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June, 1982                                                                                           Vol. I, #2


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McKinney Family Association


Founded, September 1981 as a non-profit, educational Association and library, dedicated to researching, preserving and collecting historical and family data. To assist and instruct in genealogical research and to publish private and public records and educational articles. Bylaws and Constitution adopted October 1981.


Officers:         Barbara Pannage Stanfield, Co-Ordinator

                        Annabel McKinney Rowe, Treasurer

                        Patricia McKinney Kirkwood, Secretary-Editor




Teaching a genealogy course in our local adult school, I have discovered that only a small percentage of the beginning students of genealogy have the determination or motivation to become skilled in the field. Most are disconcerted to find that they have to study, read, research and work in order to find their ancestors. 'RootsÓ has been a mixed blessing in that many researchers believe that they will be able to walk into any local library and demand the 'family history of the Smiths', and with relatively little more effort on their part, will be handed at least five or six generations of their family. Those who are serious, find that they are sometimes more interested in the by-products of a genealogical search, and the historical and geographical information that they accumulate along with genealogical data. I believe that genealogy is just another synonym for perseverance; more so with some surnames than with others!


Our second quarterly will finish some New York/New England material, and then, as did our ancestors, travel a bit through Pennsylvania and Maryland. September should find us following the Great Wagon Road from Philadelphia into Virginia and then on into the Carolinas. Also included in this issue is a preliminary report from one of our researchers working on the puzzle of the two William McKinneys (March issue), and furnished us through the kindness of Annabel Rowe, who had commissioned the work before we founded the Association. You will also find a list of books that are available for loan or search (in order to qualify as a non-profit association within the framework of our state laws). Requests for material will be answered as promptly as possible. However, many of the materials are used in my classes. The borrower may have to wait until completion of the class before receiving the materials. We ask that refund of postage is included when the material is returned, and that bound volumes are insured for the amount marked in the book. I believe that a loan period of two weeks (actual 'in the handsÓ time) should be ample time for the borrower. If members have further ideas on book loans, or wish to include titles in their personal libraries, we will be happy to spread the word. Perhaps we can build upon the present titles!



The student of genealogy must acquaint himself not only with family facts and dates, but with migration patterns, history, and economic conditions in order to trace people from the eastern coast of the country into other areas. Some of the children of Mordecai settled in Hepburnville and Williamsport areas of Pennsylvania, and then moved on south during the period of 1756-57, both because of the wars and border disputes, and for better and larger areas for hunting and farming. Along the Great Wagon Road (originating in Philadelphia), many settled in West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia, making it almost impossible to locate some branches of the family. They sometimes stayed in an area such a short time, that they did not leave lasting impressions on the land or in vital records and other means available to the genealogist. The thorough researcher must be historian, detective, cartographer, and a paralegal in order to locate some of these elusive ancestors. Following are some general notes on Pennsylvania families that may be of help. Also included are notes from Maryland and a few New England areas that pertain to family research.


SECOND GENERATION, Family Four, David McKinney

            David, bap 20 July 1725, (1734?) Note: Since this issue, was proven to be in the year 1725.

            Freehold & Middletown Church (belonged to the Church at Neshanic)

            d 13 September 1784, Paxtang, PA

            m Rebecca Lane, 1761, dau of Abraham Lane and Mary Soders

            Children:        1. Abraham, b 12 Nov 1762, d 13 Sep 1835, Sunbury, PA

                                                mar Abigail Lamerson, 1785

                                    2. Mary, b 17 Apr 1764, d 17 Apr 1848

                                    3. John, b 29 Sep 1765, d 17 Sep 1806, owned 200 acres

                                                Centre Co. PA in 1806

                                    4. Isaac, b 21 June 1767, Raritan, d 11 Sep 1849., mar

                                                Jane Fleming, owned 200 acres, Centre Co. PA in 1833

                                    5. Sarah, b 24 Aug 1769, d 22 Sep 1774

                                    6. Jacob, b 30 Apr 1771, d 4 Feb 1848, m Elizabeth Sabine,

                                                d Binghamton, NY

                                    7. James, b 3 Dec 1774, d 22 Apr 1775

                                    8. Elizabeth, b 24 Nov 1776, d 26 Dec 1860

                                    9. Rachel, b 27 Nov 1779, d 15 Dec 1815, m John Bailey Stewart

All children were baptized in Readington, New Jersey.


24.       NJ Archives, Notes & Queries (Egle), History of North Cumberland Co. PA, p. 450.          


David McKinney located at Sunbury in the Spring of 1776. He was formerly a resident of New Jersey and Virginia, and although he had other occupations, established one of the first distilleries at Sunbury and remained in this business for some years. Late in life he removed to a farm near the Great Island, and there he died. His son, Abraham, died at Sunbury on the 13th of September 1835. He built one of the first mills on Mahanoy Creek, Jackson Township. Isaac removed to Centre Co and established an iron furnace.




(Generations of Mordecai's remaining children, i.e., Daniel, Jacob, Ann, Mordecai, will follow in succeeding issues.)


            INDEX, NEHGR, Vol. 38, p 351


Rev. David McKinney DD, a corresponding member, admitted Feb 8, 1858, was born at Kishacoquillas, Mifflin Co., PA 22 Oct. 1795, and died at Edgeworth Station, Sewickley, PA May 18, 1879. His father was Isaac McKinney Esq., born in New Jersey on the Raritan River June 21, 1767, and died in Centre Co. 11 September 1849. His grandfather was from Scotland (Editor?) and his mother was Jane Fleming, born in Chester Co., Jan 1767, and died May 15, 1838. Her parents were Scots Irish. David m. 16 May 1825, Miss Eliza L. Finley, who died in 1854, then Miss Sarah Stockley and third, Sarah Elizabeth Diddle. He left two sons and a daughter at his death. (Alexander, b 1816, who m. Elizabeth Tuttle). He lost several children in early life and was the founder and editor of the Presbyterian Banner in Philadelphia, which was joined with the Christian Advocate; graduated from Princeton Seminary.


            Editor: We find some differences between this version and one from Eliza Moore. She states that David was born in 1734 and died in Sunbury. He married Rebecca Lane in 1761 at Maiden Lane, New York City, she was born 4 April 1738, Amsterdam, Holland and died in 1823 in Sunbury. She states that they settled at New Brunswick, Sussex, NJ where they resided 11 years and he operated a Grist Mill. They moved to Sunbury in 1772. The first six children were born in New Jersey, and the rest in PA. Ten years after the death of David Sr. his widow married John Hunt and they removed to Childsquawke Creek, after which they parted and she moved back to her own home in Sunbury, and kept store. Mrs. Moore enumerates the children as follows:


            ABRAHAM b 12 Nov 1762, NJ, d 1835, m. Abigail Lamison, m. 2nd Anna

Thell in 1826 (last four children by 2nd wife). Issue:




                        Jacob - Rebecca Barber

                        James - Lydia Shareff

                        Mary - John Shipman

                        Sarah - Jacob Shipman

                        Elizabeth - Harman Shipman

                        Rachel - John Barrel (Stewart?)


                        Rebecca - Enoch Siple




            MARY, b 17 Apr 1764, d 17 Apr 1848, 2nd wife of John Lyon. Issue:

                        David, Martha, Elizabeth (Quinn), John (Margaret Colshen),

                        Mary, James (Mary Leonard), Rebecca (Wm. Gordon), Abraham,

                        (Sara Young)


            JOHN, b 29 Sep 1765, d 17 Sep 1866, m Elizabeth Dunens/Dunn

                        David, Rebecca, (Sterger), John, James, Mary (Dr. Canady),

                        Elizabeth (Mr. Clark, Jane (McGee), Rachel (McKinney)




            ISAAC, b 21 June 1769, d 11 Sep 1849, m. Jane Fleming. Issue:

                        Abraham, David, John, William


            SARAH, b 24 Aug 1769 (??), d 22 Sep 1774, PA


            JACOB, b 30 Apr 1771, d 4 Feb 1848, Binghamton, NY, mar Elizabeth

                        Sabine. Issue: Sabine, Edward, Eliza, Charles, Samuel, Sabin,

                        Silas, Amelia.


            JAMES, b 3 Dec 1774, d 1775


            ELIZABETH, b 24 Nov 1776, d 1860, m 1818, as 2nd wife of Samuel Moore

                        son of Michael and Rebecca Easter Rea Moore. Rebecca Moore

                        b 15 Dec 1819. Issue: Eliza Moore, compiler of these records.

