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From The Editor's Notes


We have had some interesting correspondence during the hiatus between publication, and we hope to include most of it in this issue. First, the continuing debate and study of the etymology of 'McKinney'. We have received a proposed manuscript from Charles MacKinnon of Dunakin, Dunakin Papers, in which the author states, "Sept Names, these are Love, MacMorran, Sherrie and MacSherrie. MacKinven is merely a variation of MacKinnon which can be spelled Mac, Mc, capital K, small k, according to individual wishes. MacKinney was for long regarded as a variation of MacKinnon but the late Sir Thomas Innes of Learney, Lord Lyon King of Arms, who is a very formidable authority, gives it as a MacKenzie variation, not a MacKinnon one. There is, however, at least a strong possibility that MacKinney may be either a version of MacKinnon or MacKenzie, and it is also a Lowland Scots name from the Galway area. Anyone bearing the name MacKinney really has to find out where their ancestors came from before deciding to which clan (if any) they belong."


The manuscript is a fascinating history of Clan Mackinnon as well as some of the associated clans including MacNab and MacQuarrie. Publication will be later this year. To continue the 'name' discussion, this editor recently returned from a few days in Salt Lake City at the Genealogical Library. Although nothing concrete was found on 'our' McKinney family, several appropriate items were found regarding the origin of the name.


Lower's Patronymica Britannica states that the fixation of the prefix 'Mac' has led to some serious etymological problems – especially when a vowel follows, as in MacAlpine. He also states that a large proportion are borne by the lowest (?) of the Celtic people and possess no historical interest. His lists include: Kennan, Kenon, Kenny, Kenzie, Kinney (Lord Stair's list); MacKenna, a known corruption of Mackinnon in Ulster; MacKenzie, the son of Keneth. This writer tends to disagree with the social statement made herein, but the study of the names in particular, is excellent.


In the Parish of Irongray, Kirkudbrightshire, two citations were found: January, 1666. David M'Kyney of Capitantoune, had sasine of the land off Capitantoune, and in the Parish of Anwoth. Thomas M'Kinny in Laghe glen held land in Kingslaggan (near Kirkbride). Each illustration shows a variation in spelling of the name, both in Lowland locations. Many instances of the name are found in Wigtown, Kirkcudbright, Galloway, Ayr, Dunoon, and Capitowne. The Scottish Record Society publications yielded some interesting variations of the name, as well. There was not time to research the entire series, but I found the listings themselves, of Burying Ground in Edinburgh, 1658-1770 lists the following:


M'Kean, M'Kein, M'Ken, M'Kin, M'Kine, Makcane, Makcen, Makkine with the burials following for each variation of name i.e., John, merchant, his wife, Rachel Hutton, 8 Aug 1660, Edinburgh.


M'Kenzie (M'Cingie, M'Kingie, Makenyie, Makkingie), of Tarbat, tomb within, 1664




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Within the body of the listing, several variations are given:

(Mackinie), Mr. Colin, his Lady (Helen Clark) 11 Jan 1690

(M'Kinie), Mr. George, a child, 14 Apr 1668

(Mackennie), John, writer, his child, 17 Apr 1661

(Makkinie), John, writer, his child, 21 Dec 1665

Mackenzie, John, writer, 1 Feb 1668


Then, under a completely separate listing, we have: M'Kinnie (Makkeney), Christian, wife of John Hall, writer, 18 Jan 1663


It is most interesting to see how the variants of this name were used in the Society collections in 1902 when it was printed. One more instance on the name was found in Early Settlers of Piscataway and Woodbridge, Ora Monette, 1935. He treats the family of Joseph MacKenzie of PA (associated with the Quigley, Bigham families), with the comment:


"The Clan MacKenzie or McKinney was one of the oldest and most powerful of the Scottish Highlands. From it have come the Earldoms of Seaforth & Cromartie. The name is from the Gaelic "MacChoinnich" which became MacCoinni or MacKinney, later MacKenzie. John or Joseph MacKenzie, the first in America, settled near Newburg, Hopewell Township, Cumberland Co., PA., about 1735. He died in 1783 and is buried in Hanna's Graveyard near Newsburg. In his will, probated (?) he changed his name to MacKinney, the old form."


The author is obviously incorrect in his statement that Joseph was the earliest of the name to settle in America, indeed, he may be incorrect in other observations, but it is of interest to students of the name itself.


Several other items were found, that may be helpful to some of our researchers:


Dunham Genealogy, Deacon John Dunham of Plymouth, Massachusetts, 1589-1669 and His Descendants, Isaac Watson Dunham, 1907.


