The McKinney Maze





Research Report



March, 1987





Mary Hubbard





DAR Library, Washington, D. C.



1.         Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, Vol. 9, p 66. Mordecai McKinney with Mary Salmon, illegitimate son, b Aug 31, 1790, Bapt Apr 7, 1791, named Henry. Sponsors Hibler and wife, Eliz. (Rec. of St. James Church, Greenwich, Warren Co.) 'Father acknowledges'


2.         Ibid, Vol. 10, p 104: by Rev. John Dow, Reformed Church, Belleville. Daniel McCan to Jane McKenney, both of Essex Co., Mar 3, 1811.


3.         Ibid, Vol. 9 p 101: Reading Twp., Hunterdon Militia, 1792, John McKinney


4.         Ibid, Vol. 9, p 111: by Rev. Uzal Ogden, Newark, Essex Co. Marriage record, John Archibald Blaire to Miss Mary McKinney, both of New York, Feb 9, 1798.


5.         Ibid, Vol. 23 p 56: John Anderson, son of Wm. Was presumably the John b Oct. 15, 1725; d Nov 18, 1772 at Lebanon; md Jun 24, 1751 to Eliz. Mattison, dau of Jacob and Ann (Hankinson) Mattison, b Dec 4, 1731; md (2) May 27, 1773, Modica McKinny and (3) ____ Jones.


6.         New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, Vol. 28, p 86, Persons naturalized in NJ between 1702-1776; Michael Kiney, Aug 20, 1755


7.         National Genealogical Society Quarterly: Vol. 53 #4 New Aberdeen, James Steen. Only pertinent reference here concerned the Opdyk family and no McKinneys were listed. Note: The entire article was photocopied by our researcher, and is available for loan to members.


8.         Genealogical Notes, History of Old Tennent (Church), p 446: Rebecca English dau of Dr. James & Hannah md Stillman E. Arms, DDS, had 4 ch: Mary E., mar Wm. T. Morrison; Sarah J. m Rev. Albert Zabriskie; Clara W. md Rev. John McKinnie, 3 children.


9.         Kentucky Genealogist, Vol. 15, pp 118-119: Bible record of James McKinney of Daviess Co., KY. Published in an earlier issue of Maze, this is available to those who have not seen the record. Concerns James b 1772 and wife Nancy with issue: Ransom, Polly, Susan Jane, Mary Ann, Amanda Melvina, James Henry, Nancy E. and America Elizabeth.


10.       A History of the McKenney Family of the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Clann Coinneach of the Scottish Highlands.


(Note) McKinney/McKenney would be spelled Cionaodha in Gaelic; MacKenzie would be Maccoinnich) – Coinneach would not apply to McKenney, Editor. 1 Family chart from Mhaol Challuim Maccoinneach, Elgin, Morayshire 1637, later, Mackenzie of Kintail, to Jamestown, VA, ca 1652. Traces family from John b 1664 in Prince George Co. to Thomas Loraine McKenney and descendants.


11.       Marriage Records, Presbyterian Church, Washington, Warren Co., NJ. Formerly Old Mansfield Woodhouse Church, 1817-1860, Mrs. John Meeker.


P 2 - John Mckinney and Elenor Mckinney, members at Mansfield, enrolled at the commencement of the ministry of Rev. Jacob R. Castner, Oct 20, 1817.


P 6 - Marriage, 1824, 9 Mar, William McKinney, of Greenwich and Mary A. Winters of Mansfield.


P 14 - Marriage, 1835, 26 Mar, Mills McKinney of Lebanon and Sarah Ann Parke, Lebanon.


12.       Settlers of Warren & Hunterdon Counties, 1818. Joseph Johnston's Day Book of Lebanon Township, Hunterdon Co., Peggy Warne Chapter, DAR, 1936; p 78 – Marriage, Rebecca Louisa Johnston, and Henry W. McKinney, Feb 11, 1857.


