deborah Marmaduke, Jane Williams and Mary Williams.


Will of Vincent McKinney, Westmoreland Co., VA, 28 Mar 1780: wife Ann, lease on land to son Rodham, lease with wife, rest of estate to sons and daus (unnamed).


Will of John McKinney, Sr., Westmoreland Co., VA, 12 May 1784 (d 31 Aug 1784): sons Duke, Joseph. Land to dau Barbara Moore, wife, Nellie. Residue to three children.


Will of Gerrard McKinney, Westmoreland Co., VA, 25 Nov 1784 (d 30 Nov 1784) names dau Lettice Porter ; son Gerrard Armstrong; dau Diana, Katy and Sarah.


Colonel James McKinney, ca 1795, VA, m Elizabeth Robinson. Issue: Susan, Margaret, Elmire, Robert, Mary Frances, James, Elizabeth, Collin. Mary Frances b 22 Jul 1824, m in 1848, William Spurgeon. Elizabeth married in 1868, George W. Brown. James b 1826 m Catherine ? Collin b 1836, m Susan Strutton, (2) Susannah Pierce, 2 Jul 1863.




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Nathan McKinney b 1833, Yancey Co., NC, d 24 Dec 1848 in Russell Co., VA. Wife, Nancy Hicks, had dau Marenda in 1855 who married Wm Riley Wilson. (Raymond Slaughter's line)


Guilford Co., NC: John Peeples, 23 Apr 1813 will names wife, Catey, son Wyatt, plantation where George McKinney lived, son Herbert, dau Sally Jean, son Drury, Herbert, Nathaniel, dau Nancy McKinney (wife of deceased son Seth) no share in the estate.


William McKinney witnessed the will of Henry Porter, 6 Oct 1813, Guilford Co., NC.



Tyron Co., 1779 (became Rutherford & Lincoln counties): minutes of freeholders


26 Jul 1775 to select a committee for Tyron Co: John McKinney for Capt. John McKinney's company.


25 Oct 1775, signed test, John McKinney of Tyron Co. believes that Great Britain does not have the right to impose taxes on colonies to regulate internal police.


Journal of the Provincial Congress at Halifax, NC, 16 Apr 1776 appointed officers to the battalions: James McKinney, ensign, from New Bern to Simon Alderson's Company – reinstated Ensign in the 5th Regiment of the American Army.


4 Apr 1776, William McKinnie elected to the Provincial Congress from Dobbs Co.


John McKinney served on the Tryon Co. jury, 1 Jun 1775.


Johnston Co., NC deeds, 1750-1754 – grant from William McKinney.


Will, Rockingham Co., NC, 21 Sep 1791: John McKinny, wife Margaret. Issue: John, Susanie, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary (Nelson), Cathren. Margaret's will dated 30 Mar 1799.


Johnston Co., NC deeds, 1756-1757; William McKinney bought from Wm. Teague.



Some South Carolina Research Notes


Edgefield, South Carolina Marriages


James McKinney, Mahalda Johnson, second dau of Jonathan Johnson, all of Abbeville Dist., Jun 17, 1839, by Rev. Richard M. Todd (EA)


William McKinny, Mrs. Mary Brackwell, Jun 8, 1855, by James Blackwell


Mrs. Margaret McKinney, Jesse E. Doolittle, 31 Mar 1864, F. W. Burt


Mary McKinney, A. Y. Barton, 27 Nov 1836, Daniel Holland, Esq. (EA)


Abbstracts of Wills, Probate Court, Charleston Co., SC:


Will Book 1757-1760, p238, Benjamin McKinnie of Craven Co., wife Mary. Sons: Archilaus, John, Christian, Samuel, Michael. Daus: Lamindor Kirland, Elizabeth Kirland, Sarah Mackey, Penelope, Mary, Fanny, Priscilla. Exec: son in law John Mackey. Written 24 Aug 1759.


Will Book T.T. 1774-1778, p149: Alexander Kerr of horshoe, St. Bartholomew's Parish, Colleton Co., cousin, William McKinney. Written 22 Jul, 1774.


Memorial exhibited by William Harrison, 150 acres in Craven Co. on the west side of the Wateree river, bounded on the NE by said river, to the SE by John McKennie's land, on NW by land formerly surveyed for the said Wm. Harrison, and to the SW by lands already surveyed. Survey certified 15 Aug 1762, and granted 20 Dec 1762 to memorialist. Witnessed 1 Jul 1763 for the memorialist by John Bremar.


Memorial exhibited by John McKenney to be registered in Auditor's office, 150 acres in Craven Co. on fishing Creek, bounding southwest on a N (sic) survey. All other sides on vacant lands. Survey certified 3 May 1768, and granted 10th May 1768 to Memorialist. Quit rent 3L sterling or 4/Proclamation money perhundred acres, commencing two years from date. In witness thereof Memorialist has set his hand. Signed, John Smith.




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South Carolina Entries, LDS International Genealogy Index, Sep 1981: (All taken from original entries pre-1900. Unfortunately, serial and batch numbers for the original extracts were not included in the photocopies submitted).


McKinney, Annie Elizabeth, b 23 Dec 1878, Anderson, Varennes, dau of Hugh James McKinney, Grace Cornelia Hall


McKinney, Catherine, b 1795, Chester Co., dau of James McKinney, Elizabeth Hamilton


McKenney, Elinor, or Roger Mckenney, 23 Nov 1774, Colleton Co.


McKinney, Eliza, mar Thomas Rivers, 9 Feb 1806, Charleston


McKinney, Elizabeth, b 1832, Cherokee


McKinney, Hanna Elizabeth b 10 Aug 1874, Pickens Co., dau of Thomas Newton McKinney and Mary Emmalise Alexander


McKinney, James, b 1806, Chester, son of James McKinney, Elizabeth Hamilton


McKinney, James Hugh, b 10 Apr 1882, Anderson, Varennes, son of Hugh James McKinney and Grace Cornelia Hall


McKinney, Jane, b 15 Jun 1800, Chester, dau of James McKinney, Elizabeth Hamilton


McKenny, Jean, christened 5 Jul 1781, Charleston, St. John Lutheran Church, dau of John McKenny, Mary (?)


