The McKinney Maze



Vol VIII #1


Spring 1988


ISSN 0736-2420



Newsletter of the McKinney Family Association







Letter from Barbara

 From The Editor's Desk

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 People Researching McKinneys in Indiana

 People Researching McKinneys in Iowa

 Unidentified McKinneys Found in Illinois

 Unidentified McKinneys Found in Indiana

 Unidentified McKinneys Found in Iowa

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The McKinney Family Association & Library was founded September 1981 as a non-profit, educational association and library, dedicated to researching, preserving and collecting historical and family history and data, not necessarily all of lineal or legal families, but all those interested in the McKinney surname and variants and to assist and instruct in genealogical research and to publish private and public records and educational articles. Bylaws and Constitution adopted October 1981 and granted non profit, incorporation 3 May 1983 by the State of Oklahoma. Trustees are Barbara Pannage Stanfield, E. Neil Stanfield and Richard A. Kipf.




Barbara Pannage Stanfield, Coordinator

Peter Campbell McKinney, Registrar – Treasurer

Ed and Blanche McKinney, Editors - Librarians

Wilma C. Cook, Indexing



The Editor is not responsible for the errors in submitted materials, all such material is placed in the Association library and files. Books received for review are placed in the lending library for members only.


Indexed in Genealogical Periodical Annual Index, Laird C. Towle, Editor, Bowie, MD



A Letter from Barbara


How grateful we all are that we have found new editors for this publication. Blanche and Ed McKinney (Springfield, MO) are so well qualified to take on this job, and we are so very fortunate. It's hard to imagine that anyone would be able to fill the shoes of Pat Kirkwood. If anyone can, it will surely be Blanche and Ed. They have recently moved from Yukon, MO to Springfield where they both have returned to school. Ed is working toward his Ph.D. in history at the University of Missouri at Columbia and has taught at two universities. Blanche has a Master's degree in English from Washington University in St. Louis and plans to complete a Master's degree in library science from the University of Missouri at Columbia next year. She has worked in a public school library and has served as a reference librarian for an academic library. Now, we didn't ask for a resume when seeking a new Maze editor. But aren't these two mini-resumes outstanding?


As willing as Blanche and Ed seemed to be to tackle the job, something came between them and the task. In early May they had begun work on this issue when Blanche took a fall and had a bad break in a leg. Keeping it elevated prevented her from sitting at a computer, let alone getting to a library to do research.


And speaking of research . . . whereas Blanche and Ed seem willing to do some of it, we all need to help in any way we can. If you all have done research for states that we've already written about and have discovered information that hasn't been previously published, please pass it on to them. If you have research for states that we've not yet covered, please pass it on too. It will be included in future issues of the Maze.


Thanks to all of you who responded to the winter questionnaire and so many volunteered to help in some way. Several of those have agreed to type (or put on computer) McKinney information by counties in a given state. We have an outline for you to follow if you're willing to tackle a state and there is no deadline. We will send you the information from our files for the state you choose and you can add what you have. Then your information will be placed in a notebook McKinneys in (State) and added to our library for loan to others researching McKinneys in that state. This is a huge undertaking, but also a worthwhile project. It will be of tremendous benefit to all McKinney researchers present and future. Please let me know if you will take a state.


If you have McKinney information that you have not yet sent the Association on any of the following states, please pass it on to those working on that state:




New Jersey   -     Pat Kirkwood

Maryland    -     Viola Sartin

Pennsylvania -     Lu Eisler

Kentucky    -     Ruby Tucker

Missouri     -     Dorothy Gross


We shall leave the number of issues of the 1987 Volume of the Maze at 3. With this issue we shall begin the 1988 Volume. The Maze henceforth shall consist of three issues annually, but the number of pages will be approximately the same as in the past. This will have the Association a great deal of money and allow us to purchase more books and do more research.


Some members are looking for lost McKinney researchers. If you have a current address for any of the following, please let Barbara Stanfield know:


            Dorothy Deck

            Gloria & Jack Henschen

            Mrs. Kenward Harris McKinney


Dorothy Gross found at a local antique and collectibles show an exhibitor (Steve Myers, Sandpoint, ID) who has three land grant certificates for an Archibald McKinney of Adair Co., Missouri in the 1850's. Is anyone out there interested in that Archibald? Does anyone know anything about him?


Wilson Jones (Lawrenceville, GA) and others are working to make additions and corrections to Petty's book, Some Descendants of Mordecai McKinney. Dozens of members of the Association are descendants of Mordecai. Only four of his children are represented in our membership. We don't know any of the descendants of his children Jacob, Ann or Mordecai. Do you? Write Wilson if you can help with additions and corrections to the book.


Again, thanks for all your comments. Some of the suggestions made:

1.       have members send in an article on their particular family

2.       print some old pictures

3.       have some stories on accomplishments of contemporary McKinneys

4.       have a reunion of all McKinneys

5.       publish family reunion dates and places

6.       if someone has done a family tree, reduce it for publication

7.       raise the dues


Please pitch in and help the Association if you can . . . with your research notes, articles for the Maze, typing, etc. Thanks.


            Barbara Stanfield



From the Editor's Desk


When Barbara Stanfield announced that Pat Kirkwood had resigned as editor, my husband and I decided we should do our part at least for a year or so. We have appreciated Pat's work tremendously, and we hope we can continue somewhat in the style which she has established.


First let us introduce ourselves. My husband, Edgar (he prefers Ed) has worked as a high school and college history teacher, as a junior high principal, a music store owner, and farmer. A year ago, we decided to sell the music store, rent the farm, and send him back to college to finish his Ph.D. in history. He already had an M.A. in history and almost a 'specialist' degree in education. So, with many professors who are younger than he, he hopes to finish his course work around December. He presently has an assistantship which involves work with the University of Missouri and with the Missouri Cultural Heritage Center. History has always interested him, and he says it probably began when he was a child and the McKinneys in his family gathered at his grandparents' house on Sundays. The women stayed inside, but the men gathered outside, weather permitting, and swapped family stores. He remembers many of these stories and he still loves to visit his uncles and share more family history.


I acquired the McKinney name twenty-eight years ago this summer, but I have enjoyed sharing my husband's interest in his fascinating family. I have taught high school English for many years, and worked as a high school librarian. I hold an M.A. in English and hope to finish a master's degree in library science next summer. I presently teach English at Hillcrest High School in Springfield, MO.


Our only son, Fredric, has finished his second year in college, where he majors in music.


In 1985, we published our first effort in family history. We had been researching the McKinney family since the sixties, and we had accumulated so much material that it was totally frustrating when someone came wanting a copy of what we had. In fact, I think the actual decision came one summer when Ed was cutting hay on a farm we owned about three miles from our house. When he left that morning, he asked me to bring his lunch precisely at 11:45. At 11:30, I had it ready and was about to leave the house, when a lady from Iowa arrived with three children and wanted 'to copy our McKinney information'. I quickly spread it out across the dining table. I shall never forget that what she said. She sat there with a tiny notepad, probably two by three inches, shook her head and said, 'Oh me, oh my'. She and I were both frustrated, and by the time I got Ed's lunch to him, late of course, I had decided we were going to get that material into print of some form. Our book is titled Five Generations of Henry McKinney's Descendants in Texas County, Missouri.




