The McKinney Maze


Newsletter of The McKinney Family Association



Fall - 1982

Vol. 1, #3



Founded, September 1981 as a non-profit, educational association and library, dedicated to researching, preserving and collecting historical and family data.  To assist and instruct in genealogical research and to publish private and public records and educational articles. Bylaws and Constitution adopted October 1981.


Officers:             Barbara Pannaqe Stanfield, Coordinator

                            Annabel McKinney Rowe, Treasurer

      Patricia McKinney Kirkwood, Secretary-Editor


Manuscripts, family records and other material are always appreciated. Researchers whose material has been used in this and the pre­ceding issues are:  Mabel Johnson, Willa Sorenson, Barbara Stanfield, Dorothy Theurer and many others.





This third issue of our quarterly will list Virginia material (so much material is available that the Carolinas will have to be given in the Winter issue), research reports from two researchers, queries, book review repeat, new books for our lending library, and other miscellaneous materials. We have been honored to have been requested to submit the quarterly to the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, which makes one feel that we "have arrived'. We continue to request non—profit standing, however, the State of California has refused us on the basis of "not being of service to the general public'. We have applied for the same standing in the State of Oklahoma, but as of this issue have not resolved the problem. In order to overcome the California requirements, we might consider expanding into a general genealogical periodical, and the Editor would like to hear from the members on this proposal.


Our book loan program has been successful to date, and I would like to see an expansion of the program adding quarterlies and other relevant materials. Unfortunately, this editor has not had the opportunity to further expand on the matching of family groups, but plan to do so as time allows. Wilma Cook has volunteered to index our newsletters, the result of which will be published in the Spring of 1983 issue. Many thanks to Wilma!


One of our members has expressed the desire to have a professional researcher in Virginia.  When the New Jersey and New York sources are exhausted, we will engage someone to do research in Virginia and the Carolinas, and points South, as we further trace the migrations of this family. Thorough research does take time, and we are limited to the requirements of each person's time; we would like results, of course, but must remember that some of us have been searching for ten or more years. Hopefully, this wait will not take as much time!




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RESEARCH REPORT: Dr. John Anderson July, 1982


Items researched:  Bureau of Archives & History, Rutgers Special Collections, New Jersey Historical Society, Somerset Courthouse, Middlesex Courthouse, Piscatawaytown Book, Somerset County Historical Quarterly, Story of An Old Farm and other materials.


Item 1:      In Mellick's STORY OF AN OLD FARM, one citation tends to show a connection between the Peapack grants and Kinny, Scotland. (Note: I have checked all maps available to me plus Smith's Gazeteer of Scotland, and have not been able to pinpoint the location. Help?)

Dr. Anderson also notes that the dearth of information on Mordecai in the Somerset Co. records may be that the courthouse was burned in October 1777.


Item 2:      Docket of Jacob VanNoarstrand, 2 May 1774 - Mordecai Mackinney v. Peter Dumon Logrange, debt.  Def. appeared & states he paid same to Dirck Morlat, one of the executors of estate of William Mackinney, and has his receipt. Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey, Vol. 44, No. 40


Item 3: St. James Lutheran Churchyard, Greenwich Township Tombstones:  McKinney, Wyckoff, no dates, also stones for William & Margaret McKinney, with no other inscription. ibid., 44., No. 223


Item 4:      Return of Marriages in the Township of Oxford, County of Warren, State of New Jersey, from the 1st day of June 1875 to the 1st day of June 1876.

No. 27:      William McKinney of Broadway to Alice Prall of Oxford

Feb. 16th       William age 26, Alice, age 26

Married by John F. Pollock, Minister, Oxford

Parents:      John and Mary McKinney

William and Elizabeth Prall, now Mrs. Hartung

Vol. BQ, p. 407., Marriages


Item 5:      (All following, from the Somerset Co. Historical Quarterly) THE WHITAXER FAMILY OF SOMERSET COUNTY, ÒMary Brown also remarried, her second husband being Ebenezer White of whom I know nothing except that his daughter. Susan married Stephen Whitaker, a grandson of Jonathan, and their daughter Susan married Alexander Finley, a brother of Rev. Robert for many years pastor of the Basking Ridge Presbyterian Church, and became the mother of several children, one of whom, ELISA, married Rev. DAVID MCKINNEY, D.D., who attained considerable prominence in Penn."


Neshanic Reformed Church Baptismal Record:  Hall, George and Elizabeth Kinney:

Elizabeth, b Nov. 26, 1805; bap. May 4, 1806.


NOTES ON THE WYCOFF FAMILY: 7th Generation (4) John m Margaret - - On Aug. 20, 1786, John and Margaret his wife sold to Michael KINNEY, 63 acres, part of a farm inherited from his father, Nicholas, on Holland Brook. Of him I have no further trace, except that he had one son baptized in Readington, viz.: John, baptized Feb. 14, 1773.





It is certain John had other children, but their names have not been ascertained.  He still lived in Readington in 1805. He and his wife are buried in Readington churchyard (old ground).


(200) Margaret m John McKinney, her daughter Rebecca m. John Stevens (Not Elizabeth as previously thought)


First Reformed Church, Raritan (Somerville) Baptisms: 1753, Mar. 25 Sebering, Leffert and Jaennete - Aelte. Macenne, Daneel and Rebeca-Neckelaes.



Neshanic Reformed Church Baptismal Records: 

Stevens, John McKinney and Maria Williamson: Aletta Ann, bap Mar 8, 1835

Stevens, John and Rebecca McKinney: Elizabeth Van Arsdale, b Jun 24, 1826 bap Sep 3.


Joseph Wyckoff, b Jan 16, 1765 - d Oct. 16, 1818 m. ANNA MCKINNEY who was b Oct 17, 1762 and d Feb. 11, 1827 and about 1800 he removed to Central New York.






                 Elizabeth b Sep 14, 1795 m Newell Ives


From Readington Church Baptisms from 1720:


1728, Feb 25. Vanderbeek, Burger and Annetje - Wilhelmyntie.

 Witness:    Lourens KINNE and Catherine, his wife.

1733 Jan. 7: KINNE, JACOBUS and Neeltje - Jacobus

1734 Aug 4: KINNE, Adriaen and Kniertje - Pieter

1745 May 5: KINNE JACOBUS and Neeltje Hoogland - Neeltje

1747 Oct. 3: KINNE, Jaaobus and Neeltje Hoogland - Simeon  Witness, Simeon Kinne

1750 May: KINNE, Jacobus and Neeltje Hoogland - Lea

1751 Nov. 10 KINNE, JACOBUS and Lena - Lena



Neshanic Reformed Church: VanMiddleswort, Gilbert L. and Ann W. McKinne

Jane Ann, b July 30, 1816, bap Sept. 22

Elizabeth b Dec. 2, 1819, bap Mar 20, 1820

Hannah, b Apr 6, 1822, bap July 14

John Wykoff, b Oct. 5, 1824 bap Mar 6, 1825


Letter from Jeromus Vanderbilt VanDoren to Charles Corle, 1831: Issaac MCKINNEY has moved to Ohio. He might as well come here unless he was out of soap when he got in Ohio. Please inform me what kind of circumstances he started with, and what was his place of destination.


Entries that were duplications of those we already have were omitted. We are now waiting for the results of inquiries Dr. Anderson has made to the Holland Soc. of New York, and New York Society.  KINNE references were included, as it will be noticed in the Andrew Johnston Journal entries (given in Petty's work), that Kinne, McKinney and Kinney were used interchangeably for the same persons. It well may be that there is a relationship between the German Kinne, Kinnan, Canaan and McKinney families.


In a recent article on Dutch naming systems, it was noticed that the Dutch naming system used the sponsors of baptisms as given names, and that second given or "middle' names were not used at all until well into the 1740's. As an example, the eldest son of Mordecai, Jan, was sponsored by Jan Roeloff Sebering and wife.




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Jacob McKinney baptized in 1719 was sponsored by Jacob and Josyntie Sebering.  Daniel (1717) was sponsored by Daniel Sebering and wife.


William (Jacob Bodyn and wife), Ann, (Hanse & Aeltje Sebering), David (Pedus Kinne and Ida Wilms Kinne), and Mordecai (Daniel Sebering and Kaetje Vroom), do not seem to fall into the pattern, however.  Further, the New Englanders used more Biblical names, as Mordecai certainly was, and in some of Clara McKinney Redell's work, she mentions that tradition in her family held that the McKinneys came into this country through Massachusetts . . food for thought!




RESEARCH REPORT: Hunterdon Genealogical Services, August 1982


Citations given are not complete, as information on the complete citation was not given or does not apply. For those who would prefer a complete copy of the results, I will be happy to photocopy (Editor).


Index to Miscellaneous Court Records, Hunterdon Co. Clerk's Office;


James McKenney #1239 Recognizance Bond

David McKinney (Many numbers, information at end of report)

Jacob McKinney #22800

Mordeci, #6994

Robert, #1679, #2674, #2483

William, #724, #2543, and others to follow

Wikoff, #1894 Recognizance; indictment, #3030


#6994: Nov. 29 1754, Judgement filed in case of Mordecai McKinney vs. John Delap


#7011, Dec. 7, 1759; David McKinney vs. Richard Maybury of Bethlehem Twp., Debt.


#7013: David McKinney vs. Lambert Brink, Bethelehem Twp., Debt


#6877, Feb. 1770: David McKinney, Lebanon Twp., summoned by Peter Remson New York Merchant Debt 224.6.8


#3191, Aug. Term 1805, Inferior Court of Common Pleas: William McKinney charged with assault and battery by Aaron Sutton


#818, July 10, 1764: Christopher Vogt vs. David McKinney, plea of trespass:

David McKinney was charged with erecting a dam across the South Branch of the Raritan River causing the stream to rise above its natural level causing the moor and meadow of Christopher Vogt to be flooded, rendering parts to be unusable by Vogt. Spruce Run and the south branch of the Raritan both flowed through Vogt's property.


