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The McKinney Family Association & Library was founded September 1981 as a non-profit, educational association and library, dedicated to researching, preserving and collecting historical and family history and data, not necessarily all of lineal or legal families, but all those interested in the McKinney surname and variants and to assist and instruct in genealogical research and to publish private and public records and educational articles.  Bylaws and Constitution adopted October 1981 and granted non profit, incorporation 3 May 1983 by the State of Oklahoma.  Trustees are Barbara Pannage Stanfield, E. Neil Stanfield and Richard A. Kipf.




Barbara Pannaqe Stanfield, Coordinator

Peter Campbell McKinney, Registrar – Treasurer

Patricia McKinney Kirkwood, Editor - Librarian

Wilma C. Cook, Indexing



The Editor is not responsible for the errors of submitted materials, and all such material is placed in the Association Library.  Books received for review are placed in the library and are available for loan to members.


Indexed in Genealogical Periodical Annual Index, Laird C. Towle, Editor, Bowie, MD






Member, Dr. William Gist, has sent pictures and reproductions of newspaper articles describing Springfield, the boyhood home of President Zachary Taylor, and the home of the Gist family.  Because the interest in preserving historical landmarks has been escalating in recent years, and because few of us are privileged to live in a home of such importance, the following material is printed in its entirety.  I am sure that our membership will be as interested as I was. 



Welcome to Springfield . .


A Tour of the Home prepared by Dr. and Mrs. Gist for the benefit of visitors and tourists.


One hundred and forty years ago, the little boy who grew up in this very house was in all the news.  He and his American troops were winning upset victories in the War with Mexico.  ‘Old Rough and Ready’, as he was affectionately called by his troops, went from a 40 year career in the Army to the White House as our 12th President, serving from 1849 to 1850.  Although unknown in the 20th Century, he was much admired and respected in his day, eulogized after a sudden death by no less than his fellow Kentuckian and Whig, Abraham Lincoln.


Another important 19th Century personality who was part of Zachary Taylor’s life was Jefferson Davis.  In June 1835, here in Louisville, at Beechland, Zachary’s sister’s home, the young lieutenant who had served with Lincoln under Taylor, married Sarah Knox Taylor, Zachary’s second daughter, a vivacious and attractive girl of twenty one.  The story that they eloped out the library window at Springfield because Zachary opposed the marriage is, alas, just a story.  Tragically, just three months after their wedding, Knox died at their Mississippi plantation of malaria.  Otherwise, she would have been the First Lady of the Confederacy.


Learning about the lives of people such as Lincoln, Taylor and Davis (the three Kentucky Presidents) is part of the pleasure of living in a landmark.  We enjoy also meeting visitors such as you.  We meet others from the past too, through the paintings, prints, and furniture we have acquired.  We have tried to add to the historic feeling of Springfield by using American and English antiques and Centennial pieces and reproductions.


The Taylors, prominent Virginians who moved to the little village of Louisville (only one hundred inhabitants then) following the American Revolution would be so delighted to have you here admiring the home they worked so hard to produce in the middle of the Kentucky wilderness.  Built in two stages (1785 – 90) and (1810 – 1820), Springfield has a different look in its old and its new sides.  The older has the lovely walnut in its natural stain whereas the new has painted and reeded woodwork with bull’s eye corner blocks.  Throughout the house are the original ash floors, English Carpenter locks, and some rippled glass panes.  It is amazing to realize that these have survived numerous little Taylors, a damaging 19th Century fire, and the April 3rd tornado which directly hit the house in 1974.




As you wander the house, please note that the entrance ways to rooms have varying threshold sizes. You may have to step up slightly or step down slightly.  Those wishing to go to the second floor will find the front hall steps easier to negotiate than the back or kitchen steps which are fairly steep.  (wonderful exercise for the Gists, wanting to shed some calories – definitely aerobic!).


The first floor consists of an entrance hall, library and parlor, dining room and kitchen.  One of our favorite pieces hangs on the hall wall.  The portrait of Susannah Shelby Grigsby, affectionately referred to as ‘Miss Piggy’ by the antique dealer from whom we bought her, shows us a lovely young Kentucky girl, one of the grand daughters of our first Governor, Isaac Shelby, a friend of Richard Taylor, Zachary’s father.


Another Kennedy girl is seen in the portrait in the parlor, Nannie Hite Clark, a daughter in law of William Clark of the Lewis and Clark expedition (which began ‘next door’ at Locust Grove, home of Clark’s older brother, George Rogers Clark) was the first portrait we bought.  Hanging her turned into an all day affair, drilling holes into solid brick, plastered walls is quite a task!


In the parlor, you will also see two period prints of Zachary Taylor, one of which is signed by him.  School children think ‘Your obedient servant’ is a wonderful way to end a letter or autograph a print.  On the Pembroke table in the parlor is a Kentucky coin silver spoon (circa 1800) found in the yard when we were planting bulbs in the Fall of 1982.  We were ready to tear up the entire yard after this discovery!  Other artifacts are in a box on the secretary, part of the chest on chest, also in the parlor.  Included are coins, china pieces, animal teeth, etc.


In the library, the handsome American secretary was a piece we bought from a previous owner.  It has the usual secret compartment for concealing important family papers, coins, jewelry, etc.  We will open it for you to show you the Gists’ non-exciting contents.  On one library bookshelf wall is a leather ladder, a copy of one used by Thomas Jefferson in his library.  ‘Great for climbing up on elephants, too’, a tourist once remarked to us.  On this same wall is our collection of out of print books on Zachary Taylor and his career and family.  If you should ever find or hear about Taylor items, please do contact us at our home.  We are eager to locate, for example, other prints of Zachary, books, and other antique pieces appropriate for the house.


One piece of furniture is original to this house and given to us in 1981.  It is the simple poplar rocking chair in the kitchen, the room requiring the most restoration after the tornado.  The fireplace there does work as do all the other fireplaces in the house, (one in each room, including the basement rooms as well).  It was in the kitchen and dining room on the old side of the house, that we were most busy in 1984, preparing the food for Zachary’s 200th birthday which we celebrated on November 24th that year.  It was a festive affair attended by Taylor descendants from Virginia and elsewhere, and for which we received a commendation letter from President Reagan, which is framed and hanging in the hall.


Across from the Reagan letter in the downstairs hall is an American 18th Century clock of cherry, pine and walnut, made probably in Pennsylvania.  It actually runs, sometimes, and has its own ‘doctor’ who makes occasional house calls to fix it.




Family pieces add to our enjoyment of Springfield.  In the kitchen are Tennessee milk jugs, converted to lamps, and Tennessee wooden mixing bowls, gifts from our mothers, both natives of that state.  Both are named Dorothy, and in their honor, we decided to name the unknown lady in the library portrait, ‘Dorothy’.  Also in the library is a one hundred year old working music box, a gift from my great grandfather to my paternal grandmother when she was a young girl.


The dining room with its lovely walnut fireplace wall and wainscoting has provided beauty and pleasure for numerous visitors during the last two hundred years.  We can only imagine the grand dinner served here when Zachary Taylor visited in 1849 on his way to Washington to be sworn in as the twelfth president in March that year.  The portrait of him looking down on us now, was one we commissioned in 1982.


Running up the back steps to the upstairs, you will find the ‘traveler’s’ chamber, or room we believe that Zachary and his two older brothers used as their bedroom.  Carved into the mantle are initials and burned into the floor is a shape resembling an iron.  Lift the heavy iron on the hearth and you will bless your modern steam iron!  The walnut bed, with its navy and white woven coverlet, matches the walnut wall just as we had hoped it would.  Alongside the bed are steps, not only for climbing into bed, but also for holding a chamber pot.  ‘You mean this house had no bathrooms, Mrs. Gist?’, exclaim school children, ‘how gross!’.


The campaign chest of mahogany in Zachary’s room was typical of the chest military officers carried to war, to hold dress swords, etc.  It is not unlike those that his own son, nephews and brother may have had in the Civil War.  Like so many Kentucky families, the Taylor loyalties were divided.  The men left their plantations and took up arms.


Richard Taylor, Zachary’s only son and a brilliant Yale graduate, became a general in Mississippi during the Civil War.  Two of his nephews, also born in this house, chose to ride with John Hunt Morgan and his raiders.  His beloved younger brother, Joseph, however, sided with the Union and died in 1864.  Zachary’s son in law became Surgeon-General for the Union as well.  They undoubtedly felt he would have chosen to defend the Union as he fought to head off the coming conflict even brewing during his presidency.  He had lived and fought in many of the states and felt a loyalty to the whole nation, not just the South he loved.  He was spared seeing the tragedy.  He died July, 1850, and in November of that year they brought him home to Springfield.


Thank you for coming today, please sign the guest book, and have fun!


                                                                                    Elizabeth Smith Gist



Presidential Homes:  A Guide

Town & Country Magazine, June, 1985


Zachary Taylor – Springfields.  Taylor’s boyhood home, in which he was married, still stands.  It is privately owned by Dr. and Mrs. William C. Gist, Jr., who have opened it on occasion for house tours.  The President’s two-and-a-half story brick Georgian house is similar in style to the Virginia plantation homes.  Dr. Gist is President of the Kentucky Society of the Sons of the American Revolution, which celebrated Taylor’s two-hundredth birthday in 1984 with events at the house, 5608 Apache Road, Louisville, Kentucky.




Living In A National Landmark, Owners of Taylor home get used to drop-in company by Delma J. Francis, Staff Writer, The Louisville Times & the Courier-Journal, June 23-24, 1982.


When Bill Gist bought the big old house on Apache Road a year ago as a wedding present for his wife Betty, he bought her a guarantee that she’d never be lonely.  Folks are always stopping by the house near Zachary Taylor National Cemetery in eastern Jefferson County, and frequently they’re strangers.


Company is something you come to expect when you live in a former president’s home, say the Gists, who live at Springfield, the boyhood home of Zachary Taylor, 12th president of the United States.  It’s the only privately owned home in Jefferson County that’s been designated a National Landmark.  The only other local National Landmarks are the Louisville Water Tower and the Actors Theatre Building.


A lot of people think the house is open for tours, lke Locust Grove, just down the road, said Gist, a dentist.  Sometimes tourists will come right up to the door and ask to see the house, Mrs. Gist said.  And she usually obliges.  ‘If they look nice, I usually take them through,’ she said.  ‘I figure if they’ve come all the way out here, and want to see it, I’ll let them.  So far, there hasn’t been a problem.’  In fact, an impromptu tour led to a friendship with one many, Mrs. Gist said.


‘Last summer, when we’d been here a month or two, I looked out the window, and here was this little man walking down the driveway,’ she said.  ‘It turned out that he’s a native Louisvillian who lives in Chicago now.  I took him all through the house, and he decided he liked us.  Now about once a week, we get letters from him telling us where to find antique rugs and furniture,’ she said.