We researched our family for years before we could find an earlier ancestor than James McKinney, my husband's great-great-great grandfather. We knew that James was born in Campbell Co., TN, in 1792, came to Cole Co., MO (just west of Jefferson City) in the early 1800's, then moved to Texas Co. in the 1840's, where he lived the rest of his life. We have gone to Campbell Co., TN three times, and although we have met some wonderful McKinneys there, they seem to be descended from McKinneys who came into that area after ours moved to Missouri. Finally after a day of searching in the Jefferson City courthouse, we almost accidentally found records of James' father, Henry, who died in Cole Co. in 1834. We also found the names of his children. We still can't find his wife's name—she may have died earlier—nor do we know where he lived before Campbell Co., TN. There are many Henry McKinneys in the late 1700's, and we cannot identify 'our' Henry as yet. We have much material on Henry McKinneys in the late 1700's. If any of you are searching for one of them, we will be glad to share what we have.




People Researching McKinneys in Illinois


Brown County


William E. Benson, 4024 Montwood Drive, Dallas, TX 75229 and

Mildred Huntsman, Rt 1-H, Box 3, Emerson, IA 51333

Martha Patsey b. KY, md. James Knight Christian Co., KY d. here 1892


Pauline McKinney, 940 W. Rio Magdalena, Green Valley, AZ 85614

Thomas bought land here 1846 & 1849 from Charles who md. Abagail Miccum 1836 Preble Co., OH


Calhoun County

Betty Jane Thomson, 822 Elm St, Clinton, IN 47842

Alfred d. here 1922


Christian County

Arvilla McKinney, 3032 Wilton Lane, Okla. City, OK 73120

Edward b. 1824 Ire., md 1854 York Co., PA, Lydia Ann Kessler, d. here 1903 in Stonington; 9 children


Marion McKinney, 11 Jaca Place, Hot Springs, AR 71909

William M. b. 1831 TN, here on 1880 Census; p b. GA, md Winniefred Mackey


Clark County

William Watson, 201 Maple Ave., La Porte, IN 46350

Celia McKinney Hurst moved here 1829; on 1850 Census here age 57 and a widow


Clay County

Stephen Cox, 2810 Belcourt Ave., Nashville, TN 37212

William, b. 1821, md Patsy Hurst, here on 1850 Census


Dewitt County

Stephen Cox – see Clay County above

Martha Louisa, b. here 1857; f. William; md 1/Stephens 2/Michael Shannon, 3/Steve Hamilton


Edwards County

Terry Harper, PO Box 205, Albion, IL 62806

Susannah Bishop McKinney Johnson d. here 1892; also lived Wayne and Wabash Cos., IL


Vivian Edwards, Rt 1 Box 431, Bismarck, IL 61814

Alfred here mid-1800's, b. ca 1809 KY; f. Lampton of Bartholomew Co., IN (?); md Mary Gupton


Fayette County

Roselyn Wallis, 329 S Douglas, Springfield, IL 62704

Joseph moved here from St. Clair Co; may have d. bef 1840 Census


Fulton County

Shirley Suydam, 354 E. Central St., Farmington, IL 61531

Eli, her g grf, b. here 1849


Julia Lesh, 2348 Lord Baranof Dr., Anchorage, AK 99517

Barbara b 1797 PA, md Elijah Bocock; lived here & Stark Co


Grundy County

Anne Reed, PO Box 388, Cherokee Village, AR 72525

George W. b. 1822 VA; md Sarah; d. here Saratoga Twp.


Hancock County

Catherine Durham, 314 Sunnybrook Dr., Hurricane, WV 25526

William H. b ca 1809 KY; here by 1842 from Sullivan Co., IN


Henderson County

Dorothy McKinney, Box 22, Gladstone, IL 61437

John, b 1801 KY; p George and Ann Riley; to OH 1820; helped settle this county


Henry County

June Wenkle, 3333 Linda Vista SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106

Salem F. lived here; son Earnest Elija b. here 1800




Jackson County

Fran Rogers, Box 261, St. Regis, MT 59866

James McKinney or Kinney md here 1872; d here


Mary Marolda, 19884 Veronica, Saratoga, CA 95070 and

Martha Parker, 3366 LaMesa #10, San Carlos, CA 94070

Thomas b. c 1817 TN; md here 1846 Nancy Davis; son of Cain (Kane) b. GA c 1780


Vernon Holst, Box 377, Newell, SD 57760

Son of Hannah who md Tyra Jennings 1792 came here


Jefferson County

Pauline McKinney, see Brown County

George Washington b c 1762, p G. W. & Elizabeth Birkhead, settled here, d 1837


Jersey County

Dorothy Theurer, 151 E. Penning Ave., Wood River, IL 62095

Abraham b. VA, d. here 1840


Knox County

Jean Langford, 8 Eldridge Court, Kensington, CA 94707

George Washington lived here, son William Temple b here 1872


Lee County

Iris McKinney, 1207 S. Black Ave., Bozeman, MT 59715

Ellen b 1857 Warren Co PA; d here; son Charles O.; prob unmd


Logan County

Elaine Lionberger, 6825 SE Clackamas Rd., Milwaukie, OR 97222 &

Loren Gardner, 17338 Zola St., Granada Hills, CA 91344

Daniel F. b c 1780; md Hethy; lived here 1840-50-60


Macon County

Mary Bevard, 3451 W. 95th Ave., Westminster, Co 80030

William Alexander b 1821, Orange Co., IN here in 1851


Macoupin County

Howard Dixson, 9826 Bartley Ave., Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 &

Betty Rutledge, 423 Wellsley Dr., SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106

John b. 1760 Camden Dist SC; md Catherine Eaves; d here 1843; RW soldier


Madison County

Maurice McKinney, Rt 1 Box 403-B, Monrovia, IN 46157

Cornelius md Mary O'Dell; d here 1867


Shirley Thompson, Rt 10 Box 64, Spartanburg, SC 29303

John Jr., here from Rutherford Co., NC, 1808. Is this same line as Dixson & Rutledge above?


Howard Dixson, see Macoupin Co.

Nancy E., dau of John Jr., b here 1811; md f. Kendall to Navarro Co., TX


Marion County

Roselyn Wallis, see Fayette Co.

Joseph here in Raccoon Twp. 1823 (formerly Fayette Co)


Marshall County

June Wenkle, see Henry Co.

Salem F. lived here 1880, Cen as Salom McKinnalli, Stark Co


Julia Lesh, see Fulton Co

Barbara b 1797 PA, md Elijah Bocock, lived here


Menard County

Stephen Cox, see Clay Co.

William b. 1821; md Patsy Hurst; d here 1870


Morgan County

Albert Jones (letter returned, does anyone have his address?)