#1934 Feb 1760: David McKinney vs. Moore Furman, high Sheriff of Hunterdon suit to obtain money due from Sheriff in McKinney's judgement against Lambert Brink of Bethlehem Twp., 30.11.10.


#22467:  William McKinney vs. Aaron Sutton, Aug 1806, judgement and levy on goods and

        chattels of Aaron Sutton to satisfy  $64.98


#31015: Remsen vs. McKinney 9 Feb 1770, warrant to take into custody for appearance Inferior Court of Common Pleas first Tuesday in May 1770, David McKinney debt 224.6.8


           #32707: William McKinney vs. Redman Blackwell, Aug Term 1807, debt $800


           #32469: 1769, Thomas Richey, assignee, vs. David McKinney.   Warrant to take David

McKinney into custody for appearance first Tuesday in May 1769 to answer plea of debt 114.4.0   brought by Thomas Riche assignee of Micajah How. (Have full photocopy of proceedings for those interested).




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#34188: William McKinney vs. Samuel Ker of Hunterdon, May 1763/4, Debt 107.8.0 

Defendant probably lives in Reading Town.

#34652: Abraham Lott, Jr. & Isaac Low vs. David McKinney, debt 515.8.0 Warrant to take into

custody David McKinney who owns a mill and lives in Lebanon Twp., to answer plea

of debt of owed to Abraham Lott, Jr. and Isaac Low (possibly of New York

since they demand payment in current money of New York).


#2674: John Coryell vs. Robert McKinney and Luke Riley, 1844, plea of trespass.


#2483: Robert McKinney stage driver, indicted for disturbance of religious worship at

             Methodist Episcopal Church in Trenton Township


#2543: State vs. James Melligan, William McKinney, Benjamin Coleman of Lebanon Twp.,

25 Sep 1804, assault on Aaron Sutton


#3030: Wyckoff McKinney, Amwell Twp., blacksmith 21 Jan. 1815, assaulted in Readington

Twp., William Dalley.  Wyckoff McKinney pled guilty and paid $5 fine


     #724: Aaron Sutton, affidavit Hay 1805, William McKinney violently assaulted and beat him.


#1679: State vs. Robert McKinney, Joshua Newbold, surety. Aug. 1806, petition to discharge

surety allowed. Robert was ill and could make court, he has since left this place and as

we are informed, gone to sea.


#1894: Recognizance, Wyckoff McKinney bond for assault and battery upon Elias Vorehese.






McKinney, David & Rebecca, 1768, Book 1, p84, mortgagee, Peter Wyckoff


McKinney, John, 1796, Book 2, p198, mortgagee, John Wyckoff


McKinney, David, mortgage to Peter and John Wickoff, recorded Sep 19, 1768


David McKinney, Lebanon Twp., and Rebecca, his wife to Peter and John Wikoff of Philadelphia, PA, merchants, written Mar 1768 (includes description of land), 446½ acres.



Miscellaneous records, Court of Common Pleas, Minutes, Vol. VII:


May 1754, David McKinney vs. Daniel Lewis

               Mordica McKenney vs. John Delap


Aug. 1755, John Gorish vs. Daniel McKinney, debt 40 pounds


Aug. 1739, Daniel Seabring petition to keep public house in Readingtown, granted. Bond signed

             by himself, Mordecai McKinney, Peter Middath



BIBLE RECORD:   (Recently donated to Society in Hunterdon), Bible published by Collins & Company, NY, 1814.





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           Jacob McKinney married to Oliva Bowlby in the year of our Lord 1799


           Jacob McKinney married to Catharine Martinis Oct 19, 1816






           David McKinney son to the above couple born Dec 20, 1799 Sarah McKinney daughter to the above couple born Aug 25, 1801 Mary McKinney daughter to the above couple born Dec 5,

                   180_. (year written over.  Correct date illegible)


James McKinney son to the above couple born May 19, 1809


Mills McKinney son to the above couple born Oct 29, 1811


John McKinney son to the above couple born Mar 8, 1814


Catherine, daughter of Jacob and Catharine was born Nov 22, 1817


Olivia daughter of Jacob and Catharine was born Mar 30, 1819







           Jacob McKinney son of WILLIAM AND SARAH, his wife, was born in

               Grenigs, Sussex Co., NJ, Jul 16, 1777


Olivia Bowlby, daughter of Thomas and Sarah his wife, was born in Bethlehem Township,

   Hunterdon Co., NJ, Oct 28, 1774


Catharine Martinis daughter of Christopher and Ann was born Apr 28, 1777





           Olivia McKinney wife of Jacob died Oct 22, 1814. She was born Oct 28, 1774, age 40 lacking

                   6 days


James son of Jacob and Olivia McKinney died Apr 30, 1832, age 22 years, 11 months 11 days


Mary daughter of Jacob and Olivia McKinney died Jun 29, 1833, age 26 years 1 month 24 days


Sarah daughter of Jacob and Olivia McKinney died Nov 1, 1843


Jacob McKinney, son of William and Sarah died Sep 6, 1833


Catharine McKinney wife of Jacob McKinney died Mar 2, 1863


Olivia Rounsavell, daughter of Jacob and Catharine McKinney died Apr 19 1898, aged 79

       years 20 days


Catharine McKinney, daughter of Jacob and Catharine died Apr 4, 1905 aged 87 years

       7 months 18 days



Miscellaneous notes from New Jersey Archives (not quoted in entirety)


p. 339 Vol. II: Estate of William Miller, Bethlehem Twp., Hunterdon County 1746/7, Francis McKenne/McKemie, executor, to disperse testator and wifes clothing to testator's children


p. 321: Estate of Stephen Tetsward, Morris Co., 10 June1751, bondsmen George McKenney, inventory by George McKenny and Henry?


p. 312: Daniel McKinney witnessed will of Joseph Ogden, Morris Co.


p. 98, 3 Dec. 1779:  John McKinney bondsman of estate of Samuel Cock.


p. 545, 2 Sep 1774: William McKenney one of bondsmen for estate of Thomas Vanhorne, Mansfield Twp., Sussex Co


p. 182, 30 Jan 1787:   Estate of Mary Purviance, Pittsgrove Twp., Salem Co., 30 Jan 1787, witnesses were William McKinney and Ezekiel Rose.


Vol.  III, Newspaper Extracts, 1751-55: p. 284 — To be Sold, A plantation in Pilesgrove, Salem County, near Richman's Mills not in the Occupation of BARNEY M'KINNEY . . for terms of sale apply to Samuel Purveyance . . The Pennsylvania Gazette Aug 16, 1753


p. 438: To be Sold at North-Branch in NJ 15 miles from Rariton Landing, on the main Road that leads from the Thickest Farmers in those parts (richest?) to the said landing. A lot of ground of 40 acres, whereon stands two good dwelling houses and a good grist mill new rebuilt, a suitable places for a tavern or merchandizing . . apply to Joseph Forman, merchant in NY, or to WILLIAM M'KINNEY who lives on the premises The New York Gazette and the Weekly Post Boy, Nov. 4, 1754


p. 571: To be Sold at Public Vendue, at the courthouse in Sussex County on Tuesday, the 26th of November next, following lots or farms . . #5, 250 acres in possession of Daniel and Colin M'Kinnie (1762-65).


p. 556, 1773-74: To be Sold, a plantation in New Jersey, Hunterdon County, in Lebanon Township containing 229 acres, a good frame house with several rooms and a stone kitchen adjoining the house, a good frame barn and outhouses . . apply to owner, living on the premises . . Mordicai M'Kinney.


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                Race/Emley Papers (Manuscripts Collection), Hunterdon Genealogical Society.  A petition concerning the realigning of a road in Lebanon Twp., meeting to be held at the house of David McKinney 1 August 1765.  Signatures:


Mosfritz _____                      Colbus _____                        Cornelius Bodine

Conrad Pickel                                   ___________              Christopher Vooght

_____________                      Johannes ___             Berthol McColm

Lawrence Roelofson                        Abraham Dewit

Antony Kramer                   Joseph Smith

Niclas ___berger                  John Kinney

Willem Albough                   Jacobus Kinney


Peter ________                                                          (some illegible)



           Indenture dated 1 August 1771, whereby Mordecai McKinney accepts Isahiah Osmun, son of Rachel of Alexandria Township, Hunterdon County, as an apprentice for a term of seven years.



New Jersey State Library:  Licenses of Marriage, Book D, page 246;


                Know all Men by these Presents, That "we Nehemiah Dunam of Kingwood & Jno Hanna of Bethlehem Township in the County of Hunterdon and Provide of New Jersey are 'holden and do stand justly indebted unto His Excellancy William Franklin, Esquire, Governor off ye Province of New Jersey" in the sum of Five Hundred Pounds, as current lawful money of New Jersey; to be paid to his said Excellency Wiliam Franklin, Esquire' his successors or Assigns:  For which payment well and truly to be made and done, "we' do bind' ourselves' our "Heirs, Executors and Administrators and every of them jointly and "severally' firmly by these Presents.


Sealed with "our' seals Dated this "Twenty-fifth' day of "October' Anno Domini One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty "eight' . .  "1768'.


The Condition of this Obligation is such that whereas the above bounded Nehemiah Dunam hath obtained License of Marriage for himself of the one party and for Antje McKinney of the other party:  Now if it shall hereafter appear, that they they said Nehemiah Dunam and Antje McKinney have any lawful Let or Impediment of Precontract, Affinity or Consanquity, to hinder their being joined in the holy Banns of Matrimony, and afterwards their living together as Man and Wife, then this Obligation to stand in full force and virtue.


