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Spring 1985


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Questions, Questions, Questions


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Genealogical Computing


Three years ago, Karen and I discovered Family Roots by Quinsept, Inc. Now, our 900 family members are all neatly filed, indexed and available for quick recall in several different formats. For example, when Patricia Kirkwood wanted members to send ahnentafels, all I had to do was start up the computer, load ÔFamily Roots', and print my ahnentafel. The whole process took about twenty minutes. I'll try to be objective in this review, but I must warn you that both of us are very enthusiastic about the program because it comes with an excellent 200 page instruction manual, it is relatively easy to use, the programs are straight forward, and the computer print outs are easy to generate.


We ordered the instruction manual first and carefully studied it to determine if the program met all of our needs. That was the best fifteen dollars I've spent on genealogy since Karen and I started. If you are serious about using a computer to help you organize your genealogy research, I recommend you first study the manual to make sure that all your needs will be satisfied by the program. The next seven paragraphs are partially extracted from the instruction manual.


The basic genealogical information for each person is entered using the EDIT program. The program allows you to enter the following data for everyone assigned an identification number: birth date, birth place, death date or living, death place or current address, father, mother, number of marriages, spouse(s), marriage date(s), marriage place(s), marital status (i.e., single married, widowed, divorced), number of children, names of children and footnotes. In addition, the user may choose up to nine data fields of his own. I have added sex, occupation, military service, place of burial, church and relationship. When you are finished with your entries for one person, the program fills in other obvious complementary information in other records thus saving you time and eliminating mistakes. As long as the other person has an ID#, the program will compliment current address, marriage date, marriage place, number of children and names of children.


Charts print four different types of genealogy charts. A free form chart allows you to include only names or both names and detailed information for each person on the chart. This type chart is available for both predecessors and descendants. A standard German/Morman pedigree chart may also be printed. (I seldom use this type chart anymore since I now prefer the freeform charts.) There is also the compressed pedigree or ahnentafel chart. Sheets print or display your data by individual sheets or family group sheets. I think the information is presented in an easy to read format.


Lists will print or display your names in alphabetic or numeric order. I always keep a current list handy so that I can easily keep track of all of my folks and check my names against those listed in the bimonthly Genealogical Helper. Lists does other things as well. You may select people to




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include in your list by diskette, by number range, by supplying your own list, by common name elements, or by surname soundex.


Search allows you to search through your records just about any way that you want. You can find all people living in Dallas, or everyone who was a teacher or everyone that was divorced. You may also search for dates for all people with the same birthday or everyone living in a certain year. The program parameters used to set up search are so general that you can search for virtually anything that you have stored.


Text is a very basic word processing program which allows you to store an arbitrary amount of free text notes and descriptions. Since I use a different word processing program for all my typing, I really have not had much experience with the text program.


In addition to the above, there are several utility programs to do such things as create empty data disks, print blanks of genealogy charges, configure the master control file, renumber the ID #'s for selected people, and make address lists of those living people with current addresses.


What computers will Family Roots operate on, what printers will the program work with, and how much does it all cost? So far, Mr. Stephen C. Vorenberg has adjusted the program to work with the Commodore 64, the Apple II+, IIe, IIc and IBM pc Jr., PC and PC-XT. The printers supported are IDS, Epson/Gemini, Centronics, Apple/NEC/C, Itoh dot matrix, Okidata 82A and 92, C. Itoh daisy wheel, Comrex/Transtar/Silver Reed/Diablo 630 (those between the commas are essentially the same machine).


Note: Mr. McKinney and the editor, feel that this review will help those considering switching from paper to computers – perhaps our Association will be able to utilize computers in the future, so that we may all read our Maze via electric mail.



From the Editor's Notes


You will note that we began this issue with an interesting and informative article from Mr. Peter McKinney, one of our Association members. I would like to encourage you all to contribute materials of interest to the membership . . it does add so much to our publication.


Alice McKinney Fisher notes that members are not sending in the revised ten generation charts that were furnished with the Fall issue of the publication. It does help with our ancestor matching service, if we have updated charts for all of our members.


With this issue, we begin a series of articles and extractions for KY. If you have material that we would like to have included, please send to me before the end of July, 1985. Materials will be returned if requested.




