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The McKinney Family Association & Library was founded September 1981 as a non-profit, educational association and library, dedicated to researching, preserving and collecting historical and family data. To assist and instruct in genealogical research and to publish private and public records and educational articles. Bylaws and Constitution adopted October 1981.


Granted Non-Profit Incorporation, May 3, 1983, by the State of Oklahoma, trustees are: Barbara Pannage Stanfield, E. Neil Stanfield and Richard A. Kipf.




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Kentucky Marriages, 1795-1865, Kentucky Historical Society:


Alexander and Charlotte Lockwood, dau of John of Lexington, Nov 25, 1834, p. 79


Major John Jr., of Versaille, Mrs. Susan H. Shannon of Lexington, Sep 16, 1834, p. 79


Catherine, dau of Captain Gerard McKinney of Fayette Co., R 3/5, p. 15, Mar 15, 1816 and David Montgomery of Lexington


Elizabeth P., and George A. Armstrong, both of Boyle Co., Dec 11, 1845, p. 115


James G., Mayor of Lexington, and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Payne of Fayette Co., Oct 15, 1838, p. 95


Mary Hannah and David O. Harris, both of Woodford Co., May 8, 1849, p. 142



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Sally, Abner Carlile, 27 Jul 1830, by Rev. John M. Price, bond, 27 Jul 1830 by Abner Carlile and George Gullion


Louis, and Martha Calvert, living in Boyle Co in 1830's and 1840's. Martha, dau of Isiah Calvert, b 6 Feb 1795, d 13 Jul 1849


William V., b nr Lexington, KY 1820-1830, married Angeline Thurman Lowe. Their dau married James Lamar Jackson, Dec 1880, Indiana


(These three from 1799-1835 Marriages, Bonds & Consents, Gallatin Co.)



Sarah, and William Miller, 18 Apr 1833, Carter Co., TN


John McKinney, Naomy Riddell, Benj. Talbot, Jan 1802, Muhlenberg Co


William, Nancy Quigley, 17 Oct 1811, dau of Hannah Quigley, Union Co


Daniel, Nancy Waggener, Aug 1822, Union Co


Sally, John Brown, 2 Mar 1823, Union Co


Rachel, Uriah Blue, 25 Dec 1825, Union Co


Elizabeth, Thomas I. Robb, 30 Dec 1835, Union Co


Mary, Nelson Turner, 30 Jan 1837, Union Co


George, Tabitha Delany, 2 Dec 1838, Union Co


John, Elizabeth Williams, 3 Jan 1838, Union Co


William, Amanda Alsop, 4 Jan 1838, Union Co


                                                            . . Pauline McKinney, Wilma Cook



Wayne County Records (June Bork), Marriages


Bayles McKinney, Jane Kelley, surety, Elias Kelly, 29 Mar 1837 by Isaac Powell at the home of Charles Kelly. Groom resides in Pulaski Co


Ephraim P., Nancy Richardson, surety, Samuel Richardson, bond dated 20 Jan 1848, minister return missing


James, Elizabeth Payne, surety, John W. Payne. Mar 12 Oct 1821 by Nathaniel Shrewsberry – Note, this is to sertify that I, Phillemon Payne hath my concent that marriage license may be given between James McKinney and my daughter Elizabeth, by Philemon Payne


John, Rachael Payne Jr., surety, Thomas McKinney, mar 9 Dec 1841 by Chas. Higginbothom JP. (John V. McKinney, consent given by William F. McKinney, with witness, Thomas H. McKinney


Joseph, and Martha T. Hudson (Henderson?), surety, William P. Muse, mar 15 Apr 1845 by Mathew Floyd, permission by T. M. Hudson


Thomas Henderson McKiney, Jane F. Moore, surety, Aaron T. Moore, mar 27 Mar 1845 by Mathew Floyd


Talitha, and John P. Matley, surety, Thomas H. McKinney, mar 26 Nov 1845


William F. and Polly Boone, surety, Daniel Boone, bond dated 8 Sep 1801 minister return missing


Anna, and James Roberts, surety, Isaac Bond, 19 Jun 1845


Eliza, and John J. Walker, surety, Isaac Bond, mar 12 Aug 1845


Miss Eliza Ann and James H. West, surety, Rane McKinney. Bond dated 6 Nov 1832, married on the evening of the 8th by Jonathan S. Frisbie


Levica, and Thomas Baker, surety, Chasteen McKinney, married 18 Mar 1826 by Thomas Hansord. Note: I do certify that I an willin lisons shal isu in faver of a marig of Thomas and my dauter Lusey givin under my hand and seale this 16 off March 1826 by Rane McKinney.


Jesse McKinney, witnessed marriage of Marion and Juneitta Alexander at the house of the widow Coffe, 14 Jan 1857




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Mary A. McKinney, Martin D. Hardin, surety, John Beaty, married 4 Sep 1834 by Jonathan S. Frisbie. Groom b 1810 in Lincoln Co., KY, Mary is his first wife


Martha Ann, and Martin D. Hardin, bond missing, married 10 Sep 1840 (2nd wife, sister of his first wife) Martin Hardin mar 3rd, Emily Worsham 1848


Rachel McKiney and Thomas D. Higginbotham, 21 Jul 1842, surety, Martin Hardin


Elizabeth, James H. Hurt, bond missing, married 8 Nov 1832




Miscellaneous Kentucky Notes


History of Woodford Co: Margaret Crittenden and her husband, John McKinney resided in Versailles during the period of their married life. John was clerk of the county court for many years, both lived to old age and left no issue.


May Hannah McKinney married David Oliver Harris, no date, Woodford Co


Major Samuel Stevenson brought 'out' with him, 'Wild Cat' John McKinney, famous as Lexington's first schoolmaster, who came near losing his life at the Battle of Point Pleasant during the Revolution, 1779. (This incident is mentioned in the Draper Manuscripts, see index)


Newspaper advertisement, 28 May 1833, Woodford Co: Farm for sale, adjacent to John McKinney, Jr. of Versailles. Captain J. Breck Viley resides there, his wife is Mary Ann Crittenden, daughter of John J. and niece of the wife of Major John McKinney who married Margaret Crittenden in 1790.


West Family Cemetery, Mill Springs, Wayne County (most without headstones): Eliza McKinney, wife of James C. West, 23 Jul 1812 – 14 Apr 1898


1826 Delinquent Tax List, Wayne Co: Daniel F. McKinney, moved to Pulaski Co


1834 Delinquent List, Wayne Co: James McKinney, moved to Pulaski Co


Rane McKinney, guardian for heirs of Nathaniel Halls, Jun 1820, Wayne Co


John McKinney and Polly, his wife, heirs of David Trimble, Sep 6, 1798 by KY Court Records


John McKinney, gave sureties in the guardianships of the infant orphan of Andrew McClure, given to John Boyd, Apr 1802, KY Court Records


Pendleton Co: Peter Forsyth, died 1868, daughter Lucy Ann, was wife of Franklin T. McKinney


John McKinney Jr., b 2 Sep 1760 in Carolinas, d 1843 in Macoupin Co., IL. Served under Captain Thomas Ballard in 1781 in SC, left NC in 1806 to IL. Lived for a time in Christian Co., KY.


Frances McKinney, consort of James G. J. McKinney died 28 Oct 1837


Mrs. Hannah McKinney, relict of Capt. John McKinney of Versailles, died 16 Dec 1845, aged 85. She came to KY before Lexington was laid out as a town.