McKinney, Jennet, b 1791, Chester, dau of Samuel McKinney, Mary McFadden


McKinney, John Thomas b 21 Feb 1876, Anderson, Varennes, son of Hugh James McKinney, Grace Cornelia Hall


McKinney, Kathleen, b 22 Nov 1917, York, dau of Walter McKinney, Sally Hacks


McKinney, Lucinda M. b 1 Jun 1831, Greenville, dau of James McKinney, Susan (?)


McKenney, Mary, of Roger McKenney, 23 Nov 1774, Colleton


McKinney, Mary L, b 12 Jul 1869, Anderson, Varennes, of Hugh James McKinney, and Grace Cornelia Hall


McKenny, Michael m Margaret Grant, 22 Apr 1759, Charleston, St. Philip


McKinney, Mildah, b 6 Aug 1802, Greenville


McKinney, Robert, b 2 Apr 1780, Chester, son of Samuel McKinney, Mary McFadden


McKenney, Roger of Roger, 23 Nov 1774, Colleton


McKinney, Sarah, of P. F. McKinney, 2 Age 1860, Anderson (Census)


McKinney, Susan, of P. F. McKinney, 1 Age 1860, Anderson (Census)


McKenney, Timothy, of Roger McKenney, 23 Nov 1774, Colleton


McKinney, Walter Albert, b 9 Apr 1877, York, of William McKenney, Cynthia Culp (changed to Eliza Ann Culp)


McKenney, William, m Agnes Blake, 1 Sep 1759, Charleston, St. Phillip


McKinney, William, b 12 Jul 1820, Barnwell, of John McKinney, Mary Spalding


McKinney, William Andrew, b 11 Mar 1874, Anderson, Varennes, of Hugh James McKinney and Grace Cornelia Hall


McKinney, William Henry, b 5 Jun 1798, York District, of William McKinney and Amy Susanna Duggard


McKinney, Wilson Oliver, b 17 Dec 1866, Anderson, Varennes, of Hugh James McKinney and Grace Cornelia Hall



The Irish Donation of 1676


A little known item in our country's history is the importation of Irish soldiers who came to help the Colony of Massachusetts during King Phillip's War. Some of these were distinguished fighters at the Great Swamp Fight at Narragansett, and as a reward, many received grants of land. Among some of those listed as soldiers from Ireland, and soldiers of Irish descent were William Mckeynis, Daniel McKenny, Alexander McKenney, Daniel Meginny, and John Mackenney.




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Shadrick McKinney of Lee Co., VA                                                         

Howard W. McKinney


This is not a complete record of either Shadrich or Aaron McKinney, rather an effort to clear certain information in regard to them and their children. The only documentation for the children of Shadrick is the 1841 deed in Lee Co., in which 'heirs' sold land following his death. These are named as: Jane S. McKinney, James McKinney, Aaron McKinney. The document states that Aaron was not present and that James had power of attorney. This seems to me to clearly indicate that James and Aaron were two separate individuals.


The only documentation I can find for the double name 'James Aaron' is an LDS Archives family record, however, this record was submitted in 1960, hardly an original record. There are a number of original documents in which the name, Aaron McKinney appears:

            a – marriage bond to Polly Bingman, 9 Nov 1827

            b – marriage bond to Lydia Norman, 23 Mar 1845

            c – surety for marriage bond of John Bingman, Jr., 20 Dec 1832

            d – census records, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870

            e – deed for purchase of land, 27 Jun 1856

            f – petition to create Earlham, Iowa, a town, 30 Mar 1870


History of Madison County, Herman A. Mueller,

Supervising Editor, 1915 p324


Neither Jane S. McKinney nor James McKinney have been identified subsequently to the 1841 deed.



One of Aaron's sons is sometimes identified as Eli Grover. He is listed as Eli H. on the 1860 Federal Census, his military records also identify him as Eli H., Company C, 21st North Carolina infantry. His marriage bond is also Eli H. – Eli Grover McKinney 1892-1982, was the son of William Preston McKinney. Some lists of Aaron's family show a son, Edwin. This name appears only once, and that on the 1870 census of Madison Co., Iowa. I believe that this is an enumerator's error as everything indicates that it is the family of Eli H., - his age, wife's name, and the ages of his children prove it to be so. We know that Eli H. was in Madison Co as he, too, signed the Mar 30th petition regarding the establishing of Earlham. No Edwin appears on any of the census records of Aaron's family.



The Aaron McKinney Family


Aaron McKinney, the son of Shadrack and Hannah McCarter McKinney, was born circa 1806 and died 13 Feb 1878 in Surry Co., NC. He married first, 9 Nov 1827, Polly Bingman of Stokes Co., and secondly, 23 Mar 1845, Lydia Norman of Surry Co. Lydia died 21st Jun 1888. The children of Aaron and Polly Bingman were:


Allen, b 9 May 1830

Alfred, b 16 Oct 1832

Henderson, b 17 May 1835

Eli H., b 6 Nov 1839

Mary Jane, b 18 Oct 1842






The children of Aaron and Lydia Norman were:


William Preston, b 27 Oct 1846

Sarah Ann, b 1 Dec 1848

Lucinda Elizabeth, b 1 Sep 1850


The list of children and birthdates are from a family record in the possession of Mary Anne Hodges, granddaughter of Lucinda and written in Lucinda's hand.



Born 9 May 1830. While I have not been able to locate him on the 1850 census, the 1840 census for Aaron indicates a male in the 10-15 yrs. Category. The family story indicates that he went to Iowa with Alfred and Henderson in 1854 and after a time, left for CA. The brothers did not hear from him again, and believed that he was killed in the Mountain Meadows Massacre in Sep 1857.



Born 16 Oct 1832, died 9 Jun 1888, Lyons Co., KS. He married Catherine Cook, dau of Peter and Keziah Henderson Cook, 6 Nov 1856 in Dallas Co., Iowa. Alfred had issue:


Emma Jane b 2 Aug 1857, d 19 Mar 1904. Married Edwin J. Hadley (1857-1937) and had issue, Alvin, Alfred, Lora, Robert, Ray, Ada Mae, John.


