The McKinney Maze


March 1982

Vol. 1, #1


McKinney Family Association, Founded September 1981


A Non-Profit, Educational Association, dedicated to researching, preserving and collecting historical and family data, to assist and instruct in genealogical research, and to publish private and public records and educational articles. By-Laws and Constitution adopted October 1981.



Barbara Pannage-Stanfield, Coordinator

Annabel McKinney Rowe, Treasurer

Patricia McKinney Kirkwood, Secretary-Editor


Research Committee:

            Willa Sorenson

            Melba Johnson

            Rosalie Jackson

            Dorothy Theurer

            McKinneys from everywhere!




WE ARE UNDERWAY! Our research project has been initiated, our first newsletter has been published, and this is the first issue of an expanded family association publication. Although the mechanics of issuing the Newsletter is primarily the responsibility of the Secretary, (at this point in our undertaking), many, many friends, relatives and correspondents, both current and past have helped directly and indirectly. Barbara Stanfield, who has solicited new members and ran the successful McKinney Exchange for several years, and who contributes copy-ready queries from our members, information that has been supplied in voluminous letters by Willa Sorenson, Melba Johnson, Annabel Rowe, Martin Greely and others. All material has been diligently resourced (the best ends possible), updated, or credited to the correspondent.


It is our intent to give you information that can be readily checked or found, however, some of the sources have been most elusive. Where no proof of source exists, the item will be so noted. Anyone who has spent research time with the McKinney line finds many Ôlegends' or information that cannot be traced to the original source. After spending more than a month, mostly during the evening hours, checking and rechecking material, I would like to remind everyone who plans to submit material, to note their sources, i.e., book, volume, page. May I also remind those of you who have questions, or who submit requests for further information, to please include an SASE, as mail has been heavy, and the postage costs are steadily mounting. The more we save on postage, the more we will have for research! We have two photocopies of Mr. Rutherford's book (McKinney chapter), and we are able to offer them on a loan basis (both are on loan at the present time. We ask only that you refund the postal costs for first class mailing. Request the loan copies from the Secretary-Editor.


This issue of McKinney Maze will contain early emigration information, NJ and NY sources, plus corrections and additions to the Rutherford Book. All members are encouraged, urged, in fact, to submit their own findings on any of these lines. In following issues, we plan to follow the general path of migration, PA to VA and NC, SC, GA, AL (savings KY for a single issue due to the massive amounts of material available), MO, AR, TX, OH, IN, IA, IL. You have all been most generous in the sharing of information. Only through sharing will we all benefit.


Beginnings . . . . . . .


Hopefully, all of you have done some homework and have checked some of the standard resources for NJ and NY research.

Early Settlers of Piscataway & Woodbridge – Monnette

This Old Monmouth of Ours– Horner

Genealogical & Historical Miscellany of NJ – Lee

Compendium of American Genealogy – Virkus

First Century of Old Hunterdon Co – Mott

NJ Archives

Early Settlers of Trenton & Ewing – Cooley

Somerset Historical Society Quarterly

et al


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There are many other sources, but even with all these, many intangibles are still to be pursued. For instance, there are far too many McKinney family groups in early NJ to ascribe to the family of Mordecai, furthering the theory that he may have had siblings or other relatives in the colony, and there is a tendency to repeat past errors, simply since they have been so repetitious, lending legitimacy. As the experienced researcher knows, without source material to build upon, the foundation is not lasting.


To effectively begin the sorting out of the NJ McKinneys, some basic information needs to be dealt with. Let us begin by stating that no authorized coat of arms has been found for the family in Scotland. A common misconception (and I have seen several) is that arms can be used by anyone bearing the name, not so. Arms are granted to an individual, and are sometimes inheritable. Other times, ceasing with the death of the grantee. In a letter from the current Lord Lyon of Scotland, this was apparent in that "no arms have ever been registered or granted to any surname, McKinney/McKenney in our records". It is yet to be seen if there are Mackinnon or Mackenzie connections. Spurious arms have been mentioned in more than one work on the family; however, the Lord Lyon is always considered the final authority. Another popular misconception is that All McKinneys are Mackinnons, not so. In the Irish instances, some Scottish Mackenzies have become Mackinney. There is also an indigenous Irish Sept of the name whose homeland was on the border of Tyrone and Fermanagh. The surname has also been used as a variant of the Mackennas of County Monaghan, and it is also found in Antrim.


NJ had the following head of households in 1673:

Elizabethtown, 80

Woodbridge 64

Middletown 60

Shrewsbury 58

Piscataway, 43

Newark 86

Bergen 78


A total of 2,500 men, of these men, at least four were spelling their names as Makany, Mackenny, Macceney, Makingi (Dutch), with given names of John, David, Daniel, Cornelius. The twenty-four proprietors of East Jersey included six Scots. (See the Province of East Jersey, Pomfret). Scottish emigration to NJ was halted by 1690 by the death of one of the proprietors. Most of the early settlers came from the Edinburgh-Montrose-Aberdeen-Kels areas of Scotland, settling on the south bank of the Raritan River, usually arriving at Perth Amboy and migrating up the Raritan through the Watchung Mountains. There is a gap in the mountains there, called Mordecai's Gap (New Jersey, The Forgotten Victory. English), and although it is not known at this time if there is a connection with Mordecai McKinney, it was certainly through this gap that one traveled to his home in Lebanon. In Janeway's Journals, Mordecai is described as Ôof the mountains'. One must also remember that his name is always shown in early records, thusly: Mordeca (Mordica) Mckenney.


In 1685, about the year of his birth, the Henry and Francis brought some Scots settlers to the province, many of which had Barbados connections. There was much trade and travel between those islands to the Jerseys and also to New England, VA, and the Carolinas. New Barbados Neck (NJ) derives its name from these settlers. It should also be remembered that Piscataway was named from Scots settlers who were primarily from the New Hampshire area, which may indicate ties to the McKenney families of Saco Valley and Londonderry. Some family sources have said that the McKinneys were from Massachusetts (which included these two areas), and we may find that we, indeed, are all related. Hopefully, our researcher will be able to prove or disprove some of these theories.


Thomas McKinney is listed as an Indian trader in NC about the year 1715. Traders were usually a restless and indigent member of the Barbadian colonies, and indentured servants whose time had been worked off, we may assume that he was one of these settlers. From 1667 through 1670, a group of Barbadian settlers purchased large tracts of land in Bergen County where they farmed and sold land to the Dutch. At some period around this time, the Scots were so disliked by the Dutch settlers of the region, that they were forced to travel as far away as Maryland to conduct business. For purely personal enjoyment, I would recommend reading The Darien Expedition, which gives further insight into the inter-relationships of the period.


Some important dates to remember in conducting NJ research:

1663 – English took over NY from the Dutch, many of who moved to NJ

1674 – NJ sold to Quakers

1676 – Jersey divided – East to Carteret, West to Quakers

1683 – Several hundred Scots brought to East Jersey, some migrating to SC

1689 – William and Mary's reforms force Scots to leave for the colonies

1706 – Rev. Francis Makemie established Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia

1707 – Act of Union, immigration between 1714 & 1720 amounted to 54 ships

            bringing Scots and Scotch-Irish to New England

            (More than 250,000 before the American Revolution)

1725 – Scotch-Irish emigration to PA

1733 - Penn family opened Cumberland Valley to Scots


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It is safe to assume that some of these displaced Scots were the forerunners of the McKinney family in America. Alexander Mecanny settled in VA, Jun 1676. John Makenny at Blackpoint Fort, Massachusetts, 1677. James Macceney in VA, 1656. Every year there were 400 to 690 people who left the Barbados plantations as individuals (No Peace Beyond The Line – Carl Bradenbaugh). In 1669, more than 2000 people left, some to Jamaica, and many more to NJ. St. Michael's Parish, Barbados was located at Indian Bridge, now known as Bridgetown, the capital city. In the 1679 listings, there is located John McKenney and wife, Susannah, who had their son, Cornelius baptized, Sep 1679 (Hotten). Since a Cornelius reappears in VA in 1702, and witnessed a will in NJ (Archives), for the John Makany family in 1709, a link between the two families could be established. Perhaps Cornelius was a brother or cousin of Mordecai!