Since moving to Springfield a year ago, the Gists have become history bugs and regularly go on historic house tours around the state.  But their favorite subject is their own house, where Zachary Taylor lived from infancy to age 23.  The Gists say that they’re always making new discoveries about the house.  ‘Look at this,’ Gist said, pointing to the letters’A’ and ‘T’ scratched in the limestone stoop outside the front of the house, just below the bronze landmark placque.  ‘Those same letters are scratched in the mantel up in Zachary’s room’, he said.  They stand for Ann Taylor, one of Zachary’s daughters, who probably carved it in boredom during a visit to her grandparents.


‘When Zachary lived here as a boy, this was the front of the house,’ said Mrs. Gist, standing in the back yard and pointing to the stately 12 room house in the classic Georgian style, with porches across the first and second floors.  Set on a rise, the house was a good vantage point during an Indian attack or when company was expected, Gist said.  Built sometime between 1785 and 1790, Springfield was the main house of a 450 acre working plantation.  The Taylor’s nearest neighbors were Lucy and William Croghan at Locust Grove, the sister and brother-in-law of George Rogers Clark.


The right wing was added in the 1820’s and the house stayed in the Taylor family until 1867.  The back yard is cool and shady, with trees towering above the house.  But only one of the trees has been on the site since Zachary Taylor’s time, the huge old cypress tree he brought back to his boyhood home as a sapling from his Louisiana plantation.  The rest of the trees were brought in after the 1974 tornado leveled the old trees and tore the roof off the house.




Inside, the house looks much as it did during the early days, with its polished walnut paneling, white-washed walls and wide-planed ash wood floors.  A tall antique secretary graces the hallway, near the front door.  A guestbook lies open on the desk surface.  Gist reached into the secretary and pulled out one of his collectibles – a Boston Courier newspaper, dated Dec. 27, 1849, and containing Zachary Taylor’s state of the union address.  It was his only state of the union address – he died after serving only 16 months.  ‘It’s one thing about having an old house,’ said Gist.  ‘Once you get it, everybody’s got something to sell – maps, autographs, newspapers, you get on all the collector’s lists,’ he said.  ‘And that’s not all,’ said Mrs. Gist.  ‘Now our families are all caught up in it.  The trouble is, everybody wants to give you whatever they’ve got up in the attic that’s old, whether it fits or not,’ she said.  There are other disadvantages to living in an old house, they say.  The house has to always be neat because they never know when they’ll have visitors.


‘And as the maid here, I’ll tell you, that’s a lot of work,’ said Mrs. Gist.  Keeping the big old house in order is a full time job, she said, and some days are tougher than others – like the day the woman from the Historic trust in Washington, D. C. came to call.  ‘We were going to have our first fire in the kitchen fireplace, and whip up some homemade chili right there over the fire,’ Mrs. Gist said.  ‘Well, Bill pulled the damper and the whole thing came out, and there was soot all over the floor, and down in between the planks.  Just about that time, Penny Jones, executive director of the Jefferson County office of Historic Preservation and Archives, called and asked if she could bring the woman over in two hours.’  ‘You should have seen us working, but when she got there, we opened the door and showed her around graciously – looking as if we’d been sitting on the porch all afternoon,’ she said with a chuckle.  Despite the drawbacks, the Gists say they love their house.


‘I have a wonderful sense of continuity,’ Mrs. Gist said.  ‘I come down here in the mornings and watch the sun shining through the kitchen window, and I wonder how many other women have started their day here.’  ‘Always before when I had a house, I felt like, ‘this is mine’, Gist said.  But with this house, I feel like we’re just passing through, we’re fortunate caretakers.’  The Gists were married in the parlor of the house last June 27. 










Dr. William C. Gist, Jr. is a descendant of Rozannah Maude McKinney, who married Churchwell B. Tucker, and a daughter of Jesse McKinney of Surry County, NC.  Dr. Gist is also the Past National Trustee from Kentucky, SAR; National President of the SAR Centennial Observances Committee; member of the National Douglas G. High Oration Contest Committee, SAR; State President, Society of the War of 1812; Deputy Governor General and Surgeon General, Sons of American Colonists; Board of Directors, Civil War Roundtable; Commander, Johnson Chapter, Military Order of Stars and Bars; as well as many other civic and academic organizations.  Mrs. Elizabeth Burks Gist is a member of the John Marshal Chapter, DAR; active in the SAR in many capabilities and owner of the Executive Shopping Service.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Gist have received DAR History Award Metals, SAR Silver Good Citizenship Medals as well as many other awards and commendations in conjunction with the Zachary Taylor home.


More than 4,000 people have been welcomed to Springfield by the Gists since 1981.  Correspondence is answered for requests on information regarding the home, as well as genealogical queries, requests from school children and other matters.  There has also been an on-going correspondence with interested Taylor descendants including the silent movie star, Lillian Gish.  The Gists have also established a Zachary Taylor library, composed of out-of-print books on the president.



From The Editor’s Notes


Past years have seen an election of officers, according to our bylaws, at this time of year; however, it has been decided by the Executive offers of the association, to forego the annual election.  It was a decision based upon the results of our last election – only three ballots of the approximately 160 sent, were returned, only one of which were other choices for officers indicated.  I would like to suggest, however, that the association needs participation from more of our membership, particularly in the preparation of our quarterly, the McKinney Maze.  Ye editor will have finished seven years of publication with the Winter issue, Volume 7, and it is time that we had, perhaps, a new perspective.  No organization can long survive without commitment from its members, and seven years is a very long time for one editor to write each issue of the magazine.  The infirmities of age, the pressure of personal and family business, all have taken their toll over the seven years of publication.  The organization needs a new Editor, or at least, an associate editor to help in the quarterly production.  If any of our members would like to assist, or to take over the production of our magazine, communication to the editor would be appreciated.  We have a successful family association publication – let’s keep it going into the next century!




Illinois, Indiana, Iowa; Continued, Spring, 1987


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McKinney, Collin:  b ca 1735, Somerset, NJ, d ca 1811 Pulaski Co., KY, m ca 1766, Rebecca, as a Civil Officer as follows:  Washington Co. VA Court, 18 May 1781.  A jury sworn to try the cause between Thomas Jenkins and Christopher Achlin, jury, Collin McKinney, Foreman.  Washington Co. VA Court, 21 Mar 1781.  A jury sworn to try the cause between Edward Bend and Peter Turney, among the jurors, Collin McKinney.  Children:  Mary, b 7 July 1768, mar Henry Burke; John, b 1771; Archibald, b 1772, Washington Co., KY, mar ca 1800, Anna Crow, d 1840-5 KY.  Descendant, Zella Davidson, No. 482771.


McKinney, David:  b 1755, Augusta Co., VA, d 7 May 1822, Orange Co., IN, mar (1) Mary Stuart, (2) 25 Sept 1785, Augusta Co., VA, Margaret Wallace, b 1767, Rockbridge Co., VA, d 24 Nov, 1852, Washington Co., IN.




Service:  Private, militia of Augusta Co. and Rockbridge Co., VA.  Private in Capt. McKittrick’s Company.  Wounded at Battle of Cowpens.  Margaret, his widow, filed claim for pension 28 May 1851 but died before claim allowed.  R6766.  Children:  James, b 14 Aug 1786, m (1) 28 Feb 1810, Esther McKinney,  (2) 10 Oct 1818, Eunice Orchard; Esther, b 28 Jan 1788, mar Alexander McPheeters; Elizabeth, b 30 Apr 1790, mar 4 Jan 1816, Havey Finley; Margaret, b 22 Mar 1792; John, b 14 Sep 1794, VA, d 7 Jul 1800, Decatur Co., IN, mar 30 May 1821, Martha Van Cleve, b 2 May 1802, d 11 May 1894, Decatur; Robert, b 14 Jul 1796, mar 24 Jan 1822, Rachel Marts; Alexander, b 1 Mar 1798, mar 27 Jan 1825, Rebecca Hutchison; Mary, b 30 May 1801, mar 28 Nov 1822, George McCoy; Thomas, b 18 Dec 1803, mar 2 Aug 1827, Jane McGrew; David C., b 2 Nov 1806, m (1) 4 Jan 1831, Lavinah Wright, (2) 10 Feb 1874, Rebecca Ruth Lynd; William, b 17 Dec 1809, mar (1) 12 Apr 1833, Letitia Loyd (2) 14 Apr 1836, Lydia Cummins, (3) 6 June 1866, name unknown; Cynthia A., b 26 Sep 1811, d 15 May 1814.  Desc., Margaret Dowden Dillinger, No. 324881.


McKinney, John:  b 17 Dec 1759, PA, d 25 Nov. 1833, Newport, KY, mar Sarah Taliaferro, d 1815, Alexandria, VA.  Service:  He was a member of the Order of Cincinnati Documents, signed by George Washington, H. Knox, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson and in the possession of the family, testifying to valuable services rendered his country, also certificate of membership to said order mention (25 Apr 1812, he was appointed Deputy Commissioner, Purchases, USA.  In 1805 was appointed Lt. Col., Commandant of the State Militia of the District of Columbia).  Children:  John Taliaferro, b 18 Mar 1796, mar Augusta Mayo; Agnes, mar Talor (Taylor) Berry; Sallie Bankhead, b 1800, mar Francis Taliaferro Helm; Mary, mar John Taliaferro.  Descendant, Juliet Spink, No. 261682.


McKinney, Joseph Robert:  b 10 June 1748, Hunterdon Co., Colony of New Jersey, d 1838, Fairview, Randolph Co., IN, mar Bedford Co., VA, Susan McVey, b Bedford d Newport, Campbell Co., KY.  Service:  He enlisted in the Continental Army of the American Revolution, served as a private in Capt. Harry Terrell’s Company, 5th Regt. of Foot under Col. Josiah Parker.  He fought at Bunker Hill and the Battle of Brandywine.  Children:  Anthony Wayne, War of 1812; Solomon; Hiram; Robert; Jane Reader.  Descendant, Roberta Fager Meeks, No. 521957.



Indiana Cemeteries


James McKinney, Old McKinney Cemetery, north of Freetown, Brown County, State Road #135:


James A. McKinney, b 1791, d 1866

Elizabeth McKinney (wife), b 1790, d 1855

James A., Beck (son of D. and J. J. Beck), d 21 Sep 1870, 6 years

William F. Beck (son of D. and E. Beck), d 13 Oct 1862, age 21 years

David Beck, b 18 June 1786, d 3 May 1856

Elizabeth Beck, b 15 Mar 1802, d 14 Mar 1876

Serene E. Beck (dau, D. and M. Beck), b 11 Jan 1856, d 5 Feb 1874


Some of the stones are practically buried in the ground, and some have fallen, face down, and are too heavy to be set up.  Many unmarked graves.