Miss Susan McKinney of Versailles, died 8 Jan 1846


Miss Jane McKinney, of Versailles, died Dec 12, 1845


Major John McKinney, Clerk of Woodford Co., Circuit Court, died in Versailles, Mar 4, 1835


Mrs. Margaret Butler McKinney, consort of Major John McKinney of Versailles, d 18 Oct 1832, aged 43 years


Vital Statistics of KY, Franklin Co 1794-1851 (Burns): John McKinney of Woodford Co and Margaret Crittendon, mar 18 Sep 1808, by Carter Torrents






Abstracts of Early Kentucky Wills & Inventories (King):


Jessamine Co, Book A, 1798-1813, p. 136


Will of William Ellis, 1812, witness, John McKinney


Will of Thomas Dillon, 1796, Executor, John McKinney


Will of Reynold Bennett, Appraisor, John McKinney


Will of Patrick Gray, Aug 14, 1812, witness, James McKinney


Settlement, Nov 1, 1811, John McKinney


Inventory, Robert Spears, Sep 1806, appraiser, Jno. McKinney



Lincoln Co, Book A, 1781-1790:


Will of Andrew Duncan, dated Mar 25, 1784, proved 1786, Legatees, Jenny McKinney, daughter of Jean Duncan McKinney, Executor, John McKinney


Will of John McKinney, Feb 6, 1801. Wife, Mary; sons John, James; grandchildren, Mary and John, children of Samuel McKinney; John, son of James



Scott Co, Book A, 1797-1809:


Will, Spencer Green, witnesses, John and Martha McKinney



Shelby Co, Book B, 1804-1811:


Inventory, John McKinney, Apr 6, 1805, administrator, James Hill



Todd Co, Book A, 1820-1826:


Will, Robert Allison, Mar 23, 1816, witness, John McKinney



Madison Co, Book A, 1792-1812:


Joseph McKinney, May 6, 1791, probated Jul 5, 1791: to my beloved bro. Henry, all lands in KY and NC. Sisters, Hannah and Elizabeth, $50 NC currency, and to my honored mother I lend my negroes. To John Maxwell, my saddle and a good bridle and my hat. Executor, James Crawford. Witnesses, Geo. Adams, John Adams, James Barnett.



Lincoln Co Wills:


Givens will, 1801, appraised by Rane McKinney, Moses Collins, Robert McClure


Josiah Huntsman, division of estate by Archibald and John McKinney, 1805


James Kirkpatrick estate settlement, Jul 15, 1809, by Rane McKinney


David McKinney, settlement, Total $300.00. Appraisement of part willed to wife, son Ebenezer, by Wm. Moore, Jesse Walker, Robert Givens, Jul 7, 1809


Will of John Briggs, all estate to my wife Mary during her life and at her death, descend to Stephen McKinney, son of Enoch McKinney, which he may hold during his life, providing he does not sell it to any other in the space of forty years, and if he does sell it in that time, the said land shall descend to John Hopkins, son of Thomas Hopkins, who married a daughter of Samuel McKinney, by the name of Bena. Executors, Enoch McKinney, John McGill, written, Aug 12, 1805 – witnesses, John Thomas, Thomas Davis, Henry Armstrong


Ebenezer McKinney, appraisement. By David Williams, Archbald Burton, Thos. Pemberton, $2907.50, recorded, Mar 14, 1814


Bill of sale, $1453.83, Oct 23, 1813. Collin McKinney, executor, debtor to estate, $13.50. Rest of estate in hands of widow. Mar 14, 1814


Robert Reynolds, appraisement by Benj. Briggs, Philip Hocker, Archibald McKinney, Jun 24, 1815, received Sep 1815, $6356.24.




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William Whitley, bill of sale. Total amount $627.00, Dec 27, 1813, sold by Executors, Rane McKinney, Esther Whitley. Rec'd Jan 1817


Jacob Overbeese, settlement, 7 Jan 1817, by Administrator, Rane McKinney


Henry Mallory settlement, commissioner, Rane McKinney, rec'd March 1818


Joseph Welsh, appraisement, $1933.00 by Benj. Briggs, Archibald McKinney, March 1819


Ebenezer McKinney, will. Estate left to wife and children, if wife should remarry, estate to be divided among children. Executor, Collin McKinney, Sam Findley, David Williams, Archibald McKinney, Geo. Moore, probated, Sep 13, 1813.


Daniel McKinney, will: to wife, the use of the house in which I now reside. Son, Ebenezer; Peggy; Becky; Betsy; Polly; Sally. Probated Jun 1809.


Will of John Webster . . James Clement to have the land he bargained for with Daniel McKinney


John Singleton appraisement, Alexander McKinney, Nov 19, 1810


Daniel Perrithe, sale, bill to John McKinney, Jul 16, 1810


Daniel McKinney, sale, amount due 109-79=1, by David McKinney and Dallas McKinney, Jun 17, 1811


Burton McKinney, appraiser, Nathaniel S. Martin estate, Apr 30, 1829


Jane McKinney, dau of James Givens, James' will Dec 23, 1831


Esther Whitley will, legatees included Lively McKinney, 8 Jun 1829


Burton McKinney, commissioner, Madison White will, Aug 17, 1833


Geo. McKinney, witness, will of James M. Helm, Jul 8, 1837


G. H. McKinney – commissioner of Rebecca Elder Settlement, 1839


G. H. McKinney - Guardianship, Sam. T. Wharton, Jul 1, 1839


G. H. McKinney – Settlement of James Hutchison will


G. H. McKinney – Settlement of Thomas Myers Will, Feb 4, 1840


Elizabeth McKinney, 1841, teste, Susan Fisher, will


G. H. McKinney, Oct 4, 1841, settlement, Wm. Hiatt will


G. H. McKinney, guardianship settlement, Oct 4, 1841, Henry Owsley


Burton McKinney, division of slaves of Francis Lee, Jan 3, 1842


G. H. McKinney, settlement of Francis Lee will, May 2, 1842


Alfred Briggs, appraiser, Burton McKinney, 1842. Noncupative will, witness, Fortunatus McKinney.


Mary Ann Williams, will, 1851, security, Burton McKinney


T. J. McKinney, appraisement of Wm. Clark estate, Jul 3, 1848


Polly Thurman, estate, appraiser, G. H. McKinney, Nov 4, 1850



Calloway County, Miscellaneous Court Records: Deeds


Feb 16, 1828, James Gullion, Gallatin Co., to Harrison McKinney of Butler


Aug 17, 1829, Jos. Tolbert to Harrison McKinney of Butler


Aug 16, 1836, Wilson McKinney and wife, Elizabeth, to Benj. Shreve


Wilson McKinney, Feb 22, 1830, from John T. Grubbs


John McKinney, Jan 4, 1832, from Eds. Woodward and wife, Mary


John McKinney, May 7, 1832, from Wm. Early and wife, Priscilla


John McKinney, Mar 11, 1833, from Jacob Sanders and wife, Nancy


Ewing McKinney of Stewart Co., Apr 6, 1834, from Thomas James






Miscellaneous Kentucky Material Continued:


Lincoln Co Order book, 1781-1791, p. 184: Daniel McKinney, plaintiff, against Israel Harman, def., upon an attachment, order that the attachment be discontinued.


Bargain and sale between Nathaniel Evans and his wife Mary of the first part and John McKinney of the other part, Lincoln Co


Ordered that John McKinney appraise the estate of Patrick Sloan. Lincoln


James B. McKinney, born 29 Oct 1829, d 17 Jul 1893, buried at Cane Springs Cemetery, Estee Co, KY. Married Sarah Anne Calame, born 16 Dec 1832, d 4 Apr 1923.


Susan, b 1871, m. James Este, 15 Sep 1887

Jesse, b 2 Nov 1869, m Clara Ingram, d 28 Feb 1945


Harrison Co: John McKinney, witness will 14 May 1812 of Wm. Ellis


Harrison Co: Elizabeth McKinney, will, 1822, p. 265, Book A, Jessamine Co., probated, 1823


History of Elizabethtown, KY: 1778, Squire Boone, brother of Daniel, made six depositions before land commissioners certifying that in the years 1778, 1779, 1780, he explored Hardin Co, sometimes alone, sometimes with others, once with John McKenney, once with Daniel Whitaker and Jos. Anderson.