Many sources, including F. B. Lee state that Mordecai was the son of Farquhar M'Kynnie of Bute, Arran; however, there is not another instance of a Farquhar McKinney in this country, and the Scots naming system would normally have carried this name into the New World, at least in one or two generations. Cornelius reappears in the grandson of Mordecai, son of his eldest son, John. The names of John, Mordecai, Susannah, William, and Daniel appear in this family through several generations. In a list of McKinney families that was furnished by descendants of Hiram McKinney of McKinney, TX, the following list was said to be taken from family Bibles and from verbal family traditions:


Alexander, son of John Cullen McKinney, b. 1704, Scotland, wife, Mary MacLeod:

Alexander, b 1726, settled in MD

Mary, b 1727, settled in MD

Ann, b 1729, settled in MD

Phillip, b. 1730, settled in VA

James J., b. 1732, d. Mar 20, 1815

Charles, b. 1733, settled in VA

Thomas, b 1736, settled in NC

Collin, b 1740, settled in PA

Matthew, b. 1742, d. 1793, settled in NC

Daniel, b. 1734, settled NC, VA


Daniel, b. 1717, Scotland, son of John Cullen, wife, Margaret Coffey:

Archibald, b. 1733

James Collin, b 1735

Mary, b 1736

Susan, b 1737

Henry, b 1739

Daniel, b 1740

Hiram, b 1741

John, b 1742

Rebecca, b 1743

Charles, b 1744

William Donald b 1745

Robert, b 1746

Mordecah, b 1738


Matthew, b 1727, son of John Cullen, wife Elizabeth McLean:

            Matthew, b 1756, settled NY

            Amos, b 1757, settled NY

            Sarah, b 1758, settled NY

            Elizabeth b 1758, settled, NY

            William, b 1759, settled PA

            Mary, b 1760, settled NY

            Isaac, b 1761, settled PA

            John, b 1762, settled SC

            Henry, b 1763, settled SC

            James, b 1765, settled VA

            Mumford, b 1769, settled VA

            Susan, b 1766, settled NY

            Alexander, b 1768, settled NY


Kain, son of John Cullen, b 1729, Scotland, wife Anne Macdonald:

            Richard, b 1754, settled NC

            John, b 1755, settled NC

            Peter, b 1755, settled VA


Neill, b 1756, settled NC
            William b 1757, settled NY

            Robert, b 1759, settled PA

            Mary, b. 1760, settled NJ

            Ann, b 1761, settled PA

            Kain, b 1761, settled PA

            Navel, b 1764, settled NC (d 1802), Wayne Co.

            Peter, b 1768, settled PA


John, b 1722, son of John, m. Susannah Campbell:

            John, b 1740, settled PA

            Samuel, settled SC

            Charles, b 1754, settled VA

            Joseph, b 1756, settled SC

            Daniel, b 1757, settled NY

            James, b 1759, settled PA

            Polly Ann, b 1761

            Margaret, b 1763

            Jesse, b 1766, settled NC

            Henry, b 1768, settled NY

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As the researcher can readily see, family names keep reoccurring in the different lines, however, Cornelius is not mentioned. There are several other versions, different dates, but basically the same given names, of this descent; however, no substantiation has been found. It is apparent, however, that there are some major mistakes in this listing. John and Susannah were not mentioned as being married in this country, some names are correct, but dates and origins are not. We know that John was born in NJ (unless we are dealing with two completely different families), and that Daniel was also born here. There may be some credence in this listing, but it would be foolish to use it for anything other than helpful clues. Wives names have been omitted from the list, as they serve only to confuse the material, and other researchers have made so many amendments to them, that their origin is doubtful, and the original version has been highly compromised.



Early Land Records


John Mackeny, late of Newark, deceased 9 Mar 1684, property was left to daughter, Hannah and husband, Thomas Johnson. John bought land in Newark in 1670 (Archives).


Daniel Makany, John McKaney, James Makany owned property in NJ, 1685. David bought land in Woodbridge, 1669, 300 acres on Whitewood Hill with William Wetherall, and land is Piscataway from the proprietors. (Archives, Early Settlers of Woodbridge and Piscataway, Monnette)


Alexander McKinney of VA witnessed a NJ will in 1709 (VA State Archives).


Daniel McKinen, appears in the Antigua Rolls of the British plantations, upon emigrating to the Jersey Colony, and taking his oath of allegiance to the Crown, stated that "he was of the Makany family of Jersey". He purchased land from John Smith, 1678, Piscataway and Woodside. (Monnette)


John, Daniel and David McKinney (wife, Mary) of NJ are mentioned as having participated in the French and Indian War. (Records of Soldiers and Sailors in King Phillip's War)


William and Daniel McKenny, indentured servants, to Maryland in 1659, purchased land in 1665. (Ships Passenger Lists, Carl Boyer)


John Kinne, banished prisoner, arrived in Perth Amboy, Dec 1685 on ship "Henry and Francis" (ibid)


Roeles Sebering took oath of allegiance September 7, 1673, Piscataway, NJ, witnessed by David Makany. (Since Mordecai m. Mary Sebering, it is apparent that the McKinney and Sebering families were known to each other long before their marriage). (Monnette)


John Mackenny, first settler before 1714, Somerset Co., NJ (Monnette)


John Kenny signs letter and address by Carteret, 1672, NJ (Old Times in Old Monmouth, Saalter & Beekman)


The West New Jersey Society, a stock company organized in London in 1691, made large purchases and had 91,000 acres surveyed in Jun, 1711. They encouraged settlement under leasehold and in 1735, had 98 families as lessees. In 1744, they sold a tract of 10,000 acres encompassing Lebanon, Whitehouse and Round Valley. The earliest settlers were mainly Quakers from Delaware Bay and Dutch and Scots who came from Raritan Bay on the east by way of Woodbridge and Piscataway, then along the branches of the Raritan River into Hunterdon County. Adriaen Lane (grandfather of David Lane, whose daughter married David McKinney) was the first Dutch settler in this area.


The First Dutch Church at Readington was organized in 1717 at the junction of the North and South branches of the Raritan (records are not available for the earliest years). Mordecai McKinney purchased a small piece of land near North Branch in 1725. The deed was not recorded until 29 Aug 1751. John Pursell was the original owner, and in the deed, Mordecah McKenny was described as Ôyeoman'. This is the land that was mentioned in his will of 1759, land left to his grandson. The purchase was witnessed by Benjamin Burt and Abraham Vroom. (Liber G2, pp 514-15, Archives)


One particular item of interest in First Settlers of Piscataway and Woodbridge, (p. 416) states that "the important starting point of the inquiry into the lineage of John Eddy of Taunton and his descendants is that the writer attaches much importance to the appearance of the name Daniell Makenny in the latter record reference, and the association of these parties with William Wetherell in Bristol Co., MA".


Both of these were NJ families and of the Wetherell bunch, Christopher Wetherell was a prominent settler of NJ. In some of the material from Clara McKinney Redell of McKinney, TX, she mentions that a tradition in her family was that the McKinneys came to Jersey from Massachusetts!