Joseph md Wilmuth Jones, 1815 Christian Co., KY, d here


Charlette Creesy, 18891 SW Eagle Pt Way, McMinnville, OR 97128

William Felix b. here 1828, son of Stephen (b 1796 KY) & Louisa (Anderson)




Peoria County

Shirley Ross, 800 South Elm, Jefferson, IA 50129

David b Ire c1783, here 1850, wife Abigail


Debbie Wirth, Rt 1, Grasston, MN 55030

John Lewis Regenold b. here 1867; mar a McKinney b Ire


Gloria Miller, 4 State Home Rd., Jamesburg, NJ 98831

Pleasant Miller b 1861 KY, d here 1952


Piatt County

Mary Bevard, see Macon Co.

John to here 1847, nephews Andrew and James here 1849


Pike County

Pauline McKinney, see Brown Co.

Charles Harold b. here 1861; p. Thomas & Jeanette Keller


Lucile DeHart, Rt 2 Box 69 A, Pittsfield, IL 62363 and

Ruth McKinney, PO Box 351, Spring City, UT 84662

William md Nancy McAllister, d here 1868, son of George;

Wm's son Samuel md here 1862 Sarah Latham


Robert Laughrige, 207 E. North St., RR 1, Bloomfield, IA 52537

James W., son of George & Mary (Campbell), d. here 1884


George G. McKinney, 31 Sparrow Lane, Port Ludlow, WA 98365

George C., b c1822 OH, md here 1838 Elizabeth Burkhead, rem to Pike Co., MO


St. Clair County

Roselyn Wallis, see Fayette Co.

Joseph here c 1808 near the Radcliffs


Sangamon County

Barbara Dehle, 8007 Lake Forest, San Antonio, TX 78239

William A., b 1835 IN, md here 1856 Phebe Ann Williams


Schuler County

Sharon Kelley, 651 2nd Ave W., Twin Falls, ID 83301

Harriett b c1800, md Jesse Chipman 1817, d here 880 at Brooklyn


Scott County

Nancy Caton, 5595 School Road, Gainesville, NY 14066

William b KY, prob d here between 1850 and 1860


Shelby County

Ila Eckstadt, 608 Hunter St, Kilgore, TX 75662

Rev. Daniel to here 1863 from Brown Co., IN


Vermillion County

Mary Hubbard, PO Box 2272, Leesburg, VA 22075 and

Ila Eckstadt, see Shelby Co.

John D., son of Daniel & Permelia Douthitt, d here 1863; f. of Rev. Daniel in Shelby Co.


Warren County

Barbara Thompson, 7188 Baker Lane, Sebastopol, CA 95472

Abraham md Anna Brownlee, d. here 1843


Williamson County

Mary Marolda, see Jackson County

Silas Hindman b here 1868, d Jackson Co., IL




People Researching McKinneys in Indiana



Bartholomew County

Audrey Howe, 265 W. Locust, Albion, IL 62806

Solomon, son of Joseph & Susan McVey, md here 1824 R. Sloan


David C. Homsher, 3171 Galahad Ct., Fremont, CA 94536 (in 1980)

Eliza J., dau of Lampkin of Edwards Co., IL, b here 1844


Vivian Edwards, Rt 1 Box 431, Bismarck, IL 61814

Lampton lived here


Ila L. Eckstadt, 608 Hunter St., Kilgore, TX 75662

America, dau of John D., md here 1836 Samuel Ayers


Brown County

Dorothy Hunt, 4697 Wallace Lane, SLC, UT 84117

Susanna McKinney Brown here by 1840


Veda McKinney, 754 Locust St. #1, Garberville, CA 85440

Hezekiah Lindsey b. here 1816


Ila Eckstadt (see Bartholomew Co)

Rev. Daniel, son of John D., md Jane Henderson here 1840, left for Shelby Co IL 1863


Oleta Holmes, Rt 8, Fayetteville, AR 72701

John D., Jr., b c 1837 IN, md Sarilda Weddle here 1850, in Franklin Co, AR 1850, also lived OK


Mary K. Hubbard, PO Box 2272, Leesburg, VA 22075

Jeriah md here 1844


Dolores Brenenstall, 6050 Jansen Dr, Sacramento, CA 95824 (in 1983)

John D. b. here 1846, md. A. L. Jones


Carroll County

Dorothy Johnsen, 1425 Devil's Dip, Tallahassee, FL 32308

John of here held mortgage on Cass Co IN land owned by William A. & Margaret 1854


Cass County

Dorothy Johnsen (see Carroll Co)

William A. & Margaret 1854


Clinton County

E. P. Woods, PO Box 1546, Oroville, CA 95965

William Van Hook d. here 1897, dau Susan E., b. here 1859


L. H. Richards, 226 So. Pleasant St., Prescott, AZ 86301

George Harvey, md Mary Matilda Wellman, lived here


Gwen Perry, PO Box 1264, Port Arthur, WA 98362

Bluford (Benj.) md. here 1854 M. R. Gearhart, to Montg. Co, KS


Daviess County

Susan Tilleman, 12601 Wilderness Trail, San Antonio, TX 78233-3222

Margaret, (dau of Thomas, b. 1803 Fayette Co, KY) b. here in Washington; md John Grigsby


Floyd County

Dale A. McKinney, 39001 Plumbrook Dr., Farmington Hills, MI 48018

Henderson md here 1889 Effie Keithley, d. here 1901


Grant County

Pattie Hurst, 208 Fern St., W. Palm Beach, FL 33401

Elizabeth md. John Hurst, d. here 1927 Gas City


Hancock County

Helen Marple, 6449 Casada Way #17, Las Vegas, NV 89107

Jesse, son of William Tell & P. Thurman, md here Harriet Duncan


Harrison County

Mary Catherine Harness, 1624 College, Topeka, KS 66604

John d. here 1875; his son Henry b. 1837, d. here 1867


Dale A. McKinney (see Floyd Co)

Alexander md. here 1855 Elizabeth Howerton


Jackson County

Hubbard and Eckstadt (see Brown Co)

Sons of John D.: Daniel b. here 1822; James d. here 1906, Samuel Archibald b. here 1839/40




Jay County

Glendene Martens, Rt 4, Chadron, NE 69337

John McKenney b. c 1790 VA here on 1850 Census


Johnson County

Veda McKinney (see Brown Co)

Hezekiah b. 1787 PA; md Nancy …; d. here 1860; War of 1812 OH


Marion County

Edward C. McKinney, Jr., 1308 Harris Rd, Dresher, PA 19025

Elizabeth Burns McKinney d. here 1868 Wayne Twp; widow of Henry (b. 1837 OH, d. CW 1865); ch Calvin Henry & Elizabeth C. became wards of court and lived Kokomo


Marshall County

Gwen Perry (see Clinton Co)

Joseph b. c 1795 VA lived here, in Tippecanoe 1850-1860;

Thomas md here 1841 Susan Shinabarger


Morgan County

Norene Walton, 3134 Morningside Dr., Oceanside, CA 92054

Andrew, son of John, md here 1833 Catharine Teague


Helen Keeler, 816 Sheridan, Salina, KS 67401

Lewis b. here 1832


Orange County

Lester Clark, 234 East 1st No., Rigby, ID 83442 &

Mary Bevard, 3451 W. 95th Ave, Westminster, Co 80030 &

Rick Sparks, 2730 Delaware St., Anderson, IN 46014

David here 1814, md Marg. Wallace & Mary Stuart; d. here

Alex. Jr. Capt. RW, md Mary McClure, d. here 1822


Carolyn Kraemer, 4875 N. 90 St., Milwaukee, WI 53225

Sarah, dau of John who wit. a will in Bourbon Co KY, b. here Paoli; md. Wm. S. Craven



