First Issue

December 1981



It is with the deepest regret and sadness: We have heard that Mrs. Dellie Pell Owens of Mount Airy, NC (Pilot Mountain) died on Nov 2, 1981. She will be sorely missed by those who both knew her and corresponded with this kind and most gracious lady.




This is the first issue of a proposed newsletter/quarterly for members of the McKinney Family Association. First, let me explain the purposes and aims of this new group. We have banded together to help one another research, locate and just exchange family information in the hope that what helps one may help many.


This is intended to be a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping all researchers informed of the latest in finds in the maze of McKinney family branches.


All members of the Association will receive a newsletter, four quarterlies, and the latest in research results from a professional genealogist that we are in the process of hiring.


Hopefully, the research into the immigrant lines, Mordecai McKinney, will help all of us, either to prove or disprove descent from this particular family. Whether or not you are related to this group, the Ôfall out' should be of value to all McKinney surnames.


See the attached By-Laws for details of forming and operating this new group.


Now, for the first issue, let me include some information that I have recently gained access to. As librarian of the Augustan Society in Torrance, I have been extracting information from old genealogical society quarterlies (before disposal). In the hope that this will provide some information that some of you may not have, it is included in bits and pieces, with no effort at all made to organize it!





The McKinnon Clan has been reactivated in the US, headquartered in Clearwater, FL. As McKinneys, we are interested in the Clan; however, I would suggest that members wait to join ($10.00 per year) until they are entirely sure that they stem from this group. Charles McKinnon of Dunakin, in an article published in the Augustan, 1974, stated unequivocally Òthat McKinneys are not McKinnons, but are MacKenziesÓ. If you have studied the name, you will note that all Scots authorities, with the exception of ÒKith and KinÓ, and Munroe's work, state that it is a Galwegian surname, associated with McKinnon (J. Black, The Surnames of Scotland). Until a decision is asked of the Lord Lyon, this particular subject will not be settled.




Now, for that miscellaneous material: Kentucky Genealogy, Thomas W. Westerfield: Will of Robert F. Strange, John Rochester and Nancy Jourdan 2nd, Ann McClannahan, b. 1746. Captain of militia; sheriff, son of John Rochester and grandson of William, born in 1680 and married Frances McKinney. (This group seemed to be related to McDowell and McDaniel families, also)



EAST KY REFERENCES - Fleming Co, KY Burials:


Thomas McKinnie died May 5, 1849 in the 80th year of his age.

Sarah, wife of Thomas, died Jun 30, 1850 in the 80th year of her age.



Old Westmoreland, PA, SW Genealogical Services, Laughlintown, PA; County records taken from old newspaper ads, 1818:

            Alexander McKinny, ad for debts from his tavern



Judge Pynchon's Marriage Records, Springfield, MA:

            1685, William MacCanny, Margaret Riley (Appears as McKinney in index)



Dorchester, MD:

            Kinneth McKinney witnessed will of Henry Hopper, 1771



From June Barekman:

Andrew McKenney lived near the meetinghouse, 4th Creek Congregation, Statesville, NC, 1773



Mid-Missouri Genealogical Notes: New Madrid, MO, public lands #2837

            George W. McKiney, E half, NC sec. 21, 80 acres (1836)



Stirpes: Pioneer Rest Cemetery, Tarrant Co., TX:

            Mary Elizabeth McKinney d. May 11, 1867.

Buried near Gassoways, Newmans, Taylors, Carters


Lt. John A. McKinney is mentioned in the pioneer interviews of the Fort Worth Jubilee (Civil War veterans).



Abstracts of interest from Gammel's Laws of TX, Memorials and Petitions to Congress of the Republic of TX:


Jun 9, 1837 (M/P) T. F. McKinney of firm of McKinney and Williams wants government to pay interest on claim until paid in full.


Nov 27, 1839 (SJ 4:2) Samuel M. Williams, McKinney and Williams, came for claims against the government for goods furnished to the TX Army. Rejected.


Nov 23, 1837: T. F. McKinney and wife Nancy of Houston, asking permission to donate their property in whatever way they deem most desirable, having no children of their own, they are averse to their property being inherited by relatives in a foreign land. On the other hand, they have reared a number of adopted children and believe they are entitled to said heritage.


Jul 14, 1840: Thomas F. McKinney asks for divorce from Nancy, passed Jul 14, 1842.


Member of the Grand Jury, 5 Jul?, 1834, Daniel McKinney.


Members of Old Miller Co. AR Grand Jury, Apr term, 1833: Daniel and Collin McKinney JP.