Aaron, b 15 Oct 1862, d 10 Sep 1942, m Hannah Kivett, and 2nd, 4 Nov 1888, Amanda Harvey (1862-19470 and had issue: Fred J., Ralph Aaron, Earl Henderson.


Moses, b 31 Aug 1868, d 11 Jan 1927, m. Anna George, 7 Dec 1890 and had issue: Carl, Annabell, Albert, John.


Anna Pauline b 2 Oct 1874, d 12 Feb 1941, m. Emory H. Thomas (1876-1952), 8 Jun 1898, and had issue: John Floyd, Alberta May, Harold Arthur.


Henderson Hampton, b 3 Aug 1876, d Sep 1942, married Lydia Young 18 Sep 1899 and had issue: Alfred



Born 17 May 1835, died 26 Nov 1920 in Polk co., Iowa. He married Lydia Jay (1836-1920) on the 17th of May, 1856 and had issue:


Ellen, m J. L. Macy






Liddia             (1860 Census, Polk Co., Iowa)


Eli H.

Born 6 Nov 1839, married Susan Scott of Surry Co., NC, 29 Aug 1865. He was in Company C, 21st North Carolina infantry, enlisted 21 May 1861 and was discharged 24 Oct 1864. Had issue:









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Mary Jane

Born 18 Oct 1842, her name does not appear on the 1850 census, indicating that she probably died young.


William Preston

'Pet' born 27 Oct 1846, d 28 Mar 1926, married in 1870, Surry Co., NC, Sarah Elizabeth Smith (1855-1926) the dau of Bartholomew and Polly Hodges Smith. William and Sarah had issue:


William A. 'Gustin', b ca 1874, lived in Carroll Co., VA, wife, Saloma Mariah Blackburn and had issue: Paul Solomon, Nathan, Sampson and two dau's, unnamed.


James Allen b 11 Feb 1876, died in Jul 1952, Forestport, NY., m. Flora Bellinger (1873-1970) and had issue Wilford, Victoria, Harold Preston, Raymon Ervin.


Mary Jane, b 27 May 1877, d 18 Sep 1956 m. Bass Snow, and 2nd, Luther F. Tuckle. Issue, Walter, Margie and 2ndly, Lonnie.


Aaron Bartholomew, b 12 Nov 1880, d Nov 1953, buried in Old Hollow Cemetery, Toast, NC, m. 4 Aug 1904, Matilda Martin (1877-1939) and had issue: Grover J., Harvey A., Rose Corinna, Violet, Rowe.


Eli Grover, b 2 Dec 1892, d 11 May, 1982, buried Old Hollow Cemetery, Toast, NC, m. Elizabeth 'Cindy' Payne and had issue: Madeline, Margaret, Carol, Byron, Boyd, W. H. 'Jack'.


Lura, m 2ndly, Charley Whittington and lived in Seattle, WA.


Nellie May, b 20 Feb 1898, d 22 Nov 1979, m Grover C. Parks (1894-1974), and had issue: Leo Earl, Willis Larren, Doris Allen.


Sarah Ann

Born 1 Dec 1848, listed as Sally, age 1 on the 1850 Census, but does not appear in later records.


Lucinda Elizabeth

Born 1 Sep 1850, d 28 Nov 1941, m. 31 Dec 1871, John Burcham Smith, son of Bartholomew and Polly Hodges Smith, and had issue:

Luzenia Ida, m. Daniel Nixon

Eli Thomas

Harold Preston, m. Mary Isaacs

Columbus McMickle

William Bennet, m. Minnie Harrison

Ada May

Mary Lydia, m. Emmanuel Snow

John Sherman, m. Ertha Campbel

Rose Ann, m. John Mathew Wright, 2ndly, Will Davenport




Questions, Questions, Questions




James McKinney b Ireland, 1835 married in Dumbarton on 22 Mar 1867, Mary Bruce (b 1843), it is believed that the McKinneys were originally McKenzies, who changed their name and fled to Ireland in the late 1700s because of involvement in a rebellion (? Baptist Rebellion). Information wanted about McKinneys and also of Mary Bruce, possibly dau of a Ghillie. C. R. Riddell, High Barnes, Sunderland, U.K.






Still seeking information on the McKinney-Chastain families of VA. Charles McKinney m Marianne Chastain, who may not have been his first wife. Chastain Genealogy and Family History (Lowell B. Chastain, 1983) indicates 1782 tax lists of Charlotte Co., VA contain Charles McKenny, Sr., Charles McKenny, Jr., along with names of Peter Chastain, Rane Chastain, Sr., Charles d KY 1796-1798, (McKinney) and named a son in VA in his will. Marianne was dau of Rene Chastain and Judith Martin, granddaughter of Pierre Chastain. Mrs. Gail Hawkins, TX





John McKinney of Cumberland Co., VA purchased land in Bedford Co., VA, later to be Campbell Co., from Griffy Dickerson of Surry Co., NC 4 Nov 1778. John left will dated 15 Oct 1805 in Campbell Co. naming wife, Sally and fourteen children. He died 11 Jul 1807. Children: Charles; John (Hannah B. Hutcheson); Henry; William (Patsy Williamson); James (Kesiah Read); Jordon; Barbara; Fanny; Nancy (Joseph Wilkerson); Maryann (John Hubbard); Sally (James Gillian); Betsy (Blankenship); Hannah (Tyree Jennings); Daniel (Rachel Gilbert), all marriages recorded in Campbell Co. Vernon Holst, SD





Any known marriage between McKinney and surname, Vittatoe or Vidate in Surry Co., NC? Shadrack McKinney sold land to Vidate (Stephen). Family member states surname Vittatoe (Penn. Dutch) is in family line. Mary McKinney, AZ




Need any known McKinney deaths between 1846-1850 in Lee Co., VA. Searching for father of Shadrack Jackson, b 1839; Samuel P., b 1841; Amanda J., b 1846, all in VA. Mary McKinney, AZ




Need information on marriage of Sarah A. McKiney to Robert Lark Fox. Found record in Louis Benton Gay Bible, ÒRobert L. Fox and Sarah A. McKinney were married on the 7th day of Apr 1852Ó. Can anyone identify location or details reg Sarah A. McKinney? Lyelle Cowan Stevenson, LA




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Searching for Samuel McKinney and Nancy Allen, parents of David McKinney b Lycoming Co., PA, 1811, d Tyrone PA 1887, buried in Half Moon Cemetery, Centre Co. Wife, Hannah Gray, dau of John Gray, Sr. and Catharine Hartsock. Ch: William Wesley, John Gray, Harriet Aramanda, Emily Guyer, Samuel Pierce, Arabella S., Robert D. Cummings, Gilbert Lloyd, Annie Margaret. John W. McKinney, OH




Seeking identity of Antje McKinney who m. Philip Bright 1768, removed to NY. Searching for will of Jeremiah Bright. Marian Platt Abel, WI




Note: the Editor had some correspondence from someone searching for John Wesley, (McKinney), and unfortunately, the return address was omitted. This is in answer to that query, hoping that the correspondent will be able to use the material.


