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The McKinney Family Association & Library was founded September 1981 as a non-profit, educational association and library, dedicated to researching, preserving and collecting historical and family data. To assist and instruct in genealogical research and to publish private and public records and educational articles. Bylaws and Constitution adopted October 1981.


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From The Editor's Notes . . . .


The end of another successful year for McKinney researchers is at hand, and with it, time for re-election or nominations for officers for the year 1984. Following is the ballot (tear-off sheet at the end of the quarterly) for the coming year. The current officers have been re-nominated, however, write-in votes are encouraged. Please give us your suggestions and comments on your ballot, as we aim to please!


This issue of our quarterly will begin with McKinneys in the Carolinas, and will continue through several issues, as the amount of material is tremendous. For convenience sake, I have grouped several of the McKinney branches with the following titles: John of Rutherford; James the Quaker; John and Ratliff Boone; Charles of Burke; John and Susanna of SC. It seems that without such connotations, a study of these family groups becomes almost impossible, at least, immensely difficult.


We have received several 'flattering' letters concerning our publication, and we are thankful for them all. Rota-Gene magazine reviewed the Maze in their August issue and suggested subscriptions to libraries – thank you! Remember, queries are free to members and non members alike, space permitting. Submit your new queries, whenever you wish, they will be used as soon as possible. Back issues are available at $5.00 per full year (photocopy and postage included).


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North Carolina McKinneys


It is well to remember that the major path of migration into the Carolinas was from PA, through the Shenandoah Valley of VA, into the Piedmont area of NC. Many researchers seem to think that the trip was accomplished by today's time standards – not so. These people often stayed in an area long enough to appear in land/court/probate records before reaching their final destination. If you cannot find records in one area, try locations along the Great Wagon Road into the Piedmont . . for instance, Augusta, VA. You may also want to study the formation of Carolina's counties, as well as the early history of the area, before beginning research into the family itself.


We shall begin our research of NC with two of the several family groups, Join of Rutherford and James the Quaker. The parentage off each of these men has not been irrevocably proven, however, custom and family legend has established that James the Quaker was the son of John McKinney bap Jun 1714 in Hunterdon Co., NJ, and Susanna Campbell. John of Rutherford's parentage has not been established as of this date, but the reader may find a striking similarity of dates and names that may also identify him as descended from Mordecai McKinney as well.


Continuing research may prove or disprove this theory of descendancy, which is what the study of genealogy is all about! It is unfortunate that some researchers will not accept certain family lines . . and cast about looking for 'better ones' . . .








John McKinney

(John of Rutherford & Broad River)


Material submitted by Howard Dixson and Jack Blanton



John McKinney was born about 1740 in PA and died in 1804 in Rutherford Co., NC. He married Jean (?) ca 1762 in PA. During and after the American Revolution he lived in Tyron Co (Rutherford in 1779). According to the Colonial Records of NC, he was a member of the Safety Committee and Captain of the militia in 1775 and 1776. He served as justice in 1777, and was a farmer by occupation. He and Jean had the following children:


            John, Jr.                                              (Handwritten note: George)


Henry, m Mary Robbins

William, b 1780, m Elizabeth Hampton

Sally, m George Camp

Didamia, m Charles Simmons

Jane, m Thomas Gore

Mercy, m Jonas Bedford

Dau – m John Roberts

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Records of Jul Court, 1804, Rutherford Co: In the name of God Amen, I, John McKinny, Sr., of the Co of Rutherford and State of NC, being sick in body, but sound in mind and memory, and calling to mind and memory the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men, once to die, make and ordain this my last will and testament. That is to say principally as touching such worldly Estate, wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life, I give and demise and dispose of the same in the following manner and form: First I give and bequeath to Jean my beloved wife, one good feather bed and furniture, all necessarys suitable for her as long as she lives. She is to live in this, my dwelling house, if she lives. Cause and have one room and Furniture. I also give to my son John McKinney two hundred acres of land, where he now lives and the remainder of the tract that I sold part of to Henderson and one hundred dollars in money to be paid to him by my Executors, as soon as it can be raised. I give to my son James McKinney three Hundred and eight Acres of land that I bought of Sharp and one hundred that I took up joining of it, also fifty dollars in money, to be paid by my Executors. I also give to my son Henry McKinney the land where he now lives, beginning where George Camp and I made some marks and running South to my back line and down that line to the corner and thence to the River. Also, two hundred dollars to be paid by my Executors within three years. I also give to my son William McKinney the land which he now lives on, beginning where George Camp and I made some marks and running South to my back line, thence up with the line to the line that is to be run from three White Oaks on the River Bank, a South Course, also fifty dollars to be paid by my Executors. Also I give to my son George McKinney the land and plantation where I now live, beginning at the deviding line between William Robbins and me on a black Oak, on the bank, running South two hundred and ten poles to a stake thence on east course till it strikes the deviding line between me and William McKinney, thence to the Corner at three white Oaks. I also give to my son-in-law Thomas Gore one Hundred Dollars in money. I also give to my son-in-law








Jonas Bedford, twenty five dollars in money to be paid by my Executors. I also give to my son-in-law John Roberts a Negro Wench named Pat, also fifty dollars in money, to be paid by my Executors. I also give to my daughter Sally Camp one Hundred Dollars worth of Property, at my vandue. I also give to my daughter, Didamia, three hundred acres of land, where Sally Camp now lives, also a negro girl named Hannah and a boy named Tom, also one hundred dollars in money. I also give to my grandson, William McKinny, son of Henry McKinny a tract of land joining William Robins him including the big island beginning on Maddins line on the river bank and running with his line to my back line, thence along that line till it strikes another line of mine thence with that till it joins William Robbins and thence to River. Including all the land between Maddins and Robbins. I also give to my grand daughter Lydda Camp, daughter of Sally Camp a tract of land laying on a branch of Floy or Creek beginning at a large pine by an old path a little below William Hensons land. Including one hundred and fifty acres and I now appoint James McKinny, Henry McKinny, and George McKinny my soul Executors of this my last will and testament. I also appoint thou my Executors to dispose of the remainder of my property. Equally amongst all the legatees and I do impower any two of them to make a good and lawful title to my land as I myself could do. Signed and sealed in the presence of us this first day of April in the year of our Lord Eighteen Hundred and four. (1804)


Benjamin Hicks (Signed) John McKinny (Seal)

James Humphery

Thimas (his X mark) Kemmons



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George McKinney


Born 27 Nov 1774, died 2 Aug 1853 in Rutherford Co., NC, married (1) 21 Mar 1797 to Martha Miller who was born in 1777 and died 7 Dec 1847. George was married (2) to Mira at the time of his death. He was a farmer in Rutherford Co., NC. Children:

            Mary Watson McKinney b 15 Feb 1798 m Joseph Suttle ?

            James Milton McKinney b 25 Nov 1799 m Jane ?, moved to Marshall Co., MS

            Nancy Miller McKinney b 20 May 1802

            Jane Miller McKinney b 28 Apr 1804

            Elizabeth McKinney b 21 Oct 1806

            John Madison McKinney b 20 Mar 1809, m Martha

            Thomas McKinney b 20 Sep 1811, d 1 Feb 1890, m Mary Ann Ford 22 Sep 1853

George Walker McKinney b 2 Aug 1814


Records of Aug Court 1853, Rutherford Co., NC, Will of George McKinny, May 10, 1853.


In the name of God Amen, I, George McKinney, of the Co of Rutherford, and the State of NC, being of sound mind and disposing mind, and memory blessed by God; do on this the 10th day of May AD 1853, make publish and declare this to be my last will and testament in manner following, hereby revoking all former wills or clauses of wills made by me.








Item 1st I will and bequeath unto my loved wife Mira, my negro girl Charlotte, which I agreed, by a marriage contract entered between her and me before our marriage, to give her.


Item 2nd I give and bequeath unto my son James McKinny my negro boy Andrew.


Item 3rd I give and bequeath unto my daughter Mary, my negro girl Sarah and the debts, which her husband Joseph Suttle, is due me for money paid for the land, on which he now resides, and the balance of the price of mill, which he purchased of me.


Item 4th I give and bequeath unto my daughter Mary Walker, my negro girl Malinda.


Item 5th I give and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth Camp, my negroes Primas Nicy and her child Sofa, for and during her natural life and at her death to be sold and equally divided between my other children.