Sower's Newspaper, Philadelphia, PA May 16, 1746: Daniel MacKinet (also seen as McKinney) and William Mackenait of Upper Freehold, NJ advises that their servant, Balthes Spekholtz ran away. (same as above)



Irish Genealogical Helper, No 5 (Augustan Society): Marriage records from the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church, Albany, NY, 1782, John McKenny and Elizabeth McCarty.

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Furniture Makers of Indiana, 1793 to 1850: Betty Lawson Walters, pp141, #'s 1209, 1210, 1211:


Guinn McKinney, cabinetmaker, b. c 1831, worked 1850 Haw Creek Twp., Bartholomew Co., IN.


William McKinney, cabinetmaker, b. c 1810, OH, worked 1850, Fugit Twp., Decatur Co., IN.


William McKinney, Cabinetmaker, b. c 1827, IN, worked 1850, Greensburg, Decatur Co., IN.


#1200, Daniel McGinney (?) apprentice cabinetmaker, b. c 1834, IN, worked in Bainbridge Twp., Dubois Co., IN.



Town Records of Dedham, MA, Don Gleason Hill.


Ruth, ye wife of Will'm Mackiny (Corrected to Mackinney in appendix), was received into full communion in ye church 12d 12 m m 64 with ye same day, she being ye daughter of brother Kellam. His 2 children were baptized 28d 12 m 64. Ruty ye daughter of our sister ye wife of Wil'm MacKeny was baptized 18d 6 m 67 (1st Church Records, Book I, 1637, Church of Christ, Pastor John Alling), year shown should be 1664 and 1667.



Maryland Wills and Marriages: Somerset Co 1777:


Patrick Mackennie, EB 1-146, 1800-1819, and Alice McKinney, EB 22, 23

Alexander Mackenny m. Margaret Kirshow 18 Feb. 1878

Roddy Mackenny and Elizabeth Hickenbotham, 8 Aug 1790

John Mackenny, 23 Aug 1793, and Mary Hanna


1776 Oath of Allegiance (Carothers) John Mackenny, Zachariah Macceney



Gleanings From Maryland Newspaper, 1776-1786: Francis M'Kenny, brother to Ann Delahoyde, late of SC, if living, should apply to Geo. Sikes of Charlestown (Jun 1778). John Mercer of Back River Neck d. 11 Mar 1777.



1907, Mayflower Descendant: Rev. Jonathan Scott's Records of Marriages: Thursday, Nov ye 9 1786 this day after lawful publishment, Mr. John McKenne and Miss Rebekah Lovett of ye town of Yarmouth were married.



Early Quakers in Ohio, Willard Heiss: John Young McKinney m. Mary Bacon, dau. of Samuel and Eliza Harris, May 1835. Andrew McKinney, son of Thomas and Jane Bingham, b. 4-20-1776, Newburg, Cumberland Co., PA, removed to Trumbull Co., OH in 1810 and had children, Eleanor, Thomas, Joseph, Jane, Elizabeth.



Your Family Tree, Hoenstine: Bedford Co., PA Wills: 3 Jul 1832, p 50, Vol. I, Administration for James McKinney, deceased, by Michael Barnicle, George Wickland.



Index to the Argonauts of California, Charles W. Haskins, Polyanthos Pub. (Lists of men who Ôwent to CA during the gold rush' and the pioneer associations that they joined later.


            D. C. McKenney

            J. McKenney, Virginia City, NV

            J. McKinney from Mara, NY 1849

J. McKinney from Mass, Nov 1849

E. F. McKinney from Panama, Aug 49

S. McKinney, 24 Jan 1849

J. McKinney, NY, Feb 1849

J. McKinney, wagon train from Memphis, 21 Mar 1849

J. McKinney, from PA

J. McKinney, wagon from Memphis, 49

J. W. McKinney, Virginia City

R. McKinney from TN, Apr 1849

R. McKinney, wagon from Memphis

James P. McKinney, Charlestown, 49



Letter from the Secretary of War, transmitting a report of the names, rank and line of every person placed on the pension list, March 18, 1818 (Southern Book Co., Baltimore, 1955) (Listed under state of residence and state served shown after surname)


Maine:             William McKenney, Lt., Mass.