                                                                                    Neh. Dunham

                                                                                    Jno Hanna

Witnessed and signed by David McKinney, Mord McKinney



Licenses of Marriage, Book M, page 70:  William McKinney of Somerset County and William Stewart of the same place, 7 August 1749:  William McKinney and Hannah TenEyck of Somerset County, signed by William MacKeny, William Stewart.            Note:  William signed, ÒWilliam Mackeny"



           p. 54:    Daniel McKenny, Readings Town, carpenter, and Enoch Anderson of Trenton, innholder . . 17 April 1747, Rebecca Emmins of Readings Town, spinster.  (in Nelson, Daniel's name is shown as McKinzey in the groom index, and McKinney in the bride's index.  Witnessed by Stand  Forde, David Cowell.





Licenses of Marriage, Book B, p. 473:  We, Philip Bright and Christopher Longstreet both of the County of Somerset and Province of New Jersey, 26 Nov. 1768, signed:  Philip Bright, Antje McKinney, no witnesses signed.


Licenses of Marriage:  Book M, p. 365:  Abraham McKinney and David Frzer (Frazer) both of the Township of Lebanon and County of Hunterdon, 4 March 1771, signed:  Abraham McKinney, Elennor Lambarson of Lebanon, David Frazer.

           Witness:  Reb:  Frazer


NOTE:                        This concludes the research report of Roxanne Carkuff.  Some items were nto reprinted as they are shown in either Petty or Rutherford's books.  We are to have adjoining county records searched, plot lands owned by McKinneys on present-day maps and other relevant material, however, there seems to be no clue to some of the other children of Mordecai and Maria Sebering McKinney, nor one to the family of Mordecai.  We will continue to search whatever records there are to finish.





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           Nov 17, 1785  William McKinney, Patsy Williamson, dau of Frances


           Jan 4, 1788       Daniel McKinney, Rachel Gilbert, John W. Gilbert, surety


           June 18, 1793  George McKinney, Mary Tanner, dau of Nancy and Nathan, sur.


           Oct 14, 1793    John McKinney, Jr., Hannah B. Hutchison, Daniel McKinney, sur.


           June 5, 1797    Presely McKinney, Molly McKinney, Nathan Tanner, surety


           June 11, 1798  John C. McKinney, Polly Plunkett, dau of Benjamin


           June 27, 1801  Vincent McKinney, Elizabeth Staples, dau of William, Nathan Tanner, surety


           July 19, 1814   John McKinney, Jenny Hamilton, dau of Fanny, Nathan Tanner, surety


           July 27, 1816   John McKinney, Susanna Tanner, dau of Benj., Vincent Patton, surety


           May 8, 1831    John McKinney, Sophia Moore, George Akers, surety


           Nov 24, 1831  Edward G. McKinney, Perlina Martin, dau of William, Watson Jones, surety


           Dec 19, 1836    Tinsley McKinney, Letty Glass, dau of Vincent, Jesse Glass, surety


           Oct 6, 1791      Robison McKinney and Mary Sutterfield, Thomas Franklin, surety


           Jan 10, 1825     Thomas McKinney surety for John Akers and Cynthia Cheatam


           Mar, 1782        Leannah McKinney, James Brooks


           July 30, 1800   Sally McKine, dau of John, and James Gilliam, John Hubbard, surety



The following served as surety on marriage bonds:


           1828     John McKinney for Glover Gillen and Elisa B. Jones


           1837     Harvard McKinney for Jesse Glass and Nancy Jones


           1830     Jordan McKinney for Samuel Hart Mary Miller


           1799     Henry McKinney for John Hubbard and Mar. A. McKinney


           1792     Tyra Jeanis and Hannah McKinney, Daniel McKinney, surety


           1819     Thomas McKinney for Wollery Ming and Dorothy North



           Dec 23, 1818    Nancy McKinney and David Powell, Isham Perdue, surety



Fairfax Monthly Meeting (Quaker)  Sarah McKinney, formerly Wilson, moved by 6 mos. last, dis. 26th day, 8th month, 1758.







Abigail McKinney, Daniel Mungle, Sept 14, 1786, Washington Co.


Archibald McKinney, Susanna Bryant, Sept 10, 1793


Archibald McKinney, Magdalen Koon, Harrison Co., 1792


Alexander McKinney, Mary McClure, 1795, Rockbridge Co., Morton, p. 509


Ann, 1744, Northampton Co., groom's name missing


Cresea McKinney, David Fisher, Halifax Co., 11 May 1797


Catherine McKinney, Cornelius Low, n.d., Fauquier Co.


Daniel McKinney, Frances Carrell, dau of Daniel Carrell, 30 May 1733, Westmorland Co.


Catherine McKinney, Martin Coge, 26 Apr. 1796, surety Moses Hoge, Berkeley Co.


Dicey McKinney, Harold Vaughn, 21 Dec 1785, Brunswick Co.


Deliah McKinney, Micajah Vaughn, 10 Oct 1791, Brunswick Co.


Elizabeth McKenny, Samuel Tate, 1 Apr. 1802, Jonathan Pownell, Berkeley Co.


Elizabeth McKinney, John H. Ransome, Cumberland Co., 1819


Elender McKinney, John Kirk, 9 Apr 1790, Spotsylvannia Co.


Elizabeth McKinney, Burwell Laner, 13 Oct 1805, Brunswick Co., VA


Fanny McKinne, James Lee, Jan 5, 1819, Russell Co., VA


Francis McKinney, Mary Hawley, 5 Mar 1814, Montgomery Co.


Gerard McKenney, Frances Sutton, Dec 24, 1799


Gerald McKinney, 29 May 1816 and Elizabeth Whithead, widow, wp


George McKinney, Elizabeth McGuire, 29 July 1791, Spotsylvannia


Hannah McKinney, James Figget, Dec 22, 1800


Hannah McKinney, Tyra Jennings, n.d.


Hannah McKinney, Hugh Chrisman, n.d.


James McKinney, Mary Beatty, Harrison Co., 178?


James McKinney, Christina Hauck, 31 Aug. 1820, by Daniel McGlaughlin, Berkeley Co.


James McKinney, Lucy Hurst, Halifax Co., 1795


James McKinney, Martha Wilkinson, 27 Dec. 1792, Greensville


John McKinney, Mary Sutton, 17 Mar 1789, Westmoreland Co.


John McKinney, Hannah Evans, 1789


John McKinney, Mary Wiseman, Oct. 1792, Harrison Co., by Charles Cobbs


Joseph, Elizabeth Copley, Montgomery Co., nd, by Alexander Ross


John McKinney, Margaret Wallace, Rockbridge Co., 1785, Morton, p 509


Captain John McKinney, Mary Trimble, Augusta Co., 1785


Joseph McKinney, Susan Frances McVey, n.d.


Jesse G. McKinney 13 Feb. 1823, Mary Ann Redley, np, nd


John McKinney, Sarah Taliaferro, n.d., Caroline Co.


James McKinney, Elizabeth Brickey, 1 Dec 1801, Botetourt Co


John McKinney, Nelly Larkin, 7 Jan 1800, Botetourt Co


Joseph McKinney, Elizabeth Copley, 20 Dec. 1791, Finastle Co


John McKinney, Delilah Winney, 1 Aug 1787, Henry Co


Kinney McKinney, Phebee Hensley, Henry Co. 19 Oct 1797


Leannah McKinney, James Brooke, n.d.


Mary McKinney, Henry Burke, Washington Co., Jan 1 1788


Mary McKinney, Francis Doty, n.d.


Mary McKinney, Col. Nicholas Long, n.d.


Matthew McKinney, ?      3 Oct 1770, Spotsylvannia Co.


Lampkin McKinney, Sarah Copley, 7 August 1787, Montgomery Co.





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Virginia Marriages, Continued


Margaret McKinney, Adam Handshaw, 25 Aug 1802, Berkeley Co.


Margaret McKinney, Samuel King, 8 Dec 1800, by Amos Tullice, Berkeley Co.


Nathan McKinney b. 1833, Nancy Hicks of N.C., Russell Co., 1848


Nancy McKinney, Daniel McGlaughlin, 24 Sept 1799 by McGowan and David Young,

Berkeley Co.


Presley McKinney, Nancy McKenney, July 31, 1797, Westmoreland Co.


Precilliar McKinney, Thomas Gregory, Aug 30, 1791, Westmoreland Co.


Rachel McKinney, William Stephens, n.d., p. 226, Wulfeck's Virginia Marriages


Susannah McKenney, Laban Oakes, 4 Apr 1793, Halifax Co.


Susanna McKinney, James Richason, 1798, Spotsylvania Co.


Sarah McKinney, Youll Brennan, 27 Oct 1792, Spotsylvania Co.


Sarah McKinney, Nathan Rogers, 1816, Marion Co.  (Georgia?)


Sarah, dau of Presley and Ann, Westmoreland Co., m. William Ludwell Lee, 23 April 1829

             (Son of Richard Evers Lee)


Salley McKinney, dau of James, m Robert Crook, 26 Jan 1808, Brunswick Co.


Susannah McKinney, Thomas Asselin, 12 Jan 1788, Brunswick Co., VA


Thomas McKinney, Elizabeth Bozzee (Bozzell), 25 Oct. 1821 by Cornelius Kelly, Berkeley Co.


Virginia McKinney, David Carter, 8 Sept 1825, Bath Co.


William McKinney, Phodey Brown, Pitts Co., 24 Aug 1794


William McKinney, Lucy Chick, 26 Sept 1786, Pitts.


William McKinney, Sarah Miller, 1780, Ritchie Co.


William McKinney, Elizabeth Kizer, 21 May 1800, Berkeley Co. by Geo. Kizer






(Note:  The following material was transcribed by microfilm located in the Tennessee State Library by Willa Sorenson several years ago.  The information is from the work of Octavia Douglas of Tahlequah, OK)


John McKinney of 1795, Fauquier Co., VA had issue:

             Francis who m. Mary Romey

             John Jr. m. Elizabeth ?

             Rachel m. John Mathews

             Lucy m. L. Noland


             Tilley m. Christopher Douglas

             Lydia m. George Weddle


Daniel McKinney and wife Catherine owned 94 acres on Copper Creek, Russell Co. 1817, also James Lee and wife, Fanny McKinne.


