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Missouri:  A County by County Account of McKinneys, Cole County to Knox County, By Dorothy P. Gross  (Part II)

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The McKinney Family Association & Library was founded September 1981 as a non-profit, educational association and library, dedicated to researching, preserving and collecting historical and family history and data, not necessarily all of lineal or legal families, but all those interested in the McKinney surname and variants and to assist and instruct in genealogical research and to publish private and public records and educational articles.  Bylaws and Constitution adopted October 1982 and granted non profit, incorporation 3 May 1983 by the State of Oklahoma .  Trustees are Barbara Pannage Stanfield, E. Neil Stanfield and Richard A. Kipf.

Barbara Pannage Stanfield, Coordinator

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The Editors are not responsible for the errors in submitted materials, all such material is placed in the Association library and files.  Books received for review are placed in the lending library for members only.

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Kelley, Payne      'McKinney' appears as the middle name of William McKinney Kelley, and a descendant thinks it was a family name--perhaps from the Kelley side or from the Payne side of the family.  The Paynes and Andersons went from Bedford Co., VA to Indiana, and the Kelleys were in OHio, ca 1816, before going to Indiana 1820 to 1830.  Anyone who has links with the Payne, Kelley, Anderson or Merritt families please contact Mrs. Betty I. McCrea, 6108 Merriewoood Drive, Oakland, CA  94611

McKinney           John West McKinney had a sister named Sarah, b. 17 Feb. 1864, d. 6 Sept. 1932.  Does anyone know about her?  Also, following lineage is being compiled by descendant.  Charles McKinney m. Mary Ann Chastain, Rane McKinney m. Tabitha Vardaman, (2nd) Rane McKinney m. Sabra Vardaman, Rane C. McKinney m. Jane Jesse, Mary Ann McKinney m. Warfield Estes, Sr.  If you can contribute to this lineage, contact Roberts Simpson, 303 Stardust Avenue, Lake Placid, FL  38852.

McKinney           Searching for Samuel McKinney, b. 1849 in Smity Co., TN; d. in Smith Co., TN, m. Salinda (?).  Anyone with information on this McKinney, contact Virginia McKinney McClaran, 425 Krest, Madera, CA  93637, Telephone 209-674-6932.

McKinney           Elizabeth McKinney, born ca 1820 in PA.  She married, as his second wife, Matthew Paul.  By 1850, they resided in Steuben Co., NY.  They had children:  John, Louisa, Fanny, Christine, Matthew, Alexander, Mary, Harriett, Eliza, Laura Rosetta.  Any information appreciated.  Jo Ann McQuade, 1152 Pine St. NE, Salem, OR  97303

McKinney, Teague         Andrew McKinney m. Catherine Teague, b. NC, Father, Solomon Teague.  Married 5 Apr 1833 in Morgan Co., Indiana.  Children:  Louisa, b. 1833; Lawson, b. 1838; Cinthia b. 1840, Sarah Jane b. 1844.  By 1850, census of Morgan Co., Indiana Catherine was married to John C. Baker, and had a son, James M. Baker, b. 1849.  If anyone has more information about Andrew and Catherine McKinney please write Norene Walton, 11035 Dune St., Norwalk, CA  90650.

McKinney            David Hiram McKinney, b. ca 1808 in SC (?), m. Patience Standfield; children John, David, James, Julia, Melissa, M.A., Martha Elizabeth, and Nancy Caroline.  Who were his parents and what are his origins?  Harlan Lunsford, 10 Phenix Park, Phenix City, AL  36867.

McKinney            Robert Ward has been working on information on the descendants of Michael McKinnie of Hardeman Co., TN.  He is a direct descendant of Barnabas McKinnie of Isle of Wight Co., VA.  This includes lineages marrying into the McKinnies from 1820's to 1968 and information on other Tennessee McKinneys.  Mr. Ward is looking for someone in his area to complete some of his work for inclusion in the Maze.  Would someone who lives near him like to volunteer?  If so,


contact Robert D. Ward, 10361 Steamboat Landing Lane, Burke, VA  22015.

McKinney           One new member is looking for Albert Sherwood McKinney who had a brother named Adolph.  Their father was believed to be a shoemaker from Edinburgh, Scotland about 1825.  If you have any information contact Don McKinney, 1701 Jennings Ave., Santa Rosa, CA 95401.

McKinney           Robert William McKinney, b. 6 Aug. 1863, Larue Co., KY, m. Willis Emma Hargan, d. 8 Dec. 1908, Texarkana, Miller Co., AR, was raised in the Sherrard household in KY.  Does anyone know who his parents were?  Contact Maggie Revalee, Rt 1, Box 158AA, Atlanta, TX  75551.

McKinney, Goodman               On the 1860 Census, Martin Co., Indiana, William McKinney, age 27, b. VA; Susan A. McKinney, age 22, b. VA; Eliza A. Goodman age 22, b. VA, and her two children, Thomas, age 6, b. IN, and Mary E. Goodman, age 4, b. IN.  Need parents of William, Susan Eliza A. Goodman.  She states her name as Louisa Ann on Mary Elizabeth's wedding application and gives her consent to marry James Edmund Nunnelley in Martin Co., Indiana.  Contact Mrs. Don McCready, 223 Wabash St, Plainfield, IN  46168, Phone 317-839-6146

McKinney           Moses McKinney, d. 1802, Warren Co., GA, m. Mary (Polly) Harris, possibly Isle of Wight Co., VA.  Also lived in Albemarle Co., VA.  Children:  Tilman, Anclen, Mason, Moses Jr. Harris, William A., Kinchen, Polly, Nancy, and Mathew.  Was Moses Sr. an ensign in the Navy during Revolution?  Does anyone know where he was born and who his parents are?  Will be glad to share information about lineage of Mary Harris.  Maxine M. Dean, 709 Ocia Place, Farmington, NM  87401, Phone 505-325-8654.

McKinney          Will McKinney, b. 1812, NC, m. Diana, lived McMinn Co., TN.  Children:  Martin, Thomas, John, Prover, Mary, Edmund, Sarah.  New member is looking for the family of Will and Diana and of their son John, and his wife Martha Bookout.  If you have information to exchange, contact Leon R. Barnwell, 2233 Willamette, Eugene, OR  97405, Phone 503-686-8074.

Jamison, Martin           Working on descendants of Mary Jane Jamison, b. 1831, IL, and John T. Martin on the west coast.  If you can add to this material, contact Shirley Parsons, 660 West A. Street, Dixon, CA  95620.

McKinney, Spriggs       John Spriggs, b. 14 Nov 1787 SC, d. 24 Nov 1857, Lumpkin Co., GA, m. Theodosia McKinney, b. 13 Aug. 1789, SC, d. 18 Apr 1860, Lumpkin Co., GA, daughter of Alexander and Mary (?).  Children:  Ezekiel M., Alexander Jefferson, Thomas J., John Milton.  Anyone who has more information about Theodosia, please contact Mrs. David H. March, 3771 P.F.E. Road, Roseville, CA  95678, Phone 916-771-0223.


General Information By Ed McKinney

All of us either know someone in our own family line who is a genuine character (choose any definition of the word), or know of somone who has such a relative in his line.  My great-uncle, General McKinney, was such a person.  Yes, that was his actual name:  General Sheridan McKinney, named for the Civil War Union General.  Perhaps the burden of the name led to the development of his unique personality.

Uncle General, an older brother of my grandfather Wilburn McKinney, grew up in Texas Co., MO.  Uncle General lived to be eighty-nine years old (b. 3-16-1867; d. 3-29-1956) and remained a bachelor all his life.  Family tradition holds that he feel in love once, but the romance did not result in matrimony.

Throughout most of life Uncle General was a practical joker.  For his story, I am indebted to Jim Corbett, a dear friend who has lived more of his lif ein the Ozark community of Texas Co., and was for years next door neighbors to my grandparents Wilburn and Ellen (Aunt Ell) and to Harve and Lenora McKinney (another brother) with whom Uncle General alternately lived.  One time Jim Corbett and the new pastor at Ozark Baptist Church were finishing Jim's chores of milking and feeding the cows preparatory to cutting stove wood, when Uncle General came by on his way from Harve's house to Wilburn's.  After the normal greetings, Uncle General remarked that it sure was too bad about Jim McKinney (a young man of somewhat distant kinship in the community).  Jim Corbett and the minister immediately wanted to know what had happened.  Uncle General told them that young Jim McKinney had been courting one of his neighbor girls whose family was moving away, and had made such a pest of himself that the girl's father and brothers had caught him, forced him to climb a tall tree, and then tied him up high in the branches with rope--where he had spent most of the previous day and all night--during rain and cold weather.

The new minister, mindful of his responsibility to care for the residents of the community, got excited and urged Jim Corbett to hurry with his chores so they could go see about young Jim McKinney, and help his folks get him down from the tree.  Corbett indicated he'd be finished soon; meanwhile, Uncle General opined that he had better be on his way toward Wilburn and Ell's house.  Jim Corbett told the minister that he figured this was one of Uncle General's 'windies', and to wait about a minute then open the barn door and see what Uncle General was doing.  When they looked out toward the road, Uncle General was walking along briskly, his shoulders shaking with merriment, and the valley was ringing with his laughter!