                        Joseph McKenney, Pvt., Mass

New York:      Andrew McKenney, Pvt. PA

                        James McKenny, Pvt., NY

New Jersey:    John McKinney, Pvt., VA

                        John M'Kinney, 2nd Pvt., NJ

Delaware:        John McKinney, Marine on Frigate, DE

Georgia:          Timothy McKinney, SC



Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, No 4, 1980. Fort Sullivan DAR listings:


Edward McKinney, MF, Pvt., Darkes' Company, VA

Roger McKinney, RR HG, 2176, Pvt. Caldwell Company, SC, b. PA

Samuel McKinney, MF, Pvt., Knox's Co. 8th VA – left sick in VA May 1776

Samuel McKinney, RR, Pvt., SC

Timothy McKinney 1756 - ? b. PA, SC

Tully McKinney, Pvt., Darke's Co, VA


Orange Co. NY Genealogical Soc. 1957: John McKinney had general store account, 1773, Warwick, NY. Other names associated with McKinney family were found in Francis Baird's Accounts, Warwick, Orange Co., NY (Campbell, Jayne, Van Horn)



Clark Co., IN Marriages:


Archibald A. McKinney, Margaret A. B. Wainwright, 2 Dec 1875

George W. McKinney, Julia Bragan, 7 Aug 1880

Thomas H. McKinney, Ellen M. McLean, 3 May 1866

Anna McKinney, John Moore, 1863

Mrs. Belle McKinney, James Creamson, 1873

Eliza J. McKinney, Allen B. Gwin, 1877

Eliza Jane McKinney, John Eisomon, 1871

Lillie McKinney, Wm. C. O'Brien, 1878

Margaret McKinney, Nathan McDonald, 1864

Mary McKinney, Francis Burt, 1872

Rowena F. McKinney, Henry Poole, 1866

Sallie T. McKinney, Wm. Armstrong, 1874


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Cardel Scribe, Jan 1979: Gallatin Co., KY


Archibald McKinney to Sarah Fugate, dau. of Edmund Fugate, deceased, of Mason Co., KY, m. 3 Aug 1813 by Rev. William Morgan, bond, 6 Jul 1813. Signed by Archibald, John Laws.


John McKinney, Hannah Johnson, dau. of Baldwin Johnson, m. 26 Mar 1800 by Rev. Henry Osbourn, bond 24 Mar 1800, John McKinney and Enoch Talbot witnesses.


John McKinney to Priscilla Fugate, m. 13 Aug 1817 by Rev. Isaac Malin, bond 7 Aug 1817 signed John and Archibald McKinney.



Monongalia Story, Vol II, Earl Core: Early settlers in the Monongalia area near Jane Lew, and date of settlement:


John McLindy (McKinney), 400 acres at the mouth of McKinney's run, 1771. Other families living nearby and known to be associated with McKinneys are: John Burris, Richard Ratliff, Henry McWhorter, Abraham Low, Benjamin Ratliff, Eliahah Burris, William Boon, Richard Lee.


Archibald McKinney, 400 acres Outors Creek and Barclay Run, 1776.



Early VA Families Along the James River:


Alexander Mackenny, 296 acres, 3R19P Henrico Co. north side of James dated Apr 1687, also 640 acres, Henrico Co. Verina Parish, 21 Apr 1690.


Colen McKenny, part owner with Tarlton Woodson, Henrico Co.



Lancaster Co. PA Troops in the Revolution: 8th Battalion:


Henry McKinney served in Capt. Reed's Company on the march to NJ. Others in the company who served on the march to NJ and in Amboy skirmish:

Henry McKinney

James McKinney

John McKinney

Matthew McKinney

Samuel McKinney served in the Lancaster militia.



Augusta Co., VA Records, Chalkley:


20 Aug 1746, tithable, John McKenney work on road from Kings to Ch.


1754 – Alex McKenny, servant to Wm. Murry


1776, 19 Mar – John McKenny exempted from levy


1777, 1st Lt. John McKenney, served in Capt. McCutcheon's Co, was also vestryman in Monongalia area


1781, John McKinney, deputy sheriff


1785, p. 246, John McKinney received pension in consideration of wounds and injuries received in public service, losing arm and disabled, unable to work, allowed 5 per annum.


1791, Jacob Kinney lived here one year


1792, Administration of John McKenny's estate to James, William and Eleanor


1793, John McKinney, 18 pension


1797, John McKenny, son of James, appointed constable


1769, Anthony Bledsoe signed paper vs. Johnson and William McKenney


1769, Co. Court Judgements, James McKinney vs. John Thompson and wife Susannah, Joseph Steel deposes.


1796, March, AC, lawsuit of John McKinney and Jane his wife, with others.


1799, No. Mt. meetinghouse, William Blair vs. Isabella McKenny,

widow of William



KY Ancestors, Jul 1980:


Easter McKinney, dau of Alexander and Polly, m. James McKinney, 21 Feb 1808


Patsy McKinney, dau. of Polly, married Hugh McPheters, 10 Feb 1807


Francis McKenney, Jr. b. 11 Mar 1783, VA,

moved to Pendleton Co., KY 1819, d. 1879


Hardin Co., KY – Elizabethtown, Mrs. Elizabeth McKinney, sister of Judge

Armistead H. Churchill, built home in 1820 on West Poplar Street. The home has been known as McKinney House since.


