The McKinney Mazeã

Vol VII #2

Fall 1988

ISBN 0736-2420

Newsletter of the McKinney Family Association


Note from The Editor

Grandma McKinney’s Cake Recipe

Book Review

Old Photographs

Notes from McKinney Microfilms

Miscellaneous McKinneys

The Unidentified Are Identified!

Louise McKinney, Canadian Legislator

Arkansas Census Records

McKinneys from Hoosier Journal of Ancestors

McKinneys from The Hoosier Genealogist

Messages from and for Our Members

McKinney Family Library Holdings

Indiana Wills

Indiana Census Records

The McKinney Family Association & Library was founded September 1981 as a non-profit, educational association and library, dedicated to researching, preserving and collecting historical and family history and data, not necessarily all of lineal or legal families, but all those interested in the McKinney surname and variants and to assist and instruct in genealogical research and to publish private and public records and educational articles. Bylaws and Constitution adopted October 1982 and granted non profit, incorporation 3 May 1983 by the State of Oklahoma. Trustees are Barbara Pannage Stanfield, E. Neil Stanfield and Richard A. Kipf.

Barbara Pannage Stanfield, Coordinator

Peter Campbell McKinney, Registrar – Treasurer

Ed and Blanche McKinney, Editors - Librarians

Wilma C. Cook, Indexing

The Editors are not responsible for the errors in submitted materials, all such material is placed in the Association library and files. Books received for review are placed in the lending library for members only.

Indexed in Genealogical Periodical Annual Index, Laird C. Towle, Editor, Bowie, MD


A Note from the Editors:

We really can’t say producing this publication is getting easier, but we hope this one reaches you nearer the time it should.

I have finally given up my crutches, and Ed is now back in what we hope is his final year of graduate study. Somehow, in a moment of enthusiasm, I agreed to teach an evening class at a local college, and with my regular teaching job, the evening class, and working on a thesis of my own, time becomes rather precious.

Several of you have inquired about the library. For several weeks, the books have been packed and waiting for us in Oklahoma City. We have planned—several times—to go there to get them. However, we managed to wreck one van this summer, and with several other problems, somehow never got to OKC after them. We had planned to go again this past weekend, but Ed came down with what the doctor called ‘walking pneumonia,’ so that was the end of the trip for them. He is now better. I think Barbara finally gave up on us and mailed them. The postage was considerable, but they are now at our house. If you want to use one of them, fill out the sheet immediately after the list of books, and send it to us. We will try to get the book you want to you as soon as possible.

I cannot thank those of you who provided material for this issue enough. Without your help, we simply could not get this material collected. I have tried to list the contributors with each piece of information, but somehow, I managed to separate the material of the pages of information from the Hoosier Journal of Ancestors and The Hoosier Genealogist from the contributor’s name. I rather think it came from Pat Kirkwood, but I may be mistaken. Whoever you are, thanks! Barbara Stanfield, of course, has continued to be great. We can never thank her enough for her guidance with the Maze.

Another person we wish to thank in advance is Dorothy P. Gross, who is compiling information on McKinneys in Missouri for a future publication. If you have material about Missouri McKinneys, you might send it to her for inclusion in her research. Her address is 10615 237th Place SW, Edmonds, WA 98020.

For the December issue, we will attempt to focus on Iowa McKinneys. If you have information on McKinneys in Iowa, please send it to us, and we will be delighted to publish it with your name.

Ed did take time from his studies to write a book review for this issue about a biography of Thomas McKenney. We became interested in his life several months ago, when we theorized that our line might have been involved in trade with the Indians on the Missouri River in the early 1800’s. We thought there might be some link with Thomas McKenney, but if our group engaged in Indian trade, or had anything to do with Thomas McKenney, we were never able to find it. Oh, well, we will still search! And in the meantime, Thomas McKenney’s life is interesting.


We also discovered some more relatives of ours in Canada! We had lost track of their line about 1900, and one relative told us he thought that family moved to Montana. Apparently, they did, then after the father died, the mother remarried and took the children to Canada. The children and grandchildren knew little about their heritage, and a series of unlikely coincidences brought about our awareness of each other. A cousin of mine (not related to the McKinneys) lives in Florida, and saw an obituary in a newspaper which stated that the deceased was born with the name of McKinney. I wrote to one of the listed survivors, who referred me to other relatives, and eventually, I found a member of the family in Canada who was searching for family roots, but had no idea that there were others of her family group. She provided the information in this issue about Louise McKinney. This lady is now a member of the Maze family.

