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The McKinney Family Association & Library was founded September 1981 as a non-profit, educational association and library, dedicated to researching, preserving and collecting historical and family history and data, not necessarily all of lineal or legal families, but all those interested in the McKinney surname and variants and to assist and instruct in genealogical research and to publish private and public records and educational articles. Bylaws and Constitution adopted October 1981 and granted non profit, incorporation 3 May 1983 by the State of Oklahoma. Trustees are Barbara Pannage Stanfield, E. Neil Stanfield and Richard A. Kipf.




Barbara Pannaqe Stanfield, Coordinator

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The Editor is not responsible for the errors of submitted materials, and all such material is placed in the Association Library. Books received for review are placed in the library and are available for loan to members.


Indexed in Genealogical Periodical Annual Index, Laird C. Towle, Editor, Bowie, MD






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Please send in your 3 x 5 cards for our computer project. The expanded computer project is designed to help us all. You may submit ten cards, selecting any ten family groups that you are researching; we would then have at least 1500 entries for our members. These are to be mailed at no cost to those association members who are subscribing to the research project. The format is as follows:


N:        McKinney, Patricia D. (No more than 26 spaces)

B:         1928 (no more than five spaces, i.e., c1928)

BP:      Inglewood, CA (18 spaces)

M:       1950

SP:       Kirkwood, Marvin A.



            Submitted by: Patricia D. Kirkwood



Birthplace should use a maximum of 18 spaces and place of death, 18 as well.



Remember our discussion regarding the preservation of courthouse records in PA (Maze, Winter #4)? It seems that historians and genealogists from all over the country have taken up the challenge. Pittsburg has now appointed funding in their 1987 budget for an Office of Management Productivity, whose first priority will be to oversee records preservation.


We have received yet another postcard from Elizabeth (you substitute your surname) Ross in Scranton, PA, advertising the Bernard family, Bernard being the surname of my father in law. This is just another instance of Beatrice Bayley, Sharon what's her name, and several others. Please mail these cards to the postmaster in your area, and complain. These are just another version of 'Your Family Heritage', and at $29.95, they are not a genealogical bargain.


Forgive me, but I have received a lovely photograph, ca 1880-1890, picturing a young couple photographed in Colby, KS. The inscription reads, 'McKinney, Colby Kansas', and I believe that the photography studio was the McKinney, but can't be sure. At any rate, I cannot remember who submitted the photograph as it became separated in my mail file. My deepest apologies. I believe that it was Ruth McKinney in Yarmouth, Mass. If anyone has relatives in Colby, KS, please let ye old senile editor know.


We want to emphasize the importance of insuring books when returning to the McKinney Library. A recent shipment became separated in the mail, and a goodly number have been lost. Hopefully, they will eventually find their way home since they all have been stamped with the Library address. At least, they were insured, and almost all of them will be replaced.


I regret to announce that now, both Ridge Runners, and 1776 periodicals are out of print. The editor, Yates Publishing at PO Box 237, Ozark, MO is concentrating on his Family Group Sheet Exchange. Details of the exchange and family group listings are available for those members who are interested in the program. The initial mailing of sheets is $8.00 per surname and you will be able to submit your own FGS in exchange. Write to Yates Publishing or to the Editor for further information.






New Jersey Research, Additions & Corrections




John McKinney bought land in Newark. Daniel Makenny lived in Piscataway Twp. and was associated with the Eddy family of Massachusetts. Early Settlers of Piscataway & Woodridge, Ora Monette, and History of Newark, New Jersey




E. David Makany and wife Mary sold land to Samuel Moore in Piscataway Twp. Minutes, East Jersey Proprietors




John Mckinney bought land in Newark, died in 1684. Will names dau Hannah, wife of D. Johnson. David McKinney from Newbury, Mass., settles in Piscataway. ESPW (as above).




John Kenney signs letter to Gov. Carteret, was a council member in 1674. MEJP (as above)




David Makany signs oath of allegiance for Roeles Sebering, Sep 7 in Piscataway Twp.




Scots settle near Scotch Plains and in Freehold near Old Scots Church, John Anderson captains the 'Unicorn' later used in the Darien settlement near Panama, Central America.




John Mckinney and Susanna, baptize son, Cornelius, at Bridgetown, St. Michaels, Barbadoes.




Colin McKinney sailed from Virginia to Maryland, Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants, Donald Whyte.




