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March, 1985





Hunterdon Research Services

Roxanne Carkuff




For the McKinney Family Association




Research request from Mrs. Carkuff was to forward copies of all wills in the New Jersey State Archives pertaining to McKinney families (and variant spellings) as well as those wills that contained references to McKinney families. Unfortunately, Mrs. Carkuff was not able to ascertain what was meant by the request, and forwarded only the following wills. We are in the process of hiring another researcher, new to professional research, but eager to learn 'how to', and to help identify McKinney families, as she has these family lines, therefore, is more personally involved. Our next report will be, I feel sure, much more informative. (Editor)



Will of Willem McKinney, died 1777, Greenich, Sussex Co., NJ


Mentions sons: John, James, David, William (under 21 in will). Daughters, Sarah, Jemima, Catherine, Hannah, Jane (under 21), Betsy (under 21), and brother in law, Jacob Ten Eyck.


'A True Inventory of the Estate of William Mckinney, late dec'sd'.

'Will and Inventory, William McKenny, 1777, Sussex, 1778, #268S, recorded in Lib 20, of Wills, page 323, Exam'd.'


In the name of God, I, William McKinney of Greenidge in Sussex, County of, being Sick of body, of Sound Mind and Memory thanks be unto god therefore calling unto mind the Mortality of My Body and Knoing that it is appointed for all men Once to Dye, I do make this my last will and Testament in maner following, that is to say Principaly and first of all I recommend by Soule unto God that gave it, and as for my Body I Recommend it to the Earth to be buried in custom like and Deasent Manner at the DIs --- of my Exactors. Nothing Doubting but that at the General Resurrection I Shall Receive the same again by the Mighty Power of God, and as touching this Sorry Estate whencewith it hath Pleased god to --- this life, I give and dispose of the same in Manor Following, Item, I Give unto my Deare and Loving Wire all my hole and personale Estate as long as She Shall Remain my widow or as long as that my Sone William Shall come of Age; and after my Sone William Mckiney Comes of Age these my Lands shall be Equally Devided Betwix my Son John Mckinney and William Mckinney, Share and Share alike to be for them their heirs and assigns for Ever, further it is my Will and I do Order that my two Sons, Namely, John McKinney and William McKinney Shall pay the Some of Ten Pounds Each of them five Pounds annuly Yeare and Every Yeare during her widowhood it being fore her Dower, And further it is my will and I do order that after my Sons Shall receive their share of the Lands Where I now live on then I give unto my three Daughters Namely Sarah, Jemime and Catherine Mckeny the Sum of Sixty Pounds Each to be paid in fore Equal payments, by my Teso. (two) Sons Namely John McKiney and William Mckinney My lot or farm of Land on Slsscahannah River (Susquehannah?) near Ashasshallopen (?) do be Equally divided among them Share and Share Alike to them their heirs and assigns for Ever and further I give unto my three Daughters Namely Hannah, Jeane and Betsey Mckinney Each and Every one of them Some of Twinty pounds Soon as they Shall Come of Age to be taken out of my Movable Esttat and further it is my Will and I do Order as soon as my Sone William Mckinney Shall Come of age then my movable Estate Shall be Sold and Sixty pounds to be taken out of it first for my three younges Daughters and the ---- or remainder Shall be Equally Divided among all my Children Namely John, William, James, David, Sarah, Jemime, Cathrine, Hannah, Jane and Betsy Mckinney share and Share alike Esept that al my --- and just Debts be paid out of my movable Estat as soon as it is called on by my creditors, further


+it is my Will and, I do order that my children Shall (rest of line not copied and illegible)

My Will and I do Order that if my Wife shall remain my widow after my Son William Comes of age then I do Order that my two Sones, Namely John Mckinney and William Mckinney Shall have the same of Ten pounds Each of them five pounds

            (repeat or previous page transcribed,)

+(to begin this line again from copy)