Historical Highway Markers, Aug 1979: Three new historical highway markers were erected in Rockcastle, Boone and Franklin Counties. The texts and locations are given below:


Piatt's Landing – near here on the north bank of the Ohio River at 510.5 was a riverboat landing, ferry and road to the courthouse at Burlington. The landing and large brick home that once stood near, later called Winnfield Cottage, were built in 1814 by Robert Piatt. He was the grandfather of Brevet Maj. Edward R. S. Canby, who was born nearby. Edward Richard Sprigg Canby was born Nov 9, 1817, a West Point Graduate, 1839, he accepted the final surrender of the Confederacy from Generals Richard Taylor and Kirby Smith in Alabama, and Louisiana in May, 1865. He was killed in CA at a peace conference with the Modoc Indians, Apr 11, 1873.


Note: This is the family of Piatts who married into the McKinney family in West Virginia and New Jersey. William Piatt McKinney is rumored to be buried near here.


. . marker located at East Bend, Boone County.


Lincoln Co records mention Stephen McKinney who married America Gregg, witnessed will of James Burton. Stephen also witnessed marriage of John Lawrence who married Elizabeth McKinney, dau of Charles, in 1785.


James McKinney and wife Ann, of Washington Co., VA, sold 60 acres of land in KY, s.w. side of Cedar Creek, to Robert Whit.


Lincoln Co., Stephen McKinney and wife, Catherine, sell land to Amiscial Vardeman, Oct 21, 1788.


Scott Co, John and Martha McKinney witnessed will of Stephen Gree, 1798


Scott Co, Robert and Sally Young McKinney lived Eagle Creek, 323 acres, will, Jun 23, 1796, mentioned two sons, unnamed.


John Curry of Scott Co states that Archibald McKinney is old and infirm


Scott Co., Thomas McKinney will of 1833 mentions wife Martha




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Will witnessed by John Rawlings, James Sullivan. Names children, Thomas Jr., Mary, Elizabeth (Moore), Julia Ann (Ferguson), Martha, John (invalid), and William


Will of ? McKinney and ? McDowell: names children, Samuel (1773), Sarah, Susan, Elizabeth, Mary, Martha, Rebecca, Margaret, William (went West, nvr. Heard from), Nancy b 1791 (Wm. Madison). Nancy Madison removed to Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Oregon in 1852


John McKinney, killed by Indians 1800, Madison Co near Muddy Creek. Will mentions wife Elizabeth. Children: Wildey Evermont b 1784 married Jane Mathews (dau of Peter and Polly Shearer); Susannah m. Clark Co., John Cain; Lucy m. Job Tilley; Lydia m. George Weddle; Sarah m. Joshua Noland; James m. 1792 Eleanor Black; Franklin, moved west.


Charles Boone McKinney of Wayne Co, b 1830, wife, Lucinda Culp, dau of Nathan Culp. Children: Johnnie; Emma; Ada Green; Ann; Bettie; Lucinda Culp


From Sparks Family Quarterly: Amos England, son of Ellsworth and Frances England, b 28 May 1845, mar 1865, KY, Sally McKinney:


Caldonia England May 10, 1867

Dicia England, Jan 11, 1869

William Elzy England, Mar 2, 1870

Alice, Oct 16, 1873

Charles, 26 Oct 1874

Louis Ann, Aug 31, 1874

Nancy Belle, Oct 15, 1877

John Buck, Nov 30, 1879

Les. A., Jul 14, 1882

Mary L, Mar 18, 1884

Burl A., Feb 12, 1886

Myrtle, May 15, 1888


Biddy Ann Sparks, dau of William and Elizabeth Cochran Sparks, b ca 1832, m. 1852, Adais Franklin McKinney b ca 1817. Children, Louisa Jane 1853, Polly Ann, 1856; William M. 1859. Emma Ellen Roach, dau of Martin Warner Roach and Nancy Frances England, b 1885, married J. C. McKinney.


Capt. James Harris and wife, Ann McKinney are both buried in Green Co., KY. They were originally from Dauphin Co., PA


Residents of Christian Co, 1810-1811 (many from Bertie Co., NC): Mary McKiney, Edmond McKinney, John McKinney


Note: The 1790 Census of Lincoln Co lists Archey McKenny, Colin McKenny, Daniel McKenney, Denis McKenny, Enoch McKenny, James McKenney, John J. McKinney, and Josiah Huntsman, whose wife was Jane McKinney. Josiah and Jane arrived in Lincoln Co from Albemarle Co., VA. McKinney's Station near Crab Orchard was settled by Archibald McKinney before 1792, on McKinney's branch of the Hanging Fork, about two miles from Green River, nine miles s.w. of Stanford, and four miles s e. of Hustonville.

                                                            . . Submitted, Rosalie Jackson






Some Virginia Notes


Member, Conda Lee Roach, located the will of Shadrack Jackson McKinney in Union Co., TN (this family originated, probably, in Lee Co., VA). The will is dated Mar 1893, Shadrack dying 28 Apr 1893, burial place unknown. His wife, Vesta Jane Carr, died 11 January 1920 in Jellico, TN, and is buried in Whitley Co, KY, on Cane Creek Road. The will of Shadrack Jackson states that his daughter, Manda, was married to W. J. Ellison; only son, William A. and Manda were mentioned in the will. Nancy Jane McKinney is buried in the Whitley Co Cemetery next to her mother. From a book, Cemeteries in Claiborne County, Tennessee, are listed the following McKinneys:


Clyde J., 28 Aug 1909 – 12 Apr 1977, Harrogate Cemetery, Hwy 25E


Teresa Louise McKinney, 1846 – 1882, Irish Cemetery, Tazewell


Infant McKinney, 19 Feb 1910


Infant McKinney, 27 Aug 1911, both Johnson Cemetery, Harrowgate


William Aaron McKinney and Nancy Elizabeth Smith, known to be related to Shadrack Jackson McKinney, were married in Maynardsville, Union Co., 13 Mar 1895 by Wm. M. Cain, JP. William and his second wife, Mae Arnett, had two infants who died at birth between 1909 and 1914, perhaps these burials are those two children.


McKinney – no marker, Pruden Cemetery, Hwy 90


Note: Possible that this is Shadrack Jackson as daughter Mannie B. lived in Pruden, also some of Shadrack's brothers.


Ben McKinney, 27 Oct 1916 – 25 Aug 1974, Shoffner Cemetery near Shawanee



Campbell Co:


9 Jul 1803, Thomas Jones Jr., to Joseph McKinney and Presley McKinney, deed of trust, witnesses, John Reid, Nathan Tanner, Thos. Jones


Bartholomew Crips, Sally, his wife, sold to Presley McKinney, Sally relinquish dower, 18 Nov 1796, 12 Nov 1804


Patrick Carter, Daniel McKinney, 150 acres, 2 Dec 1793, located on Citchawah branch, adj. John W. Gilbert, George Fox, James Boatrite. Witnesses, Chas. Smith, Augustin Potter, James Carter. Proved 8 Apr 1805


Nov 1805, Presley McKinney sold 15 Nov 1803, to Wm. Moore, Polly his wife, relinquished dower


May, 1785: Thomas Lewis, vs. William McKinney, to Jury


June 1785, Isaac Clement and Adam Clement, Excrs. Of Benjamin Clement, deceased vs. John McKinney and Jeffrey Early


June 1785: William McKinney, security for Charles Spencer who is being sued by William Hutcheson, assignee of Thomas Marshall


Jan 1786: Molly Creek Church, to Arnold's branch, road crew, John McKenney




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28 Oct 1802, John McKinney Jr. and Hanna his wife, late Hanna Huchinson one of the heirs and legatees of William Huchison late of Campbell Co., will 1 May 1792: all his lands to be sold at the death or remarriage of wife, Mary, or when youngest child is 18 years. John McKinney, Hannah McKinney witnesses.