I vowed to keep my ‘note’ short, and here I am on two pages again. Thanks to all of you who have given us support, and provided material for this issue. Keep those cards and letters coming!


Ed and Blanche


This is the recipe for Ed’s grandmother’s cake. It was her specialty, and many members of the family still talk about it. Ed’s grandmother was Ellen Chambers McKinney, b. 3 Jan 1877, d. 20 Feb 1947.

Grandma McKinney’s Cake Recipe

½ cup butter 1 teaspoon vanilla

1 ½ cups sugar ¼ teaspoon salt

2 ½ cups flour 2 ½ tsp. baking powder

1 cup milk 4 egg whites

Cream butter and sugar, then add milk and vanilla. Sift baking power, salt, and flour four times, then add to first mixture. Beat egg whites until very stiff, then fold into batter gently. Bake in three layers at 350 degrees until delicately browned. Cool, then frost with white frosting and sprinkle with shredded coconut.

Apparently, there was never a recipe written for the frosting, but those who remember the cake say it was made with real cream, butter and powdered sugar.


Book Review

By Ed McKinney

Viola, Herman J.; Thomas L. McKenney: Architect of America’s Early Indian Policy, 1816-1830. Chicago: The Swallow Press, Inc., 1974, 365 pages.

Thomas L. McKinney was one of the most important men of the young United States to early nineteenth-century American Indians. Sensitive and idealistic, McKenney’s concern for Indian welfare during a time when not many other Americans cared, caused his career to be highly controversial. He was the first Washington bureaucrat to try seriously to deal with the thorny issue of relations between the American Indians and the non-Indian Americans who steadily pushed the frontier westward during the nineteenth century. Between 1816 and 1830, McKenney tried hard to extend the blessings of civilization to the Native Americans; during those years he was first the Superintendent of Indian Trade, then he became the head of the Office of Indian Affairs. His efforts realized the passage of the Indian Civilization Act in 1819, which funded establishment of schools in Indian Territory with a $10,000 annual grant, and he supported the highly controversial Indian Removal Act in 1830 which brought about the resettlement of tribes in the east to areas west of the Mississippi River. With our advantage of hindsight, and with the many accounts of hardships along the Trail of Tears, one might well question McKenney’s motives in support of the latter measure. He realized, perhaps better than anyone else in America, the danger to the eastern tribes from lawless ‘Indian-hating’ whites who continuously encroached upon Indian lands, and he also realized the futility of trying to arrange U. S. Army protection for Indian property rights at the time.

McKenney was extremely loyal to Presidents Monroe and John Quincy Adams, to whom he owed his job, and to John C. Calhoun, McKinney’s immediate superior, who was Secretary of War under Adams until 1823. McKenney’s loyalty to Monroe and Adams, and his Whig politics did not sit well with Andrew Jackson or with Jackson’s one-time dueling antagonist and usually vociferous supporter from Missouri in the Senate, Thomas Hart Benton. Benton’s bitter attacks on McKenney’s management of Indian affairs bore fruit; ultimately with Jackson’s election in 1828, McKenney lost his job in 1830. A native of Maryland’s eastern shore, McKenney roamed about after 1830, promoting his History of the Indian Tribes of North America which he wrote in Collaboration with James Hall, and drawing upon his extensive knowledge of Indians to provide lectures upon speaking circuits of the time. He died in poverty in a Brooklyn boarding house at the age of seventy-three on Feb 20, 1859.

In an age of greater ethnic sensitivity, Thomas L. McKenney would undoubtedly have been one of the heroes of his time. His greatest contribution to American history was his collection of


paintings of American Indians, some of which were destroyed in a fire at the Smithsonian Institution in 1865 (but not before they were lithographed and published in the History by McKenney and Hall); other paintings from his collection are now on display at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology at Harvard University.

Herman Viola is currently the Director of the National Anthropological Archives at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D. C., and has authored several works relating to American Indians. He writes lucidly and excitingly, and finds Thomas L. McKenney scrupulously honest in his contacts with the American Indians in an extremely volatile time in American history.

Genealogical Notes:

One fascinating aspect of this book is the excellent bibliography. One source which is cited should be of special interest to genealogists is listed as ‘McKenney Family History,’ an unpublished work, and was found at the Hall of Records, Annapolis, MD. Have any Maze readers had opportunity to look at this source? Those of you who have access to this library might write a review of this history for us.

According to the book, Thomas McKenney was born 21 Mar 1785 at Hopewell, an estate in Somerset County, Maryland. His father was William McKenney; his mother was Anne Barber. William McKenney and Anne Barber had five sons and daughters before Anne died in 1795. After her death, William married Hannah Hines and produced a second family of five sons and two daughters.