John Wesley McKinney, b ca 1862, Leesburg, OH, m. in Grimes, Polk Co., Iowa, died 21 Jul 1927, Akron OH, m. Mary Crispin. Children: Irene b 1889 m. Walter Augustine; Anna b 1891 d young; Bernice b 1890 m. Ed. Umstat; Nina b 1897 m. Guy McIntire. John Wesley was the son of Lewis A. and Sarah Milner McKinney; grandson of Obediah and Sarah Smith McKinney; greatgrandson of James and Mary Ballard McKinney of Surry Co., NC.




Greatgrandmother, Martha J. McKinney b 28 Jun 1846, d 11 Jan 1880, m. Thomas J. Heath. Removed to LA from Amite Co., MS, nothing further known. Mrs. William A. Johnson, LA




Searching for info James McKinney b Sep 2, 1840 VA or TN, d Sep 14, 1903 TN, buried Shiloh Cemetery. Mary Crawford (2nd marr) married James Dec 31, 1882. James had brother separated during the Civil War. Any help appreciated. Lelah Medley, MO




Searching for Daniel Maccany 1748, Capt. Hobb's Co., Kenne New Hampshire. Daniel m. Abigail Mitchell, Nov 1748 and died shortly thereafter. All New England McKenney info appreciated. Dorothy Hird, AZ




Searching for John McKinney, father of Margaret McKinney who m. Solomon Delong in Jefferson Co., OH 1807. Margaret b 1790, OH, mother Jane McMullen. Winnifred H. Cundall, IA




Need info, parents of George McKinney b 1791 KY, served in War of 1812 from TN, d 1852 in Franklin Co., AR. He m. 1st, Catherine Bourland, 2ndly Selina ? Mary McKinney Rice, OK








Need pts of Polly McKinney b ca 1800-1810, who m. Abraham Gann, 17 Apr 1827, Roane Co., TN. They later rem to Livingston Co., MO. Helen MacDonald, ID






Searching for William McKinney, wife Elizabeth? Both from Mt. Holly (Springs), Cumberland Co., PA. Dorothea McKinney Smith m. 6 Sep 1798, 1st Presby. Church, Carlisle, PA, John Donnelly.


William McKinney Donnelly, m. Mary Heller, dau of William. William b 1810, d 1855, in Biglerville/Bendersville, Adams Co., PA. Mary b 1812 and buried with William.


Margaret Donnelly b 2 Aug 1842, Arendtsville, Adams Co. d 1898, Shepherdstown, WVA, Jefferson Co. m. 1st David Hoffman who was killed in Civil War, 1864 and 2nd, George Osbourn. Marilyn Unseld Owen, CA





Need info on Thomas McKinney b OH, m Jeannette Keller b ca 1840 OH. Ch: Charles Harold b 1861 IL (Susan Francis Cos); Thomas Egbert Martin b 1863 IL (Mary Louisa Cox), daughters of Recompense Cox and Harriet Alexander. Pauline McKinney, AZ




Seeking info, Elizabeth Cheesman who m. a McKinney, had two sons, John, James. On 1850 NY Census, they were listed Elizabeth age 37 b NY, William age 19 b NY, James 17 b NY. Any info appreciated. Elizabeth m. 2nd, ? Vandewater. Evelyn Cheesman Sharpton




Searching for pts of Benjamin F. McKinney, m. Mary Ann Smith, Hempstead Co., AR ca 1829. In a deposition made by Perry N. Smith in 1858, Mary Ann and his father were bros. Benjamin and Mary Ann liv near Perry's father in Hempstead. Mary Ann and daus liv in household of Hezekiah W. Smith in 1850 Census. Sallie Holt, TX





Searching for pts of Margaret E. McKinney b 25 Oct 1863, IN, d 28 Aug 1917, bur Log Creek, Pike Co., IN, mar James Robert Hopper, 24 Jan 1883, need data confirming Bayles Logan McKinney and Sarah Warner as pts and John Watson McKinney and Rebecca Pittman as grandparents. Mrs. Daune E. Hopper, FL




Searching for info on Cornelius McHaney, Sr., 1720-1808, b to Dennis McHaney, Frances Watkins in Ireland or Scotland, died at Straight Stone Creek, Pittsylvania Co., VA. Frances' father John d 1762, Halifax Co., VA. Cornelius m. Mildred Hicks ca 1845 and seven children. Georgia D. Munro, CO.



Samuel McKinney, wife Sarah, shown in 1790 census of 96th District, Greenville, SC, served in Rev. War, 3rd SC Regt. Under Col. Wm. Thompson, not shown in 1800 census. Neal B. McKinney, MD




Seeking info, Sarah/Margaret McKinney b 1811, m. Silas Talbott, b 1806. Issue: Abraham M., Margaret, Daniel P., Jane M., Joseph P., Indiana, Sarah A., Elizabeth Ellen, Bessheba M., John M., Wicena., Wylvanus. I. Talbott, OK




Seeking William McKinnie, b 19 Feb 1749 and wife, Mary Jernigan, d 17 Sep 1790, Wayne Co., NC. Ch: Michael b 5 May 1783, NC; John, probably others. Would like to know who William's pts were, and other children of William and Mary Jernigan McKinnie. Mrs. Bill Carroll, MS