Research has been conducted into early Massachusetts records, but nothing substantial has been found; however, if the researcher includes the fact that the New Hampshire and Maine area was once part of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, then, one must include the McKenney family of Saco Valley as perhaps a branch of the same family. This group is reputedly descended from Scots prisoners who were in the 1652 groups of Scots prisoners (listed in Carl Boyer, Ships Passenger Lists, National and New England). Several of the names might be Mackenny, although the author designates them as MaKean. If one were to use a phonetic pronunciation and a Scots accent, then, the names could conceivably be Mckinney/McKenney:


            Dani . . Mackajne

            Alester Mackhene

            William Mackajne

            DAN: Mackajne

            Samuell Mackajne

            Neile Mackajne

            RObt Mackajne


The author also states that after a period of 7 or 8 years, they were given houses or land upon liberation. Early Barbados records include the following families:

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            Andrew Mackeny, Vol 1, pg. 35, 1657, Bridgetown

            Mary Mackenny, 1692, Vol. 28, p. 4

            Daniel McKenny, 1700, p. 587

            ANdrew Mackany, Elizabeth Teage, m 30 Mar. 1657

            John McKenney m. Alice Heard, widow, 15 Dec 1715

            John, son of Owen m. Elizabeth __?__ 5 Sep 1680

Cornelius, son of John and Susannah, bap 13 Apr 1679

Will of John Mann, 7 Jan 1680, witnessed by Alexander Mackenny

Phillip Welsh, p. 11 Jan 1665, died at home of Darby Mackany

Daniel Morphy, 5 Nov 1667 mentions Katherine, wife of Darby Mackanny and dau.

of Patrick Disne

            Daniel Carr, 25 Oct 1675, mentions land in possession of John Mackenny

            Daniel Mackenny, 27 Apr 1668, p. 22

            Alexander McKenney mentioned in letter of William Eldar, 26 Aug 1670

                                    .. Furnished by Kristan Germany


Isaac McKinney has moved to OH (letter dated 22 Dec 1838, writer, Jeromus Vanderbilt Van Doren of Somerset Co., NJ)


1754, property known as #64 was in possession of Mordecai McKinney of Lebanon, Hunterdon Co. and 123 4/10 acres of it was sold to John Dumont on the 2nd of Apr of that year. Branchburg Township (Somerset Co., Snell, p 761)


Obediah Ayers, had lands in the eastern part of the township in 1727. John Ayers, father, owned land at Basking Ridge, for on the 8th of Feb 1731, he conveyed the land on which were the meeting house and burying ground to his son, Obediah, Mordecai McKinney, James Pitney, George Pack, Samuel Rolf, Daniel Morrice, Thomas Riggs. This is in the original deed of John Ayers, 8 Feb 1731. The land (1 ½ acres) now holds the present Presbyterian Church of Basking Ridge. According to the author, Snell, the area was settled by Scots, and establishes Mordecai, Sr. in Hunterdon Co. at the time that some of the county was in Somerset. Mordecai is probably buried on his original cemetery on his property or at this churchyard, or a cemetery in or near Basking Ridge. New Jersey Colonial Documents


TO BE SOLD: A plantation in NJ, Hunterdon Co., in Lebanon Township containing 229 acres. There is about 140 acres cleared known to be good land for wheat and other grain . . a never failing stream of water running threw the middle of the place large enough for a grist mill, fulling mill, or sawmill . . a large orchard on the said place, containing near five hundred apple trees of excellent fruit, with a good frame house with several rooms, and a stone kitchen adjoining the house, a good frame barn and out houses. For terms apply to the owner, living on the premises, who will give a good title for the same. Mordecai M'Kinney NJ Colonial Documents, taken from PA Journal, No 1674, Jan 4, 1775.



Marriage Records; NY, NJ

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New York:

Aug 14, 1753  Daniel McKinney, Margaret Steinhaus (Stanhouse)

Sep 16, 1771   James McKinney, Margaret Bamper

Feb 21, 1767   Margaret McKinney, John Durand

Jul 21, 1759    Sarah McKinney, John Bowler

27 Mar 1778   Catherine McKinney, John Minzies

Nov 19, 1759  Sarah McKinney, John McNealy

Jun 16, 1757   Mary Ann McKinney, Joseph Dickson

Oct 21, 1772   James McKinney, Catherine Creeger

Feb 17, ____   Eleanor McKinney, James Powell

Dec 28, 1780   Elizabeth McKenney, Daniel Dunscomb

1782                John McKenny, Elizabeth McCarter, Albany DRC

1745                Arthur McKenni (Ireland), Elizabeth Dekker

Sep 1732         John Witenton, widower of England, married Anna Windefort, widow

of John Makkini of NY


New Jersey

26 Nov 1768   Antje McKenney, Phillip Bright (Antje buried Asbury Cemetery, Lansing,

                        Tompkins Co., NY, b 1747) Somerset Co., NJ

27 Jan 1800     William McKinney, Catherine Young, Sussex

1768                Nehemiah Dunham, Antye McKinney, Somerset

1747                Rebekah Emmins Daniel McKinzy (?), Hunterdon

1800                Anna McKinney, Joseph Wyckoff

Feb 19, 1809   Elisabeth McKinney, Philip Eyck

Jul 25, 1803    Selly McKinney, Samuel Rea, Zion Lutheran

19 Aug 1872   David Cornelis McKinney, Lydia A. Brown

Apr 5, 1848     Milton McKinney, Helen Wikoff

Feb 10, 1779   Jacob McKinney, Sarah Wyckoff (she m. 2nd, Abraham Post)

?                      (Same period) John McKinney m. Elisabeth Wyckoff, she m. 2nd,

Jacob Kershaw)

            7 Aug 1749     William McKeny, Somerset, Hannah Fenwick, dau of Daniel Fenwick

4 Mar 1771     Abraham McKiney of Hunterdon, Elenor Lemberson

9 Feb 1794      Mary McKiney, John Unibale Blaire of Essex

30 Apr 1808    Catey McKinney, Joseph Davis of Montgomery, NY

5 Dec 1810      John McKinney, Elsey Johnson

1782                Joseph McKinney, Elizabeth Craine

18 Mar 1789   Arthur McKinney, Elizabeth ?

25 Jun 1815    James M. McKinney, Ann Hunt (Orange Co NY)

5 Jun 1770      Jane McKinney, Laodywick Willers (of NY)

3 Mar 1811     Jane McKenny, Daniel McCox, Essex Co

1816                Jacob McKinney, Olive Bowlby (Of Hampton Junction)

1799                Jacob McKinney of Somerset, Sara Wykoff

1779                Jacob McKinney of Somerset, Catharine Martenis

2 May 1773     Mordica McKinney of Hunterdon, John Anderson, son of William Anderson of Lebanon

3 Jan 1788       Anna McKeney, Samuel Hardin

8 Mar 1826     Maria McKinney, David Comfort Johnson

1790                Sally McKinney, Moses Frost (Sally b 1766, ME)

5 Sep 1843      John McKinney of Warren Co., Rachel Jane Stone

21 Mar 1838   Mills McKinney, Hunterdon, Sarah Ann Parke

1788                William McKinney, Catherine Geren, Monmouth

1836                Alexander McKinney (son of Rev. David), Elizabeth Tuttle of Newark

1796                Vincent McKinney, Mabel King, Salem

5 Mar 1837     Daniel McKinney, Salem, Elizabeth Hale

1784                David McKinney, Sussex, Margaret Shipman


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Church Records, Baptisms, Deaths, Wills, Inventories


Hunterdon Co. Cemetery

            William J. Dilts, wife, Margaret buried next to P. Kinney

(Handwritten Note in margin: Mordecai, son of Wm. E. Hannah ___ ___, m. Elizabeth Dilts, dau of Johannes of Lebanon Twsp? Who is P. McKinney?)