P271, No. 377

Nehemiah Dunham, b 1 Nov 1721, Piscataway NJ m (1) Ann Dunn; m (2) Mary Clarkson; m (3) Oct 26, 1768, Ann McKinney; (4) Apr 4, 1775, Mrs. Bethany Adams, who m Mr. Stewart, after. He bought in 1760, 600 acres of Robinson, and moved to Clinton, Hunterdon Co., NJ 1767; sold 40 acres to A. Bonnell; 1774, bought land at Piscataway, adjoining Abraham's, Benaiah's and Martin's land, a part of the land purchased by Robinson of NJ Soc.; 1778, served in third assembly, NJ; 1783, served in 7th assembly; 1791-1797, justice of Hunterdon Co.; d Mar 12, 1802, at Bethlehem. Issue, b at Piscataway:


Sarah, b Aug 27, 1746, m Capt Adam Hope, d Sep 29, 1826


Asa, b 1751, pastor of Presby. Churches at Oxford and Bethel, NJ, 1806 succeeded David Barclay in the ministry, m. 1st, Sarah McPherson (2) ? Traphagan, (3) Rebecca Oxford, (4) Mary McKinney, who d from burns; (5) Elizabeth Moore. He d Sep 1825, Shamokin, Columbia Co., PA


Joanna, b 1752, m Apr 18, 1772, Benaiah Dunham


James, b Oct 1754, m Mrs. Mary Dunham Carhart, Elizabeth Carpenter, d 1820, Bethlehem, PA


Aaron, b 1759, unmarried, n., officer, Grand Lodge of Masons d at Kingwood, Hunterdon Co. 1802







John Clarkson, b 1761, Clinton, NJ, thence to Cincinnati, m Martha Washington Willis, he d 1839


Note: Unfortunately, this will not solve the problem of which Antje/Ann married Mr. Dunham. Since they were married in 1768, and Ann was not living in 1775, she could well have been the daughter of Mordecai, Sr. especially since there were no children born of this marriage. Therefore, we still need to identify the two Antje McKinneys who married Nehemiah Dunham, and Phillip Bright, in the same location and in the same year. It is also entirely possible that we are dealing with more than one Nehemiah Dunham. (See Fenwick discussion, following).



Scots Banished to the American Plantations, David Dobson, 1983


Lists of prisoners banished for one reason or another, an excellent work and available for loan. It lists the following items of interest to the researcher:


James Fenwick, Covenanter, prisoner in Leith Tolbooth, banished from Leith, 18 Aug 1685, transported by George Scott of Pitlochie to East NJ, Aug 1685.

Note: We include this citation to show that there was more than one Fenwick family in early NJ as one of our researchers led us to believe.


Barbara Fenwick, prisoner in Edinburgh Tolbooth, transported by Laurence Trent, merchant, on the Ewe and Lamb, 2 May 1672, to America


John Fenwick, gypsy, prison in Jedburgh Tolbooth, banished 30 Nov 1714, transported by James Lees and Charles Crawford to VA, 1 Jan 1715


Alexander McKenny, Jacobite, captured at Preston, transported from Liverpool to Jamaica or VA on the Elizabeth and Anne, 29 Jun 1716, landed in VA, unindentured


Colin McKenny, Jacobite, captured at Preston, to Antigua on the Scipio, 30 Mar 1716


Donald McKinney, Jacobite, from Liverpool on the Gildart, landed at Potomack, MD, 5 Aug 1747


John MacKinnon, Duppen of Kintyre, Convenanter in Argyll's rebellion, prisoner in Paul's Work, Edinburgh, banished to the plantations 24 Jul 1685, transported from Leith to Jamaica by John Ewing, Aug 1685



Scottish Settlers in North America 1625-1825, 1984, David Dobson


Lists of early settlers taken from various sources including family manuscripts, this list includes Mordecai McKinney but omits the source – one believes it is probably 'family memorial' as it is listed FM, without explanation.


MacKenny . . 20 Argyll, indentured servant, for MD, Feb 1724

James MacKenny, 19, Atholl, indentured servant for PA, Sep. 1733

Alex. Mickense (MacKenzie), b Scotland ?, imported servant, indentured at Chester Co., PA, 5 Aug 1697

Eneas Mackenzie, born 1675, educated at Aberdeen and Edinburgh Universities, ordained by Bishop of London, Episcopal minister in America, 1705-1722

George MacKenzie, merchant, Edinburgh, in Elizabethtown, East NJ 1684

McKenzie of Kildin, Lewis Kenneth the Younger, to East NJ, summer, 1684

Norman Mackenzie, indentured servant, imported to East NJ on the Thomas & Benjamin, by T. Pearson, Nov 1684





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Alexander McKinney ('Mecany'), b ca 1679, Scotland ?, importation by Maurice Trent, indentured servant at Chester Co., PA, 3 Oct 1693


Mordecai McKinney, born late 1680's Scotland, to NJ, married Mary Sebring, ca 1713, d 1759 Lebanon, Hunterdon Co., NJ



Early Germans of New Jersey, Chambers


Although there are a few scattered remarks or marriages concerning the McKinney or Kinney families in this work, none are of any help to establishing the identity of the early family since the references are almost entirely within the 19th century. However, in the early part of the text (unindexed), is found the history of the reformed church in Lebanon (estab. 1714) which offers the following information:


"The words of special interest in the deed are, containing about 132 acres, be it the same more or less, excepting always forth of the same, a small lot formerly conveyed to William M. Kinney (McKinney ?) and one other where the Lutheran Meeting House is built, both of them containing about one acre and half a quarter of an acre."