            RACHEL, b 1775



                                               Personal Records of Elizabeth Bright McKinney Chmiel


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McKinney Emigrants from: A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants, Donald Whyte


            John Kennie, to Perth Amboy NJ 1685

            Coul McKenney, Jacobite prisoner, from Liverpool, 1716, to VA

            Daniel Makany, Newgate to Maryland, Catherine & Elizabeth, 8 May 1741

            Collin Mackeny, sailed form VA to MD 1680

            Mekin Mackenny emigrated to MD 1666, wife, Aninking Dobbs

            Andrew Mackenny, bondage, Newgate to VA 1738

            William Mackenny, Newgate to MD, Potapue Merchant, 1736

            Robert, (same as entry above)





            . James McKenny taken prisoner at Old Mill Prison, Philadelphia, taken

                        from the ship Lyon, 29 June 1781


            . James McKinney of Capt. John Green's Co., PA, captured at Fort Wash-

                        ington, imprisoned on a ship in New York harbor


            . Joseph McKinney, Captain, Carey's 1st Battalion, Somerset State Troops,

                        Continentals, NJ


            . John McKinney, oath to the government, National Archives #157, indi-

                        vidual oath #281, Ensign, taken at Valley Forge, May 11, 1778, 3rd

                        PA Line, aide to General Washington. Descendants belong to

                        Society of Cincinnati.


            . John McKinney, enlisted 30 Jan 1776, Col. Anthony Wayne's Battalion




            . John McKinney, Lt., 3rd Class, Cumberland Co. Militia, 1780, PA


            . Pierce's Register, Andrew McKenney, PA, Charles McKenney, PA, James

                        McKinney, MA, Jeremiah McKinney, MA, John McKinney PA, Wm.

                        McKinney, PA, George McKinney NY, Jeremiah McKinney, MA,

                        John McKinney, NH. Spelled both McKenney/McKinney, and listed

                        twice in the register (John of NH)




            Andrew McKenney, CT

            Andrew McKenney, 1753-1825, Mary Parker, PA

            Daniel, 1725-1802, Margaret Stanhouse, NY

            Daniel, 1738-1822, Mary Connelly, NY

            David, 1746-1819, Jennet Smith, PA

            David, 1741-1784, Rebecca Lane, PA

            Humphrey, 1748-1779, Elizabeth Small, MA

            James, 1749-1826, Sarah Mitchell/Susan Reeder/Ann Fletcher, PA

            James, 1732-1815, Mary Paine/Deborah Kibbe, CT

            John, 1737-1818, Mary Rand

            John, 1742-1818, Jane Laird, PA

            John, 1760-1787, Mary Llewellyn, PA

            John, 1744-1805, PA

            Joseph, 1748-1844, Elizabeth Wiswell, MA

            Joseph, 1720-1785, Mary Mackensie, PA

            Joseph, 1756-1848, Susan Frances McVey, VA

            Moses, 1742-1836, Eunice Larrabee/Lucy Plummer, MA

            Peter, 1768-1849, Mary Short, PA

            Robert, 1784-, Easter Ley, PA

            Samuel, 1744-1840, Lydia Rand, MA

            Walter, 1748-1806, Jane Rusk, PA

            William, 1743-1809, Mary Alexander, PA


The General Return of Col. Thomson's Regiment of Rangers (Pennsylvania)


            Mordecai McKinney, age 24, enlisted 1773, MD

                        (Editor: Is this the son of William b 1715 or Daniel b 1717?)

            Roger McKinney, b 1749, ib. PA, age 24

            Timothy McKinney, age 19, PA

            Amos McKinney, 1758, PA Militia, Capt. Bartell's Co.

            Alexander McKinney served in Sam'l. Perry's Co, 1746, PA, age 30


            Henry McKinney/ Revolutionary burial, Paxton Presbyterian Churchyard

            Paxton, PA - marked by Harrisburg Chapter, DAR



Issues, DAR Monthly magazine)


            . William McKinney, Round Hill Cemetery, Rte. 48, Elizabeth, PA

                        'Wil'm. McKinney, 1750-1828, Allegheny Co, Pvt.Ó


            . John Kinney, 1760-1818, Warren Co., NJ, Old Oxford Meeting House


            . John McKinney, 1st Regiment, PA Regiment Book, deserted 1 July 1777,

                        at James' Island


John McKinney and Michael McKinney are mentioned in Historical Sketch of

Franklin Co, PA, 1878, I. H. M'Cauley and militiamen.


Donald McKinney is listed with militiamen from PA, who camped at Albany in 1746,

during an expedition against Canada. He was listed as being born in Scotland, age 30.


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Pennsylvania Archives, Maryland Vital Records, History of Keene, New Hampshire,

Early Settlers of Saco Valley (Maine).


1st Presbyterian Church, Carlisle, PA 1785-1812 –


            1793, Nov 28, McKinney, Jean & John Wills

            1795, June 17, McKinney, Mordecai & Polly Chambers

            1801, Nov 5, McKinney, Nancy & Mathew Thompson

            1802, Nov 23, McKinney, Samuel & Eleanor Ivine (Irvine)

            1791, March 22, McKinney, Polley & James Read Hoge


            1787, Feb 18, Alexander McKenney, Mary Kirshaw, Maryland

            1807, 22 Feb, David McKinney, Sarah Folk, Philadelphia, PA

            1765, James McKinney, Mary Jordon, Swede's Church, Philadelphia

            1771, Mar 28, Mary McKinney, Isaiah Jones, PA

            1746, Feb 11, John McKinney, Bridget Sullivan, PA

            1744, Jan 30, Sarah McKinney, Walter Bryson, 1st Presbyterian Church


            1752, Dec 2, John McKenney, Floranna McBey, Swede's Church, Philadelphia

            1777, Jan 19, Kennedy McKenney, Catherine Toy, PA

            1765, Feb 6, James McKinney, Mary Jordan, PA

            1765, July 4, Joseph McKinney, Rebecca Latimore, Cumberland, PA

            1824, Nov 20, Benjamin McKinney, Keziah Janes, MD

            1802, 21 June, Benjamin McKinney, Susanna Simmons, Cecil Co., MD

            1821, 8 Feb, David McKinney, Lancaster Co., Rose Harper of Warwick Twp.


            1787, Leticia McKinney, William Overlin, Cumberland Co., PA

            1783, Nov 6, John McKinney, Somers Co. CT, Violetta Chapman

            1836, 9 June, Patrick McKinney, Marcia Smith, of Canajoharie, NY

            1780, July 6, Susanna McKinney, Earle Pinney, Ellington, CT

            1744, June 6, Sarah Mckiney, Joseph Temple, Concord, MA

            1692, Dec 1, Robert Mackenny, Rebecca Sparks, Dover, NH

            1826, March 8, Maria McKinney, David Comfort Johnson, NJ

            1809, Feb 19, Phillip McKinney, Elisabeth Eyck, NJ

            1775, Elizabeth McKinney, William Layton, Sunbury, PA

            1791, July, George McKenny, Elizabeth McGuire, Westmoreland Co. PA

            1723, Mary McKinney, Thomas Harris, Tuscarora, PA

            1833, Sep 10, Lavina McKinney, Alonzo Haskins, Fabius, NY




            Located near Shippenburg, PA, this church was divided in 1823. Joseph McKinney left for another at that time. It has been said that John McKinney, son of Mordecai, helped to build this church, however, the earliest record is 1781, when David McKinney was a subscriber. Perhaps it was one of the grandsons rather than son of Mordecai.


            Abraham McKinney, ordained 30 Dec 1849

            Eleanor McKinney, admitted to church 27 Oct 1805

            David McKinney Jr., admitted 19 Oct 1806

            Ann McKinney, admitted May 16, 1819

            Abraham S. McKinney, admitted May 10, 1819






            David, son of A. S. McKinney, admitted 4 Jan 1851


            Rev. John Moody baptized the children of David McKinney, Jr.

                        Thomas Andrew, Apr 8, 1806

                        Eleanor and Dinah, April 13, 1808


            Rev. John Moody baptized the children of Samuel McKinney:

                        April 10, 1810, Samuel, Irvin, Thomas, Molly

                        April 1814, Jean Louisa, dau of Major McKinney

                        1817, Joseph Edward, son of Capt. Joseph McKinney

                        1829, April, David, son of Abraham Smith McKinney

                        1831, April, William Reynolds, son of Abraham Smith McKinney

                        1832, April, Jennet Smith, dau of Abraham Smith McKinney

                        1834, April, Abraham Smith, son of Abraham Smith McKinney

                        1838, April, William Reynolds, son of Abraham Smith McKinney

                        1843, April 14, Margaret Jane, dau of Abraham Smith McKinney

                        1845, April, John Reynolds, son of Abraham Smith McKinney



                        Elizabeth McKinney, John Forman, 6 March 1827

                        Elenor McKinney, James Gilmore, March 16, 1837

                        Abraham Smith McKinney, Margaret Reynolds, 27 Oct 1827

                        Hadessa McKinney, Phillip Long, 23 Dec 1856

                        Erastus McKinney, Mary Ann Slover, 26 Nov 1857



                        Hadessa J. McKinney, 7 Feb 1866

                        Abraham Smith McKinney, son of Erastus, Nov 13, 1869

                        Margaret Reynolds, dau of Erastus and Mary McKinney, 30 Nov 1871

                        Anna Grier, dau of Erastus and Mary, 23 May 1874



            (Upper Graveyard).