Searching for Eleanor McKinney b Co. Antrim, No. Ireland ca 1717, and hus Matthew Cannon, b Port Glenone, Co. Antrim 1717, lived Otsego Co., NY, New Castle DE. Died 1778, Cherry Valley, NY. Ch: Jane Cannon (Samuel Campbell), James, Andrew, all b Ireland. Any other McKinneys from Co. Antrim? Who were Andrew and William McKinneys in NY at same time? Mrs. Jane C. Breakey, NY




James McKinney b ca 1806-1810, m. 24 Jan 1833, Surry Co., NC, Lucinda Kees, dau Achiles and Sally Denny Kees. Ch: Hillis, William, Louisa, Lucinda, James Agustin, Wilson, Moses, Lewis. Who were James' pts? Howard W. McKinney, IL




Searching for Daniel McKinney and wife, Minerva, b MS, married in TN, children b TN were: Susan, Bill, George, Robert, John, Nancy. Albert McKinney, CA


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Family Lines


Genealogy of Wilma J. Albrecht Cook, Member


            Great ggrandmother, Nancy Wallace McKenny, dau of George W. McKenny and Hannah Moxley, b 1826, Union Co., KY, d 1872, prob. Crittenden Co., KY, m. Calloway Sampson Dempsey, 14 Mar 1845, Union Co., KY. Children:


Martha E. Dempsey m. (1) Frederick Brunner (2) Phillip J. Ketter

Calloway Samuel Dempsey m. (1) Bell M. ? (2) Sarah J. Marvel

John Thomas Dempsey m. Martha A. McKinney (cousin)

Mary L. Dempsey m. Wm. Theo. Stull

Susan Margaret Dempsey m. (1) John C. Conners (2) Charles Birch

Warner Washington Dempsey m. Kathryn Ertman

Nancy M. Dempsey m. George Spence

George Wallace Dempsey m. Lucy Norris






George W. McKenny, b 1787, Westmoreland Co., VA d Jul 1859, Union Co., KY, m. (1) Hannah Moxley b ca 1788, Westmoreland Co., VA, d ca 1836, Union Co. (2) Tabitha Delany (widow), divorce finalized 16 May 1845. George's pts were George McKenny, Jr. and Mary ?. Children of George W. McKenny and Hannah Moxley were:


Susan McKenny m. Patrick Fisher

Eliza Jane McKenny m. Parker W. Beasley

Warner Washington McKenny m. (1) Margaret L. Campbell (2) Emily C. Page

Martha Ann McKenny m. (1) Samuel Boothe (2) Thomas Doyle

Nancy Wallace McKenny m. Calloway Samuel Dempsey

James Moxley McKenny m. (1) Mary Glen 92) ? Green

            (James changed the spelling of his surname to McKinney, reason unknown)

Almeda Melvina McKenny m. (1) Jesse Blackwell (2) Jesse Skinner (3) W. B. Taylor, MD

Jeremiah Moxley McKenny m. (1) Margaret ? (2) Mrs. Eliza Mustain


George McKenny, Jr., son of George McKenny, Sr. and his wife, Mary, born ca 1765, Westmoreland Co., VA. Church records of Goose Creek Baptist Church show George Jr. and wife Mary, withdrew by letter about 1812, it is unknown if they removed to KY with son George W. or not. Children of George McKenny, Jr., and Mary:


George W. McKenny, m. Hannah Moxley

Dau, b 1794

Sons, b 1800, 1802


George McKenny, Sr., son of Gerrard McKenny and Lettice Crabb b ca 1731, Westmoreland Co., VA, d 17 Mar 1801, Guilford Co., NC. He married first, May ? and secondly, Elizabeth McGuire, 1757. Children:


George McKenny, Jr., m. Mary ?

Jenny McKenny, m. Robert (?) Stanford

Lettis McKenny


Children of George McKenny, Sr., & Elizabeth McGuire:


Dempsey McKenny, Syntha ?

Molly McKenny

Fanny McKenny m. (1) Wm. Pegram (2) Archibald Bowman


Gerrard McKenney, son of William McKenney, d 1760-1761, Westmoreland Co., VA wife, Lettice Crabb, dau of Osman Crabb and Sarah Occany. Children:


Lettice McKinney m. (?) Porter

Gerrard McKenney, Jr., m. Elizabeth Whithead, a widow

Diana McKenney

Katy McKenney

Sarah McKenney

Armstrong McKenney, m. Jane Steward

George McKenney, Sr., m. Mary ? (?) Elizabeth McGuire






William McKenney, b Nominy, d after 28 Nov 1732, Westmoreland co., VA m. Jane Hutt, dau of Gerrard Hutt and Anne Jackson. Children:


Gerard McKenney, m. Lettice Crabb

John McKenney, m. Mary ?

Daniel McKenney

William McKenney, m. Elizabeth ?

Deborah McKenney, m. ? Marmaduke

Jane McKenney, m. ? Williams

Mary McKenney, m. ? Williams


                                    Submitted by Wilma A. Cook


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Family Groupings

            Researched and sourced by Rosalie Jackson



Andrew McKinney:


Born 1753 Ireland, d 1825, Schenectady, NY. Had issue, Andrew, who married Mary (Frank) Parker, 1792. Andrew and Mary had issue, James C. McKinney b 1797, d 1880. James C. m. in 1837, Margaret Sharp and had issue: Andrew J. McKinney, b 1837, married Sarah Vedder, 1864. Their dau Bessie Lulu McKinney b. Schenectady, married Rev. Roy Timmeson.


Source: DAR # 142800, 1919, v143, p257.


Miriam McKinney m. 1801, William Hitchcock, 1774-1842, and died in 1824. Miriam and William had dau Mary Ann Hitchcock, b 1806 who married Thomas J. Hall. Mary Ann d 1841, and had issue, Mary Ann Hall b 1840 who married Eli Merrill. Source: DAR #74360, 1909, v75, p133.


Andrew McKinney served as a private in the Lexington alarm. Revolutionary War Pensions and Bounty Land Applications Index, Andrew McKinney, Continental Army, PA #971, 691, 100 acres; p760, S42961; BLWT. 967, 100 received pension 1818, Private, PA troops.



Abraham McKinney


Son, James McKinney b NC, m. 1771, Rosina Chastain, Charleston, SC. Source: Claude E. Cook, From Otter to Lost River, a History of the Chastain Family of Washington Co., IN.