The farm or land was purchased in 1730 from Benjamin Rounseval. The above-mentioned deed was dated, May, 1761 and located near present Potterstown.



Colonial Soldiers of the South, Murtie June Clark


Maryland Militia, 1748, upper hundred of the Clifts, Calvert Co., John McKenney, soldier

John McKenney, private, Maryland troops, Oct 9, 1757, under Capt. F. Ware


Gooch's American Regiment, ship, Jersey, 1732-1741, No. 51, Dan: 1 McKenny, d 18 May 1741 (died ?)

Ship, Ludlow Castle, George McKenny, Pvt., ds 23 Sep 1741, Port Royal

Ship, Lyon, Cha:s ? McKenny, R 24 Feb 1741, Tebron Bay; Patrick McKenny, Ds 31 May 1741, Port Royal

Maryland troops, foot company under Capt. Wm. Lane, Somerset Co., MD, 1732, through 1774, undated: Abraham Lamberson, Samuel Lamberson, Walter Machenny


Robinson's Virginia Militia, 1746-1747, James Mckenny

Frederick Co., VA poll taken at the election of Burgesses, May 18, 1761 – George Mckenny


North Carolina Militia, Dobbs Co., Wm. McKennie, Lt., promoted to Captain

Robert McKinney from Edgecombe Co.

Robert McHeney (McKenny ?), Currituck Co

Mathew McKenny, Granville Co

New Bern, NC, 1771, Joseph McKiney



Virginia Tax Records from Tyler's Quarterly


Travis McKinne, 1768 Amelia Co., Capt. John Winn's poll

Francis mcKinne, Amelia Co., Capt. Robert Mumford's poll

William McKinney, 1748, Brunswick Co., Drury Stith's pool

William McKinney, as above, Sterling Clack's poll

James McKinney, 1783, Carolina Co., 1 male over 21, 3 blacks 4 cattle

James McKenney, Thomas Calloway's district, 1758

Westmoreland Co., slave count, George M'Kenny 2; Nanny M'Kennny, 1; Garrard McKenny, 11; Daniel M'Kenny, 5.


1704 New Kent Co., Elizabeth Mackeny, poll

1704 Accomac Co., Francis Mackenny (Makemie ?), 5109 acres


Lincoln Co., KY, Order Book 1781-1783, Archibald McKinney in Capt. William Givens organization



Converging Paths, Thelma D. McKinney


Chapter 7 – McKinneys, Carters, Breeds, Popes: John B. McKinney b Feb 11, 1800, parents names unknown. According to family bible records, he married Mary Harriet Johnson on Dec 2, 1830, Shelby Co., TN. He was 31 years of age and Mary was twenty, born March 15, 1810. Tradition holds that he was Presbyterian minister – whether he began his ministry before or after his marriage is unknown. The first son was James Porter McKinney, b 17 Mar 1833. Second child was Martha J., who may have been born in Shelby Co. In 1840, this family was living in DeSoto Co., MS. After 16 years of marriage, John B. McKinney was deceased – Jan 7, 1846. Two other sons show in the 1850 census, James P. 17, Martha J. 15, William L. 10, John B., 4. The family bible shows Nathaniel J. b in 1837 and C. C. born in 1841 however, they do not appear on census enumeration. Martha married William H. Cannon in Jun, 1851.


            James Porter McKinney m Sarah G. Mabry, 1860, dau Eudora, son, Willie Bell, b 1865, d young

            James married 2nd, Laneta Melvina Carter, 1866


Note: Unfortunately, the balance of this account was not given, nor the date and place of this book's origin. Members may be able to find a listing for this work in the DAR Library Catalog among other library catalog listings.


History of Franklin Co., PA, p 19: Conochocheague Creek, Apr 2, 1757, Wm. M'Kinney and son were killed by Indians near Hollywell paper mill and the Rocky Spring Presbyterian Church.


This concludes the miscellaneous information that has been received by mail or by researchers since our last issue. It is important that those sending information give the source of their information as researchers will want to obtain copies or give further thought to some of the items. It would appear that the book mentioned above, by Thelma McKinney, would be of great help to some of our members, therefore, publishing information, date of publishing, etc. would be needed to further examine the work.



The Two Williams


John W. McKinney


The McKinneys of Marietta, OH:

            William McKinney, Lycoming Co., PA, wife, Hannah

            William born September 4, 1760 in Lycoming Co., PA, died June 24, 1848

                        Siblings: Sarah, Jemima, Jacob, John, Catherine

                        Wife: Frances Piatt, married Jul 14, 1789, b Nov 7, 1770, d Jun 24, 1847

                        Lived for awhile at White Deer Valley on the Susquehanna River


William came from PA with his wife and children and founded his home where for a number of years after his coming was known as 'McKinney Settlement' (former





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Name, Egypt was dropped). William purchased a tract of 3920 acres from Matthias Mattenly for the sum of $8040, this in the section where Nutters were squatters at the mouth of Addis' Run in 1818. Later, bought 2nd tract of 1080 acres and after giving each of his children ? , sold remainder. He married a Skelton in 1882. (Ed: Some of this handwritten material is difficult to read, my apologies for errors)


William was Presbyterian by faith, and is buried in Egypt Cemetery.