Daniel Makany, John Makany, James Makany, owned land in Woodbridge and Piscataway Twp. David Makany changes name to W. John Ilsely and John Kennie arrives in East Jersey on the Henry and Francis (only 75 names of the approximate 200 passengers are known).




George Mackenzie/Mckenney owns land in Perth Amboy, later known as Viscount of Tarbat (Kildomin, Kintyre, Scotland), in 1687, George owns 300 acres on Falls River near the Morris iron works. MEJP




John Mackeny, servant of George Barclay, bought 120 acres of land at Bound Brook with John Brown, Arthur Sympson and William Davis, also servants to George Barclay. MEJP




Daniel Mackinnon of Antigua states he is of 'the Makany family' of New Jersey in the Association Rolls. ESPW




Daniel Mckinney of Hunterdon County, witnesses will of Henry Gascoigne, Order Book 14, Northampton Co., VA records. George Willocks of 'Kinney' Scotland (Story of an Old Farm, Andrew Mellick), located in Somerset Co. at Peapack patent, the land title legalized in 1701, George died in 1729. Note: Have searched Scottish parish records, etc. for this parish, and am unable to find anything similar in spelling, except for the parish of Kemnay in Aberdeen, or Kinnaird near the Firth of Tay, Perth.




First Presbyterian Church located at Basking Ridge, Somerset Co., settled by Scots and Presbyterian Dutch. Mordecai McKinney purchases burial lot there in the mid 1730's. Somerville called North Raritan until 1809.




Alexander Kene (also spelled McKenney), bought land in Woodbridge Twp.




First residents west of the North Branch in Somerset Co. were the Van Nests, Purcels, (of whom Mordecai purchased land at North Branch in 1725), Vrooms, TenEycks. David McKenney of Readington living on the road to Piscataway (his will of 1748 names wife Jean, brothers William Mckenney and witnessed by Kinneys, Lowes and TenEycks).


Jan Sebering and wife witness baptism of Barbara Jansen at Readington.







Cornelius Mckinney of VA witnesses New Jersey will of Alexander Mckinney and witnesses will of John Norton, December, in Woodbridge. Cornelius was a creditor of J. Shepherd estate, 7 December in East Jersey.




Mordecai McKinney and Marietje, bap son John, 3 Jun at Raritan, witnesses were Roeloff Sebering and wife. John MacKenney cited as one of the first settlers in Somerset Co. ESPW




Mordecai and Mary baptize son, Willem, 25 Aug, witnesses, Jacob Bodine and wife.




Mordecai and Mary baptize son Daniel, 3 Apr. Witnesses, Daniel Sebring and wife. Daniel an innkeeper at Three Bridges.




Mordecai and Mary baptize son Jacob, 5 Apr, at Raritan. Witnesses were Jacob Sebring and Josyntie, his wife.




Annetje, baptized 8 Jan, dau of Mordecai and Mary, witnessed by Hans Sebring and Aeltje, his wife.




Mordecai baptizes son David (name missing in records), at Freehold and Middletown Dutch Church 'where he had relatives'. (Probably were Polhemus relatives who were living in the area and attending this particular church)




Mordecai and Mary baptize son Mordecai, 18 May at the Dutch church in Harlegen. Witnesses, Daniel Sebring and Kaetje Vroom (Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, Vol 15, p 60, 1940. Mordecai listed as living in Montgomery Twp.)




Mordecai buys cemetery plot at the Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church. Was a creditor at the Janeway store at Bound Brook. Detail of Map III from Elizabethtown Bill in Chancery, 1745, indicates a Mordecai's Brook, near the confluence of the Passaic and Dead Rivers, and marked as Lots number 108, 131, 130. In several Revolutionary diaries, there is a gap in the Blue Mountains described as 'Mordecai's Gap', and it is believed that Mordecai was living on one or all of these so-mentioned lots at the time he was trading at the Janeway Store. In Janeway's records, he is listed as 'Mordecai of the mountains', which would not describe his later property at Lot number 64 in the Peapack patent. Mordecai probably owned land in the Blue Mountains before purchasing Lot number 64 ca 1745 (Somerset County Historical Quarterly, Vol. I, II). Since early land records were lost when the courthouse at Somerset was burned during the Revolutionary War, we may never be able to prove this ownership, but the preponderance of evidence indicates this possibility.