8 Nov 1802, John McKinney Sr. of Campbell, to Jesse Harvey McKinney, owes Hugh Davis, 200 pounds. Deed of trust, 2 negro wenches Nell and Agga, furniture, cattle and land. Signed John (X) McKinney, Jesse Harvey. Wit: Thomas West, William McKinney.


11 Jul 1803: George McKinney and Mary his wife, sold to James C. Moorman, for 20 pounds, land both sides Chocloarollopin branch, 294 acres adjacent to Tanners, Greshams, Powells, Perdues. George (X) McKinney, Mary. Witnesses: Wilson Davnport, John Alexander, Alexander Austin.


9 Sep 1803, Vincent McKinney to William Moore, both of Campbell, 150 lbs. 179 acres, adjacent to John Galloways, James Stapps, James Lee, purchased from James Lee where he formerly lived. Signed Vincent and Jane McKinney. Witnesses: Benjamin Tanner, George McKinney, Thomas Farthing.


Aug 1786, John McKinney lied about taxes.


Aug 1786, Micajah Moorman vs. Joseph McKinney, owes four pounds.


Micajah Moorman vs. Lampkin McKinney, owes 3 pounds, Aug 1786.


Aug 1786, John McKinney vs. Benjamin Dillard and Anne his wife, late Ann Lynch. McKinney won 12 pounds.


Aug 1786, mentions William McKinney. John Copeland paid him one hundred pounds for attending two days and traveling thirty miles as a witness against William McKinney (i.e., John Copeland). The court reimbursed J.C.


Sep 1786, John McKinney, insolvent.


1812, David Talbot co-administrator of will of Sarah McKinney – to Charles, Henry and Tyie McKinney also to Martha Stone and Elisa Moorman, 21 Feb 1812.


18 Nov 1796, witness, Joseph McKinney of land transaction between Presley McKinney and Bartholomew Cyrus.


10 Jun 1799, George McKinney, Joseph Robertson, bought land of David Lewis, both sides of Manleys Creek, no witnesses.


William McKinney, 26 May 1810, justly indebted to James and Frances Miller of Campbell, thirty pounds, nine shillings, two pence, James McIver paid, for a bay horse named Jack, and horse named Billes, bay horse named Cab. Signed William McKinney, James McIver.






Jun 1784, Nathan Chaffin assignee of Wm. Harvey who was assignee of Chas. Harvey vs. Obadiah Fuqua and William McKinney, contined.


17 Mar 1796, William McKinney and Patsy McKinney his wife, of Campbell to James Miller of same, 300 acres, south branch of South Fork of Falling River adj. to Houstons. William McKinney, Patsy (X) McKinney


8 Feb 1802, John McKinney, Sarah his wife, to Wm. Mathew, 270 acres. Witness, David Marshall


1800 Robertson McKinney and Mary, his wife, to Pruden Moore, all of Campbell Co., 140 acres., adj. to Douglass and Harris. No witnesses.





Maryland McKinneys



Submitted by Shaler Gordon Smith, Jr.




James McKane, transported to MD, servant. Early Settlers of Maryland, 1633-2680, Gus Skordas, 1974, p. 312



Makyn Mackinney, transported to MD, servant, ibid, p. 299 MD Archives, Liber 4, Folio 5.



William and Daniel McKinney, indentured, removed to MD from Scotland, apparently from Ship's Passenger Lists: National & New England, Carl Boyer, c.f. Maze, III #3, p. 68 and Mar 1982, p. 6.



Martin Mackenny, wife Margaret, immigrated to MD. Early Settlers of Maryland, Skordas, p. 298.



John Kenny, Will, EB9 233                          Maze, II #4 p. 98

Patrick McKennee, EB 1-146

William McKinney, ND 5-229



William and Daniel McKinney bought land in MD, Maze Mar. 1982 p. 6



Mekin Mekenny d, leaving widow Aninking Dobbs, ibid, also Skordas Volume, p. 313



Large tracts purchased in Bergen Co., NJ by Barbadian settlers, where they farmed and sold land to Dutch; during this period, Scots so disliked by Dutch that Scots traveled as far as MD to conduct business; Maze, I #1, p. 3



John Dabb m by 10 Apr 1674, the widow of Andrew Ellinor and Macom Mehenny; Maryland Marriages, 1634-1777, (Robert Barnes, p. 206)



Joanne Mackanny, transported to MD, The Early Settlers of Maryland, Skordas, p. 298



Collin Mackenny sailed from Virginia to Maryland: Maze I #2, p. 26



The Henry & Francis brought Scots settlers to the province, many of whom had Barbados connections. There was much trade and travel between those islands to the Jerseys, New England, Virginia and the Carolinas. Maze, I #1, p. 3



Alexander McKinney (Mecany) b ca 1679 Scotland? Importation by Maurice Trent; indentured servant at Chester Co., PA, 3 Oct 1693. Scottish Settlers in North America, 1625-1825, David Dobson, 1983




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Alex. Mickense (MacKenzie) b Scotland? Imported servant at Chester Co., PA, 5 Aug 1697, Maze III #4, p. 3


Mathew McKinnie, resident, Newcastle Delaware. Maze II #4, p. 98



Timothy MacKinney mar. Hannah Neal, 17 Jul 1709, St. Peter's Parish, Talbot County, MD, (Barnes) p. 115. Will, 1716, Talbot Co., MD, V 14 p. 163



Alexander MacKenney mar Catharine Plunkitt, 4 Sep 1710, Christ Church Parish, Calvert Co., MD, ibid, p. 115



Alexander McKenny, Jacobite, captured at Preston, transported from Liverpool to Virginia on Elizabeth and Anne, Edward Trafford, Mst. 29 Jun 1716. Landed in Virginia, unindentured. P. 127, Directory of Scots Banished to the American Plantations, 1650-1775, Dobson, 1983.



Alexander Mackeny was buried, Cecil Co., MD, p. 277, St. Mary Ann's (North Elk) Parish Records, LDS Microfilm 525 013887



Mary Mackeny married Mathew Kemp, 1 Oct 1724, St. Mary Ann's (No. Elk) Parish Records, ibid, p. 277


Elion'r Meginney married Francis Markgrave, 27 Dec 1724, St. Peter's Parish, Talbot Co., MD, Maryland Marriages, 1634-1777, Barnes, p. 117


_______ MacKenny, 20 Argyll, indentured servant for Maryland, Feb 1724 (London Guildhall & Record Office), Dobson, D.S.S.N.A. (above)



Mathew McKinney lived Wilmington, Dec, father John from Ireland to America, 1725; Mathew's brothers/sisters: John, Henry b 1714, Joseph, (Joseph Robert), Mary b 1710. Sundry Church Records, Bucks County, Pennsylvania (Maze), I, #1, p. 4. Note: Caution has urged in using this data.



Alexander Mckeny, will. Calvert County, MD, Vol. 19, p. 173, Index to Maryland Colonial Wills, 1634-1777, James Mcgruder



Alexander McKinney b 1726, Mary b 1727, Ann b 1729, all children of Alexander, b 1704, Scotland and Mary McLeod. These children settled in Maryland, some connection with Mordecai McKinney? Maze I #1, p. 4. Note: Caution has been urged in using this data.



Catherine Mackeve married 1727, Richard McClure, Cecil Co., MD, St. Mary Ann's Parish, Maryland Marriages, Barnes, p. 114. Note: No other Mackeve entry noted.