Son William McKinney, Jr., born in PA May 17, 1790, married Jan 22, 1818. Wm Jr. died Apr 7, 1879, wife: Mary Wilson b 1799, d 1879. Children: Robert Simpson; William Piatt; Frances S.; Elizabeth J.; Abram T.; Hannah M.; Vestus H.; Mary S.; Jacob.


William Piatt b Dec 24, 1820, m 1849, died Sep 1910 m Indiana H. Jackson b 1824, d May 1885.


Son Benjamin Jackson McKinney b Mar 24, 1850, d Jul 8, 1934. Married 1871 Florence Browning (1852-1902). Their children: Helen 1872; Grace 1873; Stella 1875; Frank Browning 1876; Florence 1878; Mary 1880; William Piatt 1882; Louise 1884; Jackson B. 1886; Francis 1888; Harriet Wilson 1892.


William Piatt McKinney b 1882, died after 1957, m Oct 15, 1907 Mabel Clare Echols. They had ch Jane Browning, Ruth and William.


Letter:  William McKinney Family, Postmaster, Solus, Wood Co., VA. (In possession of Mrs. Barbara Maybury)


New Jersey, Warren Co., Franklin Township, Jan 21, 1946.


My Dearly beloved cosin, if you are yet alive I would be very glad to here from you I am yet in the land of the living and my health is good. Thanks be to God for all his mercys yet I am afflicted with the rumatis my eye sight is poor I can read: my hering is bad I can here loud speaking my memory is poor apprehention bad yet it came in my mind to right to you if may be you and your wife might here some thing from your friend here alive yet in my old home my daughter Caty her husband with me all in health at present they have 3 daughters and one son yet you know that John and Elen is gone and your sister Hannah Departed this life the 12 day of November


Steven and William and and thins (?) are in health the last I herd I had a letter from French crick my brother Cornelius was in good health but he cannot see to right any more the last he rote his son had to right the most he was 95 the 16 of December. Old Stile (?) Mathias lived there he was 72 last march Thomas lives in Ohio he was born December 29 day 1765 my 2 daughters Jane and Ann live in Ohio they see my brother Tome ane I here from them all I was 86 last July I had a leter from the Branch lately Peggy Tenyke is in health but is lame had stroke of the palsy Jane she lives with Jane Hall is dead and gone she told the Preist the --- psalms 90th and 12 verse to preach at her funeral you must excuse my poor righting and more in --- the last we herd James McKinney was alive and well My dear friends I have run over the world to no purpis all this world is vanity let us look beyond the thing is Prepare to meat my God in mercy I do indeavor and pray for






Grace my time is at hand my dere cosins I bid you farewell Mcmintia (?) (illeg.)



            Address: New Village New Jersey, Jan 24



North Carolina McKinneys


For some time there has been confusion as to whom John McKinney with wife, Mary Wilson belonged. It was thought that he may have been the son of James and Mary Ballard McKinney. According to some sources, he is buried, with his wife, in the same cemetery as Obediah and Sarah Smith McKinney, and is also Quaker. However, it has been established that John McKinney was born in 1762, thereby eliminating him as brother to Obediah. It may well be that he was of the same family, however. An entry in Ohio Court and Land Records (McBride) gives the following:


214.     6 Jan 1845, Anna, Catharine, Elizabeth, Daniel and Mary McKinney, with James McKinney and Fanny hw, Joshua Wilson and Mary hw late McKinney, Robert McKinney and Thoriss a hw, Elijah Bocock and Barbara hw, John Worley and Margaret hw, by their attorney, Robert McKinney, to David Painter in Madison Twp., purchased by John McKinney 18 Dec 1823.


As we shall see in a later issue, Robert McKinney and his wife, Heressa Limes had business dealings with our branch of the McKinney family of Highland Co., OH. These may well prove to be cousins. John McKinney bought 77 acres of land from William Egleson of VA, 18 Dec 1823. John died 23 Apr 1827 at age 65, Mary died 29 Mar, 1849 age 81. They are buried in Greenfield, Madison Twp. Their children appear to have been (at least), Robert, Daniel, Elizabeth, Anna, Catharine and Mary, and possibly, James, Joshua and Barbara. Further information will appear in our OH issue later this year.



North Carolina Wills 1692 – 1715


Francis Makemie, 27 Apr 1708, 4 Aug 1708 – to kinsman Bagg (Wm) of Accomack, to wife Naomi & 2 daus Elizabeth and Ann Makemie, etc. Should daus. Die without issue, then to my youngest sister Ann Makemie of The Kingdom of Ireland and the two eldest sons of my brothers John & Robert Makemie, etc.


This was included for those who feel there is a 'kinship' with Francis. This is the first information that I have received proving that he was from Ireland. Although found in NC records, this will was probated and found in Accomack Co., VA.