Thomas Keney of Elizabethtown, Essex Co., dies. Bond by John Keney of Hanover, Hunterdon Co., Cordwainer. John Mckinney witnesses will of John Sebern, 29 May, Bedminster Twp., Somerset Co.


Will of Benjamin Burt, miller, names debtors Jacob Sebring, Jacob TenEyck, William McCanes, Peter Kenny, Daniel Sebring and John Campbell. Benjamin Burt witnessed the 1725 purchase at North Branch that Mordecai left to grandson in his 1760 will.


Anna Windefort, widow of John Makkini, marries John Wittenton, New York.




Morristown will of Alexander Kene mentions Thomas Kenny of Elizabethtown and John Kenney of Hanover, Hunterdon Co. Deed to North Branch Church at Readington given by Adrien Lane to James van Syckle and Nicholas Wyckoff. The church congregation boundary from the north to Stanton, from the head of the Raritan River south to Alamatony (Lamington River), and including Round Valley, Potterstown and White House. This was probably a German-speaking congregation and no early






Records are extant. (Earliest records are 1759, approximately 20 pages preceded these records but are missing from the book)




Mordecai McKinney witness tavern license for Daniel Sebring at Readington Twp., the tavern was located at Three Bridges.




Earl of Perth conveys land to George Mackenzie/Mackenney of Tarbat. Daniel McKinney marries Mercy Blatchley, Mendham, Morris County.


Mary McKinney marries James Ward, Gloucester County.




Mordecai McKinney serves on jury in Somerset County.




John McKinney was executor of the will of Joseph Goodwin of Salem County.




Francis McKinney the heir of William Miller, 13th March (Makemie?)



May 1, Mordecai bought land in Peapack patent at the upper end of Drake's, and part of Johnston's between Drake and Tunis Post 9 Lot #64) near North Branch. Archibald McKinney buys land 15 miles south from the Jersey and York lines at the Walkyll, complains of the quality of the land for farming; Jacob Kinne appears in Franklin Twp. Rateables with 130 acres. Mordecai does not appear in tax rateables 1735 – 1745. SCHQ, MEJP




Daniel McKinzey/Macenne/Mackenney married Rebecca Emmons, daughter of Nicholas Emmons. Daniel described as 'carpenter of Readinton'. Bond witnessed by Enoch Anderson of Trenton.




Mordecai buys land near Stanton in Lebanon Township (near present Cratetown Road), later sold to John Dawes in 1775 by Mordecai and Elisabeth McKinney. Barnabus McKinney marries Ann Henry in Salem County.




William McKinney listed in Lamington Church pew rents. Wm. Mckeny, the weaver, has been identified as the William McKinney b 1723 in Warren County records; William Mckinney the tavernkeeper, has been identified as Mordecai's son. His tavern or inn has been mentioned in Andrew Johnston's Journals several times.


William McKinney of Somerset (the weaver?), marries Hannah TenEyck.1


Johannes M'Cine (later indexed as M'Lean) marries Ann Chambers in Monmouth County.





George McKinney of Morris County, witness to will of Stephen Tetsword.


Will of James P. McKinney, No. 15534M BF, p 100, W 1752, in Monmouth County.




Barney Mckinney, rented land at Richmon's Mills of Samuel Purviance of Salem County. Daniel and Rebecca (Emmons) Macenne, bap son Nicholas, Raritan Somerset. William Mckinney mentioned in Elizabethtown business records, and in Peapack Patent in 1753, described as living in Bridgewater Twp., 1751.




William Mckinney living at North Branch, 15 miles from Raritan Landing on the main road (40 acres); Mordecai living at Lot #64 at Peapack Patent, near North Branch and adjacent to Jacob Teneyck and John Campbell. Daniel McKinney, a debtor in Hunterdon Co., also a freeholder in Bridgewater Twp., Robert McKinney and Francis McKinney mentioned in Common Pleas Court Records of Somerset County.




Daniel McKinney witnesses will of Jacob Corson, described as living in Readington. Will mentions granddaughter Yannetie, 'of dau Ida and Daniel Kinney'.




Mordecai McKinney writes will in November. Will of William McKenney of Morris County, 10 Feb, No. 125N, Int. 1759. William mentioned in court suit at Readington. John Davis, purchases 14 acres on the North Branch at Raritan, including mills and appurtenances, land of






Mordecai and Mary McKinney, deed dated 3 Aug 1759, recorded, 1766.


John Davis lost the land to Rev. William Tennant for debt in 1766.