                        Abraham Smith McKinney, son of Erastus

                        b. Jan 1869, d 12 Aug 1870



            (Hans Graveyard)

                        David McKinney Sr., b 1746, d Mar 19, 1819

                        Jennet Smith McKinney, Wife of David, b 1752, d 11 April 1843

                        William Reynolds McKinney, son of Abraham S. and Margaret,

                                    b. 1831, d January 1, 1836


Church Receipts: Feb 1784, David McKinney, 5.1.12x od


Members of Middle Springs Church who took part in the Revolutionary War:


            Andrew McKinney, Sgt., Capt. Scott's Co., State Regulars

            Joseph McKinney, Pvt., Capt. McCoy's Co., Cumberland Militia




            p.119. Donald M'Kennie, overseer of William Digges, was found murdered

in Baltimore County March 19, 1751


            . Francis M'Kenny was killed on Tues last at a horse race in Talbot County Court house. One of the horses fell and killed him, May 26, 1763


            . Rebecca McKinney, dau of John Breckenridge d 16 Sep 1824, age 37, buried at Harn. Presbyterian


MARYLAND MARRIAGES, 1634-1777 (Robert Barnes)


            Alexander Mackenney, 4 Sep 1710, Catherine Plunkett, Christ Church

                        Parish, Calvert Co, p. 113





            p. 111A, John Mackinnie, Mary Kirshaw, 16 ?, 1777

            p. 61, Timothy MacKinney, Hannah Neal, 17 July 1709, St. Peter's Parish

                        Talbot Co.

            p. 277, Mary Mackeny, Mathew Kemp, Oct 1, 1724, St. Mary, Cecil Co.,

                        North Elk Parish

            p. 317, Jane Mackenny, Aaron Porter, 19 Aug 1740, St. George Parish, Baltimore Co.


MISCELLANEOUS RECORDS - Deaths, Burials, Estates, Wills . . .


            Wemple Genealogy: William Wemple b August 23, 1801, mar Elizabeth McKinney. She was born February 16, 1805, died May ?, and lived near Amsterdam, New York. New York Genealogical & Biogrpahical Record, 1905, Vol. 36, p94

            . Elizabeth McKinney, b 1767, Orange Co., NY, mar Matthew Nealy. They had issue: Samuel, John, Polly, Rebecca, and Matthew. Elizabeth had a brother, Patrick.


            . Salem Co., New Jersey, 'to witÓ, personally appeared before me the subscriber, one of the Judges of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas in and for the county of Salem afsd. Rebecca McKinney a woman of credit and good reputation who being duly sworn on the Holy Evangelist of Almighty God, did depose and say that she is about 70 years old, was born in the Falls of Belfast in the county of Antrim in the Kingdom of Ireland, that she was acquainted, etc.Ó


New York Inventories, 1656-1775, National Genealogical Society Quarterly


            . Daniel McKinney, wife, Mary, bap dau Rebecca, b 7 April 1799, Baltimore Co., MD.


            . 1790 Reformed Dutch Church Records, Albany, New York, Elsie McKeney witnessed bap of Catharine, dau of Teunis Visher and Elizabeth Graot.


            . E. David Mckeny, 1689, New Jersey, petitioned the court to change his name to W. John Ilsly. Early Settlers of Piscataway & Woodbridge NJ, Ora Monette


            . John McKinney, return of survey for N. Macleon, 40th Regiment, Evan Cameron and Donald Cameron, 200 acres, Albany Co., NY, eastside of Hudson's River. Entered, Rupert, Vermont 9 May 1765


            . Alexander McKinney, creditor of the estate of J. Shepard, 7 Dec. 1709, New Jersey.


            . Alexander Keney, witnessed will of John Norton, 7 Dec 1709, Woodbridge, New Jersey


            . David McKinney, Lancaster Co., PA, will, 1808, Book I, 1-351, signed petition in favor of a settler beyond the purchase line, August, 1781, PA, and also mentioned at West Branch, PA in a memorial of inhabitants.


            . Lancaster County, PA, Wills.


                        James McKiney, 1790, F1 247 (Book, Volume, Page)

                        David McKinney, 1808, I, 1 351

                        John McKinney, 1805, J 1 176

                        Abraham McKinney, 1831, F 1-103, intestate

                        George McKinney, 1833, G 1 30, intestate

                        Samuel McKinney, 1843 L 1 54, intestate


            . James and Samuel McKinney, signed letter of convention, Lancaster Co. PA 1779


            . Mordecai and Jacob McKinney signed a memorial letter at West Branch, PA 1778, requesting militia to put down Indians.




            . William McKinney of Newcastle DE 1776, Tax list


            . Samuel McNitt McKinney of Mifflin PA, d 28 Nov 1831, two children,

                        William, Anna


            . Francis Mckinney, heir of William Miller, 13 March 1744, New Jersey


            . Annals of Buffalo Valley, Pennsylvania, Linn. Land claims in the Wyoming

            Valley in 1754 - Jeremiah Kenny, John McKinney, Gideon McKinney, Spence

            McKinney, Matthew, Moses McKinney.


            . Tax Lists, Centre Co., PA: David McKinney, 100 acres, 22 Aug 1833; Samuel

            McKinney, 100 acres, 1821; Isaac McKinney, 200 acres, April 15, 1776;

            David McKinney, 100 acres, 30 Aug 1774; Andrew McKinney, freeman,

            1785. Cumberland & Bedford County shows John McKinney there in 1773.


            . 1790 Census, Maine: Daniel Mackinney, Sandy River; John McKinney,

            Pepperell, York; Jeremiah McKinney, York Co.


            . 1790 Census, New York: Cornelius McKenny, Minden Twp., Canajoharie,

            Montgomery Co; James McKinney, Marbletown, Ulster; George McKinney,

            Woodstocktown, Ulster; Arthur McKinney, Montgomerytown, Ulster;

            (living near Polhemus, Lowe, Sebering families). Orange Co, Minisink,

            Charles McKinney; Daniel McKinney, Albany Co.


            Note: At a future date, census records will be given in their entirety, excluding the 1790 Census, which is readily available to researchers.

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            John McKinney b ca 1700, d 1789, son of John and ?, b PA, wife, Agnes ?


Children:         Agnes, m Mr. Bradshaw

                        Elizabeth m Mr. Woodle

            +  William, b 1730, d 1796, m Isabel Cooper

                        Margaret, m Mr. Montgomery


                        James b 1735, m Agnes ?

                        Jean, m James Cooper


            +William had issue:

                        John b 1772, d 1827, m Jane Walker

                        Margaret b 1774, m Andrew McKinney

                        Mary, b 1776, m John McKinney

                        Nancy, b 1780 m Calvin Johnson


            **        William b 1784, d 1845, m Margaret ?

                        James b 1787, m Mary Houston


            **William b 1784 d 1846, had son Franklin Perry, b 1819, who m Esther

                        Jane Hughes







            Most authorities claim that the Scots prisoners of 1652 account for this family of McKenney (see the HISTORY OF SACO VALLEY), which has also been considered as Irish. Henry McKenney, a Scot, was 21 in 1651 and was a servant for George Spear in Braintree, Massachusetts. Some of the others listed are Hugh located at Casco in 1703; John of Scarboro, 1664, Robert, John, who drowned in Ogunquit River in 1697; Kenney, of Boston, Mass., sued for debts in Saco Valley in 1665; Robert, who m Rebecca Sparks, widow, Dover, 1 Dec 1692. Robert died in 1724 and had sons John and Henry.


            Susan Boothby by 19 July 1810, m Jeremiah McKenney


            Thomas and Solomon McKenney served in 1809 militia


            Polly Coree b 1812, m Rufus McKenne


            Polly Edgecomb b 1785, m Abner McKenney of Saco Valley


            Mary Hasty m Dominicus McKenney, Saco Valley


            Daniel Macginnis (later shown as McKinney) was living at Billerica, MA in 1679 later moved to the Saco Valley area)


            Daniel McKinney, soldier, 1756, from Deerfield, MA, was wounded and died from wounds in Deerfield.