Catherine Durham, 314 Sunnybrook Dr., Hurricane, WV 25526

William W., b. 1809 KY; md here 1827 Martha Quinn?; md/2 Matilda Burke; d. Knox Co., MO after 1850


Betty Hoffman, 3102 Beacon Dr., New Albany, IN 47150

Hannah md 1804 (Madison Co?) KY John Tarr; to here 1819


Pike County

Willa Sorensen, 13 Loma Linda, Goodyear, AZ 85338

Johathan md/2 here 1840 Louisa McCray


Toni Hopper, 7935 Estero Blvd., Ft. Myers Beach, FL 33931

Margaret E. b. 1863 IN, md 1883 J. R. Hopper, bur here


Randolph County

Rosalie Jackson, 9613 Beverly Dr., Overland Park, KS 66207 &

Audrey Howe, 265 W. Locust, Albion, IL 62806

Anthony Wayne b. KY, son of Joseph R., 1840-50 Census here


Frances Turner, 108 N. Thomas St., #1, Arlington, VA 22203

Sarah, dau of Anth. Wayne, b. 1820, md. Fred. Stoner, d. 1890


Rush County

David W. McKinney, Rt 1, Box 312, Kirklin, IN 46050

George Harvey to here 1831-2 from Lincoln Co., KY; d. here 1834; bro William Van Hook to here 1832


Shelby County

Glendene Martens (see Jay County) &

Loraine Storoy, 2401 Bourland St., Greenville, TX 75401

Lydia A. md. here in Marietta 1867 William Story


Sullivan County

Betty Jane Thomson, 822 Elm St., Clinton, IN (in 1980)

Alfred, son of Thomas b c 1830 IN & Mary Maddox, b here 1852; md. Mary Shoemaker


Susan Tilleman (see Daviess Co) &

Rick Sparks and Lester Clark (see Orange Co)

Thomas, Robert, Alexander, James, & William W. children of David & Margaret Wallace came here in 1830's




Charlotte Hilke, 320 Overlook Dr., Syracuse, NY 13207

Issac Harvey to here ca 1833


Tippicanoe County

Jimmie Kimrey, 317 Sunset, Haysville, KY 67060

Buford Henry, son of Joseph?, lived here


Washington County

Mary Bevard and Rick Sparks (see Orange Co)

David living here 1822; Alexander II here by 1812 from KY; Elizabeth, dau of David, md here 1816 Henry Finley; David C., son of David, md here 1831 Lavina Wright; John md here 1825 Jane Orchard; Robert md here 1822 Rachel Marts


Jayne Dunn, 203 Redwood Dr, New Albany, IN 47105

Isaac b. 1814 NC, lived Knox Co KY, here by 1863, md M. E. Baker


Ann Graff, 706 Wall Williams Rd., W. Monroe, LA 71291

Archibald b. 1771, md Catey Edwards, will here 1822


Charlotte Hilke (see Sullivan Co)

Issac Harvey b. here 1823


Wayne County

Lois Ludington, 8033 20 Ave NE, Seattle, WA 89115 (in 1977)

James Jr. b. Montg. Co, KY, md here 1819 P. Little; to OR


Judith Chadwell, 2406 Iroquois Trail, Lafayette, IN 47905

James Ennis d. here 1922


Wells County

Mrs. Wm. McKinney, 9808 Lafayette Center Rd., Yoder, IN 46798

Thomas Forseith b. Brown Co, OH; lived here, d. here 1911




People Researching McKinneys in Iowa



Black Hawk County

Alice McKinney Fisher, 501 Via Casitas #523, Greenbrae, CA 94904 &

John W. McKinney, 2925 Stauffer Dr., Xenia, OH 45385

James d. here Cedar Falls 1878; Thomas his brother also lived here


Buchanan County

Viola Fisher, 4124 N. Martin St., Spokane, WA 99207

Thomas Ellis McKinney d. here 1870, lived NJ & OH


Alice McKinney Fisher (see Black Hawk Co for address)

Thomas & Lucy here in Jessup 1865; from MI


Guernsey County

Holten McKinney (see Union County for address)

Nathan McKinnie came here to Grinnell c 1853 from OH


Hamilton County

Barbara Stanfield, 6201 Lansbrook Lane., OKC, OK 73132

David b. 1801, md Rachel Garrett to here from Surry Co., NC


Jasper County

Pat Kirkwood, 2750 W. 232 St., Torrance, CA 90505

Jesse, son of Obediah (Mordecai line) d. here 1897, buried Liberty Cem. In Runnels


Patricia Hailey, 1100 63 St., Des Moines, IA 50311 (in 1982)

Gideon, son of David b 1801 NC, b. here 1849


Keokuk County

Veda McKinney, 754 Locust St., #1, Garberville, CA 85440

Hezekiah L. d. here 1890 in Hedrick


Madison County

Howard McKinney, AM 328 Lands End, Laurel Rd., Lindenwald, NJ 08021

Eli H. McKinney on 1870 Census here, Penn Twp., son of Aaron


Winnie Cundall, Galt, IA 50101 (in 1985)

Margaret md Solomon Delong (b 1795) lived here


Mordecai descendants

Aaron on 1870 Census here Penn Twp.; from Surry Co., NC


Mahaska County

Veda McKinney (see Keokuk Co. for address)

Lindsey Monroe b. here 1859


Marion County

Helen Keeler, 816 Sheridan, Salina, KS 67401 (in 1985)

Louis md here 1853 S. A. Koons (see Monroe Co.)


Monroe County

Keela Case, 550 South Grant, Colby, KS 67701

1st ch of Lewis McKinney (b. 1832 Monroe Co., IN, md Sarah Ann Koontz) b. here in Knoxville


Polk County

Pat Kirkwood (see Jasper Co for Address)

Jesse son of Jesse (Mordecai line) b. here LaFayette 1857


Earl J. McKinney, 4715 N. Council, Bethany, OK 73008

Moses, son of Alfred, b. here 1863


Union County

Holten McKinnie, Rt 2, Afton, IA 50830

Theophilis McKinnie d. here 1931; lived OH & MN


Warren County

Shirley Ross, 800 So. Elm, Jefferson, IA 50129

Alfred McKinney here 1870 in Otter Twp.


Roberta Robinson, 7352 Hillsboro St., Goleta, CA 93017

Celia McKinney Hartman, b. ca 1840's d here 1863


Rachel McKinney, PO Box 616, Fort Morgan, Co 80701

Wm. H. b. Preston Co., WV, here 1880 Census. His son, Simeon.


Adeline Curtin, Rt Box 335, Pine Island, MN 55963

Robert E. b. c 1821 PA here when ch Rebecca, John, Charity Alice b. 1848-1856.




Unidentified McKinneys Found in Illinois

(Can you identify any of the following?)