May 20, Mordecai McKinney deceased, will probated, August. William and Mordecai Jr., located at Bedminster Twp. William McKenney of William and Annatie, baptized October 5, at Readington Dutch Church.




Hannah, dau of Daniel and Rebecca (Emmons), b Oct 18, Morristown.


Small lot conveyed to William McKinney at Potterstown on the present grounds of Lebanon Reformed Church.




Daniel and Collin M'Kinnie, sold 250 acres, Lot #5, in Sussex Co., at public venue, sale held at Newtown courthouse.


Anna McKinney b 17 Oct 1762, died 11 Feb 1827, Tompkins Co., NY (wife of Joseph Wyckoff).


David McKinney mentioned in the estate of Johannes Newell, 24 May.




Early settlers of Cumberland County from Ulster named as still living in Hopewell Twp. are Samuel H. McKinney, Thomas McKinney (150 acres), and William McKenney.


Daniel Sebring will probated, names as heirs, 'nephews' Daniel and Mordecai McKinney, each to receive fifty pounds.




Mordecai and Peter Newell inventory estate of Christian Harshall.




Mordecai McKinney, Jr. listed as debtor for 250 pounds.


David McKinney mortgage held by Peter Wyckoff.




John Kinney marries Ann Oxford at Belvidere (both Quakers)


Anne McKinney marries Nehemiah Dunham as his third wife and dies without issue. Mordecai and David witness the marriage bond.


Daniel McKinney witnesses will of Dr. Joseph Ogden of Chester, Mendham, Morris County, Daniel described as living near Raritan Landing.


Daniel McKinney born, 'of Hunterdon County', marries Mary Connelley and later removes to Tompkins County, NY.




Jane McKinney of New Jersey marries Laodywick Willers in New York.




Jacob McKinney, son of David and Rebecca born.


John and Nancy McKinney baptize son John at St. John's Church, Elizabethtown.


Mordecai Jr. living at Readington Twp.




Mordica McKinney of Hunterdon marries John Anderson, son of William, as his third wife.



Tax rateables:


Barnabas McKinney, Upper Alloway Salem Co.

John McKinney, Newton, Sussex

William McKinney, Greenwich, Warren Co.

James McKinney, Greenwich, Warren Co.




William McKinney, witness for Van Horns, Mansfield, Sussex Co.




Mordecai Jr., sold land to John Dawes, part of the property located near Cratetown Road, advertised in the Pennsylvania Journal, January 4th, as a 'plantation in Lebanon Twp. Containing 229 acres, 140 acres cleared, stream (Prescott Brook), running through the middle, five hundred apple trees, good frame house with several rooms, stone kitchen, adjoining, frame barn and outhouses'. Mordecai is living on the premises. John Dawes and his wife were Quakers from Bucks County, Pennsylvania.




William McKinney listed on Newcastle, Delaware tax lists.


Margaret McKinney marries John Banghart.




William McKinney of Greenwich, Warren Co., buried at Broadway.


Will No. 268S, dated 6 Mar and witnessed by John and Jacob McKinney, was proved 28 Nov 1778.


Will names children John, William, Sarah, Jemima, Catherine, Hannah, Jeanne, Betsey, James, David.




Will of William McKeney, No. 268S, Sussex County.


Tax rateables in Hunterdon County lists Mordecai McKinney with three horses, four cattle and one pig, no acreage listed.


Jacob McKinney marries Sarah Wyckoff (she married secondly, Abr. Post.)







John McKinney Jr.,2 marries Elizabeth Wyckoff (born 1760), the son of Mordecai Jr. and Agnes McKinney (Bodine).


John McKinney, bondsman of the Coxe estate, December 3rd, in Sussex Co.




Tax rateables, Hunterdon Co., Thomas Kinney, two cattle, one dog.




William McKinney, private, Captain John Outwater's Company, Bergen Co.




Elizabeth McKinney born, marries John Lanterman.




David McKinney of Sussex County marries Margaret Shipman.


Cornelius Mocinne/McKinney, in Bridgewater Township, donates to poor. Wife, Ceitje (VanNeste).




Salem County, William McKinney witnesses will of Mary Purviance.




Anna McKinney marries Samuel Hardin.


William McKinney marries Catherine Geren in Monmouth Co.




Abraham McKinney listed as single man on Somerset Co. rateables.


Cornelius McKinney listed in Hillsborough Township.