            New Hampshire grantee of land in Fairfax, John McKenney, 18 August, Vol. 26, p149 (?), 1763


            John Mackenna moved from Galway, Ireland, to Kittery Point in 1653 The Irish in America, O'Brien




            - Mordecai McKinney was surety for David Thomas, 1804


            - Letter granted to Abraham McKinney by Philip Borell, dec'd. 1811


            - William McKinney, heir of Charles O'Hara, Milford Twp., Nov 20, 1789


            - p. 309, Capt. Joseph Shere's Co., Lancaster Co. 1776; Sam Rutherford,

            Henry McKinney, James McKinney, John McKinney, Matthew McKinney,

            James Rutherford, John Rutherford. Also Henry McKinney, took oath

            of allegiance 28 Jan 1778


            - Orange Co., New York, death, Mary McKinney, age 26, b PA d 31 May 1893


            - 1770 Tax assessment list, Dauphin Co., Henry McKinney 'who lives

            near JamesÓ. Inmates, John McKinney, Matthew McKinney.


            - PLUMSTEAD DIARY, Bucks Co. PA 1763. This concerned mostly Quakers

from Maryland, and who seemed to travel between PA and MD extensively.

. 2 Jan 1773, James McKinney's child (son), died


. Feb 11, 1774, son, born to James McKinney


            Note: Evangelical and Reformed Historical Society, WCC, 555 West James Street, Lancaster, PA, printed inventory of 97 congregations. Church records are on microfilm and can be obtained on loan, or they will search if exact details are known. Inquire.


            Butler Co., PA, Robert McKinney m Margaret Criswell, nd


            Thompson McKinney and Rebecca Magee, nd


            John McKinney, Catharine Black, nd


            Sarah McKinney, Thomas C. Thomnpson, she b 24 June 1805






            . Thomas Lorraine McKinney of Maryland, b 21 March 1785, Hopewell,

            Somerset Co, d 20 Feb 1859, NY. He was in charge of U.S. Indian





            . Cain McKinnie and Mary Hiery were mar at Holy Trinity Church, Wilming-

            ton, DE, bap dau Mary 11 March 1751. Witnesses: John and Jane



            . Rhode Island Freeman, 1719, John Mackenney


            . Eliza McKiney and Jonathan Diver, mar 7 Jan 1784, Anne Arundel Co. MD


            . Williamsport PA records show Antje McKinney Dunham, wife of Nehemiah

            Dunham, a minister, was said to be the granddaughter of Mordecai and

            Mary McKinney and niece of Mordecai II. (dau of John and Susanna,

            or William McKinney?)


            . Massachusetts: Rev. Jonathan Scott's record of Marriages (1907 May-

            Flower Descendants) gives: Thurs, ye 9 Nov 1786, this day after lawful

            publishment, Mr. John McKenne and Miss Rebecca Lovett of ye town of

            Yarmouth, were married.


            . Gleanings from Maryland Newspapers: Alexander McKinney and wife,

            Susannah Foster, had children Mary b 1750, Cecil Co., William b 26 Sep

            1746, Sarah, b 3 Apr 1744.


            . Alexander McKinney b 1756, Glasgow, Scotland, d 17 Oct 1827, wife, Mary.

            Children - William who mar Jane Arn


            . Andrew McKinney, wife, Martha, had son John b 8 Feb 1786, Philadelphia.


            . Andrew McKinney b 1753 Ireland, d 12 Nov 1825, Schenectady NY (Rev.

            War Veterans), had wife Mary Parker.


            . Journal of American Ancestry, Vol. I, p 76, Pennsylvania Pensioners:

            John McKinney, pensioned March 15, 1820, died June 10, 1833 (b



            . More Names in Stone, Holdcraft: Maryland Burials. Frederick Co.,

            Robert McKinney, 7 April 1793 - 29 July 1863, wife, Alley, 1793-1863.




            Taken from microfilm records in Tennessee State Archives (submitted

            by Octavia Douglas), and contributed by Willa Sorenson.


            DAVID MC KINNEY, son of William and Frances Piatt, mar Sarah Hender-

            son and had children:

                        John b 1827

                        Frances, 1829, mar Oscar Ridgely

                        Nancy, 1831

                        Mary J., 1833

                        Hannah, 1835, mar Giles Hammat

                        Sarah C., 1837, mar John D. Sharpe


            JOHN MC KINNEY

                        b 1760 Ireland, mar Mary Llwellyn and died in Centre Co. PA

            Revolutionary War, rifle regiment, 1776. Issue:


                        Samuel, b 1787, mar Rachel McKinney 1817 (1799-1895)


                        Dau Margaret Ann, 1826, mar 1843, Joseph Chambers


                        Bruce Charles, b 1837, mar 1870, Louisa Ann Brandon. Son, Joseph

                        Chambers b Enterprise, PA m Lois Bacon


            . Pennsylvania Archives: John McKinney, private under brother Capt. Walter

            McKinney 1769. John and wife Catherine, settled at Church Hill.




            Catherine d October 1785. In 1814, John sold some land to John Wise,

            and the deed in Chambersburg, PA shows John McKinney Sr. of Ruther-

            ford Co. NC, Oct 1794.


            Walter McKinney was ensign in 1777. Wife, Jane Rusk. Children:

            Josiah, Robert, James, Adan, Mary (McMullen).


            Josiah and wife Isabelle had children: Capt. Walter, John, James, Mary,

            Elizabeth, Martha, Margaret, Isobel, Catherine, Ann.


            . Alexander McKinney b Glasgow, Scotland, settled in Chambersburg

            (now Franklin Co.). Will dated November 15, 1827, and he is buried in

            St. Clair Cemetery, Greensburg. He was 71 when he died. His wife Mary

            was 52 (22 Sep 1828). Children: Ann McKinney Craig, dau, d 26 Apr

            1871, age 71.


                        Barbara Jane McKinney d 1835, age 21


                        William, mar Jane Ann ?


            . John McKinney, from Donegal IRE, arrived U.S. 1725, d after 1770, PA.

            Children: John, mar Jean Cunningham


                        Matthew, lived Wilmington, DE


                        Mary, ca 1710, mar Captain Thomas Harris, d 1770


                        Henry, 1714, d 1777, mar Agnes Murdock


                        Joseph Robert, mar Jane McKinney


Sundry Church Records, Bucks Co., PA


. Annals of Buffalo Valley, Linn -- Some additional notes: Most of the settlers left the valley for the fort at Sunbury in 1756 after Penn's Creek massacre. p. 99: Lt. Mordecai McKinney of Muncy Township was mentioned in an incident at Derr's Trading Post, July 4, 1777. David McKinney was a committee man, August 1776. Mordecai was also mentioned ( p 111, 114, 117) in the trial of Robert Robb, and was paid 1lb. 2sh 6 pence by Mr. Clay for expenses of Col. Murray's battalion, Jan 1777.


In 1778, most Jersey people returned to Jersey from Lycoming Co because of the Wyoming Valley Massacre. Both Robert Covenhoven and Albert Polhemus died at Northumberland leaving seven small children -- some of whom went to Wm. Thompson and some to Elias Younkton to be raised as Presbyterians. David McKinney was a representative in the assembly in 1780; James McKinney was mentioned as a 'single man'. 1781 surveys show Jacob Kinney and James McKinney in Penn's Township, White Deer. 1784 gives Abrahm McKinney and Jacob Lamison in White Deer Township militia. David was an election inspector in 1782 and living across the Great Island on Indian land. In 1801, Abraham McKinney was county commissioner, and elected to Congress in 1806 and 1807. Abraham ran against James Laird for the Senate in 1808 and lost. Mordecai McKinney Jr. was Deputy Attorney General in 1818, and Jacob McKinney d 5 Feb 1861 (no age given).


            . Robert McKenney, b 1814, Stetson, Maine, mar Nancy Hartwell. She married second, Sherburne McKenney, brother of Robert. Children: Olive H. 1842, Marcellus, 1849; Laura E., Ella F., George. Hartwells of America, p 15




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                                                            THE TWO WILLIAMS        


            Mrs. Annabel Rowe has furnished us with a research report that she has personally commissioned regarding New Jersey records applying to the two William McKinneys in the area. The bulk of the report contains material relating to pew rentals at the Lamington Church. The chronology is as follows:


            1715, bap 25 Aug 1715, 1st Reformed Church, Raritan, son of Mordecai

            Machkini, witnesses, Jacob Bodyn and wife.


1735, 10 Nov. Wiliam McKenny patron, Janeway account books, 20 Dec. William McKenney, son of Mordeca, patron, Janeway, Almanack charged to Mordica McKenny


            1736, 9 Sep, Wm. McKenney, sundrys by Jacob Vroom, per note


            2 Nov Wm. McKenny paid cash on account at Janeway 0.16.8


            17 Dec, Wm. McKenney, 4-1/2 yds. Shalloone, 2 doz. buttons


            24 Dec, Wm. McKenney, payment by Hannis Coopman as per note            


            1741, 10 Aug, Wm. McKenny, son to Mordica, 1 large flat file, etc.