Item 6th I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas McKinny, two hundred dollars in trust for the sole and separate use and maintainance of my daughter Jane Morris, to be managed as herein after specified.


Item 7th I give and bequeath unto my son John M. McKinny and Thomas McKinny and their heirs my home tract of land to be equally divided between them, share and share alike.


Item 8th I will and bequeath unto my son Thomas McKinny my negro boy Henry.


Item 9th I will and direct that my Executor shall sell all the rest, remainder and residue of my property both real and personal on a credit of twelve months and apply the proceeds arising from said sale together with what money or other affects I may have at the time of my death, as follows, to wit,


That he pay to James McKinny seven hundred and fifty dollars, Mary Suttle seven hundred and fifty dollars, Nancy Walker seven hundred and fifty dollars, Elizabeth Camp seven hundred and fifty dollars, and to Thomas Mckinny in trust for the sole and separate use of Jane Morris seven hundred and fifty dollars, and after paying those amounts should there be excess over and above, I will that it be equally divided between all my children, and the share of Jane Morris to be held in trust by Thomas McKinny, in trust for her sole and separate use and maintenance as above, and whereas I have heretofore by deed of gift, conveyed certain negroes to my son Thomas McKinny, in trust for the sole and separate use and maintenance of my daughter Jane Morris, which negroes by my desire and approbation have been and remain in my possession ever since and my son Thomas may thereby be made liable for the hire and said negroes to the said Jane and whereas it is my will and desire to save him harmless in this matter. I therefore declare it to be my will, that in case the said hire should be demanded and recovered of the said T. McKinny, it shall be paid first out of the fund herein bequeathed to the said Thomas McKinny, in trust for the use and benefit of the said Jane Morris, and if that should not be sufficient for the purpose of discharging said amount and recovery, together with all interest accruing thereon, he shall be allowed to pay the same out of any funds arising from the residue of my estate, which funds he is hereby authorized to retain in his own hands until this matter is settled by a release from the said Jane Morris and her husband, or in some other manner that will entirely protect my son Thomas and after this matter in regard to the hire of said negros for the time they shall remain with me as above settled. It is my will that my son Thomas vest the funds herein bequeathed to him in trust for the use and benefit of my daughter Jane in such property as he may think most for her benefit and allow her the use thereof or leave the same at interest to her or expense the same under her direction.


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Item 10th should I die any time during crop time it is my will that all the property shall be kept on my plantation until the crop is made and gathered.


I do hereby nominate constitute and appoint my son Thomas McKinny my Executor of this my last will and testament, in witness whereof, I hereto set my hand and seal the day and date above written.


                                                                                                George McKinney

Signed sealed published and declared

In the presence of us. The Words

"the sole and separate use of"

Interline before signed.

            John L. McDowell

            Miller McKinney




John Madison McKinney's Bible




John Madison McKinney was born Mar 20 AD 1809

Martha McKinney was born 1809


Benjamin (?) Fletcher was born Oct 17 AD 1835

?? Alonzo was born Dec 31 AD 1837

Millie Lewis Briarr was borned Feb the 17 1812

John (?) (Thomas) Briarr was borned Sep the 25 1843

Martha Narcissa Briarr was borned Jul the 4 1878

?? May the 1 1878

Mary Watson McKinney born Feb 15, 1798

James Milton McKinney was born Nov 25, 1799

Nancy Miller McKinney born May 20, 1802

P/Jane Miller McKinney born Apr 28, 1804

Elizabeth McKinney was born Oct 21, 1806

John Madison McKinney was born Mar 20, 1809

Thomas McKinney was born Sep 20, 1811

George Walker McKinney was born Aug 2, 1814

Emily McKinney Nov the 11 1848

F. T. Briarr was born May the 17 1840


The second sheet of this record (photocopy) is illegible, however it appears that Briarr should be Brian. One entry is readable:


John M. McKinney and his wife Martha McKinney were married Nov 18 AD 1824.

John Thomas Brian M.A.F. McKinney was married Sep the 4, 1869.

  1. A. McKinney Emily Brian were married Oct the 24, 1867.


Johnathan, oldest son of William, married a Smith from Smith Ford on Broad River. They had three boys, Chesterfield (Chas), Ramp and Jefferie; one daughter Sally; then this family moved to Holly Springs, MS where their father died, his widow married again, the stepfather was quite cruel to his stepchildren, especially Chas. When he was only 12, his mother put him on a horse and told him to come to SC to her people. The boy was probably frightened. He rode the horse too hard and it died the first day. Then he walked, begged rides, until he came to his relatives. He lived with a Mr. Smith, a brother of his mother. He fell in love with his cousin, Dorcas Smith. She did not return his love, and loved another. He never found another girl he loved, he remained single.


Jane, oldest daughter of William, married a cousin, Jim McKinney, who was a son of George McKinney. They moved to Hollywood, MS. We do not know where or how many children they had. Only one ever visited his relatives here. His name was Jim and he was called "Devil Jim". While visiting his uncle Miller McKinney during his stay someone stole a valuable cowhide which was being processed to leather. They traced the thief by the dropping ooze from the hide to a certain house. After consultation, Devil Jim decided to pretend to be in love with a young lady, Rilla Henderson, also to carry out the deception, Miller McKinney and his son Tom went to a reputedly Fortune Teller. This person, Henry Robbins, told them that more than one was in on the stealing. At any rate, the stolen property was finally found and we presume restored to the rightful owner.


Betsy married a Willis or John Bradley of Rutherfordton, she lived to the age of 100 years. They had one son whose name was John.


Chesterfield, son of William, married Lucinda Meek of York Co., they moved to Hollywood, MS.


Jason married Mary Moreland, their children are: Nany, who married a Dr. Edgarton, they lived near Chimney Rock, SC; Thadeas, married a Jackson and lived in Spartenburg, SC; Sally married a Taylor, they moved out west, probably to TX; Jane married to a Patterson, lived in Greer. Lucinda married a Rev. Belk, lived at old Jason McKinney place. Lizzie married Squire Parker, after his death she married Captain Yeager of TX. Emily remained single, also her brother William, called Bud. Since was the only son, also remained single. Laura married an Abrene and the youngest daughter, Malinda, remained single.


Miller McKinney, fourth son of William Sr., married Mary Camp, daughter of Joshua Camp. Their children were Thomas Jubilee, who was twice married, his first wife was Louise Thorne. Their children were Edgar, who became a doctor and married Belle Scott of Gaffney, SC. Vert married Mollie Carraway of TX, later May Bella Brown. Nallie married Whitney Egell. Will C. married Clara Mallory, daughter of William Jr. Mary Sue married Jim Hollifield. Corrie married twice, Claude Crawford, and after his death, S. T. Hicks. Sallie married L. L. Crawford, Tom married Lillian Bollifield, and Adphonzo married Naomi Horton.


Thomas J. married a second time and his wife was Purchase Thorne. They had two daughters, Lula and Beulah. Beulah married Clyde Hollifield and Lula married Ralph Hord.


Nancy, daughter of Miller McKinney married William Wilkins. Their children were Jesse, Mamie, Will, Annie and Beatrice.


Joseph married Martha Kit ?, their children were Carrie, who married K. C. Tanner, Miller who married Mamie Dodd; Mattie, who married Tom Crawford and Foster, who married late in life to Della Cole. This Joseph was a son of Miller McKinney.


Jim son of Miller McKinney married Ellen Whitesides. Their son George married Delle Logan and their daughter married Judson Walker.


Mary and Sue, daughters of Miller, died unmarried. John, the youngest son, became a minister and married Minnie Owens. He died a short time after his marriage leaving a daughter, Mary Willie, who married Alton Hines.


Louise, daughter of William, married Jim Webster, their children were Mary, William, Charles and Lizzie.


Mary, daughter of William, married David Crawford, their children were, John who married Laura McKinney (dau of Old Tom Mckinney) and Nancy, who married Wm. Wilkins, and Sallie who remained single.



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William II whose full name was William Augustus married Louisa Camp, sister of his brother Miller's wife, Mary. They were the parents of nine children: Virgil married Mattie McKinney, sister of Laura. Ernest remained single; Ella married George Fike of Cherokee Springs. Edgar died at the age of eight; William at 17; Louise married Jubilee Lovelace; Nancy married H. Zeno Hicks and Leila married a brother of Zeno, Theidora or B. T. Hicks. Clara married W. C. McKinney, son of Thomas Jubilee McKinney.