William McKinney, son of Benjamin, marries Catherine Amey in Monmouth.


Mary Salmon has son Henry baptized in St. James Lutheran Church, lists Mordecai McKinney as father, 'father acknowledges'. Church located near Spruce Run, presently Clinton.




John McKinney dies intestate, Newtown, Sussex, 3 Mar, No. 534S




Will of Thomas Kinney b 1731 names daus Mary (Parritt), Joannah (Price), Elizabeth (Kenney), wife of John McKinney of Hanover.


Thomas McKinney located in Bridgewater Twp., on rateables.




Vincent McKinney marries Mabel King, Salem County.


Hannah McKinney, dau of William and Hannah (TenEyck) McKinney, mar Benjamin Warne.


Jane McKinney marries Emanuel Newman, 12 November.




Jacob McKinney of Somerset marries Sarah Wyckoff. Will of John McKinney in Sussex County (intestate papers, only).





William McKinney of Warren County, b 1723 'in Ireland', d 1777 at Washington, Warren Co. married Hannah TenEyck, dau of Jacob and Jemima (VanNeste) TenEyck, a fact borne out by the birth of dau Jemima. However, Records of Warren County transcribed by the Peggy Warne Chapter, NSDAR indicate that William settled in Warren County (old Hunterdon) in 1750 – obviously, since he married Hannah in 1749 in Somerset, there is error in the records. Since New Jersey Marriages, William Nelson, gives the bride's name as both Fenwick and TenEyck, this will require further study.




'Junior', used in the Colonial period, does not necessarily mean the son of 'Senior'; it was sometimes used in the case of a nephew, which is probably the case in this instance. It was also used in some cases to distinguish between several 'Johns' in a nearby area, as 'John, of Quidnessett' (Greens); John 'White Hat'; John, Junior, 'meaning John the youngest of the John Greens'.





Somerset County Historical Quarterly, Edited by A. Van Doren Honeyman, 1912, 1913, Volumes I, II. Reprinted, 1978.


Early Settlers of Piscataway and Woodbridge, Orra Monette, San Diego, CA, 1930-1935, Volumes 1-6.


New Jersey Archives, 1st Series, State of New Jersey, Trenton


Newark, New Jersey Records, Conger (Out of print, the editor had only two or three citations in photocopy with no further information).






It will be noted that two of Mordecai and Mary's children are conspicuously absent from these New Jersey records. John and Jacob seem not to have made many civil or land transactions, at least none that can be ascribed to them. It is apparent, however, that the 'Mc' was used indiscriminately, at times appearing as a part of the surname and at others used not at all. Unfortunately, identification of the McKinneys from the Kinne-Kenne family of Long Island is difficult. This particular family descends from Jean Peterson Kenne, an early settler on Long Island, and has no relationship to the McKinneys of Hunterdon and Somerset Counties. They belonged to the same Reformed Church, owned adjacent lands and witnessed baptisms for one another, making it difficult to separate them in the records. It can be assumed, however, that Jean, Ida, Peter, and Adrien Kinne/Kenne are from the Dutch family, not from the Scottish one, since those given names are not repeated in later generations. In the case of Jacob, John and David, no such assumption may be made.


In preparing this information, one fact became increasingly clear. John/Jan Sebering and wife were in the Somerset County area much earlier than has been assumed in past works. The Reformed Dutch Church at Raritan was organized in 1699, and the church built on land donated by Michael van Veghten. It was burned to the ground by Simcoe in 1779 and rebuilt in 1784. The baptisms were written in Dutch until 1720 by the first Domine, Guilam Bertholf of Hackensack. Some of the early baptisms were:



April 30, 1700                       

Jacob Sebring and wife, wit bap of Hendrick Vroom, son of Cors Vroom. They also witnessed baptisms of a child of Isaac Bodine the same year.