In 1806, Thomas McKenney married Editha Gleaves. Their children were a daughter, Maria, who died as an infant, and a son, George William.


Old Photographs

Old photographs of our ancestors are guaranteed to delight almost any of us who have searched for information about our ancestors. A few years ago, we learned about a distant relative of my husband’s family who was, at that time, 104 years old, and lived in a nursing home. We went to visit her, and had some difficulty in explaining to her just who we were. Finally, my husband told her that he was Wilburn McKinney’s grandson. That caught her attention, and she fixed her bright blue eyes on his face, studied him critically for a moment, then stated emphatically, ‘You look exactly like Wilburn!’. My husband’s grandfather had died when my husband was quite young, and no one had ever mentioned to him that he resembled his grandfather. However, back at his parents’ home, we searched out a picture of his grandfather, studied it carefully, and decided that he did indeed look like his grandfather.

Other families have similar family resemblances which occur. Therefore, keeping those precious pictures intact for future generations is a responsibility which we should take seriously. First of all, identify the people in the family photographs you own. Perhaps you know who all of them are, but fifty years from now, will your descendants know who they are? Storing photographs in contact with each other is not always wise. Experts tell us that we should use mylar or polypropylene sleeves to separate prints, then they should be stored in acid-free boxes in cool, dry places.

Consider having copies made of older pictures and share these with others who are researching the same lines as you. If you should have the misfortune to lose your pictures through some disaster, you could then have a chance of regaining copies. Usually, if you offer to share your pictures, you will get some in return, or added information. Sharing family history and pictures increases our enjoyment of a delightful hobby!

Notes Taken From McKinney Microfilms

Collected by Octavia Douglas

(For information about the reels, see June 1988 Maze.)

Bible Record of McKinney-Rowlett Family of Virginia, from bible in possession of Mrs. Charlotte L. Pulliam.

Charles McKinney b. 1755, d. 9 Feb 1830

Susan Watkins (wife of Charles) b. 1764, d. 20 Dec 1816

Their Children:

William, b. 6 Sep 1781, d. 16 Nov 1832

Rhoda, B. 19 May 1873

Elizabeth, b. 28 Jun 1785

Joel, b. 18 Aug 1787, d. 26 May 1848

Charles, b. 5 Jun 1789

Daniel, b. 1 Dec 1792, d Mar 4, 1853

Thomas, b. 12 Mar 1794

Samuel, b. 2 Feb 1797, d. 9 Nov 1857

Watkins, b. Aug 16, 1799, d. Aug 1830

John, b. 1 Dec 1801, D. 11 May 1854


Miscellaneous McKinneys

Contributed by Pat Kirkwood

Virginia Surveys and Grants, 1774-1791

#467, James McKenny, 400 acres, Lincoln Co., Hanging Fork of Dick’s River, survey dated 4-15-1781, Book 1, p. 219. Grant date 6-1-1782, Book 1, p. 8.

#6417, David MacKenny, 750 acres, Fayette Co., E. Fork, Licking River, survey dated 4-16-1785, Book 8, p. 36. Grant dated 7-10-1787, Book 12, pp. 5-6.

#6419, Alexander McKenney, Sr., 500 acres, Fayette Co., N. Fork of Elkhorn River, survey dated 3-21-1785, Book 8, pp. 37-38. Grant date 7-10-1787, Book 9, p. 583.

#2234, Archibald McKenney, 400 acres, Fayette Co., Stoner Fork, Licking River, survey dated 1-9-1783, Book 3, pp. 158-159. Grant date 4-1-1785, Book 5, pp. 133-134.

#2235, Archibald McKenney, 1,000 acres, Fayette Co., Stoner Fork, Licking River, survey dated 1-9-1783, Book 3, pp. 158-159. Grant date 4-1-1785, Book 5, p. 134.

#6416, David McKenney, 200 acres, Fayette Co., North Fork, Elkhorn River, survey dated 3-26-1785, Book 8, p. 35. Grant date 7-10-1787, Book 9, pp, 583-584.

#4971, Murdock McKenzey, 560 acres, Fayette Co., Licking River, survey dated 9-12-1784, Book 6, pp. 238-239. Grant date 8-20-1786, Book 6, pp. 516-517.

#4976, David McKinney, 1,000 acres, Fayette Co., Licking River, survey dated 5-29-1784, Book 6, pp. 241-242. Grant date 9-20-1786, Book 6, pp. 516-517.