New McKinney Cemetery, maintained by Charles McKinney, Freetown, Indiana:


Bruce McKinney, Sr.

Hazel McCoy McKinney (Wife of Bruce), d 19 Sep 1972

Dora Ithera Lutes McKinney (Wife of Robert) b 18 Jan 1871, d 19 Feb 1922, m 18 Jun 1899

Robert Eugene McKinney, d 15 Aug 1952




History of Lawrence, Orange, Washington Counties, Indiana:



Lawrence Co., Pleasant Run Township, land entry, 1816, David McKinney Land entry, 1817, George W. Mullis, Isaac and Benjamin Newkirk



Beaford Presbyterian Church, 1831, first members:  Samuel Henderson and family (elder), Jonathan Henderson, Jane Henderson, Samuel and Rhoda Henderson, Alexander and Rebecca McKinney. 


Minister, Independent Presbyterian Church, Preston McKinney


Orange County:

Land entry, 1815, James Henderson.  Orleans Township, voter, August 1819, Robert, Alexander McKinney.


Settlement of northeast township, 1812-1820, David McKinney, 1814; Alexander McKinney, 1818.



Township officer and viewer of road, Daniel McKinney


1853, member of Agriculture Society, Griffen McKinney



Patron of school, 1817, Lost River, Osborns, Glovers, Reeds, McKinneys


Washington County:

Justice of Peace, Jul 25, 1814, James McKinney, ibid, 1832


County Commissioners, 1837, James McKinney; James McKinney, 1846-47


Surveyor, 1818, James McKinney


Coroner, 1818, Archibald McKinney; Samuel Henderson, 1822


Juror, 1829, James McKinney


Salem Merchants, 1884:  Dry goods, Collin McKinney; Livery stable, Chapman and McKinney; Saloonkeeper, John D. McKinney.



Livonia, town laid off by James and David McKinney on February 25, 1819, contained 63 lots.  Thirty more lots were added Aug 31, 1835 by --- and John McKinney.  Previous to the laying off of the town there were already built three or four log dwelling houses and a store erected by James McKinney in 1815.  Livonia Lodge, F& AM #206, established May 26, 1857 included Asa McKinney.  Robert R. McKinney and James McKinney in Mexican War muster roll, 1846.



Presbyterian Church, Livonia, organized at the residence of Alexander McKinney in Madison Township, one mile south of Livonia, February, 1816.


Carr Township, Jackson County, Indiana – Leesville, now Lawrence County, was for a time, part of Washington County, John McKinney settled in the eastern part of this township in the early days, 1814 - 1818.



Washington County IN Deaths:


Mary Scott, b 1 Feb 1796, d 1 Jan 1827, dau of Alexander McKinney


George McKinney, d Salem, 26 Oct 1934, age 69, b 6 Jun 1865, husband of Alice L., son of Isaac and Mary Baker McKinney


Sam McKinney, d Salem, 5 Jun 1928, age 75 years 29 days, b 6 May 1863, widowed son of Isaac and Mary Baker McKinney.


Francis Marion, d Salem, 28 Jan 1942, age 79 years 8 mos 23 days, b 6 May 1863, husband of Mary Susan, son of Isaac and Mary Elizabeth Baker McKinney.


Margaret McKinney, 5 mos, b Salem, d 9 Sep 1917, dau of Jason and Helen Hitt McKinney, Jason, son of Samuel, above.




Harry Loraine McKinney, d Salem, 20 Jul 1928, age 9 yrs 2 mos 2 days, son of Jason and Helen (Hilt) McKinney


George, d Washington Twp., 16 Jul 1929, age 78, b 20 Apr 1851, son of George and Elizabeth (Grider) McKinney


Louvenia, d Washington, 13 Apr 1929 age 66, b 1883, KY, Widow of David McKinney, Daughter of George and Elizabeth (Grider) McKinney


Martha McKinney, d Campbellsburg, 10 Aug 1938, age 81, b 22 Jun 1857, Widow of David McKinney


David McKinney, age 81, d Livonia, 24 May 1887, b KY


David McKinney, d Vernon, 7 Aug 1928, age 82-8-17, b 24 Nov 1845, Husband of Martha A. Thomerson, Son of George and Elizabeth L. McKinney


William H., d Vernon, 1 Apr 1913, age 69-3-23, son of George W. McKinney and Louisa Grider of Virginia, Husband of Matilda


Phoebe Jane, d 5 Jul 1920, age 74-2-29, b 6 Apr 1846, Wife of George W. McKinney, Daughter of Robin Lee of KY and Lucinda Owens



1900 Washington Co. Indiana, Census:  (Related families)


George W. McKinney, Jun 1865, son of Isaac and Mary Baker McKinney


George W. McKinney, wife, Carry Smith, b Apr 1877


Delbert, b Jan 1888; Onie M., Oct 1889 (Both issue of a previous marriage)

Bethel O., b 1899


George W. McKinney, b Apr 1851, son of George W. and Elizabeth (Grider) McKinney; wife Matilda (seven children born, six now living)


Fesby J., b Apr 1846

Samuel M., b May 1863, son of Isaac and Mary Baker McKinney

Etta E., dau

Lancy M., b Nov 1888

Jasbon B., b Feb 1893

Marion M., b May 1863

William McKinney, b 1843, KY, parents b KY-NC, son of George and Elizabeth (Grider) McKinney


David K., b 1848 KY (son of George McKinney and Elizabeth Grider); Wife, Martha A., b 1859


Ona, d Jan 1883


Three versions of a James McKinney, taken from various manuscript sources in LDS material and family group sheets:


1 – James A. McKinney, b 1791, VA, mar Elizabeth ?, who d 1866, Brown Co., IN;

Dau, Mary Frances, b 22 Jul 1824, mar Wiley Spurgeon; Son, James A., mar Susan Beck; had son who mar Louisa Glasgow


2 – James A. McKinney, b 1791, VA mar 1 Mar 1810, Clark co., KY, Elizabeth Mathews, and had issue:

James A., b 24 Oct 1824, IN, mar Susan Bryant (?) Mrs. Sarah Moore, had son James Collin, who mar Louisa Glasgow.


3 – James H. McKinney, b ca 1795, VA, mar Elizabeth Robinson/Robertson, and had issue:





Mary Frances, b 22 Jul 1824, m Wiley Spurgeon

James, b 24 Feb 1826, mar 28 Nov 1847, Catherine Dunn

Note:  Submitted by Willa Sorenson of Goodyear, AZ – indicates the necessity of sourcing all materials submitted to the library.


Washington County

Deed, p 406, Elias Williams and wife, to James McKinney, Jul 17, 1820, 8 ½ acres, part of SW quarter S34, Tract 2N, Range 2E.




Ripley County IN – Early Court Records, Indiana State Library:

William McKinney vs Truman Hubbell and John Boltz, on debt of note, Sep 27, 1841


Jefferson Co., IN Marriages:

10 Jun 1824, John McKinney, Patsy Walton

8 Nov 1827, James McKinney, Lydia Landrum

2 Apr 1827, Henry McKinney, Polly Landrum

10 Feb 1827, Robert McCasland, Elizabeth McKinney

18 Nov 1830, Elizabeth McKinney, Bryan Monroe


Grant Co., IN, Centennial History of Grant Co., published in 1914 describes the following McKinney families:


William C. McKinney, b Mar 12, 1854, son of Elias W. and Ottillia R. Barley McKinney.  Elias McKinney b Piqua, Miamo Co., OH, in 18225; Ottillia was born in PA in 1830.  The grandparents of William C. were Dr. William and Sarah (Scott) McKinney.  William McKinney born in VA in 1784, married in KY and had six children.  Elias McKinney married at least three times, five children were born to this union, two of whom died in infancy.  William C. was a son of this marriage, the other two children were Mrs. Maria J. Dunn who died in Dec 1885, and Mrs. Editha O. Hicks.  Elias married secondly, Abigail J. Chidester and had five children, two of whom were Mary E. Blue and Susan Belle Grendelle.  Abigail died in 1877, and Elias married Martha Frazee in 1881, no children of this union.


William C. McKinney, mar, Sep 11, 1879, Jennie E. Blue, dau of Isiah Blue.  William and Jennie had four children, three known, Dora O.; Mary A.; Alice.


Dr. William McKinney, b 22 Apr 1784 in either PA or Va, mar in 1807, Eletcher (?), d 19 Dec 1860, Marion, Grant Co., IN.  Issue:  Leander who mar Alcina Tobey in 1820, Miamo Co., OH; Elias W., mar Ottilla Barley (above); Fielding S., mar 1841 Sarah Oppy; David R., mar Emily Hogin.  Material by Mrs. Ada Lewis, notes on above, sometime between 1776 and 1790, a Robert McKinney and Easter McKinney became members of Goshan Baptist Church in what is now Greene Co., PA and stated, ‘I would guess that Dr. William was born in this location as for a long time, people there did not know whether they lived in PA or VA’.


McPheeters Family History, Related Families, p 131:


Duncan Campbell, Sr., mar Mary McCoy in Scotland in 1602.  Original Campbell plaid has shades of blue, green and black.  Three sons went to Ireland in 1700, then to PA between 1720 and 1750. 


Duncan Jr.




John Campbell, son of Duncan Campbell, Jr., mar Elizabeth Walker (See Walker Genealogy), daughter of John Walker and Katherine Rutherford, born Apr 1703, d 1787.  Removed to Staunton Co., VA ca 1744.  Six known children of nine believed:  Hugh, b 1755; John, b 1750;


Mary who married John McKinney (another source gives husband David Chambers), and had at least issue Polly who married Alexander McPheeters and Patsy who mar Alexander McPheeters; Esther Campbell who mar Alexander McKinney; Elizabeth Campbell who mar James Wallace and had issue, Margaret, who mar David McKinney as a second wife.  (Handwritten note in margin:  Wildcat Dad Alex)


Alexander McKinney and Esther Campbell had three known children: 


David McKinney who mar Margaret Wallace, b 1755, d 1822

John Alexander McKinney

Robert McKinney


David McKinney, b 1755 Augusta Co., VA, mar Margaret Wallace Sep 25, 1785, removed to Fayette Co., KY where twelve children were born to the marriage; removed to Indiana Territory in 1814, settling on Los River in Orange Co. 



James, b Aug 14, 1786, mar Esther ?, Feb 22 1810 who d 25 Mar 1817, one child.  Mar 2nd, Eunice Orchard, 14 Mar 1818, removed to Sullivan Co., IN 1833, where he d 9 Mar 1843.  Members of the Livonia Church in 1831





Esther McKinney, b 28 Jan 1788, d Ringott Co., IA, mar Alexander McPheeters, four known children.