Except that all my --- and Just Debts be paid out of my movable Estat as soon as it is called in by my Creditors, further it is my Will and I do Order that my Children Shall be put out as soon as they are able or as soon as my Exactors Shall think them fit, And lastly I do Constitute, Nominate and Appoint my Son John Mckinney, John Barber Esqur. And Jacob TenEyk my brother in law, my Only Sole Exactors of this my Last Will and Testament, and I do Disanull all former Will and Exectors before me Named Willed and I do Rectify this and No Other In Witness Whereof I have hereunto Set my hand and Seale this Sixth Day of March One Thousand Seven hundred and Seventy Seven 1777. I William McKinney Do Publish and Pronounce this to be my Last Will and Testament. In the Presents of us: John Lawrence, Jacob Teneak Tests. Godfrey (Geoffrey) Clear.

            (Signed) Wellem M'kenney


Note: John Lourance and Jacob TenEyck – witnessed and probated November 28, 1778

            John signs 'McKenney'



A True Inventory of all the Personal Estate of William Mckiney, Late Deceased taken by the Request of the Exactors of the said Deceased Namely John Mckiney and Jacob TenEyk in Maner Following . .


To 1 Graymare, 1 Brownmair, 1 Brown horse 105. 0 0

To 1 – mair and Colt, and 1 Gray colt, 1 Brown Colt 6.8. - -

1 yolk of oxen, 1 brindle ster, 1 red cow 120 - -

To 1 pid heffer, 1 kid heffer wite face, 1 black bull 24 - -

To 1 Black Cow with a mark, to 1 brown cow, 3 ? 48 12 6

To 1 Sow and pigs, - - flax, wheat in the besk 9 2 0

To hey in the bank (?), hey in the Meadow, 100 0 0

1 Windmill, Two plows, Ax, ? 12 10 0


Note: Inventory is very difficult to read, therefore, will just enumerate some of the items of particular interest.


Wheat shovel, Betle, wedges, sheep, grindstones, hogsheads, axes, green wheat, wagons, leads for three horses, horrow teeth, tackles, flaxseed, salt feathers and bags, old irons, blanket with wools, three bags feathers, two beehives, bedsted, bed and beding in small room, Dutch Cumbert, 3 or 4 Black Chairs, paid (pair) of tongs, cutting box, woling wheale, ironstone, bedstedt and beding in the parlor, dishes, 1 looking glass, 2 old chairs, old spread, two trammels, 2 large hoops, 1 spit, girdle, iron ladle, drawing knives, 1 gun, 1 sword, iron pots, milk paile, Indian corn, buckwheat, puter platters, puter plates, puter basons dishes and spoons, puter teapot, lantron, tea table, tongs, earthinpot, o pair cords, wooling yards, bedsted and beding in the back room, trunel bed and beding in said room, coffeymill, iron candlestick, tea tin, couch and glasses, earthen --- box, smoothin irons, the big bible, parcel of books, spooles, shuttles, pain of g--- (paif of guns?), pain of sheepskins, armchair, wooling yarns, woodstead, bedstead, loome quillwheale with warpand spool ---, spinning wheal, iron kittle, old iron, hand irons, miscellaneous foodstuffs, washtub, saddle and bridle, waring apperrell, quart bottles, q half gallon of ?, flask, tee kittle, cash John had on hand. Total Sum L 1414, 4 0

Signed, Andreas and Peter TenEick





John Kenney, Will, Proved 1st April 1805, Recorded in the Morris County Register of Wills, Liber A, Folio 47 and 49 – John McCarter