#7430, David McKinney, 1,000 acres, Fayette Co., Eagle Creek, survey dated 12-2-1786, Book 9, pp. 150-151. Grant date 2-5-1789, Book 14, pp. 87-88.

#6418, David & John McKinney, 1,130 acres, Fayette Co., North Fork Elkhorn & Eagle Creek, survey dated 3-21-1785, Book 8, pp. 36-37. Grant date 7-10-1787, Book 13, pp. 185-186.

#9371, John McKinney, 400 acres, Fayette Co., No watercourse, survey dated 1-18-1783, Book 11, p. 450. Grant date 3-22-1785, Book 5, pp. 85-86.

#2998, John & Alexander McKinney, 1,090 acres, Fayette Co., Lick Creek, survey dated 12-4-1783, Book 4, pp. 77-78. Grant date 12-2-1785, Book 4, pp. 499-500.

1900 Federal Census, Roll R623, 99, Sacramento City, CA (Has first half of San Diego, CA census included, which this citation is from)

National City, 217/219

Henry McKinney, b Sep 1851, IN, parents b IN

Florence, b 1863, IL father b VA, Mother b PA

Cromwell, b 1891, IL

Joyce (son) b 1895, IN


Venango Co., PA, Records, Volume 1


Margaret Ann McKenney of Cranberry Twp., and Joseph Chambers of Shippenville (Clarion Co.) 2 Feb 1843 in Franklin

Isaac McKinney, (d. 1874 in Crawford Co.), Cranberry Twp., and Elizabeth Rose of Cranberry, 19 Jan 1848.

H. B. McKinney married Mary J. Thompson, 1st Presbyterian Church, Oil City, PA (Crawford Co.,), 3 Jul 1871.

A young McKinney gentleman from Hume, NY, had a stroke, died Dec 6, 1871; his widowed mother came to claim the body (unnamed).

The Unidentified Are Identified

Thanks to some of our readers, some of the unidentified McKinneys listed in the last issue of the Maze have been identified.

Joseph R. McKinney

He served in the Revolutionary War in VA, then moved to KY, received a land grant in the Miami District of OH on the Mad River in what is now Clark Co. He finally moved to Randolph Co., IN where he died and was buried. (Thanks to Rosalie McKinney Jackson for this information)

Middleton McKinney

He married Jenny Boyd 11 May 1813 in Christian Co., KY. He may have moved from Christian Co. to Brown Co., IL, where he died at the age of 24. (Thanks to William E. Benson for this information.)


Louise McKinney, Canadian Legislator

Louise McKinney was born in 1868 in Ontario, Canada. She married in 1896, and she, her husband and child moved west to Claresholm, Alberta, Canada in 1903. In Claresholm, she became involved in Women’s causes, and worked to secure the franchise for women in 1916. She was elected to the legislature in 1917, and supported issues promoting social welfare and public health.

On October 18, 1929, the British Privy Council recognized Louise McKinney and four other Canadian women as legal ‘persons’.

Louise McKinney died in 1931 in Claresholm.

In 1980, Canada issued a stamp with Louise McKinney’s picture on it. She is remembered for ‘The Persons’ case which proved that women were persons with full voting rights and privileges.

(This information came from a brochure from the Alberta Heritage Savings Trust Fund, and from information supplied by Lois Harden of Swift Current, Saskachewan, Canada. No further information as to her family members was included. McKinney apparently was her husband’s family name.)

Arkansas Census Records

(Taken from McKinney Microfilms, Tennessee State Archives)

Franklin Co., AR, 1850

McKinney, Clarissa, 31, b. Iowa

Sarah C., 10, b. Arkansas

(Home of Sarah Hail)

McKinney, George, 59, Farmer, b. Kentucky

Selina, 39, b. Alabama

Albert, 16, b. Alabama

Noble, 14, b. Arkansas

Collin, 8, b. Arkansas

Matilda 5/12, b. Arkansas


McKinney, John A., 28, Farmer, b. Alabama

Lucinda, 18, b. Alabama

George F., 7, b. Arkansas

William 3

Levina J., 11/12

McKinney, Wiley, 34, Farmer, b. Tennessee

Mary, 35, b. Illinois

Mary J., 9, Arkansas

Malissa A.

Charles, 2.