Elizabeth McKinney, b 30 apr 1790, d 1833, mar Harvey Finley, 1 Jan 1816.


Margaret McKinney, b 27 Mar 1792, d 1823.


John McKinney, b 14 Sep 1794, mar Martha Van Cleave in 1821, removed to Decatur Co., IN, members of the Livonia Church


Robert McKinney, b 14 Jul 1796, mar Rachel Marts, 24 Jan 1822, removed to Sullivan Co., IN in 1831.


Alexander McKinney, b 1 Mar 1798, mar Rebecca Hutchison, 27 Jan 1825, to Sullivan Co. 1834, Mason Co., IL, where he d 1858.


Mary McKinney, b 20 Mar 1801, m George McCoy, 1822, both died in Benton Co., Iowa.


Thomas McKinney, b 18 Dec 1803, mar Jane McGrew, 1827, in Sullivan Co. in 1829.


David C. McKinney, b 11 Feb 1806, mar Lavina Wright, 1832 (2) Rebecca Ruth Lynd, 1874.


William McKinney, b 1809, mar Letitia Lloyd 1833 (2) Lydia Cummins 1836, removed to Vigo Co.


Cynthia Ann McKinney, b 1811, d 1814, the first burial in Trimble Cemetery Lost River, Orange Co.


Members of the Livonia Church beginning in 1814 were:


Isaac Ireland

Margery Orchard

Alexander McKinney

Polly McKinney

John McKinney

Jane McKinney

John Wright

H. R. Orchard

Amanda Orchard

James Orchard

John D. McKinney

William McKinney,

(1836), Martins, Orrs


A list of the names of the members of the Livonia Church, Nov 2, 1831 includes:


James McKinney

Alexander McKinney

Mary McKinney, Sr. (d Feb 16, 1839)

Mary McKinney, Jr.

Margaret McKinney, Sr.

Jane McKinney

John McKinney, Jr.

John McKinney, Sr.

David C. McKinney

Eunice McKinney

John McKinney, Jr.

James W. McKinney

Robert McKinney

Rachel McKinney

Martha McKinney

John O. McKinney

Andrew M. McKinney

William A. McKinney

Elija J. McKinney

William McKinney



Livonia Cemetery, Washington Co:


Howard F. McKinney, 12-25-1912  –  5-2-1972, son of V. and E.


Ethel L. (Poe) McKinney, 6-25-1914


Roger F. McKinney, 3-11-1934  -  3-22-1934, son of H. and E.


Virgil McKinney, 9-23-1887  -  10-22-1969, age 82 son of Henry and Matilda (Linder) McKinney


Elsie Agnew McKinney, 11-22-1885  -  5-1-1932, dau of James and Mailinda (Adams)


McKinney, mar Boston, Mass., 21 Feb 1912


William Franklin McKinney, 1882 – 1924


Mary Elizabeth McKinney, 1885 – 1951


Delbert L. McKinney, 1-7-1888  -  Feb 8, 1971 age 86, WWI Veteran, son of George and Emma (Strange) McKinney


Olive A. McKinney, 5-1-1893  -  12-2-1970, wife of Delbert, dau of Scott and Arabell (McKinley) Messer, mar 6 Oct 1917


David K. McKinney, 11-24-1848  -  8-7-1929, son of Geo. W. and Elizabeth L.


Martha McKinney, 6-27-1857  -  8-10-1938, wife of David, dau of Isaac and Carolina (Patton) Thomerson


Isaac McKinney, died Jul 31, 1895, age 82


Jane McKinney, d Oct 11, 1841, age 36y, 8 mos, 6 dys, Old Cemetery #7




Lt. Robert McKinney, Adjutant, Rev. War, Old Cemetery #8


Samuel M. McKinney, 5-6-1863  -  6-5-1938, Son of Isaac McKinney and Mary Baker, wife Ida Strange, m 26 Apr 1885


Lancy Marion McKinney, 11-21-1886  -  7-19-1918, son of Samuel and Ida, west side, last row, Old Cemetery


Minnie Magnolia McKinney, 2-13-1890  -  9-21-1966, wife of Lancy, dau of Dewitt and Emma Gardner (mar 2nd, John Moore, 29 Mar 1922)


McKinney (all on one stone)


George, 6-6-1865  -  10-26-1934, son of Isaac and Mary Baker McKinney

Sarah, d 6-8-1897, age 25, wife of George

Alice (Doane), 8-19-1875  -  2-23-1936, wife of George

George, (Husband of Alice Doane)

__________ b Aug 13, 1902, age 12 hrs, son of George and Alice

Estel J., 6-14-1915  -  2-3-1916, son of George and Alice


McKinney, Francis Marion, 5-6-1863  -  1-28-1943, son of Isaac and Mary Elizabeth (Baker) McKinney.  Mar (1) Rose Batt, (2) Mrs. Mary Susan Harvey


Mary Susan McKinney, 5-18-1866  -  4-20-1950, wife of F. M., dau of Jacob and Perlina (Barnard) Smith


Jonathan P. Tarr, 11-26-1839  -  4-14-1924, son of John McKinney and Hannah Peters Tarr


Onie McKinney Warren, 10-10-1889  -  4-22-1917, wife of Charles, dau of George W. McKinney and Emma Strange


Mable L. Warren, 6-20-1912, age 2 yrs, dau of Charles F. and Onie McKinney


Charles Warren, age 22, son of Frank H. and Sarah C. Cornwell Warren, wife, Onie M. McKinney


Jane M. Wible, 1-10-1807  -  3-17-1847, wife of Joseph C., dau of Alexander and Polly (McKinney) McPheeters (mar 1st, John C. Parsons), Old Cemetery #4



Posey Cemetery:


George W. McKinney, 11-15-1808  -  3-5-1887


Elizabeth McKinney nee Grider, 12-21-1807  -  2-2-1901, wife


Polly B. McKinney, 2-21-1842  -  11-2-1926, wife of James W. Hoar, dau of George W. and Elizabeth McKinney


William Henry McKinney, 12-8-1843  -  5/1/1913, son of George W. and Elizabeth


Matilda E. McKinney, 1-18-1863  -  9-8-1924, wife of William H., dau of Francis and Martha (Dewey) Linder


Charley E. McKinney, 5-23-1890  -  3-17-1893, son of Wm. And M. E. McKinney


John M. McKinney, 11-7-1845  -  8-5-1904


Livonia, 10 Jul 1863, Salem and Washington Counties were visited by the Rebel Gen. Morgan with a force of 4,000 men, demanding surrender of the town.  His troops thoroughly plundered the town, burning the depot, box cars and contents and destroying private possessions.  John McKinney lost two hundred dollars in the plundering.  John H. Wible of Livonia was killed by them. 


Robert R. McKinney, 3rd Lt., muster roll, 1846, Livonia, Washington Co., IN.


1840, merchant, Asa McKinney


Madison Township, 1811, David McKinney entered the quarter section upon the northeast part of the town.  James settled the same year (son).  Settlers previous to 1816 were John Wible, James McPheeters, David Colglazier, Alexander Cockeral, John Simmons, Peter Chastain, Alexander McKinney (from Kentucky).



Marriages, Washington County, Indiana:


Alice McKinney, Frank Barr, 11 Apr 1887

Benjamin, Barbara Johnson, Mar 12, 1914

Delbert, Olive Messer, Oct 16, 1917

Delia, Harvey Miller, Dec 21, 1880

Eliza, Joel Hedrick, Jan 22, 1877

Elmer, Iola Cox, Dec 10, 1910

Elnora, Aaron Hancock, May 12, 1870

Emily, Wm. Bates, Sep 27, 1883

Frank, Lena McNees, Jul 22, 1896

Gertie, Noble Thixton, Feb 1909




Isa McKinney, Nancy Orr, Dec 25, 1851

Josephine, Wm. Brickey, Mar 22, 1880

Biddy A., Wm. Miller, May 11, 1865

Lizzie, Marcus Crane, Aug 8, 1878

Maranda, Ed Toinch, Jan 30, 1861

Mary, Russell Jones, Oct 10, 1878

Polly, John Rutherford, Aug 31, 1878

Robert, Myrtle Burton, Sep 28, 1904

Wm. H., Matilda Linder, Jun 25, 1879

Melitha, John Wells, Oct 30, 1851

Elizabeth, Jacob Spurgin, Dec 9, 1849

Margaret, David Keyte, Aug 12, 1847

Jason, Helen Hilt, Aug 25, 1915

L. E., Wm. Kester, Mar 14, 1900

Lency, Nola Gardner, Feb. 1909

Louisa, Samuel Graham, Aug 23, 1871

Margaret, Geo. Coldglazier, Feb 22, 1863

Osborne, Sarah Hungate, Sep 28, 1867

Rache, Manassah McGinley, Aug 25, 1870

Virgie, Elsie Boston, Feb 21, 1812

Andrew, Eliz. Simpson, Apr 6, 1856

Milborn, Eunice Nance, Jan 25, 1874

John R., Rachel Arnold, Sep 14, 1847

Mary Frances, Wiley Spurgin, Feb 27, 1848


Hills Cemetery, Sugar Creek Township, Clinton Co., IN – McKinneys


Albert R., 1874 - 1961 ss Ota A.

Angeline, w/o Wm. V., d Jan 17, 1871, age 426(?) 5mo 27 days

Asa, R. b Mar 10, 1837, d Sep 6, 1917, ss Lydia A.

1st child born in Sugar Creek Twp., Clinton Co.

Beatrice A., d/o A. R. and D. A., b Jul 1, 1899, d Oct 13, 1901

Bertha U., b Jun 8, 1890, d Nov 7, 1897

Clara Z., b 1874, d 1965 ss Harvey J.

Deliah J., ‘His Wife’, b Oct 4, 1843, d Mar 30, 1890, ss James C.