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McKinney Reunion


The descendants of James William McKinney b 1790 are planning a reunion, Sunday, Jul 14, 1985 at the Emmett Kelly Park in Houston, MO. Those attending are asked to bring a covered dish for the noon meal, and to bring family records, pictures and other memorabilia to share during the afternoon.


James William McKinney was born in Campbell Co., TN 20 Sep 1790 and died in Texas Co., MO 27 May 1873. He married Sarah Gouge (b 2 Feb 1792, d 20 Mar 1874). Both are buried in Ozark Cemetery near Houston, MO. Their children were born in Campbell Co., TN and in Cole Co., MO near Jefferson City. They were: Caswell; Keziah (Gilmore); David; Calvin; Susanna (Smith); Andrew; James; Serene (Lynch); Millie (Lynch); Millie (Lynch); Sarah (Basnet); Henry; Iva Candice (Drennan); and Melva Ann (Coats). All of these moved to Texas Co with their parents around 1840 except Sarah Basnet, who had married and stayed with her husband in the Jefferson City area. Several of David's descendants (he had 18 children) moved to AR and TX, and others have moved to different states also. If you are related to, or interested in this family, plan to come and let's all get acquainted.


If you are in doubt as to whether you are descended from this family, you are welcome to contact Ed and Blanche McKinney, Yokon, MO. They have fairly extensive records of this family and are planning the reunion.





KY claimed statehood in 1792, the fifteenth state in the Union. The settling of the state from the mid-1700's to the early part of the 1800's included some of the most interesting and hazardous events in America. Long before it had been explored, the entire KY area was claimed by VA as part of her Augusta Co along with the southwest area of PA. It was part of Virginia Co. in 1684. The first settlers were from the Rowan and Yadkin areas of NC. The easternmost section of the area was explored by Dr. Thomas Walker as early as 1750. In 1775, Richard Henderson of NC organized the Transylvania Company, and purchased almost half of the present state, all of the land between the KY River and the Cumberland River in the extreme West. Harrodsburg was settled in 1774, and Boonesboro in 1775. In 1776 KY was designated as KY Co., VA. In 1780, it was divided into three counties – Fayette, Jefferson and Lincoln and again subdivided into nine counties in 1790. I would suggest that those interested in purely KY research, join the KY Genealogy Society in Frankfort. They have many records on microfilm, available on interlibrary loan, ancestor's files, and have authored several very important works on vital statistics of KY settlers. Some of the other research sources in KY are the Filson Club Library in Louisville; Henderson




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Public Library in Henderson; John Fox Memorial Library in Paris; university of KY Library in Lexington; and the KY Genealogist (publication), in Washington, D.C.


The 1790 and 1800 census schedules for KY are missing; however, a reconstructed list has been made from taxpayer lists of these two periods. The McKinneys listed on the 1790 taxpayer lists are: Archey, Colin, Daniel, Ebenezer, James, John, Enoch, Denis (Lincoln Co.); Alex. J., John, Alex Sr. (Fayette Co.); Robert Alexander, John (Bourbon Co.); David, John, Alex. Jr., Alex. Sr. (Fayette Co.); Joseph (Madison Co.); Mary (Nelson Co.).



Some Kentucky Marriages


Date                            Name                                                                                                             County


3 Jul 1801                   Polly McKenney, Powell Skelton

24 Jun 1810                Webster McKenney, Nancy Nation

19 Oct 1804                Hannah McKinney, John Tarr

25 Nov 1820              Rachel McKenny, Uria Blue                                                                                    Union

2 Mar 1823                 Sally McKenny, John Brown                                                                                  Union

_ Aug 1822                Daniel McKenny, Nancy Waggener                                                                     Union

Oct 17 1811                Wm. McKenney, Nancy Quigley                                                              Union

18 Oct 1802                Wiley McKinney, Jane Matthew                                                                Madison

27 Apr 1803               Francis McKinney, Ann Willis                                                                    Madison

1816                            James McKinney, Ellender Black                                                               Madison

8 Aug 1825                Wildey McKinney, Polly Searer                                                                 Madison

29 Jan 1833                Lucinda McKinney, Bluford Hamilton                                                     Madison