McKinneys from Hoosier Journal of Ancestors

Fayette Co., IN:

Matthew McKinney—Rhoda Parkhurst, 7 Dec 1820

Johnson Co., IN:

Hezekiah McKinney—Mrs. Nancy Ann Landes, 12 Oct 1844

Dearborn Co., IN:

James McKinney—Abigail Miller, 25 Jun 1826

Cornelious Kinney—Nancy Fuller, 13 Jul 1826

Scott Co., IN:

Richard Kinney, Jr.—Evaline Jennings, 2 Feb 1832

Jefferson Co., IN:

John McKinney—Patsy Walton, 10 Jun 1825

Franklin Co., IN:

James McKenney—Eady Harrell, 4 Aug 1812

Bartholomew Co., IN:

Miss Susanne McKinney—Elijah Hurst, 12 Mar 1840

Miss Cynthia Anne McKinney—Logan T. Jones, 21 May 1839

Brown Co., IN:

Hezekiah McKinney—Elizabeth Harmon, 25 Jun 1860

James A. McKinney, J. P. in this county—Age 65 (1860 census), b. VA

Floyd Co., IN:

Isabella McKinley—John Akers, 23 Jan 1831

Jane McKenzey—John Hanger, 25 Oct 1832

Washington Co., IN:

Elizabeth McKinney—Henry Finley, 24 Jan 1816

Polly McKinney—Randolph Moon, 7 Dec 1819

Robert McKinney—Rachel Marts, 22 Jan 1822

Shedrick McKinney—Susannah Hicks, 7 Feb 1822

William McKinney—Betsey A. Harbison, 23 Apr 1822

Malinda McKinney—William Collier, 2 Apr 1822


Washington Co., IN

Eleanor McKinney—Burr Banks, 7 Nov 1826

Margaret McKinney—James McCoy, 22 Aug 1825

John McKinney—Jane Orchard, 21 Aug 1825

Rush Co., IN:

Synthia McKinzie—Myllon W. Melton, 18 Aug 1825

Clark Co., IN:

Thomas McKinley—Sarah Brown, 4 Mar 1815

Nancy McKinley—James Brown, 30 Jul 1814

Estray Records—1 Nov 1815, John McKinney

Jefferson Co., IN:

Polly McKinney—John Landrum, 7 Nov 1832

John McKinney—Nancy Landrum, 8 Nov 1832

Elizabeth McKinney--Byram Monroe, 10 Nov 1830

James McKinney—Lyda Landrum, 8 Nov 1827

Rhoda McKinney—Robert McCasland, 10 Feb 1828

William McKinley—Katherine Smock, 28 Jul 1828

Henry McKinney—Polly Landrum, 21 Apr 1827

Alexander McKinsey—Lydia Glover, 1 Aug 1820

Ripley Co., IN:

Collin McKinney, J. P. in 1828

Bartholomew Co., IN:

Solomon McKinney—Rebekah Sloan, 6 Nov 1821

Alexander McKindley—Patsy Packman, 18 Dec 1823

Collin McKinney—Elizabeth Young, 12 Jan 1824

Joseph McKinney, Clerk of Court, 1832

John McKinney, Will Record A, May 1844-Feb 1869

Anna McKinney—William Lee, 18 Nov 1830

From The Hoosier Genealogist

Carroll Co., IN, 1828-1847

Elizabeth McKinney—William Bates, 24 Jul 1845

Melissah McKinney—Adam Rorhbaugh, 15 Apr 1846

Brown Co., IN:

John McKinney—Jane Henderson, 20 Sep 1850

Jeriah McKinney—Richard Mullis, 22 May 1844

Indiana McKinney—John Mullis, 6 Mar 1846

Jennings Co., IN:

Mary McKinney-Isaiah Green, 15 May 1836

Orange Co., IN, 1816-1835:

Polly McKinney—George McCoy, 21 Nov 1822

James Wallace McKinney—Jane White, 27 Aug 1833

Thomas McKinney—Jane McGrew, 2 Aug 1827


Orange Co., IN, 1816-1835

William W. McKinney—Martha Quinn, 26 Apr 1827

Clinton Co., IN, 1830-1844

Jane McKinsey—William H. Downard, 31 Mar 1832 (License)

Nancy McKinney-James Holcraft, 18 Oct 1837

Louisa J. McKinsey—Thomas Lee, 23 Mar 1842

(W.B. 4, pp, 496-498-Priscilla Lee, prvd 23 Feb 1903. Refers to ‘husband, Thomas Lee’s children’ unnamed. Many other heirs named. Possible second wife of above) (W.B. 2, pp. 314-316-Nehemiah McKinsey, prvd 24 Dec 1874, g/sn George M. Lee one of several heirs)

Jane McKinney—Thomas Low, 12 Sep 1839

Rachel McKinsey—George E. Pickerell, 16 Feb 1843 (License)

Polly McKinney—Matthew Sutton, 4 Feb 1839

Sarah McKinsey—Isaac Waggoner, 21 Sep 1833 (License)

Joseph McKinney—Elizabeth Vincal, 10 Aug 1837

Andrew J. McKinsey—Sarah Ann Wilson, 31 May 1838

(W.B. 2, pp. 314-16, Nehemiah McKinsey, prvd 24 Dec 1874, names a son Andrew Jackson McKinsey. Seems unlikely to be above.)