Emma T., b May 31, 1880, d Jun 23, 1887

Frances E., d/o Asa and Lydia, d Feb 2, 1866, age buried below ground

George H., d May 17, 1869, age 64-1-2

Giles, b 1898, d 1972

Harvey J., b 1870, d 1960

Henry C., b Sep 10, 1868, d Apr 4, 1872

Henry C., s/o Wm. V. and Mary, d Sep 10, 1865, age 14-5-2

Herbert P., s/o A. R. and D. A., b Aug 25, 1902, d Jun 3, 1904 ss Beatrice

Infant Son, W. V. and M., nd

Infant son, Wm. V. and A., nd

James C., b Feb 28, 1839, d Jul 30, 1904

Louis M., s/o Wm. V. and Martha, d Oct 1, 1874, age 1-10-15

Lydia A., w/o Asa, b Jul 17, 1838, d Dec 15, 1889, age 51-4-28

Martha, w/o Wm. V., Sr., d Aug 1, 1889, age 59-8-14

Martha M. Ward, w/o Wm., Jr. b 1851 d 1914, age 62-10-25 ss WV

Mary, w/o Wm. V., d Jun 17, 1856, age 39-9-22

Matilda J., b Jul 3, 1872, d Oct 12, 1873

Ota A., b 1877, d 1963

Sarah E., b Apr 17, 1887, d Apr 10, 1888

Virgal, s/o C. W. and M. A., d Jul 25, 1899, age 2-1-7

Willie, b Aug 23, 1878, d Oct 26, 1879

Wilson, b Dec 29, 1873, d Sep 4, 1884

Wm. V. Sr., b 1813, d 1897, Mar 16th, age 83y4m29d

Wm. V. Jr., b 1846, d 1916, age 70-2-23

Zeddie P., b Apr 21, 1880, d Jul 13, 1884

Zelda, b 1903, d 1951, ss Giles


Baker Cemetery, Johnson Twp., Clinton Co., IN


Thurman, Elijah, d Jan 29, 1870, age 63-23 days (Related to OH McKinneys)

Mary Thurman, w/o Elijah, d Mar 19, 1870, age 69-5-20

Orvil S. Thurman, s/o ES and JT, d Sep 27, 1862, age 3-2-5




Brown Co., IN Cemeteries – Brown Co. Historical Society, 1977


Anderson Cemetery, Hamblen Twp., Mt. Moriah

Many unmarked graves, probably some McKinney burials as associated family of Isnogle buried here.


Buffalo Cemetery, Van Buren Twp

Elizabeth McKinney, wife of James A., 1790 – 1855

James McKinney, 1791 – 1866


The McKinney Cemetery is located southwest corner, NW ¼ of Section 12, Twp 7N, Range 3E, State Road 135, ½ mile north of the Brown – Jackson Co Line, at a crossroad at the site of the one time community of Buffalo.  The family cemetery is fenced and well maintained by the family (1977), there are a few unmarked graves in this cemetery, established in 1885.  Other burials include:


Florence Dunlap, dau of Charles L. and Martha J. McKinney Dunlap

Freddie Dunlap, son of Charles L. and Martha J. McKinney Dunlap

Hershel Dunlap, son of Charles L. and Martha J. McKinney Dunlap

Lloyd Hedrick, son of Albert Hedrick and Susan McKinney Hedrick

Ralph Hedrick, son of Albert Hedrick and Susan McKinney Hedrick

Susan Catharine Hedrick, dau of Archibald McKinney and Rebecca A. Shultz, 1869 – 1964

Archa R. McKinney, 1883 – 1910, son of John W. and Viola Barker

Archibald R. McKinney, Mar 26, 1849 – May 12, 1890

(OSSW wife, Rebecca A., and ch Emma M., Inzie M., and an unnamed infant.  Son of James A. McKinney and Susan Bryant)

Bessie B. McKinney, 1903 – 1903

Bruce B. McKinney, May 26, 1900 – Jul 16, 1976.

Wife, Hazel, son of Robert e. McKinney, Dora I. Lutes

Caroline D. McKinney, Jan 27, 1865 – Sep 10, 1897

Wife of William M. McKinney, nee Bloom/Blume

Casabianca ‘Cas’ McKinney, Oct 2, 1879 – Jan 22, 1906, ossw

Wife, Phebe V., Son of John W. McKinney, Viola Barker

Charles O. McKinney, Feb 26, 1887 – Jun 2, 1973

Wife, Mary Manuel McKinney, Son of James C. McKinney, Leweza Glasgow

Clyde B. McKinney, 1902 – 1903, son of Robert E. and Dora I.

Dora I. McKinney, 1871 – 1922, wife of Robert E.

Edna Louise McKinney, 1917 – 1917, dau, Lawrence Weldon McKinney

James Eli McKinney, 1881 – 1919, son of Archibald R. and Rebecca A.

Wife, Hattie F. Holmes, dau of John

Emma M. McKinney, dau of AR and RA, Sep 23, 1877 – Dec 31, 1896

Flora Alice, dau of James C. and L. J., Jun 20, 1894 – 1 Dec 1896

Hazel McKinney, Nov 24, 1903 – 1972

Wife of Bruce B., dau of Luther McCory and Ida Davis

Howard N. McKinney, May 31, 1911 – May 22, 1912

Inez M. Mckinney, Jul 27, 1908 – Jul 17, 1909, dau of Charles and Mary

Inzie M. McKinney, Mar 17, 1888 – Dec 6, 1908, dau of Archibald and Rebecca

James A. McKinney, Oct 2, 1824 – Dec 30, 1891

Wife, Susan B., son of Collin McKinney and Elizabeth Berry (His second marriage record states son of James A. McKinney and Elizabeth ? who are also buried in this cemetery).

James C. McKinney, Nov 7, 1846 – May 23, 1916

Wife, Leweza.  Son of James A. and Susan Bryant.

McKinney – infant, son of James C. and Leweza, unmarked, nd

John V. McKinney, May 16, 1879 – Jan 6, 1949

Son of James C. and Leweza (mar 1905, Eunice Henry (2) Minnie Calhoun)

Kenneth L. McKinney, 1907 – 1916, son of John and Eunice Henry




John W. McKinney, 1854 – 1928, Wife, Viola (son of James A. McKinney, Susan Bryant)

Lawrence Weldon McKinney, 1913 – 1920, son of Charles and Mary Manuel

Leota Mae McKinney, Apr – Oct 1918, dau of Frank McKinney, Nelly Eddy

Leroy McKinney, Jul 9, 1885 – Jun 29, 1904, next to Marshall and Rebecca McKinney

(son of Wm. M. McKinney, Caroline D. Bloom)

Leweza Jane McKinney, Mar 27, 1853 – May 7, 1922, wife of James C. McKinney,

Dau of Hugh Glasgow and Sarah Jane Carmichael

Marshall McKinney, May 10, 1904 – Jul 10, 1904, Son of Wm. And Caroline

Mary Manuel McKinney, Oct 2, 1893 – Apr 6, 1923, dau of Andrew A. and Edna Strahl,

Wife of Charles O. McKinney

Phebe V. McKinney, Apr 19, 1885 – Oct 11, 1908, Wife of Cas McKinney

Rebecca McKinney, Nov 18, 1891 – Dec 29, 1910, dau of Wm. And Caroline

Rebecca Ann McKinney, Wife of Archibald R., b Dec 28, 1850 OH, d 1927 Brown Co.,

Dau of Eli Shultz and Catharine Beck

Robert E. McKinney, 1875 – 1952, Wife, Dora I., son of Archibald and Rebecca

Susan B. McKinney, Jan 15, 1816 – Apr 10, 1891, Wife of James A. McKinney

Viola McKinney, 1855 – 1932, Wife of John W., Dau of Jessee Baker and Mary Melissa Cooper

William Melvin McKinney, Feb 12, 1859 – Dec 18, 1926, Wife, Caroline Bloom,

Dau of Albert Hedrick and Susan McKinney

Maude Pruitt, dau of Albert Hedrick and Susan McKinney, 1899 – 1927

Lillie Robertson, 1903 – 1971, dau of Albert Hedrick and Susan McKinney

Arthur O. Sheperd, 1894 – 1917, dau of Wm. Melvin McKinney, Caroline Bloom,

Wife of Arthur O.

Martha J. Wiley, 1874 – 1941, dau of James C. McKinney, Louise Glasgow



Note:  1860 Federal Census of Brown Co indicates the following families in

Van Buren Twp:


James A. McKinney, 35, IN

Susan, 45, IN

James C., 13 IN

Archbold K., 12, IN

Elizabeth M., 9, IN

John W., 6, IN

Martha, 4, IN

William, 2, IN


James McKinney, 65, b VA, liv w/Wiley Spurgin family


Collin McKinney, 24, IN

Susan, 18, IN

Margaret E., 2, IN

Susannah, 1, IN


Clark Co Marriages:


Archibald A. McKinney, Margaret A. B. Wainright, 2 Dec 1875

George W. McKinney, Julia Bragen, 7 Aug 1880

Thomas H. McKinney, Ellen M. McLean, 3 May 1866

Eliza Jane McKinney, John A. Eisomon, 1871


 Delaware Co:


Jefferson McKinney, Elizabeth Medlin, Feb 9, 1837


Goshen, IN:


Washingtonian Temperance Society, 1843 Sarah McKinney


Marion Co:


Elizabeth McKinney, Benjamin Phillips, Jun 5, 1827


Marshall Co:


Thomas McKinney, Susan Shinabarger, May 30, 1841


Colvin Cemetery, Posey Co:


Elizabeth McKinney, Wife of Edmund, d 1848, age 56


Green Co:


James McKinney wit nd deed of Thomas E. and Sarah Craig of Washington to John Pence of Washington, 21 Sep 1824




An Iowa McKinney Family

Viola Fisher


Mrs. Viola McKenney Fisher, a Direct Descendant of William McKinney, who lived in Iowa in 1856 or Earlier – Certificate of Pioneers, Iowa Genealogical Society.  ‘This is hard to make out.  It is the Census for Buchanan Co in 1850.  The place was called Mud Town then, and later named Independence.  My Gr. Gr. Grandfather, Thomas, came from Ireland and my grandmother Mary Adams from Germany.  Gr. Grampa William McKinney was in Co. H., 27th Iowa Volunteer Infantry in Defense of the Union’.