Despite his proclivity for joking, Uncle General holds a special place in my childhood memories.  In his later years cataracts clouded his vision and he grew totally blind for the last several years of his life.  In 1948 my parents (Carman and Martha (Ice) McKinney) and I attended the Old Settlers' Reunion at Hourston, Missouri.  Dad saw Uncle General there, and in the course of conversation, Uncle General enquired if I were there.  Upon my speaking up, Uncle General undid the watch chain from his overalls, and, saying he could no longer see to tell time, gave me his 17-jewel Elgin pocket watch.  I still have it.  One doesn't receive such treasures often.


A Visual Query from Edith A. Relf, 24114 Alpine Rd., Monroe, OR  97456

These people are Virgil Stuart and Mary McKinney, the great-grandparents of Edity A. Relf.  According to her records, the woman, Mary, was born 2 Oct. 1851 in Monroe Co., TN.  There is a record of a Mary J. born 5 Feb. 1851 at Athens (McMinn Co.), TN.  Are they the same?  Family history states that she is the youngest child of 10 of James and Sara Hawkins McKinney.  They moved to Duchtown, TN 1854-1855 and then to Chestnut Gap, GA 1856-1857.  Death certificate states that Mary belongs to A. McKinney and Molly Hawkins.  Virgil and Mary married Faunin Co., GA 15 Aug. 1869.  If anyone has more information about Mary, please contact Edith (address above).

Virgil Stuart and Mary McKinney


This house at Chestnut Gap, GA dates from the late 1850's.  Family history says this home has been in the McKinney Family since settled.  Is this the original James McKinney family home?  Does anyone recognize it?

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The Old Red Mill, Clinton Museum Village, Clinton, New Jersey

--By Pat Kirkwood--

May 16th and 17th, 1989 were 'red' letter days in my historical/genealogical quest.  My husband and I were fortunate to be able to make an unplanned visit to Clinton, New Jersey.  Not exactly a destination touted in travel brochures, but one that I had wished to make for many years.

The village of Clinton is lovely, contains many pre-Revolutionary buildings, and charming shops manned by a friendly and gracious population.  The main street in town, appropriately titled Main Street, ends at a lovely bridge and stream.  On the centuries-old stone mill, at one time, Hunt's Mills.  The other side of the bridge,, on the opposite bank, stands the Old Red Mill and Museum Village.  The mill has been featured on many of New Jersey's posters encouraging travel and famous sights to see in the state -- a bronze plaque on the mill, about two by three feet in measurement proclaims it to be 'David McKinney's Mill, Circa 1763'.

David McKinney, son of Mordecai and Mary McKinney established the mill, probably several years before that date, and was said to have ground grain for the Revolutionary Army (which conflicts with previous information that we have on the date that he removed to Pennsylvania).  Nontheless, it is in a beautiful state of restoration, and contains the original floors, hand-hewn beams, and much original equipment.  It is hard to describe the thrill of standing in that mill that he built, knowing that, perhaps, other members of the family also stood in that mill.

The village contains several other buildings of note - an original grain chute, ca 1770, a one-room schoolhouse, furnished, a general store, and Daniel Morgan's log-cabin home.  While we visited with the curator, a very gracious lady, Miss Kathy Jordan, several school buses loaded with children, third or fourth grade in age, arrived for the tour of the mill and other buildings.  They have a volunteer guide program, and a walking tour, along with a lovely gift shop.  The mill is sutuated on Spruce Run, and one would be hard-pressed to find a more beautiful site.

Miss Jordan, and the director, Mr. David Breslauer were happy to have a McKinney family member visit the mill, and provided an interesting and personal tour of the mill and grounds.  They are most interested in the family history and particulars concerning David McKinney.  Upon returning home, I sent them Mr. Rutherford's two volume work and many sheets of information that the McKinney Maze has published over the years, especially concerning David and his family.


To quote from the handbook of information concerning the mill, 'the exact date of the Red Mill's construction is unknown, but it was first mentioned in a deed in 1763.  Two years earlier, November, a miller named David McKinney purchased from Mahlon Kirkbride, 446 acres on the South Branch of the Raritan River where it joins Spruce Run River.  The deed states that McKinney was 'already in possession of the property'.  Whether a squatter or lessee, David McKinney is considered Clinton's first settler.'

In 1763 McKinney bought one and one half acres on the west bank of the river from Jonathon Robeson.  The Red Mill is mentioned in Deed Survey as beginning at a post on the west side of said river seventy links below the lower most part of the square frame of D. McKinney's mill dam.  He bought two more parcels of land, bringing his holdings to 615 1/2 acres but in 1770 the Mill and land was sold to Mahlon Kirkbride at a Sheriff's sale.  However, McKinney continued to operate the mill for two more years but in 1772 he moved to Sunbury, Pennsylvania.

From 1920 to 1960 the mill sat idle.  When the town threatened to tear it down, a group of five men, James Marsh, Monroe DeMott, Cyrus Fox, Robert Lechner, and Ralph Howard, purchased the Mill and began its restoration.  They replaced the water wheel, fixed the building, and opened it as a museum.  In 1974 the mill was placed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places.  In 1977 the museum received official recognition from the American Association of Museums (AAM) in the form of accreditation.  Preservation Fund Drives were held in 1986 and 1987 to again save the mill, actual work began in the Fall of 1987.  The old wheel house was torn out in 1988, and early this year was replaced in its entirety.  There is much more work to be done on the mill.

It would seem to me that the members of the McKinney Family Association would be interested in helping with the restoration, as a kind of 'central home' for those descended from David or Mordecai McKinney.  The museum could certainly use our support, and perhaps family 'reunions' could be held at the mill upon occasion.  The gift shop contains many items with the mill emblazoned -- t-shirts, tote-bags, maps, hand-dipped candles, wrought-iron work made on the premises by a resident blacksmith, and other items of interest.  Whether or not they accept orders through the mail is unknown, but am sure that upon inquiry they would be happy to do so.  If interested, write:

         Miss Kathy Jordan, Curator

         Clinton Historical Museum Village

         Box 5005, 56 Main Street

         Clinton, New Jersey   08809-5005


Visiting the mill and environs was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in some time -- it brought family history 'alive' and with a little imagination, the old pioneers could be seen busily grinding and bagging flaxseed and flour.


I cannot stress the kindness and hospitality of the people of Clinton, Lebanon and surrounding country.  For instance, upon leaving the mill, we travelled just a few miles to the village of Lebanon.  After a visit to the Reformed Church and Cemetery where we found many gravesites of associated family members, Apgars, Rockefellows, Covenhovens, Dunhams and others, a caring Church secretary directed us to an even older, and unused cemetery located on Cherry Hill and Railroad Streets - the site of the origianl Lebanon Reformed Church.  The Church no longer stands but the burying ground, behind stone walls, exists - although in state of disrepair, overgrown, with many fallen markers propped up against the outer stone walls.  We were not able to find burials before the date of 1771, however, there were many markers much older, but unreadable.  At the risk of sounding a little 'peculiar', it was a site that made us feel absolutely sure that this was the burial place of Mordecai and Mary McKinney, a 'gut' feeling, if you will.

Leaving Lebanon, we headed for the Stanton-Lebanon Road, through the mountains of Round Valley, and down Cratetown Road.  There, we found the original (1748) homesite and Mordecai and Mary McKinney, known as Dawes Farms.  The homesite at the front or roadside edge of the property is occupied by Mr. Lamberson, whose ancestress, Abigail, married Abraham McKinney.  The original part of the old farmhouse in the year, is occupied by Mr. Donald Parr, the front still occupied by the last remaining members of the Dawes family.  Mr. Dawes does not welcome visits by tourists or genealogy bugs, including McKinneys; fortunately, he was away from home at the time of our visit, and Mr. Parr was extremely hospitable and gracious.  In fact, he invited us into his home of forty years, and guided us through the old part of the farm.  Needless to say, it was the thrill of a life-time - for so many years, after poring over maps, mentally visualizing how things 'might have been', reality was even better than the dream!  To be standing on parts of the original floors, to run hands over the hand-hews, 200 year old beams -- this is what the family historian often pictures, but seldom realizes!

In front of the old farmstead is a lovely pond, and an old stone dairy house.  The foundations of the original barn are to be seen just at the rear of the house.  Of course, it is a home, and there are some 'modern' additions and conveniences, but the old stone walls and beams remain.  In the interior, the old walk-in cooking fireplace in the kitchen had to be torn down, it was not repairable, but the other features of the interior are original.  Thanks to Mr. Parr, the farmhouse receives tender care and upkeep - he truly loves the homeplace and it shows.

It is unfortunate that a McKinney researcher, from Connecticut, I believe, was thoughtless in their remarks to Mr. Dawes that it 'should have stayed in the family' -- Mr. Dawes' family has had the farm since 1783!  Mr. Dawes is quite elderly and not in good health, and it is possible that the property may pass to the state upon his death -- let us hope that the next owner will be someone who treasures this farm as much as Mr. Parr and Mr. Lamberson obviously do!