1 Aug 1837                Jane McKinney, John Higby                                                                                  Madison

10 May 1787              Raney McKeyney, Tabitha Vardeman, by J. Hall                                               Mercer

17 Jul 1796                 Abraham McKinney, Elenor Prather                                                                    Mercer

21 Mar 1793               Julia McKinney, David Lawrence, Rice, JP                                                           Mercer

11 Oct 1821                John S. McKinney, Elizabeth C. Wilson, by Wm. Kinchelow               Muhlenberg

17 Dec 1833               Harrison McKinney, Martha Jackson, Rev. S. Drake                                         Muhlenberg

1802                            John McKinney, Naomy Riddel, by Benj. Talbot                                                Muhlenberg

Jul 31, 1832                Elizabeth McKenney, Henry Stabaugh                                                    Muhlenberg

27 Sep 1821                Polly McKinney, Thomas Wilson, by A. Shelton                                                Muhlenberg

6 Oct 1859                  Emily McKinney, dau of Peter, Spencer Stone of Floyd Co., KY                     Pike

16 Feb 1860               James McKinny, Mary Jane Stone, dau of Alex.                                     Pike

20 Dec 1855               Robert McKenny, Polly Ann Keathly, dau of Simpkins                                    Pike

25 Sep 1798                Rachel McKenny, W. Stephens, by Thos. Moore                                                Shelby

27 Jun 1815                Rachel McKenny, Edw. Eades                                                                    Shelby

29 Mar 1837               Baylas McKinney, Jane Kelly (Groom from Pulaski Co)                                   Wayne

20 Jan 1848                Ephraim P. McKinney, Nancy Richard                                                     Wayne

12 Oct 1821                James McKinney, Elizabeth Payne, dau of Philemon and Rachel

                                    Wilson Payne                                                                                                            Wayne

9 Dec 1841                 John V. McKinney, Rachel Payne, Jr., Wm. F. McKinney and

                                    Thomas H. McKinney, witnesses                                                              Wayne

15 Apr 1845               Joseph McKinney, Martha Hudson/Henderson                                                Wayne




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10 Aug 1837              Thomas H. McKinney, Eliza Jackson                                                                    Wayne

7 May 1823                James McKinney, Polly McKinney                                                                        Todd

24 Jul 1824                 Ashley McKinnie, Sallie McKinney                                                                       Todd

24 Oct 1832                John R. McKinney, Tempy Hall                                                                 Todd

15 Apr 1828               John McKinney, Susannah Powell                                                                        Todd

27 May 1816              Alexander McKinney, Jane Orchard                                                                     Bourbon

11 Oct 1833                John McKinney, Elizabeth G. Wilson

1820                            John Adair McKinney, Levina E. Martin

                                    2ndly, Julia A. Gray, ca 1840

1824                            Evermont McKinney, Nancy Lyle                                                                        Powell

17 Oct 1847                Robert McKinney, Susan Holder                                                              Franklin

12 Sep 1848                Russell McKinney, Elizabeth Holder                                                                    Franklin

24 Apr 1869               R. M. McKinney, R. A. Evans                                                                     Franklin

8 Aug 1854                James C. McKinney, Francis Holder                                                                     Franklin

5 Feb 1818                 John D. McKinney, Betsy Mullis                                                                Bullitt

19 May 1810              Matilda McKinney, Phillip Hanson                                                                       Caldwell

10 Jul 1811                 Malinda McKinney, Daniel Holcomb                                                                   Caldwell

20 May 1823              Martin McKinney, Sarah Fowler                                                               Caldwell

1845                            Warner W. McKinney, Lavena S. Campbell                                                        Caldwell

7 Jan 1809                  Charles McKinney, Mary Russell (Recorded in Lincoln Co)                             Mercer

31 Dec 1818               Charles McKinney, Elizabeth Crows                                                                    Mercer

1816                            Mary McKinney, Isaac Burress                                                                  Lewis

26 Mar 1800               John McKinney, Hannah Johnson, dau of Baldwin.

                                    Bond, John McKinney, Enoch Talbott, by Rev. Henry Ogbourn                     Gallatin