Jubilee McKinney son of William Sr. went to Arkansas, and built a home where he lived alone. He was murdered by squatters, who took his property and escaped punishment. Rudieil, youngest son of the first William was killed by a runaway horse in his youth. George, youngest son of old John McKinney, married, but his wife's name we do not know. He had two sons, Tom and Matt. Tom lived at McKinney's Bridge on the Broad River and married Mary Ann Ford. Their children were Laura who married John Croawford; Mattie who married Virgil McKinney; Jennie who married Tuck McCrew; Melina married Bus/Gus Miller. Matt lived at the old Tanner place, he had one girl and one boy, they all moved west.


Dictated to W. C. McKinney by Virgil McKinney


Note: Essentially, the same information was given by several members of this family group with one or two corrections and additions, which follow. The most important of these was that Virgil McKinney stated that the McKinneys were Scots Irish in descent, and that John McKinney came from New Jersey to Bullocks Creek in York Co., PA, and was already married when he came South. The editor believes that Jean was a Cunningham, dau of Roger, as shown in the PA Archives. John of Rutherford was killed by a horse in 1804, and buried in the family graveyard about two miles above the mouth of McKinney's creek. His son James had a son, Alfred who married a Moreland, sister of W. C. McKinney's grandmother Thorne. John Jr. left home and went to the State of MO. Henry owned a small farm about one mile southeast of McKinney's Creek and was buried on his homeplace. His widow and some of the children moved to GA. Son Henry settled on Buck Creek and was the father of two sons, Martin and Billy. William, the fourth son was married twice, first to a Hampton and had Jonathan, Jane and Betsy. The second was Nancy Miller and they had Chesterfield, Jason, Miller, Louisa, Mary, William, Jubilee and Rudisil.


A general exodus toward the South from Western PA took place between 1749 and 1756, some families dropping out along the Shenandoah Valley of VA, while others continued into the Carolinas, bringing with them place names from PA – Chester, Lancaster, York. Along with the McKinney's came the McDowell family. There is no proof that they were related, it is believed that they were close friends since they entered land entries in the same area at about the same time in Burke, Mitchell and Avery counties as well as marriages between the two families in several instances. Although the Rutherford county records show that John's land grants and other purchases were not recorded until 1782 or later, there is ample evidence that he had been there some time before 1775 for he was a member of the Safety Committee for Tyron County in 1775, and a captain in the militia. He and several members of his militia company accompanied Col. Andrew Hampton to Charleston, SC for a supply of gunpower in the Fall of 1775 (Colonial Records, Vol. X, p 193). He was a Justice of the Peace until 1782, appointed at New Bern in 1778. In 1794 he gave power of attorney to his son John Jr. to sell property in PA, and in the same year he sold a tract of land there to his



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Son-in-law, Jonas Bedford. He was 21 years of age in 1762, when he was granted this particular land, so we can assume he was born circa 1739 – 1740. His fourth son, William, was born in 1765, although marriage records and birth certificates and records have not been found.


The first and largest tract of land was purchased in 1782, 400 acres, the tract in Rutherford Co, made by state grant. Grants at that time made by NC during and after the Revolution were often made to cover land previously purchased by King's Grant, which is probably true in this case. The land referred to was situated on Little Broad River, including the shoals, and believed to be where the Henrietta and Caroleen textile plants are now located. In all, he made more than 30 purchases of land, totaling 5100 acres. The 300 acre tract on the south side of the Broad River, at McKinney's Creek, was the site of his home and the site of the family burial grounds. One of his descendants stated that he previously lived on bullock Creek, York Co., SC.


John McKinney, Jr. married Catherine Eaves, served in the American Revolution, and emigrated to Macoupin Co., IL in 1843. Catherine was the daughter of William Eaves and ? Elizabeth Hampton. Their children were: Hampton, b 1797, who married Mary Clark in 1817 and died in Ellis Co., TX; Thomas Jefferson, born in IL, m Lucinda Sims; Jubilee b IL, m ? Story; Susan, born in IL, m Mr Otwell; Diadema b 1821, m William Hedley; Mary m Mr. Gilliam; Nancy E. b Madison Co, IL m in 1831, Fenwick, R. Kendall. John Jr. was born 2 Sep 1760 in Camden District, SC, and moved in 1770 to Tyron (Rutherford) Co, to Christian Co., KY in 1807 and to IL.


The McKinney land in PA was located on Conocheague Creek in Cumberland Co (now Franklin), and sold in 1794 to Jonas Bedford. John Sr. inherited the land by right of heirship.


The will of John McKinnie of Lancaster Co., PA, Book A, Vol. I, p 184 (1749), names wife, Jean, son Hugh, dau Mary, son John, son Mathew. These children were appointed wards of Thomas Harris in 1754. Thomas Harris was John's brother-in-law. He also names his mother, Mathu McKinne and brother, Henry McKinnie. Another John died in Lancaster Co., 1754, and names friends along with his mother, Else McKenna. Whether there is a connection between these family groups, remains to be seen. In the Cumberland Co land warrantees, for the year 1762, we find two John McKinney/McKinnie's, Hugh McKinnie, Joseph McKinney, David McKinney, along with several McDowell surnames at the same time.


Note: For those with a continuing interest in this family, there are photocopies of letters, Bible records and other materials relating to further generations of the family. All may be borrowed from the library collection. The balance of the family groups will be printed in our IL and/or TX issues.




Bible Record


Taken from the McKinney - Scoggin Family bible, printed in NY, 1854, American bible Society, in the possession of Alfred Jack Blanton, Gaffney, SC 29340 (1983)






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            Willis McKinney was born Jan 9, 1796

            Patsy McKinney was born May 11, 1798

           Simeon Judson McKinney was born May 9, 1819

            Wm McKinney was born Aug 10, 1821

            Amy P. McKinney was born Sep 27, 1822

            John Calbin McKinney was born Apr 18, 1824

            Joseph Buchanan McKinney was born Jan 13, 1826

            Zechariah McDaniel McKinney was born Jun 11, 1828

            Edmund Jones McKinney was born Mar 15, 1830

            Stephen Morgan McKinney was born Oct 3, 1831

            Burnes McKinney was born Jan 25, 1833

            Sally J. McKinney was born Dec 18, 1834

            Willis Arthur McKinney was born May 10, 1836


            John Calbin McKinney b Apr 18, 1824

                        Married Sep 29, 1842

            Elizabeth Hamrick, b Oct 13, 1819



            Josiah D. McKinney b Jan 19, 1844 died 1862

            Narcissus McKinney b Oct 6, 1845 (married Louis McCoy Scoggin 30 Jan 1866)

            Patsy Ann McKinney b Feb 25, 1854

                        Married Alonzo Rollins


                        Ulysses Rollins

                        Bette Rollins b Jun 1884


J. C. McKinney started to the army 16 of Mar 1863.

J. D. McKinney started to the army the 12 of Sep 1861.

A. R. Rolins and M. N. McKinney was married Sep 29, 1881.

L. M. Scoggin and N. C. McKinney was married Jan 30, 1866.


Excerpted from the remainder of the record: J. D. McKinney departed this life Feb 14, 1862.


Note: There are copies of several very interesting letters written during the Civil War by the McKinneys, that are available for loan as well. Space does not permit transcribing them here.



James, The Quaker


"James The Quaker" was said to have come from the Sunbury, PA area, with his father John and mother, Susanna Campbell McKinney about 1757, and settled in the area of Gates Co., NC. James married Mary Byram Ballard in about 1771, where is unknown, however, Mary's father and mother attended Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting in VA, near Bedford Co., so it must be assumed that James and Mary met somewhere in VA before their marriage. It would have been most unlikely that they met in NC. Mary's parents remained in VA. William Ballard's will was probated there in 1794. It is not known if James embraced the Quaker faith before marriage to Mary, there is no evidence of such, so we assume that he became 'Quaker' at the time of his marriage.