Markham McKinneylived in Orange Co., VA 1741


John McKinney m. Thomas Parish (?), will in Orange Co. dated June 17, 1751 names:


             Mrs. John Cudding

             Martha (Mathew Davis)

             Mrs. John Gooda

             Mrs. James Berry

             Mrs. Mathew Creed


In 1735, John made oath that they were immediately imported from Great Britain or Ireland to the Colony assign their rights to Robert Slaughter, Gent.


James McKinney b. Feb 21, 1749 d. Aug 31, 1826, m. Sarah  ?, had dau Cynthia b. Nov 16, 1773., Elizabeth b. Oct 5, 1775, John b. April 2, 1757


John McKinney b Apr 2, 1757 Frederick Co., VA m. Hannah Evans, dau of Nathaniel Evans.  He m. second, ? Creaves.  He died 24 Aug 1837, Versaillies, KY.

             Children:       Ida


                                     Catherine (1802) m. George Brown


John McKenny of Craven Co., NC, will in Stafford Co., VA, leaves to brother, William


James McKinney of Orange Co., NC, received from Francis Jones of Essex, adm. of the estate of Margaret, widow of John McKenny of Essex Co.  Howell Jones being sole heir unto said John and Margaret McKennie., deed 10-18-1745.





Charles Mackenny, Feb 5, 1665, p. 503, Virginia Co. Records Vol. 13,  Charles City Court order and Morgan Mackenny order to pay Morgan from William Oliver estate, 25 Feb. 1658.


Collin McKenney, Washington Co., VA, had son Archibald b. 1774 in Washington Co., and died, Fincastle or Montgomery Co., Archibald m. Susan Bryant Sept 10.  James McKinney was located on McKinney run of the south branch of Cinch Crk., and other names associated with McKinneys in the area were Col. Wm. Russell, Duncans, Robertsons, Coopers, Trimbles, Frasiers, Woods, Barnetts, Cowans.


John McKinney Virginia Private, lived in Amelia Co., d. 8-25-1837 in Lincoln Co., GA, wife Katy ?, m. 1785.  Rolen b. 1768 had issue:  Nancy b. 1785, d. 1826 m. John McCord;  Travis b. 1787 m. Patsy Leberett; George b. 1788 m. Frances Maddis?; John Jr. b. 1791; William b. 1793; six other children.  Jean Duncan m. John McKinney of Augusta Co., VA, removed to Lincoln Co., KY, he the son of William McKinney and Isabel Cooper.  From:  Jessie Brown, Portland, Oregon


James McKinney of Clinch River settlement, bought land from Edmund Smith, kin to the McKinney family, 1793, Russell Co.


Isaac McKinney of Culpepper Co. m. Virginia Johnson, removed to Kentucky.  She was the dau of James Johnson who came from Scotland in 1700 to Rappahannock Co.



Deed Book, Culpepper Co.:  John McKinney, Book 7


             James McKinney, 1813, wife Jane.  He died Culpepper, 1827, Will book 1, p. 110


             Eli McKinney, wife, Mary, 1828 deed


             Book A 1753, John McKinney


Traverse McKinney m. a Miss Pollard removed to Harrison Co., KY.  Ch:  Pollard, who had sons Elisha, Lorance, Elizabeth, James (Nora Graces), daughter Elizabeth m. Newton Henry.  (gr,gr,grf of Carre McKenney)


Sarah McKinney m. Allen J. Carter, Scott Co., sister Louisa m. James Monroe Young


Charles McKinney and wife, Margaret, in Cumberland records 1760 and Charlotte Co. Tax List 1784.


John McKinney who died in Fauquier Co. 1795, widow remarried to Benjamin Fletcher.  Sons John and Francis lived in Hampshire Co. WVA at one time.


Thomas McKinney owned 300 acres on Flat Rock Creek, Brunswick Co. 12 Jan 1740.  William McKinney on poll list, 1748.


Charles McKinney deed, 1824 to wife, Frances Wheeler, Brunswick, Co.


William McKinney deposited $106 in the Continental loan office, Brunswick


John McKinney died in 1795, Fauquier Co., his son Francis m. Mary Romey.  John Jr. m. Elizabeth  ?, Rachel m. John Mathews.


Catherine McKinney, dau of John m. David Culp who was in the War of 1812.  Ch:  Eliza J., John, George W., Julia A., Minerva -, James H, Green, Rebecca, David, Mary.


Wilson McKinney of Bedford Co., m. Elizabeth Stevens March 27, 1780.


Patrick McKinney was a horse trader and lived in Frederick Co., VA, removed to Fishing Creek SC, left a will in Chester Co., SC July 13, 1788.  He owned 400 acres there, had wife, Mary.  Witness to will was Jacob Cooper who m. dau of John and Elizabeth McDowell McKinney, who also came from Frederick Co. to Fishing Creek.  Ch:  (Wiley) William, Peter.  Patrick had brother, Henry.  John was close kin.  Patricks' ch:  Joseph, Tully, Robert, Morgan, Nathaniel, Mathew, Archibald, Sarah Jane, Elizabeth.


Barneas McKinney 12 Oct. 1720 was witness to power of attorney for William Jones of Surry Co., left land to Henry Pope (Barnabas?).  Barnabas Jr. in 1726 bought land from W. Pope of VA, 100 acres south of the Marractodk River, and witnessed by John McKinney. 





Misc. Virginia Records, continued

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James McKinney of Surry Co., NC (1748-1825) married Mary Ballard Byrom in Brunswick Co., Virginia, prior to 1768, according to material in file, no source given.


James McKinney, Russell Co., will dated 1816, probated 1822, names wife Mary Elizabeth, Children:  James, John, William, Daniel, Charles, Louise, and four others unnamed.


James McKinney, Gate City, Book 4, p 7 will:  James McKinney, Apr 7, 1857 wife, Nancy.  Two daus, Louise Young, 75 acres; sales willed to James by (slaves?) his father John which he purchased from James Wallin; David, land and slaves; dau Sarah Carter; nephew, Alexander Martin.


Sarah McKinney, sale bill, Jan 2, 1854, Book 4 p. 58, mentions James McKinney, Nancy Smith, David McKinney, Thomas Smith, Henry Kane.


William McKinney, will, June 19, 1868:  James McKinney, son or to Sarah H., his wife, James not of age.


Mary McKinney to son William, May 1864, land and property in state of KY, her uncle, Joseph Whitley, deceased, had left her.


Winifred, S. R. McKinney, Helen his wife, and Henry Kane, all of Scott Co., VA, interest in the real oroperty of James McKinney Dec'd which they devised the right to as children of David McKinney.  Grandchildren of James, north of Clinch River where Nancy and David now reside, Winifred Sr. McKinney and Helen McKinney.  Deed Book 18, p. 145, Oct 17, 1870.


John McKinney, Sr. of Scott Co. and Thomas McClure sold Lot # 20 in the town of Estellville, Book 2, p. 192, 16 Nov. 1820.


Others in same record book:


Book 2, p. 50, Mar 1817, John McKinney bought tax delinquent land in 1801-3, paid $2.93 from clerk of Scott Co.


Book 2, p. 52, 3-29-1817, John McKinney, Jr From Samuel Magee


Book 2, p. 53, John McKinney, Sr. from Nathan Fields


David McKinney, 1833, from Samuel Wallace, Ann F. Wallace


James McKinney from John Preston


James McKinney from George Robinette


William McKinney to Mary McKinney


John McKinney who died in the County of Scott and W. E. Ramey, many years ago willed to Elizabeth Dickerson and her heirs, ex. 1857


Levisa Whitley McKinney, wife of James was in Lincoln Co., KY 1798, and died in 1857, Calloway Co., MO.  James had brother, Abraham in Randolph Co., MO.


John McKinney, age 70, b. VA, farmer, d. 1865, wife, Elender, age 55 b. NC.

            Children:  America, Columbus, both born in Alabama


Polly McKemy (McKinney?), m. George Herdman, 1802, Augusta Co.


(To be Continued)


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


BLATCHLEY PHYSICIANS AND PIONEERS:  A Family History of Descendants of Thomas Blatchley, 1635-1929, Shirley Mae Hathaway Stebbings, John A. S. Pitts


           Fully documented and indexed to over 1,500 surnames, the Blatchley pioneers among America's first families, are placed in the historical perspective of their moments in time.  A story emerges from family history manuscripts, county histories, civil and church records of a certain epic quality:  a saga of pioneering spanning eight generations, 250 years and some eleven thousand miles that separate London and Oregon . . Published by Gateway Press, 200 pp, maps, photographs. 







John McKeny                                                Orange Co.                           1751


John McKenny                                 Westmoreland                                  1726


Thomas McKinne                             Isle of Wright                                    1772


Carnock Macceney                          Richmond                              1718


William McKenne                            Westmoreland                                  1732, 1755


John McKinney Sr.                                                                           1789


William McKenney Sr.                    Augusta                                 1796


John McKenney                               Fauquier                                1795


Daniel McKinney                             Westmoreland                                  1744


Gerard McKinney                            Westmoreland                                  1761


Gerard McKinney                            Westmoreland                                  1784


John McKinney Sr.                           Westmoreland                                  1784


Vincent McKinney                           Westmoreland                                  1780


Edward McKinney                           Berkeley                                1795


Thomas McKinney                          Brunswick                             1783




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Smith, Vol. I, Federal Land Series


           Virginia veterans of the American Revolution, not all Federal, were given land in south-central Ohio.  The usual pattern of migration was to Kentucky, Missouri and Kansas . .  west into Ohio was a deflection.  Partial listings (all known), only:


James McKinney, 3rd owner, 1000 acres, #9390, A-223, X0800, Clermont Co., Washington Twp., original grantee, Major Peter Brewer.


D. McKinney, 1826, #0396, 1000 acres, A224, X0800 Brown Co., Huntington Township, original grantee, Capt. Philip Slaughter, third owners were the heirs of D. McKinney.