1850 Schedule, Buchanan, 14th Day of Sep., 1850:


78 – 78

Thomas McKinney, 44, Farmer   (illeg)

Mary M’Kinney, 43

Stewart *, 19, labourer

Charles W., 21, labourer   (illeg)

Acsah ?, 16

William, 7, b OH


Mrs. Fisher has submitted 3x5 cards with some family information – errors in grouping are those of the Editor:


Susan Coleen McKenney, b 5 May 1950 No. Platte, NE, mar 1981, Robert G. Jones, dau of Donald Edward McKenney and Mary Helen Arendorf


Arthur Egene McKenney, b 12 Mar 1920, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, m Lydia Martsh, Tacoma, WA, 20 Jan 1968, son of Clifford Alford McKenney and Nina Olive Halverson


Donald Edward McKinney, b 5 Nov 1926, No. Platte, NE, m 29 Mar 1948, Mary Arensdorf, Ogallala, NE, son of Cecil Meridith McKenney, Maude Esther Staples


Viola May Combs, b 29 Mar 1922, Gainford, Alberta Canada, m, 13 Dec 1958, Lloyd Fisher, dau of Clarence Dale Combs and Mary Elizabeth McKenney


Cecil Merideth McKenney, b 3 May 1904, Troutsdale, OR, mar 10 Nov 1921, Maude Staples, No. Platte, NE, son of Charles Augustas McKenney, Ethel Frances Mathers


William McKinney, b 14 Oct 1840, Sandusky, Erie, OH, mar 9 Jul 1865, Elizabeth Decker, Buchanan Co., IA, son of Thomas Ellis McKinney and Mary Adams


Mary Elizabeth McKenney, b 8 Jul 1902, Greeley, CO, mar 7 Jun 1921, Clarence Combs, dau of Stewart Earl McKenney, Ella May Haun


Charles Augustas McKenney, b 4 Sep 1879, Oberlin, KS, mar 2 Feb 1902, Ethel Mathers, son of William McKinney, Elizabeth Decker


Stewart Earl McKenney, b 27 Oct 1873, Buchanan Co., IA, mar 18 Oct 1892, Ella M. Haun, son of William McKinney, Elizabeth Decker


Thomas Ellis McKinney, b 14 Dec 1805, NJ, mar 1829, Mary Adams, d Independence, IA, 3 Mar 1870


Madison Co., Center Township, Jun 22, 1860 Federal Census:  p4u, Dist. 3

Enumeration Dist. 146, Ward 5, 6-28-1880 (transcription)


Henderson McKinney, 45, b NC, farmer

Leddia McKinney, 43, b OH

Macy Ellen, 23, b MA, son in law

Mary J., 24, b NC, dau

James A., 21, b IN

Seizzie, 13, b IN

John, 10, b IN

Sibb Se 9, b IA           (Note:  Obvious errors in transcription)




Library News and Reviews


New books, received through purchase since our last issue, have arrived.  You will note that not all the ‘lost’ books have been replaced.  It was decided that several new texts would probably be more productive and useful.


North Carolina Land Grants in South Carolina, Brent H. Holcomb


1770 – 1790 Census, Cumberland Settlements (Davidson, Sumner and Tennessee Counties), Richard C. Fulcher, 1986


Early Ohio Settlers, Purchasers of Land in Southwestern Ohio, 1800 – 1840, Berry, 1986


Abstract of North Carolina Wills Compiled from the Office of the Secretary of State, J. Bryan Grimes (reprint)


Inscriptions on Tombstones and Monuments in the Burying Grounds of the First Presbyterian Church & St. Johns Church, Elizabeth, New Jersey, 1664 – 1892, Wm. Ogden Wheeler, Edmund D. Halsey, (reprint)


North Carolina Taxpayers, Clarence E. Ratcliff, 1986, 1987 (Volumes I, II)


The McKinney Family, David B. McKinney, 1742 – 1986, Donation from the Author.


The Author, David B. McKinney, has provided us with the MacInnish Family Clan Newsletter, of which he is Editor.  The newsletter is Volume II, Number 3, dated 6 Jul 1987 and reminds members of a family reunion to be held in Cleveland, TN Jul 25, 1987.  Members are requested to send family information to the Editor at 817 Curtis Drive, Nashville, TN 37207-1301.


The family genealogy is a continuation of that published by Mrs. Mildred Gee, and concerns the family of Daniel and William McKinney, originally MacInnish of VA.  Much family information, group sheets, pedigree charts and illustrations are included.


Other donations to our library:


Dr. Wm. Gist, $10.00

Mrs. Gwen Seefelt, $5.00



McClung Historical Collection, McKinney Genealogical Files:  Donated by Mr. Eric Lawler, 2707 Sibley Drive, Arlington, TX.  A collection of miscellaneous McKinney family genealogical notes, these are available for loan to members – to be printed in our quarterly in the near future.  Thank you, Mr. Lawler.


Eirephile #1, Irish History, Genealogy, and Culture, 1987, Andrew J. Morris, Ed. Published Jun and Dec, Eirephile, PO Box 8825, Fort Collins, CO 80525, $16 per year.  This issue contains articles, heraldry, genealogical research, Norman Conquest of Downpatrick, Conor MacNessa, The Wooing of Dindabair, The Palatine’s Daughter, Officers of Cork Militia, Roundtowers of County Kildar, and much more!  Interesting format, illustrations, index, 158pp, soft cover.  The article concerning the O’Toomeys of Croom and Some American Descendants, was most interesting, and as a genealogical organization, our members will be most interested in like articles, however, the poetry and legends of Ireland will captivate the most casual reader.  Highly recommended.  Queries are accepted.    PK







Earliest known McKinney ancestor, Charles McKinney b ca 1725, wife, Mary Anne Chastain.  Charles d 1798, Mercer Co., KY, was his father, Alexander McKinney?


Phyllis Grow, 813 Sunrise Court, Derry, KS 67037






Am interested in Fountain T. Kennedy, who married Elizabeth McKinney, Washington Co., IN, 1830.  Two ch known, Edwin and Sally.  Elizabeth d ca 1836 when Sally was born.  Was she the dau Betsey mentioned in will of Archibald McKinney of Wash Co.?  Fountain remar in Putnam Co. before removing to IA.  Prob had bro Elijah, bro Norval.


Juanita Kennedy Allen, 400 West 1st, Lamar, MO 64759






Seeking info, Harriett McKinney b ca 1800 pl unk, mar Jessie Chipman, 12 Dec 1817, Brooklyn Schuyler Co., IL, d Feb 1880 in Brooklyn.


Sharon Kelley, 651 2nd Ave., W., Twin Falls, ID 83301








Seeking anc/desc of the Daniel (b 1840 MS) and Minerva (b 1847 TN) McKinney family.  Their ch per the 1880 Pemiscot Co., MO census: 

Susan b. 1864 TN mar Capt John McKinney, moved to TX

Bill (Nora) b 1866 TN, md a Culpepper, removed to TX

George b 1868 TN

Robert W. b 1870 – 1871 TN mar (1) Alice Holland of KY, her mother a Shelton (2) Mary Pell, no issue, d 1940 St. Louis

John b 1876 TN

Nancy b 1878 TN

(any born after 1878?, Nora or Lenora?)


Albert D. McKinney, 27561 Hwy 88, Pioneer, CA 95666








Seeking info, Martha Duneley McKinney b ca Sep 15, 1777, prob NC, mar Benjamin Parr, b Sep 1, 1761, Morris Co., NJ.  Mar 1790, Wilkes Co., NC, also lived Clarke Co., GA, Carroll Co., GA, d aft 1850, prob Carroll Co.  Issue: 


Mary Currin

Wm. L.

Martha D.

John C.


Charles D.


Daniel W.

Benjamin James



Who was Martha’s father?  There was a Samuel McKinney living in Wilkes Co. at their marriage, she also named a son, Samuel


Larry W. Parr, 1261 Bernadette Lane, Atlanta, GA 30329






Seeking help with anc of Margaret Creed, who was the dau of John McKinney (newly arr from Scotland?), who mentioned his dau in will in 1760’s.  Also interested in Herring families.


Robb Osborn, Talmage, NE 68448






Desc of Mordecai and Mary Sebring, looking for proof of children of Mordecai and Mary, also information on spouses of John, William, Daniel, Jacob, Ann, Mordecai and David, ch of Mordecai.


Gwen G. Seefelt, 537 No. Fountain, Wichita, KS 67208


Mordecai’s will mentions names of children – see previous Maze issues for remaining information, as far as is known to date.  Editor has responded to this query for our new member.  Ed.




New Members:    (1986 – 1987)


Gwen G. Seefeld, 537 No. Fountain, Wichita, KS 67208

Mary L. Tucker, 6730 Alderbrook Rd., Tillamook, OR 97141

Larry W. Parr, 1261 Bernadette lane, Atlanta, GA 30329

Phyllis Grow, 813 Sunrise Court, Derby, KS 67037

Jewel McKinney Begley, 1886 Marlboro Drive, Lexington, KY 40405

Jon D. Ayres, 1210 Gordon Avenue, Albany, GA 31701

Patrick D. Blackwell, PO Box 4585, Greenville, SC 29609

Keela I. Case, 550 South Grant, Colby, KS 67701

Charlett J. Creesy, 18891 S.W. Eagle Point Way, McMinnville, OR 97128

Susanne M. Curtis, PO box 823, Rancho Sante Fe, CA 92067

Catherine A. Durham, 314 Sunnybrook Drive, Hurricaine, WV 25525

LuAnne Eisler, Rt 1, Box 268A, Burton Drive, Slippery Rock, PA 16057

Viola C. Fisher, North 4124 Martin St., Spokane, WA 99207

Dr. Wm. C. Gist, Jr., 5608 Apache Rd., Louisville, KY 40207

Helena Hemstreet, 12101 Indiana Sp. 30, Riverside, CA 92503

Maxine Hamilton, Rt 2, Box 194, Amory, MS 38821

Betty N. Keiser, 207 So. Main St., Eminence, KY 40019

Grace M. Longmire, Rt 3, Box 44, Candler, NC 28715

Jonyca McKinney, 41 Main St., Box 145, Lanesboro, PA 18827

Robert L. McKinney, 10794 Morning Glory, Dallas, TX 75229

Wm. S. McKinney, 7187 SW 181 St. Place, Aloha, OR 97007

Wm. L. McKinney, 17805 29th N.E., Seattle, WA 98155

Charlene Meadows, 14821 Clement Dr., Clearlake, CA 95422

Coral McKinney Osborn, 1338 Ambrosden Lane, Channelview, TX 77530

Pat Pierce, PO Box 755, Atascadero, CA 93423

R. J. Shapiro, 1411 Governors Drive SE, Huntsville, AL 35801

Mrs. J. W. Singger, Rt 2, Stamping Ground, KY 40379

Susan C. Tilleman, Box 4528, APO, NY 09009-5375

Frances A. Turner, 108 No. Thomas St., Arlington, VA 22203

George W. Wallis, 329 South Douglas, Springfield, IL 62704

Wm. C. Winter, 2369 Fairoyal Drive, Des Peres, MO 63131

Allen Co. Public Library, Box 2270, Fort Wayne, IN 46801



Miscellaneous Research Notes



Samuel McKinney, Cranberry Twp., Venango Co., PA, b Chester Co., PA, 1786, served in War of 1812, removed to Venango Co., ca 1830, d 1871.  Prominent in the oil business in PA.  (Venango Co Historical Society)    (Bronnell written in margin)


Lunenburg Co., VA, deed:  Nov 1752, Israel Brown to James Mackinney.


Eli McKinney, mar Sarah C. Mercer, 30 Jan 1867, Warren Co., OH.  Eli, a desc of William McKinney, son of Mordecai, LDS M 51314-3 #1503


Maryland, Anne Arundel County:  State of his Lordship’s Manor, Lots 73, 74, lessee, Jacob Macceney, p20, Vol. 2, lessee, 131 acres, Sep 29, 1756, Lot #73.  In 1763, Jacob leased another 117 acres.


Fayette Co., PA, Fayette City, 1874 Merchant’s Directory, Irwin McKenney, shoemaker.