James McKinney of NC and Pendleton, SC (Records of Octavia Douglas) (Note above this sentence says 'Wrong') James McKinney m Sarah Wilson their issue: Wilson b Bedford Co., VA 1780, died Limestone Co., AL 1826-1831 married Elizabeth Stevens. (2) Charles McKinney of Bedford Co., VA in 1782 census with 1 poll (3) James McKinney m Mary Boone in NC, died Pendleton Co., SC (issue, John 1788 m Elizabeth Robertson). Charles born in 1790 and died in 1844, m ? Taylor.


Elizabeth McKinne, mentioned in the 16 Mar will of her father, Joseph McDowell, is included with his wife Margaret, sons Hugh, Charles, John (under age), Joseph (under age), Hannah Chrisman (sister). Elizabeth's husband was John McKinney




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(1735-1798), born in Fredericksburg, VA (written in margin X Spots Co) and lived in Ashe and Yancy counties, NC.


Will of Benjamin McInney (McKinney) of Craven Co., NC: Probated 24 Aug 1759, wife Mary; children, Laminder Kirkland, Elizabeth Kirland, Sarah Mackey, Archilaus, Penelope, John, Mary, Fanny, Christian Hurst, Samuel, Michael, Priscilla. Witnesses, William Kirkland, Sam'l. Milhaus.


Wilkes co: Travis McKinney and wife Ann deed, 250 acres to Thomas M. Dole, the original grant to Travis Sep 15, 1785, witness, Prince Byard, Wm. McKinney and Wm. O'Neil.


Mecklenburg Co: Will of John Wylie, Dec 27, 1806 mentions son-in-law, Alexander McKinney


John McKinney served on the committee for safety in Tryon co., NC, 1775

John McKinney 1759-1833 served under Lt. Francis Taliaferro, he married Sally

Bankhead McKinney – her father was married to Sarah Taliaferro (John).

Joseph McKinney b 23 Apr 1802, Rockingham Co. d 24 Jan 1892, Kaufman Co., TX

Marr 15 Dec 1825, Susan Overby (1804-1851), dau of Nicholas Overby and Susan Downs.

Joseph's father was prob John McKinney b 1770 NC, d 1851, Lancaster, WI and wife,

Temperance Baker (1774-1840). Father of John McKinney b 1735, will proved 1791, Rockingham

Co., and wife, Margaret.


Nathan McKinney b 1833, Yancey Co., NC, d 24 Dec 1848, Russell Co., VA m Nancy Hicks (dau Maranda 1855 m Wm. Riley Wilson)


Guilford Co., NC 1771-1840. John Peeples, will, 23 Apr 1813, mentions wife, Catey, son Wyatt, plantation where George McKinney lived, son Herbert, dau Sally Jean, son Drury, son Herbert, Nathaniel Wyatt and dau Nancy McKinney, wife of deceased son Seth (no share).


Bible Record . . Hugh Bell, 1 May 1779, son of Robert, b Guilford Co., NC and Mary Boyd Bell. Hugh m Ponotoc Co., MS, Margaret McKinney dau of John and Margaret Fulkerson McKinney (Margaret b 10 Aug 1791, m 1840). Children: Robert Allen, James Daniel, Alfred, Paris Dooley, Zilphia, Florence, Caroline, Mary Boyd, Adeline, Jane.


Bible Record – John Allen McKinney, Caswell Co., NC. Family bible record of John Allen McKinney and wife, Minnie Alice Rudd of Caswell Co., NC. John being the son of Peter Allen McKinney and wife, Susan Pinson McKinney, and the grandson of William McKinnie. Minnie Alice Rudd McKinney is the daughter of Thomas Henry and Louisa Elizabeth Allred Rudd and the granddaughter of Thomas Lee and ? Montgomery Rudd. Louisa Elizabeth Allred Rudd was the dau of Wm. Brantly and Nancy A. Stadler Allred. Nancy A. Stadler was the dau of Elder John and Nancy Arnold Stadler. Marriages:

            John Allen McKinney m Minnie Alice Rudd, Dec 24, 1905

            Minnie Alice Rudd McKinney m James L. Terrell, 2nd time

            Virgil Allen McKinney m Ollie Bryant in Alamance Co., NC

            Eva Mae McKinney m James Smith

            Beulah Virginia McKinney m Nathaniel Rudd






            Raleigh Thomas McKinney m Bettie Rudd



            John Allen McKinney b Aug 4, 1877

            Minnie Alice McKinney b Jul 8, 1883

            Virgil Allen McKinney b Sep 26, 1906

            Eva May McKinney b Apr 21, 1909

            Beulah Virginia McKinney b Aug 19, 1911

            Raleigh Thomas McKinney b May 17, 1914

            Malloy Daniel McKinney b Aug 20, 1918

            Ethel Elizabeth McKinney b May 4, 1920

            Luther Odell McKinney b Apr 22, 1924

            Hassel Lee McKinney b Mar 31, 1926

            Pauline Frances McKinney b Jul 18, 1928

            Jewel Marie McKinney b Mar 5, 1932



            John Allen McKinney d Jul 30, 1937

            Ethel Elizabeth McKinney d Nov 13, 1921

            Jewel Marie McKinney d Jun 21, 1933


Bible Records, Caswell Co., NC:

Arthur Napoleon Apple, Caswell Co., NC m Corinne Catherine (Kate) McKinney both natives of Caswell Co., and lived there. Catherine McKinney was dau of George Pearson McKinney and wife, Elizabeth Brooks Oakley McKinney, dau of James A. McKinney and wife Martha Francis Stadler McKinney.