Freehold Dutch Records

            Baptism, Benjamin, son of William McKinney and Catherine Amey, 22 Mar 1791


Feb 21, 1788, dau Elisabeth to William Mackenny and wife, Catherine Geren (Green?)


31 Oct 1684, John Mekeny of Newark, inventory of the estate by Wm. Camp and John Brown, Jr., Essex Wills


First Presbyterian Church, Morristown, NJ, baptism, Hannah, dau of Dan. McKenne, 18 Oct 1761


Old Dutch Church, Shawangunk, son, Williem, of Corneles Kool and Neltje McKinney, witnesses, Jan Roosa, Eva Klaarwater


9 Jan 1791: Son, Arthur, of Elliner McKinney and Cornelius Slott


Middletown, NJ Old Presbyterian Burying Ground: John McKinney born Ireland, 1741


1738: Elizabethtown, NJ: Will mentions Alexander Kene, deceased in 1732, Thomas Keney of Elizabethtown, Essex, bond of John Keney of Hanover, Hunterdon Co., Cordwainer, (Archives, p 279). This John is the brother of Thomas and was sheriff of Hanover for many years. At this time the Rev. Francis McKemie stated that he was of the same family and that they were all MacKinnons.


1796: John Kenny of Mendham, Morris Co. (stated as brother of Mordecai), will names wife Elizabeth, ch Charles, James, Luke, William, Elizabeth. (These Kineys are not to be confused with the German family of Kinne in NJ, since they are reputed to be the same line as Mordecai McKinney, but who dropped the prefix ÔMc').


1701: George Morris sold land to Alexander Keney of Elizabethtown, the same Alexander that appears as ÔMackeney' and residing at Woodbridge. NJ Archives, XXI p.328


Josiah McKinney and wife, Sarah Harris, estate papers mention that parents were John and Ann McKinney of NJ (PA Wills).


Will of William Kenney of Greenwich, Sussex Co. mentions wife (1777) and John, Sarah, Jemima, Catherine, James, David, Hannah, Jeanne, Betsey, William. Witness, Jacob TenEyck. This is the same William shown as ÔMcKinney' in the Broadway Cemetery, Warren Co., confused with William McKinney, son of Mordecai. Notice that he is shown as Kinney, rather than using ÔMc' in estate papers. NJ Archives, XXXXV


Baptisms, Somerset Co. Neshanic Reformed Dutch Church:

Cornelius Mocinne, Katie (Catrina), bap Elisabeth, Jul 2, 1775

Jacob, Feb 22, 1778                            (SCHQ, I: 141)

Hendrick, Jun 4, 1780


Samuel Kenney, 1733, of Elizabethtown, had widow, Pheby. Also mentions Benjamin Burt, miller of Somerset Co. who witnessed the 1725 deed of land for Mordecah McKenney on the Raritan. Also mentioned are debtors: Jacob Sbring, Lawrence Kenney, Abraham Van Horn, Jacob TenEyck, William McCanes, Peter Kenny, Daniel Sebring, John Campbell, John Bodine.


Will of Joseph Goodwin, Salem Co., 1742, mentions Exe: John McKenny


Abraham McKinney witnessed will of Tunis Hendricks of Reading Town 9 Jun 1766


Daniel McKinney witnessed will of Joseph Ogden, 15 Sep 1768, Morris Co.


Daniel Sebering of Reading Township, Hunterdon Co., NJ will, 19 Nov 1763 names Mordecai McKinney as nephew


David McKinney and Edward Wilmot made inventory of estate of Johanes Newell, 24 May 1762, Hunterdon Co., PA


Mordecai McKinney, Martin Wyckoff made inventory of the estate of Andreas Roderick, 6 Apr 1770, Reading Township. Colonial History of the State of NJ, 1st Series, Vol. 33 (1928)


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Warren Co Gravestones: Broadway, NJ, McKinney Family Burying Ground (Recorded Apr 1959)

William Kinney, wife Jemima (McIntire), d 8 Oct 1822, 28 age


John McKinney d. Feb 18, 1839, age 81.6.7

Wife, Eleanore, b. Mar 24, 1761, d. Jun 10, 1843, 82.2.16

Son, James D., d. Sep 24, 1819, age 19.8.23

Sarah D., wife of William Allshouse

Dau. Mary

Dau. Hannah d. 5 Oct 1797, age 10

Dau Eleanor Stinson, d. 4 Oct 1797, age 5.7.8

Dau Jemima Taylor, d. Sep 24, 1799, age 2.9.21


William McKinney, d. 24 Oct 1777, age 54.2.4

Wife, Hannah d. 18 Mar 1765, age 34.5.21

Wife, Sarah "Second wife of William McKinney" b. Oct 30, 1738

            d. Mar 24, 1824, age 85.4.24


Hannah McKinney, wife of Benjamin Warne, b. Sep 30, 1769, d. Nov 13, 1845


Mary McKinney, dau.of John, wife of Edward Yeomans, d. Nov 12, 1812, age 22.2.7


(?whose) Dau. Eleanor, d. Sep 22, 1819, age 10.24


Hunterdon Co. Graves:

            John McKinney, d. AD 1820 (son of John & Ann)

            Wife, Elizabeth Wyckoff, dau.of John and Margaret, d. 11 Jul 1809, 44th Yr


New York Wills:

No. 3939, James McKenny, Mar 20, 1786

No. 3940, John McKenney, Jun 22, 1786

No. 4075, John Makenney, Jan 13, 1790

No. 2572, James McKinney, 1773

No. 2394, Susannah McKinney, 1771

Early NY Wills, Queens College, Flushing Hist. Soc. Coll.


Apr 16, 1728: John McKenny witnessed will of John Young of Gloucester Co., NJ


Freehold and Middletown, NJ 1st Dutch Church: Baptism, child, Mordecai Makinni, 1725


St. Johns, Elizabethtown, NJ, 28 May 1770, John, son of John McKinney and Nancy McKinney


St. James Luthern Church, Warren Co. bap. 7 Apr 1791, Mordecai McKinney and Mary Salmon, illegitimate son, b. 31 Aug 1790, named Henry. Sponsor Simon Hibler, father acknowledges.


Washington Presbyterian Church records: Olivia McKinney bap.30 Mar 1821, dau.of Jacob and Catherine.


25 Mar 1753: Somerville, Raritan, bap.of Nicholas, son of Daniel and Rebecca Macenne (Archives)


John McKinney, witnessed will of John Sebern, 29 May 1732, Bedminster Twp. records, Somerset Co.


David Mckeny, 1689, NJ, applied to change his name to W. John Ilsly.


David McKenney, Reading Town, NJ, Book I, 1-351, 1701. Was living on road to Piscataway. Will dated 22 Aug 1748 names a wife Jean. Ch: Peter, Adrien, Ila or Ida. Wit: brother, William McKenney, Cornelius Lowe, Peter Kinney, Peter Lowe, Andreas TenEyck, Elizabeth Kenney, Cornelius Kinney (Notice the variety of spellings, is this part of the Kinne family or McKinney?)


Daniel McKinney of Hunterdon Co., NJ witnessed will of Henry Gascoigne, 25 Feb 1698, Order Book 14, Northampton Co., VA. Same listing shows that Francis McKinney was heir of William Miller, 13 Mar 1744 (Archives).



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Military Records


(See Strycker) New Jersey listings include:

John McKinney, No. S33383

Matthew McKinney, Capt. Harker's Co. 2nd Reg. Sussex Co.

Mordecai McKinney, Capt. Ribble's Company.

Mordecai, Brigade Master, Wagoner, Hunterdon Co.

Joseph McKinney, Capt. Carey's Batt. Somerset Co.