            13 Feb. Wm. McKenny, son to Mordica, 2 files, 0.8.0


            1742, 2 June, Wm. McKenny, paid in full, 2.2.0


            4 Mar, Wm. McKenny to A. Sommons, & serving before John Van Sickle

                        Esq. 0.2.4


            4 Mar, John Richey, per assignment, 0.17.0


            1749, 10 Nov, Lamington Presbyterian Church, sessions records, David

                        Carlile paid pew rent via Will McKeny


            1750, 12 Sep, William McKeney, debtor to estate of John Henry, Bed-

                        Minster Twp., Somerset


            1751, Wm. McKinney replaced as overseer of roads, possibly 1749. 1750,

                        Bridgewater Twp., Somerset, by Andris Ten Eyck

                        'weaver', Wm. McKenny, Lamington Pew rent list


            1752, Will:m McKenney: W (weaver?), Lamington pew rent list


            25 June, witness, will of Jacob Ten Eyck, Somerset


            27 Dec., William McKenney named in accounting of estate of William

                        Logan, Hunterdon Co.


            1753, 23/24 April, Andrew Johnson visited Wm. McKinney; Lamington pew

                        rent list


            1754, 7 Nov., 40 ac. to be sold, North Branch, suitable for tavern, 'see

                        William McKinney who lives on premisesÓ, NJ Archives, newspaper ex-

                        tracts, Wm. McKenney, Lamington pew rents


            1755, William Mckenney, pew rents; William McKenney, tavern, Lamington

                        pew rents


            1756, William McKenney, weaver, pew rents


                        William McKenney, tavern keeper, Lamington pew rents


            1757, ibid


            1759, William McKiney, weaver, Lamington pew rents


                        7 Feb., William McKenny, Mendham, Morris Co, intestate estate

                        of Jacob Ford, principal creditor, administrator, Jonathan Freeman

                        of Woodbridge, fellow bondsman\


                        17 Nov, Mordecai McKinney will, written naming children of son



            1760, William McKenny, pew rents


            5 Oct. baptism, Readington Ref. Church, Wllem, son of Willem and

                        Annatie McKinney


(the researcher should be aware that the names, Hannah and Anna were interchangeable, and in Dutch were seen as Annatie)





Note: It would appear form these records that William b 1715, son of Mordecai, is the William that died intestate in Morris Co. William and Annetie (Hannah) had son William b 1760, which could account for the William b 1723, buried in Warren Co. 1777. It should be obvious that the 1723 William was a weaver -- the 1715 William son of Mordecai, was the tavern keeper.


            1754, Mordecai McKinney possessed lot #64, Branchburg Twp. of which

            123 and 4/10's acres were sold to John Dumont.


            1751-1755, William McKinney was living on 40 acres at North Branch


            1762-1765, Land in Sussex Co in possession of Daniel and Colin M'Kennie

                        to be sold at public venue


            1773-74, Plantation in Lebanon Twp., 2129 acres being sold, Mordecai

                        McKinney living on same


            1771-1780, Bondsman, William McKinney, estate of Thomas VanHorn,

                        Mansfield Twp., Sussex Co.


            1786-1790, Witness, William McKinney, estate of Mary Purviance, Salem Co.


            1777, 6 March, will of William McKeney, Greenidge Twp., Sussex, probated

            naming male children John, William, James, David


            1774, Docket of Jacob van Noorstrand, Bridgewater Twp., Somerset Co., 2

                        May 1774, Mordecai McKinney vs Peter Duman, Logrange, debt dif.

                        appeared and states he paid same to Dirck Morlatt one of the executors

                        of estate of William Mackinney and has receipt Genealogical Magazine

                        of New Jersey, Vol. 44, p40 (son of Mordecai McKinney)



Mrs. Rowe has furnished the photocopies of the Lamington Pew Rents, and they include basically the same information. From 1750 to 1757, the following names are included on the rents:


            Jacob V. Dibeeers, Wm. Suthen, Wm. Hogland, Andrew McClane, William

Jones, Wm. Linn, John Adams, Benj. Archer, John Allen, Jacob Tenike, Tunis Posts, Jeremiah Bright, Will: McKeney (weaver), Peter Prince, Richard King, David Helin?, Archibald Morison, James Wood, Wilm. McKenney, W. James ?, John Bodin, John Micklevanfor, Thomas Vanhorn, Cornelius Skinnere, William Bay, Patrick Brown, John McCarty, John Smith, Wm. McCrea, Ralph Smith, Andrew Workman, John Burns, ? Carlile (Rob't)., Richard Porter, Peter Prine, Cornelius Bodoin, Richard Morrison, Robert White, Wm. Colwell, Jr., Daniel Wladrons, Robert Simonton, Jacob Vandervere, Jeams Graham, Bryon Leferty, Abner Lowrance, Hugh Sutton, Jeams and Joseph Lin, Andrew Lake, John Mucklevane, Robert Simson, John Herriot, Alexander Adams, James Adams, John McKilvainey, John Livingston, and a few others that are unreadable. Later dates show both William McKinney, Tavrin, and William McKenny, weaver. William McKinney is gone from the pew records from 1749 through 1754 (the innkeeper). Note: Spelling is shown exactly as given in the records.


In re-reading Mordecai's will in Genealogical History of Our Ancestors, it would seem that the William who died intestate, February, 1759 in Morris Co., could not have been the son of Mordecai. Mordecai's will was written in November 1759, and if the original was read correctly, states, 'Item, I will that my Lott of Land at the North Branch be rented out until the Youngest Son of my son William Comes to Age and the rent thereof Shall be to Support the Children of my said son William. And when the Youngest of my said son Williams Son shall arrive to the full Age of Twenty One Years, then the aforesaid Lot Shall be Sold, and Shall be equally Divided






between my son Will and His Children Viz: Abraham, Ann, Mordecai, Mary, Share and share alikeÓ.


This, is not an indication that William had predeceased his father at the time the will was written. Combined with the information that we have on the two Williams in the Lamington Pew Rents, Mordecai's will, and William who died intestate in Morris Co., we may be dealing with THREE William McKinney families in adjacent areas!


Do any of our members have access to:


            Inventory of TenEyck estate of Sussex Co.:?


            Allegeny Co. Maryland History, giving the date of the Indian raid on

            Mr. McKinney's property?


            The Thomas Van Horn will which William is mentioned?


            The will of Mary Purviance?


These items are of the utmost importance in identifying the two William McKinneys, and possibly the third.





            'To be sold, at North-Branch in New Jersey, 15 miles above Rariton Landing, on the main Road that leads from the thickest Farmers in those Parts, to the said Landing. A Lot of Ground of 40 acres, half of it very good Pastrue Ground, in English Grass, and in good Fence: The other Half well timber'd., whereon stands 2 good Dwelling-Houses, and a good Grist Mill, new rebuilt, will grind about 8 or 9 Bushels an Hour, and at all Times plenty of water: A very suitable place for a Tavern, or merchandizing, having a great Opportunity of buying Wheat, being on the main Road where great Part of the Wheat is carried that Goes to the said Landing. The Title is indisputable. Any Person inclining to buy, may apply to Joseph Forman, Merchant, in New-York, or to William M'Kinney, who lives on the Premises, for either the Whole or Half, on reasonable Terms . . ' The NY Gazette or the Weekly Post Boy, November 4, 1754.


            We wish to commend Roxanne Carkuff, our researcher in Ringoes, NJ for a thorough project in gathering material of the two Williams. We look forward to her next communication.



REPORT FROM THE SCOTTISH TARTANS SOCIETY, Museum of Scottish Tartans, Comrie, Perthshire, Scotland PH 6 2 DW: Subject: Mackenna, Mackinna, MacKinney(ie).


            Again, the report quotes, almost in it's entirety, the entry as shown in Black's Surnames of Scotland. The report gives nothing that is not already known, other than the fact that it appears most often in Wigtown, Cray, Kirkcudbrightshire, Dunbarton and Galoway, Scotland. In the parish lists of Wigtownshire and Minnigaff (1916), it appears as Mackena, McKennah, McKeney, McKenny, McKenney, and Kinny. If, in fact, Mordecai was from Kilmory(ie), Kilbride as some of our members have found, then, this would eliminate the Mackinnons as forebears. Kilmory (Bute), and Kilbride (Ross & Cromarty), are both near Arran and Bute, and not to be confused with Kilmory (Skye). It may be that they are a small branch of the Macknnon who were first found on Bute and Mull, as well as on Skye. Unfortunately, we will have to identify Mordecai's birthplace before we will be able to verify ANY theories of birth in Scotland or Ulster.