Walter Machenny, MD foot Company, under Capt. Wm. Lane, Somerset Co., MD (no specific date), Maze III #1, p. 4



James MacKennny, 19, Atholl, indentured servant for PA, Sep 1733 (London Guildhall and Record Office), Directory of Scottish Settlers in North America, 1625-1825, Volume I, Dobson, 1984, p. 152



William Mackenny and Robert Mackenny, Newgate to Maryland on the Potapua Merchant, A Dictionary of Scottish Immigrants, Donald Whyte, Maze I, #2, p. 26



Garrit Mekeney, mar. Margaret Curyeur, 26 Jan 1738/1739, St. Mary Ann's Parish (North Elk), Cecil Co., MD, p. 121, Maryland Marriages 1634-1777, Barnes, 1978. LDS Microfilm 525-013887 shows further that Garrit and Margaret had the following children whose births were recorded at St. Mary Ann's Parish: 1742, May 5th, Then was born John Mekinne, son to Garret Mekenne and Margret his wife. 1746, Oct 14th Then was born Jessey Mekeney son of Garrit and Margret Mekeney. 1749, Dec 12






Then was buried Jesse Mekeney, son of Garrit Mekeney and Margaret his wife. 1752, Apr 4th Then was born Elizabeth Mekeney, daughter of Garrit Mekeney and Marget his wife.



Mary Mekenne mar Michael Lum, 9 Jul 1739, St. Mary Ann's Parish, Cecil Co., MD, p. 112, ibid


Mary Meginney mar James Stewart, 24 Aug or 2 Oct 1739 (two dates), St. Peter's Parish, Talbott Co., MD, p. 172, ibid



Jane MacKenny, mar Aaron Porter, 19 Aug 1740, St. George's Parish, Baltimore Co., MD, p. 141, ibid



David Makany, Newgate to MD, Catherine & Elizabeth, 8th May 1741, A Dictionary of Scottish Immigrants, Donald Whyte, cf Maze I, #2 p. 26



Daniel McKinney shipped from Scotland to Maryland, Maze III #3, p. 68



Alexander Mekeney mar Susannah Foster or Forster, 3 Jun 1742, St. Mary Ann's North Elk Parish, Cecil Co., Maryland Marriages, Barnes, p. 120. LDS Microfilm 525 013887 shows Forster. The microfilm gives both entries in Cecil Co. In addition, the microfilm also shows births to Alexander and Susannah: Sarah 3 Apr 1744; William 26 Sep 1746; Mary 8 May 1750; Ann 1 May 1752. See also Maze I, #2, p. 33



Bridget Kenney mar John Coward, 17 Sep 1742, St. Peter's Parish, Talbot Co., MD, Maryland Marriages, Barnes, p. 41



Alexander McInny, Jacobite, transported on the Gildart, Master Richard Holmes from Liverpool. Landed at Port North Potomac, MD 5 Aug 1747. A Directory of Scotts Banished to the American Plantations 1650-1775, Dobson, 1983.



Donald McKinney, Jacobite, as per Alexander, same date, p. 135, ibid



John McKenney, MD Militia, soldier, upper hundred of the Clifts, Calvert Co., from Colonial Soldiers of the South, June Murty Clark, c.f. Maze III #1, p. 4



John McKinnie, will, Lancaster Co., PA, names: Wife, Jean; sons Hugh, John, Matthew; dau. Mary; brothers John, Henry; mother Mathu (?); brother-in-law, Thomas Harris. Children appt'd wards of Harris. Maze II #3, p. 63, Egle's Notes & Queries Relating to Pennsylvania, Third Series in Three Volumes; Vol. II, Genealogical Publishing co., 1970, p. 295, has a slightly different version: John McKinney, d Paxtang, Nov 1749 leaving a wife Jean, daughter of Roger Cunningham and children: John, Hugh, Mary. The executors were 'my brother Matthew McKinney, my brother in law Thomas Harris, and my brother Henry McKinney.



Cain McKinne mar Mary Hiery at Holy Trinity Church, Wilmington, DE. Baptised dau Mary 11 Mar 1751, witnesses John and Jane McKenney. Maze I #2, p. 33; Maze III #3, p. 68. LDS ICI file, as of Apr 1984, shows the following: McKinni, Cain, Mary Hiery, HM 11 Mar 1751


New Castle, Wilmington, Delaware, Holy Trinity or Old Swedes Church, Batch M505861, Ser. Sheet 2612


Mary MEKenny, John MEKenny/Jane, F.C. 3 Jun 1751, Newcastle, Wilm. Delaware, Holy Trinity or Old Swedes Batch C505861, Serial Sheet 1358


Note: Old Swedes Church, Wilmington, still standing, Episcopal.





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Mordecai McKinney born Maryland, believed son of William and grandson of Mordecai of New Jersey; this Mordecai married Elisabeth Dils (Dilts) dau of Johannes Dills of Hunterdon Co., New Jersey. This Mordecai, private in the company of Capt. Ely Kershaw SC Revolutionary War, 1775. Mordecai was in Edgefield District, SC in 1790 Federal Census. Dau. Katherine b 1775, New Jersey. Maze III #3, p 63



Donald M'Kennie, overseer of William Digges, found murdered in Baltimore Co. on March 29, 1751. Marriages & Deaths from the Maryland Gazette, c.f. Maze I #2, p 29






Some Family Groups, Pioneer Pickings No. CLXXXV, The Salem Democrat, 1879 . . . .



Daniel C. McKinney, the birth of whom was Fayette County, State of Kentucky, 2nd day of November, 1806, and is the subject of this sketch. His father's name was Daniel McKinney, his mother's maiden name was Margaret Wallace. They were from the counties of Augusta and Rockbridge, Virginia. They were married in the State of Virginia and then moved to the State of Kentucky in 1775. David McKinney was the father of twelve children to wit: James, Esther, Elizabeth, Margaret, John, Robert, Alexander, Mary, Thomas, David C., William and Cynthia A. James was the first one to move to Indiana. He crossed the Ohio River at Jeffersonville on the 6th day of November 1811 being the night before the battle of Tippecanoe was fought. He settled on the quarter section of land on which a part of the town of Livonia now stands. He owned the north quarter and his father, David owned the south one, but of which half of the section we have not been informed, nor in fact of the section as Livonia is located upon two sections. At the time James moved to Indiana, the Indians were constantly prowling around, committing their depredations upon the unoffending settlers, and he, with other settlers, erected their cabins in supporting distance from each other (wonder if the gentlemen who took such exceptions to what we at one time said about Christianizing the Indians had not better go and listen to some of Uncle David C. McKinney's recollections of early times with these red brethren, before he publishes another card about what our ideas were. As he is a near neighbor of Uncle David it would be easy to get the information and then he can pack up his missionary traps and start out to convert Sitting Bull and his cut-throats, and thus render humanity, Christianity and civilization a great blessing, and make himself a man worthy to be called a second Howard in philanthropy as well as in name).


Absalom Sargeant owned the land where several of the cabins were built for the protection of the settlers, and the land is now owned by David Patton near Sinking Spring. About the middle of March 1814, David McKinney and all of his family James excepted, left Kentucky bound for the Indian territory. The roads were very bad and muddy, but having good teams and also considerable stock, consisting of cattle, sheep and young horses, they got along, all things considered, first rate: They arrived in the Territory in due course of time, and settled on Lost River, on what is now known as the Trimble farm in Orange County. On their trip, to Lost River they found but few settlers, whose cabins were sparsely dotted over the country. They were well pleased with their location, and all the force that could be brought or made available was put to work and used in clearing the land.