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To this writer's knowledge, there has been no definitive proof of James' parentage, however it has been assumed for many years, so until we can prove otherwise, we shall assume it to be correct. John McKinney, father of James, was said to have left Lycoming Co., PA at the outset of the French and Indian War, and to have died in Gates Co., in 1772. The first evidence we have of James and Mary, is in the organizing minutes of Tom's Creek (Westfield) Monthly Meeting. He is listed along with several other families known to be related to the McKinney family, including several Ballards. James owned land both at Tom's Creek in Rowan Co. (Surry and then Stokes), and also near the county line in what is now Stokes Co., Sc. Mary Ballard McKinney died in 1794, shortly after her father's will was probated, and is buried at Westfield Quaker Burying Grounds, along with James. It is unfortunate that markers were removed during a restoration project were never replaced. We do know, however, that James married his second wife, Lucy in 1795, Halifax Co., VA, again showing VA connections. James and Mary had the following children:


            Bette, b 1772, Westfield m, 23 Apr 1791, Joseph Jessop, Jr. at Westfield MM

            Byrom/Byron/Abriam, b 1774

            James b 1776, Westfield, m 23 Dec 1801, Sarah Pinson, dau of Richard and Maacha Pinson, Westfield MM

            Shadrach, b 1778, Westfield, m Sep 4, 1805 Hannah McCarter

            John b 1780 Westfield, m 1809, Peggy "Margot" Lee, d 1848, McKinney, TX

            Frances, b 1782, Westfield, m 28 Jul 1810, John Burris/Burrus, removed to OH

            William Tell, b 1784, Westfield, d 25 Feb, 1841 Highland Co., OH m Mary Pinson, Polly Thurman, and prob Rebecca Brown

            Obediah, b 1786, Tom's Creek, Westfield, m 1810, Ross Co., OH, Malatha Spargur, m 1816 Sarah Louise Smith, d 1852, Hillsboro, OH

            Jesse, b 1788, m 5 Apr 1823, Amy Pell


(2)           Olive, b 1795, Westfield, m 5 Dec 1830, second wife of Raleigh/Rawley Chilton


The James McKinney homestead is still owned by descendants of Olive and Rawley Chilton, leased at the present time (Information from Dellie Pell Owens), and a picture is available for those who have not seen the location. There are, of course some discrepancies in the descendants of several of these children, and our researchers and members continue to try to identify some of these descendants. I will continue to add and correct each line as information is available. Following is information regarding several of these children of James and Mary Byrom Ballard:


James (1776) m Sarah Pinson, 23 Dec 1801 at Westfield. Their children were: Galen b 2 Oct 1803; Ira b 29 Mar 1805; Nathan b Jul 1807 d 1808; Mary b 15 Sep 1809 and first wife of Rawleigh Chilton; Joel, b 4 Oct 1811; James Monroe, b 22 Sep 1815 (from Westfield Monthly Meeting records).


Shadrach b 1778 m Hannah McCarter. He was dismissed from Westfield MM Jul 21, 1804. Shadrack died in Lee Co., VA and one of his brothers, name unknown was administrator, 20 May 1841. His children were (some unknown), James Aaron, m 9 Nov 1827, Polly Bingham, lived Haystack District NC; James S; Sarah. James Aaron m Lydia Norman and had Alfred, Henderson, Eli, Edwin, William Preston, Sally.


John b 1780, d 1845, Highland Co., OH, m Mary Wilson. Children: Anna, Catherine, Elizabeth, Daniel, Mary Wilson.








We have two opinions as to the identity of John b 1780: One, the first, from Mr. Martin Greely and (2) from Octavia Douglas of Tahlequah, OK. Both are given here, as we have not yet determined which lineage is the correct one.


John b 1780, d 1845 Highland Co., OH, m Mary Wilson. Children were Anne, Catherine, Elizabeth, Daniel and Mary Wilson. On the surface, there would appear to be no relationship, however, John and Mary were Quakers as were the rest of the family group in OH, and they are buried in the same cemetery and nearby Sarah Smith McKinney and Obediah. Nothing further known on this family group.


(2) John McKinney b 1781, Surry Co., m Peggy Lee, dau of James Lee and Sarah Lee of Lee Co., VA. Their children were: James who m Rhoda Burden; Sarah m Nathaniel Burden; Wiley; Jane m John E. Myers; Nelson m 2nd, America Faulkner; Giles; Rolin; Sophia m James Graum; William; John Myers.


This second John died in 1848 in McKinney, TX, and served with the TX Rangers. He lived in Washington Co., VA 1810, White Co., TN 1816, Green Co., MO in 1832, Fayetteville AR in 1834, Combs, AR 1836 and removed to McKinney, TX in 1846. Peggy McKinney died in 1842 in Madison Co., AR.


Galen McKinney son of John and Sarah Pinson McKinney was b 2 Oct. 1803 and died in McKinney, TX. He married Cynthia Clark and had children, Thomas Clark, James, John, William, Wilson and Sarah.


Thomas Clark b 1839, m Rebecca C. ?, and died before 1880. Their children were T. Richard b 1863; James b 1866; Ed b 1867; Hollie b 1869; Jesse b 1870; Buckner Abernathy b 1872.


Jesse McKinney b 1788 Surry Co., NC, m Amy Pell, was dismissed from Westfield MM Sep 18, 1817. He had children: Granville b 1825; Hardin b 1829 (m cousin Sarah McKinney dau of Obediah); Rosanna; Alexander. Jesse and Amy's marriage on the 5th of Apr 1823 was witnessed by William Pierce.


William Tell McKinney b 1784, Surry Co., d 25 Feb 1841 in Highland Co., OH. He married 1st, Mary Pinson and was divorced in 1816 after the death of their child and her subsequent departure from the household, (2) Polly Thomas Thurman, 31 May 1817, OH; Rebecca Brown, 23 Dec 1830. William was a member of the Fairfield MM in 1809, listed as a qualified voter in 1810 OH records. He removed to the territory in 1806 with his brother, Obediah, making the trip by raft and portage. His children were: Robert b 1818; James b 1820; Matilda b 1822; Olive b 1824; Jesse b 1826. William was sometimes known as William Alexander and appears in several court papers in the OH State records (more later).


Obediah McKinney b 1786, m 1st, Malatha Spargur in 1810, Paint Creek Township, Ross Co., OH. He paid for his marriage with a bushel of walnuts, and his was the first marriage performed in just of the peace, Lucas' new cabin on Paint Creek. It is unknown whether or not Malatha and Obediah were divorced or whether she died. She is mentioned in her father's will (Joseph Spargur) as 'my dear departed daughter', however Obediah was dismissed from Westfield MM in about 1812.


Obediah McKinney was Quaker in belief, and married Sarah Louise Smith of NC in 1816. He and Sarah are buried in Caldwell Cemetery, Madison Township. Sarah's father may have been Isaac Smith, her mother's name unknown. Children:


James b 23 Jun 1816 Ross Co., OH unm, d 1 Jun 1843


Jesse b 24 Oct 1818 Ross Co., d Runnelle, IA 18 Jul 1897 m 1st, Ann Rebecca Crone (2) Margaret Dodd. Ann d 15 Jun 1850 age 24, as a result of childbirth.


John b 1 Sep 1820, Ross Co. d Madison, OH 22 Feb 1845, unm


Anderson b 27 Jul 1823, Hillsboro, OH m 14 Apr 1853, Rachel Montgomery, and 2nd, Melinda Clark 23 Nov 1858


Alfred, b 4 Oct 1824, Hillsboro d 20 Nov 1890, m 22 Sep 1853, Phoebe Davis


Dr. Smith b 1 Jan 1827 d 11 Sep 1877, Runnells, IA, m Rachel Jane McCoy 29 Nov 1849, Rachel b 3 Mar 1833 OH, d 7 Jan 1903, Runnells


Julia Ann b 22 Apr 1829, Hillsboro, d 25 Nov 1870, Leesburg, OH, m Benjamin Barrett


Amon b 19 Apr 1831 Hillsboro d 24 Feb 1855, Madison, wife, Rachel ?, buried Cope Farm, Rattlesnake Creek, OH


Lewis b 25 Feb 1834, Hillsboro, OH m Miss Sarah Milner, and 2nd, Mrs. Sarah E. Milner (mother of his first wife), 26 Sep 1866. The first Sarah d Mar 10, 1861


Louisa b 16 Feb 1836 Hillsboro, OH d 29 Apr 1879. Louisa married her cousin, Hardin McKinney, son of Jesse and Amy Pell McKinney. They removed to NC, however, their inf dau d Apr 13, 1858 and is buried in OH.