John McKinney, Lt., 3rd Class, Cumberland Co., Militia

            (NY Historical Society Publication Fund XXIV)


Apr 1759: Alexander McKenney, age 35, laborer, b. Scotland, NY City


Apr 1759: Charles McKenny, age 24, b. Jersey (?), Co. of Orange, NY


1760:   Alexander McKeny, age 44, b. Scotland, Co. of NY

            John McKenney, age 40, b. Setaket, Co. of Dutchess

            John McKenney, age 37, Cordwainer, b. NY


Jul 1755: Kain McKinney, Hezekiah McKinney, Capt. Peter Vanderburgh's Co, NY


Pierce's Register, Paymaster's Records, Continental Army: 1782

            NY, Charles M'Kenney, John M'Kenny, New Hampshire; Charles McKinney, NY


General Return of Col. Thomson's Regiment of Rangers, Robert McKinney b. 1749, PA; Timothy McKinney b. 1754 from PA; Mordicai McKinney b. MD, age 24 (Jun 1775)


DAR Patriot Index:

Daniel McKinney b. 1725, d. 1802 m. Margaret Stanhouse

Daniel McKinney b. 1738, d 1822 m. Mary Connelly

John McKinney, 1757-1838, Pvt. m. Eleanor Davison

Mordecai McKinney 1727-1782, Lt. m. Agnes Bodine


Jerseymen in the Revolution:

Cornelius McKinney, Somerset Co.

Timothy McKinney, William, David McKinney

Jacob McKinney

Joseph McKinney, Capt. Carey's Batt., Somerset

Matthew McKinney, Capt. Harker's Co., Sussex

John McKinney, teamster

Mordecai McKinney, 1st Reg., Capt. Ribble's Company



Additions and Corrections to "Genealogical History of Our Ancestors", Kenneth and Anna Clay Rutherford - The Family of William McKinney, (Mordecai line), 1723-1777, who are buried at Broadway, Warren Co., McKinney Family Burying Ground:

William was born in 1723, and some sources say Ireland, but this has not been substantiated. He married Hannah TenEyck in 1749 in Hunterdon Co., and 2nd, Sarah Williver (Archives) Sarah was born 30 Oct. 1738 and died 24 Mar 1824. Hannah TenEyck died 18 Mar 1765 and was the daughter of Jacob. Their children were:

John b. 1757 m. Eleanor Stinson

William b. 1760 described as minor in William's will

Hannah b. 1769 who married Benjamin Warne

Sarah m. Haggerty


Catherine died unmarried and is buried in Spruce Run Burying Ground





John b. 1757 d. Feb 18, 1839 Children:

Sarah D. (?Davison) b. 1796 d. 1819 m. William Allshouse

James D. (?Davison) b. 1799 d. 24 Sep 1819

Mary d. 1812 m. Edward Yeomans

Hannah b. 1787 d. 5 Oct 1797

Eleanor Stinson b. 1792 d. 1797

Jemima Taylor b. 1794 d. 1797

Sarah D. McKinney and William Allshouse had dau. Eleanor Hannah McKinney b. 1796 (or 1769) d. 1845 m. Benjamin Warne


It has not yet been proven or disproven that William named as Ôminor' in his father's will is the William who marrried Frances Piatt. If so, the entire Piatt line as shown in Rutherford's text, would not be the descendants of William b. 1715, although they may still be related.


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Some data on the Two William McKinneys


William McKinney, from NY Archives, 268S of Greenwich, Sussex Co. Will dated 6 Mar 1777, proved. 28 Nov 1778 (as above). Witnesses were John Lawrence, Jacob TenEick, Godfrey Clear. Exe: John Barber, Esp. and Jacob TenEyk, brother in law. Proved 28 Nov 1778 by John Lawrence Jacob TenEick, and John and Jacob McKinney. (Note in margin: Who are John & Jacob McKinney?)


An LDS Group Sheet submitted by Clarence Hogan and Harley J. McKinney (both deceased) gives the following information on William McKinney (no source):

William McKinney b. 1715 m. Hannah or Susanna Fenwick, daughter of Daniel, b. 1728, Somerset Co., NJ

1. Abraham b. 4 Mar 1751 m. Eleanor Lemberson

2. Ann b. 1752 m. Nehemiah Dunham

3. Mordecai b. 1753 (inherited Raritan Property)

4. Sarah b. 1755 m. Mr. Haggarty

5. Jemima b. 1757

6. Jacob b. 1759

7. John b. 1761

8. William christened 5 Oct 1760, Lycoming, PA, d. 24 Jun 1848 m. 14 Jul 1789

Mary Frances Piatt


It seems that there is a great deal of confusion, both with siblings names and with birthdates between the two William McKinneys. Joseph Kearney's work, "Ye Colonial Kinsman", gives the McKinney/Piatt line as accredited to William McKinney (1723) and not to the son of Mordecai.


We do know that Willem attended the Lamington Presbyterian Church and that the William (1723) who is buried at Broadway was a tavern-keeper. The William (b. 1715) described as Mordecai's son was called Will, and was alive when his father's will was written. He is listed in the Lamington Pew records in 1749. In 1771 Mordecai II sued a gentleman for money owed to the William McKinney estate in Judge Van Norstrand's Court, Somerset Co. The man claimed to have paid Marlate. In the original will of Mordecai McKinney, it is stated "to be divided between my son Will and the four children". I believe that a copy of the original will was to be found in the NJ Statehouse but is not available in probate records.


One puzzle is that the 1715 William married Hannah Fenwick? ca 1749 (7 Aug 1749) in Hunterdon County would have been at least 34 years of age at the time of their marriage, a considerable age particularly in that time frame. Had he been married previously? No other marriage or record of children have been found, but if he had married previously, or had older children, perhaps some of the "unidentifiable' McKinneys in NJ could be ascribed to William, even though they were not mentioned in their grandfather's will. The only children of William who were mentioned were Abraham, Ann, Mordecai, and Mary. Perhaps the children of a first marriage were not considered since they would probably have been old enough to have already been provided for, i.e., a lot of Ôdeed of gift' records have been discovered of late. We may find that earlier provisions had been made for older children. William would have been about 44 years of age at the time of his father's death; therefore, we must assume that these four children were his only offspring, until further investigation proves otherwise.


It remains to be seen through our researchers in NJ what evidence will be discovered to ascertain the correct William, however, the children named in Mordecai's will are correct. Given the similarity of names, the Mordica (b. ca 1750), and who married into the Anderson family, could have been an older child of a first marriage. We are to remember, of course, that not all information relevant to this family has yet been discovered.


Mordecah and Marietje (Maria) Sebering had the following known children:

John bap. 3 Jun 1714, 1st DRC, Raritan

John was said to have m. 1st, Ann ? 2nd, Susannah Campbell. There were Campbell families in the proximity of the McKinney residence; however, there has not yet been found proof of this marriage. The PA Archives list a Feb 1746 marriage for John McKinney, but the bride's name is missing.


Willem, bap.25 Aug 1715, Raritan


Daniel, bap.3 Aug 1717, Raritan, m. Margaret Coffey

Proof of this marriage in primary sources has not yet been found but is accepted as being correct.


Jacob, bap.5 Apr 1719, Raritan.

Some sources have given the name of Neltje Dirick or Durick; however, no proof of this marriage has been found.