13.       Mansfield Woodhouse Church and Burying Ground Warren Co., Peggy Warne

            Chapter, Phillipsburg, NJ 1938.


            P 17

McKinney, James, son of Jacob and Olive, d Apr 30, 1832, age 22

McKinney, Mary, b Dec 29, 1806, d Jan 29, 1833

McKinney, Olive, b 1775, d Oct 22, 1814


P 34

Church Roll, 1817 (Earliest roll in existence in 1937), John Mckinney and Eleanor Mckinney


14.       Church Minutes, Family Records, Wills, Deeds, Warren Co., Gen. Wm. Maxwell Chapter, Belvidere, NJ, 1936; A. Proceedings of Trustees of First Presby. Church, Oxford Co., of Sussex: 8 May 1787, oath of obligation, allegiance and office, John Kinney.


12 Aug 1787, Meeting of trustees, present – Robert Hoops, James Davison, John Kinney, Abraham Axford, Wm. Kerr


Note: John's name appears throughout as trustee. John Kinney, Jr. became trustee 6 May 1809.


Mr. William Kinney, d 1847 in Belvidere on the 28th ult., age 42 years.


Mrs. Elizabeth Kinney, widow of late John Kinney, d 1845 near Belvidere on Sunday morning, aged about 65 years.


Ann, wife of Wm. N. Kinney, d on the morning of the 21st inst., 1849, aged 35 years, of bilious fever.


1848, Oxford, Thursday, 19th, by the Rev. Jame Clark, Jhn. McKinney of Franklin and Mary Davison of Oxford.


15.       Peggy Warne Newsletter, Washington, NJ (D.A.R.)


P 143, Vol. 6, No. 2, p 4 – I suppose I could recall from cemetery and church records a dozen or more family names which have disappeared from the local scene such as Axford, Carhart, Carter, Hartpence, Hulshizer, Kline, Lomerson, McKinney, Sherrerd and others.


P 34, Vol. 4, No. 7, p 5: Benjamin Warne, bap Aug 2, 1753 at Christ Church, Shrewsbury, d Mar 20, 1810; mar Feb 24, 1796, Hannah McKinney, b Sep 30, 1769, d Nov 23, 1845. Both buried in the McKinney Cemetery just south of Rt 24, near Broadway.


P 190, Vol. 6, No. 10, p 7 – This line is closely related to that of Mrs. Edward Price, for James Davidson's dau Eleanor, married John McKinney, Mrs. Price's Revolutionary ancestor. (Note) This lineage is attributed to Hannah TenEyck and William McKinney of Warren Co.


Vo. 7, No. 1, p 5-6: John K. Smith, who died at New Village, Sep 17, 1859, married in 1838, Margaret Kinney, b Aug 15, 1921 at New Village (Warren Co.) and who died there Jan 15, 1914, both are buried in the Stewartsville Cemetery. Margaret Kinney was the dau of William C. Kinney b at New Village and who died Feb 24, 1845/6 age 67, buried in Thatcher Cemetery in Broadway. William married secondly, Mary McIlroy and Elizabeth Maxwell. Both are buried in the McKinney Cemetery at New Village. A copy of these cemetery records is in the files of the National Society, DAR.


16.       Grave Records, Warren Co., NJ, Katherine Stryker.


John Kinney, 55-11-10, d Dec 11, 1825 Old Oxford Graveyard

Elizabeth, wife of John Kinney, 69-5-27, d Jul 29, 1858

Peter, 63 yrs., Rev. Soldier, d Jun 27, 1826 (Kinney)

Anne Kinney, wife to Peter, d in 51st year, Apr 4, 1825


17.       The Op Dyck Genealogy, Charles Wilson Opdyke, 1889


Note: The Kinney information is repeated verbatim, for those searchers who requested the information. There are no collateral McKinney names in this volume – those most requested were Andriessen (Anderson) and LeSeur, Lozier, Etc. and Van Diren.