Bond County

James McKenney here 1818 Census


Brown County

Middleton J. d here 1863, age 24, son of M. J. and Sarah


Calhoun County

An Osborn here


Clark County

William on 1850 Census, age 35; b p unknown; wife Arena or Anna; from IN c 1847; ch Polly 11, Sarah 10, Nancy 6, George 4, (all b IN). Lucinda 1 b IL; lived next door to Celia McKinney Hurst.


Clay County

Mary McKinney on 1850 Census here, b c1801 TN; with Sarah b c1826 IN and Mary E. 6 mo. b. IL


Amelia md 1828 John Ditter; f Jeremiah (d by 1828); d 1848


James b 1812 Wilson Co., TN; f Jeremiah b VA; orphaned & raised by uncle Elijah Wammack; came here 1830; md 1/1835 Elizabeth Berry 2/Mary Campbell 3/Mrs. Mary Lutz; 14 ch incl: Jeremiah, John A., James K., Charles B.


Cook County

Frederick Warren b. 1859 Allegany Co., NY, to here 1892


Robert Morris b Nauvoo (what county?) IL; son of Robert W. and Mary S. Beck; to here 1892 from IA and MT


Crawford County

James and John here on 1820 Census


Edwards County

Thomas here 1820 Census; commissioned Ensign IL Militia 1822


Fulton County

On 1850 Census: Ephraim Kinney, b c1819 PA; Thomas McKiney b ca 1825 IL


On 1880 Census: Michael b c1824 NY; Newman b c1839 NY; Winifield b c1851 MO


Jackson County

Charles here 1818 and 1820 Census


Joseph McKenny here 1820 Census


Green here 1850 Census, b TN


Jefferson County

Joseph McKenny here #113, 1820 Census


Jersey County

James b VA, md Mary, d here 1840; his son James b 1806 VA, wife Mary Ann Crain, ch: Andrew, Joseph, James, Rosalee, John, Jacob, Spencer, Hulda, Catherine, Mary


Joseph b here 1833, md Jane Erwin, d 1871; is he son of James b. 1806


Logan County

William b 1824 KY; wife Pamelia; ch: Rhoda N., Isome


Macoupin County

Joseph d here 1871


Madison County

Abner Reed b here c 1838; ch b here: Lewis Reed, Mary Gertrude, George Abner


John McKenney 1814 Justice of the Peace here


John McKinney JP here 1819; on 1820 and 1830 Census


Also on 1820 Census:

Owen, Abraham, Hampton, James (McKinny)


Richard T. notary public here in 1823


The history of Madison County says Thomas Tidwell came here c1816 from KY with Joseph McKinney family, Bennett Jones & Thomas Wall.




Marion County

History of county says Sherwood and McKinney families from NC settled here – also Radcliffes


Peoria County

Abraham Smith md here 1861 Frances Adelaide Abbott


Eli on 1880 Census here, age 31, b IL; wife Polly; ch: Ellen, Bell, Ida Mary, Bertha J., Mariah McKinney, age 71, b KY also here.


St. Clair County

John fined 1815 by Court Martial; remitted by Governor 1815


Joseph built a mill here 1815


Sangamon County

Lewis McKinnie, b 1767 VA, maybe Culpeper Co; here 1826 near Springfield; md Nancy Saunders Fayette Co., KY; ch: Elizabeth, Andrew, Gunnell S., Eleanor, Sarah, Nancy, Mary, Thomas L., William P.; d here 1841


Washington County

Joseph and Jeremiah here 1818 Census


Williamson County

Anna md here 1841 John Rudd




Unidentified McKinneys Found in Indiana


Bartholomew County

Collin JP here 1817-1829; md Elizabeth Young here 1824


Anna md here William Lee 1830


Elizabeth on 1850 Census here; b. c1801 VA; with Clarissa, John, Jackson, Benjamin L., John W.


Solomon md Rebekah Sloan here 1821


John left will here 1844-1869


Joseph, Sheriff, 1821 guilty assault & battery on Luke Bonesteel


James b here 1824, md Susan Bryant McKinney, d 1890 Brown Co., IN


Brown County

John W. here 1840 Census, Van Buren Twp.

George b c1811 OH here 1850 with Rosannah 34, Mary H. 2, and Patterson C. P. 2 mos.


Dearborn County

Lamkin voter here 1812; on 1820 Census as 'Lambkin' in Lawrenceburgh Twp


James b PA, postmaster here in Hardinsburg 1821


John on 1820 Census here


James b 1795 Bedford Co., VA; f James; md here Abigail Miller 1826


James b here 1822 in Lawrenceburgh Twp, md 1853 Elizabeth Hope


Dekalb County

Eliza md here 1855 Jacob Deitz


Delaware County

Jefferson md here 1837 Elizabeth Medlin


Jesse md here 1840 Mary McCowen


On 1820 Census: Peter, Joseph, Solomon (McCinney)


Elkhart County

Sarah, Jack, Susan 1843-44 in Goshen and members of Washingtonian Temperance Society


On 1850 Census: Issac 45, b NJ; Sam 21, b NY; Sarah S. 10, b OH


Fayette County

On 1850 Census:


James, 16, b VA, living with James M. Stevins


Rice, 30, b KY with Susanna 13, b OH, George 1, b. IN


Fountain County

On 1850 Census:


Susannah 19, b IN


Presley L. 40, b OH


Hiram 55, b KY


John W. 25, b OH


James 29, b OH




Franklin County

John T. here 1827 in Brookville; 9 in household


Gibson County

Polly md here 1818 John Bullard


Solomon md here 1816 Polly West


Grant County

Maria J., b 1816 OH; dau of Sarah & William who came here 1836; md George Webster 1835


Elias W. b 1825 Miami Co., OH; md 1/Ottilia Barley, 2/Abigail Jane Chidester, 3/Martha M. Frazee; lived also Guernsey Co., OH; son of Dr. William b 1784 VA & Sarah Scott


Hancock County

John md here 1840 Mary Cooper


Jefferson County

Polly md here 1827 John Landrew


Elizabeth md Byram Monroe here 1830


Henry md Polly Landrum here 1827


James md Lyda Landrum here 1827


Rhoda md Robert McCasland here 1828


John md Patsy Walton here 1825


Lawrence County

Alexander & Rebecca members of Bedford Presby. Church here 1825


Marion County

Elizabeth md here 1827 Benjamin Philips


Henry lived here in Decatur 1840 Census


Montgomery County

On 1850 Census:


Joseph 26 b OH, Jane 40, Mary E. 17


Moses B. 22 b OH, Nancy A. 27, Robert 60, James 70.


Nancy A. md 1839 here Hennery C. Benge; d 1872 Bloomfield, IA


Soloman here on 1840 and 1850 Census; b c1800 KY


Epraim here on 1840 census near Soloman; age 60-69


Thomas (age 20-29); James L. (age 60-69); James (age 50-59); Walter (age 20-29) all here on 1840 Census


Morgan County

Polly md here 1830 James Chambers


Nancy md here 1835 Daniel C. Gladson


Hiram md here 1829 Jane Brown


James md here 1829 Rachal Carr


Noble County

Harvey (age 30-39) here on 1840 Census


Orange County

Daniel here 1817; Griffin 1853; John & Robert 1819


Polly md here 1822 George McCoy


William Wilson, a minor age 12, to be bound to Luis Byrum until the age of 21 to learn husbandry; when?