14 Jan 1841                James H. McKinney of Lincoln Co., mar in Tennessee,

                                    Lydia Ann Wagon/Watson

3 Aug 1813                Archibald McKinney, Sarah Fugate, dau of Edmund, deceased, of

                                    Mason Co., by Rev. Wm. Morgan; bond, 6 Jul 1813, signed by

                                    Archibald and John Laws                                                                           Gallatin

13 Aug 1817              John McKinney, Priscilla Fugate, by Rev. Issac Malin, bond,

                                    7 Aug 1817, witnesses John and Archibald McKinney                           Gallatin

5 Oct 1843                  Lavina McKinney, Oliver Perry Bourland                                                           Hopkins

26 Mar 1809               Alexander McKinney and Susan Turner, son of John                            Lincoln

1797                            Robert McKinney, Sally Young                                                                 Clark

25 Sep 1798                Rachel McKinney, William Stephens                                                                    Shelby

Feb 1806                    Polly McKinney, Joseph Ellison                                                                 Muhlenberg

11 Oct 1821                John S. McKinney, Elisabeth M. Wilson                                                   Muhlenberg

31 Jul 1832                 Elizabeth McKinney, Henry Stabaugh                                                     Muhlenberg

1 Dec 1853                 Thomas McKinney, Dizzy Johnson                                                                      Muhlenberg

8 Dec 1859                 Thomas McKinney, Zuinney Ellen Dukes                                                           Muhlenberg

19 Jun 1881                Phillip McKinney, Nancy Wood                                                                Muhlenberg

1 Dec 1882                 John McKinney, Lucy Johnson                                                                  Muhlenberg

Nd                              Hasekiah McKinney, age 26, b KY and pts by KY, m.

                                    Mary A. Hardesty, age 38                                                                          Bullitt

20 Mar 1800               Daniel F. McKinney, Margaret Arbuckle                                                 Mercer

11 Jan 1803                Thomas McKinney, Sally Lawrence                                                                      Mercer

7 Jun 1809                  Charles A. McKinney, Mary A. Russell                                                    Mercer





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6 Jul 1809                   Micajah McKinney, Lackey Overstreet                                                    Mercer

16 Sep 1815                John McKinney, Nancy Prior                                                                                 Mercer

31 Dec 1818               Charles McKinney, Elizabeth Crews                                                                    Mercer

6 Apr 1820                 Hardin McKinney, Eleanor Cole                                                               Mercer

2 Feb 1808                 Polly Mckenney, dau of Alex. And Polly, and Alexander McPheters  Bourbon

21 Feb 1808               Easter Mckenney, dau of Alex. And Polly, and James McKinney,

                                    21 Feb 1808                                                                                                   Bourbon

10 Feb 1807               Patsy McKinney, dau of Polly, and Hugh McPheters                            Bourbon

14 Dec 1818               Polly McKinney, John Gabbert                                                                  Davis

11 Feb 1835               Mary Ann McKinney, Samuel A. T. Fields                                                           Davis

Mar 1810                    Marann McKinney, Wm. B. Nevil                                                             Barren

3 Feb 1798                 Esther McKinney, Andrew Clarke                                                                        Bourbon

21 Jun 1792                Daniel McKinney, Mary Hudnut                                                               Bourbon

28 Nov 1818              Evilene McKinney, Josiah H. Bell                                                              Christian

3 Jun 1823                  Wm. F. McHainey ? Ermina G. McKinney                                                           Christian

1 Feb 1815                 Joseph McKenney, Wilmuth Janes, by Middleton McKenney             Christian

18 Feb 1825               Wm. McNainey, Chapman Huldy, by Thos. Carlton                                        Christian

                                    Charles McKinney, Catherine Wright, dau of John

by James McKinney           

11 May 1813              Middleton McKenny, Jensey Boyd, by Francis Boyd                             Christian

17 Sep 1818                Polly McKinney, dau of Abraham, and Charles McLean,

                                    By James B. Rutherford                                                                              Christian

17 Apr 1813               Margaret McKinney, Wm. B. McLean by John Bailey                           Floyd

27 Jan 1817                Levice McKinney, Alexander McGuir                                                       Floyd

4 Mar 1837                 Daniel McKinney, Elizabeth Hale                                                              Floyd

26 Sep 1840                John McKinney, Lydia Hicks                                                                                 Floyd