Obediah's first marriage is recorded in Baldwin's History of Highland County and in cemetery records, however, the bride's name is blank. It is believed that she died after a short time, however, it may be that she returned to NC with the rest of the Spargur family and that they were divorced. Obediah was dismissed from Westfield MM for 'disunity' and transferred to Fairfield MM Nov 11, 1809. He was known as a kind and gentle man, devoted to family and to his church. The Spargur family was prominent in OH at this time, running the local flour mill. They returned to NC because of the primitive conditions and returned several years later.



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Will of James McKinney of Surry Co.


Whereas I, James McKinney of Surry Co and the State of NC, being of perfect mind and memory and calling to Mind that it is appointed for all men to once to Die do make this my Last Will and Testament in Manner and form following:


First, it is my will that my body be decently buried at the Discretion of my Executrix and Executor hereinafter named.


Secondly, it is my will that all my Just debts be paid.


Thirdly, it is my will that my beloved Children (to wit) Betty Jessup, Byram McKinney, Shadrick McKinney, John McKinney, James McKinney, Frances Burris, William McKinney and Obediah McKinney and Jesse McKinney be paid the sum of one dollar to each of them.


Fourthly, it is my will that my beloved daughter Olive McKinney have one mare, one cow, one bed and furniture.








Fifthly, I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Lucy the Land and Plantation whereon I now live containing two hundred and thirty acres with tenements and appendages thereto belonging. Also, all the balance of my personal goods and chattels I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Lucy during her widowhood or natural life if she remains a widow. And at the decease or marriage of my said wife Lucy I give bequeath and devise unto my Daughter Olive McKinney all of the above named Land and Tenements, goods, and Chattels.


Lastly, I appoint my beloved wife Lucy Executrix and my trusty friend Nathan Berkes Executor of this my Last Will and Testament.


In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this sixteen day of Jul in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty three.


Signed Sealed and acknowledged in the presence James McKinney (Seal)

Of Obejiah Pinson, Jacob Bales.



State of NC, Surry Co., Feb term of 1825. Jacob Bales one of the subscribing witnesses to the foregoing Last Will and Testament of James McKinney made affirmation that he saw the said James McKinney sign publish and declare the same to be his Last Will and Testament that he was of sound mind and memory and that he saw Obejiah Pinson sign the same as a witness thereupon it was ordered to be recorded, recorded accordingly. J. Williams (AD 1825)


Note: Further generations of this family will be given in our Iowa/Ohio issue of the McKinney Maze


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Cope Farm Cemetery Records . . .


Route 138, North Side of Rattlesnake Creek. Fence erected by Alvah Obediah Barnett of Bridges, and a Mr. McKinney from Iowa. Submitted by Ruth Hayes.


Mary Catherine McKinney, daughter of David & Elizabeth A., Sep 25, 1851


Sarah S. McKinney wife of Obediah McKinney Jan 10, 1860, 66th Year (stone broken)


John W. McKinney, Feb 22, 1845 Age 24 yrs, 3 mos., 21 days


Obadiah McKinney (marker illegible)


James McKinney, Feb 6, 1843, Age 25 yrs, 7 mos., 13 days


Infant Daughter, J. and A. R. McKinney (Jesse & Ann Rebecca Crone McKinney)


Rachel McKinney, wife of A. McKinney, Dec 26, 1853 Age 26 yrs


Ann R. McKinney, wife of J. McKinney Jun 15, 1850 Age 24 yrs (Ann Rebecca Crone McKinney)


Amon McKinney, Feb 22, 1855


Sarah McKinney, wife of Lewis McKinney, Mar 10, 1861


Infant daughter of Hardin & Louisa McKinney, Apr 13, 1858






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Westfield Monthly Meeting


Taken from the Tom's Creek Meeting, the predecessor of Westfield, and attached to New Garden Meeting (the name Westfield meaning the west field of New Garden), a list of the original members from early minutes: Byrom Ballard, David Ballard, Garman Ballard, Moorman Ballard, Thomas Ballard, John Bowater Beales, William Beals, Amasa Beeson, Samuel Bond, Gardner Briant, John Briant, John Burris, Sr., John Burris, Jr., Benjamin Carr, John Carson, Thomas Davis, Thomas Davis, Jr., Samuel Frazier, Moses Grigg, Joseph Hart, John Hiatt, Joseph Hiatt, William Hiatt, Joseph Hiatt, Jr., Curtis Jackson, Jacob Jackson, John Jackson, Joseph Jackson, Hannah Jessop, Joseph Jessop, Thomas Jessop, Timothy Jessop, William Jessop, Isaac Jones, James Mackiney, Richard Pinson, Thomas Buckett, David Reece, William Rudduck, Royal Simmons, Bowater Sumner, Caleb Sumner, Thomas Sumner, Wm. White.



The records of Fairfield Monthly Meeting in Green Co., OH denote (p 261):

            1810, 7, 28, Obadiah rocf Westfield MM NC, dtd 1809, 11, 11

            1810, 7, 28, William rocf, Westfield NC, dtd 1809, 10, 14

            1810, 12, 29, Obadiah & William ds disunity



Surry Co., NC, Deed Abstracts, Book D 1779 – 1790 (Mrs. W. O. Absher)


P 30:    245, 20 Oct 1786, Matthew Cox to William Bruce, 90 pds VA currence, 200 ac S side Stewarts Ck adj John Harris, John Gittins & John McKinney. John Harris/Robert Harris/M. Miles


P 25:    29 Jul 1787, James McKinney to John Jackson, 100 pds NC currence 200 ac at Chinquepin Crk. Bowater/Rebeckah Sumner


            20 Jan 1787 Stephen Jayne to James McKiney 100 pds 133 ac both sides E. fork Tom's Ck incl Stephen Jaynes improvement. John Burris/Bowater Sumner


P 46:    11 May 1787 Thomas Norman to John McKinney 60 pds VA money 100 ac S side Stuarts Ck adj John Gittens. W. Bruce/John McKinne, Jr., Jesse McKinney


P 30:    20 Oct 1789 Matthew Cox to William Bruce 90 pds VA currence 200 ac S side Stewart's Crk adj John Harris, John Gittins & John McKinney. John Harris/Robert Harris/M. Miles



Book #E


P 3:      18 May 1789 NC Grant Joseph Hiett 200 ac adj corner tract run out for Thomas Evans, branch Toms Ck and McKinneys line


P 20, Book E, indicates a sale of land from Ratliff Boon to Charles Simmons (whose wife was Didamie McKinney) 100 pds for 200 acres at Rutledge Creek. Witnessed by William Harris (from PA), and signed by Ratliff Boon (whose daughter Mary mar James McKinney) and Daniel Boon.


Several other land transactions in Deed Book E and F indicate the relationships between Horns, Harrises, Boones and McKinneys. Generally speaking, James the Quaker resided and transacted sales around the Tom's Creek area. The previous article covering John McKinney generally involved land sales in the Arrarat River region.






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Miscellaneous NC Records


Including land transactions, wills, marriages and vital records.


Surry Co., NC, Book Q, p 196, dated 3 Apr. 1821: Jesse McKinney gives his dau Rosanna McKinney 1 negro girl. Test: Thomas Ward, Elijah Harris, Recorded Aug 1821


Surry Co., NC Book 2, P 336, Jun 3, 1801: James McKinney to James Jackson, 13 ac of land on Tom's Creek for five pounds. Test: Jacob Beals, Byron Ballard, recorded Feb 1802


Surry Co., NC Book I, p1. 104, Feb 9, 1801. James McKinney to Shadrick McKinney, for 30 pounds, 100 ac on Tom's Creek. Feb term 1801. Test: - - Pinson, Obediah Pinson, Moses H. Craig


Surry Co., NC Book D, p 192, Jan 20, 1797. Jas. McKinney pays 110 lbs. to Stephen Jayn for 138 ac of land on both sides of the east fork of Tom's Creek. Test: Bowater Sumner, Jn. Burris, Recorded Nov 1787


Surry Co., NC Book H, p 288, Dec 2, 1797, John McKinney, Sr. to John McKinney, Jr., both of Surry Co. for 100 lbs. 150 ac on Stewarts Crk, proven May court 1800. Test: John Creed, Henry Forkner, Jesse McKinney.