Perry County

Osborn b 1828 Beaufort Co., NC; p John & Sarah (Bates); md 1859 Sarah J. Huff


Posey County

Nancy McKeney md here 1817 John Butler


Archibald md here 1823 Polly Givens


Randolph County

Anthony md Catherine Moracle here 1858


Joseph Robert b 1748 Hunterdon Co., NJ d here


Shelby County

Mary md here 1834 William Thompson


Spencer County

Elizabeth md here 1835 James McCoy


John T. McKenney b here 1846; p Felix & Mourning (Tucker)




Sullivan County

James W. from Washington Co via Orange Co here 1839; md/1 1833 Jane White, 2/Mrs. Mildred J. Riley


Switzerland County

Sally md here 1827 John Bryan


Warrick County

On 1850 Census here:


Curtis age 26, b. IN


William 37, b. NH


Josiah 30, b. NY


John 40, b NH


William Jr. 65, b. NH


James 35, b NH


Washington County

James JP here 1814


Asa lived Livonia 1840


Malinda md William Collier here 1822


Lavinia md here 1821 Robert Howard, dau of Archibald


Elizabeth md here 1830 Fountain Kennedy


Gideon md here 1830 Catherine Hubbard


James md here 1828 Martha Spencer


Shadrick md here 1822 Susanna Hicks


William md here 1822 Betsy Ann Harbison


Archibald bur here 1788; bro of Mary who md Henry Burke


John A. of here md Greene Co., TN 1809 Eliza Ayer


Preston b here Livonia 1842; Presbyterian Min.; d LA, CA


James b KY, md Esther…., here 1811 with 1st ch: James W. b 1811 Fayette Co., KY




Unidentified McKinneys Found in Iowa



Butler County

Ephriam b 1824 OH; lived here 1860; wife Christina; ch b WI, IN, IA


James b 1826 OH; here 1860; wife Amy L.; all ch b IA


Des Moines County

1840 Census here: James, William, John H.; John McKinny


Fremont County

Andrew Jackson b c1863 here Tabor; f John & _____ David; md P. M. Leach


Hamilton County

Washington b 1814 OH; f b VA; mor b MD; here 1870; ch: Mary E, Minerva J., Harriet C., Joseph, William, Eliza


Jasper County

David here 1850 – also Minerva


Keokuk County

Thomas here 1850 & 1860; b 1813 KY; wife Rachel; ch all b IN: Mary, Drusilla, Margaret, Rice, P. M., Rachel


Mahaska County

Hezekiah here 1850; b c1819 OH; wife Nancy A.; ch: Ephraim, Mary A., F. A., Oliver H.


Polk County

From History of Polk Co: William B. served Co. B, 10th Inf. CW


Pottawattomie County

From Illus, Atlas of Pott. Co., 1885; Valley Twp: R. E., C., & Charles


Van Buren County

On 1840 Census here: J. A., Joseph




Article from Mt. Vernon News, Mt. Vernon, IL, November 1918

Ina's Two Oldest Citizens go to Polls Together


At the election here Tuesday, Calvin M. Brown and James M. McKinney met at the polls about two p.m. and went in together to vote. Mr. Brown will be 91 years old the 27th day of December and Mr. McKinney passed his 91st birthday the 23rd of July.


Uncle Cal is a Mexican War veteran and a lifelong Democrat while Uncle Jim is a Civil War veteran and a lifelong Republican. These fine old boys both came from good old southern stock and have been warm personal friends for many years. They are both active for their ages and appear to be in good health. (From the Ina Observer, Ina, Illinois)



From the Mt. Vernon Register, Mt. Vernon, IL., Thurs, July 10, 1919

Aged Citizen of Ina Died Late Saturday


'Uncle' Jim McKinney of Ina, died Saturday evening at his home in that place.


Mr. McKinney was more than ninety-three years of age, and was one of the oldest men in Jefferson County, and lived in the county more than fifty years. Mrs. McKinney died about three weeks ago, while assisting in the care of her husband. Mrs. McKinney fell forward on the bed as she leaned over him, and died shortly after.


Mr. McKinney's death has been almost momentarily expected for many weeks.


Mr. McKinney was in good health until he fell some time ago and received severe injuries. He has been confined to his bed some months.


He was a rugged citizen, positive in his views, and ever on the side of right and justice. No man was held in higher respect than 'Uncle' Jim McKinney.




From the Mt. Vernon News, Mt. Vernon, IL., July, 1919

Ina Citizen Dies at Age of 94 Years

James McKinney Died Saturday Evening


James McKinney, a well known citizen of Ina, and one of the oldest, if not the oldest resident of Jefferson County, died Saturday evening.


He was in his 94th year and has resided in this county for more than fifty years. He was a retired farmer and had a wide acquaintance among the residents of the southern part of the county.


Despite his advanced age Mr. McKinney had been able to be up and about until last winter when he was injured in a fall. Since then he had been confined to his bed and had been growing gradually weaker.


His wife died suddenly about three weeks ago. She was engaged in shaving her invalid husband and dropped dead, it is reported, while engaged at this task. The death of his wife had a most depressing influence on the old gentleman, it is reported and he is said to have prayed that he might also be taken after she was gone.



* * * * * * * * * * * * * *



James Moxley McKinney was born 23 July 1827 in Union County, KY, the son of George W. McKennny and Hannah Moxley, both of VA. He married first, Mary Glen on 28 May 1848 in Union or Hopkins Co., KY; Mary died 30 January 1902. He then married Mary Green, 14 May 1902 in Jefferson County, IL. James is buried in New Hope Cemetery, Ina, IL.


(This page contributed by Wilma Cook)





The following is copied from A Young People's History of Kentucky for Schools and General Reading by Ed Porter Thompson. St. Louis: A. R. Fleming Publishing Co., 1897, pp. 137-8.


In the spring of 1783 a stranger came to the little settlement where Lexington now stands bringing a newspaper in which were published the articles of peace with Great Britain. The pioneers felt a deep interest in the publication, rejoicing to know what terms had at last been agreed upon, though not yet ratified by Congress; and as the owner of the paper would not leave it with them, they asked John McKinney, who taught the first school in the county in a cabin a few rods outside the palisades, to make a copy of the articles, to be retained among them. Before daylight the next morning he went to the schoolhouse for that purpose, and while at his desk busily writing he heard a slight noise at the door, and on looking round saw an enormous wildcat, with her forefeet on the step, her tail over her back, bristles erect, and glaring into the room. Moving slightly he attracted her attention, and as their eyes met he made an effort to disconcert her by an exercise of the reputed power of the human eye to quell by a steady gaze even the most ferocious animals; but this only angered the cat, and before he could jump to his feet and seize a cylindrical ruler which lay in his reach she had sprung upon him, fastened her teeth in his side, and begun to tear furiously with her claws. In a moment his clothes were stripped from his side and his flesh dreadfully mangled. He struggled to bear or tear her loose, but the teeth of the strong and furious creature were fastened between his ribs, and his efforts seemed to increase her rate. He then threw himself against the edge of the table and pressed with all his weight and strength upon her, whereupon she set up a wild cry, while he called loudly for help, and their mingled shrieks alarmed the town. Some women were first to arrive; but the noise inside was so unaccountable that they hesitated to go in, till at last one of the boldest made the venture and found the man still pressing against the table, writhing in agony, while the cat was by this time nearly dead. She is said to have screamed out: 'Good heavens, Mr. McKinney! What is the matter?' To which he answered, turning towards her his agonized face, streaming with sweat from the effects of pain, fright, and exertion, while his now lifeless assailant still clung to his side: 'I have caught a cat, madam!' Some of the neighbors now came in and with difficulty removed the firmly-locked teeth from his ribs. He grew very sick, and was for a time confined to his bed, but entirely recovered, and took an active part in subsequent affairs. Some years afterward he removed to Bourbon, and was one of the five members from that county in the Danville convention (1792), which formed the first constitution of Kentucky; and on the 4th of June of that year he took his seat in the first legislature, at Lexington. He removed to Missouri in 1820, and lived to old age.