April 1702

Jan Sebring and wife wit bap of Barbara Jansen, dau of Auken Jansen and wife



March 1703

Jaentien Sebring, baptized, dau of John/Johannes Sebring and wife. Witnessed by Jan Roelofson and wife Jacob Sebring and wife, witnesses for Dirk Middagh



June 30, 1703

Maria Sebring and Joost Jansen, wit bap of Hester Drinkwater




Jacob Sebring and wife Maria, witnesses for – Merledt




Johannes and wife bap witnesses, son Lefkers




Daniel and Lisebet Sebrege wit an Auke baptism




Jacob Sebring and wife, a Fontaine baptism




Johannes Sebring and wife, bap dau Annetje

Witnesses, Jacob and Maria Sebering



There are other baptisms of a later date, but it becomes apparent that the Sebering family were well-established in Somerset County before the marriage of Mordecai and Mary Sebering, and since a marriage record has not yet been found for this marriage, I believe that they, too, were married in Somerset County, not Bergen County as previously believed. The paucity of records in the Somerset area are indeed exasperating. I remain firmly convinced that Mordecai McKinney was born in this country, to one of the early Makany/McKinney families in the Piscataway-Woodbridge area. Dr. Anderson, one of the early researchers, examined the Piscataway Township Book, with no results, but did not rule out the possibility. Research is continuing, but the possibility of finally identifying Mordecai McKinney remains 'an unreachable dream'.






Questions, Questions, Questions




Need info on Charles and Abegail McKinney, mar March 1836 Preble Co., OH, lost a ch in 1859 in same area. Could this be the same Charles and Abegail who sold part of Section 23, Pearidge Twp., Brown Co., IL to Thomas McKinney in 1846?

Mrs. Pauline McKinney, 940 West Rio Magdalena, Green Valley, AZ 85614






Needed – the pts of Henry W. McKinney, b 1810, Vernon, CT, d 1847; mar (1) Abigail Woodard b East Windsor, CT, (2) Mary Ann Bunce, b 1813. Henry and Mary mar 15 Jan 1834 by B. L. Northrop, Manchester. Issue, Henry b 1841, Bradford b 1843. Would be happy to research in Barnstable County, or exchange research for CT information.

Mrs. Ruth McKinney, 18 Capt. Besse Rd., South Yarmouth, MA 02664




Researching William McKinney, Civil war soldier from Iowa; Elizabeth McKenny a desc of William.

Viola Combs Fisher, N. 4124 Martin, Spokane, WA 99207




Seeking info, Thomas McKinney 1799-1800 b PA, prob d Antioch, OH, wf, Sarah. Also liv'd Guernsey Co., OH and had issue John I., Margaret, James Madison, Charles Edward, David O. (Oliver ?).

Carol McKinney Osborn, 1338 Ambrosden Lane, Channelview, TX 77530






Working on desc of Joseph F. McKinney b ca 1770 VA, and wf Elizabeth Copley, mar 20 Dec 1790, Fincastle Co., VA. Son, Joseph McKinney b 1802 Mercer Co., VA, mar Martha Dillon. Desc through their son, James H. McKinney who d Barry Co., MO and wf Julia A. (?).

Maxine Hamilton, Rt 2 Box 194, Amory, MS 38821





Seeking info, Harriett McKinney b ca 1800 place unk, mar Jesse Chipman, 12 Dec 1817. She d 17 Feb 1880 at Brooklyn, Schuler Co., IL.

Sharon Kelley, 651 2nd Ave. W., Twin Falls, ID 83301




Note: We have not discontinued the 'Stumped' Column, but have had very little material for the column. Please submit queries and other materials to Maze before the next issue which will go to print about the middle of Jun 1987. Queries are free to members, $1.00 to non-members. Send materials to Editor, 2750 West 232 Street, Torrance, CA 90505.





Change of Address


Mrs. Pauline McKinney from Tucson to Green Valley, AZ

Mrs. Richard (Nancy) Sayford from Florida to White Sulphur Springs, WV






Library News and Reviews



Library materials and donations are welcome and although we do not have Federal non-profit standing, we are tax exempt in the State of OK. All materials are placed in our library and are available for loan to members. We ask only that the books are insured, and that the cost of mailing and the 'jiffy' mailer are repaid to the association. We must apologize for recent slow service as shipment of the library from GA back to CA has been somewhat delayed. Back orders and requests will be filled as soon as the material is available.



New Books


Somerset County Historical Quarterly, Volumes I, II (New Jersey)


Historical and Genealogical Miscellany, Early Settlers of New Jersey and their Descendants, Volumes IV, V, John E. Stillwell. This completes our collection of Stillwell, we now have all five volumes.


Virginia Wills before 1799, William Montgomery Clemens




Miscellaneous Bits & Pieces


Alleg. Co., PA, Will of Matthew McKinney. Mar 18, 1809, my beloved wife, Ann shall have the right and liberty of my bedroom and fireplace therein, with a small garden of ten rod of land convenient to said rume and free liberty of what frute she may want to make use of each year when there is frute during the time she continues my widow, and a 2 gallon pot and liberty of wash kittles when she may want. Elizabeth Township, mar 18, 1809, also left his wife a 'hourse creature', be valued at $40.00. Will Book I, Matthew McKinnie, No. 291.