            Annetje (Adrianna?) bap.8 Jan 1721, m. William Scott


            David, Bap. 1725, 1st DRC, Harlingen

m. Rebecca Lane the dau. of David Lane (Archives) see p24 says ?. Abraham Lane & Mary Soders


            Mordecai bap. 18 May 1727, Harlingen, m. Agnes Bodine


The baptisms at the churches were recorded in the Dutch language, and the name is alternately spelled as "Michiny, Machkini, Maghiny, Minkinge, Makingi", and the researcher would be well advised to keep in mind that they lived in a predominately Dutch neighborhood, and so that checking all "M" entries is to be advised. Mordecai, Sr. was either baptized in Freehold and Middletown or witnessed a baptism in 1725, since his son was not baptized until 1727. Or there is more than one Mordecai McKinney of nearly the same age. The baptism is not clearly described in the entry. No record has yet been found of the marriage of Mordecai and Mary; however, the NJ Historical Society, in a letter dated 1975, stated "that they were believed to have been married in Monmouth Co and that after their marriage, they removed to Hunterdon". The baptismal entry at Freehold is shown thus:


A baptism was held Aug 8, 1725, of ______ child, Mordecai McKinney, Freehold and Middletown.


It is also to be wondered why son Jan, the eldest son and most likely to inherit (per tradition), was given only five shillings sterling in his father's will. It is to be assumed that he was living in NC at that time, and the Ôdeed of gift' records have been checked with no results, that is, to ascertain if John's share had been settled upon him prior to his father's death.


John b. 1714 had the following children:

Cornelius, b. ca 1738, taxpayer in 1789, Somerset Co., removed to Ovid, NY

John, b. 1740, d. 1820 ascribed to marriage with Elizabeth Wyckoff

Ann, b.1742, m. either Nehemiah Dunham or Phillip Bright.

The Dunham marriage might be assumed as correct since she and husband lived near Williamsport, PA, nearby the area where John was to have settled, whereas the Ann who married Phillip Bright removed to Tompkins Co., NY.

Samuel, b. 1742, PA m. Mary McFadden (not proven)

Charles, b. 1744

Daniel, b. 1746

Josiah, b. 1748

James, b. 1750, m. Mary Byram Ballard; Lucy Hurst

Mary, b. 1752

Margaret, b. 1754, Hepburnville, PA m. Rawley Chilton, d. young.

He m. 2nd, her niece, Olive McKinney, dau. of James and Lucy Hurst McKinney

Jesse, b. 1756, near Fonda, Montgomery Co., NY

(Shown in 1790 census, Salisbury District, Surry Co., NC)

Henry, b. 1758, NC (Sunbury)


Further issues will continue all lines through as many generations as is possible. The generations of Willem have not been thoroughly researched as yet and as new material becomes available, will be continued. The generations of Daniel have been more thoroughly studied than have the other lines, and are also included in Gerald McKinney Petty's book, Some Descendants of Mordecai McKinney. Corrections or additions will also be given in later issues of the Maze.


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Research Reports


Preliminary report of Mrs. Ken Stycker-Rodda. (Furnished to Mrs. Annabel McKinney Rowe last year). Mrs. Rodda states that Mordecai was probably among some of the first Scottish families who were recruited in Scotland to be settlers in the newly opened lands. This was the period in which the crops in Scotland were being destroyed and small farmers had their holdings taken away. She mentioned the Peapack patent at North Branch and other materials that we have already been furnished. She also indicated that land records in Somerville start in 1765. She gives the baptisms in Readington Church for the children of Mordecai and William, and they are substantially the same:


Willem and Annatie, bap. Willem, 5 Oct. 1760

David & Rebecca, Abraham, bap. 9 Jan 1763

Martichay McKinney & Angenetje, bap. 15 Apr. 1764,

            Mortichaie; Willem, 11 Jul 1768; Angtie, 12 Aug 1770


William was mentioned in dealings with Elizabethtown, was in Peapack patent between 1753 and 1754; Bridgewater in 1751. The property known as lot 64 was in the possession of Mordecai McKinney of Lebanon, he sold 123 4/10 acres of it to John Dumont on 2 Apr 1754. It was located north of the Campbell tract and next to the Ten Eyck lands.


In a report to Mrs. Rowe (pre Association), Roxanne Carkhuff of the Hunterdon Co. Genealogical Services, listed the following information:


#534S, Sussex Co. Wills; John McKinney d. in testate 3 Mar 1792


#711U, Sussex Co. Wills; Eleanor McKinney, Warren, proved 12 Jun 1844, Franklin tsp.,

names grandchildren:




son William


            Somerset Co. Historical Quarterly, Vol. IV:

Ann W. McKinney and her husband, Gilbert Van Middlesworth have children bap. at Neshanic Church:

Jane Elizabeth. 1816

Elizabeth. 1819

Hannah, 1822

John Wyckoff, 1824


            Rateables: Hillsborough Twp., Somerset Co:

1786, Cornelius McKinney, 194 acres

1791, Abraham McKinney, 1 single man and horse

1784, Cornelius McKinney, 1 horse, 2 cattle, householder

1783, Cornelius McKinney, "

Cemetery Inscription File:

Elshe McKinney d. May 29, 1854, age 86.8.1 buried, Newell Burying Ground, Readington Twp.


            John McKinney d. 1820

Wife, Elizabeth Wyckoff, dau. of John and Margaret Wyckoff, d. 11 Jul 1809 in 44th year, buried Readington Reformed Church yard.


(I find it difficult to believe that this John is the son of Jan (1714), and born 1740. His first wife, Elizabeth Wyckoff died at the age of 44, and if this John were born in 1740, he would have been a full 25 years older than his first wife and 28 years older than his 2nd wife. His children would have been born well into middle age. For these reasons, and others, I do not believe that this John McKinney is the one born in 1740. Another difference is that his father, if 1714 Jan, moved to PA and then to NC in 1757, it is doubtful that he would have left a 17 year old son in NJ with relatives, since he is never mentioned in any of the NJ source materials. It remains to be seen who the John that married Elizabeth Wyckoff can be ascribed to.


Cemetery Inscriptions: Mansfield, Woodhouse Cemetery, Washington, NJ

James McKinney, son of Jacob and Olive, d. Apr 30, 1832, age 22

Olive McKinney, 1775 – 1814

Mary McKinney, 1806 – 1833


            Spruce Run Lutheran Church Cemetery Inscriptions:

Catharine McKinney, d 24, Apr 1905, 87.4.0

Catharine, wife of William C. Apgar, 1852, 80.5.11

Catharine, wife of Jacob McKinney, d. 1863, age 85.10.4

Mary, wife of John Banghart, d. 1838, age 62.0.3


(Genealogical Magazine of NJ, Vol. XLII p.27)

The remainder of this first research report contains miscellaneous items such as tax records and material already known to our researchers. If they can be of any help to the reader, please send an SASE for the full entries.


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Questions, Questions



Ten Eyck

Information on exact date William McKinney and Hannah Ten Eyck settled in PA, date of their son's birth, William, b. 1760, PA – When was land purchased?

*Annabel McKinney Rowe, RR. #1, Box 389, Pleasant Plain, OH 45162




Want parents of Shadrick Jackson McKinney, b. ca 1839 VA m. Vesta J. Carr b. 1841 KY; lived Claiborne Co., TN 1870.

*Conda Lee Roach, Rt. 1, Cross Pike Rd., Clinton, TN 37716




Researching John, Sally McKinney b. 1793, 1789, VA; lived Grainger Co., TN, d. Trigg Co., KY. Son, Henry m. Pernecia Prince, d. Lyon Co., KY.

*Joyce Capps, 1420 E. Walnut, Carbondale, IL 62901




Info on John McKinney who lived Bedford, Cumberland, Campbell, d. 1825, VA; m. Sally; 14 Ch. Dau. Hannah m. Tyra Jennings, 1792; son to Jackson IL.

*Vernon Holst, P. O. Box 377, Newell, SD 57760

(Note hand written in margin: This John had son Henry?)

(Note hand written in margin: Are the above two from the same family?)