Is family searching rewarding?  You bet it is!There is nothing in this world as thrilling to the dedicated genealogist as on site searches.  Of course, one also has to be prepared for unsuccessful forays into the countryside, as well.  Some sites were disappointments -- for instance, in Somerville, the old original Dutch Church is gone -- in its place stands a large meeting place built in 1896, and no longer active.  The parsonage, however, ca 1750 is well-kept and is open for tours.  In the rear of the parsonage, is the old Frelunghausen burial site, and well-maintained.  Somerville, of course, is a modern city, but the librarian there furnished us with a historical tour walking map which was most helpful.

One word of advice -- to the wise searcher!  Talking to inhabitants is helpful (at times), asking the Chamber of Commerce (can be ) for help is advised, but in cases of dire straights, head for the local library!  I cannot praise the librarians in several towns on our trip, for their kindness and help.  In one small town in Pennsylvania, the local librarian even telephoned a local mortician to request directions to a small farm cemetery for us!  I cannot praise them enough - they were, in every case, kind, helpful, and most accommodating.



Bible Records

These bible records were sent to us by Howard and Flora McKinney.  They apparently came from Lycoming Co., PA Miscellaneous Bible Records, Vol. IV, 1960-1962, Submitted by Lycoming Chapter DAR, Mrs. Paul D. Bailey, Regent.

For some reason, some of the marriages are listed twice with different dates.  We are listing them as printed on the information we have.  We really appreciate having members send us information such as this.  If you wish to correspond with Howard and Flora McKinney, their address is AM 328 Lands End Appts., Lindenwold, NJ  08021.

The Holy Bible, McCarty & Davis, publisher, 171 Market Street I, J. Ashmond & Co., Printers, 1829.  Original Owner:  Robert M. Russell; Present Owner:  Mrs. Henry N. Martin, 220 E. Bald Eagle St., Lock Haven, PA.


      Esther G. McKinney was married to Robert M. Russell Jan 1, 1849.

      A. C. McKinney married Elizabeth Crawford Dec 9, 1856.

      Dr. D. F. McKinney married Mellie Trego Feb 22, 1865.

      Priscilla G. McKinney was married to R (or P) Montgomery Jan 1, 1867.

      J. Harris McKinney married Rebecca McKee Aug 12, 1874.

      James Harris McKinney married Ruth Ferguson Jan 1, 1818.

      Esther G. McKinney married Jan 17, 1849 to Robert M. Russell.

      A. C. McKinney married Dec 9, 1856 to Elizabeth Crawford.

      D. F. (B. F.?) McKinney married Feb 22, 1865 to O. P. Montgomery.

      Q. Harris McKinney married Aug. 12, 1847 to Rebecca McKee.


      John McKinney was born Nov 21, 1818.

      Esther G. McKinney was born Dec 26, 1821.

      Nancy W. McKinney was born Mar 22, 1823.

      Andrew C. McKinney was born Feb 9, 1825.

      William L. McKinney was born Jan 5, 1828.

      Jane L. McKinney was born Jan 5, 1831.

      David F. McKinney was born Aug 19, 1835. (36?)

      James F. McKinney was born Aug 9, 1938 (?) (1838?)

      Priscilla G. McKinney was born Feb 5, 1841.


      James N. McKinney died Mar 14, 1879, aged 85-9-24.

      Ruth L., wife of James N. McKinney, died July 2, 1880, aged 81-2-21.

      Esther G. Russell, wife of R. M., died Oct. 28, 1893, aged 72-10-2.

     John McKinney died Apr 28, 1894, aged 75-5-7.

      Jane L. McKinney died Mar 2, 1833, aged 2 yrs, 2 mos.

      Nancy W. McKinney died Aug 17, 1849, 26 yrs., 5 mos., 24 days.

      William L. McKinney died Sept 17, 1849, 21 yrs, 8 mos., 12 days.

      James N. McKinney died Mar 12, 1879, 85 yrs, 8 mos., 22 days.

      Ruth L. McKinney died July 3, 1890, 81 yrs., 2 mos., 22 days.


The Andrew McKinney Bible

      (Information provided by Howard and Flora McKinney)

Printed by T. K. & P. G. Collins, No. 1 Lodge Alley, Philadelphia, PA.  Original owner:  Andrew McKinney; Present owner:   Mrs. Henry H. Martin, Jr., 220 E. Bald Eagle St., Lock Haven, PA.

Andrew C. McKinney and Elizabeth W. Crawford were married Dec 9, 1856 by the Rev. Joseph Stephens.

      Their Children:

Lizzie Crawford McKinney was married Aug 8, 1880 to Milard F. Kissell by Rev. W. A. Stephens.  (Milard F. Kissell died Aug. 15, 1925, aged 69 yrs., 10 mos.)

John Graham McKinney was married Oct 26, 1891 to Florence Robinson of Salt Lake City, Utah, by Rev. R. J. Anthony.

George Crawford McKinney was married Feb 12, 1895 to Cora Betts by Rev. Joseph H. Morgert.

Robert Russell McKinney was married to Beulah C. Camp, Jan 6, 1908.


Virginia Ruth McKinney was born Feb 23, 1858.

Lizzie Crawford McKinney was born Feb 4, 1860 at 3 p.m.

James Harris McKinney born Oct 7, 1861.

George Crawford McKinney born Mar 25, 1865.

John Graham McKinney born Nov 26, 1869.

Mary McKinney born Nov 26, 1869.

Robert Russell McKinney born Sept 15, 1872.

William Harris McKinney born Feb 21, 1875.

Russell Blair McKinney born Aug 8, 1908.

Russell Blair McKinney, Jr., born Nov 19, 1932.


Russell Blair McKinney married Sara Jane Warfield, Sept 9, 1930.


Andrew C. McKinney died Jan 5, 1903, aged 77-10-26.

Elizabeth White McKinney died Dec 21, 1911, aged 78 yrs.

Virginia Ruth McKinney died Mar 17, 1859, aged 1 yr. 22 days.

James Harris McKinney died Sept 1, 1863, aged 1-10-25.

Elizabeth C. Kissell died Feb 26, 1931, aged 71 yrs., 22 days.

Mary F. McKinney died Dec 15, 1950, aged 81 yrs.

George Crawford McKinney born Jul 23, 1946 at 4:30 a.m.

Hope Duana McKinney (b. Mar 5, 1931) died Jul 30, 1934.


        (Intentionally left blank)


Missouri McKinneys


Cole County to Knox County

Compiled by

Dorothy P. Gross


Missouri -- Cole County



Flavius Cleveland (f) b. here, p. Newton & Martha A. (Chambers) ('Hist of Cole. . . Cos,'' Goodspeed, 1889)

James. R. b. here 1850    (LDS IGI 4/88)

James William b. here 16 Dec 1848, p. David & Nancy (Wade) (LDS IGI 4/88 & note in MFA file)

Mary Elizabeth b. here, p. Newton & Martha A. (Chambers) ('Hist of Cole . . .', Goodspeed)

Monroe b. here 3 Oct 1842, p. David & Nancy (Wade); md Nancy Tucker; ch:  James Ed, Mary Ann, David Martin, Wm. Eddington, Rosa Ettie, Walter Green, Charles J., Thomas Auston, Orville Lee, Nettie Orvenia. (LDS IGI 4/88 & MFA file)

Mordicai N. b. here, p. Newton & Martha A. (Chambers) ('Hist of Cole . . Cos', Goodspeed)

Newton b. here 1808, p. John & Juda (Landrum).  ('Hist of Cole. . . Cos,' Goodspeed)



Absolem md here 9 Sep 1859 Ann E. Ranegbarger                  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Adaline md here 16 Aug 1877 Frank Hutchison                                  ''

Andrew md here 27 Jan 1843 Hanna Smith                                       ''

Caswell md here 10 Aug 1831 Anna Murray                                       ''

Calvin McKinny md here 7 Jan 1838 Roena Gilmore                             ''

David md here 27 Aug 1837 Nancy Wade; son of James                     ''

David md here 4 May 1851 Mary Jane Murray                                     ''

Dicely md here 7 Jan 1855 Jasper McCullough                                    ''

George md here 31 Oct 1883 Rebecca McCullough                             ''

Hardin md here 16 Mar 1854 Nancy Hadduck                                     ''

Henry md here 17 Aug 1865 Hellen V. Shaffer                                   ''

Henry McKiney md here 26 Apr 1827 Susannah Gouge                       ''

Jane md here 13 May 1855 John Calif                                                ''

Jasper md here 25 Feb 1866 Martha E. Chambers                              ''

John md here 17 Apr 1817, Jefferson City, Anna E. Austin Keckler       ''

John md here 9 Jan 1834 Juda Landrum from TN                               ''

John md here 30 Nov 1856 Mahala Wilson                                         ''

John md here 18 Oct 1866 Elizabeth Baird                                         ''

Keziah md here 25 Dec 1828 William/Wilbourn Gilmore                        ''

L. (f) md here 31 May 1857 Henry Gouge                                          ''

Marge (m) md here Jan 1867 Patricia McCloglin                                   ''

Mary Jane md here 7 Jan 1867 Jasper Collett                                     ''

Melissa md here 10 Nov 1850 Henderson Fletcher                              ''

Nancy md here 27 Sep 1827 John Gouge                                          ''

Nelson McKenny md here 21 Jan 1838 Nancy Moad                             ''