James McKinney, third owner with Jacob Dunham, #0400 Brown Co., then Clermont Co., Miami Twp., 1826, Original grantee, Gen. Edward Stevens.


James McKinney, #2440, 100 acres, B168, X0130, Adams Co., Wayne Twp., Original grantee W3869


James McKinney, 3rd owner, S4442, 667 acres, Jackson Township, Clermont Co., 1831, original grant to Mr. Culberton.


J. Mckinney, 1826, S1440, Clermont Co., Stone and WayneTwps., 200 acres, original grantee, Ephraim Elder.


J. McKinney, S1562, 500 acres, Clermont Co., Stone Twp., granted to Sally Phillips and Aaron Denny, 1826.


John McKenny S2220, 100 acres, AW 1019, Logan Co., Monroe Twp., original grantee.


Dennis McKinney, S2285, Adams Co., W3596, 100 acres, original grantee


J. McKinnie, 1836, S4783, Clermont Co., original grantee Meredity  ?


John McKinney, S5049, 200 acres, B 462, X0340, W4443, William Ballinger original grantee, sold to John McKinney.



DAR Patriot Listings – Virginia:


Collin, b 1735, d 1811, m. Rebecca  ?  , CS, VA


Daniel, b 1745, d 1809, m. Mercy Blatchley, Pvt., VA


David, b 1755, d 1822, m. Mary Stuart, Margaret Wallace, Pvt., VA


John Sr., b 1735, d 1805, m. Elizabeth McDowell, Lt. VA


John b 1754, d 1825, m. Polly Trimble, Sol., VA


Joseph, b 1756, d 1848, m. Susan Frances McVey, Pvt., VA









ABRIAM (Abram, Byron, Byram) MCKINNEY


           From all available sources, Abriam McKinney was a native of Virginia, wife, Mary  .  .  First record is of land conveyance from James Wyley (Wiley) to BYRAN McKinney for 105 acres adjoining Benjamin Davis and James Wiley, recorded in Book 3, p. 5, dated 27 April 1813 in Lee County, Virginia.  Abriam McKinney and wife Mary conveyed following tracts in Virginia as indicated:


Deed Book 3, p. 296, dated 4 Sept. 1816, ABRAM McKinney of Lee County to Absolom Ticle (Tickle) for $300, land on both sides of Powell's River being 100 acres part of the tract Newton conveyed to him.  Deed signed by Abram and Mary who both made their marks.


Deed Book 3, p. 304, ABRIAM McKinney and wife Mary of Lee County sell land to Beal Davis, the tract purchased from James Wyley.  The deed was signed by Beal Davis, the tract purchased from James Wyley.  The deed was signed by Abriam McKinney and Mary his wife with their marks.  $600.


Deed Book 3, p. 306, 21 Sept. 1816, ABRIAM McKinny and Mary of Lee Co. sold to SHADRICK MCKENNY of the same place for $300, 200 acres on Powells River, it being part of a tract conveyed to Reston and Newton containing 500 acres, again signed with their marks.





           Abriam McKinney settled on the Illinois River bottom in Richwoods Twp., 1820, but in October 1821, having entered land on section 23 he removed thither, where he lived until 1822 when he removed to section 24 (the latter two sections in English Twp., where he did die in the year 1840).


           Richwoods Twp., Jersey Co., the first house built by John Gunterman on Sec. 5 in March, 1820.  Among others who settled the same year were Luther Calvin, John Medford, Byron McKinney and John Smith.  (Jersey Co. was part of Greene Co. until 1839).  Abiram's daughter Melinda, married John Gunterman.  Editor:  It would seem to me that this is clear evidence of the relationship between Byram McKinney and brother, Shadrack who lived in Lee county, Virginia.  Byram was dismissed from Westfield MM in 1795.  Shadrack was dism from Westfield in 1804, and died in Lee Co. 20 May 1841.


ABRIAM (Byron/Byram) McKinney and wife Mary had children:



           Melinda, who m. John Gunterman


           Joseph                         From:  Dorothy Theurer, IL 







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JOHN M. MCKENNY, b. Lancaster Co., Virginia, d 1 April 1897, m. 14 Feb. 1843, Dorcas J. Talley, Lancaster Co.



           John M.                                   From:  Mrs. Sandra P. Sherrill, VA 

           William J

           George T. R.

           James Romaine, b. 30 July 1863, d. 1897







DONALD MacInnish also known as Daniel McKinney, d 2 Nov. 1751, Surry Co., VA, wife, Mary Rives/Reeves, who d 31 Oct. 1751.  Donald and Mary and four of their children were buried in Surry now Sussex Co., Virginia.  Known children:


           Sarah, b before 1742

           Donald (Daniel), b 15 Sept. 1742, Surry, d 1835, Monroe Co., MS

           William b 27 July 1746, d 14 Oct. 1749

           John, d 1749

           Infant twin, stillborn, 16 Oct. 1751

           Infant twin, d 24 Oct. 1751



Donald Jr., identified through documented records as Daniel McKinney was b 15 Sept. 1742 in Surry Co., d 1835, Monroe Co., MS, wife, Sarah Weathers.  Daniel lived in Sussex and Brunswick counties, VA, Franklin and Mecklenburg, Rutherford counties, NC – York Co. SC; Granger Co. TN., and Monroe Co., MS.


Children of Donald/Daniel and Sarah Weathers:

    +William b  d  VA, m. Amy  ?

Rebekah, b VA, m. George Julian, lived TN

Jesse, b VA, m. Elizabeth  ?, Mary Ann Smith, Ruth  ?  , lived MS

John b VA, m. in York, SC, Nancy Horn, 13 Mar. 1802, d TN

James, b NC, m. Susan Sheppard, lived TN, Miss.

Nancy, b NC, m. William Crowder

Sarah, b NC m. Richard Horn 28 May 1801, Mecklenburg, NC

Mary, b NC, m. Archibald Murphy, lived TN, m 30 Mar. 1798, Mecklenburg

Seth, b NC, m Jane Merchant, lived TN, m. 14 Jan. 1800


+ Children of William McKinney and Amy Dugger (?), buried in McKinney Cemetery near Lattimore, NC:


Susanna, m Edmund P. Jones

Burnice, m Milly Jones

Mary, m Robert Jones

Sally, unm.

Bedy, m Zachariah McDaniel

Willis, m Martha Patsy Buchannan

# William Henry m. Elizabeth Dugger

Altha, m. John Green


#William Henry McKinney b 5 June 1799, SC, m 12 Aug. 1817, Rutherford Co., NC, Elizabeth Dugger of Callahan, b 1799, d 1892.  Both lived in Rutherford, Cleveland and McDowell Counties, NC, buried in McDowell Co. Near Dysartsville, NC    Children:


*James, m. Elizabeth Horn, 30 Aug. 1840, Rutherford Co.

Aletha, m Simon McKinney, 10 Apr. 1838, Rutherford

Sarah, m Nathan Davis

Daniel, m Mary Forbes, Phebe Davis

Lydia, m Jonathan Horn


* James McKinney b 22 July 1818, d 5 Dec 1914, m Elizabeth Horn, buried in Lattimore NC, Mckinney Family Cemetery.   Children:


Jesse, unm

Nancy Susanna, unm                        From:  Mildred Gee, NC 

Margaret Elizabeth m John Webb McKinney

Sarah Wilson, unm

Biddy Mela, unm

David James, unm





& Samuel Jefferson, m Octavia Fenola Bridges

Frances Roxanna, m D.J.S. Walker

John Alexander, m Johnnie Frances Price



& Samuel Jefferson McKinney b 12 July 1855, d 11 July 1929, m Octavia Fenola Bridges, b 8 Oct. 1860, d 18 July 1942.  Buried Bethel Church Cemetery, Ellenboro, NC.  Children


Minnie Augusta, m J. B. Whitaker

Ezra Festus, m Mayme Alice Poston

Ellis Elmer, m Nettie Green

Gaius Hubert, unm

Sereno Dennis (twin), m Annie Beam

Darius Serenus (twin), m Ellen Wilson

Lamas Winfred, m Lela Etta Price

Cora Bertha, m Beauford Horn

Maude Eesher, unm



           John Campbell, Duke of Argyle, is said to be bured between the towns of Fleming and Maysville, Kentucky.  He was banished from Scotland at the time of the Presbyterian persecutions .  .  he, being the eldest son, was the heir of the Duke, his father.  Parliament, some time in the fifties, 1850-62, passed a special act laying aside certain monies for the benefit of the heirs of John Walker Campbell.  (Rightful Duke of Argyle).  Of the nine children, John and Elizabeth Campbell, three came to America and settled in Pennsylvania, going from there to VA and settling near Staunton, probably about 1744:John, d on passage to America


Esther, m ALEXANDER McKinney

Mary, m David Chambers

Rachel, m Thomas Dobbins

Elizabeth, d young

Jane, m Alexander McPheeters

John Walker, m Martha Spears (no issue - adopted John Oage Campbell)

Elizabeth, m James Wallace

Robert, m Rebecca Wallace, removed to KY late in life, Mason Co.


           John Walker and wife lived in Rockbridge County, Virginia and had eleven children.  The tenth child, Andrew Walker, m Betsey McKinney and had six children named in his will of October, 1797: 











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MICHAEL Mackquinney, d 1623, Isle of Wright., Virginia,  Children:  John, Barnaby  (John had son, Michael)


1.  Barnaby:

                        Barnaby, William, Richard, John, Mourning, Patience, Christian, Sarah

                        Barnaby's will was probated November 17,  ?  (Barnaby, son of Barnaby)


William Barnaby2, Michael1:  Died in 1739 and had children:  Barnaby, Mourning, Mathew (1725), Michael.


John, Barnaby 2,  Michael1:  will dated 28 Feb. 1753 living in Edgecombe Co., NC, mentions wife, Mary Parish; dau Mary (Nicholas Long); Patience (John Geddy); Martha (Charles Pasteur); Barnaby; John (b 1753 after father's death).