Ten Eyck


Want parents of William McKinney b. 1723, m. Hannah Ten Eyck, Somerset Co., NJ, 1749.

*Barbara Mayor Maybury, 126 Inglewood Lane, Pittsburgh, PA 15237




Want info on William McKinney, Adaline Richards of (Henry Co?) GA. Their dau., Eliza Ann, b. 1839 SC, m. William Jones Conger. Siblings? Date of death, Bear Creek AL?

*Beulah C. Frehner, 1205 S. 3rd St., Las Vegas, NV 89104

(Note hand written in margin: Where is Bear Creek?)

(Bear Creek is located in Franklin Co., AL – NW of state near the MS state line)




Want pts of Benjamin F. McKinney, Mary Ann Smith. Benj. b. KY, m. 1830 Hampstead Co., AR, removed to Matagorda, TX.

*Sallie Holt, P. O. Box 369, Helotes, TX 78023




Seek absolute proof, John McKinney (1799-1860 SC) (Pickens Co), lived Cherokee Co., AL, m. Susannah, was son of Mordecai and Elizabeth Dils McKinney.

*Marion McKinney Stroud, P. O. Box 432, McGehee, AR 71654


Dills (Dilce)


Mordicae McKinney, Elizabeth Dils, p. of Katherine b. 1775 NJ. What is relationship to immigrant Mordecai?

*Billie Cox Beard, Box 216, Hugh, OK 74743



John M. McKinney/Kenny, m. Feb 14, 1843, Lancaster Co., VA. Where was he born?

*Sandra P. Sherrill, Box 214, Weems, VA 22576



Who is father of Alexander McKinney, b. ca 1762, d. 1837, Greenville Co., SC?

*Neal B. McKinney, Rosebank Road, Compton, MD 20627




Seeking info on Rane McKinney, son of Charles b. ca 1770; m. Sarah Vardaman, lived Mercer Co., KY.

*Barbara J. Lam, 1053 Bloomfield, Plainwell, MI 49080



Looking for info on Ollie McKinney, m. Frank (B?) Herron.

*Georgia Herron, RFD Box 62, Manter, KS 67862



Need proof that Robert McKinney, RW, who d. aft 1800, Clark Co. OH was s. of James Collin McKinney and Sarah Boone.

*Ada Lewis, 1606 W. North St., Springfield, OH 45504




Need p., siblings of Henry McKinney Sr., m. 1799, Mary Polly Toops, Jefferson Co., KY, d. ca 1810, Harrison, IN.

*Catherine Harness, 1624 College, Topeka, KS 66604




Need pts of Charles McKinney, m. Phoebe Musick Stiffler, 1839, Colo. Co., TX. May be from Old Miller & Hempstead Cos., AR.

*Virgil Walker, Rt 1, Box 469, Buchanan Dam, TX 78609




Looking for family recs of Lydia A. McKinney, m. 1867, William Story, Marietta, IN, d. 1884, Shelby Co., IN.

*Glendene Martens, RR 4 Box 7, Chadron, NE 69337

            (Note in Margin – Can't find Marietta, IN on map)



Info on Alexander McKinney of Augusta Co., VA, sons David & ÔWildcat John' of Bourbon Co., KY, 1800.

*Pauline McKinney, 3805 Knollcrest Dr., Farmington, MI 87401




Want p. & desc. of William McKinney, ca 1736, RW, and Barbara Culp of Chester Co., SC.

*James E. Carter, Rt 4, Box 141, Milan, TN 38358



Who are p. of James McKenney b. 1774, NY, w. Jemima Kemp, b. 1785, NJ?

*Roger D. Huff, 1915 Innwood Rd., No., Atlanta, GA 30329




Want p. of Mary Ann McKinney, hus. Capt. James Harris, ca 1758, Lancaster. Co., PA, lived in VA, Green Co., KY.

            *Mrs. H. C. Stevenson, 3380 Ridgeview Dr., Santa Rosa, CA 95404



McKinney (Mordecai)

Looking for VA marriage rec. for Joseph Robert McKinney, wife, Susan McVey in Shenandoah or Bedford Cos., 1770's.

*Rosalie Jackson, 9613 Beverly Dr., Overland Park, KS 66207




Want pts, siblings of Samuel McKinney, b. 1742, wife, Mary McFadden, lived Chester Co., SC.

*(name omitted) (Ben C. Clark)





Searching, Alexander McKinney, wife, Esther Campbell; son, David b. 1755, Augusta Co., VA, m. Margaret Wallace.

*Rick Sparks, 2730 Delaware St., Anderson, IN 46014




Info on p. of Celia McKinney b. 1793, Russell Co., VA, m. Elisha Hurst, lived Floyd, Breathis & Morgan Cos., KY, d. Clark Co., IL.

*William B. Watson, 201 Maple Ave., La Porte, IN 46350




Desc. of Daniel McKinney, Mercy Blathley, son Collin b. 1766, wife, Amy Moore, d. 1861. (Blatchley?)

*Frances Yarbrough, RR 1, Vandalia, IL 62471




Info on John McKinney b. 1760, Camden Dist. SC, wife, Catherine Eaves, d. 1843, Macoupin Co., IL.

*Betty Rutledge, 423 Wellesley SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106




Parents of John McKinney, Jane McMullen whose dau. Margaret b. 1790, OH, m. Solomon DeLong.

*Winnie Cundall, RR. Galt, IA 50101 or, Winter, #358, 4065 E. University Dr., Mesa, AZ 85205



Searching for desc. of family of Young and Mary D. McKinney who had son, Worthy.

*Ophelia Boatright, 410 Lake Rd., RR 2, Box 532, Henryetta, OK 74437




Who were pts. of Daniel McKinney and Permelia Douthitt? Daniel killed by Indians on Monongahela, ca 1790's.

*Ila Eckstadt, 608 Hunter, Kilgore, TX 75662



Info ancestors and desc. of Mary ÔPolly' McKinney, ca 1850 KY, m. Zaphaniah Lacy. Lived KY, MO (Cedar Co)

*Miriam Schaefer, 1775 Dougherty Ferry Rd., St. Louis, MO 63122


Haun (Horn)

Desc. of John McKinney, b. 1821, wife, Nancy Haun, lived Roane Co., TN.

*Eleaine Jacobson, 239 Palin Ave., Galt, CA 95632




Want pts/wife of John McKinney of Surry Co., NC, whose Jesse m. Milley Bourne b. 1773 Grayson Co., VA.

*Barbara Stanfield, 6210 Lansbrook Lane., OKC, OK 73132



Info on Rebekah McKinney b. 1808 TN, ca 1894 (d), Lavaca, TX, m. Manoah Willis (b. NC, d. TX)

*Becky Heaney, 1201 Waterfront Dr., Apt. 302, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

            (Note in Margin – Lavaca, TX not on map)




Desc. of Cornelius McKinney b. 1802 NY, m. Mary O'Dell, 1832 and d. 1866/7, Madison Co., IL.

*Maurice McKinney, 1904 No. King Ave., Indianapolis, IN 46222





Obediah McKinney, s. of James, Mary Ballard, b. 1786, Surry Co., NC, m. Sarah Smith, mov OH ca 1806.

*Grace Baldwin, 4504 Fleur Dr., Des Moines, IA 50321




Any connection to McKinney family? Michael Kenney of Nashua, IL, wife. Ellen Coughlin

*Veda Fatka, 1892 Crestwood Lane, Muskegon, MI 49441

            (Note in Margin – Nashua, IL not on map)




Antje McKinney, m. Philip Bright, bur, Asbury Cemetery., Lansing, Tompkins Co., NY. Antje b. 12 Jan. 1747, Phillip b. 1744, m. in Somerset Co., NJ, 26 Nov 1768. Parents? Siblings?