Newton md here 1831 Martha A. Chambers; he 23 yrs old; she dau of William; she d. 23 Jun 1888 ('Hist of Cole . . . Cos', Goodspeed)  (Note:  md 16 Sep 1863 per LDS IGI 4/88)

Nica md here 24 Sep 1865 William Watts                                 (LDS IGI 4/88)

Norden md here 16 Mar 1854 Nancy Haddock                                    ''


Marriages   (continued)

Mary Elizabeth md here Addison N. Wilhite, p. Newton ('Hist of Cole . . . Cos,' Goodspeed 1889)

Sarah md here 14 Feb 1837 Louis Auguste Piper                      (LDS IGI 4/88)

Sarah md here 1 Oct 1846 William H. Basnet                                     ''

Sarah md here 1 Mar 1866 William J. Chambers                                 ''

Seth md here 15 Sep 1834 Jane Patterson                                        ''

Seth McKenny md here 17 Nov 1839 Cordely Baul/Basil                      ''

Miss Sidney Elizabeth md here 8 Feb 1880 William George (b. 20 Apr 1851), p. Nelson & Nancy (Mode) who were b. TN and pioneers of Cole Co.  ('Hist of Cole . . .,' Goodspeed)

William Maley/Malry md here 23 Nov 1871 Hordenia Mildred Pace   (LDS IGI 4/88)

Susan md here 2 Jan 1845 James Smith



Henry McKenny, Senr. d. here; will 19 Jan 1870, execr. 'friend A.M.E.'  (Will Book B-170;  'MO Miscellany Vol 5,' Woodruff)

Henry d. here 7 Jun 1837; b. Cole Co.; item in Jeffersonian Republican re estate administration.  (Note in MFA file)

John d. here 1886, age 78y.  Came age 13 fr TN to (now) Montieau Co; moved to Cole; had md Juda Landrum fr TN.  Ch: 

          Lina md Henry N. Gough

          James Henry li here 1889

          Jasper, merchant of Aurora, MO, 6 ch

          Lewis A., a hack driver, working at insane asylum at Nevada, MO 1889

          John William li farm nr Centre Town, 4 ch by 1889


('Hist of Cole, Montieau, Morgan, Benton, Miller, Maries & Osage Cos, MO,' Goodspeed, 1889)


Census Information:


Henry Sr. here,

          1 m 10-14

          1 15-19

          1 50-59

          no females

Henry here,

          1 m under 5

          1 15-19

          1 f under 5

          1 20-29

James here,

          1 m under 5

          1 5-9

          1 10-14

          1 15-19

          1 20-29

          1 40-49

          3 f under 5

          1 10-14

          1 30-39

(Natl Archives M19, R72, pp. 198, 201 for these 3)



Calvin here,

          1 m under 5

          1 20-29

          1 f 20-29 

(M704, R222)

Caswell here,

          1 m under 5

          2 5-9

          1 30-39

          1 f under 5

          1 20-29

David here Marion Twp,

          1 m. 20-29

          1 f under 5

          1 20-29

          no slaves

Henry here Jefferson Twp,

          1 m under 5

          1 10-14

          1 30-39

          1 f 10-14

          1 30-39

          no slaves

James Kinney  (immed. preceding David) here Marion Two,

          1 m 5-9

          1 15-19

          1 20-29

          1 40-49

          1 f 15-19

          1 30-39

          2 f slaves

James here Marion Twp,

          1 m 5-9

          2 15-19

          1 50-59

          1 f under 5

          1 5-9

          2 10-14

          1 15-19

          1 20-29

          1 40-49

          no slaves.

John here Marion Twp,

          1 m under 5

          1 30-39

          1 f under 5

          1 20-29

Sethe here Harrison Twp,

          2 m under 5

          1 60-70

          2 f under 5

          1 30-40


Census Information (Continued)


Caswell 42, b. TN, here 24 Oct with: 

          Anna 36 TN

          David 18 TN

          Absalom 17 MO

          Lucetta 14 MO

          Calvin 12 MO

          Sarah 9 MO

          Hasey A. 6 MO

          (Natl Archives M432 R397, p. 57)

Henry 47, b. TN, here 25 Oct with: 

          Susan Gauge 49, TN

          Hardin 23, MO

          Malissa 21, MO

          Sally 8, MO

          Henry 6, MO

          (M432 R397, p. 59)

John 42, b. TN, here 12 Oct with: 

          Judith 32, TN

          Lena 14

          James H. 11

          Jasper 8

          Newton 8

          Susan 4

          Lewis 2

          (all ch b. MO)   (M432 R397, p. 52)

Nelson 34, b. TN, here 25 Oct with: 

          Nancy 29, MO

          Letitah 11

          John T. 7

          Granville 5

          Mallary 3

          Mary J. 6 mos

          John Gauge, 24 

          (all b. MO)   (M432, R397, p. 59)



Ed 30, b. Ireland, here 25 Jun, Marion Twp, with: 

          Bridget 23, Ire

          James 5, MO

          Beckey 2, MO

          (M653 R615)

H. 26, b. IL, here 28 Jul among convicts in The MO Penitentiary, Jefferson City, for Grand Larceny.  (M653 R615, p. 415)

Hardin 30, b. MO, here 8 Jun Jefferson Twp, with: 

          Nicey 27, b. TN

          Caswell 18, MO

          Andy 2, MO

          baby 3 mos., MO

          (M653 R615, p. 199)

Henry 59, b. TN, here 8 Jun, Jefferson Twp, with: 

          Susan 56, b. TN

          Henry 18, MO

          (M653 R615, p. 199)

Jno. 45, b. MO, here 27 Jun, Marion Twp, Jefferson City p.o., with: 

          Rebecca 25, VA

          James 21, MO

          Susan 14, MO

          Lewis, 9, MO

          John W. 7, MO

          (M653 R615, p. 281)

John age 1, b. MO, here 3 Jul in boarding house household of John & Mary Dohlar, adjoining Lorenzo, Jefferson City p.o., Liberty Twp.  (M653 R615, p. 304)

Lorenzo 40, b. CT, here 3 Jul, Jefferson City p.o., Liberty Twp with: 

          Polly 39, NY

          Charles 17, NY

          Elijah 12, WISC

          Orin 9, WISC

          Elliot 3, WISC

          (M653 R615, p. 304)

Nelson 42, b. TN, here 28 Jun, Jefferson City p.o., Marion Twp. with: 

          Nancy 39, MO

          John T. 17

          Granville 15

          Malory 14

          Mary Jane 11

          Joseph 8

          Sydney (m) 6

          Caroline 4

          Benjamin 2 

          (all ch b. MO)     (M653 R615, p. 282)


Other Information:

Charles - Sergeant, Home Guards, on roster of Soldiers of 1861-65.  ('Hist of Cole, . . . Cos.,' Goodspeed, 1889)

Henry - In Home Guards, on roster of Soldiers of 1861-65

Henry McKenney & 3 sons, members here of the Montieau party from TN, earliest settlers 1815-16.  ('Hist of Cole . . .')

Henry McKenney made land entries here prior 1838  ('Hist of cole . . .')

James McKenny on list of taxpayer delinquents here 1821 'stray' ('MO Taxpayers 1819-1826,' Stanley & Wilsons.)

John McKenney made land entries here prior 1838  ('Hist of Cole . . .')

Lorenzo enrolled here 15 Jun 1861 in Co. C, Home Guards, First Regt., listed as Captain, Co. C on Rosters of Soldiers 1861-65.


Missouri     --     Cooper County


Francis McKenny md here 25 Jul 1832 Elizabeth Jones ('MO Marrs Before  1840,' Ormesher; LDS IGI 4/88)

Lucinda McKenney md here 3 Jun 1830 Hiram Howard ('Early Marr Recds 1819-1850 . . . of Cooper Co, MO,' Ellsberry, 1959; LDS IGI 4/88)

Census Information:


Francis F. here Maniteau Twp,

          2 males under 5

          1 5-9

          1 30-39

          1 female 5-9

          1 15-19

          no slaves

          (Natl Archives M714 R222, p. 140)


Missouri     --     Crawford County


Elizabeth md here 20 Aug 1846 T. B. Mattock (Marr Bk A-131; 'The Marr Recds of Crawford Co., MO . . . ' Woodruff, 1969)

Liday md here 26 Jul 1846 William Mattock  (MB A-117)

Martha md here 10 Jan 1847 Washington Phipps  (MB A-132)

Robert McKiney/McKenny md here 29 Sep 1831 Nancy Carter  (MB A-3)

William M. md here 23 May 1854 Isabel Tharpe  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Census Information:


John here 20 Aug, 44, b. KY, with: 

     Mary 51, VA

     James 19, TN

     Lucy 16, TN

     William 14, TN

     Francis (m) 12, TN

     M. A. (f) 10, TN

     Martha Phipps 24 (wid), TN

     Elizabeth Phipps 1, MO

          (Natl Archives M432 R397, p. 204)


Missouri     --     Dade County


William McCanny md here 4 Apr 1876 Surilda J. Kilber  (LDS IGI 4/88)


Missouri     --     Dallas County


Sarah McKiney md here 11 Sep 1870 Albert T. McCollins  (LDS IGI 4/88)


Missouri     --     Daviess County


Ellen md here 25 Dec 1855 Robert Wilson  (MB A-170' 'MO Misc. Vol 5,' Woodruff)