P 370: 'Hannah Kinney, wife of Reeder Stout and mother of wife of George Opdycke was a woman of intellect, lived to 80 years and was of French parents. She often told her grandchildren how her mother, a daughter of a French nobleman, fell in love with the gardener of her father's estate in France, and was shut up by her parents in the attic under guard. With the aid of the bed cords, the French maiden descended from the window, and fled with her lover on horse-back; they were pursued and shot at, but escaped and swam the Rhine in the saddle, were married, and took a vessel to America. They settled on Staten Island were they lived in poverty and obscurity. Letters from her family reached her, but were not preserved. This history was verified after the death of her granddaughter Mary Stout, wife of George Opdycke by newspaper notices seeking the heirs of the French maiden on account of their title to the estate in France; but so much time having elapsed and the letters having been lost, her heirs paid no attention to the matter. Even the name of her parents in France has now passed from the memory of her living descendants; they recollect only that her first name was Marie and her husband was named Kinney (or McKinney); he probably belonged originally to one of the many Scotch families who settled permanently in France. Both she and her husband spoke only French, and they educated their children in French. Her family record, written in that language was destroyed many years ago by the burning of the house of Joseph Opdycke in Kingwood.'


Note: A thorough search of Staten Island records reveals no settler by the name of Kinney or McKinney in the early records. It would be presumed from the dates of descendants, that Hannah Kinney was born ca 1732. The searcher would be well advised to use this information sparingly. It seems another version of a very popular legend that springs into many family lineages.


18.       Bible Records, Warren Co., General Wm. Maxwell D. A. R. Chapter


Oldest Miller Bible: Married Jan 15 AD 1824, at the residence of John Kinney in Oxford, by the Rev. George Banghart, Sarah Kinney to Philip Miller.


Phillip Miller b Oct the 12th AD 1796; Sarah Kinney was born Jun the 23rd, AD 1803.


Sarah Miller d Aug 25, 1871, age 68


Philip Miller d Mar 27, 1874 age 77 years



Elizabeth, the first dau of Phillip and Sarah was born Jul 20th AD 1825

Ann, b Apr 28, 1827

John, b Oct 25, 1828

William, b Jan 6, 1821

Caroline, b Aug 28, 1834

Mary, b 14 Sep 1836

Sharlot, b Oct 11, 1838

George G., b May 8, 1845

Savez Jain, b Mar 24, 1847


Annie married a Flumerfelt, and died Mar 4, 1899

Caroline married a Butler and died 1877, age 43-1-12

Mary married a Teeter, and d Jan 4, 1877, age 41-8-13

Sarah Jane married an Albertson and d May 15, 1925 age 78-1-21

Charlotte married a Dalley and d Oct 17, 1892


19.       The Peggy Warne Newsletter, Volumes 10, 11, 12 (Warren Co.)


(A description of the villages and sites of Warren Co.). 'Before we enter the village we will visit the farm back of the Skating rink. A portion of this having been owned by Henry Winter and in 1858, he sold this portion to William McKinney who had married his daughter, Mary Ann Winter. Later the farm was sold to John T. Oberly in 1883, Mr. Oberly's wife being Hannah McKinney, the daughter of William McKinney. Bounded by the land of William Woolverton and the old Tadmore Road, one of the most beautiful farms in the Township. The Pohatcong Creek travels the length of the farm. The adjacent farm/home is that of John Willever, the earliest blacksmith.'