Benjamin McKinsey—Marinda Rogers, 16 Apr 1840

Jesse McKinsey—Rebecca M. Logan, 8 Feb 1844

Mordica McKinsey—Lucinda Montgomery, 22 Nov 1839

W.B. 2, pp. 341-342-Catharine McKinsey, prvd 30 Nov 1875, among sons is Mordicah B. McKinsey) (W.B. 2, pp. 314-316, no wife, among sons, Mordecai McKinsey)

Nehemiah McKinsey—Lena Waggoner, 10 Jul 1831

(W.B. 2, pp. 314-16, Nehmiah McKinsey, prvd 24 Dec 1874, no wife named; sons, Samuel, Urban C., Joab, Mordacai, Andrew, George E., g/s George M. Lee, g/d Elizabeth Norris)

Samuel McKinsey—Eusibia Rogers, 21 Nov 1839

(W.B. 2, pp. 341, 342—Catharine McKinsey, prvd 30 Nov 1875, among other sons names a Samuel) (W.B. 2, pp. 314-316-Nehemiah McKinsey, prvd 24 Dec 1874, no wife, a Samuel among sons)

Indiana Source Book, Vol. III

From: The Hoosier Genealogist 1973-1979

Perry Co., IN, 1814-1830:

McKinney, H. D. Solomon—Rhoda Speer, 17 Feb 1820

Franklin Co., IN, 1811-1824:

McKenny, James—Eddy Harrel, 4 Aug 1812

McKinny, John—Sarah Ray, 5 Jul 1818

McKenny, Mary—David G. Hanna, 16 Jan 1815

McKinny, Jane—Richard Taylor, 16 Aug 1820

Jefferson Co., IN, 1811-1831:

McKinney, Henry—Polly Landrean, 21 Apr 1827

McKinney, James—Lydia Landrum, 8 Nov 1827

McKinney, John—Patsy Walton, 10 Jun 1825

McKinsey, Alexander—Lydia Glover, 1 Aug 1820

McKinney, Polly—John Landrum, 7 Nov 1827


Jefferson Co., IN, 1811-1831

McKinney, Rhoda—Robert McCasland, 10 Feb 1828

McKinney, Elizabeth—Bryan Monroe, 10 Nov 1830

Grant Co., IN, 1831-1853:

McKinney, David R.—Emily E. Hogin, 20 Jun 1848

McKinney, Elias W.—Otillia Barley, 26 Nov 1848

McKinney, Fielding S.—Sarah Oppy, 23 Mar 1841

McKinney, Leander—Alcina Toba, 28 Oct 1845

Dearborn Co., IN, 1826-1833:

McKinney, James—Abigail Miller, 25 Jun 1826

Knox Co., IN, 1807-1832:

McKinney, Daniel—Mary Westner, 3 Feb 1817 (License)

Pike Co., IN, 1817-1844:

McKinney, John—Louisa McCray, 15 May 1840

Brown Co., IN, 1836-1855:

McKinney, Daniel—Jane Henderson, 20 Sep 1840

McKinney, John—Sarilda Weddel, 10 Sep 1850

McKinney, Indiana—John Mullis, 6 Mar 1846

McKinney, Jeriah—Richard Mullis, 22 May 1844

Orange Co., IN, 1816-1835:

McKinney, James Wallace—Jane White, 27 Aug 1833

McKinney, Thomas—Jane McGrew, 2 Aug 1827

McKinney, William W.—Martha Quinn, 26 Apr 1827

Mckinney, Polly—George McCoy, 21 Nov 1822

Wayne Co., IN, 1811-1830:

McKinney, James—Polly Little, 5 Mar 1819

McKinney, James—Susana Adamson, 12 Sep 1822

McKinney, Nathaniel—Mary Milmon, 1 Sep 1821

McKinney, William—Anna Walters, 3 Nov 1828

McKinny, William—Mary Hodge, 28 Aug 1819

McKinney, Laura—James Cuppy, 5 Sep 1825

McKinney, Mary—Thomas Jackson, 23 Jun 1825

McKinny, Minty—Adam Kindal, 28 Oct 1818

McKinney, Polly—James McDade, 6 May 1819

Indiana Source Book, Vol. I

The Hoosier Genealogist 1961-1966

Delaware Co., IN, 1827-1837:

McKimmey, James—Ann Eliza Tomlinson, 9 Sep 1832

McKinney, Jefferson—Elizabeth Medlin, 9 Feb 1837

Delaware Co., IN, 1838-1841:

McKimmey, Jesse—Mary McCowen, 19 Nov 1840

Marshall Co., IN, 1836-1850:

McKinney, Thomas—Susan Shinabarger, 30 May 1841


Messages from and For Our Members

D. Deck

First, for the person who wrote to Barbara Stanfield and wanted Dorothy Deck’s address—we have it! We published a plea for that in the last issue, and received an answer from Phyllis Grow in KS giving us the same address which I had tracked down from people here in Springfield. However, that address was no longer current. But, Phyllis did mention that she had obtained the address from Judy McKinney who lived in a small town near Springfield. So, I found a telephone number for Judy, and she supplied the new address. Just to double check, I called Dorothy Deck, and had a pleasant visit with her. She has worked on genealogy for years, and has many files on McKinneys. Dorothy Deck’s address is 825 South Alma School Road, Apt 231, Mesa, AZ 85210. Thanks to Phyllis Grow and Judy McKinney!

R. Sparks

We need another address. The last known address for Rick Sparks was in 1983 at 2730 Delaware Street, Anderson, IN 46014. If anyone has a more recent address for him, please contact Betty Thomson, 822 Elm Street, Clinton, IN 47842.



Mary McKinnie, b. c 1792, in VA or NJ; m. c 1812, perhaps in VA, to John H. Piatt, b. c 1792, NJ. They lived in Augusta Co., VA at least through 1823, when son Andrew Jackson Piatt, at least their fifth child was born. If you have any information about their ancestry, contact Mrs. E. M. White, 655 Orange Court, Rockledge, FL 32955.


William McKinney was born Mar 30, 1824, probably in Wayne Co., KY. He married Permelia J. Birks, of Logan Co about 1846. Permelia was the daughter of Isom Birks. Four known children were Rhoda, b. 1847; Isom, b. 1850, d. 1852; Abraham b. Sep 24, 1851; and Richard, b. 1853, d. 1855. William had an older brother, Abraham, b. 1822 in KY, living in Logan Co between 1848 and 1860. Their mother, Hetha, was living with Abraham in 1850 and with William in Lake Forks in 1860. It is probable that their parents were Daniel F. and Effa Combs, who were married in Franklin Co., KY Oct 1, 1811. William died in Logan Co Oct 2, 1867. His wife Permelia died Jan 25, 1872. William’s son Abraham was a contractor and died in Mt. Pulaski, Logan Co., Aug 13, 1889. If anyone has more information on Abraham or Daniel F. McKinney, contact Loren Gardner, 17338 Zola Street, Granada Hills, CA 91344.


Address needed: If anyone has an address for Sebert Jones, please send it to William E. Benson, Benson Associates, 5950 Cedar Springs, #200, Dallas, TX 75235.

Milam McKinney

Milam McKinney, was born 2 Jan 1842, in Marshall (Harrison Co), TX. He married Sarah Elizabeth Landers 19 Mar 1862. They left Harrison Co ca 1870, and lived in several locations in TX, until they settled at Lake Valley (Sierra Co) NM in 1887. They are buried at Hillsboro, NM. Their children were:

Martha Ida Vilanty, b. 3 Mar 1866

William Columbus, b. 20 Jan 1867

Ella Melissa, b. 1 Sep 1867

George Washington, b. 10 Aug 1873

Sarah Rebecca, b. 3 Nov 1874

Ollie Arlissa, b. 5 Jun 1876

Maude Mae, b. 26 Jun 1878

Nannie Elizabeth, b. 20 May 1880

Charles Arthur, b 14 Mar 1882

A granddaughter of Nannie Elizabeth is searching for Milam’s parents. Could they be William and Sarah McKinney, who migrated from SC to TX? If you have information on this line, please contact Pat Pierce, PO Box 755, Atascadero, CA 93423.



A new member of the Maze is interested in corresponding with anyone researching the McKinney and Clark families of Morgan, Lawrence, and Limestone Counties of Alabama. Contact Clarence Watkins, 110 Valley Way, Statesboro, GA 30458.