Nancy Francis md here 15 Apr 1852 George Louis Nickerson  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Census Information:


Felix H. McKinny, 34, Physician, b. KY, here 11 Aug with:

          Jane 33, KY

          Joseph L. 15, KY

          Nancy F. 14, KY

          Ellender 11, KY

          (Natl Archives M432 R398, p. 95)

Other Information:

Sarah here 1869, niece of John J. Phelps, New York City, per his will written 17 Apr 1869, pr 6 Feb 1874.  'Early Wills of No. Cen Co's of MO,' Ellsberry)

Thomas purch here 8 Jan 1838 a square block in Gallatin ('MO Pioneers Vol 6)

Wilson purch lot here 8 Jan 1838 in Gallatin, and also at 2nd sale here 24 May 1838 ('MO Pioneers, Vol 6')


Missouri     --     Dent County


Amanda md here 14 Jan 1886 Levi E. Pirtle  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Sallie md here 30 Nov 1882 John Shaw  (LDS IGI 4/88)


Missouri     -     Dunklin County


Elizabeth McKenney md here 1 Oct 1874 James Asherbramer  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Sary md here 10 Nov 1877 Moses Doolin  (LDS IGI 4/88)


John C. of Dunklin Co, d. Oxford, MS Jul 1862, in Co K, 5th MO Infantry (Confed)  ('MO Pioneers, Vol. VIII')

Sidney A. of Dunklin Co, d. Oxford, MS 5 Jul 1862, in Co. K, 5th MO Inf (Confed)  ('MO Pioneers, Vol. VIII')

Other Information:

Charles here 1 Jan 1883, Malden, receiving pension $8 per mo, for wound in lower jaw.  ('List of Pensioners on the Roll Jan 1, 1883,' as called for by Senate Res. Dec 8, 1882, Vol. V,'  Gen Pub Co, 1970)


Missouri     --     Franklin County


Anthony Wayne b. here 1845, p. David b. 1811, Clark Co, KY, md Susan Payne  (Note in MFA file)


George F. md here Sarah F. Webb  (see also Boone Co.)  ch:

          Etta md Wm. H. McMillan

          Ida md Wm. Bower

          John A., a teacher (see Boone Co.), d. Battle of Elkhorn, Civ War

          Lloyd (f) md W. D. Chauncy




          Charlie (f)




          (Note in MFA file)

Lucinda McKinny md here 2 Aug 1827 Benjamin Harris  (MB A-26A)  (The Marriage Records of Franklin Co., MO Books A & B . . . ', Woodruff, 1969)

Mary Jane md here 23 Jun 1844 Ben Jones  (MB A-229)  ''

Nany J. md here 3 Dec 1889 Mason Dickens  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Polly md here 2 Nov 1835 Joshua Pinkston  (MB A-94)   ''

Sarah md here 13 Aug 1829 Gilford Hurt  (MB A-40)   ''

Census Information:

David 40, b. KY, here 28 Sep with:

          Louisa 31, MO

          Augustus 12, MO

          John 8, MO

          Anthony 4, MO

          (Natl Arch M432 R399 p. 71)


David 49, b. KY, here 22 Sep, Beouff Crk, p.o., Beouff Twp, with:

          Maria L. 42, MO

          Augustus J. 21  (student M.D.)

          Anthonie (f) 15, MO

          David W. 10, MO

          Alexander 2, MO

          (Natl Arch M653 R619 p. 76)

Other Information:

Alexander entered land here 6 Aug 1818, homestead Section 15 Twp 45 Range 3 West, p.o. Etlah.  ('MO Miscell. Vol VII,' Woodruff, Mar 1979)

Charles W. McKinny on list of land & property taxpayers here 1823-24-25.  (MO Taxpayers 1819-1826,' Stanley & Wilsons)

William McKinny on list of land & property taxpayers here 1823-24-25.



Charles Robert b. here 7 Nov 1872, p. Joseph & Sarah Minerva (Carroll). (LDS IGI 4/88)

Freemont Jackson b. here 10 May 1870, p. Joseph & Sarah Minerva (Carroll) of Woodlam  (LDS IGI 4/88)


A. L. md here 21 Feb 1867 Fanny Ferrell (LDS IGI 4/88)

Culprenany McKenney md here 29 Aug 1852 Samuel T. Duncan, M.D. of Osage Co.  (MB B-58)

David md here 21 May 1834 Maria L. Massie  ('MO Marrs Before 1840' & note in MFA file)

Elizabeth McKenney md here 21 Apr 1850 John Duncan, at house of Thomas McKenney  (MB B-19)

Jane md here 1 Jan 1846 John Strain  (MB A-150)

Joseph md here 7 (or 10) Sep 1864 Sarah Minerva Carroll  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Landrew J. md here 3 Feb 1870 Hanner P. Yak  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Margaret McKenney md here 9 Dec 1849 William Lewis  (MB B-14)

Mary Susan md here 19 Mar 1889 Thurman Melford Price  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Martha md here 22 Jan 1857 Thomas Brimm  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Nancy J. md here 16 Apr 1888 James W. Duncan  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Robert md here 19 Mar 1837 Elizabeth Brigs  (MFA file item)

Tamsey (f) md here 8 Apr 1875 T. J. Johnson  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Thomas McKiney md here 5 Dec 1844 Elisabeth Scott  (MB A-140)

Thomas B. md here 4 Apr 1881 Malissa C. Shipman  (LDS IGI 4/88)

William T. md here 5 Sep 1869 Tabitha Lewis


H. A. d. here 29 Jun 1913, 72 yrs, bur. Old Salem Cem nr Owensville ('MO Miscellany Vol 14')

Hallie J. wf of H.A., d. here 7 Jan 1916, 68y 8m; bur Old Salem Cem  ('MO Miscellany Vol 14')

James d. here intestate; adminrx Rebecca apptd 23 Aug 1854.  ('MO Pioneers . . .  Vol 15')

John (1874-1959) bur here Old Salem Cem.  ('MO Miscel Vol 14')

Joseph d. 12 Jun 1918 (b. 9 Mar 1880), bur Old Salem Cem here  ('MO Miscell. Vol 14')

Census Information:


Thomas here:

          1 male 20-30

          1 f under 5

          1 15-19

          (Natl Archives M19 R72, p. 164)


David McKinney here, Roark Twp, with:

          1 m under 5

          2 20-29

          1 f 30-39

          (Natl Archives M704 R223)

James McKenny here Boulware Twp, with:

          1 m under 5

          1 20-29

          2 f 5-9

          1 10-14

          1 20-29


Missouri     --     Glasconade County Continued (2)

Census Information:

1840 continued:

Robert McKenney here, Boulware Twp:

          2 m under 5

          1 20-29

          1 f under 5

          1 20-29

Thomas McKenny here, Boulware Twp:

          1 m 5-9

          1 30-39

          2 f under 5

          1 10-14

          1 20-29

          ('MO Cens of 1840--GascCo' Brouse')


No McKinneys per index.


Robert 45, b. TN, here 5 Sep, Woollam p.o., Third Crk Twp, with:

          Elizabeth 46, TN

          Jennsey (f) 22, MO

          Joseph 16, MO

          William 13, MO

          Andrew 10, MO

          Elizabeth 7, MO

          Jane 5, MO

          Nancy 1, MO

          (Natl Arch M653 R619, p. 641)

Thomas 53, b. TN, here 7 Aug, Boulware Twp, with:

          Elizabeth 36, TN

          Joseph 19 MO

          Mary 13, MO

          Thomas B. 11, MO

          Nancy J. 9, MO

          Kate Susan 5, MO

          Robert 3, MO

          Henry 2, MO

          Martha Brim 22, MO

          William Brim 2, MO

          Elizabeth Brim 5 mos., MO

          (MFA file)

Other Information:

David McKenney security here 21 Jul 1845 for adminr est. of Wm. Gollier.  ('MO Pioneers Vol 15')

James McKenney  ('MO Pioneers Vol 15')

Thomas McKenney/McKiney security here 9 May 1839, 14 Apr 1845, & 15 Feb 1855 for Adminrs. of three ests.  (MO Pioneers Vol 15')


Missouri     --     Gentry County


Katherine Cecilia McKenny b. here 28 Oct 1869, p. Andrew Tomas McKenny & Jane (Setzer), Albany.  (LDS IGI 4/88; second entry gives fa name as Tomas Andrew.)