McKinney Microfilms


Perhaps one of the most diligent searchers for McKinney history was a lady named Octavia Douglas, a resident of OK and the wife of a veterinarian. Long before genealogy became the popular endeavor it is today, she began researching the McKinneys, and collected letters, notes, and all types of material. Eventually, her daughter, who lived in TN, realized what a valuable store of information her mother had, and persuaded her to allow the Tennessee State Archives to microfilm her collection.


This material can be borrowed by libraries from the Tennessee State Archives, if borrowers cannot go there. Ask your local librarian to arrange an inter-library loan. Depending on your library's policies, there may be a charge for this service. The materials are identified as the McKinney microfilms. There are five of them, but you should request only one or two at a time. It is impossible to read all five in the two weeks they are issued!


Some of these films are puzzling. Not all of them are clearly identified as to source, and there is some repetition, but there is a wealth of information in these. There are many addresses included, but be aware that most of them date from around the 1960's and are no longer current.


Notes taken from some of these microfilms will be included in some of the future issues of the Maze.






The descendants of Luke McKinney will have an annual reunion in August near Morgantown, WV. If interested, contact:


June Morel

443 Melrose St.

Morgantown, WV 26505




Samuel Barto McKenney


Samuel Barto McKenney b. ca 1847 OH. First marriage Emley Lewis from IL. Children were Ernest born 1869, died young, and Harry Lewis McKenney. They were divorced. On 20 Jun 1875 he married Ella Adelaide Fryer at Genoa, MN. Children were Nellie Leona, b. 1876 and George Ellis b. 22 Apr 1877. They were divorced and he married Antoinette Ladseau in LA. Children were Samuel Barto, Jr. and Nellie Leona, who married Henry Grassle. George Ellis married Rachel A. Arnold on 20 Jul 1901 at Oronoco, MN. Their children were Nellie A., b. 24 Dec 1902, Ellis A. b. 19 Mar 1905, Doris Julia b. 5 Jan. 1908, Maurice L. b. 11 Sep 1911, and Sanna J. b. 9 Aug 1924. If anyone wishes more information, contact:


Adeline Curtin

Rt 1, Box 335

Pine Island, MN 55963




McKinney Family Association Library Holdings (Revised April, 1988)


Ancestry     Newsletter, July 1984- October 1985


Armstrong   Pioneer Families of Northwestern New Jersey


Barber            Historical Collections of the State of New Jersey


Beck        The Roads of Home, Lanes & Legends of New Jersey


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Bremer      Compendium of Historical Sources


Chalkley    Chronicles of the Scotch Irish Settlement of Virginia, Vols. 1-3


Chambers    The Early Germans of New Jersey


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Dally       Vital Records of Woodbridge, New Jersey


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Honeyman   Somerset County Historical Quarterly, Vols. 1-3


Learney     The Tartans of the Clans & Families of Scotland


MacFarland  George W. McKinney Descendants      (handwritten – added to list)


Mackinnon   Memoirs of Clan Fingon (Mackinnon)


McClung    McKinney Genealogy from McClung Historical Collection, Knox Co TN Public Library System


McGhan     Virginia Vital Records


McKinney, D. B.   Descendants of Daniel Macinnish


McKinney, E. & B. Five Generations of Henry McKinney's Descendants, Texas County, MO


McKinney, N. & N. Alexander McKinney of South Carolina, A Partial Listing of Descendants


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Church & St. Johns Church at Elizabeth, NJ 1664-1892


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Yates       The Ridgerunner, Southern Genealogical Quarterly, 10 Volumes


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New Book for the Library


We were pleased to receive another book for the McKinney library recently from Ida McKinney MacFarland. The title is George W. McKinney Descendants. The book is an extensive collection of items Mrs. MacFarland has compiled—copies of pictures, marriage certificates, service records, wills, letters newspaper clippings, funeral memorials, etc., with descriptions of family members included. It is spiral bound, and contains 169 pages, with 14 unnumbered pages at the beginning. She has very complete records of descendants who are still living, and of their children. Certainly, those who are related to this family will treasure this book, but it does take some time to locate and identify specific individuals. Regretfully, there is no index.


The George W. McKinney (the name is spelled without the 'e' on the cover, but with the 'e' inside the book) is described as follows in the book on page 1:


George W. (Edward is marked out and W. inserted) McKinney was born in Indiana on August 1, 1817. He died September 12, 1909 and is buried in Colesburg, Clayton County, Iowa. George was married September 9, 1850 in Clayton, Iowa, to Elvina Vaugh Ostrander. Elvina was born July 26, 1829 in Missouri and died March 12, 1889. She is buried in Colesburg, Iowa also. Ostrander was Elvina's step father. George Edward fought in the civil war. He enlisted from Missouri. His father was also named George.


Other family names included are Harwick, Spry, Sullivan, Brunskill, Posey, McLamarrah, Graves, Moore, Carder, Adams, Upton, Antrum, Burt, Brown, Gilson, Mayfield, Jones, Gibbins, Hines, Davidson, Chapman, and Wirshing.


We certainly wish to thank Mrs. MacFarland for this addition to the McKinney library. Members may borrow this book from the McKinney library, or if you want a copy for your own, write to Ida McKinney MacFarland, Star Route Box 35, Brainerd, Minnesota 56401.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Notes from Indiana Source Book, Volume I, Willard Heiss, editor, Indianapolis, Indiana: Indiana Historical Society, 1977.


Delaware County Marriages:

McKinney, Jessee—Ann Eliza Tomlinson, 9 Sep 1832

McKinney, Jefferson—Elizabeth Medlin, 9 Feb 1837

McKinney, Jesse—Mary McCowen, 19 Nov 1840


Washingtonian Temperance Society, Goshen, Indiana 1843-1844:

McKinney, Sarah


Marion County Marriages:

McKinlay, William—Mary Casteller, 5 Aug 1830




Interview with Nathan McKinnie


The following is an account of an interview conducted by Wallace B. Hodge, with Nathan McKinnie, his grandfather. This was collected in December, 1903, when Nathan McKinnie was 87 or 88 years old. The interview copy was contributed by Hatten and Mildred McKinnie, Rt 2, Afton, IA 50830.