On the 14th day of May 1814, the youngest child, Cynthia Ann, sickened and died thus making the first breach in the family of David McKinney. David selected a place to bury his child, and the place is now known as the Trimble graveyard and which has since become so noted as a cemetery by reason of its containing the remains of so many representatives of the numerous families that lived and died in the surrounding country. The three boys, John, Robert and sometimes Alexander, had their hands full in herding and caring for the stock, John having the greatest share of the burden. Every night he would have to hobble all the horses so that they would not stray off during the night. In the morning all of them would have to be hunted up and harnassed for work. Whenever one of the boys had to go to the mill, it was at Beck's Mill on horseback, a distance of twelve miles.


Note: Although this pertains more to Indiana than to Kentucky, it was included in this issue to help some of those researching in Indiana Archives. The full citation of this article was not available to the editor at the present time.





Federal Census Records, Kentucky



Archibald McKinney

1800 Tax list, Lincoln Co., KY


1810 Census, Lincoln Co., KY; 4 males to ae 10; 2 males 10-16; 1 male 16-26; 1 male 26-45; male 45 plus; 1 female 10-16; 1 female 26-45


1820 Census, Lincoln Co., KY; 1 m to 10; 2 m 10-16; 2 m 16-18; 3 m 18-26; 0 m 26-45; 1 male over 45; 1 f 18-26; 1 f 26-45; 1 f over 45; 3 female slaves, 2 under 14, 1 to 45


Settled McKinney's Station before 1792, had 400 acres on the watercourse branch of Green River Feb 9, 1780



William McKinney

1800 Tax list, Lincoln Co


1785 Lincoln co., lot of land, Sep 19


1810, Lincoln Co


Lewis & Clark Diary mentions him at McKinney's Station



James McKinney

1780 Apr 29, 400 acres at Hanging Fork


1785 May 10 Military warrant #3869, 100 acres, 3 years service, Virginia Line


1800 Tax List


1810 Census, Lincoln Co


1820 Census, Lincoln Co



Collin McKinney

1800 Tax List, Lincoln Co., Aug 23


1810 Census, Lincoln Co; 1 m 50 10; 1 m 10-16; 1 m 26-45; 4 f to 10; 1 f 16-26; 3 slaves


1830 Census, Bartholomew Co., IN; 2 males to 5; 1 m 5-10; 1 m 10-15; 1 m 30-40; 2 f 10-15; 2 f 20-30





Questions, Questions, Questions






Seeking all info on Margaret Coffey, wife of Daniel McKinney, mar ca 1733 Somerset Co., NJ. Also need wife of Collin McKinney b 1735 Somerset Co., NJ, widow in will in Pulaski Co., KY was Rebecca ? Mrs. Jack C. Henschen, IL

Note in the margin: Is this James Collin md Sarah Boone; Rebecca Tuttle; Mary Finley?



Seeking info Benjamin McKinney b early 1800's, NC. Joyce McKinney Bean, TX





Working in anc, John McKinney fr TN. Sheriff of Lavaca Co., TX, 1852-1856, married 2nd, widow Guthrie, 1854. James, son of John was a horse-wrangler and a TX Ranger at San Antonio. Jane, dau of John, mar Dr. John West. Judy Chilton, TN





Seeking info, William McKinney (Orangeman), came to US, from Co. Down, Ireland bef 1802. Settled Ross Twp., Allegheny Co., PA, issue: Joseph, William b 1802 Ross Twp; William mar 1st Sarah Grubbs, 2nd, Mathilda Sauer, d 1875 Pine Twp; also John, James, Jenny. Sharon Hillis, AK



Note: This query (?) is an answer to an old letter (1976) to Clara McKinney Reddell of McKinney, TX, inquiring about John Dhu McKinney. Editor: Dhu or Dubh, is simply a Scottish descriptive term meaning black . . John, the black, meaning dark-complexioned is the likely answer to this questions. It is entirely possible that Mordecai's father was John the black. (See Memoirs of Clan Fingon for others in this family who were described as Dubh/Dhu).




Seeking info regarding Livonnia McKinney Brown . . giving Latory, MO as her birthplace – am not able to find Latory on the map of MO – b Jun 18, 1860, and died in Great Falls, MT, Mar 18, 1911. Originally resided in Clayton Co., IA . . any help with name of birthplace? Clare C. Gibbons, MN




Arnold ?

John McKinney (see above query #3), wife, Narcissa. Wf b ca 1806 prob. TN; John b ca 1800 TN (?) Narcissa (2) Mary Moss (Aunt Kate). Issue: James, Martha (White), Narcissa d MS; Mary (Joel Bennett); Sarah (Tom Hughes); William; TN; Jane (Sanders); Catherine (Boyce); John E. Perhaps another dau from 2nd marriage, Ellen who married an Arnold? Judy Chilton, TN





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Seeking info on pts, birthplace of George McKinney b 1791, KY, m 1st Catherine Bourland, 2nd, Selina ?, d 1852, Franklin Co., AR, served in War of 1812, TN state militia. Mary M. Rice, OK




Are George McKinney and Margaret Hutchison of Essex Co., VA, parents of: Charles b 1730 d 1798 KY (mar Marianne Chastain); Morgan; Thomas; Alexander; Mathew McKinney? Betty Maynes, CA







Garrit Mekeney m 1738/1739 Margret Curyeur; Alexander Mekeney m. 1742 Susannah Fostter; Mary Mackeny mar 1724, Mathew Kemp, all at St. Mary Ann's Parish, Cecil Co., MD (See Maryland McKinney, Article, this issue). Any relationship among these three? Any relationship to Mordecai McKinney, the newly registered Revolutionary War Patriot from SC, b ca 1751, MD? Is Garrit Mekeney the same as Garrett McKinne who died 1756/1757 in Craven Co., NC? Shaler Gordon Smith, FL




Anc. George C. McKinney b 1822 OH or PA, wife, Elizabeth Burkhead, b OH, married 18 Jul 1844, Pike Co., IL. Also lived Audrain Co., MO, Pike Co., MO, d Mar 1906, LA, Pike Co., MO. Issue: John, William D., Nelson M., George W., Mary Frances, Anna, Thomas J. Rachel (Jenny), Sarah Matilda, George C. George C. was the father of Melissa Jane and William, not born of this marriage – when and where was George C. born? Who were his pts, and when and where were they born and mar? Death? Who was other of Melissa and William? George Graydon McKinney, WA




Seeking Vincent McKinney b ca 1806, TN or VA? Wife, Nancy Newton, mar 28 Jan 1834, Jefferson Co., TN, also lived Crittenden Co., KY between Caldwell Springs and Tyners Chapel, died bef 1868 in Crittenden Co. Issue: William A. b 1834 m Martha A. Pace; John N. b ca 1835; Mary E. mar J. N. Brown; Mariah J. b 1840 m. Alfred N. Durham; James Harrison b 1842 m Rowena Jane Childress; Prudence V. ca 1843; Calvin V. ca 1845 TN; Joseph Newton ca 1848 mar Alice ? Sarah Ann Elizabeth b 1851 mar James Wesley Grimes; Lorena E. A. b ca 1853; Thomas J. ca 1856 m Martha G. ?; Martha C. m. Thomas ? Carolyn Gallagher, FL



Seeking Benjamin McKinney ca 1790 – 1880 census, son Nathaniel states, b Maine – wife, Ruthy, probably married in NC. Issue: Robert, Benjamin, Sorrowful, Jessie, George Riley, Thomas, Nathaniel, Stephen. Living in Hyde Co., NC ca 1830 – 1850 Hyde Co. Census lists Thomas, Nathaniel and Stephen in household of Ruth Harris as head of household – is this Ruthy? Joyce Mckinney Bean, TX