18 Aug 1815              Mary McKinney, John Stephenson                                                                       Greenup

16 Oct 1804                Nancy McKinney, John Deatling                                                               Greenup

14 Mar 1787               Archibald, Jean McClure, dau of James                                                    Lincoln

8 Aug 1791                Hannah, Joseph Skidmore                                                                         Lincoln

13 May 1784              Stephen McKinney, Cathron Griggs                                                                    Lincoln

1842                            Dudley McKinney, Mriam Lipscomb                                                                   Madison

3 Aug 1796                Robert McKinnie, Sally Young                                                                  Clark

5 Sep 1793                  Rebekah McKeny, Jason Wright                                                               Clark

24 Dec 1797               John McKinney, Jane Coleman                                                                 Clark

Sep 25, 1798               Rachel McKinney, Wm. Stephens                                                             Shelby




Questions, Questions, Questions



Seeking information on gafthr, Louis McKinney b 1832, Morgan, IN. Helen Keeler, KS




Seeking info, Albert McKinney, b Henderson (Buncombe Co.) ca 1812, NC, possible fthr John? Wife, Martha, prob Bailey. Any info helpful, will exchange all information. Leslee C. Fehlman, TX




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Seeking death date, place of John McKinney Jr, wf, Sarilda Weddle. Married 10 Sep 1850, Brown Co., IN. Ch: James W., Celestie Jane, William, Hyram (Hiram), all b IN. John liv Franklin Co., AR in 1880 (census) w/ch. Apparently, Sarilda d by then. Have info that John remar after 1880 and had other children. Age 50 in 1880. Oleta Holmes, AR







Refer McKinney Maze, Fall, 1984, p66. Bedford Co., VA wills: Edward Bright probated Oct 1784, wife, Mary Ann. Ch: Charles, Mary (Gaddy), Rebecca (Woodword), Sarah (Woodward), Mildred (Watts), Elenor (McKinney), grandson, Charles Bright – need full name, lineage of McKinney who married Elenor. M. J. McKinney, FL





Seeking William C. McKinney b 1796, VA, wf, Harriet A. Wray, b 1805 TN, dau of William. Ch: William W; Mary E; Mildred; James M; George W.; Daniel; John B.; Sarah; Nepolian, sic. Albert D. McKinney, CA




Andrew Frazier McKinney b Indian Territory, OK, had son, Andrew J. Would like wife of Andrew J. Mary Ann Moody mar 1st, Sam McKinney then, Andrew J. (Sam's Nephew). Will exchange info. Ruth E. Farmer, CA



Need info on any family of Samuel McKinney b ca 1795, NC, lived AL. Harrison Co., TX, 1850. Ch: Gainford, Cladius, Charles L., Sarah A., James S., William, Minerva J.; Samuel's father was Wilson McKinney, whose ch were Alexander, James B., Joycy Ann, John, Thomas, Polly, Samuel, Wilson Jr., William. Sarah A. may be Sarah A. who mar Robert L Fox, 1852. Lynelle C. Stevenson, LA




Seeking William M. McKinney b 15 Jun 1831, TN (Christian Co.) Pts prob b GA. Wf, Winnefred Mackey, poss 1st wf named Sarah. Lived Christian Co., IL, d 7 May 1914, Morrisonville. Ch: George, John David, Edward, Minnie. Mrs. Richard S. McKinney, AR



Seeking info, Marshall McKinney w/sons Michael, Dean, living in Pasadena, CA, currently. Desc from Mary Catherine and Samuel or Harvey McKinney of Western PA. Mrs. Oliver F. McKinney, PA






Info, Joseph Archie McKinney, mar Lillie Elizabeth Shields, liv Bath Co., KY 1880. Parents were Joseph McKinney/Nancy Cordelia McKinney, lived Rowan, Montgomery, Bath Counties, fr 1860-1880; Joseph McKinney mar Jane or Virginia Carter, ca 1825. Ruby Tucker, TX




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Searching for desc of Andrew and William McKinney, bros b Co. Antrim, No. Ireland, 1756, 1758. Arrived America at early age, both in American Revolution. Little known of Wm. Except Ôshot in America'. Andrew mar Mary Frank, two sons, James and Andrew. Lived near Schenectady NY, Andrew d 1825, pensioner in 1818. Mrs. Jane C. Breakey, NY