'My great grandfather came from Ireland. Whether he was married before or after he came, that is out of my life, but when grandfather was two years old, his mother died, and left him and a sister with an uncle and then he went off into Virginia and married again. He never saw his father—that is my grandfather never saw his father but once afterward on a short visit. In the course of time he came into Kentucky, brought what they called the McKinnie strain of horses there. They celebrated a good while in those days. They did not go visiting very much; they had no relatives and on the road the Indians were pretty thick. There was no communication to speak of—never had any.'


'Our folks lived 32 years on the same place, on the same land they settled on when they came to Jefferson County, Ohio, Wynn Township, in the year 1700 something; they came three years before it was a state.'


'A brother-in-law of grandfather's was killed in Brandywine, that is, he had his thigh broken and was hid by so long that when they got to him he was past redemption—they could not save him. It was four days before they could get any aid to get him fixed up. He was wounded and was hid in a cellar. His name was Captain Ferguson. Father was called Samuel Ferguson for him.'


'My grandfather's name was Samuel (only); my father, Samuel Ferguson. My uncle (I had but one on that side of the house at least) was named Nathan. My uncle Nathan was married before the War of 1812—went on six months tour and took camp fever and never got over it. They got him home by hard work, but he died pretty soon afterwards. He left three boys: John, Archibald, and Nathan. Nathan died soon after we left Guernsey County. Just before the war sometime Archibald moved to Missouri.'


'Grandfather on Mother's side, Christy, was seven years in the Revolutionary War. He left Scotland two years before the war broke out and went to Ireland and after the war broke out came to America the first opportunity and walked right into Washington's army until it was over.'


'At present (1903) only three members of my father's family are living: my youngest brother, John Christy McKinnie in Kansas, and my sister Pamelia Ann McKinnie on the little farm we settled in Guernsey County, Ohio.'




Questions and Queries



If any of you are interested in the McGrew family history (Jane McGrew married Thomas McKinney, son of David McKinney and Mary Wallace, grandson of Alex McKinney and Esther Campbell), Susan Cearlock Tilleman has made a contact with a researcher who has that family information.


Susan Cearlock Tilleman, 12601 Wilderness Trail, San Antonio, TX 78233-322




Benjamin Parr, b Sep 1761 in Morris Co., NJ, d Dec. 1842, Carroll Co., GA, married in Wilkes Co., NC, 25 Jul 1790, Patsey Martha McKinney/McKenney, parents unknown.


Ed Bottringer, 1472 West Main, Lancaster, TX 75146




Salem F. McKinney, b. 11 Mar 1848/9?, OH (location unknown). Married Adda (Addie) Mae Stimson, b. 4 Apr 1857, Franklin Co., NY. Lived in Stark, Henry, Marshall Counties, IL; Cozad, Dawson Counties, NE, Salina, KS. Salem F. McKinney died 29 Jul 1896, Cozad, Dawson Co., NE; buried Catholic Cemetery, Willow Island, NE. Children: Jehene Eugene McKinney, b. 23 Feb 1879; Earnest Elijah McKinney, b. 15 Apr 1880, Henry Co., IL; Cecile Afy McKinney, b. 7 Mar 1887, Salina, KS.


When and where were Salem F. McKinney and 'Addie' Stimson married? What were the names, info of Salem F. McKinney's parents, siblings? What did the initial 'F.' stand for in Salem's name?


June Stimson Wenkle, 3333 Linda Vista S.E., Albuquerque, NM 87106




Need information on Charles McKinney and his wife Abagail Niccum of Preble Co., OH, married 31 Mar 1836. Sold land to Thomas McKinney in Brown Co., IL in 1846 and 49. Could they both be sons of John and Zilpha 'Ireland' McKinney?


Pauline McKinney, 940 W. Rio Magdalena, Green Valley, AZ 85614



Seeking info Henry C. McKinney, b 6 Apr 1809, TN. Henry married (1) 1830-31, TN. Dau Paralee Teressa Ann b. 19 Dec 1831. Wife d at b of 2nd child, Areanna. Possibly Smith Co. Mar. (2) Ann Moses (1835-36) TN. Son Robert Franklin b. 7 Dec 1836. Ann d, had sis Elizabeth and Martha Mathews. Possibly Monroe Co. Henry arrived in TX 25 Jan 1838, settled in Sabine Co., San Augustine Dist. And married (3) Permelia Foy. Where was Henry McKinney born and who were his parents?


Eric A. Lawler, 2707 Sibley Drive, Arlington, TX 76015



Need info on Alexander McKinney, b ca 1762, d 11 Oct 1837. Settled and died in Greenville Co., SC (listed in 1790 census). Family tradition says he was from VA, but may be elsewhere.


Marion A. McKinney, 410 Duncan Road, Greenville, SC 29611





Looking for ancestors of Charles McKinney b. 1868 Indian Territory, married 1896 to Cleo Abner (b. 1819 KY), died 1926 Latimer Co., OK. Charles was raised by a family named Herd.


Robert D. McKinney, 106 E. Mt. View Ave., Porterville, CA 93257



Looking for information on John McKinney and wife Margaret Fulkerson McKinney. Location and birth and death dates are unknown. Daughter, Margaret (1791-1840) believed to have been born in KY, married Hugh Bell (b. 1779), lived in TN in 1816.


Ron Williams, Box 261, Leakey, TX 78873




Shadrack Sapp had twin nephews, G. W. and ? McKenny, who lived with him in the 1860 census Alachua Co., FL and in 1870 census, Hillsborough Co., FL. His daughter Sidna may have married a McKenny. She lived in Polk/Pasco Co., FL area. On 1910 census Alachua Co., FL, G. W. McKenny lived near grandson of Shadrack. Wants to confirm McKenny / Sapp relation.


Mitchell Sapp, 712 N. W. 95th Terrace, Gainesville, FL 32607



Barteau (Barto)

Looking for Robert Eugene McKenney b. ca 1821 Clinton Co., PA per his Civil War Records. He married Marie (Mary) Barteau (Barto). She was born in OH per census records. Their children were Rebecca E., Samuel Barto, John, and Charity Alice. Would also like to contact descendants of Samuel Barto McKenney. His sons were Harry Lewis, mother Emily Lewis, born IL, wife's name Olive. He was in Fletcher ID in 1908. Samuel Barto Jr.'s wife's name Fannie, children Clifford and Harry Barto. He was a blacksmith and also living in Fletcher, ID in 1908. They had both lived with an aunt, (Charity) Alice McKenney Barnes in Bay View, OR. Her daughter was Nellie Lenora Peterson living in Walport, OR in 1908.


Adeline H. Curtin, Rt. 1, Box 335, Pine Island, MN 55963




Does anyone have a current address for Dorothy Deck or Carol (Mrs. Kenward Harris) McKinney? If so, contact:


Barbara Stanfield, 6201 Lansbrook Lane, Oklahoma City, OK 73132




Elizabeth McKinney married 26 Aug 1847 to Theodore G. Templeton at the home of Reuben D. McKinney in Monroe County, IA. Granddaughter would like to know more about her.


June Thomas Allan, 22 Lorelei Lane, Menlo Park, CA 94025