Thomas Forseith McKinney b 13 Sep 1840, Sterling, Brown Co., OH, son of Wm. McKinney, d 28 Apr 1911, Bluffton, Wells Co., IN, mar 24 Oct 1860, Martha Jane Wilson. Martha b 24 Sep 1830, Brown Co. dau of Wm. Wilson and Mary Fore, d 2 Sep 1917, Bluffton, IA. Issue: Ada b 1862 (Charles Snowhill); Charles W. 1854 (Rosella Miller); Clara 1867, (Holderbaum); James Wm. 1869, Harriet Ogden); Edward S. 1872, (Ethel Lee); Hamer 1874 (Bessie Cotton). Seeking info on family of Martha Jane Wilson, she had twin sis Mary Jane. Betty McKinney, IN




Henry McKinney b 1809, TN, mar 1830-1831. Daughter, Paralee b Dec 1831, mother died – Henry married 2nd, Ann Moses ca 1835-1836, sosn Robert b Dec 1836. Ann d ca 1836 – her sis carried Robert to Smith Co., TN, later to AR. Henry moved to San Augustine, TX 1838 – where was Henry McKinney born? Eric Lawler, TX




Earliest known anc, Mary McKinney b ca 1780, prob. NC, mar Archibald Murphy, 30 Mar 1798, Mecklenberg Co., NC, also lived Blount Co., TN, d ca 1840, in Blount. Children: James Crawford Murphy, Betsy Murphy, Pelina Murphy. Need pts of Mary McKinney, also date and place of birth and death – any siblings? Mrs. Ray A. Dickey, TX



Seeking pts, sibs., etc. of James and Sarah McKinney, moved from TN, ca 1815 to Cole Co., MO, thence to Texas Co., MO. James b 20 Sep 1790, TN; Sarah b Feb. 1791/1794, NC, married in Campbell Co., TN. Issue: Caswell, Hazel, David, Calvin, Susan, Andrew, James, Serene, Millie, Sarah, Henry, Eva Candice, Melva Ann



Seeking anc George McKinney of WVA – grgrfthr in MO in 1830's – Calvert McKinney. His son, Byron was my grandfather. Mother's name was Flora? – any help appreciated. Mary Lea Houser, MO



Seeking Henry McKinney – was he the Henry who d bef 1774, Burke Co., NC, and had brother James who was made guardian of Charles, Henry, Sarah, Eleanor? Ena Littrell, NC (Note written in margin: Line of Pattie Hurst)




Seeking all info, Mordecai and Mary Sebering McKinney of NJ – place of marriage, death, etc. Wilson E. Jones, GA





Seeking info, Albert McKinney/McKinna, b ca 1812, NC, where? Parents? Married Martha Orr b 1814 NC, dau of Robert Orr of Henderson Co., NC, ca 1834, probably mar in Henderson Co.,




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NC ca 1842, moved to Gilmer Co., GA ca 1850/1853. Albert may have d ca 1861-1865. Issue: Prusa F., Orpha F., Ruthia A., Naomi Jane, Martha Ann, James E., John Bailey. James E. b 1843 Henderson Co. may have removed to Henderson as an adult – desc? John Bailey b ca 1849 lived Lewis Co., Washington, aft 1904, d ca 1925. Thought for today: One has to see what is before one can see what can be. Leslee Fehlman, TX





News and Notes . . . .



The Editor has received several long ahnentafels to be printed . . space does not permit their printing in entirety in this issue, so have patience, they will be printed in our next issue – one from Marjorie Davis Sheehy, and one from Olive Batcher – they are both magnificent, and appreciated – so have patience, again, and we will offer them in our Winter, 1985 issue.


Helen Marple, our member, is sending us her voluminous notes for McKinney families, and they will be presented ffrom time to time in our quarterlies – these concern, in the main, the descendants of James and Mary Ballard McKinney of NC. For those who are interested, send an SASE if you desire information before publishing.


We have received our long-awaited copies of Genealogical Books in Print, which are available for loan (see Library Listing) . . they are a most invaluable tool for locating printed material on just about every subject of concern to historians and genealogists, as well as maps, manuscripts, family quarterlies (such as Maze), with ordering information . . although some of the materials published are not available, at least it is a guide to availability of material. It is suggested that many of you will want to have copies of your own, at $27.50 from Genealogical Books in Print, 6818 Lois Drive, Springfield, VA 22150. This firm also has available, charts, forms, genealogical materials, etc. The two volumes are soft-bound (paperback), and are easy to use, indexed, and complete with ordering forms. The editor has had volumes one and two of this work for some time, although I missed ordering volume three – hence, this fourth edition has been eagerly awaited. If you do order from the library – only realize that this book will be long in coming – we are sure that it will be off the shelf more often than not.


Computer genealogy continues to grow . . a conference was held in Kansas City recently, and Leland Adams of Overland Park, stated that the major hurdle to overcome was the massive task of entering huge amounts of information into the computer, as well as the privacy issue. Glade I. Nelson of the Genealogy Library of Salt Lake City, Utah mentioned that a person could enter the names of all ancestors into computers and suddenly receive a list of all potential references to that person – technologically, it could be done today, but there are rights of privacy that must be solved . . by early 1987, the LDS Library will have computerized its catalog of holdings including land records, tax records and census records. No decision has been made on whether to make it available for home computer users, but there is some optimism in this regard.






Speaking of computer genealogy – do we have a member who would be willing to computerize our McKinney family groups (many of them), and make print-outs available to members (for a fee, of course?) If so, please contact the Editor. Our ancestor0Matching service would be of much greater help and availability if it were to be computerized.



Mrs. Margaret Scruggs Carruth, Dallas, TX (1954-1959) had advertised in a quarterly publication that she was an unofficial clearing house of McKinney Family information. Is any member familiar with Mrs. Carruth – can you locate the information that she held? She seemed to be a desc of Moses McKinney of Southampton, VA and Mary Harris who lived in GA.



Publications Offered . . .


Private Marriage & Baptismal Register

Rev. John T. Steffy of Allegheny Co., PA

1874-1935, 32pp, indexed, soft cover


Genealogy of the Durand Family, M. Sellman

1984, hard cover, 250pp, indexed, in 2

Sections, photographs – some slip sheets

Due to printer-error, but information intact


Marietta, GA, Confederate Soldier

Burials, Leaflet, 4pp, photocopy



Books for Sale . . .


(Used)            Our Prairie Home, Castle on the Range (Kansas)

(Used)            Dulaney Furlong & Kindred Families, Dulaney

                        From: P. Kirkwood, CA






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Library Listings, McKinney Family Association, September, 1985:



Armstrong: Pioneer Families of Northwestern New Jersey


Barber, John W. & Henry Howe: Historical Collections of the State of New Jersey


Beck, Henry Charlton: The Road of Home, Lanes & Legends of New Jersey


Boone's Sierra Echoes, October 1984-July 1985 (Exchange Quarterly)


Chambers, T. F.: The Early Germans of New Jersey, Their History, Churches and Genealogies


Crozier, Isabel: William Fee McKinney and His Family (Carrickfergus, Ireland)


Crumrine, Boyd R.: Virginia Court Records in Southwestern Pennsylvania


Dally, Rev. Joseph W.: Vital Records of Woodbridge, New Jersey


Dobson, David: Directory of Scots Banished to the American Plantations, 1650-1775


Dunaway, Wayland F: The Scotch-Irish of Colonial Pennsylvania


Garver, Lois: The Descendants of Colin and Daniel McKinney (2 Copies)


Gee, Mrs. Mildred M.: Daniel McInnish of No. Carolina and His Descendants MSS


Greenlaw, Lucy Hall: The Genealogical Advertiser, A Quarterly Magazine of Family History, 1900, Vols 1-3


Grimble, Ian: Scottish Clans & Tartans


Harper, Estelena: Charles McKinney & Related Families (North Carolina)


Hathaway, J. R. B.: The North Carolina Historical & Genealogical Register, Vols I-IV, 1900-1903


Hayden, Rev. Horace Edwin: Virginia Genealogies, a Genealogy of the Glassell Family of Scotland and Virginia, and Others


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Kentucky Society: Green County Review, April 1980 Issue


KYOWVA Society: Quarterly and Surname Listing (1983) (1982-1983 Newsletters) Exchange, On-going


Morrison, Jean: Scots on the Dijk (Scottish Church in Holland)


McGhan, Judith, Editor: Virginia Vital Records, 1983 Gen. Pub. Co.