1778: Squire Boone and John McKinney discovered the spring at Doe Run near

Big Spring.



Index to GA Poor School and Academy Records, 1826-1860, R. J. Taylor Foundation (Microfilm) McKenney/McKinneys shown in film:


Jeremiah, Wilkes Co.


Matilda, Jones Co.


Caleb, Bibb Co.






Film is in GA Dept of Archives and History.



History of Keene, NH:


1738: Mrs. McKinney's son, shot an Indian in May at the fort –

they came from MA.


1739: Beriah Maccaney chosen as surveyor of highways in upper Asheulot


1748: Daniel Maccany, joined Capt. Hobb's Co., had thigh broken and was

crippled for life at Fort Dummer. He was from a family that survived the massacre at Deerfield, MA.



Ripley Co., MO Obituaries:


1 Nov 1878: at McKinney's Mill, Martha, wife of Judge Thomas A. McKinney, 35.


Enoch McKinney, 27 Jun 1884 at Macedonia


13 Mar 1885: Wm. McKinney died at Neelyville, brother of E. P. McKinney


1887: Emily V. McKinney, dau. of Rev. E. P. McKinney d. at Dudley Creek


Jun 1892: Mrs. Dunnin McKinney


1892: Eddie McKinney, 7, son of Joseph


1897: Mrs. George W. McKinney


1898: James Edley McKinney, son of Thomas and Martha C. McKinney


1899: A 16 year old son of Thomas McKinney, of typhoid


7 Dec 1887: Mrs. Jane McKinney nee Collins age 74 m. at age 25 to William McDowell who died in AL in 1844 or in Wayne Co., MO. She married 2nd, J. E. McKinney, who died in 1869. They had four children, not named.


1900: Beulah McKinney Bailey, age 16, dau. of Dunning McKinney


1900: Infant child of G. W. McKinney


1901: Sister Mary S. McKinney, wife of Edward W. age 55, b. TN 1845, had 3 daus, 1 son

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OH, Crossroad of the Nation, 1969 Issues:

John W. Lee m. Jane McKinney, sister of Joseph, b. Liberty twp.,

Trumbull Co. 1813


Ross Co. Marriages:

Thomas McKinney m. Rebecca Hadsell, 1836

            Joseph McKinney, d. Crawfordsville, IN.


Hopewell Oregon Cemetery:

George W. McKinney, son of J. and D. McKinney, d. 4 May 1866, aged 34 yrs 4 mos 23 days.


Green Co., IA:

Millie McKinney m. A. M. Miller, 25 Feb 1882

            Emma Jane McKinney m. John M. Newman, 7 Nov 1880


Guernsey Co., OH Tax List 1825:

Joseph McKinney,

Spear McKinney (went west during Gold Rush)

            Alexander McKinney


Milford Meeting, Hicksite Quakers, Dublin, IN, 1829:

William McKinney, elder, May 20, 1829


Fall Creek, Madison Co., Hicksite Quaker MM:

Cyrus McKinney b. 1844, son of William & Mary

            13 Apr 1848 Ann McKinney dism for distraction

            1846: William & Marry McKinney and son Cyrus rec'd from Milford MM



Bedford Co., VA Marriage Bonds, 1755-1800:

            Wilson McKenny, Elizabeth Stevens, 27 Mar 1780



Muster of CT men in Timothy Northam's Regiment 29 Jun 1755:


            Daniel & Kain McKinney stationed in Westchester Co., NY



NY Historical Society, 1891: Muster Rolls for NY, 1755-1764:


            Kain McKinney, Hezekiah McKinney, in Captain Samual Dimock's Co., 1755.

            1759: Orange Co., Col. Tustin's Co., Charles McKenney, age 24, b. Jersey

1759: Alexander McKenney, 35, laborer, from Scotland, Cpt. Smith's Company

1758: Mathew McKeny, 21, b. Ireland

1761: John McKenney of Dutchess Co. 40, b. Setaket, 1721

1759: John McKenney, cordwainer, b. NY, 37, Geo. Brewerton's Co.

1781: British Army in NY, Quartermaster's Dept., City;

John McKenney, driver, Paulus Hook

                        William McKinney, laborer, hay magazine

                        Gilbert McKenney, sawyer





Coming in March: A greatly expanded issue, concentrating on early NJ; queries; pedigree charts from members. Won't you join us in this endeavor? We hope to have a genealogist's report in our March issue.

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