Arthur Apple m Kate McKinney, Mar 13, 1910

Elizabeth Apple m Percy Coleman, Dec 5, 1931

Florence Apple m Claude E. Stadler, Dec 14, 1934


Bush Arbor primitive Baptist Church, Caswell Co. (Cemetery)

Elder Benjamin Franklin McKinney b Aug 24, 1893, d Feb 3, 1933

Cora Trallinger McKinney (wife of Geo. Washington McKinney) b Apr 24, 1881, d 29 Sep 18 (illeg)

E. A. McKinney b Oct 23, 1856, d May 6, 1899

Elizabeth Brooks Oakley McKinney (wf of Geo. Pierce McKinney) b Sep 13, 1855, d Jul 6, 1926

Ethel E. McKinney (above), b May 4, 1920, d Nov 13, 1921

E. W. McKinney b Oct 1, 1905, d Aug 1908

George W. McKinney b Feb 4, 1882

Katie McKinney, (wf, Arthur Apple), b 1886, d 1933

John Allen McKinney b 1877, d 1937

John W. McKinney (son of Geo. P. and Eliz. B.) 1890-1909

Mae McKinney (Of J. M. and J. Mck) b 1881, d 1896

Mary McKinney (wf, Robert w.) b 1873

Martha F. McKinney (wf, James A. McK) b 1831, d 1908

Mary F. McKinney 1853-1908

Maude Ellen (Boswell) McKinney b 1889, d 1938

Minnie Alice Rudd McKinney b 1887

P. A. McKinney (hus of Susan Pinson McK) b 1832, d 1915

Robert W. McKinney b 1874, d 1955

Susan Pinson McKinney b 1841, d 1901

Sylvester O. McKinney, 1916-1920





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William Andrew McKinney b 1884, d 1939

W. J. McKinney b 1872, d 1939


Camp Springs Methodist Church Cemetery, Stoney Creek Twp., Caswell Co:

            Frances McKinney, b Oct 24, 1872, d Jul 25, 1941, wife of James A. Boone


Pleasant Grove Cemetery, Primitive Baptist Church: Laura Stanfield McKinney b Oct 20, 1869, d Apr 20, 1951 (wife of Silas McKinney)



Surry County Land Deeds, 1771-1867


Grantee                                                Book, Page                                          Grantor


John McKinney                                  H, 288                                                 John McKinney, Sr.

Jesse McKinney                                  O, 237                                                 Robert Dudley

Shadrick McKinney                            N, 49                                                   Stephen V. ?

Shadrick McKinney                            N, 51                                                   Stephen V. ?

James McKinney                                K, 114                                                 State, $100

James McKinney                                K, 115                                                 State, $50

Shadrick McKinney                            K                                                         State, $50

J., Jr. McKinney                                 M, ORN, OR, O                                 James Hiat

Jesse McKinney                                  R, 196                                                 Stephen Brown

Jesse McKinney                                  R, 199                                                 Stephen Brown

Jesse McKinney                                  L, 60                                                    Gadle Smallwood

Shad McKinney                                  M, 318                                                 James McKinney

James McKinney                                V, 8, V, 36                                          William Hobson

McKinney & Others                           P, 258                                                  John Buyson

James McKinney                                P, 89                                                    Obediah ?

James McKinney                                P, 90                                                    Nathan Bates

Rosmiah McKinney (?)                       Q, 196                                                 James McKinney

Fountain B. McKinney                       6, G, 20                                               Jonathan Harris

Gideon E. McKinney                          H, 1                                                     Amelia McKinney

F. B. McKinney                                  8, 72                                                    J. W. Cartwright

F. B. McKinney                                  7, ?                                                      George Cartwright

F. B. McKinney                                  Y, 154                                                 Harding Herring

Fountain McKinney                            Y, 320, Y 328                                     Jonathan Harris

James McKinney                                Y, 6                                                     John Jones

James McKinney                                Y, 316                                                 Sallie Rey

James McKinney                                S, 46                                                    William Fletcher

F. B. McKinney                                  2, 326                                                  James Rudd

F. B. McKinney                                  1, 38                                                    R. T. Simmons

Amelia McKinney                               1, 206                                                  David McKinney

F. B. McKinney                                  3, ?                                                      G. Copland

F. B. McKinney                                  11, 145                                                E. Bunker

Amelia McKinney                               W, 20                                                  Stephen Brown

F. B. McKinney                                  W, 62                                                  H. Garret

Amelia McKinney                               7, 46, 7, 135                                        G. E. Roking and Elisha B. ?