Other Information:

John here, King City, 1 Jan 1883, receiving pension $4/mo for mutilation of left hand, gun shot wound, originally allowed Mar 1878  ('List of Pensioners on The Roll Jan 1, 1883,' Vol. V, Gen Pub Co, 1970)


Missouri     --     Greene County


John Meyers b. here 1832, p. John & Margot (Lee) (Note in MFA file)


Bedford McKiney md here 7 Feb 1861 Mary A. E. Merritte ('Marr Recds . . ., MO,' Woodruff, 1971)

Elnathan Durkee McKenney md here 18 Jan 1843 Tabitha Caroline Campbell, dau of John Polk Campbell, founder of Springfield, MO.  (Marr Bk A-99)

Helly Jane McKiney md here 22 Jul 1860 Emery James Chrisly  (MB B)

James md here 22 Feb 1834 Rhoda Berdon  (MB A-12)

Lula md here (date?)  Frank H. Sheppard, p. Elnathan Durkee & Tabitha Caroline (Campbell)

Susan E. McKiney md here 26 Jun 1859 Isaac Redfearn  (MB B)

Census Information:

David 40, b. TN here 17 Sep, Polk Twp with:

          Elizabeth 38, TN

          Elvira S. 17, TN

          Hatty J. 15, TN

          William M. 13, TN

          Alexander 11, TN

          Isabella 9, TN

          Martha 7, TN

          Robert S. 4, TN

          (Natl Archives M432 R400 p. 286)

George 46, b. KY here 11 Oct, Finley Twp, with:

          Rebecca 42, KY

          Shelton A., 18, KY

          Jesse 17, KY

          Bedford K. 13, KY

          William W. 3, MO

          (M432 R400 p. 309)  (Note in MFA file lists Robert S. also but is not on microfilm.)


George 55, b. KY, here 4 Jun, Springfield p.o., Clay Twp, with:

          Rebecca 50, b. KY  (M653 R621)

L. M. 11, b. MO, here 9 Aug, Springfield p.o., Campbell Twp, in hh L. F. Campbell  (M653 R621)

T. C. 21, b TN, here 9 Aug, Springfield p.o., Campbell Twp, enum. with Co. Clerk.  (M653 R621)


George W. white male, 38, boarder, laborer, b. TN, p. b KY; here 308 E. Water, Springfield, with:

          Nancy J. wf 36, b. TN

          (Directory also lists Mrs. E. M. this add.) 

          ('Springfield, Green Co, MO Inhabitants in 1880,' W. Kearney Hall)

Henry wh, 25, hostler, b. MO, with:

          John wh, 23, hostler, b. MO

J. (poss. J. B.) wh 46, laborer, b. MO with:

          Elizabeth wf 45, b. TN, p. b. TN

          Florence 14, dau, b. MO

          Samuel 8 son, b. MO

          (Springfield, Green Co, MO Inhabs . . . ')

James B. wh m 23, hostler, b. TN & p. b. TN; res. on Pearl St. ''

Leva Ann colored, res. 312 Madison  (listed in Directory but not census)

Lula wf of Frank H. Sheppard, atty at law, here 419 E. Walnut

Susan McKenney wh f 19, works in cotton mill, b. ARK, p. b. TN.


Missouri     --     Green County continued (2)

Census Information:

1880 continued:

Thos. black 29, well digger, b. MO, p. b. TN, here with wf Mary B. 26, b. MO, p. b VA & NC.

W. H. teamster, here 1003 N. Main.

Other Information:

E. D. attorney here July term 1841; pub paper here Springfield 1846.  (Note in MFA file; 'Hist of Green Co., MO', 1883)

Jesse S. def here (w/Shelton A.) Aug 1863 term Co Circuit Ct, in suit re pmt of $200 note; property sold to satisfy debt per Springfield Journal 31 Mar 1863  ('Geneal Data fr SW MO Newspapers 1800-70,' M. H. Rising)

J. M. on list of early settlers here Aug 1833 in (then) Campbell Twp.  ('Hist of Green Co., MO', 1883)

Joseph christened here 29 Jul 1876, p. William & Serena Catharine (Breedon), at Immac Concept, Springfield  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Mary chr here 11 Dec 1873, p. Gulielmi (William) & Rainy (Breedan), Immaculate Conception, Springfield.  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Peter McKenna Supt of Natl Cemetery, b. Ireland, came to Green Co 1875, res Springfield p.o. ('MO Pioneers . . .  Vol 1')

Shelton A. deft here Aug 1863 suit in Co. Circuit Ct.  (w/Jesse)

Shelton M. deft here Aug 1863 term Co. Cir Ct re pmt of note, 'defendant absent fr usual place of abode.  Property sold to pay judgment.'  ('Geneal Data fr SW MO Newspapers . . ')

Nellie or Helena chr here 11 Dec 1873, p. Gulielmi & Rainy (Breedan), Immac Concep, Springfield  (LDS IGI 4/88)

William came here 1866, li Ash Grove p.o., b. Ireland.  ('MO Pioneers . .  Vol 1')


Missouri     --     Grundy County


Rachel md here 6 Jul 1852 Jeremiah B. Martin  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Missouri     --     Harrison County

Census Information:


William A. 41, b. PA, cabinet maker, here 28 Jun in Bethany with:

          Sarah A. 39, OH

          Samuel C. 11, OH

          Elizabeth A. 7, OH

          James F. 4, MO

          William 2, MO

          (List, MFA file)

Other Information:

F. H. settler here prior to 1850.  ('Hist of Harrison & Mercer Cos of MO,' Goodspeed, 1888)


Missouri     --     Henry County


Alice md here 10 May 1874 Marcellus J. Jackson  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Elizabeth md here 30 Jan 1884 2nd husband W. J. Graham, both from Noms, MO.  Elizabeth md 1st 10 Dec 1850 David Shuey in Miami Co., IND.  David d. 11 Aug 1871, Carroll Co., IND.  Elizabeth back in Carroll Co. 1892-3 trying to get Civ War pension of David Shuey.  (From query, 'The Prairie Gleaner, Vol 11 #1' West Cen MO Gen Soc.)

Granville md here 30 Dec 1875 Melissa J. Wirt  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Granville M. md here 7 Feb 1881 Martha E. Sanders

William J. md here 2 Mar 1884 Annie L. Chiles


Missouri     --     Holt County


George M. md here 2 Jul 1873 Anna Thomas  (LDS IGI 4/88)

George McKenney md here 2 Oct 1884 Melissa Groesbeck   ''

Permelia W. md here 5 Sep 1867 George M. Shackleford     ''

Rachael Ann md here 3 Jun 1856 Joshua Ent  ('MO Pioneers Vol 17')

Samuel md here 20 Mar 1866 Martha Ann Tolbert  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Thomas md here 13 Oct 1870 Jennie Williams


Jefferson d. here, b. 1803 Lincoln Co, KY; md Jane Givens; his p. poss. Archibald & Jean (McClure)  (MFA file notes)

Census Information:

A. B. 28, b KY, here 5 Jun, Nodaway Twp, Oregon p.o., with:

          Amanda J. 25, KY

          James T. 2, MO

          (Natl Arch M653 R623 p. 69)

T. J. 57, b KY, here 5 Jun, Nodaway Twp, with:

          Jane 58, KY

          Lucinda 21, KY

          Amelia 17, KY

          Samuel 19, KY

          Thomas 15, KY

          (M653 R623 p. 71)

Other Information: 

G. M. came here 1866, b. Guernsey Co, OH; mfr of carriages, li T62 R38, p.o. Mound City, patron of Holt Co Atlas 1877. 

Thomas J. came here 1852, b. Lincoln Co, KY; li T60 R38, p.o. Forest City, patron of Holt Co Atlas 1877.  ('MO Pioneers Vol 14')


Missouri     --     Howard County


Allen md here 20 Aug 1865 Caroline (LDS IGI 4/88)

Allen md here Sep 1875 Jane Hocker     ''

Caroline md here 20 Aug 1865 Allen      ''

Elizabeth md here 16 Jan 1830 Lewis Jones    ''

J. A. md here 6 Nov 1878 Bettie Radford        ''

Rev. John md here 13 Jun 1819 Anna Keshler (or Anne E. Austin Keschler), parents of 9 ch  (Note in MFA File & 'MO Marrs Before 1840,' p. 246)

John C. (of Boone Co) md here 1 Feb 1853 Elizabeth N. Tutt of Howard Co.  ('MO Pioneers . . . Vol 16')

John M. md here 19 Jun 1883 Jennie Maddox  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Mrs. Julia A. md here 2 Dec 1869 James M. Hicks  (MB 4A-144)

Martha S. md here 13 Dec 1866 Barrett B. Taylor  (MB 4A-91), ('MO Miscellany Vol IX,' Woodruff, 1980.  LDS IGI 4/88  Says md Burrell Bailey)

Stella md here 6 Sep 1882 Alfred Taylor

Zarilda H. md here 16 Jan 1849 Sidney Maupin of Boone Co.  (LDS IGI 4/88, & 'Marr Recds . .', Ellsberry)

Census Information:


Alexander 18, b. MO, here 9 Nov with:

          Martha 14, in hh

          Nancy Carole 50, KY

          (Natl Arch M432 R401 p. 213)

Other Information:

John here 1819 (md Anna Keshler), b. 3 Apr 1798 on Holston River, Washington Co, VA.  About 1830 moved to Oak Grove, Jackson Co, MO, and 1847 to Oregon where d. 17 Jun 1878, Brownsville, OR.  ('VA Settlers in MO,' Coppage & Wulfeck)

Abraham on list of land & property taxpayers here 1822-23-24  ('MO Taxpayers 1819-1826,' Stanley & Wilsons)


Missouri     --     Iron County


John R., Jr. md here 10 Feb 1881 Pernelia Adaline Hodges  (MB C-174)  ('MO Miscellany Vol 12')

Loulie D. md here 10 Nov 1881 James V. Moore  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Mrs. Margaret md here 30 May 1863 Josiah/Joseph Bradshaw  (MB A-74; 'MO Pioneers Vol 30,' Woodruff)

Theodore McKenney md here 15 Sep 1869 Isabella Reyburn   (MB B-215; 'MO Pioneers Vol 30,' & LDS IGI 4/88)


Archibald d. here intestate; adminr apptd 24 Sep 1859  (B-46); ('MO Pioneers, Vol 12')

Other Information:

Agnes Belle mentioned here 24 Apr 1853, will of Sam A. Reyburn.   ('MO Pioneers, Vol 23,' Woodruff)

Dr. J. R. li here Belleview 1866; b. 20 Nov 1813 Owen Co, KY; md in KY 15 Mar 1842 Martha T. Johnson; moved from Warren Co, KY to Iron Co, MO 1866.  Children:

          Mary E

          Richard J.