Book G., p 110, Mar 29, 1792, John McKinney, Jr. and Welcome Garrett for 100 lbs. 200 ac on both sides of Rutledge Creek. Aug Court 1797. Test: W. Bruce, Vincent Bruce, Anne Bruce


1804: Land, 318 ac which James McKinney sold Raliff Boon in 1804 was on the Keowee River at mouth of Foxaway (?) Creek


Deed Book A: p 365, 3 Apr 1780, John McKinney granted 200 acres in Surry Co. on Paul's Crk called the naked Bottom. P 367, 3 Apr 1780, John McKinney, granted 300 ac to Surry Co. on Paul's Creek at James Brown's line.


Book B, 1774 – 1781, p 144, 4 May 1789: John McKinney of Montgomery Co., VA for 10,000 lbs lawful money of NC sells to James Doak of Surry Co., NC 300 ac in Surry Co. on Paul's Creek, waters Aarrat River. John McKinney, Elisabeth E. McKinney. Wit: Hugh Armstrong, James Matthews, John Dock Hanna


P 145, 4 May 1781, John McKinney of Montgomery Co., VA for 5000 pds lawful money of NC sells to James Doak of Surry Co., NC 200 acres in Surry Co. on Pauls Creek called Naked Bottom, West side. Signed and witnessed as above.



Province of NC, 1663 – 1729, Abstracts of Land Patents (Hofmann):


Book II, p 249, Robert Forster, 28 Aug 1728, 640 ac precinct on the south side of Marattock River joining John MacKinne and the river. Wit: Everard, C. Gale, J. Lovick, E. Mosely, T. Pollock, R. West, E. Gale, J. Worley


P 98: Ralph Ballard, 6 Apr 1722, 528 acres, east side of Chowan River twist the river and Hell Pocoson (?) joining Jonathan Robenson. Wit: Thos Pollock, C. Cale, etc.






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P 210, 1 Feb 1725, John MacKinne, 308 ac in Bertie precinct on south side of Morattock River joining the lower Elk Marsh and the mouth of a branch running into said Marsh. Wit: R. E. Everard, Wm. Reed, C. Gale, J Lovick, J. Palin, H. Clayton.

            Barnaby Mackinne, 1 Feb 1725, 188 acres same as above, adj John Mackinne


Perquimins Precinct, 1 Feb 1725, Joseph Jessop: p 230, Barnaby McKinnie, 2 Aug 1726, south side of Morattock River joining my son Richard McKinney –

            John Mackinnie, 24 Jul 1728, 100 acres, as above

            John Mackinne, no side of Morattock joining Wm. Boon

            Thomas Jessop, 1725, Perqauimons precinct, as above


Ed. Note: One wonders when we see the McKinney name mentioned with Boon, Jessop, etc. in this area, if a branch of our family were in the Carolinas long before research has shown?


The following material is being reprinted from materials donated to us from several sources. Material has been photocopied, unfortunately, our donors did not record the source of the material. Page numbers will be given where available:


P 158:  Wayne Co., NC, 19 Apr 1792, power of attorney from Benja. X Boyett, who appoints Richard McKinne, attorney, to collect what is due said Boyett for his services in the Continental Army. Wit: Willis Bryan, Robt. Hooks


P 170: M'Kinney, Miss Jane-, daughter of George M'Kinney, to John Morris, Nov 4, 1830, in Rutherford Co. (NC Spectator, Nov 12, 1830)


M'Kinney, William Jr., to Miss Diana Wilson, daughter of Thomas Wilson, all of Rutherford Co., Oct 8, 1830, on Sandy Run (NC Spectator, Oct 29, 1830).


P 14: Estates, Joseph Jessop, Surry Co., NC Deed Bk, M p 215, the heirs of Joseph Jessop to James Ritter, etc: Reg. Feb Court 1810, witnesses were Abijah Pinson, Bryon McKinney, Joseph Jessop dec'd, and heirs sold land to James Ritter.


P 178: Benjn Roundsvill petitioned this court for a license to keep a Public Ferry over the Yadkin River at his own Plantation Granted Security proposed John Hunt, Jacob McKinney. Rates: man and horse 4 pence, a footman Wagon Load on and 4 horses 4 shillings.


P 54:    Bill of Sale from William Mecekeney to Henry Potts prvd by Allan Alexander. (Rowan Co. Deed Book I:177 says William McKhenny).


P 69:    Ordered Per Court that Geo. Cathey, Sr. be allowed out of the surplus money arising out of the Co tax already paid to the sum of 18 Proc. money for the maintenance of Donald McKenny who is sick and unable to do for himself. (Rowan Co)


P 79:    Rowan Co Records: This day came into Court John Cratchfield and Jacob McKenney and proved the last will and testament of John Garrett Dec'd, etc. (Rowan Co Will Book A:59)


Buncombe Co NC: P 187: J. D. McKinney witnessed settlement of Bryan estate in Onslow Co.






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Rowan Co., P 136:    Robt McKinney orphant bound to David Karr to Larn Art & Mistry of a Weaver and to Sarve until 21, being now 8 yrs., Master to vie him a Loome and Geers &c fitten for his trade and to Value of L5 proc and to Comply with Act of Assembly &c (1772)


Rowan Co., P 51: II: 623, The King vs Mathw McKinny. Felony. Jury: Wm. Nisbit, Math Lock, Wm. Nassery, Jno Armstrong, Jno Bullin, Jacob Brown, Wm. Williams, Jas Carson, Henry McHenry, Wm. McDonnel, Wm. McDonnel, Jr., Abraham Creson, Hugh Montgomery. Guilty


Rowan Co., Oversears apptd: Feb Court 1772: John Connoly instead of James McKenny from Hunting Crk to the forks of road leading to Horse Ford, Etc.


Rowan Co., 1753 – 1805: P 4: A: 59, John Garrett, 5 Aug 1757, mentions dec'd wife, son Daniel, daus Mary Mires, Cathrin Wollox. Wit: John Crisfield, John Parlor, Jacob McKinney.


Colsolidated List of Marriage License Purchases in NC, 1785 – 1791, Ransom McBride: P 39, Stokes: 1 Mar, Dec 1790: William McKinney


Divorces, Separations, Security of Property Granted, 1809 – 1830, McBride: P 45: M'Kinnnie, Nancy of Guilford Co.; Husband, George 1812, P 20




North Carolina Marriages


Demsy McKeny, Stokes Co, and Synthia Anthony, 13 Jan 1819

Wesley McKenney, Massey Dwiggins, 28 Jan 1841, Stokes Co

Steven McKeny, Nancy Cox, 8 Mar 1816, Stokes Co

Shadrack McKinney (X), Hannah McCarter, Stokes Co, 29 Apr 1805

Aaron McKinney (X), Polly Bingman, 9 Nov 1827, Stokes Co

Jesse McKinney, Amy Pell, 5 Apr 1823, Stokes Co

Mary Ann McKinny, 10 Dec 1842 and Edmund Waller, Stokes Co (Microfilm F1000)

Polley McKinney and Moses Peterson, 10 Nov 1817, burke Co

Willia McKinney, bondsman for Wm Young, Margaret Buchanan, 2 Jun 1823, Burke Co

Charles McKinney, Elizabeth Lowry, 7 Mar 1813, Burke Co

John McKinney, Polley Street, 15 Jan, 1824, burke Co, Samuel McKinny, bondsman

Reuben McKinney (X), Mary Baker, 12 Oct 1809, Burke Co, Samuel McKinney, bondsman

William McKinney, Nancy Baker, 5 May 1831, Josiah Baker bondsman, Burke Co

Florah McKinney of Mitchell Co., Jacob Hollifield, Burke Co., NC

Louisa McKinney, 31 Dec 1856 to Alson McGee, Surry Co, S. H. Jones, bondsman

Aaron McKiney, Lidea Norman, 23 Mar 1845, Henry Norman, bond, Surrey Co

Archiles McKiney, Nancy J. Key, 19 Aug 1956, L. C. Waugh, bond, married 25 Aug 1865 at the house of Lewis Key, Surrey Co

David McKinny, Rachel Garratt, 27 Dec 1830, Garrot Copeland, bond, Surrey Co

Jesse McKinney, Phebe Gillespie, 16 Apr 1859, Joseph Gordon, bond, Surry Co

Fountain B. McKinny, Martha Moore, 5 Jun 1834, Wm. Tucker, bond, Surry Co

Granville McKinny, Emezet J. Ferris, 13 Feb 1856, Surry, Pleasant Haymore bond; married 14 Feb 1856, W. E. Davis, J.P.