David McKinney                                G, 6                                                     Amelia McKinney

Shad McKinney                                  I, 104                                                   James McKinney

James McKinney                                J, ?                                                       State, $100






Edward McKinney                              H, ?                                                     William T. Lewis

Shad McKinney                                  M, 46                                                  James Jessup

James McKinney                                J, 104, M, 317                                     Shad McKinney

Sarah McKinney                                 G, ?                                                     John Harris

John McKinney                                  G, 250                                                 Will Burris

John McKinney                                  F, 29, 24, 20                                        Ratcliff Boone

John McKinney                                  F, 211                                                  Jesse McKinney

James McKinney                                J, 336                                                  James Jackson

James McKinney                                D, 172                                                 Stephen Jayne

John McKinney                                  G, 419                                                 T. Newman

John McKinney                                  D, 178                                                 Job Nelson

John McKinney                                  H, 238                                                 John McKinney, Jr.

John McKinney                                  H, 77                                                   James Adams

John McKinney                                  G, 110                                                 William Garrett

John McKinney                                  G, 110, D ?                                         Tholmas Newman

John Mckinney                                   A, 563, A, 188                                                State, $700



Index to Hughes' Historical Map of Surry County NC

            John McKinney, 1785-1780-1785

            John Makenney, 1785

            John McKinney, Jr., 1787

            (Map is available for loan, as well as early landowner map of Stokes Co)


Surry County String Band Music: p 105

Two Civil War veterans who were fiddlers in Surry Co. were Preston 'Pet' McKinney and Zack Payne. This is taken from a history of string band music in Surry Co.



New Members

Alice Foster

Paul Garland, TX

Oleta Holmes (Mrs.), AR

Mrs. Mary McKinney, AZ

Mrs. R. A. McCarthy, NJ

Marilyn Unseld Owen, CA

F. M. Rogers, MT

Mrs. Joe Sheriff, OK



There are new rules for applying for military records at National Archives, if interested, please let me know. Editor





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Questions, Questions, Questions




John McKinney m Rebecca Shipman 7 Dec 1853, Henderson Co., NC, how is John related to Alexander McKinney? Would like to corres with anyone with info reg this John and Rebecca Shipman McKinney. Mrs. Joe Sheriff, OK





Earliest known anc, James McKinney, m Adaline Hiser, 26 Oct 1872, Jackson Co., IL, d prob before 1900, Jackson Co. Ch: Lydia Kinney, Anna (b 1877), George (1878), Charles Augusta, Rhoda Mae, Thos. Robert, Mable. Need b, d, prts, on above James McKinney. Fran Rogers, MT




Who were prts of Elizabeth McKinney b 8 Sep 1805, poss VA, TN, NC, or SC, mar ca 1821, Burke Co. Stephen Garland. Res in Redhill, NC, d 28 Jul 1844 (Mitchell Co). Ten ch born of this marr, searching Alexander b 22 Dec 1823. Was Elizabeth dau of Samuel of Burke Co.? Stephen Garland son of Gutridge Garland; another relative mar Fanny McKinney 1819 at Morganton. Any info on this McKinney group welcome. Paul E. Garland, TX






Desire name of sons of Shadrack McKinney & Hannah McCarter. Need name of fthr of Shadrack Jackson, Samuel and Amanda McKinney who d betw 1846-1850 prob Lee Co., VA. Could he have been Aaron, James or James Aaron (wife, Polly Bingham?). What connec Sarah J. Cress or Jane McKinney to ch? Ch liv with Cress fam in 1850 Claiborne, TN poss Aaron (James Aaron) 2nd mar? Other siblings of Shadrack J., Sam'l., Amanda? Mary Estey McKinney, AZ






Researching bros of Thomas Freeman McKinney 'father' of Texas Navy. Two bros, Charles, James in TX 1835-1836. Could Charles wf have been Phoebe Musick Stiffler (3) wf, Wilson Simpson? Any info apprec. Virgil L. Walker, TX




Searching for fthr of Lydia McKinney (b IN?), married William Story Aug 10, 1884, Shelby Co., IN.

Nancy McKinney b VA (1870 Hendricks Tsp., IN) poss mthr? Glendene Martens, NE



Joseph McKinney, arr IL ca 1812, in St. Clair Co records, rem to Fayette Co., d bef 1840 census. Any info appreciated. Roselyn Wallis, IL



Searching Brown Collis McKinney b 1904, SC, grandfather, George Washington McKinney b 1878, NC son of Collis McKinney 1850-1888. Any help apprec. Mrs. Alice Ann McCarthy, NJ





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Need info ancs/desc ggp Daniel McKinney b ca 1845 TN, marr Manervia (?) b TN; 5 or 6 sons, 1 dau; Robert W. b 9 Feb 1871 TN, d 1940; (prob, St. Louis, MO, wife Alice Holland b KY and mar (2) Mary (?). Rem to Eldorado, TX, had ch: Albert Calvin b 1895 KY d 1948 NM, m (1) Emma I. Becker b 1897 Ger and dau Alma, m. ? Humphrey. Albert D. McKinney, CA