Mourning, Barnaby2, Michael1:  wife of John Pope, son of Henry Pope and Sarah Watts.  Issue:  Barnaby, Henry


Patience, Barnaby2, Michael1:  b 1715, m 1730, Joseph Lane.  Issue:  Jesse, Jonathan, Joseph, Barnaby


Christain, Barnaby2, Michael1:  married July 1748, William Hurst, had dau Mary Hurst


Sarah, Barnaby2, Michael1:  wife of Isaac Ricks, son of Jacob and Mary Exum Ricks.  Seven children


Mathew, William3, Barnaby2, Michael1:  died in Cumberland County, NC, 1793.  Wife, Sarah  ?  ,  Issue:  John, Matthew, Rintain, Sarah Nancy, Howell



Michael, William3, Barnaby2, Michael1:  Born 1725, d 1793, he lived in Dobbs Co., which became Wayne Co., NC, m  ?  Grumes, dau of John.  Issue:  William 1749, Barnaby, Amy (Giles), Richard 1752, Nancy (Goodman), dau who m. William Blackman.


Barnaby, John3, Barnaby2, Michael1:  b ca 1740, d 1761 without issue.


William Jr., William4, Michael3, Barnaby2, Michael1:  b 19 Feb. 1749, d 17 Sept. 1790, wife, Mary Jernigan.  Issue:  William 1771; John 1771; (twins) David 1773; Annie 1774; Robert.



Note:  More generations of this lineage are available, balance to be given in the Winter issue.






           Peter and Margaret Martin Dupuy had issue:


1.        Martha Branch, b Oct 1790, d June 25, 1819, m Nov 14, 1810, Wm. McKinney, b Sept 6, 1781,

           d Nov. 16, 1832


2.        Martin Anthony b Dec. 1791, d 1869, unm


3.        Thomas b 24 Apr. 1793, d July 4, 1795


4.        Sarah, b Apr. 15, 1795, d Sept. 11, 1795


5.        Louisa Margaret, b Aug. 14, 1796, d July 26, 1873


6.        Linnaeus, b April 28, 1798, d Aug. 22, 1849 m April 1831, Celine Cugneau Tate


7.        Sarah Holman, b Jan. 26, 1800, d 1864, m Stephen Dupuy Watkins


8.        Jane Guerrant, b Sept. 12, 1801 d Oct. 13, 1853, m July 4, 1826, Thomas McKinney b Mar 12,

           1794, d Sept 20, 1867


9.        Newton, b Nov. 18, 1803, d Feb. 21, 1827


10.      James Barret, b May 31, 1805, d Mar. 29, 1878, a merchant in Richmond for 32 years, long of

           the firm of Dupuy & McKinney


11.      Mary Elethia twin of


12.      Harriet Amasia, b June 8, 1807.  Mary died unm 1817.  Harriet m Ptolemy Lefebvre Watkins


13.      Virginia Ann, b 1809 d 1834, m Watson Michie


14.      Amelia Elizabeth, b June 10, 1811 d 1885, m John Hamilton Patterson


15.      Adelaide Lawrence, b Aug. 1814 m. Thomas Sale Campbell





Children of William and Martha Branch Dupuy McKinney:


           1.          Robert Jennings, b Oct. 6, 1811, d Sept. 11, 1833


           2.          Martha Louise, b Jan. 28, 1813, d May 27, 1845, m David Bridges


           3.          Peter Dupuy, b June 6, 1815, d Aug. 1875, m Sarah Ann Lyle


                        Issue of Peter Dupuy and Sarah Ann Lyle McKinney:


                                    1.         Helen LeVert, b Feb. 23, 1858


                                    2.         William Barrett, b May 13, 1859


                                    3.         Lelia Bland, b 20 Sept. 1861, d 1862


                                    4.         Charles Lyle, b Feb. 2, 1866


Children of Thomas and Jane Guerrant Dupuy McKinney:


           1.          Margaret Susan, b Mar. 30, 1827


           2.          Charles Eugene, b June 23, 1828, d Nov. 16, 1848


           3.          Thomas Hampden, b May 24, 1830, m 1867, Emma Aresenath Thomas


           4.          Sarah Jane, b 1832, d 1834


           5.          Robert Martin, b June 25, 1837, Col. CSA, killed Apr. 16, 1862


           6.          Linnaeus Barrett, b June 29, 1827, killed March 31, 1865 CSA


           7.          Ellen Dupuy, b Mar 24, 1842, m John Thomas Berry


                        Children of Thomas Hampden and Emma Arsenath McKinney:


                                    1.         Maggie Belle, b Mar. 15, 1868


                                    2.         Ro. Linnaeus, b Feb. 2, 1870


                                    3.         Kate Dupuy, b May 10, 1872

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           John McKinney, Jr., emigrated from the neighborhood of Mt. Airy, North Carolina, into this section while it was still part of Washington County, some time between the years 1785 and 1800.  He settled on what is now known as Red Hills, near the village of Pattonsville, Virginia.  He acquired a large landed estate and undertook the growth of cotton on a large scale with the many slaves he had brought with him from North Carolina.  The climate of this section, however, not being suited to the successful growth of cotton, he directed his attention to the cultivation of tobacco.  He grew tobacco on a large scale and manufactured it into cigars and plug tobacco.  He also planted large apple and peach orchards on different parts of his large plantation.  It is thought that he sustained a close and familiar relationship with Daniel Boone, if not a kinsman, as the following letter found among his papers seems to disclose:


"Tuscaloosa Co., Alabama"


"Dear Brother Sister I once more Right you a few lines to inform you that wee ar all well at this time onoy muself I have ben Down about tow month and am very sik at this time wee have Received a letter from our Dauter at Brother James they are all well at that time you have Rot to mee concerning my part of that land I dont know hardly what to Right.  I am willing to take Sixty Dollars for my part but I dont how I am to get from  here to their after it I am in great need of it but propey wont sute  mee if you have a mind to giv mee that and can send it to me by the mail it will obled mee very mch.  So nothing more only Remains

                                                            Your Friend Daniel Boone"





           It is thought that reports of the country made by Boone, who came from an adjoining county in North Carolina, influenced McKinney to settle in this section.  In 1804 he was appointed Captain of militia for Lee Co. by the Governor of Virginia.  He represented the county of Lee in the General Assembly of Virginia from 1806-1809.  When Scott Co. was organized, he was a member of the first court, and in September, 1815, he was the ruling magistrate or chairman of the county court.  In 1815 and 1816, he was appointed Commissioner of the Revenue for the North Side.  In 1816, he qualified to celebrate the rites of matrimony.  In 1818 and again in 1824, he was made school commissioner for the school district in which he lived.  In 1819 and 1820 he qualified as sheriff of the county.  It is said that while living in the same house, he was sheriff for Lee County and then later sheriff of Scott Co. when it was formed.


           In partnership with W. H. Carter and a Mr. Osborne, he discovered and made salt at what is now known as Blackwater, Virginia.  In many of his papers, in excellent state of preservation, and in possession of his descendants, some of them date back to the year 1775 and show a wide range of business transactions.  He leaves no descendants in this section bearing his name, branches of the Morrison, Harris, Young and Carter families are descended from him.  He died in 1824 or 1825 and he and his wife are buried in an unmarked grave on Red Hills, about one mile south of Pattonsville.  She died in 1840.


                                    .  .  History of Scott Co. Virginia, pp 299-300





p. 332, William Roberts, James McReynolds, John McKinney, Jr. and Jesse Rainey, vs.  In chancery on a bill to perpetuate testimony, Mary Vann Cobber formerly wife of John Sims, deceased, William Sims, James Sims, Bartlett Sims, Elisha Sims, heirs of John Sims dec'd and Lincoln Amis and Amis Grantham, 23 Sept. 1817.


Note:  For those interested in Lee County research, I recommend EARLY SETTLERS OF LEE COUNTY, VIRGINIA AND ADJACENT COUNTIES, $35.00 (2 Vols.), Jonesville Chamber of Commerce, Jonesville, Virginia, authored by Laningham and Bales, 1978.






           Zachariah Gibson Cemetery:

                        John Franklin McKinney, Jan. 5, 1962, 89 yrs 7 mos

                        Angie Gison McKinney, 29 Sep. 1872 – Jul, 1936


           Sand Lick Cemetery:

                         Ben H. McKinney, 189? – 1955


           Kincaid Cemetery:

                        Elizabeth Bale McKinney, 1851 – 1957

                        Benard McKinney, 1842 – 1907



John McKinney of Lee County bought land of Wm. McCutchin of Carter Co. TN, 30 May 1803.  He purchased further land in 1803 by Nathaniel Taylor of Carter Co. of 150 acres.  In 1802 John bought 500 acres on North Fork of the Clinch in Lee Co.


Note: John's wife was probably Elizabeth Young as found in other records in Lee County and in material that Ross Harris compiled.  Unfortunately, the material is missing . . can anyone help locate?