P28: Rosina Chastain was born in 1750 perhaps in VA, married James McKinney ca 1771 in Charleston, SC. James was the son of Abraham and was born in NC. They left descendants in Christian Co., MO and in TX.


P50: Robert Chastain married Evelyn McKinney, 25 Jul 1937, Kirklin, Clinton Co., IN. He was the son of Thomas J. and Susan A. Shannon Chastain.


P179: Clyde Chastain, b 13 Oct 1913, married Elizabeth McKinney, 14 Nov 1934, dau of George and Ida McKinney (Moran). Elizabeth was born 8 Mar 1916.



Abraham McKinney was born 14 Dec 1775, PA and married Eleanor Prather, dau of Thomas (1776-1825) Randolph Co., MO. They had issue:






Margaret P. McKinney, b 30 Aug 1797, d 29 Mar 1843, m. Dr. Wm. B. McLean

Thomas Freeman McKinney b 21 May 1799, d 4 Jun 1799

Thomas McKinney b 15 Jun 1800, d inf

Thomas Freeman McKinney b 1 Nov 1901

Mary McKinney b 9 May 1804, d 1845, m. Charles McLean

Artemisia McKinney b 3 Jun 1806, d 4 Nov 1806

Sally McKinney b 4 Dec 1807, m. Kirtley Collins

Charles Chastain McKinney b 28 Mar 1817 m. Mary Davis

James Prather McKinney (Major) b VA, d 1851, Calloway Co., MO

Mar Levisa Whitley, 10 Jul 1798, Crab Orchard, KY, had issue: Liberty, Esther L. (Nathaniel Craig); Charles (Mary Craig); Sally A. (George McCredie); Samuel (Hortense McLane); William who died in KS; Freeman, died in Central America.



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Kentucky Pioneer & Court Records, Wm. S. Bryan & Robert Rose.

Marriage of James and Levisa, p 116.


Pioneer Families of Missouri, Brand & Bryan Co., St. Louis, MO 1876

P354: James McKinney came to St. Charles, MO from Crab Orchard, KY in 1818, removed to Grand Prairie, Calloway Co., MO in 1820, remaining two years hauling wood into town. He bought Amos Kibbe's place in Grand Prairie, a member of Ironside Baptist Church, a county judge 1827-1832, he had twelve brothers, three of whom were killed in the Revolutionary War. Abraham Settled in Randolph Co. and was a great hunter. His son William settled in Kansas.


P322: Nathan Craig married Easter L. McKinney


P199: Celeste C. McKinney married Mathew R. Boyce


P220: John McKinney, Staunton, VA (Revolutionary War), settled in Lexington Co., and married a Mexican woman. In 1809 he moved to MO. His son, Alexander McKinney married Nancy Bryan of Warren co., MO. His daughter Elizabeth m. John King, Marthasville, MO.


P209: Mary McKinney, dau of Alexander, banker of Mexico, MO married James Calloway. John Calloway (son of Flanders Calloway and Jemima Boone) married Elizabeth Caton. Emmeline Calloway married Hayden Boone (son of Squire). Valerie Calloway m. John Bryan, son of Henry.



Vital Statistics of KY, Marriages, 1794-1851, Burns.

Missouri General Records, V1, Washington, DC 1939

1850 Federal Census, MO, Calloway Co. (Comp., Mrs. J. R. Carter)


P337:   Charles McKinney, age 44, b KY

P338: Levisa McKinney, age 73, b KY

P100: William McKinney, age 34, b KY

#MCC909, 690, Index to Revolutionary War Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrants, Alexander, Abraham and James McKinney, Lincoln Co Tax Book 1787-1805; pp1787, Jul, 23 Jun 1789, 1799, Jun 4, 1802, Jun 1, 1796, May 14, 1791, Oct 6, 1792.


The Heritage of Early American Houses, New York, Gowan-McCann Co., 1969


P157: The William Whitley House, Stanford, KY was the first brick house built west of the Alleghenies. One of the oldest houses in KY, it had a large curious design on the brickwork facade, outlining the two letters, ÒW WÓ. It was located just off US 150 between the towns of Stanford and Crab Orchard. ÒEWÓ for Esther Whitley, wife of William, was inscribed on the back wall. Colonel Whitley's home was a center for religious, political and social life for the Transylvania region and the Wilderness Road. (see T. Roosevelt's Wyoming of the West).






A native of Amherst, VA, William Whitley was born in 1749. He journeyed to KY in 1775 and was commissioned a Colonel in 1780. He was a brother in law of George Rogers Clark, and granted 10,000 acres for military service. In 1812 he enlisted as a private (age 64) and was killed in the battle of the Thames, Ontario, Canada. His house was built in 1787-1794, overlooking Sportsman Hill, and the first horse racing track. It was done in Federal style and is now owned by the KY Park Department. The parlor mantle has thirteen carved panels representing the thirteen states. A secret room was included for use in case of Indian Attack. A third floor ballroom was frequently used. The stairway had thirteen steps with hand carved eagles holding olive branches. The newel post was shaped like an Irish harp.



Kentucky History, LDS Microfilm, 374, 371, Esther Whitley borders.


William Whitley was born 14 Aug 1749 in Augusta Co., VA. He married Esther Clark, sister of George Rogers Clark. His children were Elizabeth b 1772 VA; Isabella b 1774 VA; Levisa b 25 Feb 1777 in Harrodsburg, KY; Solomon b 1780 KY; William b 20 Apr 1782 KY; Andrew b 1784 KY. The Whitley fort was built prior to 1779, and was the first haven of pioneers after the 'bloody sevens'. About 1782-1786 he built the first brick house in KY called 'Sportsman's Hill', and also the first race track. He was killed in the Battle of the Thames in 1813. He came from Rockbridge Co., VA and his house was influenced by VA architectural styles. It was known for its Flemish bond brick, in which leaders and stretchers alternate to make a thick wall. The glass used in the house was brought through the Cumberland Gap by mule pack. The first floor had three large rooms and a hall. The second floor had two rooms and a hall. The family room was noted for thirteen 'S' shaped carvings over the mantel for the thirteen colonies. There was a secret room off the stairway and a secret ladder leading from the kitchen to the west bedroom. The step ends of the stairway were decorated with eagles holding olive branches. The house is now the site of Lincoln County's only state park. Levisa Whitley was the second white girl born in KY. Betsy Menifee was the first. The 'other Whitley' house built by William Jr. was of regular brick walls rather than Flemish bond. It had two large first floor rooms. A closed stairway led to two second floor rooms. The Whitley graveyard is on this property. In 1799 William sold 85 acres to Abraham McKinney.