Adela               Aletta                           Florence                      Floris

Adeline            Aaltje                           Frances                        see Fanny

Adrianna         Adriaantje                    Geradina                      Berretje

Adrienne         Ariantje                                                           Geritje

Agatha             Aaghie, Aeje                                                   Gerritje

Agnes              Agnietje, Niesje           Gertrude                      Geerje

Alice                Elis                                                                  Geertje

Angelica          Engeltje, Engetje                                              Geertruyd

Ann                 Anneken, Antie                                               Gieretje

                        Tanneken                                                         Truytje

Anna               Annatje, Annetje         Grace                           Geesje

                        Naatje                          Hail                             Heyltje

Arabella           Bell                              Hannah                        See Anna

Barbara            Barber                         Harriet                         Hendrikje

Bertha              Bartje                           Helena                         Leentje, Lena

Betty                Betje                            Huldah                         Hillegonda

Catharine         Kaatie, Katryne           Ida                               Joida, Ydje

                        Katryntje, Trynetje      Isabella                        Beletje

Catrina             Coatje                                                              Bella

Charity            Charytee, Geertje         Jacoba                         Jaapje

                        Geesje                                                             Jacomyntje

Charlotte          Ceeletje, Celetje                                               Jakomina

                        Lotje, Salache              Jane                             Jannetje

                        Seletie                                                              Yanney

Christina          Styntje                                                             Yonchey

Clara                Klaartje                        Jemina                         see Jacoba

Claudia            Classje                         Joan                             Janneken

Cornelia           Neeltje                         Johanna                       Hansje

Cynthia            Seeta, Seithe                Justina                         Josina

                        Seitie, Seytje                                                    Josyntje

                        Sytje, Zyrtie                 Lavina                         Lyntje

Deborah          Diewertje                     Letitia                          Aletta, Letje

Dorothy           Dirkje                          Matdalina                    Leentje

Eleanor            Leenoor, Lenora          Margaret                      Grietje

                        Neeltje                                                             Margritje

Elizabeth          Daltje, Lysbet              Maria                           Marietje

                        Lysje                                                               Marritje

Elsie                Elsje                            Martena                       Maryntje

Emma              Emmetje                      Mary                           Maaicke

Eunice             Teuntje                                                            Maartje

Eva                  Aafie, Aafje, Aefje                                          Mariken

                        Aefye, Aetje, Aevje                                         Marytje

                        Eef, Eefye, Effie                                              Mietje

                        Efje, Eltje, Evatje         Matilda                        Machtel

                        Ephrary, Euphame       Nelly                           see Cornelia

Iva, Eve           see Eva                        Nicola                          Klaasje

Fanny              Franseyntje                                                      Klasyne

Phebe              Femmetie                     Olive                           Aeltje

                        Femmetje                     Paulena                        Paulyntje

Rose                Roosje                         Sarah                           Saartje

                                                            Susanna                       Sanneke, Santme

Sophia             see Cynthia                  Syche                          see Sophia

Wilhelmina      Willempje


                                    (Males will be enumerated in the next issue)




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                                                QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS



McKinney                   Albert D., needs info on parents, brothers, sisters, (Leonore)

                                    of grf Robert/Reuben McKinney b ca 1873 TN d 1940

                                    St.Louis, MO, md Alice Holland . . ch: Albert Calvin b 1895

                                    Wingo, KY, Alma b Wingo. Also, desc. of Reuben McKinney

                                    b ca 1790 and listed in Giles Co. TN 1820 census as md w/2

                                    sons, 2 daus.


                                    . . Albert D. McKinney, PO Box 13, Pioneer, CA 95666


McKinney                   Descends from Geor. and Noble Rob't. McKinney, Franklin

                                    Co. AR 1830's.


                                    . Lotha Ann Sollock, 2411 Singclair, Pasadena, TX 77503


McKinney                   John, d 1751, Orange Co. VA, dau Margaret mar Matthew?

                                    to Surry Co. NC 1770


                                    . . Barbara Crumpton, 1455 No. 29th, Duncan, OK 73533


Watson                        Desc. of James H. McKenney b ca 1814 Lincoln Co. TN, KY, SC

McKenney                  mar Lydia Ann Watson 1841, Lincoln Co. TN


                                    . . Loraine Story, 2401 Bowland St., Greenville, TX 75401


Fox                              Searching Sarah A. McKinney b. ca 1832, AL, m 1852, Robert

McKinney                   Fox d 1870-80, perhaps Alexandria, LA


                                    . . Lynelle Cowan Stevenson, Rte. 1, Box 99, Lot 192, Keith-

                                    ville, LA 71047


Allen                           Samuel McKinney mar Nancy Allen, 1797, d 1832, Lycoming Co.

McKinney                   PA, oldest son James living in area, 6 children.


                                    . . Alice McKinney Fisher, 501 Via Casitas #523, Greenbrae, CA



McKinney                   Who were pts of William b 1825 OH, wife, Mary ? b 1826 KY?

                                    . . John Orfans, Rte. 2, Marissa, IL 62257


McFadden                   Want pts/sibs of Samuel McKinney b 1742, wife, Mary McFadden

McKinney                   lived Chester Co. SC.


                                    . . Ben C. Clark, 12932 Palomar Way, Santa Ana, CA 92705


McKinney                   Abial Chaney b ca 1785, MA d 1852 Independence AR, mar

Chaney                        Hannnah, b c1797, KY. Ch: son Daniel b 1827 AR, d ca 1859

                                    TX, m 1850, Sallie McKinney Hawkins.


                                    . . Mrs. Zearl Williamson, Box 152, Graham, TX 76046







Florence Lane                          Alexander McKinney b 1772, son of Collin and Mary Coleman

Torrance, CA                          lived Livonia, IN. Wife, Elizabeth Taylor.



                                                Alexander, b. 1795 KY, d Salem, IN, mar Rebecca Hutchinson;


                                                Robert b. 1800 mar Rachel Marts;

                                                William b 1802 KY;






                                                John b 1803 mar Sarah;

                                                David 1798 mar Jane;

                                                Elizabeth b 1797 mar Henry Finley;

                                                Levina b 1799 mar Robert Howard;

                                                Shedrick b 1801 mar Susanna Hick;

                                                Malinda b 1804 mar Wm. Collier;

                                                Eleanor b 1808 mar Burr Banks;

                                                Margaret b 1800 mar James McCoy.


Note: These were taken from the Walker Genealogy, written pre-1900, there may be errors in the text                               


Helen Kuharski                       Richard McKinney b 1815 Jamestown, NY, wife Elizabeth

1550 Tetonview                      b 13 Apr 1814, children: Squire Warren 1834; Sarah Janet

Lane A2                                1836; Lyman 1839; William Riley; Major Andrew; Hillis 1843;

Idaho Falls, ID                                    Ira 1845; Levi 1847; Martha Matilda 1848, m Enoch Hand;

                                                17 Sep 1864, Camden, MI.



Elaine Facklam                        Daniel McKinney b 1743 Hunterdon Co. NJ m 1765 NJ

Rte. 1, Box 106                       Mary Connelly. Rem'd Albany Co. NY. Dau Elizabeth b 1768

Enterprise, KS                         mar Matthew Nealy



Alice McK.Fisher                   James McKinney/Susanna White or Wright

501 Via Casitas                       Thomas Newton b 1827, Lucy Hall

#523, Greenbrae,                     Jasper Nathaniel b 1869, Waterloo, IA, Evaline Lawrence

CA 94904



Cheryl Taylor                          Martin Zornes, Nancy McKinney m 25 Mar 1824, Scioto, OH

7400 Willow Dr.                     Prudence Zornes, Barlette Bellamy; Mary A. Bellamy, Josiah

Blanchester, OH                      Odle; Rosa M. Odle, Charles Semones; Jackson Semones,

                                                Cheryl Ann Semones/Taylor



Tim McKinney                        Dock Thomas McKinney, 1866 GA, Joe D. McKinney, 1898,

PO Box 60863 AMP              Celeste, TX; wife, Lillian Goin. Joe Horace McKinney, 1923, OK

Houston, TX 77205                wife, Mary Beth Hall; Joe Tim McKinney



Ruth McKinney                      James McKinney 1790, wife, Sarah; Andrew McKinney 1821,

Rte. 2, Box 161                       wife, Hannah; Lee Mortimer Mckinney 1856, America

Golendale, WA 98620           McKinney dau of C. W. & Emaline; Benjamin Mansard

                                                McKinney MO, wife, Mary Ollie Taylor; Ralph Curtis McKinney





Patricia Kirkwood                   Mordecai/Mary Sebering; John, Susannah Campbell; James

2750 W. 232 St.                      McKinney/Mary Byrom Ballard; Obediah McKinney/Sarah

Torrance, CA                          Smith; Jesse/Margaret Dodds; Henry Valentine/Ida Mercer;

90505                                      Henry Harlis/Doris Reason



Barbara Maybury                    William McKinney 1727, Hannah TenEyck; William, Frances