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Aaron                                     Arie, Aren                             Leonard                                 Leendert

Adam                                     Daam                                     Ludovicus                              Lodewyk

Adrian                                    See Aaron                              Luke                                       Lukas, Luytje

Alexander                  Sander                                                Matthias                                 Matthys, Thys

Andrew                     Dries                                       Michael                                  Giel

Anthony                    Teunis                                                Nicholas                                 Claes, Klaas

Arnold                                   Arnout                                               Otto                                        Otho

August                                   Auche                                     Paul                                        Pauel, Paulus

Baldwin                      Boudewyn                                                                             Powles

Balthaser                    Balt, Baltus                             Philip                                      Filip, Filips

Bartholomew                        Martel                                                                                                Philip

                                    Maas, Mewis                         Ralph                                      Roelof

Bernard                      Barent                                                Richard                                  Derrick

Charles                      Jarels                                                                                      Dirck, Dirk

Christian                    Christiaan                              Roger                                     Rutgert

                                    Kerstan                                  Sebastian                               Bastiaan

                                    Kristiaan                                Solomon                                Saal

Christopher              Christoffel                             Theobald                               Tiebout


                                    Stophel                                   Theodore                               Diederick

Cornelius                   Cornelis, Kees                                                                                  Doris

                                    Koris, Krelis                          Timothy                                 Tymen

Dionysius                  Denys                                     Walter                                                Wouter

Egbert                                                Epke                                       Ernest                                     Ernst

Eustice                                    Staats                                      Francis                                               Frans

Garret                                                Geritt                                      George                                               Goris, Joris

Gerard                                   See Garret                                                                             Jurge, Jurian

Gilbert                                    Gysbert                                  Giles                                       Gellis

                                    Gyesebert                                                                              Gillis, Jillis

Henry                                                Hendrick                               Hugh                                      Huygen

Jack                             Hans                                       Jacob                                      Jaap, Japic

James                                     Jacobus                                  Joachim                                  Jochem

                                    Kobus                                                John                                        Jan, Johannes

Justus                                     Joost                                       Lawrence                               Laurens, Loures

Leo                             Lieve, Lieven






           Burial, Frederick County, Maryland:         Robert McKinney 7 Apr 1793 – 29 July 1863

                                                                        Wife, Alley, 17 July 1793 – 2 Jan 1863






           William Overlin of Cumberland Rev. War soldier, married in 1787, Leticia McKinney






By Mrs. Daphne M. Brownell


           In a HISTORY OF VENEANGO COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA,  published 1890, it states that John McKinney was a soldier in the American Revolution, emigrated from the north of Ireland and settled in Chester County, Pennsylvania where he reared a family.  From a DAR application paper dated 1966, information states that John was a volunteer in the Continental Army as a private.  He was on the payroll of Captain Andrew Lang's company of the 1st Battalion of the Rifle Regiment in the service of the Province of Penn. commanded by Daniel Broadhead.  He enlisted on 10 April 1776 and was quartered in camp near King's Bridge in the militia, 5th class of 4th Battalion, Chester Co. militia, Capt. John Rowland.  The application paper lists his children as:  Anthony, Samuel (Rachel McKinney), Mary (Thomas Fulton), Susan.


           An archival record in the LDS records gives the information that John McKinney was the son of James Collin McKinney and Sarah Boone, and in his record are additional children:  Isaac, Henry, John.  A little information about John McKinney, Mary Llewellyn and their son Samuel, who married Rachel McKinney (also her name before marriage) follows:


           Children that I have researched are:


Margaret (1785), 14 May, d 31 Sep 1859, age 74-4-17, married John Fulton in 1771, who died 2 May 1855, age 84.  Their dates of death and ages are given on their headstones at Lick Run Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Jacksonville (formerly Walker), Centre Co., PA


Samuel, b 31 Oct. 1786, d 20 Sep. 1871, Salem City, Venango Co. PA married Rachel McKinney, dau of John McKinney and Elizabeth Dunn, b May 1799, d 1 March 1895, Salem City, Venango Co. PA


Susan, b 13 April 1790, d 6 Jul 1877, 87-2-23, buried Advent Church Cemetery, Boggs, Centre Co., PA.  Susan died unmarried, she was living with the John Fulton family in the 1850 census.  Her dates were copied from records of Mrs. Spengler at the public library in Bellefonte, Co. seat of Centre Co., PA.


           Rachel McKinney was described as Òbeing of Sunbury, Pennsylvania'.  Samuel and Rachel were the parents of twelve children:  Rebecca (dec'd in 1890), John of Nebraska; Isaac (dec'd); Margaret (Joseph Chambers) of Rockland Twp.; Mary J. (Dr. Edwin Oppeelt) of Loogootee, IN; Louisa dec'd wife of Benjamin McGee; Macada; Samuel H.; Charles B. of Bradford; Alvina; Imelda, wife of Andrew Gates of Emlenton; Henrydec'd.  Samuel and Rachel lived in Cranberry Township from 1833 to date.  Previously he had lived in the Nittanny Valley where he farmed and operated a fulling mill.


           Rachel McKinney was born in Northumberland Co. in May 1799.  Her father, John, was a colonel in the state militia at the time of her birth.  Her mother, Elizabeth Dunn was the daughter of William Dunn, general of the War of the Revolution.  On the first of May 1816, Rachel McKinney was married to Samuel.  Although both came of IRISH ancestry, their fathers bearing the same given as well as surname, they were not known to have been related.





           John Fulton who married Margaret McKinney, daughter of John and Mary, was probably the son of James Fulton.  James Fulton's will, which was written in 1811, stated that he was a resident of Walker, PA, the will being proven in 1815.


The 1850 Federal Census of Pennsylvania, Centre County, Walker Township:

           John Fulton, age 87 (incorrect), b PA

           Margaret Fulton, age 67, b PA (Margaret McKinney)

           Mary Fulton, age 44, b PA

           Jane Fulton, age 15, b PA

           John Fleming, age 15, b PA

           Susan McKinney, age 60, b PA


Children of John Fulton and Margaret McKinney;  (not all have been proven)  - 

           Mary Fulton, b 27 Sep 1806, d 1 Jan. 1872, unm

           James Fulton, b 1812, married Caroline ?

           Thomas A. Fulton, b 1817, d 17 June 1864, Andersonville Prison, GA

                        wife, Phebe Ann Dixon, b 3 May 1824, Venango Co., PA (compiler's ancestors)

           Samuel Fulton, b 1820, m. Mary ?

           William Fulton, Married Elizabeth F. ?

           George Fulton, b 1821, married Mary J. ?

           Llewellyn Fulton, b 1825, d 5 Jan, 1893, m. Margaret Walker

           Leviticus Fulton (called Levice in a land record), b 29 Apr, 1829, d 30 June 1905, age 76 yrs.


.  .    .   .   .

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MCKINNEY             Looking for pts of Mary E. McKinney, b 2 Oct. 1851, Fannin Co., GA m. Virgil STUART              Stuart

á      Edith A. Relf, OR 


ALLEN                       Samuel McKinney m. Nancy Allen 13 Sept 1797, d 20 Aug 1832, Lycoming MCKINNEY              Co., PA.  Orphan's court record of petition to sell real estate by his wife Nancy

                                    and son-in-law at Samuel's death.  Eldest son James m in Williamsport, had six

                                    ch b there.

á      Alice McKinney Fisher, CA


MCKINNEY             Who were pts of Joseph F. McKinney Sr. b VA 1710 (?) of Mercer Co., WVA,                                                         wife Elizabeth b VA 1773, lived Wyoming Co. in 1850, 80 yrs of age.

                                    * Thomas Haskett, KS


LOWE                                    G2gdau of Charles McKinney b ca 1847 PA or OH, m 31 Mar 1867, Polk Co.,

MCKINNEY             MO, Harriet Lowe, 1870 Census for Polk Co. gives Charles McKinney age 24, b

                                    OH, 1860 gives a Cornelius age 13, b PA, son of Charles age 36 and Catherine age

                                    32.  Are younger Charles and Cornelius one and the same?   Related?  How?

                                    * Mary Ann Caskey KS




STORY                       Need pts Lydia A. McKinney who m William Story, 28 Mar 1867, Marietta IN

MCKINNEY             William, son of James and Elizabeth ?  James b 1800 NY, wife Elizabeth, 1800,

                                    KY.   Will exc info.

                                    * Joan C. Bohm, IN


MCKINNEY             Info, Wilson S. McKinney, wife Sarah M. ? , listed in 1850 census Limestone LACEY                                              Co., AL; also Jesse Lacey who m Elza J. McKinney, dau Wilson S. and Sarah

                                    M.  Jesse b GA 1828.  Also searching Todd, Tucker, Harper, Berzett surnames.

                                    * Jerrye Todd Pencola, AL


NORRIS                     Req. data concerning Samuel McKinney from KY to Buchanan Co., MO pre

MCKINNEY             1856.  Wife Louisa Norris dau of John (d MO 1857).  Known ch Dicey

                                    (Pendergast) liv Goff,          KS; Bud (Wm. Sanford) 1856-1938 liv Halls, MO

                                    (Cecilia Little); Clara Norris, 17 children; Martha, (Shockey of Atchison, KS:

                                    Lucinda (Donahue); Sally, unm; ÒMag" (Worrell) of Winthrop, MO; Belle

                                    (Phillips); Jackie, who d age 19.

                                    * Monica Grey, ID


MCKINNEY             John McKinney, wife Eleanor, appeared Mercer Co., KY 1796 – where from? 

                                    Parents?   Ch:  Charles, William, John Micajah, Mickey Fanny (Brown), Ally

                                    (Cole), Celia (Holloway), Rebecca (Gritton), Polly (Overstreet).

                                    * Mike McKinney, FL


MCKINNEY             Data needed, Sidney McKinney reputed father of Celia b 1793, Russell Co., VA,

HURST                       m HURST 1813 Elisha Hurst in Russell Co.  Rem to Floyd, Breathit, Morgan

                                    Counties, KY, d Clark Co., IL.

                                    * William B. Watson, IN


MCKINNEY             Proof needed, were William McKinney and Sarah Miller parents of Luke, b

MILLER                     1782 nr Romney, Hampsire,VA (now WVA), need info, siblings of Luke.

                                    * Bob Faulkner, IL


                                    William said to have settled nr present town of Romney early as 1760, what

                                    happened in 1760 to tie in this date?  Who were other McKinneys of this group?

                                    * as above


SPENCER                  Need pts of Charity Spencer b 1826, Mineral Co., VA, m. Arthur Wesley

MCKINNEY             McKinney, son of Luke.  Charity said to have been part Indian, what tribe?

                                    * as above




Editor's Note:  Hampshire Co. bordered Maryland at this time near Allegeny Co., MD.  Item in last issue of Maze, p 37, is interesting because of above, could this be connected?  There could have been a connection with the Mordecai McKinney/Elizabeth Dils group in Maryland, ca 1759.  Suggest you contact those researching this line.  See queries in past issues.