          Theodore F.

          William T.

          Walter S.

          John R.

          H. H.

          David J.

          L. D.

          H. S. inf son d. 1858

Dr. J. R. p. William (b. VA 1786) & Sarah (Randolph) b (NJ), md Jefferson Co, KY 1806.  William p. James (b. VA, d. 1830 Butler Co, KY) & Mary (Beattie)  James fa & 2 bros immig fm Ireland to VA.  (Info sheet on Dr. J. R. fm Goodspeed's 'Hist of SE MO,' MFA file)



Missouri     --     Jackson County


George Bula b. here 27 Jul 1840, p. John & Ann E. (Austin)   (LDS IGI 4/88)

John Ferrel b. here 1 Jun 1832, p. John & Ann E. (Austin) of Oak Grove)  Note:  a 2nd entry gives birthday 13 Jun 1832)  (LDS IGI 4/88)

Joseph A. b. here 7 Apr 1835, p. John & Annie (Keschler) of Independence   (LDS IGI 4/88)

Jos. Harber b. here 23, Nov 1853, Bap. 30 Jan 1869 Congreg Ch, Greenwood, Mo.  ('Vital Hist Recds of Jackson Co,' DAR, 1933)

Mary Melissa b. here 12 Oct 1851, bp. 2 Jan 1869   ('Vital Hist Recds of Jackson Co,' DAR, 1933)

Sarah R. b. here 1 Aug 1838, p. John & Annie (Keschler) of Independence.   (LDS IGI 4/88)

William W. b. here 20 Aug 1820, p. John & Annie (Keschler) of Independence.   (LDS IGI 4/88)



Jonathan md here 4 Jan 1872 Lauina F. Arnell   (LDS IGI 4/88)

M. M. (f) md here 31 Dec 1878 William Haney             ''

Margaret L. md here 9 Feb 1858 George McKnown   (Bk 4-78)   ('The Marr Recds of Jackson Co., MO,' Vol 2, Vineyard, 1970)

Marry Ellen md here 26 Nov 1871 Joel Force   (LDS IGI 4/88)

Mary Hanley md here 18 Aug 1859 Richard Shanks (she of Callaway Co)  ('The Marr Recds of Jackson Co., MO,' Vol 2)

Matilda Ann McKenney md here 26 Oct 1847 John Evans   (LDS IGI 4/88)

Montamaier (f) md here 31 Aug 1879 William McDonald             ''

Nancy E. md here 30/31 Dec 1856 Robert Freeman                  ''

William W. md here 17 Apr 1847 Matilda Darby                        ''

Zerilda G. md here 4 Jan 1846 Isaac S. Snodgrass                   ''



Eliza  (wf of Wm. A.) d. here at 4 a.m. 29 Dec 1885, 466 6m 29d, bur New Santa Fe Ch Cem   ('Vital Hist Recds of Jackson Co., . . . ,' DAR, 1933/4)

Elizabeth J. (dau of Wm. A. & E. A.) d. here 14 Apr 1880, 17y 4m 21d, bur New Santa Fe Ch Cem   (Vital Hist Recds . . . ')

Elizabeth d. here 14 Aug 1880   ('Vital Hist Recds . . . ,' DAR)

James McKinny will recd here 3 Mar 1868.  Ch:





          Thos. W.

Wit:  Alexander McKinny   (M-287)  ('Prairie Gleaner, Vol 1,' West Cen Mo Gen Soc)

John McKeney bur here Wells Family Burying Ground, later moved to Belton; stone:

      'B. 1803, age 80 yrs.'   ('Vital Hist Recds . . . ' DAR)

Mary Ann d. 1904 (b. 1833), bur here Greenwood Cem.   ('Vital Hist Recds . . .  ', DAR)

William d. 1875 (b. 1829), bur here Greenwood Cem.                     ''

William A. d. here 12 Jan 1900, 72y 11m 27d, bur New Santa Fe Ch Cem   ('Vital Hist Recds of Jackson Co., . . . ' DAR)

(male) McKenney d. here Feb 1874, per male mbrship list, West Fork Bap Ch, Raytown.  ('Vital Hist Recds . . . ' DAR)


Missouri     --     Jackson County continued (2)

Census Information:


John here:      2 m 5-9

                     1 15-19

                     1 30-39

                     3 f under 5

                     1 30-39

                     (Natl Archives M19 R73, p. 311)


John here:      1 m under 5

                     2 5-9

                     2 15-19

                     1 40-49

                     1 f under 5

                     1 5-9

                     2 10-14

                     1 40-49

                     (M704 R224, p. 77)


Francis T. b. 1809 KY, here with:

                     wf Elizabeth ch:

                     James S.


                     William D.

                     Greenup A.

                     Jane A.

                     Redmon D.


                     (Note in MFA file)

Redman McKinny 35, blacksmith, b. VA, here 2 Sep, Blue Twp, with:

                     Melissa 34, b KY

                     Nancy 13, MO

                     Greenup 11 (m), MO

                     William S. 8, MO

                     Francis (m) 3, MO

                     (M432 R402, p. 285, Natl Archives)

Samuel McKinny 36, farmer, b. KY here 11 Sep, Blue Twp, with:

                     Artemicia 35, KY

                     Margaret 12, MO

                     Liberty (f) 2, MO

                     8 slaves

(Note:  Artemicia dau of Wm B. McLean per his will pr Rand Co Jan 1846 -- 'Rand Co Admin & Will Recds,' Ellsberry)  (Natl Arch M432 R402, p. 304)


Eliza McKinny 13, b. NY, here 9 Jun, Kans, City in hh J. J. Kleine Fam.   (Natl Arch M653 R625, p. 55)

James McKinny 31, laborer, b. Ireland, here 9 Jun, Kans City with:

                     Ester 44, IL

                     Ester 9, NY

                     (M653 R625, p. 56)

R. D. 46, wagoner, b KY, here 2 Jun, Independence City with:

                     Melissa 44 KY

                     William L. 16 MO

                     Frank 13 MO

                     Alice 8 MO

                     Jenny L. 6 MO

                    (M653 R625, p. 247)


Other Information:

Annie, Cinderella, Frank, Henrietta, Kate (Mrs. Weeks), Mollie (Mrs. Klapmyer), Perry, Susie, William on mbrship roll, Christian Church at New Santa Fe (no date)   ('Vital Hist Recds of Jackson Co., MO . . . ' K. D. Chap DAR, 1933/4)

F. M. security here 21 Mar 1859 for Admr est Wm. T. Steward  ('MO Pioneers Vol 21')

F. T. security here 5 Jul 1852 for admr est Mary Mahon (Mehan)   ('MO Pioneers Vol 4')

Rev. John here 1830, Oak Grove, with wf Anna (Austin) Keshler and fam.  Occ: farmer, postmaster & itinerant Meth min.  Came from VA where b. 3 Apr 1798 on Holston River, Wash. Co., to Howard Co., MO by 1819.  In 1847 moved to OR where d. Brownsville 17 Jun 1878.  ('VA Settlers in MO,' Coppage & Wulfeck)

Joseph Harber here 30 Jan 1869 on mbr list Congreg Ch, Greenwood   ('Vital Hist Recds Jackson Co., MO' DAR)


Missouri     --     Jackson County continued (3)

Other Information continued:

Miss Mary Melissa here 2 Jan 1869 on mbr list Congreg Ch, Greenwood   ('Vital Hist Recds Jackson Co. . .')