126 Inglewood Ave.               Piatt; James McKinney, Susannah Bukey; Mary Elizabeth,

Pittsburgh, PA                                    George Bachmann; Mary B. Bachman, Wm. H. Arbour;

15237                                      Mary Drusilla Arbour, Wm. Thomas Maybury



Ruby Tucker                           Joseph McKinney 1822, Bath Co. KY, wife, Nancy Cordelia

1604 E. 53rd                           Williams; Joseph Archie McKinney, Lillie Eliz. Shields; Henry

Odessa, TX 79762                  Dixson b 1879, KY



Patricia Hailey                         David McKinney, 5 Oct 1801, NC, removed IN, IA

1100 63rd

Des Moines, IA 50311



Veda V. McKinney                 Hezekiah McKinney, Nancy; Hezekiah Jr. 1816, Nancy Knapp

754 Locust St. #1                    Lindsey M. McKinney Mary Nelson; Raymond McKinney,

Garberville, CA                       Ryamond McKinney, Veda V. Timm




Note: Mrs. McKinney has some old photographs with the names Mother Mckinney, James McKinney, George Mckinney, Hannah McKinney. Can any of you make a connection? Most of these people are form Brown Co. IN



Penny Dulaney                        Abraham McKinney m 1885, Priscilla Welch, he b Scotland

2019 Oriole                             Mary Ida McKinney 1865 MS, m Thomas H. Goodwin

Ponca City, OK 74601



Shirley C. Thompson  .           William McKinney, son of John, wife, Nancy Miller (2

Rte. 2, Box 186                       descents), Mary McKinney, David M. Crawford; John Crawford,

Chesnee, SC 29323                 Laura McKinney (Laura dau of Tom & Mary Ford, grddau of

                                                George McKinney, Martha Miller). Second line. William

                                                McKinney, Nancy Miller; William II, Louisa Camp; Ella Estelle,

                                                George Pike; Georgie Fike, Augustus Crawford



Howard W. McKinney

607 Wesley Ave.                     Mordecai & Mary Sebering; John McKinney, Susanna

Oak Park, IL 60304                Campbell; James McKinney, Mary Ballard; Shadrick McKinney,

                                                Hannah McCarter; Aaron McKinney, Polly Bingham







                                                Alfred McKinney, Katherine Cook; Aaron McKinney, Amanda

                                                Harvey; Fred J. McKinney, Huldah Craven; Howard W.

                                                McKinney, Flora Sellens



Marion Stroud                         Mordecai McKinney, Elizabeth Dilts; John McKinney,

PO Box 432                            Susanna (Pickens Co. SC), Archibald McKinney, Carolyn

McGehee, AR 7l654               Chandler; John Boone McKinney, Eliza Coffey; Edmond

                                                James Archibald McKinney, Rebecca Hinton, AL



James Walker                          Moses McKinney, Warren GA, wife, Mary. Ch: Telman,

PO Box 336                            Anselm, Mason, Harriss (1784-1864 AL), wife, Ivy - Jane,

Post, TX 79356                       Jency; William, Kinchen (Availa Burkhalter), Matthew; dau

                                                who mar William Rogers



Doris Shell Gill                       Searching following surnames: Louisa Alexander, KY; Wm.

101 E. Ridge Dr.                     Barr; Bibb, VA: Bott, PA: Brammell, Bramble MD, KY;

                                                Brown, VA; Cash, VA: Cook (Koch), KY; Curry, KY; Duncan,

VA: Evans, VA: Feighley, Germany, Gill, KY; Haight, KY; Harvey, VA; Hess, WV; Hinton, KY, Kettle, NJ, Leary O'Leary KY; Martina, PA; Miller, NC; Mitchell, VA; Rodgers, KY; Schneck-Berger, Germany; Shell, PA, Germany, NC; Tribit, Trivatt; NC; Wilson, VA, Wilson TN; Wood, VA, WV.]



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Billie Beard



            Billie has given us photocopies of the CFI (IGF) microfiche records for New Jersey, Maryland and South Carolina, along with the printed index, Vol. II, of Gale's Passenger Ships Index. We do not have room to print all of the material, however, we will be happy to send anyone information from the pages listed in the Temple Library. These are from the new up-date (1976), as of September 1981. A word of caution: the records included on the family group sheets are only as accurate as the person who submitted them. Please don't assume that everything shown on the family group sheet has 'been proven' by the church, or is 'gospel'. Not so, the church is interested in the sealing/baptizing, etc., and does not have either time or money to resource and double-check every sheet listed. They are, by the way,






happy to accept additions and corrections to family group sheets on file. We also have a photocopy of several pages of the Sebering Collections for those who would like to borrow it.


            I have thoroughly checked every entry from the Gale work, and find that there are only two who might apply as our Mordecai's ancestors: John McKennan, n.a., East New Jersey, 1686; John McKennan, n.a., New Jersey, 1685. Both were passengers on the Henry and Francis. All other McKinneys listed were much later, and none specifically entered New Jersey. We will be happy to make copies of the material for the price of copying, and postage. (That includes the CFI printouts for NJ, MD, SC). There were about the same listings on the family group records as those that most of us have seen in the past, however, ordering information was not included (serial and batch numbers), so I suggest that you check with your local LDS Library for ordering information. THANKS






Genealogy Address Directory, 516 East Fourth St., Blue Earth, MN 56013, R.C.H. Greimann, 1981


            I purchased this book, recently, for the library price of $4.00 ($6.00 for private subscribers), and heartily recommend it to researchers. It is soft-cover, 108pp, and contains addresses for birth, death, marriage and divorce records, state, local and church historical societies, national state local and foreign genealogy societies and periodicals, church, nationality and racial societies; and book and form publishers. Small, 5x7, this booklet is bound to be the most convenient easy-reference to much-needed addresses for the researcher. Easier and more concise than the Handy Book for Genealogists, which I normally recommend to my classes (but now costs in excess of $18), this small and convenient book contains much the same information, but no maps -- which a good, used atlas will provide. I highly recommend this book and suggest that our members will find it extremely useful. On the subject of maps -- try to find the oldest atlas available in the used book source near you. You can then cut out the maps that interest you to carry in your notebook. Most of the pre-1945 books have clear county lines (and as a bonus, mention towns that have been 'swallowed up' in suburban sprawl). Again, this book is a 'must have' for your genealogical reference library.



The Family McKinney, Nancy Sayford, 656 Village Road, North Palm Beach FL 33408, 1981, $20.00


            Nancy is a member of our group, and has sent us a copy of her new book for our library, one that the descendants of Daniel, in particular, will enjoy and appreciate. Beautifully typed, double-spaced, and spiral-bound, it reads more as an entertaining 'history' than a simple date and place only, genealogy. I thoroughly enjoyed the text and noticed only a few 'typos' or facts that were debatable. A miracle in production. Just ask anyone who does a quarterly! You will all enjoy her book, which is priced at reproduction costs only, and I would suggest that those who specifically have lines from Daniel (1717), son of Mordecai, will want to have a copy. The charts are well done and easy to use, and an index is included.






            The will of Mordecai is included with his mark and the first and in some cases, second generations of his children other than Daniel. There are one or two inaccuracies in the lines, however, they are minor ones, i.e., Boren is given as a child of James (1750), son of John and Susanna, which is the surname of one of the wives, not a child. These are minor however, and the work is exceptional. Descendants of Daniel will want to have a copy of this book.



CHARLES MC KINNEY AND RELATED FAMILIES, Estelena M. Harper, 252 Broadview St., Anaheim, CA 92804, privately printed, 1973, this is a revision, $40.00 from the author. A copy of this book was received for review (Augustan Society), and I have finally been able to read and enjoy it. Reading more as a description of the Piedmont area of North Carolina, the genealogical work and historical work is good, and the anecdotes and family history are better. Beginning with Charles McKinney b ca 1765, it describes his four wives and forty-eight children -- seventeen of whom have not yet been identified. North Carolina researchers will be able to fill in some of those 'missing' generations with this volume.



Note: Have recently heard that there are two other books concerning McKinney families that this editor has not been able to locate. Perhaps one of our members can help. They are, The Brazen Overlander (concerning Oregon McKinneys), Forest of Many Trees.





TenEyck          Seeking names of offspring, death date and place of residence

McKINNEY   William McKinney and wife, Hannah TenEyck. They mar 7 Aug 1747

(should be 1749), according to Archives), Somerset Co., NJ

                        - Billie Beard, Box 216, Hugo, OK 74743



McKinney       Blueford (Benjamin), Henry McKinney b ca 1830 in IN, pts. Joseph &

Gearhart          Elizabeth. Sife, Mary Rebecca Gearhart, 1854, Clinton Co. IN

                        resided Montgomery Co. KS 1870. Need death dates.