The next farm is the original McKinney farm. In or about 1750, two young Irish immigrants followed the course of a gentle stream down a wide farming valley. One of the young men stayed, the other proceeded westward. That one who stayed was William McKinney. He purchased 500 acres of virgin woodland and later his sons and grandsons retreated more into the hills north of the original site. William was born in 1723 and died in 1777. His first wife Hannah was born in 1730 and died in 1765. His son John born in 1730 married Eleanor Davison (?) Note: If William came in 1750, John obviously was not born in 1730 in Warren County. John served in the Revolutionary war and is listed earlier in church records. William had children Hannah, Mary, Jemima, Eleanor, Sarah, James and William. His grave is in the old McKinney burial ground along with all his children with the exception of William. William McKinney was a member of the Presbyterian Church. William, the son, had issue John, Ellen Catherine, Sarah, Henry, James, Hannah (John Oberly) and Belinda. He died in 1881 and is buried in the Stewartsville Presbyterian Cemetery.


20.       Harris Line, Miscellaneous Family Records, Peggy Warne Chapter, DAR.


Edward and Charles Harris, dissenters, brothers, were from Ayrshire, Scotland. They settled in County Donegal, Ireland. Edward married Flora Douglas and had issue James (Mary Simpson, Jenet McClure), Edward, Robert (Dorothy Wiley). Almost all these children came to America, and Robert Harris died in Chester Co., PA, intestate, 1740-1741.


Thomas Harris was the 5th child of Robert and Dorothy Wiley Harris, born in Scotland ca 1695, came to America in 1726 unmarried, but in the same ship with his future wife, Mary McKinney. They landed at New Castle or Philadelphia, and proceeded to Lancaster Co. Thomas and Mary McKinney Harris settled on a 230 acre farm at Conoy Creek near Paxtang (now Elizabethtown). They operated a tavern called 'the Sign of the Bear' and additionally, farmed. Their issue: Robert, b 1 Jan 1731, Margaret, John, Catherine, Matthew b 12 Jan 1735, Mary b 25 Oct 1748.


In July 1751 Thomas sold the farm and tavern to Lazarus Lowrey and moved to Conewago where he lived for nine years.


Matthew married Sep 21, 1758 to Suitia Stewart, dau of John Stewart and Ann Garland.


Margaret Harris married George Stewart, brother of Suitia.


Robert Harris, educated at Princeton 1753, practiced medicine in Philadelphia.


In 1760 Thomas Harris purchased part of a plantation in Maryland, called 'Good Neighborhood, Enlarged', from John Keene and wife Elizabeth. The plantation lay next to Aquilla's Inheritance at Lower Cross Roads, later called Churchville in Harford Co. He and William McClure opened a store at Lower Cross Roads. When Mary McKinney Harris died in 1770, he moved back to PA and lived with his unmarried dau Mary, age 22 in Doyles Mills, Juniata Co. Shortly after their return to PA, Mary Harris married John Lyon. Some of Thomas' sons moved to Pictou, Nova Scotia, notably, John and his family. In 1769 Matthew and his family also moved to Nova Scotia near Pictou at Saw Mill Bridge. Some of Matthew's children and grandchildren returned after the Revolution. Thomas Harris married a second time about 1784, Agnew (?), but she was not mentioned in his will of May 30, 1793, it is supposed she predeceased him. Thomas Harris lived to be 106 years of age and is buried at Lower Tuscarora Presbyterian Cemetery in Hunterdon Co., PA.




There are some errors in this material, i.e., Thomas Harris married Mary McKinney in 1723 in Tuscarora, PA. Mary's family was already located in PA at the time of their marriage, including brothers Matthew and John, and father Henry McKinney who was said to have arrived in the colonies in 1720. No source for emigration date, however, the marriage record of Mary and Thomas Harris can be found in the PA Archives Series.




1The Surnames of Scotland, George Black: Mackenna, Mackinna, Mackinney, Mackinnie, Galweigian surnames, MacCionaodha, son of Cionaodh. MacKenzie, pronounced Mackaingye, MacCoinnich or MacCoinnich, son of Coinneach, or, in Adamnan, the name is Cainnechus, an adjective from the root, cann, 'fair, bright'. The English form of the name preserves the medieval Gaelic pronunciation of the genitive, which in early Irish is Cainnigh, pronounced 'cainny'.