John McKinny, Sarah Roark, 18 May 1814, Thomas Jessop, bondsman, Surry Co

E. H. McKiny, S. S. Scott, 29 Aug 1865, F. B. Scott, bond, Surry Co

James McKiny, Lucinda Kees, 24 Jan 1833, Edward Dobson bond, Surry Co

Sally McKinney, ? McClayton, 25 Feb 1866, W. R. Martin, bond, Surry Co







Rebecca McKinney, Jackson Collins, 5 Mar 1849, David Wood, bond, Surry Co

Nancy McKinney, Garrett Copeland, 5 Feb 1816, Richard E. Reves, bond, Surry Co

Raleigh Chelton, Mary McKinney, 28 Jan 1828, Martin Smith, bond, Surry Co

Rolly Chilton, Olive McKenny, 5 Dec 1850, A. Fitzgerald, bond, Surry Co

Mary McKinney, Sandy Davis, son of Patrick, 26 Dec 1868, Thomas School, JP, Surry Co

Mary McKinney, Joseph Gordon, 3 Sep 1860, James Snow, bond, m 4 Sep 1860 by L. J. Norman, JP

Mary McKinney, 27 Sep 1837, Jonathan Haines, Eli Crumpley, bondsman, Surry Co

John McKiney, bondsman for Thomas Jessup and Polly Toys, 1813, Surry Co

Alexander McKinney, bondsman for William and Elizabeth Jessup, 23 Jan 1864, Surry Co

James McKinney, bondsman for Lewis Key and Elizabeth Jones, 17 Oct 1835, Surry Co

James McKinney, bondsman 6 Jul 1823, for William Owens and Nancy Nelson, Surry Co

Francis McKinney, John Porter, 21 Dec 1864, Surry by John Jones, Baptist Minister

Eliza McKiney, Jesse Reed, 21 Jun 1859, John Brunkley, bondsman, Surry Co

Eliza Reed, dau of James Reed and Lucinda McKinney, m David Reynolds, 11 Oct 1868, Surry Co

Emely McKinney, Green L. Sams, 6 Aug 1865, Wm. Sams, bond, Surry Co

Jesse McKinney, bondsman for Wm. Smith and Sarah Aran, 5 Oct 1820, Surry Co

Mary McKenny, Ira Williams, 11 Oct 1860, Surry Co

Rozanna McKinney, Churchwell B. Tucker, 11 Jul 1823, Surry Co, Edw. Moore, bond

David McKinney, Rachel Garrett, 27 Dec 1830, Surry Co

Amelia McKinney, William Stricklin, 26 May 1830, Surry Co

Louisa McKinney, Alson McGee, 31 Dec 1856, Surry Co

Mary McKinney, Jonathan Haines, 27 Sep 1839, Surry Co

Mary McKinney, Sandy Davis, 26 Dec 1868, Surry Co

Rebecca McKinney, A. Jackson Collins, 5 Mar 1849, Surry Co

Sally McKinney, M. C. Clayton, 25 Feb 1866, Surry Co

Frances McKinney, John Portis, 21 Dec 1865, Surry Co

Mary McKinney, Joseph Gordon, 3 Sep 1860, Surry Co

William McKinney, Mary Drinnan, 28 Aug 1790, Surry Co, wit Constantine & Mary Ladd

Martha Patsey McKinney, Jesse E. Northington, Cumberland, 1809

Samuel Averitt McKinney, Mary Langhorn, 1797, Chester, SC

Mary McKinney, Archibald Murphy, 30 Mar 1798, Mecklenburg (?), dau of Daniel

Jesse McKinney, Phebe McKinney, 16 Apr 1859, Surry Co

Sarah McKinney, Richard horn, 28 May 1801, Mecklenburg *? VA *? NC *?

Nathaniel and ? Smith, 12 Nov 1792, Guilford Co

Seth McKinney, Jane Merchant, 14 Jan 1800, Mecklenburg (?)

William McKinney, Elinor James, 13 Feb 1790, Guilford Co

Mary McKinney, George Cellinger, 7 Apr 1803, Lincoln Co

Thomas McKinne, Anney Barnes, 12 Jan 1788, Lincoln Co

Elizabeth McKinney, Nicholas Washington, 1 Aug 1809, Waynesboro, NC

John Allen McKinney, Minnie Alice Rudd, 24 Dec 1805, Caswell Co

J. A. was father of Peter Allen and wife, Susan Pinson McKinney and grandfather of William

McKinney and Sarah Scott




1963 North Carolina Journal of Genealogy: Quakers in Surry Co 1782, list of property and assessment taken by George Deatherage, Assessor in Captain Gaine's District, from NC Archives, PO Box 1881, Raleigh, NC.


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Miscellaneous North Carolina Materials, Continued


Revolutionary Listings, DAR Patriot Index, Vol I

            Charles McKinney b 1753, VA, wife Elizabeth

            Colin McKinney, b 1735, m Rebecca, CS, VA

            Daniel McKinney, 1745, Mercy Blatchly, VA

            David McKinney 1755, m Mary Stuart, Margaret Wallace, VA

            Humphrey, 1745 – 1779, Elizabeth Small

            John McKinney Sr., 1759 – 1837, Katy, Mildred Kenedy, SC

            John McKinney, d 1804, Jean, NC

            John McKinney, 1793, Elizabeth Pope, NC

            John McKinney, 1760 – 1843, Katherine Eaves, SC

            John McKinney Jr., 1757 – 1837, Hannah Eaves, SC

            John McKinney Sr., 1735 – 1805, Elizabeth McDowell, VA

            John McKinney, 1754 – 1825, Polly Trimble, VA

            Joseph McKinney, 1756, 1848, Susan Frances McVey, VA

            Richard McKinney, 1752 – 1827, Sallie Fellows, NC

            William McKinney, 1765, Jane, GA

            William McKinney Sr., 1728 – 1793, Miss Grimes, NC

            William McKinney, 1736, 1785, Barbara Culp, SC



Civil War Records:

            Jesse McKinney of Surry Co., NC, Private, d Chancellorsville, May 3, 1862 – 1863

            James D. McKinney, Surry Co., d Aug 1861

            William McKinney, enlisted Jun 5, 1861, d Oct. 1862 at Sharpsburg

            Eli H. McKinney, Surry Co., d May 20, 1861

            John S. Harrison Co., KY, Prisoner in Camp Chaze, OH, Prison No. 2, Jul 8, 1862

            A. P. McKinney, musician, Surry Co., ND (? NC)



Other Military Sources:

            James McKinney, Ensign, 5th Reg't. NC Continentals, 9 May 1776 to Mar 1, 1780

            Private James McKinney, disc Mar 1, 1780, Co 6, Apr 1778, 3rd VA reg't., Lt. Col. A. Heath's detachment

            James McKinney, Ens., (above), listed in unpaid list of NC Military records, as was Jacob Ballard, owed $29.00, from NC Chronicle, Oct 25, 1790, New York pay office, Apr 13, 1790

            Joseph McKinney, Revolutionary Militia, Salisbury Dist., NC, comptrollers certificate, Militia #9, Salisbury, NC. Prison guard, Gaol, New Bern NC; wife, Susan McVey, appears on confiscation lists as "gone off to British", from Camden District, Captain Ballard's Company.

            John McKinney, Private, Co. 11, 1778, Col. Daniel Morgan's VA Regiment

            Henry McKinney, pensioner, Old Frederick Co, VA, Indian Wars, 1758, pension of 1 lb. 2 sh.



North Carolina Journal of Genealogy 1979 – 1980, Vol VI #2: Scots to America during the '45, 1747, Patomak, MD, 5 Aug, rebels on the "Gildart", sailed from Liverpool, indentured for 7 years, Alexander Macinny, Donald Mackiney.