Warren Co., marriage, 13 Sep 1840, Thomas McKinney, Clarissa Durant, no wit.

Allegeney Co., coroner’s files, 1887 – 1890, B. McKenney, d 1888.

1798, Mead Township, Alleg. Co., David McKinney, tax list



DAR Magazine, May, 1986:  In memoriam, Mrs. H. C. McKinney, Sr. (Sella Frances Pinson, 1884 – 1985)




Miscellaneous Research, Continued


Church Records of the Old Red (Zion Lutheran) Church, Schuylkill, PA, Oscar H. Stroh – 1824, Jesse McKenny, native of Brunswick Twp., d Oct 6, 1824, age 3-8-27


Maryland Records, 1776 Census, St. George’s Parish, John McKenzy, Salmy talbott, mar Mar 19, 1794


Zachariah Mackeney, Martha Simmmons, Feb 23, 1789


Elizabeth McKenny, Ezekiel Goldsborough, June 12, 1820, St. Mary’s


Ruben McKenny, Elizabeth Arnold, Jan 4, 1823


Benjamin McCeney, Susanna Simmons, Jun 21, 1802, Anne Arundel


Joseph McCeney, Elizabeth Sollards, Oct 26, 1816, Anne Arundel


Wm. McCeny, Rachel Reed, Jan 9, 1799, Anne Arundel


Sarah McCeney, Joseph Owens, Jan 22, 1817, Anne Arundel



Washtenaw Co., Michigan 1870 Census: 


John McKinney, age 50, b Scotland

Agnes McKinney, 50, b Scotland

Catherine 19, b Canada

William 17, b MI

Martha age 14, b MI

James 12, b MI



 Lee County, KY, Marriage Book I, 1870 – 1877:


Richard McKinney, Mary Crawford, 17 Apr 1873, 188 – 189

Eviline McKiney, Amos Ashcraft, 11 Jul 1872 (A) 130 – 131

George W. McKinney, Lucy Kelly, 1 Mar 1877, 382 – 383



Marriage Record of Abraham McKinney, son of Charles McKinney and Marianne Chastain McKinney, and Eleanor Prather (Submitted by Gail Hawkins):


Know all men by these presents that we Abraham McKinney and John Lawrence held and firmly bound unto his Excellency James Garrard Esq., Govnor for the time being for the sum of Fifty pounds Current money of KY to which payment wish and truly to be made to the said governor and ________ we bind ourselves, etc. . . . dated this 5th day of Jul 1796 (it looks like a 5, but is a 6, which is plainly written in a note of permission which seems to be written by the same person that wrote the above, GH).  Sir, Mr. Abraham McKinney is desirous of obtaining licence for marriage with one of my Wards, towit, Eleanor Prather and he having my consent for the same, Witness by hand the 5th day of Jul 1796.  (Signed) Thos. Freeman.  Wit:  Thomas Allen, Clerk of Mercer Co, John Lawrence, ?gey fremon.

Note:  McKinney Maze, Vol. IV #2 p 13 listed incorrectly, 1793.


Eleanor Levisa (Prather) McKinney d 1 Dec 1860 near Austin, TX at the home of her son, Thomas Freeman McKinney, for whom a street in Houston was named.  Thomas was responsible for a lot of TX history but I think his personality prevented him from becoming the hero that he probably deserves to be . . .  GH



Early OH Settlers, Southwestern OH, 1800 – 1840:



Absalom S., Oct 31, 1814, from PA

Ephraim, Jan 1813, from Miami Co.

James Bell, Aug 31, 1831, from Shelby Co.

James L. May 28, 1813, Miami Co.

James, May 31, 1805, PA

James, Sep 21, 1815, Franklin, IN

John H., Apr 19, 1831, Shelby Co.

John T., Oct 26, 1833, Franklin, IN

John, 1831, Apr 19, Shelby Co.

John, Oct 9, 1805, from KY.

John, Jan 29, 1816, from KY?

Jos., 1813, Mar 12, from Green Co.

Joseph, 1804, Sep 03, from Greene Co.






Joseph, 1813, Mar 26, , Champaign, IL

Thomas, 1805, Aug 31, PA, 12001-32

Lambkin McKinny, 1818, Jun 1, Dearborn, IN



Illustrated Atlas, Pottawattamie County, IA, C. R. Allen & Co., 1885:  Valley Township, R. E. McKinney, C. McKinney, Charles McKinney


History of Caldwell and Livingston Co., MO, National Historical Company, St. Louis, 1886, p263:  Kingston Christian Church, Dec 24, 1865, J. P. McKinnie, Rowanna McKinnie


Pat Garrett, Leon C. Metz, Univ. of OK Press, 1973, p40:  Thomas L. ‘Tip’ McKinney, a ‘local cowboy who would eventually join him in the hunt for Billy the Kid and whose grandfather had reportedly signed the Texas Declaration of Independence’.  Cliff McKinney, son of ‘Tip’ and Millard G. McKinney mentioned in references.


Fifty Years on the Owl Hoot Trail, Jim Herron Sage Books, Chicago, p23:  C. F. McKinney, partner with John Oliver and Joe Mason in the ‘M’ Bar ranch in the ‘Strip’, now the panhandle counties of OK.  pp 264 – 265, in AZ, Herron is convicted of changing the brand of Charley McKinney, the trial was held in Tombstone, Oct., 1912.


On the Border with Crook, John G. Bourke, Charles Scribner, p393:  Lt. John A. McKinney, Fourth Cavalry, killed Nov 25, 1876, attach on Cheyenne Village on Willow Creek, a tributary of the Powder (Wyoming – Montana). 

Above references submitted by Howard W. McKinney, Oak Park, IL.


Burke Co., NC – William McKenny, presented for probate, Apr 1814 (Will, #340).  Proved by Thomas Baker, witness.  Thomas McKenny and Mary McKenny, wife of deceased, qualified as executors.


Maury (TN) Genealogist, Vol. 1, 1972, repr. 1987:  p61, Indenture of bargain and sale from Alexander Maxwell and others to Clement Cannon for 720 acres.  Deed from Robert W. Hart to John A. McKenney for 2000 acres.


North Carolina:  Miss Eliza McKinzie, mar John Wilkings, 13 Nov 1802, Wilmington, NC (Raleigh Register, 1799 – 1825)


Elizabeth McKinne, Nicholson Washington, Wayne Co., 1 Aug 1809

Ann McKenzie, Joseph L. Morris, 31 Jan 1822, Richmond Co.

Nathaniel McKinney, ? Smith, 12 Nov 1792, Guilford Co.

Seth McKinney, Jane Merchant, 14 Jan 1800, Mecklenberg Co.

Wm. McKinney, Eleanor James, 13 Feb 1790, Guilford Co.

John S. McKenny, Elizabeth C. Wilson, 11 Oct 1821, Muhlenberg, KY

Harrison McKenny, Martha Jackson, 17 Dec 1833, Muhlenberg, KY


Anna McKinney, John Rudd, 5 Jan 1841, by Matthew Martin, Williamson Co., IL


Daniel H. McKinney, Hannah West dau of Thomas West, Esq., 12 Nov 1834, Grainger Co., TN.


Thomas McKinney, b ca 1782, VA, wife, Jane, (Sharp md 1804, Roane Co., TN) removed to Madison Co., AL with parents and the Clarke family and settled on McKinney Mountain.  (Query from Mrs. John Pilcher, 29248, Tetrich Ave., Lake Elsinore, CA 92330, 1972).


Barbadoes – Family Genealogies, p 136:  Joseph Ball will dated 15 Sep 1703, to Master, Lt. Col. Wm. Allemby, Executor, all estate to him.  Witness, John Mackeny, recorded 1704.


Benton Co., AR Post Offices – Boudyville, application dated Apr 1, 1868 signed by E. C. Boudinot.  P. A. Mackinney listed as proposed postmaster.  Gallatin – Application dated Apr 13, 1890, signed by J. R. McKinney


Litchfield, Connecticut Revolutionary Soldiers, 4th Regiment:


Amos McKinnee

Woodbury – John McKinney

New Milford – Joseph Videto

Windsor resident, 1756, William McKinney

1789 resident, Windsor, William McKinney


Refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut:  Nov. 1783, preparation for receiving Washington in New York – Mr. James McKinney was requested to furnish laurels at the Bull’s Head.




The Samuel McKinney Family – Corrections to Harrison Co., IA Marriages

Alice McKinney Fisher


Harrison County, Iowa – Corrections underlined (Maze, Spring 1987)


Earl McKinney, Carrie Cutler, March 21, 1900  (Cutter)

Jasper McKinney, Eva Lawrence, 12 Feb 1896  (21 Nov 1893)

Elbert McKinney, Mary Mann, 21 Nov 1893  (Ed)

Frank McKinney, Jennie Giddings, 1 Mar 1894  (surname missing)

Seymour McKinney, Maggie Tovey, 14 Feb 1893  (surname missing)

The diary of Luella Lawrence was dated 1865 (1847) – 1905.

Mrs. Thomas McKinney (Lucy) d 3 June 1897



Samuel McKinney married Nancy Allen, 13 Sep 1797, place unknown, taken from Bible of James McKinney, their oldest child and my great grandfather.  Samuel died intestate, 20 Aug 1832 in Williamport, Lycoming Co., PA, taken from records of Orphan’s Court of Lycoming County, 4 Dec 1832.  Administrators of Samuel’s estate were Wife, Nancy, and John Curran, son in law, who petitioned Orphan’s Court for permission to sell two acres of land and the buildings, rights, etc. on it (in Washington Twp., Lycoming Co.).  13 Sep 1834, Administrators reported to Orphan’s Court re:  sale of property and 13 and 16 Dec 1834, Administrators signed deed and received payment in Centre County, PA.  7 August 1835, deed recorded in Centre County.


Also noted in Third Series, Pennsylvania Archives, Samuel McKinney owned 70 acres in Centre County on March 21, 1831 and from the tax lists of Centre Co.  Samuel McKinney had 100 acres in 1821.  This may be the property of Samuel Jr. as he lived in Centre Co.  Also, there seems to have been another Samuel McKinney in Pennsylvania in about the same time period.


John W. McKinney, presently of Dayton, OH (John Walter4, John Gray3, David2, Samuel1), lists Nancy Allen, as born before 1776 with siblings, Drury and Milbrey (females), all children of Josiah Allen and Elizabeth de Loach.


Samuel’s children:


*1 – James, b 1798, m Susannah White 6 Mar 1824, Williamsport, PA

2 – Jane, b 1800, m William Calvin

3 – Samuel Jr. b 1802, m Eliza Flack

4 – Elizabeth b 1805, m John Curran (see above)

5 – Mary/Maria, b 1808, m Mr. Copley

6 – David b 1810, m Hannah Gray

 – Thomas, mentioned as a minor in Orphan’s Court records, but not listed in Bible records



*James, issue:


1 – Mary Ann (Roy) b 1825

+2 – Thomas Newton, b 1827, m Lucy Hall, 1827 (?)