Another new member is researching her family. John McKinney, born in Alabama or Tennessee (?), d. 1862 to 1865 in the Civil War. Married Mary Blanton-Blacking-Bracken (?) c 1850 in Alabama. In 1870 census, were in Madison Co., AL in household of Charles Creque, husband of dau. Martha Eliza Jane, b. 1851. A second daughter was Nancy Ann Lucretia, b. 1861. Mary B. (?) was thought to be part Indian, perhaps Choctaw. If you can help this member, please contact Virginia Kelley, 6306 Madison Pike, Huntsville, AL 35806



Need information on parents/family of Harriett McKinney (b. 1800 NC; d. 6 Feb 1847, Schuyler Co., IL) who m. 12 Dec 1817, Guilford Co., NC, Jesse Chipman (b. 13 May 1786, Deep River, Guilford Co., NC; d. 6 Oct 1837, Schuyler Co., IL). Contact Larry Burnett, 2215 R. Market St., #481, San Francisco, CA 94114.



Matthew McKinney, b. 16 Feb 1809 or 1810 in OH; d. 1884, OH. Married Nancy Agness McCreary on 18 Apr 1839, probably OH. Known children are:


Charles F

William Thomas




Need parents of Matthew McKinney, of Nancy Agness McCreary, and names of six other children. Contact Leta McKinney Adler, 3231 Cheviot-Vista Place, #302, Los Angeles, CA 90034.


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Census for Indiana Territory, 1807:

Dearborn County:

#335 – John McKinney

#601 – Joseph McKinney

1820 Federal Census for Indiana:

Fayette County:

Charles McKinney

1830 Federal Census for Indiana:

Bartholomew County:

Collin McKinney

James McKinny

John McKinny

Joseph McKinny

Clinton County:

James McKinny

Dearborn County:

Thomas McKinney

Fayette County:

Charles McKinny

Floyd County:

George McKinney

Pountain County:

John McKinney

John McKinney

Franklin County:

John T. McKinney

Henry County:

James McKinney

William McKinney

Matthew McKinny

Jefferson County:

James McKinney

Johnson County:

Hezekiah McKinny

Samuel McKinny

Lawrence County:

Wilson McKinney

Montgomery County:

James McKinney

Solamon McKinney

Morgan County:

Hiram McKinny

James McKinny

John McKinny

Parke County:

Catharine McKinny

John McKinny

Pike County:

Abraham McKinney


Posey County:

Ann McKinny

Archibald McKinny

Hugh McKinney

Tippecanoe County:

James McKinney

William McKinney

Washington County:

Alexander McKinney

David T. McKinney

Gideon McKinney

James McKinney

James McKinney

Peter McKinney

Raine McKinney

William McKinney

William W. McKinney

1840 Census for Indiana:

Allen County

Patrick McKiney

Bartholomew County

John McKiney

L. McKinney, Sr.

Lambkin McKinney, Jr.

Brown County

John W. McKinney

Carroll County

William S. McKinney

Clinton County

Joseph McKinney

William N. McKinney

Alfred McKinsey

Benjamin McKinsey

George McKinsey

Mercer McKinsey

Mordacai McKinsey

Mordacai McKinsey

Nehemiah McKinsey

Nehemiah McKinsey

Dearborn County

Albu McKinney

Decatur County

John McKinney

Joseph Z. McKiny

W. McKiny

Wm. McKiny

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James McKinney

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John McKinney

Thompson P. McKinney

Franklin County

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Grant County

William McKiny

Hamilton County

David McKinney

William McKinney

Hancock County

Thomas McKinnon

Harrison County

Alexander McKiney

Turner McKiney

John McKinney

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Jefferson County

Andw McKinney

James McKinney

John McKinney

Milton McKinsey

Jennings County

Cicero McKinney


Johnson County

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Hezekiah McKinney

Samuel McKinney

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Henry McKiny

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James McKinney

James L. McKinney

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Thomas McKinney

Walter McKinney

David McKinney

Morgan County

Jane McKiney

William McKiney

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Harvey McKinney

Orange County

Wm. W. McKiny

Parke County

John McKinney

William McKinney

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John McKiny

Posey County

Arch McKiny

Jas McKinney

M. McKinney

Tempy McKinney

Young McKinney

Putnam County

Gideon McKinney

Randolph County

Michael McKiny

Rush County

R. P. McKinney

Sullivan County

Alexander McKinney

James McKinney

Jas. W. McKinney

Robert McKinney

Thos. R. McKinney

Wm. W. McKinney

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Shad McKinney

T. McKinsey

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James McKinney

John McKinney

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Washington County

John McKiney

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Wayne County

Charles McKiny

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