Questions, Questions, Questions (continued)




Seeking info reg pts, sibs, birthplace of Jemima McKinney Carley, b ca 6 May 1821, NC, d 14 Dec 1876, Buffalo, Wilson Co., KS. Was Samuel McKinney 1824, Burnside, NC, who served in Co. C, 37th Regt., IN Inf. During the Civil War, her brother? Samuel was also res in Wilson Co., KS during the late 1800's. Gayle Slagell, CO




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Would like corres with anyone with knowledge of Agnes (Nancy) McKinney/McKensie, who mar a Gillis or Elias Truax in the Albany or Schenectady area of NY, ca 1770. W. H. Wilcoxson, MA



News and Notes


On Apr 18, 1906 an earthquake measuring 8.25 on the Richter Scale rocked San Francisco. The quake, lasting 48 seconds, and the subsequent fire, lasting three days and nights, caused tremendous property damage. The number of casualties never completely tabulated, was in the hundreds. To arrive at an accurate total for the number of dead, Mrs. Gladys Hansen, San Francisco City Archivist, has made a thorough search of all available records. Her total of 826 known dead far exceeds the official figure of 478 given by the 1907 Board of Supervisors. Yet even with her careful calculations Mrs. Hansen believes the revised figure too low. She appeals to anyone having knowledge of any person killed in the 1906 disaster to write to her with whatever information they have. The names of the dead will be entered in the official roster in the Public Library, available to researchers of history and genealogy. Please writer to: Mrs. Gladys Hansen, San Francisco Archives, Public Library, Civic Center, San Francisco, CA 94102, enclosing an SASE. She invites questions seeking information on people killed in the 1906 earthquake and fire.



Federation of Genealogical Societies Newsletter, Vol. 8 #3, has reviewed the McKinney Maze in their May/Jun issue. Membership in the Federation is $20.00 yearly, or $10.00 yearly for an individual belonging to a member society. Write Editor, Federation of Genealogical Societies, PO box 220, Davenport, IA 52805. This issue contains Denver '1984 Update, member societies news, vital records information and National Archives news.



North Carolina Genealogical Periodicals:


The North Carolina Genealogical Society Journal, Raleigh, NC

Johnston Co. Genealogical Society Newsletter, Smithfield, NC

The Guilford Genealogist, Greensboro, NC

The Genealogical Journal, Randolph Co., Historical Soc., Asheboro, NC

The Carolina Genealogical Society Bulletin, Monroe, NC

Northampton Cousins, Fairhope, AL

Bulletin of the Genealogical Society of Old Tyron, Spindale, NC



Ancestry, Newsletter, Vol. II, No. 4, Jul/Aug 1984 contains an interesting article on Document Preservation: Making it Last Forever (Part 1). Genealogists will find this an interesting newsletter, and the McKinney Family Association will subscribe for members, who may then borrow on library loan from Mary McKinney, Librarian.



Miscellaneous Bits & Pieces


Irishmen at Saratoga, Morgan's Rifle Regiment: In the pages of material from the American Irish historical society group are found listings of Americans of Irish ancestry who were prominent in American history. Among those names found was George McKenny, Private, Co. No. 12, also a John McKenny.


From the same publication, in an article regarding Irish footsteps in NJ (William H. Mahony) we have information on some early Irish names in that area, Òbesides those whose names clearly demonstrate their irish origin, there are found in the NJ references to a great many people bearing wholly un-Irish names, but who are recorded as either natives of Ireland, or that they arrived in the Colony from Ireland. The fact that in the 15th Century, Irish families were compelled by English law to change or to disguise their names, or adopt in their stead, names of English sound, names representing trades, occupations, objects or places, is now fairly well understoodÓ.


Among those names the author lists are Mary Buckelew, Dinah Dunham, Isaac Dilks (?), Sarah and Hannah Coffee, Simon Wyckoff, Mary Farley (and other Farley family members), Sallie Dodd, Phillip, Dorothy, Jane, Sara, Peter and William Kenny, Petter Kinne, Elizabeth Kinan, Thomas Kinan, Mary Mackeny, William MacKeny, Mary Mackeny. Editor's note: the William MacKeny listed is the William who married Hannah 'Fenwick' in 1749 according to the New Jersey Archives. This list was taken from the marriages of NJ in that series, and those of us who have spent a great deal of time researching in NJ know that many of these names are English, Scottish, Dutch and German derivation as in the case of Isaac Dilks (?) – Dilts, (Dutch); Kinnan (Scottish); Wyckoff (Dutch); Buckelew (Dutch). Could this be the source off William McKinney's being born in Ireland.



Genealogical Query Columns: A list of newspapers that publish genealogical columns listing free queries. Mary McKinney


Genealogy Unlimited, Daily Californian, El Cajon, CA


It's in the Name, California Inter-Mountain News Genealogy, Los Angeles, CA


Family finder, Manteca Bulletin, Manteca, CA


Pedigree Prospector, Amador Dispatch, Amador Ledger/Amador Progress News, Pine Grove, CA