Note: Matthew and Ann (a second wife), had issue James (Mary Bell); John; Mary (James Wallace); Henry; Matthew; Nancy or Ann. Matthew had a first wife, Elizabeth.



Will Book II, No. 5, Roderick McKinney, Alleg. Co., PA. Roderick was located in the area as early as 1784, his property being Lot No. 177 at the cross streets of Liberty and Wood.



MacKenzie, McKinney Family from the papers of Ruth Donnelly (now dec'd) as a part of the Donnelly-McKinney research papers. The front piece indicates that this material was taken from Mrs. Swope's







History of the McKinney, Brady & Quigley Families. 'The names of the six sons of Joseph MacKenzie and his wife were: William (our ancestor), Joseph, David, Thomas, Samuel and Andrew. There were also four daughters. We have the names of but two: Mary and Agnes. The name of Joseph MacKenzie's wife is unknown.' The one-page summary indicates that the family was close knit and corresponded with one another when apart. Andrew MacKenzie served in the Revolution and the last letter received from him was in 1776. Andrew was not mentioned in his father's will of 1782, and it is presumed that he died in the army.



Ancestry Service, The Connecticut Nutmegger, Connecticut Society of Genealogists, Inc., Volumes 13, No 3, 4, December 1980 – March 1981:


McKinnie, McKinney, McKenney – David, PA, 1771

Jacob, NY, 1806

Edward, NY, 1838

Edward Pascal, NY, 1869

Edward, NY, 1869

G. Christiane, 1910

Member 2724-1 (Roland E. Pardee)

Margaret (James N. Park), PA, 1795, member 5022-2

Henry, Ireland, 1769, member 5022-2

Patience (Joseph Lane), VA, member 3186-4

Barnaby, VA, 1686, member 3186-31

Michael, member 3186-31

Patience (John Geddy), member 4088-7 and John, member 4088-7

Barnaby, VA and Michael, member 4088-56

Sarah Ann (James Porter), IN 1825, member 4142-6

John, KY, 1794, member 4142-6 and David, 1755, member 4142-6


Note: Contact the society and request the information from members' ancestor charts.



The History of Ancient Windsor, Henry R. Stiles, Volume II (1892 Facsimile)


David McKinney of Ellington, mar Martha Wolcott Treat of South Windsor who d South Windsor, 30 Mar 1849, age 70; he d South Windsor, 6 Dec 1853 age 75. Issue: Betsey, mar Thomas Heath of NY; Samuel Treat re'd NY City 1874, unmarried; Phoebe, res'd unmar 1874, South Windsor; Martha Ann, d NY City 4 Oct 1849, age 43; David Dana, d NY City, 29 Nov 1839, age 31; Andrew Mills, df, db, NY City; Fred Wolcott d NY unmar 8 Dec 1837 age 23; Edward Denison, d 3 Jul 1853, age 37; William Henry res 1874 NY, unmar; Jerusha, m Hosea Douglas of NY, she d 1853, age 32, he mar (2) her sister; Maria Louisa. Issue by Jerusha, Mary Ann Douglas, Martha Treat Douglas, Maria Louisa Douglas



Aurora (Dr.) McKinney, mar Esther, dau of Samuel and Esther Wolcott Treat. Issue, Samuel Treat bp 19 May 1811, d 1887 and Elizabeth Reed, bp 14 Jul 1816, mar Seth Wadhams, she d June, 1882.

Burt Mckinney, mar Seth Wadhams, she d Jun 1882

Henry McKinney, mar Abigail Woodard, 6 Nov 1826

Augustus, had ch bu 19 Apr 1797

Lazel, bp 23 Jun 1799

Erastus, bp 26 Jul 1800, the father is mentioned as 'of Southwick'

Mary Ann, bp 7 Jul 1807




Burials, Valley Falls Cemetery, Old Vernon or North Bolton (CT) see above:


Eunice McKinney, dau of Warren and Betsey, d Jul 1, 1819 age 3 yrs

Son of Erastus and Lydia McKinney, d Jul 20, 1820 age 12 hours

Lora McKinney, dau of Erastus and Lydia d Sep 4, 1817, age 2 yrs

Capt. Alexander McKinney, d Mar 27, 1819, age 81 years

Elizabeth, wife of Capt. Alexander, d Jul 14, 1814, age 67 yrs

Rachel McKinney, dau of Alexander Jr. and Roxey, d Sep 4, 1798, age 1 yr 3 mos 15 days


Submitted by Ruth McKinney







Hawkins County, Tennessee, Cemetery Records



McKinney Cemetery, Hwy 70, North across Clinch Mountain on War Creek Road, 1.8 miles.