MCKINNEY             John McKinney b 1793, VA, wife Sally M. (Martha Davenport, b 1790, VA –

DAVENPORT           will exc info.

                                    * Mrs. Henry Capps, IL


MCKINNEY             Seek pts, sibs of Abraham McKinney be ca 1805 Ire (?), d 1843 Warren Co., IL,

NASH                                    m. 1827, Washington BROWNLEE           Co., PA (?) Anna Brownlee.

                                    Ch:  Mary Jane (Nash), Elizabeth Eleanor (Struthers), Sarah Ann

STRUTHERS             (McKissick Wilson), Nancy Marie (Bell), Adeline Clark (Nash), Margaret

MCKISSICK              Almira (Sturthers), Amanda Cordelia (McCreedy).

                                    * Barbara Martin Thompson, CA


MCKINNEY             Searching for marriage, J. C. McKinney, Elizabeth Mahone, MS

MAHONE                 * Mrs. Mary J. Miltner, LA


MCKINNEY             George McKinney b 1791 KY, removed to AR?  Pts?

                                    * Mary McKinney Rice, OK


MCKINNEY             Desc of James McKinney b 1821, AL, wife Rhoda Ann Brookshire, d 1879, nr.

BROOKSHIRE          Lufkin, TX – info requested. 

                                    * David D. McKinney, CA 95150


TALBOTT                  Sarah or Margaret McKinney b 1811 WVA or VA, m. Silas Talbott, may have

MCKINNEY             rem to IA, 1844 – info on pts, siblings?

                                    * Iretta Talbott Bailey, OK


LLEWELLYN            Searching info, John McKinney, wife Mary Llewellyn, b prob Centre Co., PA?  MCKINNEY                 Have info on sons Anthony, Samuel, daus:  Susan, Mary (Thomas Fulton).  Has

                                    anyone more info on Llewellyn family?  Any members working on Dixon and

                                    Lovell families who intermarried with McKinney families and Fulton families,

                                    Centre and Venango counties?

                                    * Mrs. Daphne M. Brownell, FL


MCKINNEY             Searching for Galen McKinney b Burke Co., NC 1804, wife Cynthia, rem to

                                    Washington Co., AR,  ch:  Thomas, James, John, William, Wilson.

                                    * Marian McKinney Morrow, MD



Editor's Note:  This is probably Galen, son of James McKinney and Sarah Pinson of Surry Co., NC (Westfield MM Quaker records).  Galen b 2 Oct 1803, m. Cynthia Clark, d McKinney, TX.  Their ch:  Thomas Clark b 1839 IN (Rebecca C. ?); James b 1841 Prairie Grove, TN (Rebecca ?); John b 1843 AR; William b 1846; Wilson b 1848; Sarah b 1855.  James McKinney son of James b 1748 Hepburnville, Lycoming Co., PA and wife, Mary Byrom Ballard.  James (1749) son of John (1714-1772 son of Mordecai (1686-1760).






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           Continuing are efforts to identify the two William McKinneys in early New Jersey; the following information was received in July from Eleanore M. White, who is in the process of publishing another Wyckoff family history volume, and who sends us the inventory for William McKinney (1723)1777) who is buried in Warren County, New Jersey:


           1           Loome quill wheale swift warpen bar & spool rack                  /17/12/6

           1           Std spinning wheale                                                                        50

           10         Spooles                                                                                  17/6

           3           Shuttles                                                                                  7/6

           4           Reeds                                                                                     4/10

           5           reeds a Vanhorns (?)

           1           pair of Cards                                                                         3

           2           Tramels                                                                                  3

           1           Woling Wheal                                                                                   6

           1           Cutting Box                                                                           6

           1           Beetle & 2 Wedges                                                               30/

           19         Sheep                                                                                     47

           1           Basket with woole                                                               22/6

                        Wooling Yarn                                                                                   6

           1           pair Sheep Shears                                                                 30/

                        Tow yarn                                                                               15/



"In my opinion, there should be an item published to the effect that the Hannah "Fenwick" shown in Nelson's ÒNew Jersey Marriage Records" is indeed Hannah TenEyck, in fact, in his index by brides, he shows the same entry as:


Tenick, Hannah, Somerset, and William Mackeny, Somerset 1749 Aug. 7, p. 403.  There are no ÒFenwicks' in either index, except for this one unfortunate error.


In the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record (Vol. LXIII, 1932), pp 152-164 the article, "The TenEyck Family in New York", contains the family group of Jacob TenEyck and Jacomynthien (Jemima) VanNest, wherein appears their daughter Annetje, bap 20 Dec. 1730, Readington NJ.  In the Warren County NJ Cemetery list:  Hanna McKinney (wife of William McKinney) d 18 Mar 1765, age 34.5.21 (estimated birth 27 Sep 1730).  The will of Jacob TenEyck of Somerset Co., NJ names among other children his daughter Annetje.  This will was witnessed by William McKinney, (NJ Colonial Docs, Calendar of Wills, 1751-1760 (p 320); will dated 25 Jun 1752; proven 28 Mar 1754.


           In compiling the third edition of THE WYCKOFF FAMILY IN AMERICA, I noticed a coincidence in the records of one branch of the Wyckoffs living in Mansfield, Sussex (now Warren) County, NJ:  One Mary A. Wyckoff (d/o John Wyckoff and Catherine McDonald), b 6 Sep 1794; d 16 Apr 1878; m 21 Sep 1816, Edward Youmans.  Her name of my" William McKinney's second wife as Sarah Williver, and the marriage of his granddaughter Mary (d/o his son John McKinney & Eleanor Davison) b est 5 Sep 1790; d 12 Nov 1812 (aged 22-2-7) to Edward Yeomans, and the fact that these are buried in Warren Co. NJ, struck me as a clue to some connections.


                                                                        Eleanore M. White





Editor:  It would seem without a doubt, that William b 1723 was indeed the weaver, and that William (son of Mordecai) was the tavern or inn-keeper.  In Andrew Johnston's Journals many references are made to staying at "Mr. Kinne's', which would appear to be William's inn or tavern.  Once and for all, the wife of William b 1723 would seem to be Hannah TenEyck.  In a recent study of Irish names (research project at the Augustan Society), it was noticed that the given name ÒMordecai" seemed to be quite popular in Northern Ireland in and around Antrim . . where it has seldom appeared in Scottish records.  Since William (1723) is said to have been from Ireland, we now have another clue for thought!





CHARLES MCKINNEY 7 RELATED FAMILIES:  Estelena M. Harper, 252 Broadview St., Anaheim, CA 92804, privately printed in 1973, this is a revision, $40.00 from the author.  Reviewed in the last issue of this bulletin, the reviewer feels that this text requires further consideration.  Highly enjoyable reading, this is as much a history of a people and of an area as it is family history.  Those of us with a vested interest in McKinneys will, of course, appreciate it far more than the casual reader.  Done with much devotion, the family stories and anecdotes are well worth the reading.  Charles McKinney and his four wives and forty-eight children is a story unto himself.  North Carolina McKinneys will be able to fill in some of the missing generations in their ancestor charges  .   .  nevertheless, it is entertaining reading and recommended for genealogists.


Researchers offering help:


           Billie Beard - Will search Choctaw Co., OK records, wills, land and marriage records for McKinney



           Joan Bohm – will search for McKinney members in IN.           




           Mrs. S. L. Thompson





           History of Warren County, Ohio – Unigraphics, 1971


The Family McKinney – Nancy Sayford (Line of Daniel McKinney)


Cemeteries of Washington Co., Arkansas, Vol IV, Spring, 1982

             Washington Co. Genealogy Society.  Donation from Mrs. Joanne Allenbaugh, Carson,



First 100 Years of Hunterdon Co., New Jersey– Mott (Photocopy)


Unidentified McKinney Family Groups – photocopied by Barbara Pannage Stanfield for Library

             Loan.  Contains family groups that have not yet (nearly all) been identified, from LDS

             sheets, CFI records, correspondents.      


Received a "quaint' wanted poster and request for information from R. P. Dutschmann, CA requesting information on James McKinney, son of Andrew & Sarah A. Maybee McKinney, res. Illinois and Colorado.





Jim McKinney was one of four sons of Andrew and Sarah.  They resided in Leadville, Co prior to 1880.  Father Andrew served in the Union Army and was said to have been from County Tyrone, Ireland.  His brothers were Edward, Matthew, Jake.  Mr. Dutschmann is searching for birth records for James.  James was a gunfighter in Visalia, CA.


PHOTOGRAPHS:  Two photographs have been found, giving McKinney surnames:


           Gravestone:    Susan S., wife of W. M. McKinney d Jan 19, 1901 age 58 yrs 7 mos, 4 dys.

Grave is located in Old Gold-Rush Country Cemetery, Highway 132, on the way to McClure Lake, near Waterford, CA.  An untended graveyard, no further

                                    information could be found on cemetery records, etc.


           Major E. P. McKinney:  Photograph of field glasses, McKinney served in the Commissary Dept.

                                    under General Sheridan, photograph taken at Gettysburg, PA  .  .  can anyone






JoAnne Allenbaugh

Sylvia A. Hanna

M. J. McKinney (Doris)

William E. McKinney

Mrs. Blanche Jones

Richard and Georgene Reimer

Mary Ann Caskey

Thomas Haskett

Mrs. Marjorie Hayter

Edith A. Relf

Jerrye Todd Pencola

Iretta Talbott Bailey

Mrs. Daphne M. Brownell

Marian McKinney Morrow

David McKinney

Barbara Martin Thompson

Mrs. Lawrence Lant






You will find attached to this quarterly, a descent chart.  Please fill in and return to Secretary.  Keeping a record of the various lines for each member has become a horrendous occupation!  This chart will help me to keep accurate records and to have access to easy referrals for other researchers.