Questions, Questions, Questions






Who was James, son of David & Margaret Wallace McKinney who married Esther ?, 2nd, Eunice Orchard. Was he father of Isaac Harvey McKinney? Eunice was heir to Isaac Orchard who d 1853, both James and Eunice buried in McKinney Cemetery near where they lived. Charlotte Hilke, NY




Interested in Josiah McKinney, son of Charles, See Will p. 85, Winter 1982 issue, said by one source to be father of Joseph who mar Virginia Carter, Bath Co., KY 1819. Prob lived Mercer Co. Need all info, wife, ch, date, place of d, proof he was Joseph's father. Appreciate any help. Would like correspondence with those researching the same line. Bobbi Comstock, HI




Who were Daniel Boone and Elizabeth McKinney whose dau Elizabeth McKinney Boone b 1807 in SC, d Jan 1, 1884, Tuscaloosa, AL, and mar Edward Johns of NC? Gene C. Armistead, CA




Searching for Wm. McKenney of Nominy (?), d ca 1732 in Westmoreland Co., VA; wife, Jane Hutt. Son Gerrard McKenney m Lettice Crabb in that County, Gerrard d ca 1760. Wilma Cook, IL




Who was Wm. H. McKinney, wife, Mary Taylor? He, b Morgantown, VA, 1826, m Mary Catherine Taylor in 1844. Union soldier in Civil War, had 5 Add'l children. Wm. And wife d 1915 – 1916 in Nora, Neb. Wm. Was a Methodist minister. Mildred Heckman Huffaker, CA




William, son of Luke McKinney and Ayles Spencer of WVA (see above query). Will correspond. As Above.




Who was Abraham McKinney who mar Anna Brownlee in 1843? She disappears from all records in IL, have checked remarriages, deaths, census, etc. Any information appreciated. Have extensive notes for those researching this line. Martha M. Mattoon, CO






Searching Wm. McKinney b Feb 18, 1802, d Mar 13, 1875, mar 1st, Sarah Grubbs, 2nd Mathilde Sauer, son Henderson McKinney b 16 Mar 1864, d Jun 11, 1942, Bellevue, PA, mar Sarah May Newman. Barbara Guffey, PA



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Searching for info regarding John, son of Abraham McKinney and Abigail Lommison. Could he be the John b 1791 d 1856 who arrived in early 1800's Binghamton NY from Sunbury PA with Uncle Jacob? Was Jacob son of David McKinney? Alice McKinney Fisher, CA




Researching Levisa Whitley and husband, James McKinney. Arlene Turpin, Atkinson, WI




1850 Lewis Co., KY Census, Wm. S. 1814, Mary 1824, Sarah 1844, Jedidiah LF 1846 McKinney, Lucinda McGlove, 1830, Samuel McKinney 1829. All b KY? How is Samuel related to William? Samuel mar Louisa Norris, 17 Sep 1851 Lewis Co., removed to Buchanan Co., MO ca 1855 with in-laws named Norris, Hinton, Hurst, Stillwell, Sutton. Appreciate any Lewis Co., KY McKinney information. Monica Grey, ID




Elizabeth McKinney Boone b 1807 SC m Feb 15, 1828 to Edward Johns, b 1792 NC, d AL 1884. Parents said to be Daniel Boone and wife, Elizabeth McKinney with tradition that affiliated with family pioneer Daniel Boone of KY, need any info re her parents, etc. Gene C. Armistead, 747 Mycorte Dr., Escondido, CA Note: have you seen the Boone Family Association Newsletter? Write Alice A. Boone, CA. Believe that there is another, Sierra Echoes as well.



Need husband and/or children of Nancy McKinney b VA ca 1817, was found in 1870 Indiana (Hendricks Tsp) census. Glendene Martens, Neb




Searching Benjamin McKinney and wife Sarah A. Letty, m ca 1812 in Cecil Co., MD. Son Thomas B. b 1819 m Elizabeth Mahoney. Viola McKinney Sartin, MD





Searching for info on George Moore, m Mary McKinney 10 Feb 1795, Lincoln Co., KY, dau of Daniel & Mercy Blatchley McKinney. George, son of Edward and Amey Ashley Moore. Mildred Moore Huntsman, IA




Searching for info, Martha McKenney b KY, d 1892, Brown Co., IL, b Knight Cemetery, husband, James Knight of NC. James d 27 May 1843, also b IL. Parents? After death of James, Martha m brother, John B. Knight. As Above





Info, Mrs. Eleanor Rebecca Clark, b 23 Apr 1814, MD, d Jefferson Co., IA, m 1849, Belmont Co., OH, Wm. Geo. Moore. William, son of Isaac and Sarah Campbell Moore, need info on both families. As Above











Need information on Daniel McKinney who m Permelia Douthitt in PA. Sold land in Washington Co. in 1788, four children. One was John D. b 9 May 1788 PA. Permelia later mar Wm. Frame in Jefferson, Ky. Is this Daniel the same Daniel who was in Scioto Co., OH with 2nd wife, Mary Hodnett? Had brothers, Archibald and James. Mary K. Hubbard, NJ



Trying to locate info on a woman whose m name was McKinney, prob d near Carthage IL on the way from IN in late 1850's. Patricia Sedlacek, IA




Charles A. Petty b 13 Jan 1855, Montrose, IA d 3 Feb 1926, Lee Co., IA. Married 1874, Lee Co., Mary McKinney b 26 Dec 1854. Father prob John McKinney b 1815 and Bashaba ? b 1819. Elva Hedrick, IL




Need all info on Mary Sebering, wife of Mordecai McKinney; wife of William McKinney (son of Mordecai) Eleanor Lemberson, wife of Abraham McKinney son of Wm. And grandson of Mordecai, all information available. John A. Rea, KY




Researching Archy B. McKinney b ca 1832, KY and Charlotte Givens. Son Pleasant Miller b 1861 KY m Jennie Rebecca Daniel, dau of James P Daniel b TN, d TX. Glora Jean Miller, NJ






Researching John Calvin McKinney, wife Elizabeth, children Josiah, Narcisses. Also Willie McKinney b ca 1796 and wife, Patsey. Need ancestors of Wills McKinney, birth date and place. Alfred Jack Blanton, SC





Would like to correspond with desc of Collin McKinney and Permelia Ann McMickens, dau Ellen Jane mar Elijah Anderson Bates, 1838. Ann Graff, LA




Searching Thomas McKinney b ca 1839 and wife Jeannette Keller, Pike Co., IL. Ch, Charles Harold b 1861; Thomas Egbert b 1863; both sons m Cox family. Thomas b ca 1839 where? D 1908, OR. Mrs Charles R. McKinney




Still researching parents of Benjamin F. McKinney and wife, mary Ann Smith, Hempstead Co., AR ca 1829. In a deposition made by Perry Smith made 1858, Mary Ann and his father were brothers (?). Benj. And Mary Ann liv near Perry's father and nearby lived George F. Smith, and Hezekiah W. Smith. Mary Ann and daus liv in house of Hezekiah in 1850. Father? Sallie Holt, TX


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Searching Charles & Catherine A. McKinney, 1860 and 1870 census in Polk Co., MO, is their son Charles age 23 b OH in 1870 census, the same person as son Cornelius age 13 b PA in 1860 census? Need substantiating info. Also, Laura M. Bucker mar 1894 in Polk Co., MO to Charles William McKinney. Need more info on Laura's birth and date of death. Presumed d ca 1898 shortly after birth of son Albert Wesley McKinney, Aug 1898. Where is Albert Wesley? Mary Ann Caskey, KS




News and Notes


Somerset County Genealogical Quarterly, reprints of the SCHQ, Vol I, II from Fred Sisser III, NJ. For those of you interested in NJ research, a vital source tool. We have subscribed to the SCGQ and have Volume I No. 2, 3. Contains minutes of the 1783 quarter sessions, conclusion of obituaries of soldiers of the Revolutionary War, Warren Twp., ear marks 1811 – 1844 and Lodi, NY residents from Somerset Co. – available for library loan to members.



New Members:

            Mary K. Hubbard, NJ

            John A. Rea, KY

            Gloria Jean Miller, NJ

            Alfred Jack Blanton, SC

            Mrs. Pauline McKinney, AZ

            Mildred Moore Huntsman, IA

            Beverly Domenget, FL

            Millie Heckman Huffaker, CA

            Harold D. McKinney, AR

            Carl L. McKenney, FL

            Viola Sartin, MD

            Marti McKinney Teague, OK








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