Anyone have info on ancestry of Eleanor McKinney, b Co. Antrim, No. Ireland, 1717? Arrived America with husband, Matthew Cannon, 1753. Three known ch, all b Ireland, Jane, James, Andrew. Settled 1st, New Castle, Delaware. Matthew Cannon was a sea captain during 1753-1763 on ship Dolphin, a merchant ship sailing from Port of Philadelphia. Later moved to Otsego Co., NY (then Tyron Co). Help, Cannon, ancestry? As above







Garrit Mekeney, m 1738/1739, Margret Curyeur; Alexander Mekeney mar 1742, Susannah Foster; Mary Mackeny, mar 1724, Mathew Kemp; att at St. Mary Ann's (No. Elk) parish, Cecil Co., MD (Anglican). Any relationship among these three? Any relationship to Mordecai Mckinney, new Revolutionary War patriot from SC, b 1751 MD? (Maze, Vol. 3, #3, p 63). Is Garrit Mekeney, the same as Garrett McKinne who d 1756/1757 in Craven Co., NC? S. G. Smith, FL



James McKinney b ca 1802, wife, Margaret b 1806, Schectady Co., NY, appear 1860 census, Utica, Oneida Co. ch: Margaret b 1837; Henry b 1839; Eliza b 1841; Mary b 1844; William b 1847. Mrs. Lois Kogut, NY



News and Notes


New books to be added to our library list follow. A complete listing of our holdings will be given in the next issue.

Scottish Clans and Tartans, Ian Grimble

Virginia Court Records in Southwestern Pennsylvania, Boyd Crumrine

Virginia Vital Records


Discontinue East Tennessee Roots periodical, Richardson/Moore Newsletter, and add the Towne Association newsletters.


Mrs. Wanda H. Peavy, MI is offering the Clearwater Family Genealogy. In reviewing a copy of this work I would advise using very carefully, there are many errors and omissions. The work is in soft cover, photocopied, spiral bound – many misspellings and typographical errors. No index.


Henderson Heritage – Published Quarterly, 1st Issue, Jan 1984. Out quarterly, publication is designed to help all Henderson family descendants to research data vital to their lines. All data we research and publish will be entered and stored on our computer. We are hopeful that all






Subscribers will contribute to the data in our file. The more information we file in the computer, the more we will be able to search and extract information easily for them. We will be concentrating initially on the earliest Henderson immigrants and their lines. We will also be publishing census records, court records, Bible records, state and county records, material from out of print works, letters from readers, etc. Currently, we have several early lines located as far north as Quebec and as far south as SC. Each issue will contain at least 30 pages. There will be a section for queries from subscribing members. Contact McKinney Maze editor for further information.



New Members:

Philip Beltz, OH

+Mrs. Isabel Crozier, Wellhead, Whitehead, Carrickfergus, No. Ireland, BT 38 9TB

Ruth Farmer, CA

Leslee Fehlman, TX

Mrs. Gloria J. Henschen, IL

Helen Keeler, KS

Mrs. Ena Littrell, NC

Mrs. Richard S. McKinney, AR

Mrs. Peggy Prater, OK

Mrs. Robert Ward, VA


+Mrs. Crozier has prepared a book concerning McKinneys in Northern Ireland – desc from William McKinney of Co. Antrim. Please contact the Editor, if interested. The work contains Mrs. Crozier's family lines, only, but may shed some light on Northern Ireland McKinney families. A copy has been ordered for the McKinney Library.


Due to lack of space in this issue it was not possible to print all queries received nor to begin another ahnentafel, however, these will be presented in the next issue, along with a report on the ten generation charts from Mrs. Alice Fisher, our chairman. Also, election of officers for the association should be held this Fall. Mrs. Rosalie Jackson, our Treasurer, will not be able to continue in that position – any volunteers? Please send nominations for officers to the Editor before Jun of this year, if you wish to be included in the election – or wish to nominate someone else. Officers to be elected are: Coordinator, Editor, Assistant Editor, Treasurer-Registrar, Librarian and Pedigree-Generation Charts Chairperson.


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