In the Name of God Amen, I John Kenney of mendham in the county of Moris, jcooper, being vere sick and weak but of perfect mind and memory, thanks be Given unto God, Calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to die, do make and ordain this my last will and testament, that it is to Say, Princiaplly and first of all, I give and Recommend my Soul unto the hand of Almight God that Gate it and my body I recommend to the Earth, to be buried in decent Christian burial at the discretion of my Executors, nothing doubting but at the General Resurrection I shall Receive the Same again, by the mighty Power of God, and as touching such worly Estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life I Give, devis, and dispose of the same in the following manner and form. First, I Give and bequeath to Elizabeth, my beloved wife whom I likewise Constitute, make, and ordain the sole Executrix of this my last will and testament, by her freely to be possessed and Enjoyed during her life together with all my moveable Estate and at the death of my said wife I Give to my son Charls the Sum of ten pounds, I Give to my Son James, ten shillings to be Raised out my lands and the lands to be Equelly divided between my two sons and my Daughter that is to say Luks (?) William and Elizabeth by them freely, to be possessed and Enjoyed, and I do hereby utterly disallow, Revoke, and disannul all and Ever other former testaments, wills, legacies, bequests, and Execution by me in any way before named, willed and bequeathed, Ratifying and Confirming this, and no other to be my last will and testament. In witness where of I have hear unto Set my hand and Seal this twnty third day in the / of July / year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety Six.

                                    Signed, Sealled, published (signature) John Kenny


Note: The land was to be divided between Luke Kinney, William Kinney and dau Elizabeth. Two other sons were mentioned – James and Charles. Elizabeth, his wife, was the daughter of Thomas Kinney, a cousin.


Pronounced and declared by said John Kenney as his last will and testament in the presence of us who in his presence, and the presence of Each other have hear unto Subscribed our Names, Daniel Schellinger, Henery Burnet, Ziba Sanders.


County of Morris to suit: Daniel Shillenger one of the witnesses to the within will being duly sworn according to us did Dispose and say that he was present and says John Kinney the Testator Sign and Seal the same and heard him pronounce, publish and declare the said within writing to be his last will and Testament, and that at the doing thereof, the said Testator was of sound and disposing mind and memory as far as he knows and as he verily believes. And that Henry Burnet and Ziba Sanders, the other Subscribing witnesses were present at the same time, and subscribed their names as Witnesses to the said Will, together with this Deponent and in the presence of the said Testator. Sworn at Mendham, the 1st day of April 1805.

                                    (Signed) Daniel Schellinger.


Inventory Nathan Burnet. Proved, 30 Jun 1806 Sworn John M'Carter, Surrogate


The inventory was small, consisting of mainly household pans, clothing and a few tools. The only item of interest was a compass.





Will of John Keney, County of Hunterdon, Town of Hanover, 1732 (Note, Hanover, Whippany, and most of the surrounding area, were part of Hunterdon Co. at the time this will was written.)


Know all men by the Reports Thet Wee John Keney of Hanover in the County of Hunterdon and Province of New Jersey, cordwainer, and Howard ? Thomas of Elizabethtown in the County of Essex and Province of aforesaid, Joinholder, Jointly and Loverally hold and firmly Bound unto Our Savor, in the reign of good Lord King George the Second of Great Brittin – and to his Heirs --- and assigns in the --- and sum of five hundred pounds current lawful Money of the Above said Province to be paid unto said Lord the King, his heirs, sussors or assigns to that which Paimont – and Truly – Dib made and Dono (?) we Bind ourselves our heirs, eschews, administrators and every one of us jointly and firmly by these Proj --- Sealed with our Seals, dated the Twentieth Day of January in ye Sixth Year of his Majesties Reign annoq Domini 1732 –


In –ition of this Obligation – of the above, bound on John Keney Shall and do – Duty administrator and for all the Goods, Chattels, moneys and C – of Thomas, late of Elizaboth Town Black-Smith --- --- --- Proved in to the Prerogative Court of the Said Province abounded the above Obligation to be Void and of there Effort, Or Else to Hand and ---- ford and Virtue. Signed and Delivered



being first deceased)            In the presence of us (illegible)

                                    --- Whitehead

                                    --- Newark or Newman


Note: Although this is difficult, nearly impossible, to read, it appears to be the will of a Thomas Kenney, who died in 1732 in Elizabethtown. Attached to the above, is an inventory of the belongings of Thomas.