McKinney, Neal T. & N. T.: Alexander McKinney, A Partial Listing of Descendants, 1985


Mackinnon, Rev. Donald D.: Memoirs of Clan Fingon


Nelson, William: Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey, Vol. XXII, Marriage Records, 1665-1800


New Jersey: New Jersey Genesis, Quarterly, 1960-1967 Issues


North West Arkansas Society: Cemeteries of Washington Co., Arkansas, Volume IV Spring, 1982


O'Callaghan, Frank B.: Lists of Inhabitants of Colonial New York, GPC 1983


Olson: A Centenary History of the Swedish Baptist Church


Parsons, Milton: McKinney Kith & Kin, Newsletters, 1962


Pencola, Jerrye Todd: Limestone County, Alabama 1860 Federal Census


Petty, Gerald R.: Some Descendants of Mordecai McKinney (Photocopy)


Powell, Esther W.: Ohio, the Cross Road of Our Nation, Vol. 10


Powell, William S.: The North Carolina Gazetteer, A Dictionary of Tar Heel Places


Rubincam, Milton, Ed.: Genealogies of Pennsylvania Families GPC 1984


Rutherford, Kenneth: Genealogical History of Our Ancestors (Photocopy of McKinney Section, Only). The entire set is available in private collection.






San Luis Obispo Society: California Central Coast Genealogical Society Quarterlies, 12 issues


Sayford, Mrs. Nancy M.: The Family McKinney


Sherwood, George: American Colonists in English Records


Smoky Valley Society: Tree Climber, Quarterly (Exchange), 1983-


Stebbings, Shirley B.: Blatchley Physicians & Pioneers, Descendants of Thomas Blatchley, 1635-1929


Stewart, John: Gloucester County New Jersey in the Civil War


Stillwell, John E.: Historical & Genealogical Miscellany Relating to Data in the Settlement and Settlers of New York and New Jersey, Vol. 1-3


Somerset County: Somerset County Genealogical Quarterly, June 1983-


Surry County: The Heritage of Surry County, North Carolina, Vol. I


Wheeler, Wm. Ogden & Edmund D. Halsey: Inscriptions on the Tombstones & Monuments in the Graveyards at Whippany & Hanover, Morris Co., NJ 1894


Worrell, Anne Lowry: Over the Mountain Men, Their Early Court Records in Southwest Virginia


Wood, Lillian F.: Michaell MakQuiny of Virginia & His Sons, John and Barnabas, MSS. Photocopy


Yantis, Nellie Schreiner: Genealogical & Local History Books in Print, Volumes I-II, Fourth Edition Note: Vol. 1, 22 are available in private library collection – for loan



Note: The Editor has the following books in her private collection, available for loan or research, write for details:


Dobson: Directory of Scottish Settlers, Volumes 1-5


Boyer: Ship's Passenger Lists, Volumes 1-3 (not Pennsylvania-Delaware)


DAR Patriot Index, Volume I, plus 1983 Supplement


10,000 Vital Records of Western New York, 1850


Bell: Quaker Friends of Ye Olden Times


Egle: Index to Pennsylvania Genealogies


Newman: To Maryland from Overseas


Society: Vital Records of Warwick, Rhode Island, Arnold


Scott: New York Administrations, Vol. 10, Holland Society Yearbook


Tuttle: Pioneers of Madison County, New York


Schlegel: Passengers from Ireland 1811-1916


Hotten: Lists of Emigrants to America, Etc.


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Bailey: Pre Revolutionary Dutch Houses, New Jersey & New York


Wilson: Great Valley Patriots (West Virginia)


McKinney: Westfield Presbyterian Church, Westfield, New Jersey


Thayer: As We Were, The Story of Old Elizabethtown (New Jersey)


Boyer: Ancestral Lines




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Mackenzie: Colonial Families of the United States of America, Vol. 1-7


Society: Illinois Historical Society, 3 Volumes 1926-1929


Furlong: Dulany Furlong and Kindred Families


Nottingham: Luther Nottingham Ancestry


Stroh, Oscar: Thompson's Battalion (Pennsylvania Line)


New York Secretary of State: New York Men in the Revolution, 1898


Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society, Quarterlies


Green: Thomas Green of Malden, Massachusetts; The Joseph Greens of Westerly, Rhode Island


A History of Hanover Township, New Jersey, Bicentennial Commission


Stemmons: A United States Census Compendium


Filby: Who's Who in the Genealogy & Heraldry


Currier-Briggs: English Adventurers and Colonial Settlers


Williams: Know Your Ancestors


Mott: The First One Hundred Years of Hunterdon Co., New Jersey (Photocopy)


Thompson: A Catalogue of British Families Histories


The Roll of Battle Abbey


Lloyd: The Origins of Some Anglo Norman Families


Smith: A Genealogists Bookshelf


Bacon: The Scottish Clans and Their Tartans


Bain: Clans & Tartans of Scotland


Pine: The Story of Surnames


Hook: Family Names


Fox-Davies: A Complete Guide to Heraldry


MacKinnon: Observer's Heraldry


Stevenson: Search & Research


Wright: Preserving Your American Heritage


Society: Land Holdings in the United States (Kirkham)


Young & Taylor: Death Notices from Freewill Baptist Publications (Mostly New York, and New England) 1809-1850




Reviews, Reviews . .



Alexander McKinney, N. T. McKinney & Neal B. McKinney, A Partial Listing of the Descendants. 57pp, soft cover, privately printed, price not given. A listing of the Descendants of Alexander McKinney born approx. 1762 and died Oct. 11, 1837 in South Carolina. A well-done genealogy of Alexander and his known children, those who are interested in this family line should contact Neal B. McKinney, Rosebank Road, Compton, MD 20627.


William Fee McKinney of Sentry Hill: his family & friends, Isabel Crozier, 1985, Impact Printing Ltd., 2 Stone Row, Coleraine, No. Ireland 6L. Hard cover, 153pp, photographs. Mrs. Crozier has presented an interesting and very readable family history of William Fee McKinney, descended from James McKenzie, and his second wife Helen Campbell of Argyle, who were married in Carmoney, March 5, 1717. Other families chronicled are: Montgomerys of Giffen; Martin; Biggers; Thoburn; Russell; Robinson; McGaw; Guthrie. Two of these family members emigrated to the United States and fought for the colonists in the War of the Revolution . . Andrew and William McKinney. The descendants of Andrew are known, and research continues into William's destiny . . it is believed that he was killed in the Revolution and is buried, probably, in Pennsylvania. Write to the publisher for further information.






Johnson & Sorenson Publications . .


1850 Virginia Smiths

1850 Louisiana Census, all Smiths

1850 Texas Census, all Smiths

1850 Georgia Census, Smiths

1850 Arkansas Census, Smiths

Tennessee Smiths

Virginia Smiths



. . One Final Note: On a recent trip to Alaska and Canada, your Editor found an interesting tidbit – a roll of sweet-tart candies, called 'fruit drops' 'Oatfield', manufactured by Wm. McKinney & Sons, Ltd., Letterkenny, Ireland. We McKinneys certainly get around.

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