Genealogical Review, Irish Heralds – Genealogy, San Francisco, CA 94114



Idaho Family Trees, Pollack, ID




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Richland roots, Olney, IL


Asking About Ancestors, Sterling, IL


DeKalb Co., Illinois, Genoa, IL


Ancestors, Lexington, IL


Is Your Name Here, Toledo, IL



Hagerstown Exponent, Hagerstown, IN


Lawrence Co. Ancestors, Bedford, IN


Family Tree Leaves, Bloomington, IN


Ancestors-Genealogy Journal & Courier, Monticello, IN


Genealogy, Osgood Journal, Cross Plains, IN


Trails of Long Ago, Crothersville, IN


Michiana Roots, South Bend, IN


Indiana Ancestors, Indianapolis, IN


Kinfolks, Salem, IN


Owen Co. Ancestors, Spencer, IN



Kentucky Kin, Fulton, KY


Genealogy Corner, Lexington, KY






Early Families, Mt. Sterling, KY


Genealogy, Pikeville, KY


Climbing Your Family Tree, Hainesville, KY


Ancestor Hunting, Vanceburg, KY



Trace Roots, Framingham, MA



What's In A Name, Portland, Maine



Heritage Hunt, Pontiac, MI



Mrs. Estes Beckham, Philadelphia, MS



The Mail Box, Branson, MO


Kissin Kin, Doniphan, MO


Shaking the Family Tree, Poplar Bluff, MO



Platte Valley Pioneers, Columbus, NE


New Hampshire

Genealogy, Dublin, NH



County Seat Mirror, Cadiz, OH


Grass Roots, Findlay, OH


Find Your Ancestors, Columbus, OH



Logging Family Trees, Longview, TX


Looking Back, San Antonio, TX


Family Album, Dallas, TX




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The Family Tree, Grand Coulee, WA



Wisconsin Helper, Milwaukee, WI


West Virginia

Mrs. Connie workman, Verdunville, WVA


Yesterday & today, Beckley, WVA


Genealogy, WVA



Hunting for Ancestors, Chesapeake, VA


Climbing Your Family Tree, Newport News, VA



Book Catalogue, McKinney Family Association


Harper                       Charles McKinney and Related Families

Petty               Some Descendants of Mordecai McKinney (Photocopy)

Sayford          The Family McKinney (Revised Edition)

Rutherford    Genealogical History of Our Ancestors (Photocopy of McKinney Family Section, only)

Stebbings       Blatchley Physicians and Pioneers

Stebbings       Cemeteries of Washington Co., AR, Vol IV

Society                       Heritage of Surry Co., North Carolina

Society                       McKinney Kith and Kin, Newsletters

Baptist Ch.     Centenary History of the Swedish Baptist Church in America

Hayden          Virginia Genealogies, Particularly the Glassell Family

Everton          Genealogical Helper, 1980 Issues (4)

Sherwood      American Colonists in English Records

O'Callaghan  Lists of Inhabitants of Colonial New York

Dunaway       Scotch Irish of Colonial Pennsylvania

Society                       Somerset County, New Jersey Quarterly

Society                       Tree Climber, quarterly for the Salina, Kansas, Genealogy Society

West VA        KYOVA, Quarterly

McKinney      Commerative History of the Presbyterian Church in New Jersey, Westfield, 1728-1928

Chambers     Early Germans of New Jersey

Worrell          Over the Mountain Men and Their Early Court Records in Southwest Virginia

Society                       Proceedings of the Illinois State Historical Society






Some of the members have also furnished lists of books that may be borrowed from their personal libraries, one of which follows:


Mary McKinney, AZ

Old Speedwell Families (TN), Edwards & Davis, 1983 Revised Edition (Clairborne Co. families of Ausmus, Carr, Davis, Dunn, Edwards, Ellison, Hunter, Maddox, Moyers, Rogers, Thomas-Gibson)

Cemeteries of Claiborne Co. (TN), Johnson, 1982

Tennessee Smithology, Reeves, 1975

Devil in Massachusetts, Starkey, 1961 Edition

An Echo from Salem (MA), Worsencroft, 1982

History of Topsfield (MA), Dow, 1982 reprint

Saints & Straingers, Willison, 1945

Some Vermont Ancestors, Genealogical Soc. Of Vermont, 1976

Frederick Family Association Newsletter, Forerunner, 1983 and continuing issues

Craig Links, Craig Family Association, Vol. 5 Nos. 1, 2, 1984

Robinson Family Association Newsletter, VIII, No. 2, 1983, Vo. III, No. 3 1984, continuing issues

Jones Journeys, Jones Family Association, Vol. 10, No 1 only

Genealogical Helper, May/Jun 1984, features Family Associations and Family Name Periodicals, continuing

Kerr/Carr ÒCollectorÓ, will receive four issues

Ohio, Franklintonian, Franklin Co. Genealogical Society, 1983-1984

Ohio, ÒHancock HeritageÓ, Spring 1983, will continue

Nebraska ÒAncestryÓ, 1979-1980 and 1983, V VI, 1-4

Nebraska, Historical Society Newsletter, 1983 and reference material available at the society.

Iowa, ÒHawkeye HeritageÓ, 1983 issues and newsletters, other materials

Tennessee, ÒAnsearchin NewsÓ, Vol. 30, 1983

Massachusetts, Essex Society of Genealogists, 677 pages to date, will continue (Feb 1981 through May 1984), (weighs 6 lbs for mailing)

Vermont, ÒBranches & TwigsÓ, Autumn 1983 – Spring, 1984 and special issue, will continue. With other information contains Ancestry Service (surnames), Bracket through Cruel and continuing.


Note: The McKinney Family Association will be receiving, on an exchange basis, ÒThe Wagon WheelÓ, research on Eastern Tennessee Families, beginning with the Jun 1984 issue. The first three issues of 1984 will be ordered to complete the volume.


Previous listings from the library of Patricia Kirkwood were given in McKinney Maze, Jun 1982, Vol I, #2.






Exchange Publication, The Wagon Wheel (East Tennessee) contains 1790 Census of Wilkes Co., NC, Index to Grantee and location Grainger Co., TN., 1824-1860, ancestral lines, Bible records. (June 1984 issue)



New Members

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Carroll, Amory, MS

W. Wilcoxon, Needham, MA

Gayle Slagell, Littleton, CO

Mrs. Jane C. Breakey, Eagle Bay, NY

Paul Garland, Kingwood, TX

Oleta Holmes, Fayetteville, AR

Sharon Hillis, Ketchikan, AK

William K. Johnson, Manassas, VA

Roberta Pyles, Pattonsburg, MO

Mildred Patterson, Bakersfield, CA

Frances Woolfolk, Tempe, AZ



Mrs. Joanne Allenbaugh, who offered a photocopy booklet containing the names of White families extracted from the North Carolina records and archives, is now finishing White family records extracted from 29 years of Ansearchin, Tennessee Genealogical Society.


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