*Marian P. Abel, Rt 1, Box 377, Rice Lake, WI 54868





Exchange info, desc. of George Harvey McKinney, Clinton Co., IN., wife, Mary Matilda Wellman. Also nd pts, sibs of Mary b. 1837, d. 1918.

*Leonard H. Richards, 226 So. Pleasant St., Prescott, AZ 86301

(Note in Margin – Parents of Mary are Robert Wellman & Eliza Simmons)




Daniel McKinney b. 1743, Hunterdon Co., NJ, to Albany Co., NY, m. Mary Connelly (other fam. names, Staley, Nealy, Beverly, Little, Young), ex all info.

*Elaine Facklam, Rt 1, Box 106, Enterprise, KS 67441




Richard McKinney b. 6 Oct 1815, Jamestown, (Chautaugus Co?), NY m. Eliz. ? liv Pompey, NY.

Children:         Sq. Warren 1834

Sarah J. 1836

Lyman 1839

Wm. Riley 1841

Maj. Andrew 1842

Hillis 1843

Ira 1845

Levi 1847

Martha M. 1848

*Helen Kuharski, 1550 Tetonview Lane A2, Idaho Falls, ID

            (Note in Margin – Can't find Pompey, NY on map)



Info. James William McKinney, 1790, Campbell Co., TN.

*Blanche McKinneyGeneral Delivery, Yukon, MO 65589

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Desire Info on anc. of Charles McKinney, wife, Nancy Triplett, NC.

*Dorothy R. Earls, 1965 Lullaby Lane., Anaheim, CA 92804







Need pts. of John McKinney, d. 1804, Rutherford Co., NC ca 1760 SC; Rutherford ca 1770. Wife, Jean.

Children:         John








Mary Ann


Will ans. all letters.

*Shirley Thompson, Rt 2, Box 186, Chesnee, SC 29323




(Same line as Earl J. McKinney)

Seeks info, Aaron McKinney m. Polly Bingman/Bingham, 9 Nov 1827, Stokes Co., NC. Shadrick McKinney m. Hannah McCarter, 1805, Surry NC. John/Winifred Bingman in 1850 Census, Surry Co.

*Howard McKinney, 607 Wesley Ave., Oak Park, IL 60304




Info on Moses McKinney ca 1801, Warren Co., GA. Wife, Mary.

Children:         Telman









*James D. Walker, P. O. Box 336, Post, TX 79356



Searching for parents, sibs, Isaac McKinney b. 1814 NC d. 1895, Washington Co., IN, prob. m. Knox Co., KY 1845.

*Jane Dunn, 203 Redwood Drive, New Albany, IN 47150



David, b. 5 Oct 1801, NC, removed to IN – IA

*Patricia Hailey, 1100 63rd, Des Moines, IA 50311




Mary Elizabeth McKinney, m. 2nd, William Henry Storey, she b. ca 1846, KY

*Marjorie Yost, Rt 2, Box 2368, Bandon, OR 97411




Search. Henry Dixon McKinney, ca 1879, KY; Joseph Arc. McKinney, wife, Lillie E. Shields, KY; Joseph, Nancy Cordelia Williams, ca 1822, Bath Co., KY.

*Ruby Tucker, 1604 E. 53rd, Odessa, TX 79762





Searching Hezekiah L. McKinney b. 21 Apr 1816, Brown Co., IN, m. Nancy Knapp, 1844 IA; fthr. Hezekiah, wife, Nancy.

*Veda V. McKinney, PO Box 581, Hydesville, CA 95547



Search. Richard James McKinney, son of Dr. John C. Possible family of Collin?

*Norma Cecil Jones, 510 Harcourt, Weathorford, TX 76086

            (Note in Margin - Is this same as Mary Miltner? – see below)



Line of Charles McKinney, ca 1725-1798, Mercer Co., KY, wife, Mary Ann Chastain.

*Avery C. McKinney, Rt 2, Box 161, Mexia, TX 76667



James and Mary McKinney, WVA – info.

*Lelah Medley, 835 Kinzer St., Poplar Bluff, MO 63901



Info, McKinneys in Harrison Co., WVA, early 1800, rem. Loudon Co., VA, pre 1790, believed from Ireland.

*Lewis I. Vance, 217 E. Fillmore, Colorado Springs, CO 80907



John McKenney of Maine, all info.

*Donald E. McKinney, Jr



Desc. from John Meyers McKinney, 1781 – 1847

*Martha A. McKinney Carey, 915 No. Elm, Apt. #4, Denton, TX 76201



Need info, Nancy McKinney, b. ca 1826, m. Samuel Dempsey b. 1811, KY. Ch: 1860 Morganfield, Union Co., KY., Martha E., 1845; Samuel C., 1852; John T., 1853; Mary L., 1855; Susan Margaret, 1858.

*Wilma A. Cook, 211 So. Crown Dr., Collinsville, IL 62234




Info on Dr. John (C.?) MacKinney, also (daughter?) Jenny McKinney who b. Chickawa Co., MS, 1848, dau. Jenny m. 1st, Shannon, 2nd, Brees. Parents?

*Mary J. Miltner, 4012 Holly Hill Road, Lake Charles, LA 70605



Queries are free to subscribers; however, they must be brief, as there are so many. They will be printed as space allows and carried from issue to issue. Please send queries to Barbara Pannage Stanfield.



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            Clinton Co. Cemeteries, Vol I, II combined.


Joan will help to research IN material at the Frankfort records repositories for $10.00 (which generally includes $25.00 worth of material), plus copies. Money will be returned in proportion, depending on material needed. She will also do McKinney family research. Send SASE for information.



Charles McKinney and Related Families, Estelena M. Harper, 252 Broadview St., Anaheim, CA 92804. Privately printed in 1973 is now being reprinted (1982); $40.00. I have not yet seen this book; however, it was reviewed in the Orange Co., CA Genealogical Society quarterly, and I have been trying to locate a copy ever since. This reprinted is written about her second great grandfather, Charles McKinney, a man who settled in the Blue Ridge Mountain area of NC about 1796, and who had four wives, twelve children by each union, and maintained them all on one large farm. Good for general historical reading as well as genealogical. (Can we accumulate a surname library for our association?) Order from the author.



Just received some marvelous material from Billie Beard of OK who was fortunate enough to be able to go to Salt Lake this past month. Although it should be included in this issue, I will have to reprint some of it in our next (Jun) Maze. It does include the McKinney listings from Gale's New Passenger Lists; the Sep, 1981 listings from the microfiche family groups at LDS; and material from the Sebring Collection. Just so that you won't be impatient, I will tell you that the only early McKinneys that would apply to Mordecai, are two listings for a John Mackennan to NJ in 1685, 1686. Thanks, Billie.


Elaine Facklam has sent us some material concerning Daniel McKinney and Mary Connelly and other family members in NY State. Space did not permit using it in this issue so it will also be included in our next issue. We hope to also have a report from Dr. Anderson in our Jun issue.


Hopefully, our next issue will be during the Middle of the month of Jun, as this was planned to be, however, after coping with a severe case of influenza, typewriter disrepair, unavailability of reproduction methods in the beginning, and other assorted problems, I feel that we are off to a good start and things will only get easier. Please send materials to be included in the quarterlies, about 30 days prior to the production date (mid May). Every effort will be made to incorporate all materials.


All members of the Association will be mailed a copy of our Bylaws and a current membership roster. Space did not make it possible to include this information in this issue.


I might also remind some of you that Reba Collins has a wonderful family history "Neighbors" which includes the TX McKinneys, along with the associated names of Wilmot, Janes, etc. Those interested in these lines should contact her (see Exchange listings).

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