Seeking info on John McKinney and wife, Rilda Weddle/Widdle, liv IN, rem OK, would like to corres with descendants. Oleta Holmes, AR



Working on Henry McKinney b ca 1790 Campbell Co., TN, three sons, James, Henry, John and daus . . all info appreciated. Associated w/families of Lay, English/Inglish, Goudge. Blanche McKinney, MO



William McKinney of Rutherford Co., NC, then Spartanburg Co., SC and son of John McKinney of Rutherford Co., was b May 1770, found in deposition given in Solomon Forrester Files. Shirley C. Thompson, SC



Joseph McKinney, IL, ca 1812, St. Clair Co., rem to Fayette Co. Roselyn Wallis, IL








Thomas Ireland McKinney b 16 Sep 1811, PA, son of John & Zelpha Ireland McK, both b VT, m. Clementina Algenette Keller, b 8 May 1825 NC, dau of Joshua Franklin Keller, Guilelma Bundy. Ch: Louisa, d yng; Elizabeth Ann (Jesse Plunkett); Joshua F. (Eliz. Coffman Jones; George C. (Laura Thauroman); Henrietta; Gula Elma (Joseph Willson); Rosanna (Richard Queen); Charles H. (Susan F. Cox, dau of Recompense and Harriet Alexander; Thomas E. (Mary Louisa Cox (sis of Susan)); Laura C. (Ernest McCartney); Jessie P. (Warren Alderman). Most ch rem to Oregon, Washington and California. Would app corres with orders working on these lines. Need bplc of Thos. Ireland McKinney and parents. Pauline McKinney, AZ



Eli H. McKinney, 1870 census, Madison Co., IA, Penn Twp., listed as age 30, b NC, carpenter, wife Susan 27 b NC, son Shadrick age 4, b NC, son Jasper 1, b IA, Aaron 70, b NC (father?). Where did these people rem to after IA? Howard W. McKinney, IL




Searching for pts of Reuben McKinney m 1808/1809 to Nancy Jane Lyle, he d Milam Co., TX. Ch: Elizabeth (Tom Downs); Sarah (James Riggs); Polly; Margaret; Peggy; Nancy Jane (Whitehead); Tom; Bob; Miller. Stephanie Oldland, CO





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Seeking info on William McKinney b ca 1803, PA marr Sarah ? Sarah b ca 1803, PA. At least two ch: 1-Joseph, b 1834, Alleg Co., PA; 2- Rachel, b ca 1845, PA. Joseph mar Eve Seiple in Alleg. Co., PA and raised family there. Are these McKinneys part of the Mordecai McKinney family? Sharon Hillis, AK




Searching Cecilia McKinney through marr to Elisha Hurst/Hurst. Need name of parents of Cecilia McKinney, wf of Elisha Hurst, ca 182_ (late 1820's, VA). Number of ch mentioned in DAR patriot index (Hurst) lineage. Any help appreciated. Mrs. Charles E. Albert, KS





Any known marr McKinney/Vittatoe, Vidate in Surry Co., NC? Shadrack Jackson McKinney or Shadrack sold land to Stephen Vidate. Ram rem states surname Vittatoe is in family line. Mary McKinney, AZ



As above

Need any known McKinney deaths betw 1846-1850, Lee Co., VA, searching for pts of Shadrack Jackson McKinney b 1839; Samuel P. b 1841; Amanda J. b 1846, all in VA.



Genealogical News, Notes, Wants


JoAnne Allenbaugh (members roster) has completed an abstraction of White Family statistics taken from NC records. This 25pp, soft cover booklet (photocopy) will be available through the McKinney Family Association, and proceeds from its sale will be shared between the association and our local DAR Chapter, Palos Verdes.


Fly Your Colors, By Hal

Hall Hegge, Vexillologist – NAVA

Historic Flags, Regimental Standards

Heraldic Coat-of-Arms


Comprehensive Ancestor Tracking Service: Marta Metcalf, FAS, CA


Immigrant and Passenger Arrivals, A Select Catalog of National Archives Microfilm Publications: National Archives trust Fund Board






Federation of Genealogical Societies . . March-April Newsletter has much of interest to the genealogist, including the latest information regarding the separation of General Services Administration and the National Archives.


Nation Archives has changed the method of processing requests for copies of military service records and passenger arrival records. Military requests must be submitted on NATF Form 80 and passenger lists requests on NATF Form 91.


National Conference, Genealogists of the Rocky Mountains, Denver 1984 . . sponsored by the Federation of Genealogical Societies, Sep 12-15, 1984.


Books for Sale:

Simplified Genealogy for Americans, E. Kay Kirkham Deseret Books, hard cover, 1973

A General Introduction to the Domesday Book, Ellis Genealogical Publishing Co., 1971, hard cover, Volumes 1, 2

Preserving Your American Heritage, Norman Wright, 1981, Brigham University Press, soft cover

The Heritage of America, Commager & Nevins, 1951

The Cornelius Jansen Family History, 1822-1973, soft cover, Betty A., Oscar R. Miller, 1974

Indices, Maryland History Magazine, 1971-1976

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