Nancy dau of Thomas Lilliard whose est admin here 13 Jan 1845.  ('MO Pioneers . . .  Vol 3')

S. L. security here 24 Mar 1856 for excrs of will Albert G. McGee   ('MO Pioneers Vol 21')

Samuel L. security here 14 Nov 1853 for admr of Duke W. Simpson est., & sec here 22 Nov 1855 with others  ($1 Million bond) for admrs est Jabes Smith.  (MO Pioneers, Vols 4 & 21')

Mrs. W. received here 1 Mar 1869, mbr roll 1st Presby Ch, Greenwood    ('Vital Hist Recds Jackson Co. . . ')

W. F. li here 15 Jun 1915, p.o. Kans City, when Confederate soldier pension appr by state, Cert #1664.  ('MO Miscell. Vol 16', Woodruff)

William wf & 11 ch, who li west of Martin City across Kansas line, were mbrs Bethlehem (MO) Ch of Christ as of 24 May 1845; & among several fams later org the ch here at New Santa Fe, MO, the eastern end of historic S. F. Trail to Old Santa Fe, NM.  William & Eliza on mbr list Bethlehem Congreg. Ch at reorgn here 21 May 1866.   ('Vital Hist Recds of Jackson Co. . . ')


Missouri     --     Jasper County


Elector (f) md here 10 Oct 1871 John R. Clark (MB D-87)  ('Recds of Jasper Co MO, Vol 2 MB C&D, Brief Hist , , , ,' Harrington & Bottoms, 1969)   (LDS IGI 4/88)

G. W. (m) md here 23 May 1883 Sarah M. C. Taylor   (LDS IGI 4/88)

James E. md here 2 Mar 1879 Cora Bell Brown                  ''

John of Jasper Co md Barton Co 2 Dec 1877 Lilley Tindell of Jasper Co  (Barton Co MB A-193)   ('MO Pioneers . . . ')

Josephine md here 9 Sep 1868 Andrew J. Swank   (C-156)   (Recds of Jasper Co. . .  Vol 2. . . ' & LDS IGI 4/88)

Rachel md here 14 Mar 1883 Herman Mertz   (LDS IGI 4/88)


Census Information:


John R. 38, b KY, here 18 Oct with:

           Temperance 34, KY

           Samuel 13, KY

           Mary 11, KY

           Benjamin T. 9, MO

           William H. 7, MO

           (Natl Arch M432 R402, p. 397)  (Note in MFA file also lists a John 1853 but not on census microfilm)


Missouri     --     Jefferson County


Edwin E. md here 18 Jan 1882 Sarah A. Hagard   (LDS IGI 4/88)


Census Information:


Solomon here, Jackson Twp:  1 m 30-39    (Natl Arch M19 R72 p. 120)


Missouri     --     Johnson County


Elizabeth Jane b. here 1830 (p. not shown)   (LDS IGI 4/88)



Emily A. md here 19 Dec 1855 Joseph C. Revis   (LDS IGI 4/88)

F. T. (m) md here 5 Jan 1853 Berelda Davis             ''

M. J. (m) md here 3 Jan 1867 A. D. Hill                    ''


Census Information:


Jonathan here, Wash. Twp: 

           1 m 20-29

           1 f 15-19

           (Natl Archives M704 R224, p. 7)


Francis T. 41, farmer, b. KY, here 14 Dec, Jackson Twp, with:

           Elizabeth 41, KY

           James L. 17, MO

           Emily 15, MO

           William D. 11, MO

           Greenup A. 9, MO

           Jane A. 6, MO

           Redmon D. 1 MO

           Mary 3, MO

           (M432 R403 p. 80)


Burilla (f) 52, b. NO, here 18 Jul, Jackson Twp, Columbus p.o., with:

           Julia A. 5, MO

           Louisa J. Davis 22, MO

           Benjamin Davis 17, MO

           M653 R626, p. 833)

Franklin 40, merchant, b. KY, here 20 Jul, Town of Kingsville in hh John & Sarah Stokely,   (M653 R626, p. 840)

John 24, hotel clerk, b. PA, here 15 Aug, town of Harrisburg   (M653 R626, p. 901)

Samuel 35, b. NC, here 10 Jul Jackson Twp, carpenter, in hh Charles & Margaret Whitcomb.   (M653 R626 p. 807)


Missouri     --     Knox County


Annette b. here 18 Feb 1869, p. William Washington & Rebekah Ann (Bryant)   (LDS IGI 4/88)

Denver b. here 6 Apr 1919, p. Robert Seldom & Alice Lee (Goodwin)   (LDS IGI 4/88)

Floyd Dallas b. here 25 Sep 1908, p. Robert Seldom & Alice Lee (Goodwin)   (LDS IGI 4/88)

Robert Seldom b. here 11 Dec 1887, p. William & Rebecca (Bryant)   (LDS IGI 4/88)

Sarah Alice b. here 28 Jan 1874, p. William & Rebecca (Bryant)   (LDS IGI 4/88)

Velma J. b. here 1 Jan 1914, p. Robert Seldom & Alice (Goodwin), Edina   (LDS IGI 4/88)

William Eugene b. here 29 Sep 1876, p. William & Rebecca (Bryant)   (LDS IGI 4/88)



Darcus md here 21 Sep 1856 James Prewet   ('MO Pioneers Vol 11')

Drisilla md here 1 Oct 1849 Wesley Barnes   (LDS IGI 4/88)

Hugh md here 24 Jan 1850 Darcus Davis   ('MO Pioneers Vol 11')

Sarah Alice md here 10 Aug 1892 James William Nicol   (LDS IGI)

William md here 25 Jan 1850 Matilda Burk   (LDS IGI 4/88)

William Washington md here 11 Feb 1862 Rebecca Ann Bryant   (LDS IGI 4/88)

William W. md here 6 Mar 1884 Cora E. Hurlbert   (LDS IGI 4/88)


Census Information:


Druscilla 69, b. KY, alone here, Benton Twp, 31 Oct.   (Natl Archives M432 R403 p. 96)

William McKenny 46, b. KY, here 29 Oct, Benton Twp, with:

          Sutilda 38, KY

          Richard 14, IND

          William W. 9, IL

          William S. Burke 5, IND

          Walker Burke 14, Ind

          (M432 R402 p. 96)   (Note:  cf marr above William & Matilda Burk)


John McKiney 24, b. NY, here 8 Jun Benton Twp, Millport & Colony p.o., in hh James & Sarah Hillbert   (M653 R627 p. 22)

Richard McKiney 23, b. Ind, here 8 Jun, Benton Twp, Millport & Colony p.o. in hh Walter & Julia Parish.   (M653 R627 p. 22)


Other Information:

Rachael    24 Sep 1850, sister, in will of Andrew Graydon this date, given property in Harrisbur, PA but will filed here.  ('MO Pioneers . . .  Vol 22', Woodruff)

William W.   Pvt, in Co. N, 2d Northeast Mo Home Guard Vols, enrolled 24 Jun 1861, discharged here 24 Oct 1861.  ('Mo Pioneers, Vol 27')


Missouri     --     Researchers

Cornell Allred, 9906 Belmont, Bellflower, CA  90706

Margaret Baker, 250 Enlow, Blackwell, OK 74631

Jessie Brown, 5555 SE King Rd. #233, Milwaukie, OR  97222

Joyce Capps, 1420 E. Walnut, Carbondale, IL  62901

Lester Clark, 234 E. 1st No., Rigby, ID  84002

Charlett Creesy, 18891 SW Eagle Parkway, McMinnville, OR  97128

Barbara Crumpton, P.O. Box 1531, Duncan, OK  73533

June Davis, P.O. Box 551, West Plains, MO  65775

Dorothy Ann Deck, 825 So. Alma School Road, Apt 231, Mesa, AZ  85210

Alice Fisher, 501 Via Casitas #523, Greenbrae, CA  94904

Diane Fletcher, 802 Kiowa Drive W., Lake Kiowa, TX  76240

Monica Grey, Box 1495, Bonners Ferry, ID  83805

Dorothy P. Gross, 10615 237th Pl. SW, Edmonds, WA  98020

Bill Guthrie, 11513  107th St. SW, Tacoma, Wa  98498

Thomas Haskett, 1607 Luther, Emporia, KS  66801

Beth Hugenot, 16612 SE Key Ct., Milwaukie, OR  97267

Kay Inman (Mrs. Robert) formerly of Anchorage, AK

Helen Keeler, 816 Sheridan, Salina, KS  67401

Jean Langford, 8 Eldridge Ct., _________, CA  94707

Helen MacDonald, Route 2, Box 150B, Hayden Lake, ID  83835

Avery McKinney, Route 2, Box 161, Mexia, TX  76667

Blanche & Ed McKinney, 1230 S. Fremont, Springfield, MO  65804

Carol W. McKinney, 460 Belleview, Ave., Webster Grove, MO  63119


Missouri     --     Researchers continued (2)

Claude S. McKinney, 2203 W. 10th St., The Dallas, OR  97058

David Bruce McKinney, 817 Curtis Dr., Nashville, TN  37207

George G. McKinney, 31 Sparrow Lane, Port Ludlow, WA  98365

Judy (Mrs. Lyndel) McKinney, Rt. 2, Box 256, Halfway, MO  65663

Marcia McKinney, 31221 1st Pl. SW, Federal Way, Wa  98003

Pauline Biggs McKinney, 3808 Knollcrest Dr., Farmington, NM  87401

Roy B. McKinney, 3922 Van Ness Lane, Dallas, TX  75220

Troy McKinney, Rt. 4, Box 113, Marshall, AR  72650

Paul Main, PO Box 86, Cavendish, VT  05142

Francis Manning, 433 Westwood Drive, Ames, IA  50010

Miriam Schaefer, 430 Bryan Ave., Kirkwood, MO  63122

Gary C. Steffens, 8314 Sheffield Rd., San Gabriel, CA  91775


McKinney Family Association Library Holdings -- Revised January 1989

In the interest of space, only the last name of the author is listed, the publishing company and the place of publication are omitted, but the date of publication is given as the final item for each entry.


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Kirkwood                New Jersey (Collected County Information)

McKinney Genealogy Information Copied from McClung Historical Collection, Knox County Public Library System

Ohio McKinneys, Collected Information

Sebring                  The Sebring Family in the Netherlands, 1975

(End of Spring 1989 Issue)