3 – Elizabeth, b 1829, d 1891, No. Platte, NC

4 – Lewis B., b 1829/30, m Emily Hazard

5 – Hannah Maria (Marvin), b 1833

6 – David R. b 1836, m Sarah Elizabeth Norris

7 – John White, b 1840, m Frances Virginia Fisher

John B. Huntington, IN



+Thomas Newton issue:


1 – Mary Elizabeth (Stebbins) b 1857

2 – Seymour Hall b 1860, m Margaret Tovey




3 – Elbert Thomas b 1862, m Mary Mann

4 – Richard Matthew b 1864 d 1893

5 – Charles Newton b 1865, m Ida Adell Doyle, May Dempsie

6 – Frank Weston b 1867, m Jennie Giddings, Clara _____

7 – Jasper Nathaniel b 1869, m Evaline Lawrence (Line of Alice McKinney Fisher)

8 – Alice Victoria (Stebbins) b 1871

9 – Earl Fisher b 1872 m Carrie Cutler

10 – Thomas Newton b 1875, m Carrie Caldwell



History and Migration Details, Samuel McKinney Family



13 Sep, Samuel mar Nancy Allen, place unk


James, born, no place given, 22 Jul


Jane, b, place unk, 20 Sep


Samuel Jr. b 27 Jul, place unk


Elizabeth, b 1 Jan, place unk


Mary/Maria, b 4 Jul, place unk


David, b 22 Oct in Lycoming Co., Washington Twp

Thomas, minor listed in estate record of Samuel


James mar Susannah White, Williamsport, PA, 6 Mar


Six children born to James and Susannah in Williamsport, 1825 – 1836


20 August, Samuel dies in Lycoming Co., PA


James moves to Huntington Co., IN


James, 7th child born in Huntington


James moves to Centerville, St. Joseph Co., MI


Thomas marries Lucy Hall (family records state in Saratoga Co., NY, but have not been able to prove)


1857 – 1864, Four children born to Thomas and Lucy in Centerville, MI


1857 – 1865, Thomas Newton, James, David R. and Lewis B. bought and sold land in St. Joseph Co., MI, according to land records


5th child of Thomas and Lucy b in Jessup, IA (Buchanan Co written in margin)


6th child of Thomas and Lucy b in Cedar Falls, IA (Blackhawk Co written in margin)


7th child of Thomas and Lucy b in Waterloo, IA (Blackhawk Co written in margin)


8th child of Thomas and Lucy b in Carrollton, MO (Carroll Co written in margin)

1872 – 1874

Two additional children of Thomas and Lucy b in Cedar Falls, IA


Thomas and Lucy move to Magnolia, IA


James dies in Cedar Falls

1883 – 1888

Thomas dies in Magnolia, IA


Lucy dies in Magnolia, IA



The Family of Thomas R. McKinney and Jane McGrew, of Indiana – Mrs. Susan E. Tilleman


Thomas R. McKinney, b 18 Sep/Dec 1803, Lexington, Fayette, KY, son of David McKinney and Margaret Wallace, d 12 Apr 1877, Haddon, T. S., Sullivan Co., IN at his residence near Paxton, buried in Little Flock Cemetery, Haddon, T. S. Thomas was a farmer and Baptist minister.


Thomas married Jane (also called Elizabeth) McGrew/McGraw, who was b 25 Dec 1806 – 1807 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY and died 23 Sep 1889, Shelburn, Sullivan Co., IN, buried in Little Flock Cemetery, Haddon T. S., Sullivan Co.






 1 – Caleb R., d 3 Oct 1867, 33-8-6, buried Little Flock Cemetery


2 – John T., b 30 Jun 1836, Sullivan Co., mar Ardilla A. or Aidillia C. Bailey or Hancock, poss 9 Dec 1888, poss in Sullivan Co., d 23 Mar 1902, buried Engle Cemetery, Haddon.  John was a miner and merchant.  Removed to TX in 1856 for one year, ret’d to IN, went to CA in 1859, Nevada until 1866, rem’d to Montana.  Had both thighs crushed in 1873 but recovered; returned to Sullivan Co. in 1873.  Ardilla was born 18 Oct 1845, d 26 May 1893, buried in Engle Cemetery.


 3 – Mary F., b ca 1839, IN, poss m Abraham A. Eldridge, 6 Feb 1865, Sullivan Co.


 4 – George W., b 26 Dec 1840, Sullivan Co., mar Leah Anna Nash, 30 Apr 1874, Sullivan Co., d 18 Aug 1912, buried Provedence Cemetery in Haddon.  Farmer and school teacher.  Leah Anna Nash was b 8 Oct 1846 the dau of Marvel W. Nash and Leah Love, d 8 Mar 1915, buried Provedence Cemetery, Haddon.


 5 – Enock A., b ca 1845, IN


 6 – Warden G. or C., b 4 Feb 1849, Shelburn, Sullivan Co., d 26 Aug 1857, buried Little Flock Cemetery, Haddon.


 7 – Alexander, b ca 1849, IN


 8 – Margaret, b Washington, Daviess Co., IN, m John Grigsby.  John b. Paoli, Orange Co., IN.  Note:  Margaret’s daughter Sarah, sang at Abraham Lincoln’s inauguration when she was 12 years old.


 9 – unk


10 – unk



Compiled by Sue Tilleman, c/o Mr. & Mrs. W. A. Tilleman, 351 Furr Dr., San Antonio, TX 78201



1 – Funeral remembrance book of Margaret Elsie Ward

2 – Barbara Stanfield, 17 Jul 1986

3 – Lester W. Clark, 13 Aug 1986

4 – History of Sullivan County, pp 67, 755

5 – Enumeration of Hamilton T. S., Sullivan Co., 21 June 1860

6 – Handwritten copy of Sullivan Co. Cemetery Records, Vol. I

7 – Sullivan Co. IN Marriages, 1850 – 1920, pp 191 – 192

8 – Newspaper article, ‘Denver Woman, Who Sang at Lincoln’s Inauguration, Dies’






Susan Eleaine Cearlock, b 16 Feb 1958, Decatur, Macon Co., IL, mar 11 Jun 1978, San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX


Rex Duane Cearlock, b 17 Sep 1933, Millersville, Christian Co., IL, m 21 Jun 1954, Decatur, Macon, IL


Rosalind Irene Funk, b 20 Jan 1914, Millersville, m 23 Dec 1932, Pana, IL


Margaret Elsie Ward, b 26 Sep 1888, Owaneco, Christian Co., IL, m 31 Dec 1911, Owaneco, IL, d 2 Aug 1947, Decatur, IL


Mary Jane Grigsby, b 1852, Sullivan, IN, m 20 Feb 1876, d 1917


Margaret McKinney, b Washington, Daviess Co., IN


Thomas R. McKinney, b 18 Sep 1803, Lexington, KY, m 1827, d 1877, Haddon, IN


David McKinney, b 1755, Staunton, Augusta, VA m 1785, VA, d 1822, Pioli, IN


Alexander McKinney, b 1734, VA m 1750, Augusta VA, d 1794, Bourbon/Fayette Co., KY




Extractions from History of Butler County, Pennsylvania, Prominent Men and Pioneers, Chicago, Waterman, Watkins & Co., 1883


P 114

Field and staff officers of Company B, surgeon, David McKinney, mo w/reg’d., May 26, 1863


P 139

McKinney and Nesbitt drilled a well on the Dick McCandless farm in Center Township, only sand and a small quantity of oil was reached.


P 182

James McKinney, South Butler, justice of the peace, 1848


P 163

Baptist Church, 1882, Rev. W. H. McKinney in charge


P 197

Robert McKinney owned a lot in 1824 at Straight Run, near Old Union.  Church was erected on his land after that date (Presbyterian Church).



Peter McKinney, who had been a Revolutionary soldier and a noted hunter, was said to have located in Butler in 1792.  The scene of his ‘squatter’ improvement was in Old Connoquenessing, now in Forward.  An early founder of Petersville.


P 86

Soldiers of the War of 1812, Capt. Robert Martin’s Co., Peter McKinney, drummer


James McKinney/McKimmey, 1862, Co., C., 11th Reg’t., PA Reserve Volunteer Corps.


Robert McKinney, private, Capt Robert Martin’s Co., 1814


Jos. A. M’Kinney, killed at Bull Run, Aug 30, 1862, Pvt.


T. W. M’Kinney, served Co. H., 6th Corps, Wilderness, VA May 5, 1864.


P 188

Petersville named for Peter McKinney, laid out after his death by Wm. S. and C. A. McKinney, Jun 1849.  James McKinney purchased lot at first sale.  The first tavern started by Peter as early as 1839.  The first store was kept at Peter’s house by Alexander Douthett.


P 194

Robert McKinney emigrated from Co. Down, Ireland, remaining in New York one winter, settling in this locality in the Spring of 1818, and carried on the business of distilling liquor on the Humes Farm.  His wife, was Margaret Peebles, was b in Ireland.  Their children were Elizabeth, Robert, Mary and James (all dec’d in 1883).  Samuel McKinney, the son of Robert McKinney and grandson of Robert lives in Mount Evert.


P 184

Peter McKinney and Mary had 13 children, all living to maturity except Richard and Mary.  John M. lives in OH, and C. A. McKinney on the old homestead.  Other children were Elizabeth, Richard, Robert, Peter, Jane (Purviance), William S., James, Thomas, Sarah, Richard, John M., Mary, C. A. (named in order of birth).  Elizabeth was b Mar 23, 1792 on the farm, doubtless the first birth of a white child in Butler County.


P 183

Peter McKinney was born in the eastern part of the state.  The ‘Mc’ in his name was probably bestowed during his soldier days as his pension papers were always made out to Peter Kinney; orphaned at an early age, he was bound to a Mr. Turnbull.  He married Mary Shorts at Braddock’s Field in 1791.


P 385

Taxable inhabitants of Concord Twp., 1854, John McKinney, Sr., Robert McKinney, William McKinney, John McKinney, Jr.


P 417

Thomas C. Thompson mar Apr 15, 1841, Miss Sarah McKinney, 11 children born to this union.


P 419

Borough of West Sunbury, Business and Professional Men:  McKinney and Adams, proprietors of a meat market.


P 238

William McKinney, teacher at Stewart Farm, as well as James McKinney nd


P 239

Richard S. McKinney, 1869, Justice of the Peace


P 193

Margaret Criswell, dau of William, mar Robert McKinney, Adams Twp.


Submitted by Sharon Hillis, Whale Pass, Ketchikan, AK  99901