                        Any info reg Joseph McKinney b ca 1795 VA, mar Elizabeth b

                        ca 1800 KY or VA, residing Tippecanoe, IN 1850-60. Ch: Blueford,

                        James, Martha, others.


                        . Gwen Perry, PO Box 1264, Port Angeles, WA 98362



McKinney       Who was Margaret Dodd, mar Jesse McKinney, Runnels, IA

Dodd               ca 1851. First wife, Ann Rebvekah Crone, d June, 1850. Looking

                        for pts, sibs. Believe Margaret b VA 1827


                        . Patricia D. Kirkwood, 2750 W. 232 St., Torrance, CA 90505



McKinney       Searching for info reg Sarah Louise Smith, 2nd wife, Obediah

Smith               McKinney. She mar Obediah 1816, Paint Creek, Ross Co. OH

                        Father,? She b either VA or NC.

                        . as above       








FAMILY LINE, Daniel McKinney/Mary Connelly



(Taken from DAR records). Daniel McKinney/McKenney was pvt. in Capt. David McMaster's Co., Tryon Co., militia (Mohawk District) Certificates No. 30671, 30796, 30836. He mar Mary Connelly ca 1765 in Hunterdon Co. New Jersey. Their children were:


            Daniel b Dec 6 1768, mar Susannah Staley

            Elizabeth, mar Matthew Nealy

            Mary, mar John Beverly

            Catherine, b May 6, 1777, mar Alexander Little

            Patrick, b 1778

            Margaret, b 1779, mar Mr. Young

            William b 1734

            Charles, b Feb 8, 1788


Daniel died after 1808 in Montgomery Co., New York. In the History of Cattaraugus County, New York, some of his descendants moved to Otto from Cortland Co in 1820. Hugh McKinney, brother in law of Abel M. Butler, located there in 1821. Alexander Little (husband of Catherine McKinney) removed from Madison Co to Otto in 1822, and built a smithy. Daniel McKinney is shown in the 1790 Federal Census, in Mohawk- town as having 3 males over 16, 3 males under 16, and 6 females. The Dempster Records show:


            #100, Mathew Nealey and Elizabeth McKenney, both of Remsonbush,

                        mar 21 Nov 1791


            #144, Daniel McKinney and Susanah Neily, Remson's ush, 27 Feb 1795


            #212, bap Margaret, of Danil McKinny and Mary Connely, Warrensh.

                        26 Sept. 1779


                        Charles, of Danl. McKinney and Mary Connelley, Warrensbush

                        born Fri 8th February and bap. 23 Mar 1788


                        William of Danl. McKinney and Mary Connelly, Warrens. 23 Apr



Remsen's Bush Cemetery (The Nebraska & Midwest Genealogical Record, 1924)

            gives the following burials:


            McKenney, Daniel, d March. 17, 1822, age 84 yrs

            McKenney, L----- age 44 yrs.

            McKinney, Anna Staley, wife of Daniel McKinney, b Dec 24, 1775

                        d Apr 18, 1864

            McKinney, Patrick, b July 24, 1771, d Aug 16, 1844

            McKinney, Mary, b Nov 11, 1750, d Feb 25, 1844

            McKinney, Daniel, b Jan. 12, 1768, d Apr 21, 1854


Other names included are McKie, McMaster, Paterson, Perry, Schuyler, Sharp, Shipley, Shuler, Simpson, Staley.


            Sarah J. McKinney Shipely, wife of James, d Oct 1, 1864, age 48.





Letter from Howard W. McKinney of Illinois, has corrected the information on margaret b 1754, Hepburnville, PA, who m Rawley Chilton. As he points out, Margaret was about 45 years older than Olive. Therefore, Olive's husband was shown in the 1850 census of Surry Co. NC as 50 and Olive as 52, younger than she. Perhaps there were two Rawleys? (Original information was from Dellie Pell Owens). Marriage records show Releigh Chelton, mar Mary McKinny, 28 Jan 1828 and Rally Chelton & Olive McKinny, 5 Dec 1830.






                                    CATALOGUE OF BOOKS FOR LOAN OR SEARCH



Browning        The Magna Carta Barons (search only, poor condition)

Brown             The History of Nottinghamshire, England

Boyer              Ships Passenger Lists, The South (search)

                        Ships Passenger Lists, National & New England (search)

                        Ships Passenger Lists, New Jersey and New York (search)

                        Ships Passenger Lists, the South (search)

Bailey              Pre-Revolutionary Dutch Houses, New Jersey & New York

Burke              The Roll of Battle Abbey


                        English Adventurers and Colonial Settlers

DelMar            The Worship of Caesar Augustus

Doane              Searching for Your Ancestors

Everton            The Handy Book, 6th Edition

Everton            A Genealogical Atlas

Everton            The United States Census Compendium

Ellis                 The General Introduction to the Domesday Book, I, Foster                Visitations of Durham, England

Fox-Davies     A Complete Guide to Heraldry

Greene             The Greens of Westerly, Rhode Island

Green              Thomas Green of Malden, MA

Habben            London Street Names

Hawkes           The Colonial Experience

Hotten             Lists of Immigrants to America (search, poor condition)

Highlander      The Highlander, 1979-81 (bi-monthly publication)

JanLen             National Genealogist, (surnames)

Kirkham          Simplified Genealogy for Americans

Konrad            How to Research Your Family in Germany

                        Scotch Irish Research Made Simple

                        English Research Made Simple

Loyd                The Origins of Some Anglo-Norman Families

Linder              Discover Your Roots

Mackenzie       Colonial Families of the United States, Vol. I-VII (search, only)

MacKinnon     Observer's Heraldry

                        The History of Clan Mackinnon (pamphlet)

                        Scottish Heraldry

Michigan         A Corner of Ingham (Stockbridge Township Bicentennial)

New Jersey     A History of Hanover Township, Bicentennial

                        Gloucester County in the Civil War

National           Signers of the Declaration

                        Here Was the Revolution

New York       New York in the Revolution, Colony & State (search, only)

                        1st Edition, signed by Secretary of State






National           National Genealogist, Augustan Society, 1980

Pine                 Sons of the Conqueror

lPetty               Some Descendants of Mordecai McKinney (photocopy)

Rutherford       Genealogical History of Our Ancestors (photocopy of McKinney


Society            Kith & Kin, Scottish Tartan Society

Sellman           Confederate Burials, Murietta, Georgia

                        Civil War Burials, Fredericksburg, Maryland (Union soldiers, only)

Stroh               The History of Thompson's Rangers (Pennsylvania)

Stevenson        Search & Research

Smith               A Genealogical Gazeteer of Scotland

Society            Kinships, South Bay Cities Genealogical Society, 1978-1981

                        Colonial Genealogist, The Augustan Society, 1980-81

                        Federation of Genealogical Societies Bulletins, 1982

Schlegel           Passengers from Ireland

Sarles & Shedd

                        Colonials and Patriots

                        Founders and Frontiersmen

Thompson       A Catalogue of British Family Histories

Weitzman        Underfoot (How to Do It)

Waddell           Origin of the Phoenician Alphabet

Williams          Know Your Ancestors

Wright             Preserving Your American Heritage

                        Building an American Pedigree (search, bulky mailing)

Wilson             Great Valley Patriots (West Virginia)



                        How to Trace Your Family Tree, American Genealogical Institute

                        Genealogical Books in Print, Vol. I, II, Nellie Yantis

                        Book catalogs: Tuttle, Genealogical Publishing, Bookmark, Land

                        Between the Lakes Publishers



Note: We ask that you pay postage, cost of mailer, and insurance in the amount of the book's replacement value. Search entails only postage and photocopy fee, if applicable.







NEWS & NOTES, Cont'd.


One of our members commented on the fact that we do not have any members in Kentucky where the McKinney name was and is found so often. I have mailed a complimentary copy of our publication to the Kentucky Genealogical Society, perhaps that will interest some McKinney's in joining us. If you have a favorite society or genealogical group, perhaps they would be interested in exchanging publications with us. We would like to build up a quarterly section in our materials for loan.


Material sent by Rosalie Jackson and others has been most plentiful, and I hope that you will have patience with me -- I need to integrate it into the material that I use in each issue, which takes time, but I sincerely appreciate all material received, and will use it in our publication as soon as is possible. It has also occurred to me that we could use a couple of 'volunteers' to begin indexing the issues for a yearly index (Winter issue). Nothing is quite as frustrating as a surname publication with no index! How about it?


Donations to our material and lending library items are appreciated, and will hopefully be tax-deductible within the near future. We are awaiting word from the California Franchise Tax Board, per our request for non-profit, educational standing. We will keep our members apprised of the situation.


It would be convenient for us to maintain a card file or name file of those members who are willing to research, visit libraries for those unable to do so, and to generally exchange services. Please let me know if you are willing to perform any of these items for the membership on an exchange basis, or any other arrangement.

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