Nicholas M. McKinney, d 24 Apr 1942, Pvt. 20th Engr.

(Older graves are Sharp, Stapletons, Monehun)



Mitchell Crest Cemetery (Black), Rogersville.

Grace McKinney, 17 Dec 1893, 23 Jun 1906, dau of Louis E. and Maggie McKinney

Coley McKinney, Co. K., 1st U. S. C. H. A.

Mary McKinney, 14 Jan 1858, d 20 Nov 1928


McKinney Cemetery, located behind Exxon Station on East Main, Rogersville

John McKinney Nelson, 5 Dec 1888, 22 Oct 1971

Susan McKinney Netherland, 5 Apr 1818, 9 Mar 1887

John A. McKinney Netherland, 6 Aug 1845, 18 May 1853

Mary McKinney Heiskell, infant dau of Carrick and Eliza, nd

John A. McKinney, 4 Nov 1824, 5 Feb 1882

Mary E. McKinney, 16 May 1816, 14 May 1900

John Augustine McKinney b 1781, d 12 May 1845, a Native of Colaeran, Ireland,

migrated to US 1800

Wife, Eliza Ayer McKinney, 5 May 1788, d 15 Nov 1868, Born, Alma, Maine

Margaret McKinney Aogan, 21 Feb 1820, 11 Mar 1878

Sue McKinney Nice, 9 Apr 1856, 12 Jun 1935, wife of Wm. George Nice

John A. McKinney Rogan, 13 Jul 1854, 19 Mar 1873, son of James W. & Margaret Rogan

Charles James McKinney, 3 Jul 1813, d 31 Dec 1880

Wife, Mary Gaines McKinney, 29 Mar 1817, 8 Aug 1890

Fannie McKinney Logan, 27 May 1844, 23 Oct 1900, Wife of Joseph Meck Logan



Rogers Cemetery, East Side, Rogan Street, 3 Blocks west of Rogersville Courthouse:

Charles J. McKinney, 8 Apr 1811, d 12 Aug 1813, son of John and Eliza M. McKinney


(Note: Also in this small cemetery are the grandparents of Davy Crockett and the Rogers family, founders of Rogersville)



Highland Cemetery, East Main, Rogersville:

Charles Dean McKinney, 27 Sep 1966, 28 May 1986, son of Harold and Ann Couch McKinney



Hamblen County, Bent Creek Cemetery, Russellville on Silver City Road:

Maggie McKinney, 2 May 1842, 6 Oct 1912





Lunenberg County, Virginia. March, 1766:


Thomas McKinney of Lunenburg, to John Ragsdale, 40p., 374 acres, both sides of Eliment Creek, certain 342 acres which were granted Thomas McKenney by letters pat. Dated at Williamsburg, 10 Oct 1747 and other tract, 400 acres granted Benjamin Windby by patent, 1742. Witness, William Embry, Daniel Mason, Thomas Embry.



Obituary, Jan 25, 1930 (Submitted by Clare Gibbons).


Mrs. Chas. H. Adams passed away Saturday afternoon, Jan 25, at the home of her son, W. F. Adams. Violette Mckinney, the daughter of George and Alvina McKinney was born Nov 13, 1856 near Taylorsville, IA. At the age of one year she accompanied her parents to MO where they lived for about ten years. They moved back to IA where they have lived since. On Nov 19, 1879 she was united in marriage with Chas. H. Adams and to this union six children were born, four daughters and two sons. Her husband preceded her in death twelve years ago, and one daughter, sixteen years ago. She leaves to mourn her departure, five children:


Elsie Upton of Volga

Burt of Bagley, WI

Henrietta Astrim

W. T. Adams of Volga

D. W. Adams of Clayton, IA


One sister, Mrs. Sarah Hawick of Rochester, MN

Seventeen grandchildren and several nieces and nephews


Interment was made in Hill Crest Cemetery.




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