Inventory of the Goods Chattols and Credits of Thomas Keney Late of ElizabethTown Deseased as the Same were Taken and Appraised by Andrew Joline Esq. and Edward Thomas, October 11th, 1732, viz:

4 pair Glovs at 9                   0 9 0

1 Ladder at 28                                   1 8 0                                        1 8 0

2 pair Briocl bits, at              0 7 0

4 prs 3 fl. Stockings              0 6 0

2 pr. Loather breeches                    0 10 0

1 hat                                       0 8 0

1 mare and bridls                 2 0 0

Stocks, gloves mohair, silk and buttons   0 5 0

Pocketbook and promissory note A        9 ½

His wearing apparel                        2

Cash                                       12 6

Outstanding debts as the book of accounts         blot     8          5 ½


Andrew Joline

Edward Thomas





Will of John Keney, 1766, Proved, Mendham, Morris Co. New Jersey mentions daughters Elizabeth (mar Thomas Kenny), Johannah (Parritt) and Abigail Cooper.


I, John Kenney of Morristown and Hanover, in the County of Morris and Province of New Jersey being sick and weak in body, but of sound Mind and --- in considering the uncertainty of This Earthly Life Do make, publish and Declare this My last will and Testament and that first I will and Order that my just Debts and --- Charges be met and Duly paid and Satisfied --- (ink blot) and at the time after My Decease by my Executors here after named, Secondly I Give and bequeath to My Dear Daughter Mary Parrot the Sum of five pound Current Money New Jersey at Eight --- and Pence.


Thirdly, I will and Order all by State both real and personal to be Sold by My Executors or the Survivor of them and the Money arising from This Sale to be Equally Divided among my other three Daughters. Hanah Price (?) Elizabeth Kenney and Abigail Cooper, share and share alike. I hereby nominate and appoint Thomas Kenney and Jacob Ford Executors of this My Last Will and Testament hereby revoking all former wills by me heretofore made. In witness thereof, I have set unto My hand and Seal this twenty seventh day of February in One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixtysix.

(Signed) John Keney                                  Wittness: Abraham Tappan, Tho. Milledge, A. Moore




In the interest of brevity, the following three wills will not be given in their entirety; however, they are available to any member wishing the complete text.




1.         Will of Daniel Sebering, Township of Reading, Co. of Hunterdon, Western Division of the Province of New Jersey. Wife, Catherine. Daniel McKenney, 50 Lbs. Nephews, Daniel Belew, Peter Belew, Mordicai Mcc Kenney, Peter Bodine, share of estate after wife's decease to their heirs and assisns forever. Nevertheless, 'it is my Will that but two of my Heirs live on the plantation – at once, and they must be those two that will give the most wont for the same, that is any of the four named heirs Daniel Belew, Peter Belew, Mordica MccKenney and my son in law Peter Bodine. Wearing apparel, to nephew Isaac Belew.


Witnesses, Catherine, Thomas Atkins, Mordica MccKenney, executors., November fourth day, 1763.




2.         Administration bond of Phebe Kenny, to administer the estate of Samuel Kenney, 1733, Essex Co.


Witnessed with John Higgins. Signed, Elizabethtown.




3.         Administration and inventory of Joseph Goodwin of Salem Co., wife Sarah Goodwin. Will was witnessed by John McKenney; however, the will itself was not included in the packet. The account pages from this estate were included; however, the following names were shown in the accounts (all that are legible):


John McKenny, 4 lb. 9 sh; Joseph Sharp, John Scoggin, Joseph Sharp, William Murdoch, Jonathan Driver, ? Thomas, Robert Hart, Thos. Haskisn, John Reding, Peter _yat; Wm. Chandler, Charles Reding, Rash. Shields, John rolph, Charles Conyer, Sam. McManning, Wm. Gregg, Sarah Tomas, Phebe Merrick, John // emson, Abner B___, roger Therrin, Wm. Nicholson, Dan. Granrifth, Wm. C__bb, Thos. Thompson, Wm. Murdock, John Rolph, Ann Nicholson, Wm. Haket, John Scoggin, Erasmus Fellows, Com. Hart, John McKenney.

March 13, 1744 – complete Inventory, signed (Sarah Goodwin)


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